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We’ll start out today’s column with this:  Pompeo Says ‘Collapse From Within Is Possible’ In Dark Vision Of Nation’s Potential Future. (Thanks to Reader A.K. for the link.)

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Avalanche Lily pointed me to a brief “must read” essay, over at NC Renegades: Bad Things Are Coming! Nothing Is Going To Stop It Now!

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In a recent two-part article on cordage, J.M. wrote: “When I’m traveling and staying in hotels or working in multi-story office buildings I wanted something I can use to safely climb or rappel in case I get trapped in a fire, earthquake, etc., so in those situations I carry 100’ of 1500lb. Kevlar line, which has extremely high heat resistance.”

This prompted reader PNG to send this query:

“I’d be very curious to know how what additional equipment he uses to climb or rappel on that stuff. At 3mm or less in diameter, it’s incompatible with normal descenders and belay devices, you can’t grip it, and if you tried to get some friction for rappelling by wrapping half a turn around your back like in the old days, it would make every effort to cut you in half.

Structural firefighters carry escape kits with 7mm to 8mm aramid ropes (Kevlar or Technora) and suitable anchors, descenders, and carabiners. These kits usually have only 50’ of rope to keep them to a moderate size. If J.M. knows something that these professionals don’t know, I’m sure they’d love to hear about it as much as I would.”

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New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse.

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Reader C.B. forwarded this piece that might explain some AWOL Bees: Study shows common insecticide is harmful in any amount.

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Shirley suggested this essay by Brandon Smith: Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

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Ready To Blow: Map reveals where WW3 could break out in 2021 as experts warn about next big frontier of warfare.

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Reader D.S. recommended this: Heads Up, Senate Votes to Advance Unwritten Infrastructure Bill as Biden Hints HR-3684 Will Include Amnesty in Reconciliation ProcessJWR’s Comment: To call the Senate  “corrupt” “broken” is putting it mildly. I expect to see a horse appointed to the Senate, any day now…

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SaraSue sent us this update on her recent move:

“On Day 7 of being in the new farmhouse, the well seemed to fail.  I called the well driller whose name was on the pump and they couldn’t get out that day.  I drove quickly down to the Piggly Wiggly (small chain local grocer) and grabbed as much bottled water as I could, to add to what I already had (“Preparedness” says you *always* have extra water on hand, as well as alternative ways of keeping clean and sanitizing – so I was prepared, but wanted more “insurance”).  I rebuked Satan in the Name of Jesus, as is my custom when things seem to go haywire.

Apparently, according to the well driller, there are known issues with this property’s wells.  I couldn’t get a well inspection before closing escrow on the property because all the well companies were too busy.  But, I guess they’ll fit you in if it’s an emergency.  I had been trying to get my hands on the well information, but the city nor county keep records, and the well driller had been too busy to help me.  Long story short, both my wells are problematic. 1 is low producing and the other is full of sulphur.  The sulphuric well water can be treated and filtered, IF it produces enough water for the house.  They promised to deliver 550 gallons of water today and dump it into the cistern so at least we’d make it for… a week?  But, no one showed up with the water as promised.  There are a couple of good springs nearby that people go fill water jugs at – and the water is good, so we filled as many 5 and 1 gallon buckets/jugs as we could and brought them back to the house to flush toilets with.  I await a complete quote on what can be fixed, and find out what cannot be fixed, and what the next steps are.  I’m praying that the wells can be repaired and/or I can stomach the cost of drilling deeper or whatever the solution becomes.  I’m not destroyed by this because God is in control of my life.  If you are thinking of moving to a rural location, the well is critical, and I knew I was taking a big risk purchasing the home without an in-depth inspection in spite of all my efforts to obtain one.  Prayers appreciated.”

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An LCI Podcast: Ep 233: A Libertarian Christian Reading of Romans 13, with Matthew Bellis.

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Lily suggested this: BIG SOLUTION: Shop with Patriots and Ditch Big Box Stores Now!

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Extreme drought pushes portion of Utah’s Great Salt Lake to lowest levels.

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3AD Scout e-mailed me this report:

“What we did in July:

Worked on the grain bin that I built last year and didn’t like the end result.  Tore the front off, redesigned and built it so it was much easier to access, especially for people who are not so tall.

Finally got back to work on the outdoor pizza/bread oven by starting to lay the brick.  Having a hard time finding refractory mortar in stock locally.  Still shooting for a Labor Day completion date.

Dug holes and cemented 2 6×6 wood post into the ground and hung the pasture gate on the post.  Put electric fence insulators on all the “T” post. Built a stand to hold a spool of fence wire (field phone wire) and to make it easier to deploy.  Pulled two strands of electric fence wire and installed tensioners.  Pounded a grounding rod into the ground and it hit a rock about 4 feet down.  Probably going to have to pound another in.   When we get our calf I’ll install the solar fencer.

Packaged the food we purchased this month plus 20 pounds of beans.  Vacuum sealed some gauze pads and rollers. I had been using a commercial Mylar bag sealer but it is on its last leg.  Saw Bear (from Bear Independent) use a hair straightener to seal his Mylar bags, so I picked one up one at Salvation Army and it works MUCH BETTER!!!

The garden is a bust this year, we should get some hot peppers, sweet corn and sunflower seeds at the very least.  I spent some time pulling weeds in those area.

Getting a little target practice using groundhogs for targets.

Use Rustoleum Rust converter on my hay rake.

We will be doing a second cutting of hay soon and will have way more than needed.  The Amish Neighbor who will be working on our barn rehab had their hay ruined by about 6 days of rain.  I offered him a mix of 1st and 2nd hay since I’ll have more than enough.  Always good to help a neighbor.

Took advantage of the Independence Day  sale at Ollies discount store.  They do a 15% off everything in their store.  So I picked up 20 rolls of sterile gauze for .68 cents per roll.  Tractor supply was offering 18 month free financing on trailer purchases.  After our first haying experience we talked about a trailer to help haul additional hay out of the field but that we also needed a trailer for other tasks as well. So we picked up a 5.5’x10’ trailer with a wood deck.  Bought 160 bricks for the pizza oven and while I was at Lowes I picked up additional 1,000 4” zip ties, to replace and add to the 300 I used on Independence Day for the fireworks display.  I also purchased 1/2” and 3/4” metal pipe hangers to replace ones used from our on-hand stocks.  Added 5 pounds of 8×2” exterior deck screws.

I bought some different types of blacksmithing hammers at an on-line auction, as well as 21 boxes of trioxane military fuel tabs, 3 sets of Coleman lantern mantles, cigar box full of new screws and other hardware, a bunch of punches, chisels, box of new spark plugs (many for small engines).  Picked up a pair of woodland camo BDU pants, a Wilson Leather daypack, a nice stethoscope, a 4-mug hook, a metal wine bottle rack, a new, in the box, kit containing a bowl, flour sifter, measuring spoons, measuring cups and a whisk that were all stainless steel at the Salvation Army.  I use wine racks in the barn to hold spray cans of oil, lubes, and other fluids.  This new rack I used to hold propane and MAP gas cylinder for my torch.  Made a trip to harbor freight and tools to pick up Alumiweld sticks, a 25’ roll of 240 grit sandpaper, a 25’ roll of 80 grit, 200 5” zip ties, and some heavier duty wire brushes.  Stopped in at the local farmer’s Coop for a Fence tensioner handle and they had Sandavik (made in Sweden) bow saw blades on clearance (60% off) so I got two 24” blades and three 30” blades for $1.52 each.  They also had 12” hacksaw blades (made in America) for 50 cents each so I picked up 3 packs.   Purchased 300 pounds of feed for the chickens. Food purchases included 15 pounds of oat meal, 35 pounds of macaroni, and 50 pounds of salt.”

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And lastly, reader C.B. sent this item: South Dakota producers reap rewards of cover crops.

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