Some Last-Minute Purchases and Preps – Part 1, by M.M

It appears that we are close to World War 3 according to all the reliable news outlets and the unfolding of current events.  It is only going to take one mistake to get a full-scale war going in several countries, maybe here also.  Pastor Jack Graham of Dallas, Texas has a wonderful video explaining why Hamas hates Israel. It began during King Saul’s time and has escalated to modern-day Iran (Persia). Dr. Graham states we are perilously close to the end of days, and that the current events may be prelude to the end of time.

A few military experts say they are attempting to weaken the United States by creating conflicts and wars in numerous places so that our military is spread thin worldwide. Our major enemies, China, Russia, and Iran are financing and directing these conflicts or wars.  If the bulk of our military is overseas, then our country is vulnerable to major attacks from within our own borders.  No one knows how many foreign agents are here, but you can see on the news thousands of illegals crossing our border every day.  News reports state that suspected agents from China, the Levant, Russia, and Iran (just a few mentioned) have been identified and living in America.  Thousands of Palestinian sympathizers are marching daily against Israel. The United States has always been the invader, and not invaded. Currently, we have been peacefully invaded, with no idea who is here and the weapons they have.  It will be a new type of war like we have never seen.

This article is not about preparing by stockpiling your supplies.  If you are on this site, you already have the basic knowledge of what you need and have secured enough for your family.  If not, please look at the List of Lists spreadsheet posted by Mr. Rawles. That is basic and you should add to it accordingly. My needs are not the same for everyone as are yours. I live in a hot climate and winter does not concern me like it would persons living in the north. I may use one cord of wood and you may need 5 or more.  However, summers are brutal here, and I may need to sleep outside, so I have mosquito netting.

I am a retired police officer with 44 years of service. Before that, I was in the military, and I am a Vietnam veteran. While serving my country I had a shocking observance of how people in Third World countries live. I grew up watching Matt Dillon always win, and justice was served. The truth is that is not correct, the bad guys win, just as much. I have seen people who live in cardboard boxes that will fight anyone trying to take it away from them; butterfly knife fights are common. Shipping crates are a valuable commodity to many of them.  I was amazed at how these people lived, thought, and fought. When I enlisted and told my father, he said, “Son, it’s hard to fight a man that can live on a bowl of rice a day”. I soon found out what he meant. People in America are weak compared to the ones raised in a Third World country.  The poorest of people in USA live like kings compared to someone who literally lives in a dump area. The people advocating for a war are underestimating the enemy.

I never made much money as a law enforcement officer and had to repair or build most things myself before YoutTube came along. I learned carpentry, plumbing, electrical, vehicle repair, and just about all things related to everyday living. I was raised in a family that taught me many of my skills.  I made my own knives for a few years just to get the steel I wanted and a real knife that would hold an edge. I can skin several deer before stopping to re-sharpen. Most people do not know what edge to put on a knife or what knives to use for everyday use. A person really needs two knives.  I believe the 3-blade stockman knife is an all-around pocketknife. The large blade, about 3 inches long, needs a 15-degree sharpening. The sheepsfoot blade, about 2 inches long needs a stout 25-30-degree edge for stripping wire and cutting heavy materials. The small blade should be razor sharp, 5-10 degrees. It will skin small animals and cut with little effort. Your second knife is your choice, I personally carry one that clips onto my pocket or bib overalls. I must add that I am satisfied with the new steel and how knives are made today, and I cannot find any better knife than Zero Tolerance brand. (I am in no way  connected to them.)

I have purchased almost all of my tools from pawn shops along with an awry of almost everything a person needs to repair things around the house.  I have found extension cords for less than half price. Power saws, jig saws, levels, tool belts, rolls of Romex wire, the list is endless what you can find in a pawn shop. Of course, the new modern equipment is a challenge for me, especially computers.

I have always gone by the Boy Scout motto, “always be prepared”. My truck toolbox is loaded down with items that can and have saved me a long walk home. I recently was on a road trip and had a flat about 10 miles out of town. I used my 4-way lug wrench, tire plug kit and 12volt air compressor. Everyone needs all of these items in their vehicle.  I was on my way in about 20 minutes.  (and carry a small tarp to lie down on)

There are numerous scenarios that could lead up to TEOTWAWKI. Let’s assume that our enemies will activate their internal soldiers here in America and begin a pre-invasion plan by disrupting our society.  In a guerilla war, a few trained persons can completely shut down a large area and small cities would be an easy target.  A few well-placed shots with the proper caliber gun can take out an electrical substation and the water infrastructure could be easily shut down. They may resort to some type of explosive devices for complete destruction of our power and water system. Tannerite is openly sold everywhere and can be nearly as destructive as dynamite. However, the ATF is more concerned about the length of a rifle stock and barrel. An EMP attack is not out of the question.

No one knows what the final signs will be before the complete collapse. I believe it will be a series of events that will signal the collapse is near. Bank runs, closures, stock market, bombings, groups similar to Antifa, major fires in food warehouses, disruption of fuel so that no trucks can re-supply groceries, the list is endless of “signs”. The clandestine armies causing mayhem will be right in there during this period.  I began planning many years ago for what I should do if we have one or two days left to prepare. My list is simple, I will be at several different locations picking up supplies while others are fighting for food and toilet paper, standing in line (or running out of the store). If there is a run on banks for withdrawals and the system is collapsing, I will be using my credit cards to max them out.  Remember, this is the final purchase before it gets really nasty.

If things get back to normal, I will kindly repay my debts. But if it is collapsing, I don’t think anyone will be around to collect it. The proper timing is the key.

Think of a list of items you need but are limited on your prepping budget to purchase now. I am not talking about foolish items, just things needed to help you in your survival mode.  Include your family in this discussion as they will surely add items you have not thought of.

#1. Gasoline and Diesel   I will top off all equipment with fresh fuel and store as much as possible. (I assume you already have plenty of Kerosine for your lamps)

#2.  Fuel stabilizer.

#3.   Extra chain saws and pre-mixed fuels. Some hardware stores sell it by the gallon and I have seen 2-gallon containers.  As JWR listed, you need 2-cycle oil.

#4.   Butane (20 lb. full bottles) and camping stoves for cooking. (Don’t waste your money on those small green 1 lb bottles.) Also, get hoses with regulators attached.  Include one or more extra regulators as they do go bad. I replaced one this year on our outside gas grill. If you can handle larger bottles of butane, then get them. Most people can only comfortably lift the 20-pound bottles.

#5.   Fans. Both DC battery and AC-powered.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)