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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Idaho’s population growth.   (See the Idaho section.)


‘Demand is through the roof’: The housing market crisis in Boise

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Some Idaho residents unhappy with rate of population growth

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Protesters gather outside lawmaker’s home after introduction of anti-picketing bill

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Avalanche in Southeast Idaho kills Preston man

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Five Idaho Airmen transfer to U.S. Space Force in ‘historical’ change.


Gianforte signs ‘constitutional carry’ gun bill. JWR’s Comments: The law is now effect, and will also apply to Montana college campuses as of June 1, 2021.​ And by the way, the Utah Governor signed a similar bill, just a week ago. It is good to see that firearms freedom is still on the march, at the State level.

Next, we need the State legislatures to pass Constitutional Gun Sales laws — exempting citizens of the states from any federal restrictions on intrastate sales of firearms, ammunition, reloading components, gun optics, or gun accessories. That way “Universal Background Checks” will only apply to legitimate Federal interstate jurisdiction, per the Commerce Clause.

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Bozeman man takes to street with signs about housing market

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Dillon man arraigned for role in Capitol riot. And here is a news report about the man and the murals on his appliance store.

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Bill would delay sales of recreational marijuana in Montana by one year

Central & Eastern Oregon

Lopez pleads guilty to initiating false report

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Coalition seeks to prevent Easterday Farms Dairy from opening up in Oregon

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DCSO honors truck-driver heroes for life-saving actions after fiery crash

Central & Eastern Washington

K9 police officer arrested for DUI on highway north of Pasco. Deputies say he fought back

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MMA fighter makes, and then is removed from the most wanted list


Half of all grizzlies captured in 2020 were in Park County

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Court approves new union agreement with bankrupt coal firm

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Green River Basin Scenic Byway receives All-American Road Designation

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  1. Y’all think your unhappy with the population growth just wait till they change your politics and schools etc. because “they” outnumber you now.
    You’ll regret that vote with your feet thing.
    I ain’t wishing it on you but it’s happened in too many other places to not know the inevitable.

  2. IMHO Moving to conservative areas just starts the cycle over gain. There is no escaping the problems of a growing population, this just gives people a little breathing room for a while.

    I think the next trend is going to be repopulating old forgotten mining towns in the deserts of the west, after people are done destroying the developed rural areas.

  3. Congratulations to all who are chosen for service in the USSF! The development of the Space Force is critical to our defense, and I am hoping that its course remains true to the cause it was designed to serve under President Trump.

  4. I wouldn’t even get a Nasal swab

    Nanoparticles for nasal vaccination

    Hydrogel nanoparticles and nanocomposites for nasal drug/vaccine delivery

    Nasal vaccine innovation

    Johns Hopkins researchers take inspiration from parasitic work for medicine delivery

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months

    1. Oh Lord God, this is so much like the Mark of the Beast

      One will not be able to buy or sell without it:

      Proposed Bill in the Knesset:

      Bill to give info on unvaccinated residents to cities faces final Knesset votes
      Health union warns legislation will undermine trust in municipalities; labor union, businesses said close to deal on banning unvaccinated going in to work

      I want to post these types of articles because what happens in Israel will happen around the world. Israel is the front-runner of these technologies and policies and is enacting them first as the template for the rest of the world to follow…watch!

      1. I also see the day coming when Covid vaccine passports will be in force.
        The new Johnson&Johnson Covid vaccine coming online soon is not made with RNA technology.
        I wonder if it will be safer.

        1. Hey KayBee… I am wondering the same thing about the Johnson and Johnson version of the vaccine. It’s supposed to be a one-shot option (vs. the two-dose strategy), and the delivery platform is an adenovirus. This one can be stored at much more normal refrigeration temperatures which probably places it at less risk for complications (degradation) associated with transportation or storage issues. It’s a complicated question, and one we’re all trying to sort out together at the SB, within our households, according to our beliefs, and with the assistance of our doctors.

      2. Why would Israel not be the leader in ushering in the mark?
        When Bibi came to DC, all the swamp critters, with exception of Barry, welcomed him and basically kissed his south end.
        Lily, thank you following this and posting…gives some thought provoking and verification material to chew on.
        Notice how the article,gently mentions “Conspiracy Theorists” for refusing vaccine

      3. In Revelation it speaks of the Mark of the beast being once received you become irredeemable. Many had questions on this over the years. Why would a father not take it to feed his family? Why would he be irredeemable? Why if it was just a chip could it not be removed? Like if you knew death was immanent.
        This is now coming to light what the mark really is. The vaccines I don’t believe are but may be a precursor to the mark.
        Here is the gist of it. It’s always been about the blood. Jesus shed his blood for us. Satan tried to pervert the human bloodlines preflood.
        You have to be purely human in order to receive salvation. If you take a vaccine that modifies you genetically you are no longer purely human and since this is in your blood there is no removal like a simplistic chip may be.
        Abels blood cried from the ground in Genesis. Satan tried to destroy the human bloodline. Fee Fie Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman. The rise of Vampire culture. Satan gives a Luciferian option of true salvation by giving this false option to living a long healthy life by altering your blood. It’s been his plan from the start.
        As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man.
        Don’t be deceived.

      4. Avalanche Lily!
        It’s wise to be aware of what is happening around the world… You are right. If it’s going on elsewhere, it’s very likely to be coming here. It’s best to be aware.

        One aspect of all this that I find especially disturbing is the tyranny. My thinking is that true information in every regard and involving every aspect should be presented to the people, and the people should be allowed to make decisions for themselves.

        I remain a sincere believer that SARS-COV-2 (and its variants) are extraordinarily dangerous (much more so than many realize because there are misunderstandings related to the statistics). But… I also believe people should be allowed to make their own choices, and the basis for those choices should be true and fully informed consent.

        What I suspect is that people in authority are not only power and money-hungry, they are also very aware of exactly what this biological weapon is — and that it is and will remain dangerous, maybe for a long time, and maybe forever. The reason for this, my view, is that it is not a naturally occurring virus . Certainly there are notable examples of vicious naturally occurring viruses, and not all that occur in nature are or become relatively benign. Having said that, the engineered component of this may mean it will behave quiet differently.

        For all interested… The information shared by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, MD, PhD (virologist) has been very important and telling.

        If people knew the truth of this virus, they would not be fighting with one another. They would be bringing those responsible to trial before a world court for crimes against all of humanity.

        1. Jim speculates, that perhaps within six to nine months, we might not be able to eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, travel by any public transport without the vaccine and a proof of vaccination certificate…

          Plan accordingly.

          1. In that time we are also likely to see a lot more data related to the vaccines given to those who were willing to take them… This data may impact public opinion, and therefore public policy (not that the current regime appears to have much regard for public opinion).

            You’re right. Best to be prepared. …and of course this is always true. Always better prepared.

          2. If people start dying off in a few months they’re going to blame it on a new variant or another virus or “they had an underlying problem.” It won’t be the vaccine’s fault: Stealth bio-weapon.

            The Johnson and Johnson version won’t be much different. And why would anyone want to put something into their body that they really don’t know what it is? You really trust Man that much to have your well-being looked out for? How many times in history did that fail our ancestors??? Man has always experimented on their fellow man in the name of medicine, sorceries/pharmakiea ( SP)God says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. The knowledge is out there if one would dig for it. Do not trust in man, trust in God, and keep all foreign substances, as much as you are able, out of your body.

    2. Thank you again Lily, for having the courage to speak out about this. I am surprised more readers aren’t talking about it or responding. This sure looks like the mark of the beast. My doctor friend is telling me that not only do you have a 250% higher chance of dying from the vaccine than Covid, the vaccine sets you up to be tracked and traced for life, with the nanotechnology. The powers that be sure did a great job of planning this one out. I guess in a worst case scenario I will take my chances living in the woods . It is encouraging that lots of people are refusing the shot and even the tests.

    3. Lily,
      I am almost finished watching the bitchute video with Dr. Tenpenny. I’ve forwarded it on. There is soooo much pressure on certain professions: healthcare, emergency response, etc., to get the mRNA vaccine. So far, three people in my extended have have taken the vaccine. I haven’t been sleeping because it stresses me out so much. Those specific people are the kind that want to keep the blinders on for different reasons. They want peace more than they want Liberty. They don’t want to do the research. They don’t want to know that Satan is alive and well and will use whatever means necessary to destroy us. They don’t want to believe that the healthcare system is corrupt in many aspects (no offense to healthcare professionals personally). It’s very sad.

      To others, please watch the video, it’s almost 50 minutes. The Dr describes how the mRNA vaccine works, and later in the video they discuss politics and our current situation of tyranny in the country.

    4. Listening to Reinette Senum’s interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny… Well into it, and it’s worth investing the time for the insights of this conversation.

      One of the important aspects of this interview is the “newness” and the “not knowing” related to the new vaccine technologies.

      So again… Why the urgency?

      I continue to argue that we find ourselves — as a human civilization — between a terrible rock and a terrible hard place. We have the release of what I believe is a biological weapon, and we have a race against time to try to neutralize that biological weapon.

      What we do not have is the truth of what the virus really is, and how it was released, and what all of that means. …and in follow up, we don’t have the truth of the what is really known about this virus.

      There is a lot of noise, and it’s my view that an underlying aspect of this is panic (not dismissing tyrrany, but adding an aspect to this that I don’t think has been as fully explored as it should be).

      Back to the interview… There is an important conversation about “replication” related to the vaccine, and I am wondering if the Johnson and Johnson version is different in this regard? I am reading that the J&J version doesn’t have this aspect. Would be interested in the views of others who are medical experts or otherwise knowledgeable about this. Just another consideration.

    5. Dear fellow readers,

      I watched the 1 hour interview of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.
      Then I forwarded it to my family. My daughter works extremely long hours, and asked
      if I could give her a synopsis of what it was about. This was my reply to her:

      “Everyone you love needs to educate themselves with this lifesaving information.

      The doctor simplifies in layman’s terms the science of what the vaccine does in the body. Also, she uses her hands as visual aids.

      People who take the vaccine will have their health ruined, and possibly die by having destroyed their own natural defenses.

      Encourage those you love and care about to educate themselves.

      This is literally about your future quality of life, and life or death itself.”
      Love you 4ever, mom

      I care about you all here on the blog as well. Please watch the video and educate yourself.

      Lily, Lily, Lily… How can we ever repay you? We are in your debt for posting this. I had never heard of the interviewer or the doctor before, so would never have found this on my own. Thank you for sharing and helping save the lives of those I love.
      May the Lord bless you, keep you and give you peace, Krissy

  5. I’m not sure what to make of the Idaho bill regarding picketing at private residences. I don’t like the implication that our 1st Amendment rights are suspended because of where you are but I’ve never liked the idea of accosting politicians outside of their workplaces, i.e. out to dinner, or at their homes. It involves people who have nothing to do with the politician’s vote, such as their spouses and children and I think they could make a case for harassment even if the politician couldn’t. As much as I despise some of these politicians, I don’t think it’s right to disrupt their personal lives or activities, they have the same right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as everyone else even if we don’t agree with how they do it.

    Plus, as always, this is poorly written if it says you are in violation if you are intending to “harass or annoy”. That’s tough to prove in many cases.

  6. It seems like in Idaho two supervisors want to get rid of the first amendment. If a peaceful protest is on public land, even if in front of their houses, it is legal, period.
    Suck it up, you wanted the job. You do not get to pick and chose which parts of the Constitution you want to observe. If you cannot take the heat get out of the fire, this is just part of the job you asked for.

    1. Joe, your use of the term “public land” is very broad as was “in front of their house”. If the protest is on or in a public park across the street then i have no problem, however, if the protest extends to the driveway, yard, or in some cases the sidewalk then there could be a problem. A wife and or children should not have to be subjected to the increasingly vulgar language, very descriptive signs that seem to now be the norm. When a protest carries over in the the subdivisions of any politician, Republican or Democrat, then the privacy of neighbors is affected. If protesters don’t like a bill or vote by a politician then hold your protest to the city, county, state or federal building where the person works (if politicians work) not scaring the crap out of wives and children.

  7. Housing market , I talked a contractor from Bozeman Mt last summer and he said the two yrs leading up to 2020 were busy, real busy, but the 2020 yr has been crazy stupid busy.with 2/3’s of his work being new housing and 1/3 being commercial. He said most of the people coming, moving in are from the west coast ( half being from Calif ) and talk about different, goofy, and bordering on stupid ideas on how things should be done. From building, to politics, they have some really different ideas on thing should be done

    1. These people are currenyly flooding Texas and destoying it like a swarm of locusts. I left Texas last year and go back frequently and hardly recognize the place – just after a few months!

      It doesn’t take years with these people, they destroy places fast.

        1. Stories about people helping other people remind us of the good in our world… This is so important, and especially in times that are otherwise challenging, and too often dark. Thank you, Once a Marine! Great link.

  8. Just a point of clarification regarding Montana constitutional carry…June 1st applies to campus carry. The law went into effect immediately upon signature! Yay for us!!

  9. RE: Idaho news, clearly demand for housing has sky rocketed in Boise and in the surrounding area causing a run up in prices,but if a person could be patience and just wait: the last time i saw this happen (2008 and i don’t know what the trigger will be this next time) the prices will correct and you can have your choice of any number of homes.
    As to the population growth, we came up here 10 years ago for a number of reasons and of course we did have some roll their eyes at us(because of where we were from) but we told the locals we came to embrace the Idaho lifestyle and were leaving the old one behind! and every encounter i have with a newcomer i make it a point to remind them they will be better received here too if they do the same.
    RE: anti picketing bill, This past Saturday our local representatives were doing town hall meetings in their district and we made it to their last stop for the day and this item was brought up by one of the people in the audience and at first i was with spotlight and his thinking that they have a right to privacy but, when our rep. Ryan Kerby commented on how “they” the king makers can’t be bothered by the little people and our 1A rights could only be exercised from a distance i had a change of mind,when they make the laws that cause unrest in our life’s and we can’t be in peace then neither can they.

  10. Okay, here’s a Montana News Alert for ya:

    A civil rights lawyer-turned-rabbi cites Jewish law in Montana State Legislature

    Noahide Laws Alert: This Is Not CONSTITUTIONAL LAW nor is it BIBLICAL, it is TALMUDIC and KABBALISTIC Jewish Law.

    Yessir, there is a moral standard in Jewish Law/Noahide Laws that ***appears*** Biblical, but is not. It strays very far from the Biblical Law that God Gave at Mount Sinai. Noahide law separates Jews from the Gentiles and is very unfair to the Gentiles, and is against Idol worshippers — of which Christians believing in Jesus, are the chief offenders.

    They’ve got an agenda to push the Noahide laws in every city and state in our country.

    If you’re from Montana, you should study up on the Noahide Laws and question this Rabbi on his beliefs and motives, other than the moral law.

    This is NOT an anti-semitic attack, but an understanding of the differences between a Theocracy and a Democratic Republic.

    It is guarding our American Constitution based on the Bible alone — not those endless Talmudic discourses.

  11. Re: Eastern Oregon CAFO-confined animal feeding operation. They’ve been trying to expand a CAFO in little Wilder, ID (population 1800) from 6,000 head to 15,000 head. It is uphill from a very nice subdivision on the Snake river with a beautiful golf course below that. Many many residents protested, signed petitions and had great leadership and organizing to stop the expansion. The new owner can still appeal but after what was learned from the meetings (zoom) with county commissioners and having the county planning and zoning itself say the permit should be denied I don’t think the owner will have another chance. He should put his CAFO around his property, not in someone else’s backyard where he thought he could just throw his weight and reputation around and get it approved.

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