Without This, All Your Preps and Training Are For Naught, by M.P. in Ohio

Good Health

The Answer Is Good Health

Instead of teasing you by giving you the answer in the third paragraph, here is what you need for your preps and training to be meaningful; it is good health. So before you think you’ve already read similar articles, please read on. I think you’ll find this different. Your health during SHTF scenarios is more important than:

1) All your training,

2) All your stored goods, and

3) Your bug out location

I understand we can’t all be in perfect health, but you owe it to yourself to be as healthy as possible. I’m not only talking about getting in better shape, but included with your preps, you should include certain foods, herbs, and spices that I will list here to help keep you healthy and to cure many ailments when you get sick. If you think staying healthy is difficult now, imagine how hard … Continue reading

Some Alternatives to Health Insurance for Americans

Health Care

There are huge obstacles to President DJT’s Swamp Draining Attempt in Washington, DC.  One of the biggest fights revolves around replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is commonly known as Obamacare. There seems to be a log jam in Congress. This was in part instigated by the left wing of the Republican Party. (That’s is the majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate.) So, despite their rhetoric, it seems like they don’t want to do away with socialized medicine.  This is because the status quo concentrates both power and the flow of wealth through Washington, DC. For now, no real change seems capable of moving through the Swamp-Mired Congress. In this essay, I’ll be addressing making a change of our own. We can do so without waiting for Congressional action: Medical Cost Sharing.

How will this  be resolved by the Congresscritters?  Probably not anytime … Continue reading

Recognizing and Resolving Common Vitamin Deficiencies, by J.F. Texas

Vitamin Deficiencies

Ideally every person from birth through old age would get all the nutrients they need from the food they consume, but deficiencies occur. There are times when the optimal amount of nutrients from food intake are not possible. People who consume energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods can develop a marginal micronutrient intake and low serum concentrations of vitamins. In times of food shortages or limited access to fresh foods, nutrient deficiencies can become even more common, especially vitamin deficiencies.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are organic molecules required in small amounts to prevent deficiency signs and symptoms. The most concern is for water-soluble vitamins—the B vitamins and vitamin C. These are essential nutrients the body cannot make. The body does not store water soluble vitamins in large quantities. You should consume them every day. Water-soluble vitamins are lost during processing because they are fragile. This increases the risk of inadequate intake even in … Continue reading

Gear System: Philosophy, Set Up, Use, Fitness & Mindset- Part 2, by Max

Tactical Gear

Today, we are concluding this article, which is a follow-up to the recent “The Practical Application of Tactical Gear, Load, and Weight Considerations”. Part 1 disclosed the basics of the gear system and began detailing them. We are continuing with the details, and then covering the practical use of our gear and the importance of physical conditioning.

THE DETAIL (continued)

Chest Rig / Plate Carrier:

You must avoid the temptation to “go large” with this item. With the available huge admin pouches and the like, this is particularly something you want to avoid below your armpits or right on the front. However, you will need sufficient ammunition, which is why light and fast is never really light and fast unless you can balance it with light enough, and sufficient PT ability to be fast.

In the photo at top, there are three mags on the PC. (It has room to … Continue reading

Water Safety: Prevent Deaths by Drowning!, by M. in Canada

Prevent Drowning

Summer Vacation Around Water

Summer is a wonderful season and one that requires knowledge of water safety to prevent deaths by drowning. The weather is warm, sunny, and even cold in areas of the country. Children cheer their happiness and excitement for the last day of school. Everyone is dreaming of summer vacation when they go camping, set up a tent in the cool shade of a wooded camp ground with a nice sandy beach by the shore of a lake with its refreshing waters. What could be more perfect?

They look forward to a vacation at the sea on a sandy beach. Even families with young children enjoy playing in the sand. Those beautiful days at the beach make wonderful memories.

There is however something that can transform a paradise into a nightmare. An unforeseen catastrophic event can result from a very avoidable accident. It is one of those … Continue reading

Planning For Better Nutrition During TEOTWAWKI To Ward Off Grim Reaper- Part 2, by A.R.223

Fruits Vegetables Grains Nutrition

You must plan nutrition concerns  before TEOTWAWKI. We’ve begun to look at myths, including that TEOTWAWKI will be a good time to diet. We left off right in the middle of our examination of necessary vitamins and minerals, specifically looking at the B vitamins. Let’s continue.

Vitamin B (continued)

A wide variety of foods contain Biotin (vitamin B7); however, beef liver, soybeans, butter, split peas, lentils, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, and brewer’s yeast are especially rich sources of this nutrient. Symptoms of deficiency include brittle fingernails, hair loss, conjunctivitis, and dermatitis in the form of a scaly red rash around the eyes, nose, mouth, and genital areas. Pregnant women are at high risk of biotin deficiency. So if you have someone of child-bearing age in your group, it might be wise to store a Biotin supplement. Fortunately, deficiency is rare. … Continue reading

Planning for Better Nutrition During TEOTWAWKI to Ward Off Grim Reaper- Part 1, by A.R.223

Fruits Vegetables Grains Nutrition

Knowledge And Diet Changes Required Now

Planning for better nutrition during TEOTWAWKI isn’t merely about eating delicious foods we’re already accustomed to so that the transition from our present state to the coming chaos is as seamless as possible. It is really more about saving our loved ones. However, in order to save our loved ones, the aforementioned transition needs to be seamless. To make it seamless necessitates increased knowledge of nutrition as well as changes in our diet now.

Our future will include the confrontation of diseases and conditions that most of us cannot comprehend. We can’t grasp them because we haven’t lived in third world countries. Most who read this blog have always had an abundance (or overabundance!) of food. Most have never seen the effects of a lack of fat, protein, or even vitamins in diet. And even if we have read about … Continue reading

Nurse’s Perspective for Survival, by L.S.

Survival Nurse

As a nurse who believes in making preparations for long-term survival, it has come to my attention that there are a few simple preventive healthcare measures that everyone should consider. However, obtaining important preventive healthcare and taking general measures related to maintaining general health is often overlooked or delayed because of the focused attention to the more obvious important prepping activities, such as having enough food, water, or a safe, sheltered environment.

Tetenus Vaccine

Since my favorite approach to staying healthy is a more naturopathic way, I must admit that I am not a strong advocate of most vaccines in general. This is due to a variety of chemicals that are added into vaccines with subsequent recorded side effects of some vaccines after administration. However, there is one particular vaccination that I do believe is important to obtain in emergency preparation. This is the tetanus vaccination. Continue reading

Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 10, by Sarah Latimer

We’re continuing this section of the series on household basics, and I’m sharing my research on oil. I didn’t expect it would be a three-part section, but I did spend a lot of time researching and testing it, so you are joining me on this journey and getting the plan.

I’ve shared that we have a Piteba seed/bean/nut oil expeller press that we plan to use as our primary means for oil. I’ve ruled out GMO grains and also lard, though I might use some beef tallow but want to keep it to a minimum for health reasons. Tallow is very useful in the homestead, but we are looking for vegetable oils that we can produce.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Furthermore, whatever we were going to grow for producing vegetable oil needs to be produced in our high elevation climate and harvested without fuel-dependent machinery, as fuel might … Continue reading

Letter Re: Diabetes Management


I read your recent article on diabetes management with much interest, as I am a 64 year old diabetic myself. The problem with being insulin-dependent is access to insulin after things crash.

Walmart (of all places) sells Relion Diabetes management products, which include insulin over the counter with no prescription needed. Relion makes different insulins that are equal to the same insulins that sell for over $250 per bottle at the pharmacy.

Their insulins are very reasonable at $28.44 per 10ml vial. I went to my local Walmart in Michigan, and sure enough I was able to buy Relion Novolin R (to replace my Humulin R) with no questions asked!

The pharmacist told me I could buy up to four bottles at a time, and the expiration date of the product I purchased on 4/5/2017 is April of 2019! Relion has a full line of diabetes management products that … Continue reading

Letter Re: Austere Dentistry


Thanks for pointing this issue out. In retrospect I should have developed purchasing in greater detail in the article. Additionally, this article has been sitting around for a while on my hard drive before being sent in, and at the time of writing purchase restrictions were not that common.

On Amazon, search Zinc oxide and eugenol, and you will find vendors who will sell ZOE without restrictions. When I searched today, I found brand name Temerx as well as generic ZOE.

On EBay, despite the disclaimer about sales only to dentists, I have rarely been challenged by U.S. vendors. If you are unwilling to attempt to buy from a U.S. EBay vendor, my advice is to deal with foreign vendors on EBay. Israelis are quite strict, but Chinese and Indian vendors have few, if any, restrictions.

Before drafting this reply today, I searched EBay for “zinc oxide … Continue reading

Letter Re: Austere Dentistry


It’s a great article and fills a gap in my preps I have been concerned about regarding temporary fillings. The two Intermediate Restorative Materials (IRMs) he recommends from Dentisply and Temrex are both widely available online. Every source from eBay, Amazon, and any dental supply house you contact all require that you supply required proof that you are a licensed dentist or dental operation. How or through whom does JD propose that a non-dentist like me and most SB readers can get past this substantial barrier? – Wontogo

Austere Dentistry and Temporary Fillings, by J.D., DMD

I am a general dentist, who has been at it for 26 years working part-time in private practice in a small, working class town and part-time on the dental staff in a state prison. I am also the dental director of a small non-profit organization that provides dental and medical care to the rural poor patients in Honduras. One of my main professional interests is low tech, austere dentistry.

The purpose of this article is two fold. First, I want to give the reader some insider, professional advice on how to get their dental needs squared away and met while we still have a functioning economy, and secondly i hope to educate the reader on dental procedures that a lay person could have a good chance of performing in a time or place when the health care system is severely degraded or non–existent.

This information is in no way a … Continue reading

SurvivalBlog Resources: The Diabetic Prepper’s Dilemma

Introductory Note: The following is another in a series of articles by JWR that will link to some of the thousands of archived SurvivalBlog articles, grouped topically.

Today we address the issue of diabetes, with an emphasis on the particular requirements of preppers.

Because 21st Century Americans are collectively both over-fed and incorrectly fed on sugary “junk food”, diabetes now affects more of our citizens than ever before. According the American Diabetes Association, 29.1 million Americans (9.3% of the population) had diabetes, as of 2012. Of those, about 1.25 million Americans (both children and adults) have the dreaded Type 1 diabetes (the type that cannot be treated by just diet and exercise alone). Without supplemental insulin, most of Type 1 sufferers would perish. Alarmingly, 86 million Americans age 20 and older are classified as being in prediabetes. It is estimated that there are around 8 million Americans … Continue reading

Vinegar As An Essential Multi-Purpose Tool for TEOTWAWKI- Part 1, by J.R.

During TEOTWAWKI, long-term survivability will depend upon more than adequate caloric intake and the ability to defend oneself and one’s family.  Historically, the leading cause of death during times of prolonged war, conflict, or natural disasters has not been violence or the direct impact of disasters, rather, most people perished due to rampant disease and infections caused by the interruption of access to medical treatment, clean water, and adequate hygiene.  In dire times, access to medicinal agents and the ability to both prevent food and water-borne illness and to maintain hygienic living quarters may make the difference between life and death.  Although various options abound to address one or more of those concerns, for the budget-minded prepper, tackling each of those categories can prove costly and confusing.  But what if we could utilize one affordable and easily obtainable substance to treat many medical conditions, preserve food, … Continue reading