How I Stopped Worrying and Used P.M.C.T.- Part 1, by D.D.

Tenth man

With the apparent imminent collapse that I have focused upon in my years of preparedness, I was worrying. My focus became a frantic effort. I made plans. Yet, wisdom came with P.M.C.T.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”-Proverbs 16:9

“Man plans and God laughs…” -old Yiddish adage

The Tenth Man Theory

In the 2013 zombie apocalypse movie World War Z the hero has a conversation with an Israeli Mossad agent about the Tenth Man Theory. It states (and I paraphrase) that in the midst of military planning, if nine people agree on a particular strategy or belief, the tenth man is duty-bound to disagree. The rationale behind this is to bring to light problems or other factors that sometimes the majority does not want to acknowledge or is blinded to due to a group-think/herd mentality. I have become my own 10th … Continue reading

Eclipse Traffic: This is What a Bug Out Would Look Like

Bug Out traffic jam

Oregon Traffic

Here in Oregon, because of this eclipse thing, people are flooding into the state. They expect at least 1.5 million to arrive here…tens of thousands already arriving since yesterday!

Today, on Oregon Highway 26, from Prineville, OR for 15-miles east, they closed the road – it is bumper-to-bumper traffic, nothing is moving – vehicles are running out of gas….with no place to go… Gas stations in Bend and Redmond Oregon are already out of gas…don’t know if they will get another delivery of fuel in the next day or two…

In our area,  gas prices went up 30-cents per gallon since yesterday…I needed to top-off the gas tank on my pick-up, I couldn’t get into any of the gas stations because of the lines…glad I keep spare gas cans full – at my digs, at all times!

I have never seen anything like this in my life. We … Continue reading

Some Alternatives to Health Insurance for Americans

Health Care

There are huge obstacles to President DJT’s Swamp Draining Attempt in Washington, DC.  One of the biggest fights revolves around replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is commonly known as Obamacare. There seems to be a log jam in Congress. This was in part instigated by the left wing of the Republican Party. (That’s is the majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate.) So, despite their rhetoric, it seems like they don’t want to do away with socialized medicine.  This is because the status quo concentrates both power and the flow of wealth through Washington, DC. For now, no real change seems capable of moving through the Swamp-Mired Congress. In this essay, I’ll be addressing making a change of our own. We can do so without waiting for Congressional action: Medical Cost Sharing.

How will this  be resolved by the Congresscritters?  Probably not anytime … Continue reading

Lifetime Disaster Assessment, by M.B.

Life Changing Event

Coming To Grips With a Life Changing Event

If you live long enough, you will undoubtedly face a life changing event. These events are not easy to plan for. And even if you know one is on the horizon, they always seem to catch you by surprise. I refer to these life changing events as sentinel events, because once they happen your life will be forever changed.

While I’ve practiced and taught strategic planning and business development in several different industries, including pharmaceutical sales and hospice/rehab/long-term care senior healthcare, I have survived several sentinel events in my own life. I generally feel as if I have come through them stronger and smarter because of my struggles. However, “no” that wasn’t a ringing endorsement of wanting to experience anymore of these type of events.

Losing your spouse, a child, your parents, or your career are all typical sentinel events that most … Continue reading

Letter: Violence in Charlottesville

Charlottesville Violence

HJL, JWR, Readers of SurvivalBlog,

My current hometown of Charlottesville, VA suddenly found itself thrust into the headlines. My home is less than three miles from the site where the events occurred. From my 4th floor apartment balcony I watched the state police helicopter hover for hours. It eventually disappeared from view as some unknown event caused it to crash.

Readers of SurvivalBlog are well informed; I will not rehash the events of the weekend of August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville. But I will add that all parties involved in this “rally” came prepared for a fight. What you probably won’t see in clips on the evening news is BOTH sides of the confrontation were heavily armed with clubs, bats, handguns, and rifles, and by the grace of God no shots were fired. It is my belief that, due to either a completely unhinged individual or actions of a group … Continue reading

If It Works Well, It Is Ours, by Old Bobbert


I’m so glad you asked about dealing with these non-preppers. This is a great topic. As a general rule, a non-prepper, most of the time and in most circumstances, simply does not see a need for “our” quality, variety, and/or style of preparing for some potentially serious problem that will, in turn, have an unexpected negative influence in their personal lives. It’s all just vague to them. Or to put it another way, they have heard that sermon before and they ain’t buying it, not then, not now, and not tomorrow.

They are honest, generous, sincerely caring for others, like the ideal fellow prepper, with every aspect of good character and tremendous integrity. They are the great unwashed unprepared majority. Does their preparedness message radiate from every smile and twitch of their inquisitive observant eye and even their body language radiate their preparedness message to us? No! No! And again … Continue reading

International Travel Preparation- Part 2, by O.D.

International Travel

Yesterday, in Part 1, I shared about the importance of getting your vaccinations before travelling to international destinations. I also shared various preps, including some of the things I find helpful to carry, where I recommend a person stay, and what not to bother with. I also shared that from time to time when I was staying some place for awhile, I have purchased and stashed an old bicycle to have on hand in case I needed to “get out of Dodge” quickly and quietly. No matter whether you are having to get out of Dodge or you are just going about your normal business, you need to be able to walk comfortably. Let’s take a look at what is required for this.

Outfitting The Walkin’ Dude- The Essentials

  • Boots for walking. You need well broken-in boots with toe protection; they need to be tough enough to kick-and-stomp with … Continue reading

Letter Re: Approaching Grand Solar Minimum

Grand Solar Minimum


I have recently heard about the grand solar minimum and am wondering if you guys have any thoughts on it? It seems to have some pretty serious implications regarding more extreme weather and how our climate is changing (which it always has been). I live on the gulf coast so preparedness for me has always been important due to hurricanes. My question is: out of all the climate hype that we have been inundated with over the last decade or so, is this something to really be taken seriously? It is wise to stay prepared nonetheless, however if the implications of a grand solar minimum are correct, could this be a perfect example of “the boy who cried wolf?” No one will bother to believe its implications.

The Novice And The Expert- Part 3, by Old Bobbert


Yesterday, we took a look at what we’d need to do first in the event of an EMP and just barely began to look at the possibility of a tsunami or serious flood across the U.S. East Coast, causing complete evacuation and shut down. We’ll continue today to look at this incident and others that might happen.

East Coast Tsunami (continued)

In the event that the New York City financial service system shuts down, for any reason, that singular event will shut down the entire world banking system. Awe, shucks! And this will happen while the system is correcting itself with more of what has caused the problems in the first place. They are working to borrow the money needed to pay interest and to get out of debt currently. As I read history, isn’t that called an illegal “ponsi scheme”? Yes, it is! This is a very real near … Continue reading

The Novice And The Expert- Part 2, by Old Bobbert


Today, we are continuing to learn, whether we are a novice or an expert in preparedness. If experts, we can learn how to guide a novice in their preparation planning.

Confidence Key Words

We left off yesterday with a group in a pandemic situation going grocery store shopping in teams with lists and cash. We had a reference to use confidence key words at checkout to help avoid being a victim. What are these confidence key words? I know that you know them. Read the following out loud: “Please and thank you. Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. We appreciate your help.”

“We” is used often and especially if you are actually alone. These are the key words and this is the style of the type of person that the bad guys want to stay away from. You will then easily look to be the confident non-victim. You will most likely be … Continue reading

The Novice And The Expert- Part 1, by Old Bobbert


This article will not make you an expert prepper, but it can help you as you help a newbie prepper get started, It can also help the newbie get a good start, even if they’re without a expert to pick up the broken pieces of a poorly prepared preparedness plan.

A Little Pretending As We Plan

Let’s pretend today. You are one of the two primary types of preppers. You are either an experienced very competent prepper, one who genuinely cares to help others, or you are the inexperienced newbie who desperately wants someone to help you survive and make it all good again. This article is motivated by the proven maxim that if we do not help each other, no one will be helped. Assume that our SHTF incident was early this morning and you are the newbie guy who is terrified and not prepared for anything much more … Continue reading

Letter Re: Eclipse TEOTWAWKI



The coming tsunami of city folk to the small towns of the Redoubt would be a good time to practice your prepping skills. You should be sure to have an extra gas can filled. Keep your water hoses at the ready. Make a grocery run a few days before.

The visitors will arrive in hordes, ill prepared for hot weather, lack of food, water, toilet facilities, gas, or medical facilities. Fights will break out. When some idjit tries to hike down the road for a better viewing spot and trespasses on some retired/unemployed logger’s or rancher’s property and starts a fire to roast weinies or s’mores, and he comes out with a shotgun, what then? When someone’s wife goes into early labor from heat and stress, or somebody’s kid gets hurt, or some old dude has a coronary from heat stress trying to put up the tent and the … Continue reading

The Antifa Threat Spiral: Some Safe Predictions on the Coming Unsafe Era- Part 2


In Part 1 of this article, I pointed to the rapid post-election growth of the leftist so-called “anti-fascist” (Antifa) movement. This movement has some clear parallels to the draft protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Now, in Part 2 , I’ll further describe how the threat spirals will likely develop.

The Crypto Guys

It is safe to assume that cryptography and novel communications techniques will be used by leftist domestic terror organizations, as they internally develop their tradecraft. It is very likely that anonymous mail forwarders, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and a variety of cryptographic tools are already in use by Antifa. This can only be expected to expand, with the passage of time. I anticipate that the Antifa groups will assume that all publicly-available VPN services and encryption sites are fully co-opted or even the creations of national intelligence organizations. Therefore, some of their … Continue reading

The Antifa Threat Spiral: Some Safe Predictions on the Coming Unsafe Era- Part 1

Antifa Protest

The rapid post-election growth of the left’s so-called “anti-fascist” (Antifa) movement is alarming. This movement has some clear parallels to the draft protests of the late 1960s. These protests spawned a wave of domestic terrorism with groups like the Weather Underground, the Black Panther Party, the BLA, the FALN, and the SLA.  Anyone reading this who is under my age is probably missing out. This is because they don’t have a good recollection of just how profoundly violent the late 1960s and early 1970s were in these United States. Bombings, fake bomb scares, riots, arson, bank robberies, airliner hijackings, attempted assassinations, and kidnappings were all too commonplace.

This period of upheaval all started a few years earlier with large college campus anti-war/anti-draft protests staged by the SDS. But some of those “activists” spun out … Continue reading

America’s Public Schools are Government Indoctrination Centers


The following article might strike some of our readers as a bit of a rant. So if you dislike reading rants, then please just skip reading this article.

It Started With a Letter

The impetus for this article was a fairly cogent well-intentioned letter from a SurvivalBlog reader:

Dear Editor:
I am concerned about some of the information linked on your blog. I’m a Christian, an avid prepper, and a daily reader of your blog. I support your effort to make readers aware of the world around us, and the changes that we feel are to come. I do have concerns when it comes to the negative portrayal of public schools. It is easy to stereotype groups of people, but not always an accurate way of looking at them. There are individuals who believe those of us who read your blog are crazy. We are all unshaven, … Continue reading