The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“’Runner’s World‘, like many magazines, has become a print chatroom for disenfranchised women, minorities, and men so feminized they are practically lactating. Every article portrays runners as victims of oppression, racism, and sexism thanks to white guys like me. You may be sporting $250 running shoes while sipping $10 lattes and talking on your $1000 smart phone all financed with student loans, but you are still a victim of evil capitalism. The woke movement infecting America is more dangerous than the CCP virus because rather than being aerosolized in respiratory secretions, it is spread by thought. Social justice authors could be thousands of miles from your living room but if you read their writings and suffer the comorbidities of being spineless or college indoctrinated, you will become infected. America is being killed by a disease for which there is no shot, plus it is resistant to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Grow a spine and reject the Marxist woke movement on every front, in every form and at every opportunity” –  Montana State Representative Dr. Kratyon Kerns, DVM