Signs Of The Times – Part 3, by St. Funogas

(Continued from Part 2.)

False Flag Events

Do an honest study of American false flag events beginning with the Lusitania, the Maine, Operation Dirty Trick, and blowing up one of our own warships in Guantanamo Bay to discredit Cuba in order to manipulate the public into backing a war against them. Most importantly read the 15-page Operation Northwoods document. The Lusitania and Maine operations had the primary purpose of benefitting larger corporations and wealthy individuals in the case of the Maine, to steal land from others for the purpose of empire expansion. I’ll give the Joint Chiefs the benefit of the doubt on their proposed Cuban false flags and say that they may have honestly felt they were necessary even though hindsight shows they weren’t. But it doesn’t change the facts: US false flag attacks are part of standard government procedure. They use our emotions against us to dupe us into changing our resistance into acceptance of going along with their plans which never actually benefit We the People.

Cui bono? Who benefits? – When trying to narrow down a list of suspects, detectives ask, “Cui bono? Who benefits?” Who did the sinking of the Lusitania benefit? JP Morgan and other large banks who held millions of dollars in British bonds which would become worthless if Britain lost WW I. JP Morgan and other banks made billions of dollars from war profiteering once the US did enter the war. We the People benefited nothing and our boys again became cannon fodder for the wealthy. Who did the Maine benefit? Those in government and various billionaires who wanted all of Spain’s possessions and territories including Puerto Rico, Guam, and most importantly the Philippines. Guam was necessary to island hop our way across the Pacific to overthrow the Japanese Empire when the time came. The Philippines (who had “The United States of America” on their coins until 1945) provided a large enough landmass to construct large military bases within striking distance of Japan. We the People gained nothing from the Spanish American War but again, our boys gave their lives for the wealthy who wanted to expand the American Empire across the Pacific for their own personal greed and benefit, not ours. We overthrew the peaceful kingdom of Hawaii a few years before the Spanish American War for the same purpose of island hopping our way to Japan and using our Hawaiian military bases to move the American fleet 2,500 miles closer to Asia.

The Operation Northwoods document was surprisingly released in un-redacted form in 1991 with some of the JFK assassination documents. This document presents a clear view of what lengths the US government will go to deceive the American people. It’s instructive on some of the methods they use to accomplish it and some of them are downright brilliant. Every American should read it. I’ve never come to a final conclusion on the events of 9/11 because both sides present have good arguments, but many of the Northwoods plans are eerily similar to what happened 9/11. They’re a real eye-opener and explain why we should never accept “evidence” at face value. The idea that the Pentagon on 9/11 was hit by a cruise missile disguised as an airliner begins to be much more credible when you read Operation Northwoods where similar deceptions are described, including orchestrating violent “terrorist” attacks in some of America’s major cities, shooting down airplanes, and manufacturing false evidence. Had the US decided to blow up one of our own warships in Guantanamo Harbor as Operation Northwoods suggested, 99.9% of Americans would have been shocked at the news and screaming to go to war. And yet, it would have been 100% deception by our own “leaders.” Luckily for us they were never carried out. But it doesn’t change the facts: our government has no qualms about lying to us to manipulate public opinion.

SIOP-62 and the Cuban Missile Crisis — Would We the People have benefited from Operation Northwoods? Why was our government planning on deceiving We the People so we’d get behind them even though the government knew it meant the possibility of nuclear war? The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in October of 1962 and earlier that year in response to the 1961 Berlin Crisis, a US plan known as SIOP-62 attempted to predict the results of a nuclear war in the event the tensions in East Germany got out of hand. SIOP-62 wasn’t a plan to take action, merely hypothetical ponderings, but the number of worldwide deaths resulting from a nuclear war were considered to be fairly accurate: 335 million in the USSR and China within the first 72 hours. We can safely assume tens of millions of Americans would also die from retaliatory strikes and nuclear fallout. Interestingly as a side note to preppers, SIOP-62 also estimated that of the resulting 37% of casualties, most would eventually die due to the breakdown of society.

The bottom line is, the predicted results of nuclear war in SIOP-62 were very real and foremost in the minds of the Joint Chiefs and higher ups in government, yet they willingly moved us ever closer to the Cuban Missile Crisis even with the prospect of nuclear war.

US Instigated the Cuban Missile Crisis — How many American’s know the US instigated the Cuban Missile Crisis by putting nuclear missiles on Russia’s border in Turkey? Russia responded to the threat by telling the US if they didn’t remove their missiles they’d retaliate by putting missiles in Cuba. We were the aggressors, not Russia. There never would have been a Cuban Missile Crisis in the first place had we played fair and agreed to Russia’s legitimate request to remove our missiles from their border. Instead of quietly backing down and removing our missiles, our “leaders” chose to risk nuclear war with Russia instead, a war they knew would kill hundreds of millions of people across the globe, including Americans. The propaganda and lack of transparency by our own government quickly led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Had any of the potential false flag events been put into action, the American population, blindly unaware of what was happening behind the scenes, would have been chomping at the bit to go to war.

Who benefits from these Cuban Missile type crises and in 2022, NATO’s breaking the Minsk agreements? You and I? The military industrial complex (MIC)? The PTB? (For those unaware, the MIC doesn’t refer to the military or our servicemen, only those corporations who operate the industries who supply the military. Those who General/President Eisenhower warned had “undue influence” over Congress.)

Our dedicated servicemen — If you can read the history of American soldiers on Tarawa without having to hold back the tears, or watch the D-Day depiction in Saving Private Ryan without getting choked up, let me know. If you can read the WW II submarine adventures in Thunder Below, and its German equivalent Iron Coffins, without getting goosebumps and admiring their ingenuity and tactical skills, let me know. If there’s a person among us who wouldn’t enjoy the camaraderie and sense of brotherhood that vets of all nations feel towards their comrades in arms, let us all know.

People wonder how I can enjoy reading as many military history books as I have and admiring the dedication of servicemen as I do, and yet be so adamantly anti-war. I’m that way because unlike most, I’ve read both sides of the story. I can admire servicemen and vets but when I read of the political maneuvering, the manipulations of billionaires and lobbyists, and all the downright lies and dishonest immoral things they do to carry out their plans by using unsuspecting servicemen as pawns, it pi$$es me off to no end. Servicemen would gladly lay down their lives for their country without even being aware of the real reasons why their government bows down to the PTB who only care about using servicemen as cannon fodder. To quote Secretary of State Kissinger, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Reading the true behind-the-scenes political history, not the versions the victors write after the treaties are signed, makes me irate. Reading the documents they hide from us under the excuse of “national security” when they’re finally released 50 years later, will convince anyone who dares to go wherever the truth leads, that Kissinger’s assessment of servicemen and We the People is to be taken seriously. And yet we ignore it all to our own detriment. Someone please explain to me why the government is still refusing to release 50,000 documents related to the JFK assassination, still hiding behind “national security” even though the events transpired 60 years ago.

WW III and Nuclear War

So what does all of this have to do with anything?

WHY those false flags events happened or were planned but not carried out, is not as important as realizing that they DO happen, all too frequently, so why would anything this time around with Ukraine be any different? Are the sanctions really about getting Russia to back down or something else? Is it worth risking WW III over a country under attack which 93% of We the People can’t even locate on a map? Is it worth WW III when the thought of nuclear weapons being used is a real possibility?

Based on how we’ve gotten into all other wars in our history it’s a 90+% probability that if we get into WW III it will be over a false flag event used to manipulate We the People to rally behind their plans to march us all off to war. What we learn from the Cuban Missile Crisis is that even knowing that a nuclear war would kill hundreds of millions of people, our government still stubbornly refused to remove our missiles from Turkey and took us all within a hair’s breadth of nuclear Armageddon.

I believe the possibility of the US government getting us into WW III is fairly certain at this stage of the game. Forty countries now shipping arms to Ukraine won’t be tolerated by Putin for too long. We’re about to find out if the suppositions in The Fourth Turning are just confirmation bias or if the patterns identified are truly meaningful.

The most important question of all — Everything I’ve mentioned so far leads me up to the biggest question of all about the Ukraine/Russia war: if the West gets too involved and Putin gets his back up against the wall, is it possible he could push the Big Red Button? If WW III erupts and moves onto Russian soil, and eventually appears almost certain they’re about to get their butts kicked and their country annihilated, does anyone doubt Putin would push the Red Button? Russians are just as proud as Americans and both of us would do whatever it takes to ensure our continuance.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 4.)