Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 2, by Sarah Latimer

I’m continuing my journey to consider some of the basics (beyond meat, eggs, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables) that I will want in my pantry in the event of TEOTWAWKI. Sure, if it is a matter of life and death, we will take what we have and make the most … Continue reading

Food Storage: The Calories Count! by JWR

Many newbie preppers make the mistake of buying a packaged long-term food storage system withoƒstarut looking at the details, and they just assume that they are now magically “prepared”. But anyone who is shopping for packaged food storage systems should look with a discerning eye at any claims such as: … Continue reading

Letter Re: Don’t Call Me 4 Eyes

Hi, Your readers who need glasses may want to consider learning how to order glasses at I first learned of them from an article in The Wall Street Journal a number of years ago. They are reputable, and the waiting period to receive your glasses is about the same … Continue reading

Letter Re: Copper as an Ebola Killer

Dear Hugh, After reading the letter and the attached article, I was interested in the feasibility of having copper contact surfaces, such as doorknobs or push plates. JW mentioned copper plating, so I did a quick search and found this video. I thought this might interest people because of the … Continue reading

Letter: Copper as an Ebola Killer

Dear Hugh, This research has been around for nearly a decade, but it is only beginning to surface. The purer the copper, the stronger the effect. Pure copper, or a 95 percent alloy, will kill 99.999 percent of everything within 30 minutes. Naturally, corporations are making copper alloy fixtures for … Continue reading

Roses Are Red and Healthful Too, by Sarah Latimer

We have had beautiful fall weather. However, my flower gardens are pretty well gone, as the brisk, cold fall winds blow and leave only a few dried flowers, seeds, and various remains to remind me of the brilliant colors that once adorned our property earlier in the year. If asked … Continue reading

Seven Warnings to the Progressive Feminist, by J.E.

Considering we are at the precipice of the possibility for the first female, militant feminist to take control of the greatest country in the world, I thought this article appropriately timed. Feminists, who may read this, you need to consider some serious questions. Are you honestly prepared to endure the … Continue reading

Gastroparesis and Stomach Conditions in TEOTWAWKI, by APS

Disclaimer: Gastroparesis is a serious medical condition where the stomach shuts down or severely slows down. The Vagus Nerve to the stomach has been damaged or does not work properly. Seek immediate professional help and assistance from your doctor or pediatrician as soon as possible. There are a couple of … Continue reading

Letter Re: Protein Sustainability

Hugh, I would like to offer some additional information about Aquaponics. There are numerous articles available here on SurvivalBlog about this subject, even a Category for it. So this is info in addition to what’s already here. As mentioned, one of the main potential problems is pumping water around the … Continue reading

“Surviving” an Airedale– Lessons From a First-Time Owner – Part 3, by S.M.

HeartGard and Flea Control This is a necessity especially in the Gulf Coast summers with the unusually bad mosquito and flea/tick issue resulting from the spring floods. We give our dog Heartgard to protect against heartworms and Nexgard to protect against ticks and fleas. Dental Disease Prevention We also use … Continue reading

“Surviving” an Airedale– Lessons From a First-Time Owner – Part 2, by S.M.

Crate Training Your Puppy: 8 weeks to 10 months This was the most difficult stage with our Airedale. The crate was located in our family room, so he was integrated with us most of the time, except when sleeping. We purchased a large wire crate for the house and a … Continue reading

“Surviving” an Airedale– Lessons From a First-Time Owner – Part 1, by S.M.

Our adventure in Airedale parenthood has been rewarding, educational, and reinvigorating. This breed is not for the faint of heart; they are active, tenacious, self-directed, and the strongest 65-pound animal I’ve ever experienced. With careful consideration, proper training, and responsible puppy parenting, you can enjoy the same incredible journey we’ve … Continue reading