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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, a special examination of pending gun ownership restriction legislation at the State and Federal levels.

House Democrats are Fast-Tracking Gun Legislation

CNBC: House Democrats look to pass gun control legislation by early June.

Rep. Scalise: Red Flag Laws Are ‘Unconstitutional’

Over at the Townhall web site: Representative Steve Scalise: Red Flag Laws Are ‘Unconstitutional’. JWR’s Comment: Since Scalise just barely recovered from the bullet wounds of a politically-motivated attack by a mentally unstable man in 2017, I believe that when he urges legislative restraint, he is particularly well-qualified. For him to issue this warning to his fellow congressmen says a lot. His counterparts on the Democrat side of the aisle should listen to him, dispassionately.  Please mention Scalise’s stance on Red Flag/ERPO laws when you contact other congress members.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Calls Out Red Flag Law Proponents

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Matt Gaetz Drops the Mic!

House Panel Advances Gun Bill After Recent Mass Shootings

From U.S. News & World Reports: House Panel Advances Gun Bill After Recent Mass Shootings.

N.Y. Democrats Ramrod Multiple Anti-Gun Bills

The NRA-ILA reports: New York: Gun Control Package Passed By Albany Democrats.

Republicans Team Up with Dems to Pass Gun Laws

Rep. Toomey sells out, again! Republicans Team Up with Democrats to Pass Gun Control Laws.

U.S. Senate: Bipartisan Gun Measure ‘Close’

At The New York Post: Bipartisan gun measure ‘close’ but won’t include assault weapons ban: senator.

Backdoor Registration Bill On Senate Calendar

The backdoor registration (“Universal Background Checks”) bill — already passed in the House — has been placed on the U.S. Senate calendar.  This bill would outlaw private party intrastate sales of used guns and destroy gun shows as we now know them, in most states. Please contact your State’s two U.S. Senators and remind them that this bill is a gross overreach of the Interstate Commerce Clause. Intrastate commerce is not interstate commerce!

Governor Carney, General Assembly Members Push Gun Laws

And in Delaware: Governor Carney, Members of the General Assembly Announce Gun Safety Package.

Newsom, Lawmakers Vow to Speed Up Gun Control Bills

In California: Newsom, lawmakers vow to speed up gun control bills after Texas school shooting.

Democrats Roll Out Universal Background Checks Trope

NPR (National Pravda Radio) had this report: Week in politics: Revived debate on guns; Universal background checks; Primary races.

North Carolina: Gov. Cooper Calls for Gun Ban

Another from the NRA-ILA: North Carolina: Gov. Cooper Calls for Gun Ban.

Manchin Says He’s Open to AR-15 Ban

Video, at Politico: Manchin says he’s open to AR-15 ban and raising age to buy guns.

Trudeau’s “Freeze”: Canada Handgun Sales Soar

Canada handgun sales soar after Trudeau proposes freeze. Here is a quote:

“Several gun stores in British Columbia province saw lines out the door within hours of the liberal leader’s declaration on Monday. Other shops across Canada said they sold out within days.

“Sales have been brisk,” said Jen Lavigne, co-owner of That Hunting Store in a strip mall on the outskirts of the capital Ottawa, nestled between a barbershop, a Chinese buffet restaurant, and a conservative lawmaker’s constituency office.

“We sold 100 handguns, or almost our entire stock, in the last three days, since the prime minister announced the freeze,” she said, showing off her nearly empty handgun cabinet.”

Democratic Rep. Introduces 1,000% Gun Tax Bill

Democratic congressman proposes 1,000% tax on certain firearms.

Democratic Rep. Threatens Court-Packing, Ending Senate Filibuster

The Washington Times had this report: Mondaire Jones threatens court-packing, eliminating Senate filibuster to get tough new gun laws. A quote from Jones:

“‘You will not stop us from advancing the Protecting Our Kids Act today. You will not stop us from passing it in the House next week, and you will not stop us there. If the [Senate] filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand it.'”

Matthew McConaughey Drafted By White House, For Drama

At Fox News: Matthew McConaughey pleads for responsible gun ownership in emotional White House press briefing.

Texans Wrangle at House Gun Hearings

Partisan tensions flare among Texans in congressional gun hearing.

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