Living In The Age Of Deception And Betrayal

For the past 12 years, I’ve been telling my readers that we are living in an age of deception and betrayal. My first use of that phrase in SurvivalBlog was In 2008. Here is a brief excerpt from that essay:

“I urge all SurvivalBlog readers to redouble their efforts to keep a low profile in their communities and their presence on the Internet. If the Cold War reemerges with the same intensity as the Cuban Missile Crisis, we may very well soon enter an age of deception and betrayal that could sweep up innocents as well as malefactors. It is both wise and prudent to avoid creating a ‘paper trail’, ‘electronic footprints’, or ‘cookie crumbs’ when acquiring storage food, ammunition, night vision gear, controversial books, and various logistics.”

And in 2013, I wrote:

As I’ve summarized before: We are living in the age of deception and betrayal. Beware. Be politically active. Let your congresscritters feel the heat, so that they will see the light. Be vocal, but do so about the right things. Pray for the wisdom and discernment to know when to remain silent. Don’t become a tool of the statists.

When I posted those essays, I received a few e-mails from folks who felt that I was engaging in hyperbole. Perhaps they were right… Perhaps I issued those warnings prematurely. But now, particularly looking back on just the year 2020, many Americans would agree with my assertion. Just consider how many times we’ve been lied to, and heard changing or conflicting medical “truths”, and how we’ve been virtually shackled by our public officials with arbitrary “lockdowns” since the Wuhan Flu outbreak.

Observe how Big tech censorship has become ubiquitous. And mass surveillance has become even more pervasive. Divisive “red/blue” party politics and weaponized urban mobs are now the norm. Criminals are adulated, while statues of our founding fathers are being torn down. Police agencies back off and watch cities burn.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) is now countermanding long-standing policies, thus threatening to turn millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons, at the stroke of a pen. Yes, indeed: We Are Living In The Age of Deception And Betrayal (WALITAODAB).  I believe that it is now an indisputable truth, so I’ve turned that phrase into an acronym. In the following section, I will outline some key examples of this deception and betrayal in contemporary America:

Deceived By Mass Media

The mass media in our country began first quite subtly, but now blatantly propagandizing the citizenry with a socialist, statist, and globalist agenda. They have twisted facts, mischaracterized events, distorted statistics, slanted history, pushed degeneracy, and smeared anyone who disagrees with their world view. Hollywood moviemakers have consistently sought to normalize perversity, denigrate traditional values, and ridicule traditional parenting. Newspapers, network radio, and network television have not just distorted the news, but  have engaged in sophisticated psychological warfare. They successfully did so by normalizing homosexual perversion, eventually to the point of extending the “right” to have a homosexual “marriage”. Not content with just that, they have now moved the goalposts again, and are attempting to normalize facial tattooing, body piercing, cross-dressing, transgender body mutilation, polygamy, and pederasty.

Most recently, the mass media has attempted to make the most productive and successful middle-class people in society feel guilt over the oppressive behavior of some of their great-great-grandfathers. They shame people for studying hard and having a solid work ethic. They shame us for the fanciful chimera of “white privilege” — which through The Big Lie is nothing more than whitewashing and group shaming, regardless of how individual people actually interact with others. Thus, they transfer the guilt and blame for the bigotry of a handful of people onto more than half of the populace. Ironically, the same people who preached: “Judge people as individuals” now consistently judge the entire majority as deplorably greedy and racist.

The mass media has been masterful in their use of imagery, fictional storylines, symbolism, and foul music lyrics to gradually subvert American society into not just accepting but embracing criminal gang culture, slovenly fashion, graffiti/tagging, crude and blasphemous language, promiscuous sex, abortion, and larcenous behavior. By glamorizing decadence, crime, violence, and perversion they have made three successive generations of Americans emulate the things that their forefathers despised and shunned. WALITAODAB.

Deceived by Banksters And Legislators

As I’m writing this in December of 2020, the national economy is in shambles. Supply chains are breaking. The Federal budget deficit is ballooning alarmingly. The National Debt is now nearly $25 Trillion. And the Federal Reserve’s “market intervention” increased $10.275 trillion In nine months. But going back much further, since 1913, the United States has had fractional reserve banking and the issuance of fiat (unbacked) currency. And since the 1960s we’ve carried worthless tokens in our pockets rather than real silver coins.

The U.S. Congress has been thoroughly co-opted into socialism. Both the Democrat and Repbulican leadership are socialist. The only difference is that one party is in more of a hurry than the other. The incoming presidential administration will probably get concurrence from congress on their promises of billions of taxpayer dollars in “reparations” to the descendants of slaves that were freed 155 years ago. The same administration is proposing a huge raft of socialist and environmentalist policies including a ban on fracking, gun ownership restrictions, umpteen new regulations, amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens, and higher taxation. Again, I expect both the House and Senate to go along with most of the Democrat agenda. We recently witnessed how the vote counts in the 2020 presidential election were deliberately “adjusted” or downright fabricated, in at least six states. This does not bode well for elections at the state and Federal levels. WALITAODAB.

Betrayed by Church Leaders

All across America, mainstream denominations have been subverted by ecumenicalism.  Many of them now sound like Unitarians, claiming that there are “many  paths to heaven”, even though this is diametrically opposed to what is clearly and unambiguously stated in the Bible: That the one and only path to salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus (Yeshua.)

Several denominations have not only ordained female pastors, but have also acquiesced to homosexual  “marriage”. Sickeningly, a few pastors have even turned a blind eye to abortion.  At this point, our nation deserves only God’s wrath.

In the past year, I’ve been alarmed to see many mainstream church leaders acquiesce to the COVID-19 lockdowns, and shut their church doors for many months on end. The Bible warns of “forsaking the congregation”, but they have done just that.

I beg my readers to study how the churches have been corrupted by the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). If you cannot convince your church pastors to turn away from that, then it is time for you to LEAVE your church and find a new church home that has sound doctrine, even if it means driving a long distance on your sabbath day. Or, failing that, join or found your own home church or local home Bible study group. Stand firm, because WALITAODAB.

Deceived By Leftist Academia

Since the 1940s there has been an orchestrated effort to propagandize students with socialist indoctrination in public schools, colleges, and universities. In our primary schools, the traditional subjects of reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, and history have all been politicized and turned into platforms for socialist and sexually perverse brainwashing. These same academics have attempted to characterize homeschooled children as backward and ignorant when in fact homeschoolers have consistently higher test scores and matriculate with higher GPAs when they attend college. They also consistently go on to earn higher incomes and have a high rate of establishing small businesses that flourish.

Clearly, the radical leftist voices in public education have gained supremacy.  WALITAODAB.

Deceived by Social Media

Not content with merely providing a free and neutral platform, the social media giants are actively promoting a socialist agenda, but meanwhile blatant censoring, shaming, de-monetizing, de-ranking, and de-platforming anyone who opposes their worldview. They now use sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to boost the influence of some users while simultaneously trashing others. This method of filtering social media is sometimes blatant and more often subtle, but almost always effective. WALITAODAB.

Deceived By The Courts

Our court system, backed by well-intentioned by witless police officers has enforced laws that have gone far, far beyond the intent of our Founding Fathers.  There are now a myriad of laws that carry stiff fines and long prison sentences for “offenses” under statutory jurisdiction.  If you compare the laws on the books in 1820 with those of 2020, then you will see a glaring difference. In 1820, a “crime” was a deliberate act that caused great risk or harm to others. (Primarily: murder, rape, arson, kidnapping, extortion, and theft.) In all of these there was a clearly injured or endangered party. But in 2020 most of the “crimes ” on the books are abstractions with no injured or endangered party. For example:  Draining and filling in swampland, possession of a drug, tax code violations, possession of a gun with a barrel that is deemed “too short”, or driving  60 miles per hour in a 55 zone. By enforcing purely statutory jurisdiction over trivialities, the courts and police are gradually enslaving us under a myriad of arcane laws that sometimes we don’t even know about. As the 21st century unfolds, I predict that we will be subjected to new laws that create thought crimes. WALITAODAB.


Clearly, there is not much we can do personally to change the path that our nation is on. Our political voices have been muzzled by censorship. Simultaneously, our political will has been truncated or even negated by vote fraud. The best that we can hope for is a resurgence of genuine conservatism with a libertarian outlook that will reduce the scale of government. As the leftist agenda is pushed progressively more vociferously and militantly, and the tax bite becomes more painful, I can foresee an acceleration of current socio-political trends. Chief among these will be a hastening of the ongoing political migration that will make the Red/Blue divide even more apparent. As Red states get darker red, and Bule states get darker blue, I predict that there will come a watershed year, when Americans will feel obliged to “choose sides.”  That will force either partition states within the Union or even secession of states from the Union. That “divorce” will very likely come complete with lots of drama, and perhaps even some trauma. Look at the tumultuous partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, as an example of what could happen here, in a worst-case.

Please pray fervently for God’s intervention, to avoid any bloodshed. I also beg of you to seriously consider relocating, if you think that you will be trapped on the wrong side of the nascent dividing lines, should partition come. If you relocate soon, then you will safely walk away with the equity that you now hold in your house. But if you delay, then you and your family may become refugees with little more than the clothes on your backs. Vote with your feet now, while that is still a veto of your own volition and not a forced disenfranchisement, under duress.

Yes, WALITAODAB, and most of these macro forces are beyond our control.

Pray hard, folks! – JWR

Note: Permission to reprint, re-post or forward this article in full is granted, but only if credit is given to James Wesley, Rawles and first publication in SurvivalBlog (with a link.) It must not be edited or excerpted, and all included links must be left intact.


    1. Don’t discount the Southeastern states and Gulf Coast states. Central Florida to Tejas, and again from there to the Chesapeake. Significant coastline with some of the largest ports in the FUSA.

      1. Garry F. Owen, Trooper!
        You said it very well… Don’t discount the Southeastern states and the Gulf Coast states.

        Having lived for many years in this region, I agree with you 100%. The people of this part of the country will be a force with which to be reckoned if — or perhaps much more likely when — a reckoning should come.

        1. If the cities can be isolated early, it’s a moot point. Ideally though, instead of relocating, people should compel their local counties to secede from states. That would have the immediate affect of drawing the battle lines to small areas that are tactically not defensible. Think about it though, you’d have china supporting the blues on the west coast and europe supporting the blues on the east coast. If ever red county in cali moved over to nevada or arizona…different ballgame.

      1. Slow down their my friend, don’t you be offering up my home province. I think Canada has its flaws but it is far more libertarian then red or blue states, and quite frankly a better place to be for the last 6 years and probably the next decade.

        1. Wrong, Canada is a toilet of over taxation, medical tyranny and anti white policy and propaganda. If there were any actual merit with our so called “justice system”, most of gov would be hung for treason. It’s all corrupt to the core. The sooner people swallow that fact, the sooner we can try and fix this mutlicultural cesspool of evil.

    2. Why are Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington considered part of the “American Redoubt?” Both are controlled by the more populous western sides of those states. Sure, many patriots and social conservatives live on the eastern sides of those states, and I feel sorry for them, but shouldn’t those states be frogmarched out of the “Redoubt?” Maybe I simply do not understand the concept of a redoubt. To include them would seem to justify large parts of California, as well as other states, being classified as part of the redoubt.

      Only in a grid down, total meltdown, where there are no effective state governments could those areas break free of the control of the looney Leftists that control the state governments.

      Beyond the insanity that has taken place in Seattle and Portland this year, Oregon has legalized hard drugs. With each passing day I expect that it will increasingly become a “destination” for addicts across the country.

      In a SHTF scenario, the flow of drugs (both legal and illegal) would likely stop because the money with which drugs are purchased would be worthless. Bartering chickens for drugs doesn’t work for the cartels. The social chaos caused by desperate addicts would rise to unprecedented levels.

      1. @Survivormann99
        The eastern portions of Oregon and Washington have low population densities, tend to have conservative rural working class people and a fairly plentiful supply of natural resources.
        Jim has written about this at the following link right here on SB:

        It is true that all states of this country have blue areas that have corruption in them. Idaho, for example, is a very conservative state overall, but the capital has leftist / Marxist / socialist influence in it. The same could be said for my home state as well, that being Minnesota. It is blue overall, but there are very red counties in it, particularly in the northern half and some of them rival the Redoubt as being almost as red as some of the red counties in Idaho, Montana, etc.

      2. Survivormann99, it is easy to say Oregon “legalized” hard drugs.

        Decriminalizing is different than legalizing.

        Please read: The decriminalization of drugs does not permit the widespread use of drugs. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, there were roughly 1.6 million arrests in 2018 for drug possession alone. The decriminalization of drugs for Oregon would help protect some people in such cases by, “removing the penalty for the possession of small amounts of drugs.” Furthermore, it allows people to take control of their addiction by offering them the option of getting health checkups. This is based on the condition they do not want to finance or cannot afford to pay fines for drug penalties. Portugal implemented drug decriminalization with positive results stemming from decreases in drug fatalities (from 80 to 16 in the span of 11 years) decreases in HIV diagnoses, and decreases in drug-possession prisoners.


        The war on drugs has distracted our citizenry from the Deep State pickpockets for decades. Let’s see what happens in Oregon.

        Carry on

        1. “Decriminalizing is different than legalizing.”

          How so?

          As long as the user keeps the amount of his/her stash below a certain level, there is no criminal penalty, correct?

    3. This has been my contention from the beginning, concerning “The American Redoubt.” Its a landlocked trap. If the term “redoubt” is to be used, one must also consider the term “siege…” Cold winters and short growing seasons are a recipe for sickness and starvation. Giving up coastal access and ports is suicidal. Better to push back as patriots all, throughout the country; make your stand where you stand, as it were.

  1. Thats one heck of an essay, JW.
    Regretfully, logic compells me to concur with it. The devil is the master of all deception, The Book clearly states this and where its all headed.
    Like the saying goes- gotta go thru hell before we get to heaven.

  2. Excellent thesis! All true statements and much for us to worry about. I am frustrated that I cannot do much to change the direction of this disaster. Politicians don’t give a hoot about what we think and with voter fraud we can’t get rid of them. As JWR stated some religious denominations have abandoned their obedience to God’ laws.

    I am fortunate I live in a red state, in the “Bible Belt” and there are many, many vets, hillbillies and patriots. But is that enough to keep us safe? Can a combination of righteous families, communities and patriots fight off what is coming?

    Pray the Lord decides there are enough righteous people in this country to save the USA.

  3. I live in Michigan which is considered a “blue” state. However, the only blue parts are the big cities. Most of the state is red as a cardinal. When the war comes I don’t think it will be on state lines. It will be regional.

    1. Tom… This is an interesting point, and brings to mind the map of the United States in which red and blue counties are identified. The map is overwhelmingly red, and this is reassuring, except in so far as government controls are concerned — and these are all too often blue.

      It leads to an interesting question… Will red voters in blue states allow their home communities to be taken over should there be a dissolution of the United States as we know these today? Some will move willingly. Some might move reluctantly. Some might stand and fight — among them those who have long lived in an area, perhaps for generations. It’s hard to imagine those folks moving, and they may decide to stay and fight.

    2. I live in upstate NY. Same scenario as you, we are only blue because of NYC and a couple of other smaller cities. We have a number of good county sheriff’s and lots of gun owners. Even the state troopers have admitted there are too many guns to even consider trying to enforce some of these anti gun laws.

    3. I too live in Michigan. Biden won fewer counties than Hitlery. Trump won more counties than he did in 2016. Michigan has a real problem.

      The Republican legislature tends to be a bit leftist, at least the leadership does. If they don’t run as Republicans in their districts, they can’t get elected. Sadly there are too many people in those districts that have not been paying attention. That may change in the 2022 elections after the fiasco of 2020, and the clearly evident fraudulent elections here, and the lack of cooperation with the Trump campaign and their attorneys.

      Gretchen the grotesque needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of the state on a rail, as does the state Senate majority leader and the state speaker of the house, both reputed to be Republicans and conservatives.

  4. Living in a very blue state, yet minutes away from a red state, I have considered moving my home to the red state. It weighs heavy on my heart that such a move would feel like I am giving up or giving in. As of now, I have decided to stay in this blue state (not because i agree with them but) to continue the battle. Even though i am sure to loose, at least they are aware that they can not just plow into any state that they want with no resistance. I would rather stand on the front line and fight than run from the home that i have loved over 50 years.

  5. I, personally DO NOT believe the country is as divided as the media tells us. I know about 5 people who voted for Biden. Everyone else voted for Trump. Multiple states, wide range of friends. I grew up in a ‘blue state’ — relocated to ‘red state’. Those in power who want a NWO would have us believe that we are divided. Raw data on the election shows Trump won at least 400 electoral votes. Landslide. Little division. No Civil War. THIS IS A COUP. Multiple actors: white liberals, CCP, Iran, Deep State, New World Order types. This is a silent take-over of the US. Has been planned for decades. The CCP has bragged for years how they would take us down. Yes, yes JWR makes excellent points about the culture, education, courts and the church. I agree with everything else he said. To do: 1. Pray 2. Move to a state that DOES NOT USE DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS. 28 states use Dominion. Are you in one of those states? Find out. Get out of those states now. 3. Are your local leaders ‘in bed’ with CCP operatives? Find out. The CCP LOVES TO BRAG online and post pictures with local US officials. Look. Research. 4. Move to a county with a conservative health commissioner, mayor and judge. Look at long-term voting records for your local elections. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE/research. Move to an area with like-minded people. Move to a street/road with little access/last on the list. 5. Pray some more

  6. Contrary to what media has told you, Arizona and New Mexico are still very red, certainly the cities are almost entirely blue, as with most of the USA, but I believe it was Hank Williams Jr that said, A Country Boy can Survive!

    Be safe!

    VPN/duck duck go/ NO SOCIAL MEDIA / and when possible use pre paid cards and cash- which is getting far more difficult these days

    Oh, and yes, even this poor boy buys silver

  7. Let it burn. The final chapter has already been written. When you have finally had enough, run outside with your rifle. If you’re the only one there – it’s not time yet.

    1. Agree the final chapter has already been written, Revelation. America had a chance when Trump won four years ago. After that, many of my prepper friends became complacent. “Look at the economy…look at our retirement accounts! No way he can loose…no credible opponents!” Yet it happened.

      While I do believe in prayer and miracles, in my heart, I don’t believe America is worthy of God’s benevolence again.

      Here’s hoping the blue areas will not allow the recently red area escapees to change or dictate policies that led to the demise of their former addresses. I have family in Texas and Montana, and they are not happy with the wealthy liberal relocation to their area.

      1. BINGO! You nailed it Patriot! I think ever word you wrote is spot on. God’s Word states the “wages of sin is death”. “Wages” is something one has earned. America has earned those “wages” by killing 65+ million babies, tolerated/supported disgusting immoral behavior and put “stuff” (idolatry) before anything else. I personally believe that America will be obliterated from history. It has happened before to those nations/places who have gone down our same path. The only way out is repentance by God’s people. I may be wrong, but I just do not see that occurring.

  8. JWR! An excellent and thought provoking article… Thank you so very much for sharing all of these thoughts with all of us!

    This news piece is timely within this larger conversation. It asks the question of whether Vice President Mike Pence will be guided by faith or by politics on January 6th? I pray that he is guided by faith, but I fear he will answer to politics. With certainty, he has the opportunity to show the world what it means to be guided by faith which calls on each of us to do what is right — not what is easy or popular or profitable. If he does this, his faith would surely help to shine a light like a much needed beacon in our world.

  9. Excellent article and spot on. We are at the point where statism has certainly taken hold. The elites that govern us have nothing but contempt for the citizens. They are quick to mandate Covid restrictions on the masses, yet in many cases do not follow their own mandates. They do so not much because they can, but because they think they are better and smarter than us, an important distinction. When a segment of the population is demonized and dehumanized it makes it easier to do evil things to them, with no public outcry.

    There is a recent article on The Federalist website that summarizes all this very well.

    Also, JWR has recommended the book, “Live Not By Lies”. I too highly recommend it.

    Regarding the condition of the church I’ll leave you with this article below. The article was written in 2012, the material it discusses was from the early 1970’s.

        1. Glad to see more of us are reading the book mentioned. I concur and have personally experienced the same frustrations as those mentioned in the book; which is people in this country insisting that those sorts of evils could never happen here.

          1. 45 Degrees North … I strongly believe the book should be referenced , discussed , preached from all pulpits to awaken and attempt to prepare followers of Christ for what lies ahead

  10. I have been told many time that what I spoke to friends was too far out for them. They remember and now ask what I think. It is sad to say that I can only tell them the surface of my thoughts and experiences. 50 years of service has opened my eyes to far too much. Their is comfort in not knowing until they begin to see then fear takes over. To remain calm and aware at the same time is not common. On the other hand wise leadership is hard to find.

    Trust in God and have an open mind and listen.

    1. Henry…
      From your post: “I have been told many time that what I spoke to friends was too far out for them. They remember and now ask what I think.”

      Well said… This is all too familiar unfortunately, and true from my experience as well.

  11. Since we’ve started down the path of self sufficiency (four season green house, one acre fenced area around the house suitable for dogs, chickens, keeping deer out and a safety buffer), we’ve cut deer paths through our woods and completely reinsulated the house. My wife has learned to shoot, can foods and take care of our health. All this takes “time” to accomplish. One important thing that can be developed concurrently is building relationships with our community. We have neighbors that are proficient at raising livestock, making leather products, welding, automotive repair, carpentry, plumbing, shooting sports, earth moving, house sitting, general labor, etc. – good christians all – that fill in the gap while we develop our own self sufficiency skills. Preparing is a wonderful journey.

  12. Henry!
    From your post: “To remain calm and aware at the same time is not common.”

    You make an excellent observation and point. It’s true, and should call on all of us to this state of mind, heart and spirit — that we remain calm and steady while also in ever present awareness and honest assessment of ourselves, others, and the circumstances of our surrounds.

  13. Bible prophecy say’s the U.S. will get into bed with a religious power. Beware of any laws or decree’s mandating any civil/religious laws. I don’t want to get too deep into it, but when Government makes it a law to obey an religious decree you are getting in very dangerous territory.

    1. Bad Moon Rising, we already do – it’s called “secular humanism.” See comments above on civil/religious laws and myriad regulations not just tolerating but encouraging abortion (murder), all manner of perversion, and the various forms of envy manifested in the name of social, environmental, or other so-called “justice.” Churches and synagogues are forcibly closed, while street violence in the name of political agenda is protected.
      Most of the actions mandated in the name of controlling Covid are worthless, superstitious behavior. I’d rather not go down the rabbit hole of all the specifics in this venue. Others have elucidated those specifics far better than I, including formal scientific studies, and the information is on the internet if not the MSM.
      Back to my original point. This denigration and degradation of Judeo-Christian heritage and belief is literally anti-Christ, pro-anything-else. I say “Judeo-Christian” because we all await the Messiah; some of us believe he’s coming, some of us believe he’s coming BACK.

    2. @Bad Moon Rising
      I’m glad you mentioned the USA and Bible prophecy as many “Christians” today are totally unaware of the fact that the USA will play a very active role in the end time “Beast system” as described in the book of Revelation. Sadly most “Christians” have never read their own Bibles so they are in the dark as to what is in store for this backsliden nation.

        1. Here’s mine:

          Dr Phil has over 1,700 sermons recorded and available. He is on part 14 of End Times right now in his weekly sermons.

          I just attended his sermon last Sunday.

          He stated his membership in the BRR to us about four years ago, while saying he was one of only two in our state.

          I have several of his books and contribute monthly.

          You might appreciate reading some of his books.

          I sent JW my contact email.

          God Bless

  14. I have to agree with you. They will be hungry very quickly. Perhaps they will organize to a certain extent to forage for food but lack of leadership and splinter groups from the cities such as gangs will stay in place to protest their turf. Others will shelter in place awaiting government handouts. They will discover, to late, that the government does not produce anything and the empty promises of their liberal politicians are only that . It will be easy to repel herds of liberal college professors arguing over white privilege, tenure, and gender issues armed with their diplomas and constant protests. .In the end containment may require destruction of crops other than those which are necessary for the support of the rural population while allowing disease and famine to do most of the heavy lifting.

  15. 1) I would argue that the enemy is not our fellow Americans in the cities –they have been brainwashed by a massive propaganda machine. Our enemy is the Democrat billionaires who fund that machine.

    2) You see them in the cities because that is where they have the advantage. You can engage in politics in cities only if you are rich — only if you can hand $Millions to the News Media to tell lies. No honest politician who refuses to sell out to the Democrat billionaires has a chance.

    3) That is why it is so hilarious when Big City media makes limpwristed token pleas for campaign finance reform — THEY are the ones who BENEFIT from dirty political money and the advertising that it buys. They know that. In recent times some of that dirty money has been coming in from China and the EU.

    4) America is not really divided by Red State vs Blue State. American is divided into those who work for a living and those who tell lies for the Rich. Between those who make useful products or provide useful services — and those who Lie.

    The latter are prostitutes for the Rich because they have no choice. They kill their fellow Americans with deceit because they cannot afford personal morals. The most pathetic drug-addicted streetwalker has far more dignity and worth than our News anchors.

    5) Look not at regular teachers but at school administrators who have made our K12 curriculum worthless . Re universities, our scientists, engineers, doctors and nurses provide great value to the people while the lawyers and business majors are a mixed bag.

    But it is the humanities and social sciences that are a plague upon us. Our history is a lie. Our economics is a lie. Our foreign policy majors exists solely to get our children killed for the benefit of the Rich’s foreign investments. Those departments exist solely to create unquestioning SLAVES. Getting young people to waste 4 years of their lives and run up massive educational debt for a worthless degrees that leaves them no choice but to lie for the Rich.

    Some go to Wall Street and create massive frauds. Some go into the News Media and create massive frauds. Some go into politics and create massive frauds. Some go to Hollywood or Broadway and create massive political frauds disguised as entertainment. Some remain in academia and create massive frauds. Some go into the State Department and Intelligence community and create massive fraud.

    1. Until people come to realize that the republican party is a bigger enemy of free Americans than the democrats, things will only get worse politically. This is a tough concept for the boomer crowd. I will never vote for an R or a D again in my life including down ticket (if I ever vote again at all). These freaks need to be sent a message.

      1. Some Republican politicians certainly have their shortcomings — George W Bush had several disasters on his watch and yet some of his supporters (Lincoln Project, William Kristol,etc ) are now being praised by liberals because of attacks on Trump.

        And many of the malign actions of Democrat billionaires have been enabled by past Republicans (If Money is Speech then billionaire Jeff Bezos has the speech via a deeply dishonest Washington Post and the rest of us can see our letters tossed into the trash or our comments on the Post blog blocked.)

        But the worst Republican is at least an honest enemy — one that does not conceal what he is and shoots from your front. What is truly despicable about Democrat politicians is that they are just as corrupt as the worse Republican but are far bigger liars. Pretending to be our friends and supporters just so they can stab us in the back at the opportune moment.

        1. “ But the worst Republican is at least an honest enemy — one that does not conceal what he is and shoots from your front.”

          The opposite could not be more true. The Rs keep telling you what you want to hear and you keep voting for them. Once elected, they stealthily go to work against America while wrapping themselves in stars and stripes.

          Atleast the Ds are open with their hatred of America and love of communism. I’ll take an overt enemy over a covert enemy 7 days a week.

          Do you really believe that the billionaire class has any allegiance to any nation, much less a political party? Wake up! The Rs and Ds have the same bosses and it aint you or me.

        2. 1) I draw a distinction between Bush Republicans — who largely worked hand in glove with the Democrats — and Trump Republicans. The Bush faction and the Democrats gave us the savings and loan disaster/Bailout, the Subprime disaster/Bailout of 2008 and the Iraq War.
          Plus 40 years of flat wages for blue-collar workers.
          2) In contrast blue collar wages rose 4.3% in 2019 — the highest in 20 years. Compare that to the massive unemployment during the 8 years of Obama-Biden.
          3) You are probably unaware of this because the Democrat News Media has engaged in dishonest reporting on a massive scale — hiding how Biden stabbed Americans in the back and constantly attacking Trump while refusing to report the good he accomplished.
          4) Yes — the China virus has badly damaged our economy and as President Trump bares some responsibility for that — but the real reason a virus in China did so much damage here is the globalization that Bush , the Clintons and Obama-Biden so strongly promoted. Plus their 20 year refusal to guard our borders. Plus New York Democratic governor Cuomo let New York City be turned into a massive Petri Dish/Death trap. 2.5% of the US population but with 33% of the virus deaths in April.

      2. HP, agree that both parties are enemies to the people. Generally speaking, Democrats tell you they will destroy America as we know it, while Republicans are two-faced and speak lies to our faces. Most all have been black-mailed, turned as double agents or just bought off for money and power, but then there are those who are just plain evil. In all of congress I’d bet there are only 12 to 15 honest elected people.

        1. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell played rope a dope for 8 months and let the American people twist in the wind. Because their billionaire masters think any tax rebate should go to the deserving Rich, not to those who work for a living.

          At the end they voted for only a $600 direct payment to the American People. If we get $2000 instead ($4000 for a couple) it will be because of Trump’s pressure.

          Note how the Democratic News Media and politicans lied through their teeth teeth in attacking him for that initiative– falsely claiming he cost people a week of unemployment.

    2. Well said. I agree with most of your post except point 5. While there are some good teachers, unfortunately there are many bad ones pushing liberal indoctrination on their students. I went back to college a few years back. One day I overheard several teachers talking in the hallway. They were praising Bernie Sanders and were confident that the generation currently enrolled in college were truly accepting socialism and that this generation would finally be the one to push it through. That conversation took place in 2015.

      1. It depends upon what you mean by socialism. If by the usual description then I think it is the least of our worries given what a high percentage of income and wealth is held by a small group of people. For the Richest 1% to increase their share of the national income from 8% in 1980 to 25% today does not indicate the real socialists are gaining power but the contrary.

        If, however, you mean socialism in the Soviet sense — i.e most of the wealth and income held by a small , deeply corrupt clique that runs a con game posing as “Leaders of the People” then obviously we are in grave danger of that. But I would list people like Chuckie Schumer, not Bernie Sanders , as leaders of that Democratic faction. It wasn’t Bernie that destroyed financial regulations , caused the Financial crisis of 2008 and crafted the Big Bailout to make the Rich even richer.

        Again, I attack some of the Billionaires for what they are DOING — not for their wealth. If they merely spent their money on yachts, expensive mistresses, drugs or Gulfstream jets I would not object — it is when they dump $Billions into enslaving the rest of us that I object.

        That and the multiple disasters they have allowed to hit this country while holding most of the power.

        1. There is socialism the concept “the usual description.” Then there is socialism in actuality where the rich and powerful control the masses through “socialism” while they keep their money. A look at any socialist country and you will see the leadership is always a privileged class. While Sanders may not have had a hand in 2008 financial crisis he is still part of the privileged class. He is a career politician who has managed to become a millionaire without really producing anything. He is also being used as the mouthpiece of socialism to draw the attention to himself while the schumers of the world work more or less behind the scenes.

    1. Amen Jack. America’s cities are totally dependent on the people they abhor. After just several weeks without truck deliveries or electric they will become death traps.

  16. Excellent article James, thank you! The portion referencing the church particularly struck a chord with me. There is much apostasy and lack of discernment in many churches today! Finding a Bible believing church that doesn’t sing Bethel, Hillsong, or Elevation music is increasingly hard to find.
    On top of that, there is toleration of heresy in women’s bible studies. Beth Moore and her ilk permeate the American church!

  17. re:
    ‘we are living in…’

    I think that acronym sounds hopeless.

    I prefer ‘I am transitioning through more deceptions/betrayals by the liar’.
    No big deal.
    I believe these latest deceptions/betrayals are merely another opportunity to prove my faith.

    For me, nothing is changed.
    The liar must lie, I must live in truth!


    ‘red state’ vs ‘blue state’

    I see those as artificial designations.
    I think they were fraudulently created by the MARXISTS (as tools of the liar…) as merely another attempt to divide us:
    * “I proudly live in a ‘red state’, and proudly denounce you because you are too stupid to move from your ‘blue state’.”

    Each time I hear ‘blue state’, I automatically translate it into ‘that was another attempt by the MARXISTS (as tools of the liar…) to create division’.
    And I know the MARXISTS are willingly manipulated by the liar because they seek the easy path.
    The liar makes the spiral path, the ‘circular firing squad’, seem like their only path because slavery (slaves of the liar…) is all they know so slavery seems their only choice.

    Here is my truth:
    * Ex-bureaucrat barack hussein obama was merely another fork of the liar’s tongue.
    * Ex-bureaucrat biden was merely another fork of the liar’s tongue.
    * TheClintonCrimeSyndicate were merely another fork of the liar’s tongue.
    * The MARXISTS were merely another fork in the liar’s tongue.
    * kamala harris/pelosi was merely another fork of the liar’s tongue.
    * TheMainStreamMedia were merely another fork in the liar’s tongue.

    The liar uses the deaf and blind to test me.
    I see this because the liar is plainly obvious to my eyes.

    I easily won that round of the eternal contest.


    playing the liar’s game on the liar’s turf using the liar’s ball

    In my heart, by my acts, I choose to know the liar is incapable of misdirecting me.

    Is this battle — aka ‘deceptions/betrayals’ — merely another test by the liar?
    I think it is.

    No big deal.

  18. Thanks for this article. I had heard of some of the personalities/associations (hard to call them pastors or churches) in the NAR, but I hadn’t realized they were all connected in this way. Thankful to see that our home church does not hold with the six warning flags in the linked article.

    I want to say, “I can’t believe this is happening to my country” but that wouldn’t be quite true. I don’t at all WANT to believe it, but I can’t deny the evidence. Feelings and hopes are nice and all, but there is a reason I’ve often been accused of being an engineer. 🙂

    We will be meeting a realtor next week to look at a home on acreage in the Appalachian Redoubt. The non-red-pilled in our family have been told that this is a business deal, for investment purposes only given the drastically changing real estate market this year. The few who see down the rabbit hole know that there are other potential future uses for the land (hence my obsessive poring over solar irradiance maps and topographical maps and soil maps and…). We have a comfortable existence here, with nearby grandparents and excellent therapies for Eldest. This is insane, on the surface of it.
    ………(Hmmm, in the grand scheme of things this is probably LESS insane than twice flying, while horking-up-my-toenails pregnant and with a 15-month-old in tow, to a country which was at war, to adopt two unrelated littles whose severe special needs we didn’t even realize the extent of…yeah, I’ve got experience with conventionally insane life choices.)………. Krissy if you’re reading this, thanks again for your words a couple weeks ago, reframing the perspective for me. Thanks SaraSue and St. Funogas and Once a Marine and all the rest of the community here, for your wisdom and encouragement and example!

    1. Bear!
      Enjoy scouting the Appalachian Redoubt for ideas and opportunities. We dwell within this part of the Redoubt, and love it. We’re sending all good thoughts and prayers for your every success!

      1. Can you recommend areas in the Appalachian region? I have looked in the past but have not been able to find something that seems to fit what I want. Looking for likeminded people, reasonable house prices and good churches. Currently, I have been looking in the Missouri Ozark area but would gladly change my mind if I could find something in the Appalachians. I have loved that area since I first read the Foxfire books.

        1. I live in the NC part of the Appalachian Redoubt. Stay far and clear of Asheville, a solid Democrat city of liberals who take pride in bumper stickers proclaiming “Keep Asheville Weird.” No kidding, female hippies of a certain age take pride in walking the streets topless in the summer. (I’m all for natural beauty…but trust me, that isn’t.) There are begging 20-30-something “travelers” begging for handouts on most corners.

          Having said that, Southwestern NC (South and west of Asheville) is extremely rural. Northwestern NC (around Boone and Banner Elk) is the 2nd home of the monied class from Charlotte and Winston Salem.

          The Roan Mountain (Tennessee) area is beautiful, and near Johnson City. I would recommend Tennessee counties above and below Johnson City, or around Sevierville, TN.

          But avoid Asheville.

          1. Patriot NP!
            You are right. Asheville is suffering a sad state of affairs. It’s grim!

            The good news is that North Carolina as a whole, also North Georgia, and most of Tennessee, offer great options and alternatives to the deep blue cities.

        2. Hello BWL!
          A few ideas for you to consider… I’ll use town markers, and then you can work your way out for a more remote or rural location from those starting points.

          1) North Georgia — perhaps Blairsville over toward Clayton. Blue Ridge is lovely, but Blue Ridge very expensive. Blairsville toward Clayton is much more affordable, and a solid population of like-minded people.

          2) North Carolina — search west of Asheville. Extreme southwestern North Carolina may be worth exploring seriously, although the mountains of the north are gorgeous. This area may hit all the primary check points.

          3) Tennessee — politically deep red, lots of affordable property, but be cautious about weather patterns in the eastern part of the state. Storms can gain momentum across flatland areas.

          Also… Be sure you really check out the land. Never buy property you haven’t examined as fully as possible. In the mountains, you may see a parcel that looks great from the air, but is relatively inaccessible (or may be entirely inaccessible) by vehicle. This is also an important consideration for utilities. Gather up information about costs associated with both well drilling and septic systems. There is a lot of variability in these among mountain properties. Some costs cannot be known until they’re known, but it’s still the best idea to get as much information as possible. Local permitting offices, inspectors, and service companies should be able to help with tips and suggestions.

          Happy to help with more information via email privately, and can exchange that information with the help of JWR and Avalanche Lily.

          Hope this helps, and gives you some ideas to browse and dream on!

          1. Telesilla of Argos- Can you further elaborate on the comment about weather patterns in eastern TN? We are considering Morristown/Jefferson City/ Johnson City areas for our retirement. We are currently living on the SC coast and are weary of hurricane season. Are you referencing tornadic activity? Any more comments would be greatly appreciated. We just came back from a vacation/scouting mission in the Norris Lake area and loved the area and people.

          2. Replying to Sleepless! Hope you see this message… The thread ran out of “reply” buttons, and so I don’t have a way to alert you indirectly via the SB’s blog-mail system.

            Yes. Delighted to help. We love the Appalachian Redoubt! From the climate to the culture, this is a great part of the country in which to live.

            Have you scouted the City-Data site? You may already have seen this. If not, it’s a helpful tool. It includes all kinds of great details such as demographics, crime data, average climate, tornado activity, etc.

            The good news is that Johnson City data confirms below average tornado activity (relative to the state as a whole).

            Much of the weather in our area moves from west to east. Across some parts of Tennessee this means that storms can gain significant momentum as they move across relatively level land areas. Strong winds and tornadoes can be a concern. We have seen this over the years in the southeastern part of the state. The mountains of extreme eastern Tennessee and southeastern North Carolina tend to disrupt these storm systems.

            Since we’re moving into a time of increasing solar activity, we’re likely to see an increase in the number of strong storms (even though the sun spot cycle is — over a longer time horizon — in decline). With this in mind, understanding weather patterns over many years (and with an eye to sun spot cycles) is important.

            In all our time here in the Appalachian Redoubt, we have not been directly impacted by a tornado. …but others not too terribly far from us have suffered devastating impacts. With this in mind, we encourage everyone to scout their locations closely, place their homes wisely, and to have a tornado shelter in place (always better safe).

            The northeastern part of Tennessee has a gorgeous landscape, a cooler climate than locations farther south, and the people are lovely and tend to share our preparedness and Christian values.

            A couple of ideas… You might consider a south facing home on an eastern slope (if you’re looking to the mountains) such that you enjoy the benefits of more sun exposure — and may have greater protection from eastward moving storm systems (of course this depends on the landscape surround for the home or homes you’re considering most seriously).

            Although we also see the effects of Gulf storms in the area broadly, these are certainly lesser in the northeastern part of Tennessee.

            The growing season will be shorter, but a greenhouse will help — and you might consider an earth-insulated design for geothermal exchange.

            Hoping these ideas help, and that you spot the posting! Always happy to add to the conversation and idea pool, and wishing you EVERY HAPPY SUCCESS in your plans to relocate to the Great State of Tennessee!!!

          3. Thanks for the tips. Currently in the research stage and praying/seeking God’s direction. Right now my future is very unclear. Trusting the Lord to provide exactly what I need when I need it. It’ll probably be at least a year before any move is made. Any additional information would be appreciated. The more you know…as they say.

        3. We recently moved to the Appalachians after looking for two years. I agree that the areas of NC and TN are far better than living in VA.

          We found it wise to avoid vacation areas in TN where there are many transients and in NC where people from large cities own big houses but don’t live permanently. We found parts of NC and SC were populated by Floridians and had become weekend getaways people from Atlanta. We also avoided areas filled with horse people.

          As important as the location are the covenants. We learned to avoid communities with rules because the board will use them to prohibit the use of four-wheelers or prevent you from shooting guns on your own property, even if you have 40 acres. We also ran into conservation easements where you could not cut a tree or build an outbuilding on your land.

          We found that what we wanted was rural as in “rural poor” not “vacation country” rural. We also ended up going for elevation. Nothing like a long, steep dirt road that requires 4WD part of the year to keep people out. If you see a long row of mail boxes when you turn off the county road and then go up 800 or more vertical feet on a private road to reach your house, you may have found a place worth taking a second look!

          1. Pete the Pickled Prepper!
            Welcome, neighbor, to the Appalachian Redoubt.

            You made an interesting and important distinction: “We found that what we wanted was rural as in “rural poor” not “vacation country”rural.” I found that to be a thought-provoking differentiation, and yet another way to consider location decisions.

            Wanted to add a note about roads and convenants… For anyone thinking about North Carolina, you might also consider restricted vs. unrestricted land.

            …and if you are looking at a community with covenants, consider a community with covenants focused strictly on the care and keeping of roads (essentially a “road association”).

            Alternatively, there are some areas with voluntary road associations, and area residents contribute voluntarily to a common fund.

            Still other areas have no road maintenance services at all. This may or may not be wise. It really depends on the specifics of the location. Think through this carefully before proceeding, and be aware… Roads without maintenance may not be accessible in the event of a medical emergency. They may also not be accessible for service vehicles that resupply gas, or service septic systems and wells. Additionally, roads not maintained may be located in mountainous areas, and can become dangerous (sometimes extremely dangerous).

            Just a few thoughts to add to the mix. There is a lot to consider, and each of us has relative priorities, personal preferences, sources of survival or preparedness concern, etc. The conversation is a good one!

        1. Hello Bear!
          A follow up question… Are any special needs children in your family likely to need specialized medical care or therapies — over the course of time or urgently?

          Asking because this will also be an important part of the search equation, and know you are detail oriented and a most excellent scout!

    2. Bless you Bear!! I, for one, LOVE BRAVE PEOPLE and you are Brave!
      I have a daughter looking in the Appalachia area and I may follow her there because #grandchildren. My Daddy came from that area and my ancestry shows English, German, Scotch, and Irish roots. My dad traced his family history back to mid 1700’s. I would feel at home there.

      1. SaraSue!
        From your post: “My dad traced his family history back to mid 1700’s.”

        I read your note and smiled about the tracing of your family tree! In fact, earlier today I was reading about the parts of the country with the earliest surviving records, and your note brought that to mind. There are some remarkable genealogical discoveries to be made in this part of the country that date back to times before the American Revolutionary War. …and aside from print documents engrave stones and other longstanding markers, there are also some tremendous storytellers too. Of course, there may be some embellishment among the storytellers, but that’s also part of the fun.

    3. Bear, I feel humbled. Of course, we all know the Lord works through imperfect people. I think the big task He has given you will give glory to Himself. I was awakened this morning at 2:00 AM, and felt the need to pray specifically for you and my dad…
      Blessings on you, your day and your family,

  19. This reminds me of a G. Gordon Libby script quote from his role on Miami Vice,

    “You know of course that in most parts of the world, pain is a second language, people understand it better than words because you can get right to the point. But in this country we don’t really have very much pain. So the second language is money. Naturally you expect to receive money for what you know instead of pain. How ironic.”

  20. The children of God always wander off. Sometime to seemingly just stay alive.
    End times are coming ~ but just like salvation ~ it’s there for the asking while we are still breathing there is hope and a deliverer.
    Egypt has a few parallels. Joseph dreams gave way to his being sold to slavery. But, his belief that “God meant it for good” was always his outlook. He ended up being the one who saved Israel.
    Later generations of Israelites were bound to be the slaves of Pharaoh. Pharaoh likewise fearfully made Gods people kill their male children at birth. One mother, who feared God more than men, allowed her child to be raised by Pharaoh’s own daughter who named him Moses. He also said, “Here I am” trusting that God meant it for good.
    Moral of the story ~ God knows what is going on! And hears the cry’s of his people!
    And history (real history) is FULL of deliverance. When we rely on Him.

  21. JWR,

    Your 2013 comments were not hyperbole at all. You could easily have coined WALITAODAB in the 1970’s.

    I do agree that I should have been more careful and low profile. I cringe at some of my past emotional comments on the S-Blog (plus others) and leaving crumbs of credit card receipts at various sporting goods sites.

    But in reality, THEY know that more than half the country disagrees in the direction the country is moving so THEY are not surprised by our thoughts.

    Anyway, a timely and thought provoking synopsis. Thank you.

  22. Well said Mr.Rawles, and right to the heart of the matter.
    I’ve known about the deception and betrayal of the American people since way back in about 1970 whence I returned from the 3rd bout of S E Asia. But only back that long since I’m sorta on the antiquated end of things.
    Since then my constant reading on current events, observation, and putting pieces into the puzzle has done nothing to convince me that our gov is in the least bit on the up and up. Trump is the only one who has come even close to being on the side of the American people, and he ain’t that good at it. Re: that latest bailout scheme sign off.
    Should we be wary of deception and betrayal by our gov? Should we be prepared for an unexpected event, food shortage, grid down, medical emergency? They are both the same. Anything can happen any time to anyone.
    The question is, should you be prepared for unexpected events?
    Can you afford not to be prepared for unexpected events?
    Should you NOT believe in the betrayal and deception of us by our own gov?
    Should you believe in the betrayal and deception of us by our own gov?
    Simply look at their record for an adequate answer.
    Every year, with every single bill passed, for more years that I care to count, we have succumbed to less and less freedoms and come under closer and closer scrutiny and ever increasing encroachments on our lives. EVERY Single aspect of our lives are now controlled and regulated by the very gov that works FOR US.
    As JWR says, stay grey, stay well, keep or Republic alive, Trust in God and pray for his guidance.
    Long Live Our Republc…

  23. I agree with most of what you say James I have followed your blog for many years. Yes the time is getting short. I have made most preps over the years from some of your advice. Like the late great Ol”Remus said Avoid Crowds… Sadly I think there will be lots of death, misery and bloodshed in the next few years.. Keep up the good works God Bless

      1. It is more likely to be available than most other cartridges, however, if the supply has dried up, it might take longer before it is back on the shelf. Check the availability. I would prefer 139 to 145 grain loads, and this weight is common. However, the heavier bullets tend to be more accurate, and in FMJ, more effective.

        SGAmmo has the lowest price.

        Soft point hunting ammunition that is likely more accurate is significantly higher in price. Here is a long list suppliers. Prices at the top of the list are the lowest.

        Here is the link to

      2. Did some homework to confirm that the Chilean Mauser is IHMO the best deal going. It is in very good condition and made in the country at about the same time in Germany, and therefore of similar quality to that of the much more expensive Swedish rifle I so love. Ammunition availability is as good or better at this time. Usually it is not the razor, but the blades that getcha, but in this comparison the Chilean is clearly the best deal as determine by a fast and loose cost benefit analysis. The 50 percent cost savings between these rifle can be used to buy ammo. As an side, please note the unexpectedly high price of .3030 that is soft point hunting ammunition. The high price of .3006 is for FMJ! That is a surprise. Apparently M2 ball is scarce. Good thing I got mine.

        .30-06 $1.75/rd

        6.5×55 $90/cents

        .3030 $2.50/rd

        .308 $.80 cents/rd

        7.5×55 Swiss
        None available nationwide according to Ammoseek

      3. The 22” barrel Chilean Mauser would probably be the practical choice for most. For long distance targets, I would take the 29” barrel as the the trajectory would be flatter, and the rifle may have the best bore, and perhaps be more accurate. The ballistics of the Chilean with the 29” barrel are comparable to 7.62 Nato. It is an excellent cartridge, and a better all around cartridge than 6.5×55 in these Mauser rifles.

        The 7x57mm Mauser (.275 Rigby)
        By Chuck Hawks

        7×57 Mauser
        Illustration courtesy of Hornady Mfg. Co.
        The 7×57 was developed by the famous German firm of Mauser in 1892, and adopted by the Spanish government in 1893. Subsequently, several Latin American countries adopted the 7×57, including Mexico. In Europe, Serbia adopted the cartridge, and it became a popular sporting cartridge all over Europe. In Great Britain the 7×57 became so popular that the John Rigby Company adopted it as the .275 Rigby. Many bolt action rifles built in the UK were so marked. Under both names the cartridge was used extensively for plains and mountain game in Africa and Asia. Ammunition is manufactured and sold in Europe, Africa, North America and most of the world. The 7×57 is a true world-wide cartridge.

        W.D.M. Bell, perhaps the most famous of all African commercial ivory hunters, killed the majority of his over 1000 elephants with the 7×57. He used the 175 grain FMJ bullet for brain shots, and liked the .275 Rigby (as he called the 7×57) for its accuracy and low recoil and report.

        Current ammunition catalogs from PMC, Remington and Federal show loads for the 7×57 with 140 grain spitzer bullets (SD .248) at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 2,660 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 2,199 ft. lbs. Winchester loads a 145 grain spitzer to the same MV for a ME of 2279 ft. lbs. Federal and PMC also load 175 grain RN bullets at a MV of 2440 fps and ME of 2315 ft. lbs. These are the standard American low pressure factory loads.

        Here are some 7×57 specifications that should be of interest to reloaders: bullet diameter .284″, maximum COL 3.065″, maximum case length 2.235″, MAP 46,000 cup.

        There are a wide variety of 7mm bullets available to the reloader, from around 110 grains to 195 grains. Barnes offers a 175 grain RN solid (SD .310) and a 195 grain soft point spitzer bullet (SD .345). The North American shooter who wants to get maximum utility out of a 7×57 really should be a reloader. The 130-140 grain bullets are generally the best choice for CXP2 class game, while the 150-175 grain bullets get the nod for CXP3 class game. Restrict shots at the latter to 200 yards/meters or less.

        The 7×57 is a well balanced and well designed cartridge for which a number of medium burning rate rifle powders are appropriate. Among these are H414, H380, H4350, IMR 4064, IMR 4320, IMR 4350, and W760.

        The reloader with a strong rifle who loads to about 50,000 cup can do better than most factory loads. Do not use the maximum loads quoted below in the relatively weak Model 93 and 95 Mauser actions, or in Remington rolling block rifles. According to the Speer No. 13 Reloading Manual the Speer 130 grain spitzer bullet (BC .394, SD .230) can be driven to 2649 fps by 46.0 grains of H414 powder, and 2960 fps by a maximum load of 50.0 grains of H414.

        The 145 grain Spitzer (BC .457, SD .257) can be driven to 2501 fps by 44.0 grains of H414, and 2748 fps by a maximum load of 48.0 grains of H414.

        The 160 grain spitzer (BC .502, SD .284) can be driven to 2,363 fps by 42.0 grains of H414, and 2582 fps by a maximum load of 46.0 grains of the same powder. All of the above loads used Remington cases and CCI 250 primers, and were chronographed in a 22 inch rifle barrel.

        Note: A full length article about the 7×57 can be found on the Rifle Cartridge Page.

        1. Thanks for your recommendation and for posting that analysis. I lucked into six more Loewe 7×57 Mausers at an estate auction, a few weeks ago. Most of them are Chilean long rifles. At least one is a short rifle. Lily tells me that they are now waiting for me at the ranch — still in their padding. I hope to have them all cataloged by about January 12th. I also just added another 6.5×55 Swedish and another 7.5×55 Swiss to my catalog page. Those rifles — both made in 1898 — are en route to the ranch now. I cataloged them early. I’ll add bore descriptions after I get a chance to take a close look at them.

          I’ve been trying to buy as much inventory as possible, to keep up with the influx of orders. But I’ve had $15,400 in gross sales in the past four days! There is a lot of justifiable anxiety out there… If those two Georgia Senate seats go to the Democrats, then all bets are off. The gun stores will soon look locust-ravaged, and stay that way for many moons.

          1. If you start scraping the bottom of the barrel out there, I have a one I could part with. It is beater tho. But is it reliable. To make it interesting, I would take in part trade, AR mags.

            But I’ll keep my 1895 Chilean conversion to 7.62 Nato that really is not strong enough for 7.62 Nato, and requires hand loaded ammunition. Fortunately it likes the old Navy Match load of 39.1 grains of IMR3031 under 165 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips that is at the maximum pressure of 45,000cup for the old action. With existing iron sights, it is dead on. These Mausers are military rifles designed to take the heat and dirt of a battlefield. They are most accurate with the heaviest ball ammunition, and reliable in the worst conditions that many modern hunting rifles would not tolerate for long. At my age, I would put a scope on one, and rest assured that it will do the job.

            My go to ‘sniper rifle’ is an M38 6.5x55SE with a military style turret scope model now sold under the Leopold name. It is free floated in a custom hard wood stock, and has a creep old Timmey trigger. Because my favorite bullets and powder were unavailable when a bulk purchase was made, is it only an MOA rifle, but it is plenty good for 600 yards. I forgot to mention the the throat erosion is a 3, and that is horrible, yet it is probably good enough for another 1,000 rounds, or so before groups opened up beyond 1.5 MOA. I know that even if the barrel gets hot, because it is a military rifle, it will hold it’s accuracy. I do not know that I could say the same about a new commercially made rifle. I am also confident that once the action heats up, a case will not become stuck rendering the rifle useless. This does occur in some commercial rifles.

            Mausers were the AK of their time, and the most popular military rifle in the world. The 7×57 cartridge was used in the Spanish-Amercan war, and was so effective, it forced the U.S. Army to develop the .3006, and to copy the Mauser design that is the Springfield 03A3 that I also have. It is also accurized and capable of very flat trajectories with 61 grains Superformance powder that launches 150 grain soft point bullets up to 3,080 fps with good accuracy. It is a rough equivalent to the M21. That would be devastating, but so is the recoil. The mild recoil of the 7×57 would be preferable. I love Mauser actions, and have a pile of these rifles. I am not an expert, yet I am not new to these rifles.

            If I could, I would swap rifles, and hot rod the current a 29 inch Chilean Mauser offered for sale. It likely has a much better barrel, and would out shoot my 22” barreled M38 Swede. In other words, it would be more accurate, and have a flatter trajectory, given the same bullet weight.

            Swedes are sweet shooters. Mostly because of their reputation for accuracy is deserved, and because of it’s mild recoil. I suspect that high quality, and thus accurate ammunition produced by Norma, tended to be consistently more accurate than ball ammunition made elsewhere. Old Norma brass is also almost as good as Laupua brass, the finest in the world with precision exemplified by case weights that are within .1 grain. IMHO, Swedish made ammunition helped the Swedish Mauser become famous for accuracy. Feed a 7×57 Chilean the same high quality ammunition, and it would be just as accurate. And the 7×57 Chilean Mauser with the 29 inch barrel would have about the same recoil as a Swede with a 29 inch barrel. The difference in performance would be negligible. 6.5×55 bucks the wind slightly better, but 7×57 does more damage, and is better all around hunting round.

            In a thorough comparison, I could argue all perspectives, and would conclude that these Chilean Mausers, that are in very good condition, are the equal of the Swedish Mausers in the same condition, yet are offered at a relatively low bargain price in comparison with the wildly popular Swedish Mauser.

            Now you know something that few other people know. I’ll post this over on Gab and provide a link to the Chilean Mauser.

    1. Good idea, Tunnel Rabbit.

      But there are so few actual marksmen among us, few will look at a bolt gun. That is an excellent weapon but most folks are ingrained with the ‘standard magazine’ mantra.

      Hey there readers- if you don’t have a bolt gun with excellent ballistics, grab this or one like it. Diversify! A year from now this rifle will be selling for nearly $2,000.

      RCB5472TN: Matthew 7:7.

      1. Wheatley Fisher… ask … seek … knock …please provide any insights you can regarding 7×57 caliber … I have noted your wisdom and discernment as I have read your many posts on SB… if you would like to correspond via personal email please free to request from JWR or AL … TY for your time

        1. I’ll route a request for connection, but I’ve learned to rely on Tunnel Rabbit for ballistics. He’s discussed this caliber many times and gone into good detail on lead and powder. That is where I came up with my endorsement: his detailed ballistics discussion. This is a good rifle and it’s Antique category makes it an excellent addition to your toolbox.

          I commonly find Fiocchi ammo is the brand available for the new-to-me calibers. Tunnel Rabbit listed a link for his suggestion.

          Personally, my .270 Remington BDL was all I needed for many years in MT and WY. But those days have changed and I did too. Diversification.

          Just as a side note, my big shortfalls now are in sustainable agriculture and networking into local government. If I had a third of 2A sources here converted into a very durable wallapini which could handle 100 to 120 mph winds and produce vegetables and herbs, that would be a better diversification.

          We may not see a polar shift for 30 to 50 years, but I’m convinced the violence of weather patterns will increase, as we see the trend now. I am an “old earther” regarding our creation and I believe God sent the brimstone onto Sodom and Gomorrah from our Sun.

          I also believe that about 12,000 years ago, he did a polar shift and probably a micronova, and that he melted so much ice that it flooded most of the world, and perhaps more than once.

          I believe the incidents in our Bible are true, but I also believe that a lot of things happened on this planet that are not listed in our Bible. More floods, more ice, more cataclysmic weather events.

          I think Suspicious Observers are right in that we should expect mega-events 30 to 50 years from now. Thinking CME is not as severe as it can get. Think of 50 year-long droughts, new rain forest zones, desertification areas, all scattered globally but changed locations.

          Think of global cooling from clouds that are unceasing that reflect the suns heat into space. Global cooling may bring new ice age sheets back to the places they were before, like Central north American continent.

          How will we survive? One big difference for our age is power generation. In a global ice age, power generation can still produce heat and light.

          These things are far bigger than the politics we’re frustrated and angered by now.

          Even so, don’t be scared. Be prepared.

          God Bless

          1. Wheatley Fisher… I , too, rely on TR and communicate with him directly via email… he is a most reliable man IMHO and gives of his time to educate and share his wisdom and knowledge

      2. Sadly, yes. We are no longer a nation of marksmen, but the few that are left are getting better. Accurate long range fire is a huge force multiplier. I’ve had SF tell me that 200 yards is about the maximum range for most folks. I now need a scope, but 200 cold turkey and off hand should be a warm up. When young, I did not need much practice, however, when older as I am now, it is very much worth while to practice shooting the distance that is the longest shots possible on your ground. And on your ground would be better yet. Remove all cover and concealment in your field of fire. Deny dead zones, and low spot in the ‘mirco terrian’, forcing attackers to use less advantageous fighting positions. Keep them at least 200 yards out, and you’ll have the home field advantage. Most spray and pray, or just spray. Accuracy by volume fire is typical. If one attacker can be hit with your first shot, and then you wait, the example will put fear into their hearts.

        Bolt guns in practiced hands can be effective. Stripper clips can speed up reloading. Check with Numerich Arms. And a bolt gun can be a deterrent to be used until the time comes that we must use the unpapered box fed semi auto.

  24. It’s simply said, but hard to do: The US government needs a Reboot – down to its core…as well as all “educational” institutions, big businesses, removal of the fed, and breaking up all media corporations – and big pharma.

    So much to do…EMP anyone? Sadly, the elite would survive and continue their socialistic behaviors…

    Michael J.

  25. Mitch “The Turtle” and his Chinese wife have been invested in flipping this wonderful country of ours from the time she met him.
    Quite a history of corruption there.

    Semper Fi

  26. The macro trends are hard to resist, yet Trump won in 2016 despite the overwhelming odds. It ain’t done until it is done. I do not expect Trump to turn the tide of the macro trends, but only delay the inevitable judgement, and expose the depravity for such a time. I pray at least twice a day for more time. Very few Christians are ready for a worst case scenario. Although I grow older, I am actually growing stronger, and I see more folks striving to become self sufficient. A small revival is possible.

    We should prepare as if Trump is out, yet we should fight. It is not over until it is over. I believe that demanding that Trump invoke the Insurrection Act is the best way to indicate our resolve, and understanding of the dire situation the nation faces. I support those willing to risk the trip to Washington on Jan. 6. Something big is likely to occur.

    1. BTW, I have no church and cannot afford to drive more than a few miles. I have found even the most traditional church in my area to be lacking. The one fully awake pastor was forced out, and left the area.

      1. Tunnel Rabbit
        One side benefit of these government lockdowns is that there are MANY more on-line church worship and teaching choices than before. Living in a place where masks are mandated, I’ve been “doing” church on line since March.

  27. Spot on JWR. Prayer and reading God’s word are essential. I am concerned for our country and believe we are headed for judgement. We need to be seeking God’s will for our lives and actively following His commandments. The most important of these is to go make dicsiples. We must be sharing God’s word with the lost. And remember, we are in this world but not of this world, ours is a heavenly kingdom. God has not commanded us not fear for He will be with us and He is VICTORIOUS!

  28. Thanks JW. Great encouragements.

    On NAR, Christ made it pretty clear in Revelation 22:18-19 – “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”
    Don’t follow the false prophets. Matthew 24:24

    On relocation:
    I’m nearly 62 and have lived in Western Washington my whole life (apart from several years in Chicago and Southern Calif. attending college). Western Washington is a failed state. The only hope for Eastern Washington (and Eastern Oregon) patriots is to rise up and secede from their communist Western halves.
    For myself, I am relocating to central Montana. Although I feel like I’m about a year behind schedule in my preps, I plan to be there full time this spring and have been putting as much time and money into the effort as I have to spend. We do what we can as indicated by Godly wisdom and prudence, and then trust God with the rest.
    I’m thankful that Montana went deep red in the November election: Republican Governor. Every federal office race went republican. Many local state races went republican. Montanans have gotten the message.

    1. Hi Hiker, yes MT went red but still lots of Rinos in the state legislature and county commissions. Many so called county health officers flexing their muscles and enforcing draconian shutdown and maskhole measures upon the folks. Glad you are moving here though as it gives us one more high information voter and another trigger puller. Take care and God bless.

  29. This is a great article! I turned the media/lawmakers/bankers off as it is nothing but lies. th “keeping a low profile” is the way to go. I have learnt what it means in the Lord’s Prayer, deliver us from evil. Also what it means to be on God’s plan vrs. the Govts central plan whether it be finances, health guidelines for living, business etc.

    On the other hand, I just finished listening to Doug Batchelors 2020 yr in review. He stated this was the largest year for requests for bibles, bible studies, prayer requests etc. People are looking for answers.

    There is alot going on. I am planning on reading the book.

  30. This blog has, at times, been a lifeline to me. Been reading since it’s started.
    The church, sadly, has been my biggest disappointment in life. And yet, there is a huge revival going on behind the scenes. So many young families with lots of children involved in their local church, helping one another out through these strange times. But, even there, the divide is palpable and it surrounds politics, sadly.

    I too agree with others that most of this Country is filled with God-fearing patriotic Americans who are not happy with the government. Everywhere you look, people are talking about secession, civil war, self-sufficiency, as if the majority understand what is coming. Honestly, it seems to me, that if we all just take our LOCAL government to task and work out from there, we can turn things around. The big picture is just too complex, for me anyway.

    1. Sarasue

      Same in Australia, the Church is lost, falling over themselves to follow NAR. Disgusts me, I don’t go to a Church now, why?, I can find no place of worship that seeks after experiences based on feelings instead of the foundational written word as their only guide.

  31. My prayer for this country is that everyone gets the right kinds of misery in strong enough measure to bring them into the kingdom of God. That is what America needs most.

  32. Friend Jim,

    I disagree with your perceptive and articulate article in only one respect, that there is little we as individuals can do. I lean upon your serial kindness once again to mention, once again, the mission of which I am honored to be part,

    To all who look for remote safety, I moved to Appalachian Redoubt thirty-odd years ago and have been fighting corrupt local government almost that long. To those who aspire to the security that may come from invisibility, I quote Franklin that we must all hang together lest we hang separately. Also remember Bonhoeffer’s statement “First they came for…”

    We, the People established this Republic explicitly, and for the explicit purpose of securing our rights. What we built is a mechanism for securing them. It is time to turn the key.

  33. More on the subject of betrayal…

    The closing line of Sidney Powell’s commentary when she was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh’s guest host: “It is absolutely the most appalling criminal operation in the history of our country.”

    For those who didn’t get to hear the radio program, it’s worth reading her statement.

  34. JWR, everything you have stated is of course true and the comments are again indicative of the thoughtful individuals on this site. I am confident that most of the individuals that read SB understand that at the base the real problem is a spiritual one. This nation’s failure in the spiritual realm have had and will have real and significant effects on our physical reality.

    The deception has been going on since way before the foundation of the Republic but it is of the Republic I wish to speak. All the points brought up in the article and the thoughtful comments given are missing a crucial point. We no longer living under a Constitutional Republic. It is so frustrating, the Constitution is so clear, and yet time and time again it is obfuscated by supposedly intelligent individuals. The common man on the street understands what is meant by ‘freedom of speech’ , ‘the right to bear arms shall not be infringed’ and yet the Constitution is continually ignored.

    We need to deeply study out true history, not the history taught to us by our jailers! We have not been a Constitutional Republic since 1871. Congress in 1871 by way of the Act of 1871 literally SOLD our Republic. The debt of the ‘War Between the States’ put the Republic into bankruptcy and the Congress of 1871 created a corporation out of the District of Columbia and sold the Corporation to foreign interests to pay the debt. From that point on our Federal Government has been a corporate entity bases on contract law not a Constitutional Republic.
    The Republic is still there just ignored as the citizens of the Republic have change their citizenship to the corporate state.

    This is really a deep interesting and extremely pertinent subject but way to deep to go into here. I would suggest that all Patriots study about the true meaning of the Constitutional Republic and how it has been craftily concealed from us. Right up JWRs reference to deception and betrayal.

  35. Great article…one observation for your new acronym…switch around the last 3 words…saying ..We are living in the age of betrayal and deception…that way it reads WALITAOBAD… does not change the meaning at all,but is easier to remember…plus the double meaning as in BAD is what those words mean…just a thought !

  36. Sorry all If the market does not crash it is all blah blah blah. I have not seen any mass protests agents the lock downs since they got selective. No churches have rose up , No common people raise up as long as the 401 makes money. So please your grace in god is OK but please actually do something in mass. Not gonna happen is it. Be a sheep no prob . Please dont talk about the effect it has on you cusze it does not you still making money. If you actually organize a mass protest let me know. Blm antifa do it all the time lol. Peace

  37. Currently live (and grew up) in Chicago. Also lived in California for two years and Texas for 8. In four years when I am able to retire I plan on either moving to rural or semi-rural Florida or Wyoming. Chicago has become much too socialist and lost a lot of its religious foundation. JWR, thanks for all your articles/posts over the years….

  38. President Trump is asking every American for help. I am calling on every friend and SB community member to hear him, and to offer assistance. Even among those of us who have answered the call before, it is time to answer that call AGAIN. We are making headway, and we must persevere. Nothing is assured in the battle against the evil of this election fraud, and the attempt to bring our Republic to its knees. We cannot let this happen, and we must speak up. Please call and email members of your state legislators and members of Congress today. In fact, you might not only contact your representatives, you might consider contacting those from other states whose decisions affect all of America.

    Here are the contact phone numbers…

    Time for state legislators to take the Election seriously.

    President @realDonaldTrump needs you to DEMAND they call a SPECIAL SESSION & hear the evidence.

    Contact your state legislators NOW!

    GA: (404) 656-1776

    WI: (608) 266-2517

    MI: (517) 373-6339

    AZ: (602) 542-4331

    — Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) December 30, 2020

  39. Wow. A clear trumpet call to watch, pray and be a decisive leader. JWR warns and prepares us with insights for 2021. We are facing the spectre of global Marxism, popularized and promoted in corrupt media, gov and movies. Simply put, SB shows the world these traitors : the betrayers of the American family, private property and personal liberty.

    They corrupt our youth from grades K- college. Romanticized Marxism is promoted and sold in US schools. Our kids pay thousands of dollars for corruption via gov promoted education. Trash.

    All who seek wisdom, must take it to heart. Take it to the Lord, in prayer.

    Thanks for writing, sir.

    ~ JM

  40. JWR thank you for the great article , and here comes the but . The but is the notion it will be broken into states . For example out of 3006 counties in the USA Joe Biden won 477 , half that of Obama at 871 in 2012 . And only 54 counties went to Joe at a rate over 75%. Even uber liberal Seattle in King county went for Joe at 74.6 % , just barely making the cut . So what you have is tiny enclaves of liberals throwing their urban weight around trying to decide on how others should live .
    No, I see county against county , zip code against zip code . Deep Blue attacking Deep Red and the battlegrounds will be literally and figuratively in the suburbs . This is already taking place with AntiFa . The Fort Sumpter moment is coming and this time there will be little room for fence sitters . The two items that will disappear first will be food and electricity..

  41. Hi Jim

    About a week ago, my YT Bushraft channel was banned for some reason known only to them, I lost all my content and subs as well, not happy about it, I was always honest and spoke my view ( Christian conservative ) against NAR, etc, first I knew abo about it, was when I received an e-mail from the overlords, declaring I had broken ( their rules) on one too many occasions, I got no prior warning e-mails, censorship is in full force now. My father during WW2 fought against NAZI Germany, he would be disgusted with how our society has become so socialist.

  42. JWR, it’s a difficult task to tie together so many issues, but you did it well.

    I have long believed that some form of secession will be necessary in order to protect our rights.
    I also believe this can be a “no fault divorce” with a peaceful separation. No need for civil war 2.0.
    The original idea of having a union of States protected local decisions, local customs, local control. We’ve lost that as most people seem to want an all powerful Federal dictatorship.
    Perhaps our union needs to become a “commonwealth” similar to the connection between the UK, Canada, Australia. Etc. I can see the Redoubt becoming an independent Nation, but still connected to old US as a “commonwealth nation.” We preserve our freedom, but maintain military and economic connections.

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