The Dead Don’t Bury Themselves, by M.R.

Let me be honest. Writing this was not pleasant. Researching the information on death and burial and reviewing what I already knew was depressing, to say the least. The topic of death is one that the living naturally try to avoid, but if any group understands that avoiding reality does … Continue reading

Letter Re: Police Depositing Gloves in a Trash Can and Ebola in NYC

Hugh, With the dynamic population of rats in New York, we better hope that they don’t become a reservoir for the Ebola virus, like pigs and bats apparently are. Endemic pandemics are NO FUN for ANYONE! This is a very big deal in the concrete jungle and perhaps a perfect … Continue reading

Letter Re: JWR’s Ebola Comment

Regarding this: “Keep in mind that you can collect your mail from your mailbox with disposable exam gloves and then put both the gloves and the mail in your microwave oven for 90 seconds to decontaminate them.” In the last two weeks a group of our local letter carriers, who … Continue reading

Letter: Ebola and Hajj

Last year more than two million Muslims from all over the world performed hajj, or travel to Mecca, to participate in the Muslim rituals there. People are in close contact, often shoulder to shoulder and even stepping on each other, for several days as they go through several rituals of … Continue reading

Protecting Your Home, BOL, and Supplies from Pests, by JC

Pest control is an industry that touches almost every part of the average person’s life. From the food we eat to the items we buy, each step along the process chain is protected in some way by pest control services. So what will happen in an event or breakdown scenario? … Continue reading

Quarantine Procedures for Ebola and Other Diseases at Your Bugout Location, by F.C.

With the most recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, causing the deaths of close to 900 people as of this writing in August 2014, along with reports that some people infected with the disease are now arriving in the U.S., many of us should now be asking this question: … Continue reading

Thoughts on a Recent Disaster Drill, by Ken J.

Mr. Rawles:  I run a health care facility in a particular state.  I’d prefer not to give away all details as I do have access to certain pharmaceutical supplies in the event of certain happenings due to my position in the local community.  But I’ll be as specific as I … Continue reading

Of Wolves, Bureaucrats, Biologist-Activists, and Assorted Parasites

I’ve come to the conclusion that our worst imaginings of Canadian timber wolves (purposefully introduced to the Lower 48 by do-gooder bureaucrats in 1995) might have been insufficient. To those of us who live in the rural west, these land sharks are well known for their fanged depredations on sheep, … Continue reading

Ebola for Beginners, by Jeff R.

CentOre’s February 7, 2012 article “Signs of the Times: What are the SHTF Tipping Points?” briefly touched on one point that I would like to expand on: Ebola and Marburg viruses.  I am not a physician–I’m not even in the medical field, but I have had the occasion to learn … Continue reading

Long Term Situational Awareness Can Give You The Edge, by Todd S.

I’ve been fortunate to live in the same general area for my entire adult life, the Rocky Mountains of Utah. I am very familiar with the area made more so by various employments, a variety of interests all centered around the outdoors and twenty years of being a Scout Master. … Continue reading

Influenza Pandemic Update:

Spike In Severe H1N1 in Memphis, Tennessee Children “…the traditional flu season is beginning, which will likely lead to emergence of a new swine H1N1 strain.” H1N1 Fatality Rate in Memphis Children Raises Concern “The flu season in the US traditionally peaks in February or March, so the increases seen … Continue reading

Letter Re: An Upcoming BBC Documentary on Pandemic Flu

Jim; The BBC is doing another pandemic flu documentary, this one centered on Los Angeles. I did some video stuff for them last fall. I got a call just before Christmas from the Times of London wanting to interview me about the documentary. The BBC reporter said I was apparently … Continue reading