From Dr. Gary North’s Latest Newsletter: Free Video on The Federal Reserve

Dr. Gary North writes in the latest issue of his REALITY CHECK e-newsletter: “If you get confused about money, the Federal Reserve System, and all this fractional reserve banking stuff, I have a solution. It’s the best 45-minute documentary on the Federal Reserve System that I have seen. The good … Continue reading

Billionaire Richard Rainwater Concurs with Peak Oil Assessment

An interesting piece recently ran in Fortune magazine, regarding billionaire Richard Rainwater’s views’ on Peak Oil.  (The “Hubbert’s Peak” in global oil production, expected sometime in the next few years or perhaps 20 years, or perhaps 100 years, depending on who you talk to.) See:,15114,1139979-4,00.html SurvivalBlog reader Chuck, who … Continue reading

Letter Re: Copper Pennies for Barter?

I was checking the prices on base metals today and saw that copper is at $2.10 a pound. Pre-1982 pennies are 95% copper, and 153 of them make a pound of copper. Any thoughts to using pre-1982 U.S. pennies as barter in addition to silver? If nothing else, I’ve been … Continue reading

Letter Re: New FINCEN Regulation on Precious Metals/Gemstones Transaction Reporting

James: Bill in North Idaho’s letter intrigued me, so I did some digging and thought you would be interested in what I found. The FinCEN FAQ is pretty clear that the requirements of being a ‘dealer’ only applies if you buy and sell more then $50,000 in one calendar year/tax … Continue reading

Letter Re: New FINCEN Regulation on Precious Metals/Gemstones Transaction Reporting

Jim, It looks like our rulers are going to tighten the noose on reporting requirements for bullion purchases to chip away at anonymous buyers effective January 1, 2006. See:   FDR started the ball rolling in 1933. See: This FINCEN ruling may be the precursor to the next confiscation … Continue reading

Paul Tustain: The Crushing Debt Burden = Inflation Ahead = Higher Prices for Gold and Silver

In a recent economic analysis piece featured by our friends at, (, Paul Tustain outlines just how bad the national debt situations is, he compares our situation to Argentina a few years ago, and he predicts that Uncle Sam will inflate his way out of the jam. My extrapolation … Continue reading

Letter Re: Bullion Dealer and Question on Recommended Inoculations

Jim: I have been purchasing my silver from a store in Reno Nevada and have never had a problem with them. I read your blog everyday at lunch, I enjoy it immensely. I was wondering what your thoughts were on vaccinations.  Last month I was vaccinated for Flu, Pneumonia, … Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s Slow Slide Continues

Mismanaged for many years by a horrendously corrupt and inept communist government, Zimbabwe’s economy is sliding into deeper Schumer. SurvivalBlog reader Lyn recommended this article:,5942,17457835,00.html The Australian newspaper reports that the mass inflation continues: “A US dollar now costs $Z61,000 at official rates and $Z85,000 on the black market.” … Continue reading

Letter Re: Recommended Silver Bullion Dealer

Mr Rawles, I just wanted to send you a note suggesting another dealer from whom to buy $1,000 face value bags of [pre-1965] junk silver. I am not affiliated with him in any way, just a happy customer. The dealer is Hannes Tulving, [in southern California.] His web site is: … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Great Debate–Puru Saxena Explains the Fed’s Interest Rate Hikes

I enjoy most of what Survival Blog puts out, but the Puru Saxena article is a bit misleading. Mr. Saxena seems to be a bit confused into thinking that 1) all inflation is the same and that 2) control is the same as eliminate. The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is, … Continue reading