The War On Human Life – Part 1, by J.B.H.

This essay expresses some thoughts that rattle around in my head pretty much every day, lately. There is likely little in it that SurvivalBlog readers are not familiar with in a certain way. However, I would like to express what I feel and perhaps fear is a central theme in virtually all the topics we discuss and the events we witness in today’s world.

As a warning upfront, it is entirely possible that I am taking disjointed, some might say random trends of our time and desperately attempting to make sense of the nonsense by packaging them in one neat box. That might be true or not. I will let the reader decide on that matter as quite frankly I am not sure myself.

As another warning, I am an unapologetic Christian. I view all these issues through lens of Christianity and believe these things can only be solved through Christian principles.

What is the point of this essay? My purpose is to encourage people to be continuously focused on what I believe is the central theme of so many of the trends we are currently witnessing. That theme is a concerted attack on biological human life.

Before I get in very deep, I would also add that this theme is not new to man’s history. It waxes and wanes but never leaves. To those who say our present situation is unprecedented I would say to read history. To those who would say there really is nothing wrong or unusual going on, I would also say read history. I personally believe we are in an age of where bad trends are converging, the old attack on life is waxing and we need to stop it.

One more thing. In front of every sentence I write, please mentally place “In My Opinion”. I would like the reader to keep firmly in mind that I do not think I have any special knowledge, or speak with any authority. I do not have everything figured out. I just want to share my thoughts and perhaps stimulate others thoughts.

Current Trends In Our Society

I will list a few of the current trends that I feel are related.

  • Radical Feminism
  • Abortion
  • Homosexuality
  • Transgenderism
  • Drug Addiction/Homelessness
  • Corruption In Medicine/Nutrition

There are others as well but I will stick to these for the purpose of this essay.

Radical Feminism

I start here, not because I think Radical Feminism is necessarily the root of all our problems but because I believe it is logical to address before the next five items.

Feminism largely resulted from failures of men to obey the Biblical directive to love their wives as Christ loved the church. Consequently, they frequently demeaned, abused and failed to support their wives as they should have. Coupled with the sin nature residing in the heart of all humans (male and female), women got tired of this and began to throw off female roles including the proper ones.

What are the proper ones? We can argue about that until the cows come home but I would argue there is one role that is not up for debate. Childbirth. Men can cook, clean, change diapers, etc. with the best of them. But they cannot carry a child or give birth. They cannot breastfeed. I would also argue that men do not nurture children as well or at least not in the same way as a woman, but that is not central to my argument. Biology simply dictates this fundamental difference between men and women.

The rise of feminism coincided with the decline of value given to childbirth. It was argued that education, career, earning, status should be equal to or more important than childbirth. But from a personal view, what is more important than passing on your DNA and if you are lucky perhaps some of your thoughts, experiences and values? From a societal view, what is more important than continuing the human race? Large swaths of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia are no longer even replacing themselves.

The Woman’s Real Super Power

Sometimes I like to watch action movies and fight scenes. But one popular theme right now is the hero or superhero women who beat men in hand to hand fighting, or at least fight to a draw. This is considered empowering and oftentimes sexy. It is also complete nonsense and it makes me cringe when I watch it. Women as a group cannot compete in hand-to-hand combat with men. Yes very skilled individual women might be able to. But 90%+ of the time the women will lose and lose very badly if no punches are pulled.

What does this mean? It means men are typically much better killers at least hand to hand and probably in general. (Yes there are rare exceptions.) But women have the gift of giving life. Which is more powerful? Which is more useful? Which should be celebrated more?

We probably never did give women the respect they deserved for their built-in superpower of creating life but now we downplay it even more and downplay everything else that it means to be a woman. Consequently, we have a swath of the current generation who actually see no value in being a woman. More on that later.
Men are frequently okay with this state of affairs, because it means less responsibility and more resources that they can use for themselves rather than their children. I wonder how many boats or motorcycles or Jeeps have replaced how many children? I wonder what that math looks like?

The net result however is children are not conceived and are never born. I am not arguing against all birth control or totally unlimited reproduction or that everybody should reproduce. But when society is not even replacing itself, one might have to consider if this trend has been taken too far. If the trend continues unabated, civilization dies.


Abortion is one of the hottest topics in the US today. People are engaging in protests, violence, legal action, political action, philosophical arguments and any other form of conflict imaginable all to be able to end the life of a human at will, legally. Abortion has ended 10s of millions of lives (just in America) in recent decades. Interestingly a highly disproportionate number of those have been minorities. Although it affects all portions of our society to some degree, the numbers would almost suggest a definitive attempt at actively culling segments of our society.
If this is not a concerted attack on human life, I don’t know what is. Enough said.


Homosexuality has been part of the human race for all of recorded history. It has gone through periods of acceptance and periods of condemnation. If the actual scriptures are referenced, it is strictly and vigorously forbidden in Judaism and Christianity. Why is it forbidden? I do not know but I would theorize that perhaps it is because it shortcircuits God’s command in Genesis, for men and women to be fruitful and multiply. And it should be noted that this command was given pre-fall, indicating that it was a different sort of command than say, “Thou shalt not kill.” The prohibition on killing was to address the problem of murder brought on by the fall. The command to be fruitful and multiply was part of the original design of the world from the beginning when creation was, according to God, “very good”. Homosexuality could be viewed as fundamental and strident rejection of God’s “very good” design.

I would argue that the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969, marked the beginning of the widespread acceptance of homosexuality in the US. And this beginning was marked by violence not by peaceful protest like the black civil rights movement. We have transitioned from condemning and outlawing homosexuality, to ignoring it (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), to tolerating it, to accepting it, to celebrating it and seem to be on a path to placing it as morally superior to heterosexuality. In societal terms the rise has been pretty meteoric.
This is a big subject and most of it is not applicable to this essay. However, much like the way feminism has decoupled reproduction from sex, so has homosexuality. A strictly homosexual person has taken themselves out of the gene pool and is not assisting in replacing dying members of society. I would say this is a direct attack on human life.


The transgender movement has had an even more meteoric rise, than homosexuality. Regarding the incredible growth of this trend I recommend a June/July 2021 article by Abigail Shrier in Hillsdale College’s Imprimis.
There is a lot to digest in this article but I would like to point out two things in particular.
The opening statement states that in 2007, America had one pediatric gender clinic while today there are hundreds.

Prior to 2012, there was no scientific literature about gender dysphoria in teenage girls. In the last decade this issue has exploded in teenage girls to where some parents state that 15-30% of girls in their daughter’s seventh grade class identify as transgender and there has been a 4,400% increase in the number of teenage girls seeking treatment in the United Kingdom’s national gender clinic.
From reading the numbers and generally observing the world around us it would appear that this issue is absolutely exploding.

I recently listened to a podcast featuring an 18-year-old girl who had begun transitioning to male when she was 13 and was now attempting to “detransition” and return her body to semi normal. Many things were striking in her story but three stood out to me.

When the girl was perhaps nine years old or younger, she in fact wanted to be/become a full grown woman, have children and live a normal, presumably happy life as a woman.

When she started puberty at a relatively young age, she became tall, lanky and to put it bluntly seemed to only be developing small breasts and few curves. This disturbed her, because what she observed on social media as being a supposedly attractive, was voluptuous women with lots of curves. She came to the conclusion at the ripe old age of about 12 that she would never be able to compete and basically “be good at being a woman”. Nobody assisted her in working out this fear.

Returning to the theme I spoke of about feminism, most of the grown women in her life expressed the opinion that being a woman was a bad deal. She was lead to believe that woman were disrespected, persecuted, left behind, etc. Childbirth and childrearing were not seen as satisfying or of value. She came to the conclusion that there was no upside to being a woman.

It was noted that this girl may have had a slight amount of autism, but to listen to her I really could not detect anything but an intelligent, articulate person. But the basic idea was that a young girl, with relatively normal doubts about her developing body and developing person in general, came to the conclusion that she would be no good at being a woman and that it was (my term, not hers) a sucker’s game to be a woman anyway. So she would just go ahead and become a man. She came to this conclusion and no one helped her and then she began transitioning at 13.

My point with this story is that vast numbers of young girls, as well as some boys, are being encouraged to transition at a young age. It remains to be seen, I suppose, but this process is likely sterilizing thousands of young men and women eliminating thousands of children in the future. If this trend continues to grow at the rate it is, I could see this impacting perhaps millions of people.

Sterilized people do not produce children. Yet another front in the war on life.

(To be continued tomorrow in Part 2.)