Hurricane Preparedness Experience- Part 2, by N.K.

I had drinking water because my subdivision was on the county water system which never went down, nor was there any boil water alert for our area. Part of the reason for this was the emergency planning done by county government to ensure water got delivered at full volume and … Continue reading

Guest Article: A Primer on Tactical Intelligence Collection, by Samuel Culper

Tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires are just three examples of localized and very personal emergency events that we saw last year, and they illustrate the devastation by an event for which there is immediate early warning. We can be alerted to a tornado warning and seek cover. We can vacate our … Continue reading

Letter Re: EPA to Sub-Freezing Alaska

JWR and HJL, Sadly, we are about to experience the same bureaucratic wisdom here in NY’s North Country and Adirondacks. Recently a well known engineering school had a student research panel present similar concerns in a public forum. I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived as long (or as warmly!) … Continue reading

Letter Re: Secession

Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it, but I have a couple of questions: the Supreme Court rulings seem to pertain only to states wanting to leave an “indestructable Union” composed of “indestructable States”, but does that still leave open the possibility of one of the “indestructable States” wanting to … Continue reading

Strategic Opportunities and Challenges in a Trump-Putin World, by S.G. in Florida

Lost in the media coverage of the elections is that the Trump administration presents an opportunity for strategic cooperation between the U.S. and Russia that would not had been available if Hillary Clinton had been elected. Despite this opening, the challenges confronting such cooperation are many and formidable. Trump fits … Continue reading

Giving Ourselves As A Gift During The Holidays, by Sarah Latimer

The Judeo-Christian community is celebrating Christmas and/or Hanukkah this week and getting ready to bring in the new year 2017. Many people are off work and spending the week with family and friends. Some of you may be traveling, and some of you are at home. Many are not alone, … Continue reading

Letter Re: Getting First Aid Supplies Tax Free

Hi Hugh and/or JWR- I’ve been a long-time reader, but this is my first time responding to a post. I just wanted to clarify one point that was made in reply to the “Letter: Getting First Aid Supplies Tax Free” thread. I am a practicing physician and a fellow patriot/prepper. … Continue reading

A Legal Review Of Secession 150 Years Later- Part 2, by TEH

Secession On February 1, 1861, a convention of secession was called (and subsequently sanctioned by the legislature) where an ordinance to dissolve the union between Texas and the United States was adopted and Texas declared to be a separate and sovereign state. The relationship to the United States (and its … Continue reading

A Legal Review Of Secession 150 Years Later- Part 1, by TEH

Introduction The Civil War (or The War of Northern Aggression, depending on your personal view) ended in 1865. However, the legality of secession by the Southern States simply will not die 150 years after Texas formally seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America. As late as … Continue reading

Letter Re: Drones and Airspace

Hugh, I believe that the article posted on December 22 may present inaccurate guidance to the readers of SurvivalBlog. In June, 2016 the FAA announced the forthcoming release of Part 107 of their regulations. The likely final regulations are here. The regulations detail the Operating Rules for drone pilots, including … Continue reading