PACE-BB: Distribute Your Guns

It is clear that we are living in perilous times.  I’ve often referred to our present era with the phrase:  We Are Living In The Age Of Deception and Betrayal. (WALITAODAB.) Now that the Democrats are again ruling Washington, so-called “gun control” measures are going to be coming at us at a gallop. So it is wise to complete your firearms battery soon.  For now, private party sales are still legal in about 34 of the 50 States. So stock up, before we have a nationwide  “Universal Background Checks” law. The purpose of this essay is to underscore the importance of distributing your firearms into several discreet and discrete safe storage locations. This is not the time to keep all of your proverbial eggs in one basket. WALITAODAB!

The U.S. military is famous for its use of acronyms. You might say they speak an English dialect called Acronese. One acronym popular with military communications planners is PACE. That stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency. For your distributed firearms storage locales, I suggest something along those lines.  I use a variant of this acronym: PACE-BB. I’ll explain that in detail.

But first, let me remind you that you need to record the serial numbers and detailed descriptions of your guns, for insurance and/or theft-reporting purposes.  I recommend using 3″x5″ cards for this — one card per gun. That way you can simply shred or burn cards whenever one legitimately leaves your collection. And if you ever lose a gun to a burglar, you certainly don’t want to hand authorities your full list of guns.

I do not recommend any electronic cataloging unless you have a fully air-gapped (not Internet-connected) tablet or laptop. But most people don’t have the self-discipline to resist connecting such a device, so it is best that you stick to just using 3″x5″ cards. Those cards should be hidden in the home of trusted relative who is not a likely target of gun confiscation.  (Read: Granny’s house.)

Also, consider that any gun that is not inspected frequently needs or be heavily oiled or greased, and stored in a sealed container with a large packet of silica gel desiccant. Or, if stored in a wall panel or in a small hidden room, with an electric dehumidifying rod, such as a Golden Rod.

The PACE-BB Strategy

Here is my description of how to pursue a PACE-BB firearms/optics/ammunition/precious metals storage strategy. You will note that the only gun not mentioned in the following list is your primary self-defense pistol. That should be close at hand, at all times.  And depending on your circumstances, you might want to have a defensive rifle or shotgun close at hand, as well.

Primary Storage

This is your primary battery of your most capable self-defense and hunting guns. This set of guns should be kept very well hidden (architecturally), but fairly quickly accessible in your home. I’ve linked to dozens of YouTube videos that describe the construction and camouflage of such hiding places. We’ve also had several good articles in SurvivalBlog, such as this one. Even an interior hollowcore door cache can hold a surprising amount. Just put “cache” in the SurvivalBlog search box, and you will learn a lot.

Examples of the items stored here would include:

  • Your 7.62mm NATO battle rifle — such as an AR-10, HK91, FN-FAL, or SCAR-17.
  • Your primary fighting shotgun. (Such as a Saiga-12 or a Benelli.)
  • Your secondary carry pistol.
  • Your primary .22 foraging/training rifle.
  • Your primary night vision scope.
  • Your primary scoped hunting/long-range countersniper rifle.
  • Roughly 30% of your precious metals, ammunition, holsters, and magazines.

Alternate/Antique Storage

This is the secondary battery of your less capable self-defense and hunting guns. This set of guns should be also be kept very well hidden (architecturally) – preferably in or beneath an outbuilding, or in the dwelling of a well-trusted relative or friend who lives near you. Examples of the items stored here would include:

  • Your 5.56mm NATO battle rifle — such as an AR-15, HK93, or Mini-14.
  • Your secondary fighting shotgun. (Such as a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500.)
  • Your tertiary carry pistoi.
  • Your secondary .22 foraging/training rifle.
  • Your family heirloom guns.
  • Your secondary night vision scope.
  • Your secondary scoped hunting/long-range countersniper rifle.
  • Your Federally-exempt pre-1899 cartridge guns. (Yes, I sell some, so I’m biased.)
  • Roughly 40% of your precious metals, ammunition, holsters, and magazines.


This set of guns should also be kept completely offsite, preferably in a waterproof underground cache. Many of my consulting clients have successfully used newly-made heavy duty plastic single-compartment septic tanks with a “man hatch” and an 18″ to 24″ hatch extension.

Examples of the items stored here would include:

  • A secondary 5.56mm NATO battle rifle — such as an AR-15, HK93, or Mini-14.
  • Your quarternary carry pistoi.
  • Your tertiary scoped hunting/long-range countersniper rifle.
  • Roughly 20% of your precious metals, ammunition, holsters, and magazines.

Emergency Storage

This set of guns should also be kept completely offsite or even out of the country preferably in a second waterproof underground cache or perhaps in a private vault. (Not in a FDIC-insured bank safe deposit box!)   This cache could be a small as a buried 20mm milsurp ammo can with triple layer of paint. Examples of the items stored here would include:

  • Your last-ditch backup pistol.
  • Photocopies of your birth certificate, driver’s license, and passport.
  • Roughly 10% of your precious metals, a few magazines, and a small supply of ammunition.

BB Storage

BB stands for several things: Basic Beater, Burglar Bait, Bureaucrat Bait, and BB gun.) This set of inexpensive guns should be kept in a gun vault that is bolted to a wall and floor in an obvious place in your home, in fairly plain view — such as in the master bedroom closet. This is essentially a sacrificial set of guns that will assuage a larcenous burglar or bureaucrat. Let the miscreants direct their attention and expend their energy on this. Again, WALITAODAB. Let’s face it: If you have any indicators that you are a gun owner, then you cannot keep ALL of your guns well-hidden in your walls, or the burglars or bureaucrats will take the time to tear your house apart, looking for them. In this “BB” safe you can store a few “low-end” guns and a small amount of ammunition. Examples of the items stored here would include:

  • An older single-shot shotgun.
  • An inexpensive well-worn lever-action (such as a Winchester or Marlin .30-30.)
  • A used Kel-Tec pistol
  • A used high-power .177pellet/BB gun, such as a Daisy Model 880 or 881.

Note: If you’ve ever bought large quantities of ammunition by mail order, with a credit card, or otherwise “with a paper trail”, then you should have at least one inexpensive gun in that same caliber in your “BB” safe.  For 5.56mm, look for a Kel-Tec 5.56 SUB-16 or RDB. And for .308/7.62mm NATO, look for an older .308 bolt action rifle.

Your Mileage May Vary

The foregoing is just my general advice. Your personal circumstances, house design, budget, and preferences will probably vary considerably. But regardless of what you decide, just be sure to somehow distribute your gun collection in a variety of places. Again, please consider: WALITAODAB. This is not the time to keep all of your proverbial eggs in one basket! – JWR


  1. Mr. Rawles, thanks for a great article. What are your recommendations for oils and greases for long term storage? What are your recommendations for solvents to cleanse them of that layer when ready for use?

    1. S..P,

      Back when I was a Weapons Petty Officer, I found Barricade from Birchwood Casey to work the best. We had 240B machineguns mounted on the bow of 25 foot patrol boats that were exposed to salt water and spray for days at a time between cleanings. Rust was a constant problem. I was lucky enough to be sent to SHOT Show by my unit, and returned with, or had shipped to the unit, what seemed to be every firearm cleaning and preservative made. We tested everything, and the Barricade was hands down the best, and rust was never a problem for us again. Other units adopted it after they saw the results. I still use it today on guns and tools. (Disclaimer; this was 10 years ago, there may be better products out now.)


        1. Sikki, my father snagged an Arisaka rifle after he was wounded at Guadalcanal in Oct, 1942. When he got home in 1945, he packed it in cosmoline, which preserved it until he passed the Type 99 rifle to me several years ago. The rifle and barrel are perfect.
          Point being, the cosmoline worked as advertised.

    2. I’ve been using Z-Corr storage and preservation bags for many years with great success. They release a rust inhibiting material that keeps the metal from corroding and firearms can be stored dry and ready for use without worry. Available online everywhere.

    3. I keep my rusty truck from further rust by painting the rusted area with used gear oil.
      I am considering filling 4 ” PVC pipe with motor oil and submersing the action and barrel in clean oil and capping the ends. Water can’t get in, and oil can’t get out. 6” PVC is expensive, but could be an option for those who can afford it. The wood would preserved with a coating of linseed oil, and stored in another tube with desiccant. I may also use large truck tire inner tubes.

  2. Excellent advice. Can some readers in leo and millitary describe how searches of residence are conducted. I expect metal detectors, to find the metallic junk covering your stash. Do they x-ray a house? Often the best hiding places are in plain sight disguised. Due to my mail order trail, I expect a knock on the door. How many boating accidents can I have been in? Widely distribute the items, as I suspect they will be busy. They want to go home each night too. All of my neighbors are scattered in the area with their deer rifles sighted in.
    The last thing in my safe is connected to some wires….. I have gotten a lot of good ideas out of your books and this blog. Thanks.
    I think they may already have a nameplate over a bed in the fema camp for me, I will never need!

      1. K-9’s have amazing noses, but they must be trained and so must the handler. There is just not enough of them, and they would have to search many acres of land. They are looking for an easy bust, not a protracted search. They might bust up a house looking, but that is also their way of punishing those they are investigating/harassing.

        I believe if I fill a Pvc pipe with clean oil of any kind, and put a barreled action in the oil and cap the ends, there is no way a dog could detect gun powder residue through all that. The stock goes in a separate tube. Same could be done with a hand gun. Of course ammunition is not stored in oil. I would glue the caps on. The only way to open these pipes, however, is with a saw of some kind. Pvc is very tough stuff. There are other ways to get it done…this is for long term storage that is difficult to access.

        1. “are looking for an easy bust, not a protracted search”

          you’re projecting the present into the future. 1) if all the gun owners are burying their guns they’ll have all the time they need to search as long as it takes. and they will. 2) they’ll make the search unpleasant for you, for example by kicking you out of your house until they are through, and they’ll be under no time constraint to finish. 3) you won’t have rights – if they really suspect you, they’ll just arrest you and put you in prison and be done with it. etc.

          1. In a past life, I use to take part in searches. There is not enough of them, and there are too many of us. If you live in Montana, and they are going door to door, it will not be long before there will be even fewer of them than us. This would only happen if an overwhelming force occupied the region. They cross the line when they come for the guns and it would take a military organization years and years to get it done, if it could be done. And it cannot. In Montana, even the liberals have guns. Around here, you would be the exception, and not the rule, if you do not have a gun. In Montana, the average house hold has 19 firearms. I am sorry if you do not live in the right neighborhood. Leave now.

            Even if they had a force large enough, any search would be focused on box fed semi autos, but they would take anything that looks like a gun. I am not too concerned about searches in distant future, because then we are dealing with a different situation, but there are many other reasons to have equipment and supplies elsewhere. Searches of particular and targeted persons in the near term, before CW2 breaks out, is likely. That is a different game. I could be at the top of the list, but likely I am not the first on their list. Fortunately I am a relative nobody, just a poor fat broken down old man who can still type, not a part of any organization, not a combat vet, and they would not get much, and my neighbors might open fire if they showed up. Cops in Montana are just not going into such a situation. There is safety in numbers. The juice is simply not be worth the squeeze(risk). My neighbors are actually more a threat to them than myself. I hear weapon fire around here regularly, despite the high cost of ammo these days. In many cases, the Sheriff will not drive up the drive way without calling ahead first asking for permission. They are not stupid, and fear us. If the local law does not have the will and man power to do the dirty work for the federal government, then it ain’t going to happen until there is an occupying military force, and even if there is, there are just too many deer rifles around here. An occupying force could be large or small, and they will have drones just like our local do nothing local Police, but they cannot see through trees, and deal those who know the long rang game. There are just too many deer rifles out here to deal with. A magnum rifle that can be zeroed at 400 yards, and launch a light bullet at 3,400fps, could punch through bullet proof vests several hundred yards out. The common deer rifle would be more of a threat than a semi auto, and that is what the hunters around here know best, and will reach for first. Certainly a team, or a single sniper at and beyond 300 yards would be too much to deal with. Most people not from here, can not shoot past 200 accurately. If they are smart, they will cut this region off and starve us out, or try.

            However, if I might for an unforeseeable reason, have to leave in a hurry, and cannot take it all with me, that is okay, because for years, I have not had my eggs in one basket, including larder. However, I could lose everything at one location due to fire or raiding neighbors, yet be just fine. If they burn us out, we should also have an ability to move our stuff as well. If you live, even in a red city in a red state, they will use the city as cover for their operation. The mindset in the cities is very different than in Montana. You could be alone in a crowded city. Here, the natives are looking for a fight, and will hold their ground to the end. They ain’t going nowhere.

            If you are high profile, then get off the ‘X’, and become a sheepherder in Wyoming when the time comes. Think like SF, have destinations in the cardinal directions, and be prepared to move on short notice, and have a plan to move again once you get there… I am actually more concerned with neighbors who might one day become cannibals with guns than law enforcement. And so should law enforcement. They have no idea what they could be facing. Gun grabbing in the high value cities makes more sense than attempting it out here. We are just not worth the effort right now, but eventually they will come. Fear is Satan’s tool. Get right with God and fear not.

          2. “I use to take part in searches”

            which is why you project from that. I was talking about searches, but if there is any serious large-scale resistance that you menion then the left simply will eliminate the entire region, like they eliminated 1/4 of leningrad and 3 million ukrainians.

          3. I think a day with the ol John Deere 4052 with the post hole digger, a few hundred holes on the acreage, filled back in with a handful of change and a tablespoon of Unique in each will create many hours of spectator glee.

    1. “Can some readers in leo and millitary describe how searches of residence are conducted. I expect metal detectors, to find the metallic junk covering your stash.”

      the kgb would tear the house down to match sticks, then filter through the debris while interrogating all the neighbors, restarting the process with each suspicous neighbor.

      the less methodical method is simply to kill the suspects and burn the house to the ground.

      1. You replied at the end of the thread. This is only way I could respond.

        ant7 said:

        ” “I use to take part in searches”

        which is why you project from that. I was talking about searches, but if there is any serious large-scale resistance that you menion then the left simply will eliminate the entire region, like they eliminated 1/4 of leningrad and 3 million ukrainians.”

        Yes, there will be a strong resistance. They would be better off to nuke us than attempt to subdue us, and they just might. First they will attempt to starve us out. If you are not prepared for the worst, then you are not prepared. Most are not. I would say that less than 1/2 of 1 percent are physically prepared. I know where I fit in. If you see what I see, then you will prepare with both hands.

        I know how searches can go. Unless you have been there, done that, it can be hard to relate. They can become routine. I also know how history is depicted in the movies, and from real life know how fanatical radicals can be. I’m simply not full of the fear that you project. Perhaps you can see that some of us are very aware of the horrors we could face, however, fear can be contagious, and can be destructive. There is holy fear, and then there is irrational and destructive fear that comes over people, and they consumed by it. I’ve seen how it works. We can work though our fears best by getting right with God. Even though I expect that they will indeed attempt to destroy this region, I am prepared for that. I have for decades known that this is the likely outcome, and fear not. How did I know? It is written. I also believe the Lord has given me knowledge, and experience that I would not have known otherwise, and that has put me in the place I am in today. And I am thankful.

        I’ve faced death many times. I’ve been dragged through hell and back already. I’ve been though struggles and pain most cannot imagine, and could not even die even when I tried. Yet the Lord was faithful and delivered me, and many times.
        Fear is destructive, a tool of Satan, and some would needlessly spread it. The antidote to fear, in case you were wondering, is faith. Do not let fear overwhelm you. Those thoughts can be planted there spiritually and torment people until they do very unwise things. Immediately stop and ask the Lord for help. We should however recognize the reality of our situation, and face the hard cold truth. They hate and fear us gun owning Christians, because they also hate and fear the Lord, and so, they will target us because they understand that we can be a powerful force. But they do not understand how the Holy Ghost can guild us and protect us. They will only call us fools. If you are not prepared for the spiritual warfare that is at hand, then you are not prepare at all.

        Thanks for bring up these scenarios. I’d be happy to entertain anything else. Discussing the ugly future ahead, and different perspectives can help others think it through. Hopefully I’ve been helpful in some way.

        1. “the fear that you project”

          pointing out reality is not projecting fear …

          “I’m simply not full of the fear”

          … though some react with fear. anyway reading through a lot of these prepper blogs seems to me many could do with a lot more fear and a lot less bravado and wishful thinking.

          “Immediately stop and ask the Lord for help”

          (shrug) dunno. between “it is vain for you to labor hard, for the lord gives to those he loves even in their sleep” (e.g.) and “work while you can for night is coming” (e.g.) I really don’t get it. which is it? considering the english proverb “trust in god and keep your powder dry” it seems to me that the middle ground most take is effectively to act on the material and simply project an attitude regarding the immaterial.

          “Discussing the ugly future ahead, and different perspectives can help others think it through.”

          my attitude as well – but usually people get mad when you discuss the ugly, they don’t wanna hear about it and ignore it, deprecate it, delete your posts, ban you ….

          1. ant7,

            “Discussing the ugly future ahead, and different perspectives can help others think it through.”

            my attitude as well – but usually people get mad when you discuss the ugly, they don’t wanna hear about it and ignore it, deprecate it, delete your posts, ban you ….

            Confession: I am naive about all the scenarios Tunnel Rabbit and you have been discussing. Your discourse has completely captivated me. I love each of your comments, btw, because I had absolutely no idea of that/each scenario. My eyes have been opened. Thank you for the education.

            I have a favor to ask. Please consider commenting regularly to this blog. You have wisdom to share, and I want to hear what you have to say.

            Thankful you came, Krissy

          2. I’m focused on radio today as it is my article. I do understand your frustration. Denial is a very tricky psychological response to deal with, and then there is the Dunninger-Kruger Effect that causes most to over estimate their capabilities, often, wildly overestimate.

            The two psychological phenomenons could together, doubling the barrier to be breached for them to accurately assess the potential threat, and their actual ability to deal with it. We can bring people along gently, but not with force. Others are lost, and I avoid them, including my family. Here, you are not alone. There is a bell curve in any group. Although I am on an extreme end, my hair is not on fire, and I am business like instead. I am like a pilot who see the ground approaching rapidly, yet remains calm. We might see avoid a crash if we remain calm, and do our jobs.

            The topic du’jour is radio. that is key to an organize a defense, and enabling a community to interact and otherwise conduct business. Given our assumptions about the future, radio communications is greatly underappreciated, and a means that need to rediscovered.

          3. “I had absolutely no idea of that/each scenario”

            if you have time read the gulag archipelago by solzhenitsyn. the same people that ran the soviet union now run the united states and intend the same methods and results.

            “I have a favor to ask. Please consider commenting regularly to this blog”

            (shrug) sure, I’ll try. though two of my previous post names have been banned here, let’s see how long this one lasts.

          4. “Denial is a very tricky psychological response to deal with, and then there is the Dunninger-Kruger Effect that causes most to over estimate their capabilities”

            never heard the term, but seems to me it can be described as simple self-centeredness. many on the right are borderline psychopathic – their universe consists of themselves and they experience “other people” as unnatural violations of their person. they describe themselves as “independent” and “freedom-loving” but really they’re just isolates. many of them describe intense hatred for cops, because cops are outside intrusions they can’t ignore or deal with. many of them have tens of thousands of cartridges of ammo and talk about “one shot one kil” and they’re quite serious and can’t wait to get started.

  3. After the failed ‘fast and furious’ ATF operation the feds raided a property of one of the players near here a while back. They showed up with ground radar, metal detectors, etc. and cleaned him out, including his bank accounts. Off site storage will be the safest.

    1. Establish a pattern of taking walks around the neighborhood which pass near to your caches. Put an unobserved loop or rest stop in, which you can omit when visiting the cache, thus preserving the overall timing.
      Nature watching is a highly recommended pastime, giving a good reasoning for carrying binoculars, having a daysack with you routinely (even if it’s empty normally, use an empty cardboard box inside to give it bulk), and stopping occasionally. If you are asked about, go on about your pastime a little longer than necessary – nothing stops people asking questions faster than boredom with the answers.

  4. Hmm, good article. About off site, my problem is aI have access to two locations. both are 60 miles distance and the buildings ( what is left of them ) are routinely gone though people ( neighbors ? ) looking for what ever. Yes, I’ve have put locks on the buildings several times and every time they have been broken, busted off. so I don’t lock up anything anymore.

  5. Started to post about having a weapon hidden in a well constructed, concealed OP but thought it might be taken the wrong way. Don’t want the thought police twisting my words & using them against me.

    As noted by Cactus Jack, not only might your home be invaded but, also, your assets frozen. Prepare for that accordingly. Having a cache of cash (haha) is not a bad idea.

      1. Got the exact response I was expecting someone to give.

        Just by being on this site alone, much less any comments made, I’m on someone’s radar as are you & everyone else here.

  6. One new post event occupation may be that of quartermaster, especially for those past military age.

    In past conflicts, these Qs would store and deliver items to folks who could not readily have them in proximity, for short term use.

    Qs would need secure communications and some kind of transport to deliver and retrieve items.

    You might want to come up with some kind of funding model, like these self storage facilities.

    Think of it as a public library in some cases of community property, and a private library for folks who have ownership.

    They would need to be careful of tracking devices, especially with items acquired from the opposition, which is well funded and have some excellent items.

    Might want to do something similar for communications and vision devices.

    Now is the time to be setting up these storage facilities, testing comms, and transport.

    Like the article mentions, these facilities would need to be kept small and dispersed.

  7. I encourage anyone concerned about 2A, to write SCOTUS and their States Supreme Court .Be polite and professional and demand they uphold 2A protections. Use our 1A while we still can!

  8. Most of us have, sometimes in the past joked about “boating accidents ” where we have lost all of our guns. My advise is when questioned by authorities is to say nothing other than to refer them to your lawyer. During the recent years-long Trump witch hunt several went to Federal prison, not as the result of any criminal activity, but for inconsistencies in their stories…i.e., lying to the FBI.

    Say nothing.

      1. Yes, and I watched in back then, and shared with my family. I just watched it again because Prof. Duane is a pleasure to listen too!

        Definitely a must see video. Bless you for sharing.

  9. Here we are talking like we live in occupied territory behind enemy lines in the former America. This Orwellian Nightmare happened because we always thought this couldn’t happen in America because we have ‘rights’ and relied on others to do our bidding. We definitely have the government we deserve.

  10. nice ideas, but the author misunderstands what is coming. 1) he presumes he will have rights, and that “authorities” will not launch warrantless searches and seizures. but they will. the left believes that they are the human beings with rights, and that the rest of us are talking animals with no rights – they simply will target without restraint anyone they suspect of not totally obeying them. all your financial economic and phone activities are being mined right now for any data that would indicate suspect activity on your part at any time now or in the past, and the left will act as if you are guilty until you are proven innocent – if they care to listen to any evidence at all. 2) this will include all your relatives and neighbors and associates, whether they have aided you or not.

    1. ant7- i believe you to be correct. I have been “in court” at the federal and state levels and discovered i have no rights. My sworn statements are ignored. Documented evidence of their error(s) are ignored and they don’t even attempt an explanation. The law is ignored when it would prevent them from doing what they want to do. Legal precedent is ignored unless it benefits the system. All is now “administrative” processes carried out behind the scene/in the dark, by those working for the system. They will let you know the result. The result is you lose. I am not bad-mouthing all those working in the system because some of them will back off, so to speak, when given objective proof, but they want to keep their jobs. It is impossible to meet their stated need(s) for anything they will consider reliable as proof that they are in error, or corrupt. We are in deep trouble.

  11. Register as a Demoncrat and put a Biden sign in your yard along with a BLM placard in your window. Nobody will bother you or come snooping around. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

    1. “Register as a Demoncrat”

      that won’t make you a member of the ruling class, who will be the only ones with rights. “the party is the people”, and to them you’re not people.

  12. I am interested as to why a person would attempt to “bury” or in any way conceal your defensive firearms. What is there purpose? Why do you even own them? The second amendment, I am repeatedly told, was included in the constitution to dissuade abuses of the people. If at the moment your liberties are being violated you decide to bury your weapons In the soil that your supposed to be defending, why have them In the first place?

    1. normalcy bias. they think that if they present no visible target that they’ll be untargeted and left alone. they don’t understand that they themselves, not the guns, are the target.

    2. When I wrote “concealed architecturally”, was referring to a hidden panel or hidden room. Many of those can be accessed in just seconds–actually quicker than dialing in the combination of a traditional mechanical home gun vault.

    3. cache is for resupply and to not have all defensive arms in one spot. you have more than one right?

      as TR mentioned what if you get a fire or have to bug out. the VC cache’d all kinda stuff in case they needed to resupply or outfit others.

  13. If you have to hide them, what’s the point? You have already lost them. Like stated above, it is not about your pea shooter, it is about you. Once at your door, you will be taken away, separated from family, thrown in a camp/jail to rot or executed on the spot. In every communist take over, the result is the same. I will not get on their bus. If I lose my life over it, so be it. In the end, I win, He who sealed my eternity guarantees it. Eyes open, no fear.

    1. you are not hiding all you are hiding some, its a back up like having a savings account and cash in a sock. if its such a dumb idea why do Green Berets literally have a manual for such an activity? they did caches in WW2 the resistance

      also if you have all of your gear at home and the above mentioned happens, all your stuff is gone. so even if the gestapo takes you away atleast some arms,ammo andradios are tucked away for your family or compatriots to secure later and fight on .

    1. Exactly. However, if faced with an overwhelming force, and you are prepared correctly, it can be better to retreat to a stronger position, and fight from there, or make the attackers defend your place. Study Sun Tzu. Think Sun Tzu.

      Most important is to get right with God, and learn how to put on the Full Armour of God. The Lord has provided me with strong early warning, and guidance through His Holy Ghost (or Spirit), many times in small and large ways. Listen for it, test it. It is amazing how this works. This is primarily a spiritual war. Fear not those who can take your life, but fear (respect) Him whom can provide salvation. He has provided unusual circumstances, and prepared me for the future in many important ways, mentally, spiritually, and physically that unbelievers cannot fathom. It was not long ago I was cripple in all of these regards. I am stronger now as an old man, than I was 10 years ago. Those who are filled with fear should take it to the Lord.

  14. This is the wrong way to deal with this problem. We must win elections and return to the constitution. We must end all immigration and send everyone back that is not a citizen. The purpose of immigration both legal and illegal was to bring in replacement voters and workers and destroy the middle class. If we don’t solve this using the system the system will destroy us. History is full of examples of what is happening in this country right now and the end result isn’t pretty.

    1. “We must win elections”

      can’t win fraudulent “elections”. and anyway between now and 2022 the left is going to import 20 million more mexicans and “others”, who will all vote (multiple times) for more welfare and less white supremacy. “the system” is captured and coopted and corrupted and turned against you, you can’t solve this using the system.

      1. And you could be right. So stop talking about hiding your guns and go use them. The idea behind hiding then is if everything gets really really bad then you can maybe defend yourself. Sounds like a suicide cult to me. If there is any chance to stop this from getting that bad it must be done now and it most certainly is not hiding your gun in case things get “that” bad. The obvious first choice is to work within the system. Yes our elections are rigged and yes Trump won but the left stole the election but do you seriously think hiding a gun is going to fix this? The 75-80 million people who voted for Trump need to resist and confront their elected politicians. I don’t mean violence or armed and I most certainly do not mean in Washington DC; that is a trap. Talk to your local state politicians insist that they talk to you or that they resign. Talk to your federal politicians too but do not do it in DC. Do it at town halls or their local offices, do it by phone, internet or letter. Sign recall petitions, be vocal, do something besides hiding your gun and then waiting until they outnumber you and come door to door to arrest you.

  15. Just going to ask a general question. I usually only shoot what I build with a few exceptions. I have a .308 SOCOM 16 but was looking into the SCAR 17, more specifically the SCAR 20 in 6.5 for longer range shooting. Does anyone have an opinion about the SCAR 20 or do I just build an AR 10.

    1. A SCAR was purpose built for consumer production. An AR10 and the many variants were not. In saying this, an AR 15 is built from milspec parts like the M16 or M4. An AR10 is not milspec and you run into issues with bolt feed, upper and lower seating, magazine seating and much more. Not saying you can’t buy a complete AR10, you can. (See Brownell’s) It is very expensive. But if you’re thinking of getting a SCAR, price is of no concern anyway. Good luck, and happy hunting.

  16. Pure and simple – it ain’t about the guns. It’s about the courage to face tyranny in the name of Liberty. I was reminded at the top of today’s post that it is the anniversary of Isaac Davis’ birthday – a 29 year old family man, who picked up his musket and bade his wife farewell with, “take care of the children” as he strode out to lead the Acton Militia into action at the North Bridge in Concord on April 19, 1775. He gave his life on that bridge. He gave his life for the Liberty that we are letting slip through our fingers, and have been for quite some time.

    The guns? They are just tools of resistance. If we won’t resist when tyranny seeks to confiscate the tools, then how, and when, are we to resist….ever?

    It is interesting to note that the British soldiers had ventured into the countryside from Boston on that Spring day to accomplish two goals: capture Patriot leaders and confiscate arms and powder that had been amassed by the Patriots. Hmmmm, history may not repeat itself, but the verses rhyme!

    I have prayed that the Lord would let this cup pass from us. Now I pray that Isaac Davis will not have died in vain.

  17. Jim- I need advice! I have a “friend who tries to live their daily life as a grey man, with no bumper stickers, motivational patches, patriotic t-shirts, or other indicators of their political, religious, or societal positions. Sadly, this “friend” lives in a terrible location where rights are merely suggestions, and they may as well have a set of airfield landing lights directing the gubbermint to their door. Over the past few decades, this friend has purchased many dozens of firearms using the BATF-E Form 4473; they have suppressors with tax stamps; they have many thousands of rounds of ammunition in various places which were purchased using debit cards or credit cards at times. They are formerly a law enforcement officer who held numerous records on ranges at various academies and training organizations. They shot competitively for many years and have records of their capabilities and proclivities toward 2A causes. They are a military veteran of nearly 20-years who held TS-SCI clearance in another life (They initially left military service at the same time as JW,R and for precisely the same reason). They have served in direct action in three wars over the past three decades, and have their fingerprints and DNA recorded through the military (for graves registration purposes of course). They currently work in a profession that puts them in sensitive places with sensitive information, related to public safety, and thus have undergone numerous background investigations at local, state, and federal levels.
    This “friend” does not live in a fantasy world where they could ever claim ignorance, insurance loss, or a sudden disdain for guns and ammo. It is just plain silly to pretend that the gubbermint would not quickly and efficiently strip this individual of their possessions without any effort at all.
    JW,R- you come from a similar background with a similar public prominence as this “friend”. What do you recommend they do to squirrel away their guns and ammo, when any ten-year old hacker could discover list upon list within 30-minutes to any variety of federal or state database? Some of us cannot cannot hide who we were and are, even while we are pretending to be something else now.

    Any advice Jim?

    1. “Lets Pretend” – Tell your “friend” to sell his tools to someone that isn’t afraid to use them for their intended purpose. Running and hiding from reality won’t prevent what is coming. Remember that oath your “friend’ took?

  18. This all very concerning because my suppressor request has been in for over eight months. Now they have my name and number. I’ll bet my $200 is returned soon or used to buy Biden a light lunch. So much for my OPSEC. Fifty-two years ago I had one speeding ticket (I was late out of work to go coach a little league game). That’s all. No crimes, no accidents, no fun. I must have looked devious in my photograph.

    But sir, it’s only a .22

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