Recipe of the Week: Pot Roast of Veal or Pork

The following Dutch Oven or Stock Pot recipe is adapted from The Scout’s Cookbook, published in England in 1959. In England, a Stock Pot is commonly called a “Billycan” or “Billy”.

This roast recipe can be cooked on a stovetop, or over an open fire, if you are careful.  A large Dutch Oven or Stock Pot with a lid is required.

You’ll need about 2½ lb. of loin of veal or pork (or if you’re partial to beef about 3 lb. of topside which you must ask the butcher to roll for you).

1. Put a knob of fat into your big billy and melt it.
2. Put the meat in this for a few minute
s to brown it and then pour the fat away and take out the meat.
3. Put in your desired chopped vegetables – such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips
and half cover them with water.
4. Now add the meat which will “sit” on the vege
tables and cook slowly, covered with a lid, for about 2 hours. The meat should then be fully cooked.
5. Have a hot dish or plates on which to put the
meat and vegetables before serving, and while you make the gravy by adding a little Bovril or Marmite to the liquid in the billy.

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