Ready Yourself for a Turbulent 2021 and Beyond

The year 2020 will be remembered as an exceptionally turbulent year, marked by multiple worldwide crises and massive urban protests and riots. It has been a year of significant drama and trauma. I do not expect that 2021 will mark a “return to normality.”  If anything, 2021 will be just as jarring to our collective psyche. Parenthetically, I should mention that I created a meme for that.

In this essay, I’m posting my recommendations for SurvivalBlog readers on how to ready yourself and your family for any of the following in 2021:

  • Economic Turmoil
  • Sociopolitical Upheaval
  • Global Military and Terrorism Threats
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Renewed Pandemic Lockdowns
  • Anti-Second Amendment Legislation
  • Urban Outmigration
  • A Resurgence of Inflation

I don’t claim to be any sort of prophet. I simply extrapolate from current events, trends, and my study of history.

Economic Turmoil

The massive debts that many governments have racked up since the outbreak of COVID-19 are staggering.  In just the past 11 months nearly $2 Trillion Dollars has been added to our national debt. Federal debt, as a share of the economy, hit 98 percent in the 2020 fiscal year. To put the mountain of new debt in perspective: It took about 200 years for the Federal Government to build up its first $1 trillion in debt. (That threshold was reached circa 1976.) The debt is now north of $28 trillion, and climbing. And that figure does not include out-year obligations such as Federal pensions. So, I realistically, think of it as a $50+ trillion debt!

Specific Recommendations:

  • Because we can expect layoffs, develop a second income stream from a home-based business.
  • Reduce your consumer debt as much as possible.
  • Invest in anticipation of both a weaker U.S. Dollar on the Forexand much higher currency inflation. (More on that, later in this article.)

Sociopolitical Upheaval

The Antifa and BLM rioting of 2020 may carry over into 2021, even if Sleepy-Creepy Joe Biden is sworn in as President. And if the Federal courts intervene to throw out any tainted (late-arriving and back-dated) ballots and hence DJT gets a second term, then we can expect the leftist rioters to come absolutely unglued. The riots will be even more severe and protracted. Plan accordingly.

Specific Recommendations:

  • The late Ol’ Remus said it best: Avoid crowds.
  • Avoid visiting urban areas unless absolutely necessary. If you must, then carry body armor and full battle rattle in the trunk of your car.
  • Never travel unarmed!
  • Avoid targeting yourself. If you live in a liberal city or suburb then go “Gray Man”. Part of that is displaying no political or firearms-related bumper stickers or yard signs.
Global Military and Terrorism Threats

Or planet is not a very safe place. The state of “Peace” is the exception, and peaceful locales are also exceptions. Warfare, tyranny, brutal policing, and coercive taxation are the norm.

Some hotspots and issues to watch:

  • South China Sea
  • Taiwan Straits (Invasion of Taiwan unlikely in the Trump era, but more likely, with Biden in charge)
  • China/India Border
  • Continuation or expansion of the Nagorno-Karabakh war
  • Expansion of the Syrian Civil War into a regional war or world war.
  • A new wave of Islamic terrorism

Specific Recommendations:

  • Avoid international travel in contested regions.
  • Mitigate the risks of interruption of commerce with contested regions. Try to minimize your purchases of goods that are made in mainland China. Stock up on items that would be in short supply if any of these conflicts “go hot” in 2021.
  • Don’t live in a locale that is a likely terrorist target.
Supply Chain Disruptions

The shortages that we witnessed in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic (February though May, 2020) illustrated how vulnerable the nation’s supply chains are. This includes not just the import and manufacturing supply chains but also the consumer level supply chain. Even local Farmers’ Markets were shut down by the Wuhan Flu pandemic.

Specific Recommendations:

  • Stock up early on items that are likely to be in short supply, such as gardening seeds, canning jars, plenty of canning jar lids, cleaning supplies, bleach, and paper products.
  • Finding replacement car parts may become problematic. If you drive a foreign-made car, then consider selling it and replacing it with an American-made car. One exception would be a pre-2018 Toyota  Camry. It is a best-selling import car, so the car dismantling yards are full of parts for those.
Renewed Pandemic Lockdowns

Assuming that the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we can expect to see State-level lockdowns reinstated. And if Biden takes office, then there might be a Federal (nationwide)  lockdown, as well. There also might be Federally-mandated coronavirus vaccinations and/or travel restrictions.

Further lockdowns will undoubtedly hamstring the U.S. economy. That could very well tip us over into another recession.

Specific Recommendations:

  • Be prepared to telecommute for an extended period of time.
  • If you have a job that would require “getting the jab” and you refuse to do so, then prepare to be fired from your job, or laid off under some other pretense. You might consider proactively taking a different job from a small, private employer where you are less likely to be required to be vaccinated.
  • Try to transition your work situation to be as “recession-proof” as possible.
Anti-Second Amendment Legislation

If Joe Biden takes office but yet a republican majority is maintained in the U.S. Senates, then chances are that not much gun legislation will be enacted at the Federal level. In that sense, legislative gridlock is a good thing. But regardless, the Biden/Harris administration is likely to attempt to legislate on its own via Executive Orders. For firearms, that will very likely be restrictions on the importation of guns, ammunition, gun parts, and magazines.  For that reason, buying extra magazines for all of the imported guns that you own should be your top priority. Joe Biden is also likely to direct the ATF to reclassify various guns and gun parts–most notably shotguns with detachable magazines, pistol arm braces, and binary triggers.

While we can’t escape Federal legislation, we can avoid bad state-level legislation by living in the right state. I’ve long been a proponent of voting with your feet. Here are 20 states that in my estimation are the least likely to enact any new anti-gun laws:

  1. Wyoming
  2. Idaho
  3. Montana
  4. Utah
  5. North Dakota
  6. South Dakota
  7. Missouri
  8. Alaska
  9. Arkansas
  10. South Carolina
  11. Kentucky
  12. Tennessee
  13. Mississippi
  14. Kansas
  15. Alabama
  16. Oklahoma
  17. West Virginia
  18. Indiana
  19. Louisiana
  20. Ohio

Specific Recommendations:

  • Remain active in gun politics. We need to hound our elected representatives at all levels of government. Tell them bluntly:  No more gun laws!
  • Seriously consider moving to a low-tax, low-population density, and gun-friendly state. Be wary of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Those are all “destination states” for liberal California refugees. They are bringing their leftist politics with them.
  • Round out your gun collection soon, preferably via private party purchases of used guns. That is legal in +/- 37 of the 50 States.
  • Stock up on 11+ round magazines
  • Stock up on  ammunition and reloading components
  • Hedge into a few pre-1899 cartridge guns.  (Because you may have to make the rest of our collection disappear!)
  • There might also be new restrictions on the civilian ownership of night vision gear and body armor.  (Most likely with Grandfather Clauses.) So stock up!
Urban Outmigration

The current trend toward migration from cities to the hinterlands will accelerate, especially in the spring and summer of 2021.

Specific Recommendations:

  • Again: Seriously consider moving to a low-tax, low-population density, and gun-friendly state.
  • If you live in a rural region, then anticipate that everyone in the building trades will be fully booked for several years. One consequence of a shortage of contractors that is that manufactured houses (read: double-wides) will soon be sold out, whether they are new or used.
  • With so many people relocating to the hinterboonies there will be shortages of major appliances — especially chest freezers.
  • And with umpteen newbies wanting to become self-sufficient there will probably be shortages of prefabricated greenhouses, small tractors, and power equipment such as chainsaws, rototillers, and utility ATVs. So If you have been needing any of those and delaying making such a purchase, then stop delaying. Buy it ASAP!
A Resurgence of Inflation

The inflation of the U.S. Dollar has been low for more than a decade.  This has been attributed to artificially depressed interest rates, orchestrated by the Federal reserve banking cartel. But given the gross overspending by the Federal government, we can expect inflation to re-emerge in the 2020s.

Specific Recommendations:

  1. Keep a close eye on both the prime interest rate and the US Dollar Index (USDI). If interest rates spike by 1 percent of more, or the USDI dips below 90, then watch out!  General price inflation will follow, soon after.
  2. As I’ve already mentioned: Invest in anticipation of both a weaker U.S. Dollar and much higher currency inflation.
  3. Avoid making any new investments that are U.S. Dollar denominated.
  4. Become more self-sufficient with vegetable gardening and small livestock, so that you won’t face as much “Sticker Shock”, when buying groceries.
  5. Reduce your U.S. Dollar exposure, by:

A.) Hedging into practical, barterable tangible items. (Guns, tools, et cetera.)

B.)  Hedging into silver, platinum, and gold.

C.) Hedging into Swiss Franc currency.

D.) If you are under age 50, buying a Swiss Franc-denominated annuity.


I summary, we need to be prepared for a turbulent or downright tumultuous 2021. The Drama Quotient for the remainder of the 2020s may resemble the 1930s more than the 2010s. – JWR


  1. Re: “Seriously consider moving to a low-tax, low-population density, and gun-friendly state. Be wary of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Those are all “destination states” for liberal California refugees. They are bringing their leftist politics with them.”


    Avoid Nevada…don’t walk, run… contrary to common held assumptions, Californians are fleeing their state primarily because of the high cost of living, not because of aversion to leftist government (there are various news articles that back this up). In fact, they are probably responsible for the recent leftward shift in the NV electorate. The problem is, Reno and Lost Wages are only a few hours drive from major “golden state” population centers. It seems like 1 out of 3 cars in Reno now sport a California tag. Many, including myself, have come to refer to Nevada as California’s eastern most county.

    During the last session, they passed a “universal background check” law. Californian activists have been actively trying to get Nevada legislators to copy California gun laws. I fully expect in the near future laws that forbid “ghost guns” (i.e. 80% builds), binary triggers, and require neutered “assault rifles.” However, the liberals are smart enough to boil the frog slowly.

    I can’t move to Idaho fast enough.

    Oh, and ditto on the no political, or gun bumper stickers… don’t make yourself a target.

    1. As a lifelong Californian, I can tell you (at least, from my own circle) that the vast majority of my friends, family, and neighbors who have moved out of CA over the past few years have all done so due to a desire to live in a more conservative area. There certainly are those who leave for financial reasons and bring their liberal behavior with them, but nearly everyone I’ve known who have left CA were/are conservative.

      I tire of all the constant bashing of Californians I read on multiple sites. There is a large bloc of Patriots here who are attempting to hold the fort at the local level, even if Sacramento is impenetrable.

      1. Take Colorado for example. Some years ago when the flight from California grew quite large Colorado was a prime destination. Now Colorado is a left leaning state and even arguably far left leaning. This kind of irritates the people born in Colorado but there is nothing they can do about it.

        Another example, doesn’t involve California but does show how people bring their failed politics with them, is New Hampshire. Most residents of New Hampshire are former residents of the failed socialist state of Massachusetts. In fact many NH residents still have jobs in MA. and drive 1 1/2 hour commutes one way to work. They left because of MA high taxes and left wing policies. NH went comfortably for Biden and was expected to. The long time NH residents call these new residents Massholes because of their tendency to bring their left wing policies with them.

      2. I moved out of California myself in 2006 for political reasons. My point is, most of the people relocating to Reno seem to be from places like Sacramento.

        There was an interesting article in a California news paper reporting on this trend. The prominent example given was a lesbian couple from San Francisco who had come to Nevada as volunteers working for the Kamala Harris campaign during the primary. They loved Nevada sooooo much they decided to relocate there. Their dog now has a backyard to run around in… in the mean time, they have cancelled out my, and my wife’s vote.

        1. That’s it right there… Canceled votes…. Let them stay in California and New York… In fact give them all U-hauls to those two regions and we would have a Republican president forevermore… We will take the other 48 states.

          I was at me nieces college recently and the “rhetoric” of the LEFT leaning democratic party politics all on the bulletin boards where every school club is Gay and Lesbian, Black something or other, STEM high paying jobs for girls only, women’s rights, Muslim groups, and foreigners all must be stopped by us….

          When I was in college 30 years ago, our clubs were music club, chess club, electronics, math, and a few revolving ones like making baskets through weaving and sewing for the girls. 30 years ago college entertainment was the football game or hockey, then a play about the real founding fathers, or a cinema. Today, their posters at the university demand attending Black Lives Matters speaking engagement for credit, a Mexican speaking here illegally and stating because of his last name [Mexican name], he is discriminated against by Americans, women’s rights POW meetings, tear it all down themes…..

          There is no moral fiber or patriotism at our colleges anymore…. In fact students are vilified for even attempting to change the narrative we freedom loving Americans once had.

          I am actually filing a lawsuit on behalf of the Republican students and my niece as plaintiff due to having no voice on campus anymore…

          What are you doing Survival Blog readers????? Just sitting there reading this doing absolutely nothing as our Republic is gutted and shreded???? Get out and join the fight NOW!

          1. I agree that it is sad to see the shift from shared interests to divisive demographics.

            As for what am I doing, personally: I am praying and worshipping. I am teaching my children the Bible and the Constitution, and how to love justice, and think critically. I’m stocking up on things for my family as best I can. (I’ve been told we aren’t moving to the redoubt or anywhere else anytime soon.) Beyond that, I make a lot of food and clean a lot of things and read a lot of stories and wipe a lot of bums and faces and nurse the baby. This is my realm for the moment. There was a season for marching with flags and hounding Congresscritters; I did that in its season. Now is my season to raise these babies. I’m playing the long game: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

            And trying to mentally prepare to be a young widow if the Constitutional oath that long predated our family demands its ultimate payment.

            That’s what I’m doing.

      3. I meet quite a few Californian emigres in the course of my work.

        The conservatives who fled CA’s liberal, high-tax, anti-business climate tend to buy the more modest homes and buildable lots.

        The libs, distinguishable by the bumper stickers on their Priuses, are buying expensive properties. (At least they’re paying more property taxes!)

      4. I agree. Thankfully, many areas of California are under the “sheriff” jurisdictions, which, most of whom, refused to enforce the recent tyrannical State/municipal (Covid) orders. (I go to a church in the Los Angeles area that has been meeting In-Person since July) In addition, with the recent revelations of how vast the voting fraud is, many are re-evaluating what the true moral/political/spiritual condition is in California. With that said, I wouldn’t want to live in any location without a God-given calling to live there.

    2. Im surprised that Georgia was not on the list of gun friendly states, why was it not included? There are multiple gun manufacturers here and no serious limitations in gun ownership. I would like a good explanation.

  2. re:
    dress for success

    In a former life, we ran Toyota Camrys because everybody had them.
    We were invisible.
    A convoy of a half-dozen Camry beaters raised zero-zero-zero suspicions.

    For further camouflage, we mounted a passenger-operated injector to occasionally add used engine oil into the exhaust.
    Mis-colored doors and fenders, mis-matched wheels.
    Passenger-operated exhaust cut-out to judiciously modify the exhaust sound.

    A fuming beater on its final shuddering journey to the market.
    Armed to the teeth.

  3. Excellent advice! More info on a weaker U.S. Dollar on the Forex and much higher currency inflation and Swiss Franc-denominated annuity please. I read many economic and investing articles but have not heard mention of the Swiss Franc annuity.

  4. I recently bought a small handful of 10 round mags for the AR’s. I don’t want to have a single shot in case they federally outlaw the mags > 10 rounds… this way I can be legal until WROL arrives.

    1. 30 round mags are often pop riveted to make 10 round mags. In an emergency where law collapses, the rivet can be drilled out in a seconds. In fact, I’ve gotten cheap deals on ban-compliant riveted mags and reverted them since that’s not an issue here.

      Invest in a .50 Beowulf or .458 SOCOM upper, and then mark your existing magazines “FOR .50 BEOWULF ONLY”. This is done in several states and legally makes them 10 round magazines. Just do not get caught putting 5.56mm into them.

    2. I think anything less than a 20 round mag is kind of defeating the purpose of owning a firearm especially a rifle it’s kind of useless. Five round maximum for hunting is nessessary in Oregon, but the only hunting I’m going to be doing isn’t four legged. I’m too old to be trotting around the woods looking for Bambi’s daddy. And all of my older friends who hunt have four wheelers.
      Find and load every mag you can and keep a bandoleer close to you all the time. I have AR’s and SKS’s My one Chinese SKS uses AK mags, so that is my primary. but I have basic load out belts for all of my battle rifles, I expect my son in California will eventually have to leave there, I want he and his wife to have complete kit outs. My oldest grandson, is really good with the 10-22 and they can be just as leathel with good well aimed shooting, but wounding will usually take two out of a battle.
      I fully expect if President Trump is somehow not in office, there will definately be an un-civil war. If the mentally deficient dope and his communist assistant gain office, there will certainly be a WAR, and it certainly will not be Civil.
      I remember reading George Washingtons Vision, I think if I remember right it talks about a second civil war, and an attack from the Bear (Russia) that is foiled. I know the time is very near, I feel it in my spirit.
      There are lots of issues filling my PRAYER time and just reading the news here or on SQ if I could neal would create big calluses. but the posterior usually in the chair I’m in now is where the LORD finds me, and I find HIM. I believe that is where most of our time shoud be occupied in the coming days.
      Dave of Oregon

  5. “With so many people relocating to the hinterboonies there will be shortages of major appliances — especially chest freezers.”

    Yes, and then add to that, that production has been cut back.

    Recently, my mom turned 77. Her 20+ years old Whirlpool washer and dryer set still worked but not on all the settings. Sometimes the dryer would just prematurely stop working, leaving wet clothes. I told my folks I was getting mom a new washer and dryer set for her birthday.

    My dad said, “Why? The ones we have work fine.”

    My mom turned to my dad and said, “How would you know?”

    Me: “Bahahahahahaha” Then all three of us had the greatest long laugh because my dad doesn’t do laundry. He does a million things, but he doesn’t do laundry.

    Anyways, since my mom is a great-grandmother, and none of us can calculate how much laundry she has done taking care of others for over 60 years, I wanted to splurge on her. When I asked her what she would like, she picked the Whirlpool brand and stainless steel color.

    None of us imagined what an ordeal was ahead of me. It is extremely difficult to get American made appliances now. Who knew?

    The stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco et cetera trick customers with full appliance showrooms in the stores AND online. They mislead customers into thinking that one can actually order and buy the items on display. You know, the ones with the price tags on them. Nope. Not gonna happen. For some reason, they don’t want customers to know there aren’t any top of the line Whirlpool (made in USA) sets available. Oh, and you can forget about stainless steel or other colors, because Whirlpool stopped production of those earlier this year because of Covid.

    Okay, so I moved on to Maytag (same company, made in USA) and had same trouble.
    (I was sticking w/those brands bc they are the most reliable.)

    Long story short, Lowes found a Maytag dryer somewhere else in the nation, that matched the washer they had, and had it shipped. I was very happy to wait 10 days for it to arrive. Because it took going to multiple stores, and hours and hours to find something available to purchase after hearing the clerk say the words, “not available,” over 30 times, for me, waiting was a non issue.

    After all the rigmarole, I felt so blessed by God that my mom had a new stainless steel Maytag washer and dryer.

    Moral of story: Showrooms deceive customers on actual availability, so
    try to purchase appliances before you need them, as it will likely take longer than anticipated.

    *I think the brands that break down more frequently, like Samsung and LG, are easier to get.

    1. Speed Queen brand (washers and dryers) is still made 100% in USA.

      My very good (like minded) friend here in the Northern Great Lakes has been a (self-employed) appliance repairman for over 25 years, say’s he has NEVER been called to repair any Speed Queen, Never, not once. Thats pretty impressive. (thats the brand he owns and I believe, Speed Queen is the brand most commercial laundromats use). He did say however, that the 2021 dryer model will have a circuit board instead of a direct wire connection(?) that he says could be a weak point…
      He has stated that the other US brands are not what they used to be.

      In the last two+ years, we’ve had to replace both the washer and dryer, we bought Speed Queen (available at most independent appliances stores). You’ll pay a slight premium, around 10-15% but to me, it’s worth it.

      I expect these two American made appliances to outlast my DW and I.

      I/we have no affiliation with Speed Queen or it’s business partners.

      1. RucksackRob and KM, Thank you for the excellent advice on Speed Queen! I will definitely get that brand next time, or when I have room to store a back up set. Too many large holes to fill first, though. Blessings, Krissy

    2. Whirlpool is made almost 100% in Mexico now, have shut down 8 of their 12 factories. Backlogged until Feb…Maybe. The plague is out of control there (I have a small home there), the southernmost poorest state of Chiapas had a clinical trial of Ivermectin given to its entire populace in August,m wiped out the plague to almost zero.

      TPTB will not adopt this for the rest of the country, just let’s them die or starve. I am converting my rooftop to raising chickens and eggs, container gardening, perfect exposure. I am giving to a food bank to the poorest in my village, some of whom are literally starving.

      40% of Mexicos agriculture is getting wiped out, and we import a lot of food from them. Its a prefiguring of what can come here.

  6. So I’m not a prophet either but I just wonder how long a President Biden will be in office. The Durham investigation is still on going and may be an issue for Biden not to mention the issues with Hunter and Brisma. The Dems control the House but they really didn’t want Biden anyway so would they turn on Biden to get Harris into the Presidency?

    Re- buy “stuff” now- I needed to buy a new chain saw in August and went to a local dealer and it was sparse pickings (Stihl) had to go up a few models just to get one. Said they were having a hard time getting orders in. This was the same place I bought my Kubota tractor at in March. In March they had acres of tractors, today only a few are on the grounds. So if the pandemic in the Spring impacted tractors and chainsaws imagine what this resurgence with exponential cases will do.

    I know things are getting bad because my wife the eternal optimist is asking me “do we have enough food?”, “let’s go shooting”, “when and where can I get a pistol permit?” If my wife is concerned that is really saying something.

    1. Bidet will live only as long as he can read policy from the teleprompter. Then he’ll either resign for health reasons or die. And realistically, he’ll likely die within the year anyway. He’s far too gone into senility to realize he’s the stalking horse.

      As far as he and his son’s crimes, they will never be charged, much less tried and convicted. At that level of politics, almost no one is ever actually charged, and it only takes a single fan on the jury to nullify it, so no one would waste time.

      1. Oh I agree no one will be tried and convicted but I was more thinking along the lines of creating a climate for his administration much like the Dems did with from within the fairytale Russian Collusion “scandal”.

        1. I agree. We all know how AG Barr operates so we can be assured there will not be prosecution for any of the crimes committed by libs.
          Hopefully a new Conservative network will start up with President Trump involved. Should we then harass the libs as they have President Trump for 4 years? About continuing investigations, thereby stalling them like was done to us?
          Semper Fi

      2. I can only hope (and pray) that the (spineless) Repulicans offer the same amount of cooperation and courtesy to the Harris / Bidet administration as the Dems gave to the Trump Administration.

        (And if the Dems take the two senate seats from Georgia, as I predict, the dem Congress will pass legislation to welcome both DC and Puerto Rico as states and there will be 4 more demo-rat senators and 5-8 new demo-rat congress critters, hence, there will NEVER be a balance of power again in [the new state of] Washington DC.)


    1. I agree with CORD7. Have had Speedqueen washer and dryer for years — very reliable even with frequent , heavy loads. Maytag used to be very good as well –don’t know about current models.

      1. I agree 100%. Bought a new set of Speed Queens after replacing our 2nd dryer (Maytag, and Samsung before that) to die in 2 years. I asked the repair guy what was the MOST reliable washer/dryer made, and he told me Speed Queen. There are many out there 20 years+ and still going. Have now had them 5 years without a hiccup. Oh–and the washer actually uses a full tub of water–rather than a third of a tub like the previous ones for did for “water saving”. And the clothes come out CLEAN.

  7. With the contractors crazy-busy, picking up some useful skills can help your neighbors and yourself. The three things I get asked to do the most are slightly technical ones; replace a shower/bath, add an electrical circuit (often an outdoor one), and solve sewer and land drainage problems. It is worth learning the Code sections for all these as they are both safety-sensible and short, and effectively tell you how to do it properly. With the plumbing, learn the different types of piping and connectors (e.g. PEX, copper, etc) as you can pretty much guarantee that you will not find all the components you want for your first-choice system when you head into the hardware stores, and you may need to use a different system or a hybrid system. In my experience, you will often detect other problems whilst doing the work, especially weakened joists and floors under bathrooms*, and overloaded other electrical circuits, which your neighbors will be grateful to know about. It is an excellent way to create friendships.

  8. I have some reservations on posting this, but I fear massive school shootings under Biden to help enact very strict gun control. Call it a false flag or what, but I look for one or more to happen in the next couple of years. The tax and waste money party has proven that they will do anything to enact their draconian laws onto the population.

    1. “False flags” of that nature pretty much do not exist in my analysis. However, should one happen, they will certainly exploit it. And as we saw in Florida, they’ll be happy to ignore warning signs on the off chance.

    2. Mass shootings mainly occur under democratic presidents then die down and stop under republican. Look at columbine under Clinton and the others. Bush has almost none. Then the 50 or so mass shootings under otrauma. Trump mass shootings have stopped.

      The Bible is correct – when the righteous are in power the people rejoice. When the wicked are in power the people revolt.

  9. I agree with your projections on the upcoming year of 2021, more trouble from BLM,Afta and others, the economic situation is or will worse. And yes with Biden in office, I look for the manure to really hit the fan.Will Biden last a year, good question. And then we have what’s her name taking over after Biden “retires” (something that Nancy is already talking about with the 25th Amendment). My experience with writing to my senators and congressman hasn’t been very good. Tim Johnson would send me a response that was very nasty, cra**y, telling me that he won’t pushed into voting against anti- un bills for any reason and the other guy would send me a very nice reply, stating that he could not bring himself to vote against any anti-gun bills, but thank you for writing and or calling about my/ your concerns. One had a stroke and the other is a high priced lobbyist. I don’t what these new guys are like. George McGovern was another clown that voted against his state.

  10. Re: Joe Biden – Office of the President – Elect?
    Has anyone else noticed Biden and Harris sitting in the Office of the President-Elect?
    With the dark blue background and the American Flags….
    I don’t remember seeing anything like this before.
    Looking totally scripted….

    1. Trying to make it look as official as possible so that whatever happens with the election/court cases it will look like Trump stole it tried to steal the election.

  11. People who get involved with “gun politics” and ignore immigration politics are wasting their time. Unless we have an immigration moratorium then the 2nd Amendment is toast.

  12. I’d recommend to anyone with a freezer(s) full of food to have a backup power source. Portable generators are affordable/available now- will that continue? I recently acquired a 9500 W dual fuel model with a 240V/50A outlet. Wired an RV outlet to my panel outside- was not difficult. Now during extended power outages we can power anything in the house including the well pump.

    1. As I have mentioned before, drying food does not rely on a constant electrical supply. Once it is dry and stored, that’s it.

      Get that dehydrator going while you have juice.

      Carry on

      1. Yep! Running two here! Still trying to figure out the balance between drying things for long-term storage, and keeping the family in healthy snacks in the here and now so they don’t eat junk instead 🙂

    2. Backup power source????

      Two is one
      One is None.
      But Three is Me.

      And one new in the box for Barter.

      Read your genny instructions. Do you have extra oil for the recommended oil changes at every 50 hours?

      Do you have sturdy locking chain or cable to secure your genny to an unmovable object to prevent it from wandering off to the back of someone else’s pickup truck to disappear forever?

      Do you have fuel and oil filters for running it for 1000 hours and all the changes?

      Do you have plenty of spare fuses for the panels?

      How about extension cords? Or even better, a plug in bar with its own lights and fused outlets including USB?

      Extra starting pull cord to replace it when it breaks?

      Screwdrivers taped to the frame for emergency repair?

      Flashlight co-located or attached to the genny?

      Fire extinguisher co-located?

      Grounding rod and cable or strap connected to genny if needed?

      Kill A Watt meter to check the draw of whatever you are trying to power up and thus prevent brownout damage?

      And if course, clean fresh or stabilized fuel?

      I keep a black tub with most of this all ready to go, labeled Generator Power Kit.

      God Bless

    3. Go out and purchase 75-100 gal. of fuel and storage. Your generator will consume quite a bit of fuel during a grid down scenario. I burned up about 45 gallons over 5 days after a spring storm, though I wasn’t watching my loads and running my most efficient generator.

      1. 45 gallons is insane for a 5 day period. You should be running with just a few lights and cycling through the things that are necessary. I turn the refrigerator temperature up a bit, and shut it down when I run the furnace. The last bad storm had me without power for 7 days and used less than 10 gallons. I minimize the amount of water that I use to keep the well pump running as infrequently as possible. I shut the generator down when I go to bed and start it up in the morning. Having a very full freezer minimizes thawing, and I had absolutely nothing go bad in those 7 days. Of course you also need to minimize opening and closing it.

        If the power outage is bad enough, you might not be able to get more fuel for a significant period of time. The local gas stations generally can’t run the pumps when their power is out.

        1. We have been prepping for many years and have a aux power suggestion. We have generators but are aware that the fuel and maintenance issue is a long term problem. We, therefore, have solar panels, inverters and deep cycle batteries as our main alternate source. Keeping our two fully loaded freezers running is the main objective, but we also have a large kitchen refrigerator that is usually also fully loaded. That unit, unfortunately, is “frost free” and the automatic frost free cycle draws nearly 1000 watts, which exceeds our emergency solar power system capacity. Thus, we have about 3 gallons of frozen water in the deep freezers, in small containers. We place half of those in the unplugged refrigerator at one time, while the other half re-freeze in the deep freezers in the daytime with solar power. Repeat cycle daily. Converts the refrigerator into an ‘ice box’. Deep freezers are unplugged at night, recover in the day time, to save battery life. Cloudy days we run the generator. We have watt-meters on the feed to monitor load. Main point, watch out for ‘frost free’ killer loads coming on line unexpectedly if you use solar for refrigerator power

  13. Some red lights from Wall Street:

    Quant Shock That ‘Never Could Happen’ Hits Wall Street Models

    Jim Rickards warned of this years ago — one reason why he suggests holding some physical gold. Article is wrong , IMO, re cause — Rickards noted that problem is massive, lightning fast automated trades by computer programs which “scare” each other and are blind to the real world.

    Another problem is that index funds can’t sell their assets fast enough if everyone tries to withdraw their money at same time — assets will drop in value too fast before enough can be sold. Like a old fashioned run on the bank.

  14. An interesting forecast for the next 10 years — by the guy who predicted today’s turmoil 10 years ago.

    “A Historian believes he has discovered iron laws that predict the rise and fall of societies. He has bad news”

    I disagree with the liberal Atlantic in one respect: A large mass of people with expensive , worthless liberal arts degrees and high education debt are a problem but not because they are unemployed.

    Rather , it is that so many of them are employed in our News Media and on Political Blogs lying to make their Rich masters even richer. Destroying this country with deceit — covering up what Democrat politicians do and diverting the voters by attacking innocent scapegoats. Divide and Conquer.

    Biden is planning to use $300 BILLION of taxes –taken from people who do honest work — to “forgive” the education loans of these parasites. How about we strip the Ivy League of its exemption from taxes and tax its billions of endowment funds?

    1. By the way, the reference to Professor Peter Turchin being a “Hari Seldon” is a reference to one of the best science fiction series ever — Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series. In which a historian foresees the collapse of a future galactic Empire and creates a foundation to shorten the oncoming Dark Ages:

      However, the First Rule of PsychoHistory/ClioDynamics is to NOT talk about Psychohistory/ClioDynamics. Because that warns the hamsters and makes them more difficult to manage.

        1. Someone — Apple — is finally stepping up to do a movie based on the Series. SEVENTY Years after it was first published.

          I myself think one sign of our oncoming Turchin Collapse is

          (a) We haven’t been back to the moon in the last 50 years

          (b) Until recently, our astronauts had to beg a ride from the Russians to even get up to the Space Station in low Earth orbit.

          (c) Hollywood’s idea of high culture is making movies based on the COMIC BOOKs of the 1960s and

          (d) Hollywood is currently trying to figure out how to suck up to China because they are making some money there and fear the Chinese moviemakers will drive Hollywood out of business. So expect a lot more propaganda from the Communist Party of China disguised as Hollywood “art”

    2. How about we strip the Ivy League of its exemption from taxes and tax its billions of endowment funds?

      We can count on you for creative solutions, Don. Lovin’ it.

      Carry on

  15. They didn’t elect Biden (if it actually ends up that way, which it more than likely will) they elected Harris! Biden will more than likely not make it through his first year in office, due to mental problems, political problems or his ‘mysterious death’…..The far left knew they couldn’t get a true Communist or severe Socialist elected as a presidential candidate during this elections, BUT they could get one via, the Vice Presidential spot on the ticket. That is why there is no way Biden will make it through four years!

    Just a note on the Covid 19 vaccine, NO WAY IN H—!!!, do you want to take that!! Dr. Carrie Madej has put out a very interesting and informative video on the subject. She is a Christian and makes no bones about it, BUT, the information she puts out is from a scientific perspective. Check it out.

  16. Avalanche Lily,
    I’m too dumb to do the link thing ): but her name is spelled. Dr. Carrie Madej… a (Yuk) ‘Google search’ and you will see a lot of responses. Negative ones also from the establishment.

        1. Evil Communist Satanist technological Elitists. They just want us all dead and enslaved to them, so they can have their One World Order Utopia. Thankfully their reign will be very short, only three and a half years, before Jesus returns and pours His wrath on them.

          1. “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.” was displayed when I just tried to watch the video and since I did not get to watch the YouTube video before it was pulled down (maybe I should say “shot down” or better yet “assassinated”) I don’t know what it talked about, but based on the title I think it might be what I just found on Bitchute. The title of the video and link are below:
            Dr. Carrie Madej warns of the nanotechnology used in the rushed vaccine
            Duration 14:59

            Things are obviously heating up …

          2. Excellent, David ‘n’ Goliath! Although, your Bitchute video was published in September, it does have a lot of the same information as the recent deleted interview that I posted.

            Thank you for posting this.

          3. David ‘n’ Goliath, The Lord has used you to strengthen His children!

            Like you, I hadn’t watched the video yet, and then it was too late. The Lord moved you to share new link for a reason…

            A tear is running down my face because this makes me feel so loved by the Lord.

            Seriously, imo, the video is a must see for every Christian.

            Some things are so in-your-face, it’s stupid.

            Seriously? They couldn’t come up with anything better than:

            Lucifer + ase Luciferase?

            If I get a choice of who I can be a slave too, I gladly choose Christ, who bought and paid for me with His precious blood.
            His blood washes me whiter than snow.
            I love, love, love knowing that my sins are forgiven!

            Metaphorically, D-day has happened for Christians. We still need to go through the Battle of the Bulge to make it to V-day.

            Many blessings to you for being a soldier of the Lord. Krissy

    1. eam, I respectfully disagree that you are dumb. My college math professor frequently reminded us that,

      “No one is born knowing this. You have to be taught.”

      You are smarter than you give yourself credit for!

      We are indebted to you for sharing Dr. Carrie Madej with us. Thank you! Krissy

  17. I would like to add get right with God of you haven’t already. Read your bible and be constant in prayer.
    Only with God’s grace can we endure this period of pandemonium this term of tumult.
    Deut. 20:4, 1 John 5:4 and of course Ephesians ch.6
    Gods grace and peace to all.

    1. Well said…
      Gods grace and peace to all.

      Pray for guidance, as a friend reminded me to do today. Yeh, I sometimes (often) need a reminder to pray and ask for help.

      Carry on

  18. We had a speed queen that was my grandmothers did a lot of clothes in that old thing
    very good item
    Building contractors O BOY my wife and I have done a lot of building and remodeling
    We are getting older and my wife is working a lot now plus my back can not take to much lifting any more with out putting me down for a few days
    So we said lets just call someone to come do the work we wanted done cough up the money and be done with it I have call over 20 contractors only 3 came to the house Only one gave me a price twice the price I was thinking and can not start for 6 months
    So I guess I will suck it up butter cup and just do it myself will take longer and hurt more but will save a boat load of money
    Brother in Law works in high tech They build the big buildings He has been there for over 30 years they fly him all over the world to get them started
    Was told will be working from home for the next 12 months and he said no one is starting a new job project looks really bad And when he pulls his money out of the stock market I will do the same He said it is going to fall and big time

  19. Anyone else see Glen Beck go off the other day on the Blaze? Fed up is the phrase of the year.

    I believe we are moving toward a Jeremiah 16 warning. If Biden wins and the senate goes to the democrats, Jeremiah 16 will become a reality.

  20. The Senate will not go to the democrats. The Republican Senators will not pass gun control. Biden is crafty, Harris will not be President. Biden already has a plan to replace her as vice-president

  21. I agree on the shortage of contractors, anything having to do with building or fixing up residential is going to be waaay delayed, tried to get a quote on a pole barn for storage, “call us back in 3 months” is the standard answer, although another more truthful contractor sighed and said it was hard when half his crew just decides not to show up one day because of fiesta, manana, etc, you get the picture, they know they have him over a barrel, unless he wants to pay whitey wages..

  22. “Renewed Pandemic Lockdowns” Our dictator governess here in Oregon just announce a 2 week lockdown starting on the 19th. Pretty much back to were we where several months ago. No indoor dining, no gyms, churches limited to 25 indoors and 50 outdoors, limited store customers, etc. Just in time for Thanksgiving. No doubt it will blow over after Thanksgiving, then reappear for Christmas.

  23. Avalanche Lily, I am so glad to see you put up the link for Dr. Carrie Madej … I believe it is imperative that everyone get that information! Maybe you and JWR can check that information out in greater depth and present it in a more complete form. Front Line Doctors also have a lot of information on the effects or should I say non-effects of Covid 19.

  24. Benjammin
    You mention the all-too-important Senate races. The runoff races in the state of GA for two US Senate seats are very concerning. In typical fashion, there was a call from the Democrats this week, calling for voters to move to the state of GA to be able to vote in the runoff elections coming up in January. Apparently there is no level to which politicians will not stoop to in order to gain “power”. No wonder I am an independent. Please join me in praying for our country.

  25. Excellent article. I think the economy is really going to crash in 2021 and that will make many of the other problems worse. Small landlords, businesses and restaurants will be hit the worst, leaving people broke and big business with a larger market share.

  26. This is a Political Perspective on the Covid-19 aliment and vaccine. =
    “On paper, COVID-19 is not a great gateway to totalitarianism. If you are not in a nursing home–an environment in which life expectancy is measured in months–your chances of surviving the bug are on the order of ~>99.9%.
    …… But if you thought a seasonal flu bug couldn’t usher in an authoritarian era, you were wrong. As testing multiplies and we move into the flu season, the number of COVID “cases,” most of which are not even noticed by those who contract the disease, inevitably rises.
    …… In response, several states are promulgating shutdown orders even more harsh than those in effect last Spring and Summer, and the would-be Biden administration reportedly is exploring its options for a nationwide shutdown and mask mandate.”

    [Taken from Powerline(dot)com November 13, 2020 “FAUCI: DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!” article]
    “There is a COVID-19 virus; however, COVID is not more dangerous than all other flu-like viruses that impact the respiratory system. COVID-19 is very manageable and doesn’t carry a higher fatality rate.”

    Why is COVID-19 being disproportionately hyped as such a dangerous threat, when the reality of the statistical danger is much less than the intense level of hype?… That is the key question.

    The answer is… social changes under the guise of COVID-19 mitigation, are the entry point for the goals and aspirations of the political left on a national and global scale. COVID-19 is a virus, but also a very important political weapon, and we are about to discover exactly what the purpose of the hype is all about. What follows will help understand; and when you encounter the fear it will help to reconcile what people cannot figure out.

    Joe Biden is an avatar; a political pawn; a cognitively declining guy who has no idea what is happening around him. The people behind the Biden campaign, those in real control of what this is about, have not hidden their goals and aspirations. These are not stupid people. They are scheming, conniving, ever-planning, ever-manipulating & Machiavellian types within the political system; lusting for power, influence and affluence.”

    [Taken from: TheLastRefuge (Internet site) November 13, 2020. The article titled: ~COVID-19 IS THE AGENDA – Biden is Merely The Delivery Vehicle…~
    [Me~GGHD] = But of course, we all know there is NO conspiracy to transfer American wealth to Communist China, destroy our country, as we know it, with its large middle-class, and then make everyone subservient to the Globalists.

    21-30 minutes Video has 2 main stream MDs, 1 a vaccine doc, talking about issues which arose during previous attempts at creating corona+resp vaccines. Bonus points for interview finished before the lockdowns and politicization of a covid 19 vaccine. It validates timeline and adverse reaction concerns discussed in the Madej video.

  28. If you drive a foreign-made car, then consider selling it and replacing it with an American-made car? Great thought, unfortunately a lot of American cars and their parts are no longer made in America.

  29. Dear Mr Rawles and Avalanche Lily,
    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your posts on Survivalblog.
    I’ve often read your articles and the finance information and have found it all very helpful.
    Me and He live in the UK but can apply a lot of the information to our lives here.
    Many thanks for all your efforts and for sharing what you have learned.

  30. There are many prepper things to be learned from the fake pandemic, I think.
    1. Accept that you were deceived and believed it. Then figure out how this happened and move to get rid of anything that furthered the deception.
    I knew after a month that the pandemic was fake. Not because I’m super smart but because I listen to NO tv news or radio, thus I saw the actual stats were insignificant from almost the very beginning.
    I then moved to cut out any online sources that didn’t get this- especially as time went on and it became obvious. This included several prepper sites.
    Let me put it this way, if your doctor still believes there’s a pandemic they are either stupid, programmed, or going along to get along. Why would you trust them? Very serious indeed.
    Propaganda techniques are very advanced now and truly hard to combat for everyone. There are other things like sonic calming(or opposite) emf messaging in airports, parks, and stadiums. Look it up. Be aware. Theses new weapons are not science fiction and neglected on prepper sites. Wonder why.

    2. I live in Montana and have not worn a mask yet. I get that some states are much more strict, However the vast majority wear them here (after July of all things). The few stores that have gone full flu I just don’t go to. If asked I say they make me sick (they do literally because it is SO wrong). Nowadays many times I just say ‘no thanks’ and go on in.
    It’s my opinion this is where the resistance is. I’m sorry but if you state you’re willing to fight for freedom and still wear a mask…I no longer believe you. Bet that will cause a storm. The simple fact is if enough of us did not comply a lot of this would end now. No guns needed.
    I tell everyone there’s no pandemic. 99.9 % recovery rate is usually all I say except to friends which brings up the next thing.

    3. I understand the gray man concept and we follow it mostly. I really stand out in Costco believe me as I look out over a sea of masks. It’s surreal. I’ve really annoyed people by simply not staying quiet but rebut their pandemic beliefs. I don’t argue, but I don’t stay quiet. The situation we find ourselves in is very serious however and what we do, or don’t do, now will have great consequences.
    I know many here are Christians, as am I. The Bible hangs together and you just don’t take one verse- the message interpretation has to agree with the rest. I would say the Bible doesn’t agree with living (acquiescing to) a lie. Our government is by the people with accepted civil disobedience. It’s not reported that many over the world are actually starving and dying because of this fake pandemic. I am pulling out of any mission work that keeps up the lie there is actually a pandemic. How easy the path is that says ‘I must obey the government’ as I don’t have to do anything to stop injustice. This stance negates freedom. You can do something now that may do some good, or let it ride until the mandatory vaccine, Then the Mark… it’s all timing is that what it is? That’s my interpretation.

  31. lets look at what 1776 did bring us. Declaration of Independence, That whenever any Form of Gov. becomes destructive, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, it is their right , it is their duty, to throw off such Gov. How is this done, What do we do? What is the proper Order?
    Go back to the basics, Teach.!! Preamble, Grand Jury, Common Law = 7th Amen,
    We the People of the U.S,in Order(order is in the middle of the sentence) to form a more perfect Union,establish Justice,(stop right there for a second or two).
    Common Law is mention twice in the 7th Amen, I believe two different definitions are required for these U. S . States.

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