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Precious Metals:

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Bubba Horwitz: Gold and silver continue to torture traders.

Economy & Finance:

China’s Property Sector Is Crashing Again And This Time It Has Reached The Country’s Biggest Developer. JWR’s Comments: This is still just the early phase of the Chinese debt crisis. By the time these huge malinvestments are worked out, I can foresee that they will have profound global effects on credit markets, the construction industry, construction-related commodities, the housing markets in many nations, and perhaps even national currencies.  I will post some further comments about this debt crisis, on Monday.

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CNN Business reports: Another big Chinese real estate developer might need to sell off property.

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Top 20 hedge funds earned USD65.4bn for investors in 2021, says LCH.

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At Wolf Street: The Fed’s Huge Income Statement for 2021 Is Out: Where its Revenues Came from and Where They Went.


Video interview: Goldman’s Currie Says Commodities Are Best Place to Be Right Now.

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OilPrice News reports: Goldman Sachs Sees $105 Oil In 2023.  The article begins:

“Oil prices could hit $100 this year and rise to $105 per barrel in 2023, on the back of a ”surprisingly large deficit’ on the oil market now due to the much milder and potentially briefer impact of Omicron on oil demand, Goldman Sachs says.

‘Importantly, we are not forecasting Brent trading above $100/bbl on an argument of running out of oil as the shale resources is still large and elastic,” Goldman Sachs strategists including Damien Courvalin and Jeff Currie wrote in a note to clients dated Monday…”

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Volatility in dry bulk freight set to continue into the new year: 2022 preview.

Inflation Watch:

NAA Inflation Tracker: January 2022.

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Inflation is driving up car prices. Six tips for buying in 2022.

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Russian Inflation Accelerates in January Despite Rate Hikes.

Forex & Cryptos:

At Currency Thoughts: Equities Selling Off Further.

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Exclusive-Turkish bank employees compelled to boost lira-defence scheme – sources.

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Here it comes: The Fed may create a US digital currency and wants your input.

o  o  o Restores Withdrawals After Reportedly Losing $15m To Hackers.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin: What does 2022 hold for cryptos?

Tangibles Investing:

One often-overlooked category of tangible investments is surplus military vehicles. There are some pitfalls, but there are also some substantial profits to be made with heavy metal.

This company in England has an unusual inventory: Mortar Investments.

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I’ve done business with Dave Uhrig. He brokers the sale some amazing military vehicles. (I bought my Ferret Mark 4 up-armored scout car through Dave.)

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Bill Peaslee operates, in New Jersey.

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Cold War Remarketing has an interesting inventory. They have mostly specialized in Pinzgauers and Unimogs.


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