The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“In urban America today, there exists an entire class of mayors and council members who believe they can control thieves, muggers, rapists, and murderers by surrendering to them. Truth be told, some of these politicians are only concerned about their careers and couldn’t care less about the real victims of these crimes and the productive, tax-paying residents who are forced to live in these violent hellholes. Regardless of their meaningless rhetoric, they are obviously not alarmed as their cities crumble and their policies make it impossible for law-abiding residents to live in peace. As their stupidity and weakness continues to damage our economy and create dangerous, unlivable urban areas, an increasing number of productive citizens will leave our major cities. The United States of America is living through such a demographic trend today. People are fleeing cities and states led by left-wing Democrats and moving to areas controlled by pro-business and tough-on-crime Republicans.” – Jeff Crouere, Canada Free Press (A hat tip to Patrice Lewis for the quote link.)