Never Forget: Leftists Showed Their True Authoritarian Colors During Covid, by Brandon Smith

When I think back to the first days of the covid pandemic lockdowns, I suspect the majority of people, even many conservatives and liberty movement types, had a healthy concern about the effects of the virus and the potential for structural upheaval if it turned out to be as deadly as the World Health Organization initially claimed. If covid had an Infection Fatality Rate of 3% or more as global health officials warned, then the damage would be substantial enough to change our world for many years to come.

Anyone who was not at least partially concerned about a biological disaster (or biological warfare) was probably an idiot. Anyone who was smart was prepared. However, after a few months of the spread of the virus and after the first flurry of scientific data, several facts became evident:

1) The lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread, they were simply destroying our economy.

2) The masks were useless and did nothing to prevent transmission of the virus.

3) The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid was a tiny 0.23%, and that’s not accounting for all the co-morbidity deaths that were falsely labeled as covid deaths.

4) The vaccines did not prevent transmission for millions of people. They did not prevent infection in many cases and numerous vaccinated people have died from the virus. Not only that, but unvaccinated people with natural immunity were better protected than those that took the vaccine and boosters.

5) Studies show that the vaccines cause dangerous side effects at a much greater rate than the CDC admitted.

Everything government officials told us during the pandemic was a lie. It was not a mistake, it was not bureaucratic confusion, it was a lie. Even after this information became available, they kept going – They kept people locked down, kept them masked and they even tried to force-vaccinate the population. There were some Republican politicians that also went along with the panic, many of them Neocons (fake conservatives). However, the majority of red states quickly ended the restrictions once the contradictory data was made public. In the meantime, the blue states looked ridiculous and paranoid as they desperately clung to the mandates.

I believe the only reason Biden, the Democrats and globalist institutions eventually stopped was not because they realized their science was incorrect; it was because they realized millions of conservatives and independents were ready start a shooting war over the mandates and they knew they would lose.

Even today, months after Biden was forced to finally end the national emergency status on covid, there are still a lot of people out there running around with masks, still isolating in their homes and still complaining all over social media that the public has moved on from the pandemic hysteria. Where does this behavior originate? And why did so many Americans (mainly leftists) jump on the authoritarian bandwagon when it comes to lockdowns and forced vaccination?

I want to explore the psychology of such people here, because I think it’s the natural inclination of the public today to move on quickly from the discomfort of terrible events and ignore the deeper implications. We cannot move on from this, because the ultimate problem was never solved. These same leftists and globalists were never admonished for their behavior, they never had to admit they were wrong and they WILL attempt the same draconian measures again in the future if left unchecked.

Here is what I think happened during the covid cult frenzy…

A Useful Weapon Against The Constitution

Leftists are quick these days to change the subject or outright deny their authoritarian activities during covid. It makes sense, they view the next election as a defining election and they want people to forget that we almost lost what remains of our constitutional rights because of their policies. But again, we can’t allow these things to fade into the ether. Here’s a list of the worst trespasses on the part of leftists and globalists during the pandemic:

  • They lied about the effectiveness of the lockdowns.
  • They lied about the effectiveness of the masks.
  • They lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines.
  • They lied about how extensive the testing was for the covid vaccines.
  • They lied about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”
  • They enforced lockdowns OUTSIDE where it is nearly impossible to contract a virus.
  • They tried to put the population under house arrest.
  • They put legislation in motion in some states to build “covid camps” in the US.
  • In some countries, they did build covid camps, not just for travelers, but for everyone.
  • They conspired to suppress ample evidence linking the Wuhan Lab in China with the outbreak.
  • They (Government and Big Tech) conspired to use social media as a tool for mass censorship of conflicting data.
  • They exploited algorithms through search engines to bury any and all contrary information.

As many leftists openly admitted, the goal was to make life so difficult for the unvaccinated that they would eventually comply in order to survive. In this way, establishment elites and leftists could claim that people “volunteered” for the vaccines and no one was forced. What they really meant was, no one was forced at gunpoint, but we all knew that threat was coming next. In fact, polling showed that a large percentage of Democrats were willing to scrap the Bill of Rights altogether and declare war on the unvaccinated…



Finally, the vast majority of leftists supported Biden’s vaccine passport executive orders for workers in companies with 100 employees or more, which would have ultimately led to vaccine passports for everyone. This would have destroyed the constitution as we know it and created a society in which economic participation is completely controlled by the government. Keep in mind, all of this was being justified by a virus with a tiny 0.23% median death rate.

Since the political left views the Bill of Rights as an obstacle to the majority of their political goals, I argue that they simply saw the pandemic as a vehicle they could exploit to remove constitutional protections they always wanted to get rid of anyway.

The Mentally Ill Took Over The Country

Around 23% of the US population is estimated to have at least one mental illness. On average, around 3% of the population suffers from psychotic episodes and 1% of the population is full-blown psychopathic (incapable of empathy and takes joy in the suffering of others). America is a sick nation full of psychologically disturbed people, and there is currently no recourse for fixing the problem.

Instead, under the leftist methodology, the mentally ill are elevated, idolized, and enabled while violent criminals are released onto the streets over and over again. Take one look at all the major cities on the west coast of the US where progressive policies rule and see the disturbing decline. But what does this have to do with medical tyranny under covid?

The political left uses the mentally ill as a bludgeon, an easily manipulated tool for chaos. During the lockdowns and restrictions the establishment and the media stoked the fires of paranoia. By themselves they have no power; they need the crazed mob as a weapon to keep the rest of the country afraid and in line. They needed good little Stasi, always watching, always correcting, always screaming at those without masks, attacking those that refused to get vaxxed and mocking those that spoke out about scientific inconsistencies.

And, in return, the establishment made the mentally ill feel as if they were normal. For a fleeting moment in time, the most unstable and narcissistic people on the planet were made to feel like they were on the right side of history and rationality. It was a parasitic feedback loop that almost destroyed the last vestiges of America.

Tiny Tyrants Begging For Scraps From The Globalist Table

There are generally two kinds of people in the world – Those that want power over others, and those that just want to be left alone. The progressive ideology seems to be a breeding ground for “tiny tyrants”: People who have no individual power, little accomplishment and no influence to speak of, but are still stricken with an obsession to micromanage the world around them. These folks see crisis and government overreach as an opportunity rather than a threat.

There are also those people who view their existence as so devoid of interest or excitement that they tend to live vicariously through calamity and conflict. They saw the covid outbreak and the lockdowns as a moment that gave their lives “meaning.” Yes, it’s sad and pathetic, but this is how many people out there cope with obscurity and lack of merit.

These opportunists didn’t want the pandemic to end. They wanted it to go on forever, because if it did they could feed off the establishment power shift. They could gather scraps from the globalist table, and like carrion, feast on the corpse of our Republic. The motive? Selfish vanity, that is all.

All of this could very well happen again. The big tyrants and tiny tyrants are still out there, waiting for the next crisis; the next panic event to take the public off their guard. Another viral event is unlikely, but they do seem anxious to use climate change, war and economic turmoil as the next great “reset” button. In the end, there will have to be a dramatic shift in how the liberty-minded interact with the authoritarian left. It is clear that we cannot share the same country, or the same civilization. Our values are fundamentally at odds. It’s only a matter of time before a single spark ignites a firestorm.

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