How To Find a Trustworthy Doctor – Part 2, by C.A.J.

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)

Rule #3: Find a doctor who practices moral not just ethical medicine. By ethical medicine, I mean what is socially acceptable from your community, insurance companies, and government. Moral medicine is based on a sense of righteousness and wrong. For example, if a doctor wants prenatal genetic testing to check for disorders in your unborn child, that usually is “code” for I want to kill your baby if it is a Down Syndrome person. Today, over 90% of Down Syndrome babies are “ethically” aborted in the United States. Or how about a surgeon who wants to surgically remove the external genitalia of a 5-year-old boy who says he desires to be a girl? Or how about a gynecologist who performs an abortion on a 11-year-old girl from another state after being allegedly raped by an illegal alien and refuses to report it to law enforcement and child protective services? Or how about a doctor who goes out of his way to call child protective services to remove a child from the home because the doctor refuses to accommodate the child’s parents’ religious request to transfuse blood from a “non-vaxxed” donor? (The child died from blood clots after the transfusion.) How about a gynecologist who performs “medically necessary” hysterectomies on patients from around the United States for insurance payment while knowingly referring the patients to the next plastic surgeon elsewhere for gender-reassigning surgery? All of these examples have happened with the blessings of International, National, and State medical associations, Colleges, Boards, and Societies as well as various “Health” Insurance Companies, Medicare, and Medicaid, similar national healthcare institutions, hospitals, and medical “ethics” committees.

On the other hand, you want a physician who will call child protective services for obvious or suspected sexual abuse of a minor or mentally challenged person. If you are a Theist, you want a doctor that doesn’t serve as a priest for Baal, Ashtorath, Baal Peor, and Moloch providing contraception and abortifacients to minors or those of majority age for delinquent parents, schools, pimps, pedophiles, and sex trafficking rings. You want a doctor that, at risk of his license, refuses to refer patients to abortionists to take the life of an innocent unborn human “baby.” Please note that the Scriptures specifically call it a “baby” in both the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament.” You want a physician, who faced with the certain death of two patients, mother and baby, will save one even at the loss of one and refuse the loss of both. You want a physician who will discuss with you the side effects or risks of a medicine or surgery and allow you to decide what you put in or do to your body. Furthermore, you want your doctor or pharmacist to know what is in the medication that he is giving you, especially toxins or other “unclean” substances. There is a reason why the New Testament calls the body a temple of the Ruach HaKosdesh or “Holy Spirit.” Those who know the history of how the Tabernacle and Temple in Jerusalem have been desecrated in the past at least have a clue how not to desecrate our bodies.

Rule #4: Find a doctor who does not have substance abuse issues. This should be simple. Write your state medical board and request a list of medical care providers in your state or area who are on probation or have been sanctioned for substance abuse or other sexually immoral conduct. But seriously, for surgery, alcohol use can reportedly affect surgical performance in the surgeon up to 5 p.m. the next day.

Rule # 5: Just because a healthcare provider claims to be a Christian (Theist), doesn’t mean that they apply their theology to their practice. As my favorite professor once said, “I would vote any day of the week for an athiest who worked for Biblically just laws before I would vote for a Christian who worked for Biblically unjust laws.” I have to be honest. There are many Christian doctors who practice medicine Humanistically. Granted, none of us are perfect and most are trained in the Humanistic worldview in medicine, but on the other hand, most all of them grew up in the Church. Similarly, just because a provider doesn’t claim to be a Christian or practices from a Humanistic worldview doesn’t mean they are not good doctors. In fact, I would let my partner operate on me or my family before any of my previous Christian partners. His values from his unique ethnic upbringing speaks volumes. However, if you desire a provider who dares to publicly proclaim his Christian faith in today’s culture, you can write for a list of Christian providers from Christian Medical and Dental Associations or by visiting

Rule #6: Take note if the physician provides any medical mission work or supports medical work in Third World countries. If he is giving of his time away from family and at his expense to provide his skills to others in countries that have no providers (for example, a catchment area per provider measured in millions of people), he might care about you as a patient more than the average provider.

Rule #7: Just because a provider is not a member of the College of his specialty or medical association does not mean he is not a good provider. The American Medical Association used to be viewed as a conservative institution representing freedom in medicine for patients and physicians. It has since been infiltrated by those of the left who look toward government or Collective Man to solve all problems and issues. Its daughter Colleges of the different disciplines or specialties likewise look towards government. For me, when the College of Surgeons lifted the plank from the 2014 Democrat Party’s platform almost word for word to confiscate long guns and made it their own cause, I left the college. Even their own numbers of violence involving guns showed the increasing deaths were due to suicide rather than homicide with the highest rate among 14-year-olds and young veterans. This may actually provide evidence against the use of some psychological medications as well as perpetuating our endless war machine.

The social transformation of medicine has included the referral process of finding patients for doctors and doctors for patients. Whereas this used to be accomplished by word of mouth, the Yellow Pages, and advertisements, now big hospital systems (as well as small hospitals) have a referral hotline for patients to call. The call center then fills in holes in the doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant schedules with no real questions about long-term matching and relationships. It has become big box medicine with patients going through the cattle chutes filling up 15-minute slots with a wallet biopsy at the end.

The smart patient will have to do his own research to find the quality of the health care that he desires. This research is not a one-size-fits-all all, but I will give some ideas to start out with as well as some things to be aware. If I were looking for a physician, I would start at the pharmacy. Unfortunately, the social transformation of American medicine has also included the rounding up of mom-and-pop pharmacies into big box pharmacies. These played critical roles in the COVID-19 conspiracy, which they happily played because the bottom line is more important than patient health. In any case, I would find a small, unaffiliated pharmacy that provided Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and zinc to their patients during the pandemic. The pharmacist will know the physicians who prescribed these medications. Likewise, you may find a pharmacist at the big box pharmacies who know these physicians either because they personally have similar beliefs or because they despise them because of political and commercial reasons.

Next, I would request the names of local members of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). This Association is the conservative group that is against what I call the Nazi-ization of American medicine. Consider joining as non-professionals or patients for free. See:

In this socialization of medicine, the government via Medicare and Medicaid has reduced reimbursement for services for individual healthcare practitioners and increased payments for hospitals such that most practitioners have become employees of hospitals. Thus, the next step is to vet the hospital with which the practitioner is associated with. Did this hospital fire healthy unvaxxed workers at the climax of the pandemic when these workers were needed most? (Irrational Medicine) Are these hospitals still demanding patients and employees to wear masks, despite no pandemic or epidemic, and despite the recent Cochrane report clearly demonstrating that they have no effect or may actually cause a 1% increase in viral disease. But we knew this over 15 years ago because we already paid for that data. The waste of our tax and insurance monies will never stop in this worldview.

These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head. Those who study the Scriptures see what is coming and prepare. The Covid-19 Plandemic was just Daniel Chapter 1 repeated again but just on a grander scale. We are at war even if those around us refuse to acknowledge it. What we see in the world today is just the physical manifestation of a great spiritual warfare. If you can find a physician or practitioner, pharmacist, natural health practitioner, and a herbalist that share your values, then you and your tribe will be well set on this war front. I admit I am biased, but the bottom line is that you want those on your healthcare team to be called and commissioned by God and who view you as invaluable and made in the image of Him and not by the Humanist god of the Collectivist State that sees you as an expendable source of tax revenue or liability otherwise both known as a slave.