The Fleecing of History – Part 3, by Lazer

(Continued from Part 2.)

The Birth of Communism

And here ladies and gentlemen is where the greatest revelation lies…the birth of the infamous Communist Manifesto. When Karl Marx viewed the world, he started as a socialist – but realized that socialism takes too long to accomplish its goal. If one could have the “leaders” make all the decisions, no-one would have to really worry about anything! Life would be easy! Only time is the great hand that slaps humans in the face to wake them up after implementing Communism. Communism after all, is based on subject obedience and brainwashing, plain and simple. One must do as all do, or one will be as none.

The big difference between the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Communist Empire…is communication. Once the radio was invented, mail was not the quickest form of communication anymore. Radio could transmit across countries, across Oceans, across political boundaries. Information became available at light speed compared to script, horse, and even telegraph.

While I am not a Communist, or a Socialist, or a Nationalist, or a Fascist, or a Nihilist, or even an Optometrist…I have studied the effects of said brain disorders throughout my years of life with vigor. The common denominator of the people that fall into the guise of these methodologies is greed. Greed is the ultimate subterfuge sin…it lies in wait with polite patience. When you least expect it to pop up; it pits neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, wife against husband, etc. It can be something as simple as arguing who gets the last scoop of ice-cream to something as serious as murder.

Even I am guilty of greed, I will admit it readily…as I am sure you are. Do you wish you had 3 shipping containers full of food, bullets, and bandaids? Want is greed, lust is greed, jealousy is greed. Communism relies on the nature of man to be jealous of each other and pit that against each other, while the “elected leaders” fleece everything out from under you and blame someone else. They know that they can pit us against each other, they know that we will fight over crumbs while they write backdoor policy and remove the wealth of our currencies…because they have studied how we react under certain previous empires, governments and dictatorships. Cue the new school bread and circus’… now available on radio!

I am going to break down with a visual aid if you will for a Commie analogy…Imagine one apple tree full of the tastiest looking apples. It has been well cared for, and is full and ripe, ready to be picked. Right next door, another wild tree of the same apple (variety, age, and type), with blemished and misshapen fruit. Would it be a stretch to assume that the first tree was of better quality because of the care by its steward? Spraying for pests, watering for health, weeding for competition? Work, and pride in that work, went into that tree to make it what it is compared to the alternate tree. Free choice for a given end result made that beautiful product.

Let’s drag this analogy further…suppose you took all of the apples off of that first tree and put them in a pile in front of 3 people. Would those people be able to eat those apples all in the few weeks it takes them to spoil? Likely not – you would need to preserve, store, and stagger your harvest/consumption to ensure no fruit went to waste through the year, not to mention the stomachache.

So, you have that first beautiful tree right? The commies come and say “Wow, everyone should be able to share the joy in eating from that apple tree right!? After all, nature gave us the bounty of that tree, and we all are part of nature!” They instill greed and lust right then and there. This is the beginning – lust for the beauty/wealth of others which cost them nothing to admire. Let’s say they are successful and convince everyone else to “vote” to steal the hard work of the owner of that first tree to share amongst themselves. They kill the owner for daring to defend his property against their “unanimous decision” as they rob him, pick all the fruit, and eat 1/3 of it before it rots.

The next year comes, and, for the good of the masses, the 3 people are appointed to tend the trees to make more apples. They plant more seeds, but do not know that apples do not come true to seed, and take years to produce. The following season, they still have only the original two trees producing. Both produce mediocre fruit, misshapen and filled with worms from lack of care. Only 1/3 of the harvest is reasonably edible. Most of that edible harvest goes to their “leaders” to distribute to others (HA!). By the time the 3 get tired of cutting out the worms and rot, they give up and 75% of the remaining crop is wasted. This continues year over year, until the trees are bare, and cut down to heat their houses. Famine is at the doorstep, and the rulers begin feeding the 3 owners to their dogs.

Communists look at resources in current potential, always as the whole, always what is good for the whole…that is…after the top brass have taken their share. I mean hey, how can I manage this whole country without private travel, armed consortiums, and a few dozen houses!? A resource exists at a given quantity because that is what is available, they make no effort to understand why that resource is available. The result is all too common with governmental manipulation and mismanagement. A $75 hammer, bridges/roads that buckle under their own weight from cutting costs (or ripping up roads entirely), $3 trillion health plans that only let you get Chinese meds, etc.

This is exactly what was seen in the USSR; the Bolsheviks planted the seed of lust, and the rest was human nature. Greed for the “good of others” (remember you are one of those others), or “Re-distributing the wealth of the Rich” as our American commies are now spewing, is the root of human desire. Desire…that is what I identify as the component of greed and the lure to communism. Human beings are designed to desire things. Things like closeness to others, feelings of importance, love, contribution, and purpose. All of these things are available in a solid relationship…but unfortunately also (with the exception of Love) from an all-powerful government.

Remember; communism has no God, for it is convinced that it can replace God and family. Millions of Soviet peoples were depressed from the mismanagement of previous governments, and desired to feel a sense of purpose…and full bellies. They allowed zealots to highjack their structure of leadership, and to take from the top of the pile, as they themselves received promises of a constant dusting of the proceeds as the fruit of that resource withered away. The people of Ukraine will tell you plainly for those who remember the 7 million there that starved to death, while the “Motherland” took the wheat from their own backyards.

The takeaways are vast, but I will attempt to summarize.
• When a person says they want something “for the good of…” they are likely a commie.
• When a person says that “everyone will receive / needs / has a right to have…” they are likely a commie.
• When a person says anything negative towards the importance of a family…they are a commie, or at least a socialist.
• When a person says “it is not fair that I don’t get…” they are acting like a commie.
• When a person or group says “It’s for the children!” they are probably a commie, possibly a fascist.
• Any statement against religion, no matter the religion, is a statement towards communism.

Even though I do not agree with or support other religions than my own, I recognize that freedom of religion is everyone’s right.

I can politely attempt to share the truth without being aggressive, and hope that you join His table in peace.
Like the analogy of the apple tree, once you get to a certain point where you see no benefit from any work that you put into life, you give up. You stop actively producing and begin bare-minimum’ing. That is the great deceit of communism – desire works both ways – you don’t desire to do anything you don’t see benefit from. When everybody wins…nobody wins. Remember, the riches of a country is in its people…not always its resources.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 4.)


  1. Great series thank you. Most people don’t realize what it is and how dangerous to society Communism really is.

    Most Americans are oblivious to this creeping death that is now upon us. I’ve been teaching my litte kids about it and how to fight it.

    Could you imagine back in the 60’s , 70’s, and 80’s if the store shelves were filled with “made in USSR” labels on 95% of the items? Americans wouldn’t have tolerated it – Yet that is the equivilent to what we have now.

  2. I would make a slight modification: both Capitalism and Communism are based on human greed, the difference is who owns the labor and who gets the fruit of the labor. In Capitalism the individual owns the labor and keeps the fruit of their labor to preserve/consume/sell/give away as the individual chooses. Capitalism thereby preserves/enhances initiative and innovation.

    Contrast that to Communism where the government owns the labor and gets the fruit of the labor to distribute as the leaders choose. Communism thereby inhibits initiative and innovation, eventually bringing the country to ruin.

    1. It would be more accurate to say that communism, socialism, and their ilk are all based, ultimately, on covetousness. Desiring something someone else has, as opposed to desiring something like it, obtained by one’s own efforts. Ultimately, most sins can be traced to covetousness and selfishness.

      As Christians, we are called on to be generous and selfless. Yet when the State gets involved, it’s no longer generosity or Christian charity. This is one more reason why we as Christians should oppose any Statist ideology, because it robs us of the opportunity to give as guided by the Spirit. Another example of the State usurping God’s place.

  3. A client of mine was in a Eastern European country a few years back, talking with an acquaintance at a local pub. The two men had been talking about socialism, communism and capitalism. The Eastern European gentleman, who had lived through the worst of what communism had to offer, was asked, “What do you think of the current state of affairs in the U.S.?” The gentleman thought for a moment and then answered, “Communism with palm trees, very pretty.” Enough said!!

  4. When a people leave the God of the Universe and his laws,{The Ten Commandments}, Thou Shall Not Covet thy neighbors wife or his goods,then they are adrift with no mooring! So,naturally there is nothing to restrain the natural sinful leanings!! It is a Spiritual battle, we are either with The GOD of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob and HIS SON, JESUS OUR MESSIAH or Satan. PatVT

  5. Hey Lazer, a very thought-provoking article.

    “Fear is a powerful motivator when people perceive their destruction outright if they do not comply. Throw into the mix a “moral and social obligation”, and you can twist and pressure people into anything you want.”

    This applies to every single form of government that’s ever been tried, not just communism. Fear is a huge motivator in the U.S. Try not paying your property taxes for three years and see how quickly the sheriff shows up with drawn guns to force you off your property so the new owners who bought it at the county auction can move in. Try not marching off to Vietnam when you get drafted against your will and see what happens. Try open carrying a handgun and then become a felon when you put your jacket on. Try telling the IRS to stick it where the sun don’t shine. But the majority say it’s all necessary because “we have a moral and social obligation.” Americans are just as brainwashed and living in fear as most of those living under every other form of government. As you pointed out, I DON’T have a moral and social obligation. Let’s see all the hypocrites who say that I do voluntarily pay their “dues” and you’d see a huge dropoff in government revenues. Nobody likes their hard-earned money stolen, including the “moral and social” hypocrites. What they do like is using force and theft on their fellow men under the guise of government taking care of us.

    “Communism after all, is based on subject obedience and brainwashing, plain and simple.”

    I would go so far as to say that Americans are much more obedient to the Elites and much more brainwashed than the people in the USSR were. The people living under communism in the Soviet Union just had to look around and they knew that Communism was a huge failure and a load of bravo sierra, regardless of that their leaders were trying to brainwash them with. Americans clearly buy into a lot of crap that is clearly bad for us as individuals and for the nation, but they buy into it only because it’s packaged in a prettier box.

    I mentioned a book yesterday late in the day so most likely nobody saw it. I’m sure you’d enjoy it Lazer and it helps to explain why so many humans (Americans and all others) buy into it all. The book is called The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner. If nothing else, it’s helpful because by the time you get done with it, you won’t get as frustrated with people who can’t see the obvious and you’ll have a better understanding of why they can’t and don’t want to see the obvious, no matter how hard it’s biting them in the hind quarters. There’s an interesting section in the book on how critical thinking is hardwired into our brains and why some people are just incapable of it.

    Looking forward to part 4.

  6. I could not teach history, government, and economics today. I taught my students to look at economics and politics using a spectrum: Starting at the left you have communism, then socialism, then liberalism, then progressivism and you arrive at the center. From the center you move to conservatism, then neo-conservatism (international banking cartel), then one world government, then fascism. At both ends of the spectrum beyond communism and fascism, you have anarchists. What do they believe communist and fascist believe in top down dictatorial government, centrally planned or one dominant company to an industry economics, and total subservience of the people. Communists believe in central planning by the state. Fascists believe in monopoly capitalism (we saw that in the unrestricted 19th century rise of monopolies, the end result of unrestricted capitalism).

    Now take the ends of the spectrum and bend them into a circle. Where do you find the greatest freedom? In the center with limited government and carefully regulated capitalism that allows easy entry into the market (real capitalism).

    The apple example was good, but there is another that may be better. Use milk. When the government takes the milk (think taxes), they take the cream off the top, the most nutritious part of the milk leaving the rest for the general population.

    We see this happening now. Shut down the pipelines: punish the states that did not support the current administration. Limit travel to Florida: Shut down those who have done the best job dealing with the pandemic and opening their economy because they are embarrassing the governments of the closed states and national government.

    I operate my life in the following manner. I am a “deplorable”: Hillary Clinton an amoral sociopath said so. I am a “chump”: Joe Biden a mentally challenged old man said so. I “cling to my God, my Bible and my Guns”: King Ba-rack I said so.
    Yes, God is first in my life followed by my family (both biological and church). Yes, I study my Bible every single day, and then attempt to follow its teachings to the best of my ability (I am a sinner and depend on God’s grace when I fall short). As to my guns, I consider this to be a direct attack on the Constitution of the United States which I affirmed an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. So Mr. Obama I make no apologies for my support of the Constitution, every last phrase in it.

    Another excellent article!

    1. “I could not teach history, government, and economics today. I taught my students to look at economics and politics using a spectrum: Starting at the left you have communism, then socialism, then liberalism, then progressivism and you arrive at the center. From the center you move to conservatism, then neo-conservatism (international banking cartel), then one world government, then fascism. At both ends of the spectrum beyond communism and fascism, you have anarchists. What do they believe communist and fascist believe in top down dictatorial government, centrally planned or one dominant company to an industry economics, and total subservience of the people. Communists believe in central planning by the state. Fascists believe in monopoly capitalism (we saw that in the unrestricted 19th century rise of monopolies, the end result of unrestricted capitalism).”

      You laid it out beautifully, brother. Your students were lucky to study under you. This sentence especially speak to one important function of government: “Fascists believe in monopoly capitalism (we saw that in the unrestricted 19th century rise of monopolies, the end result of unrestricted capitalism).”

      That important function is to serve as a counterweight to the rapacious greed of some capitalist tycoons. In this way, the ordinary people are protected from the predations of monstrous corporations. Rod Dreher says it well in #3 of the Crunchy Con Manifesto: “We affirm the superiority of the free market as an economic organizing principle, but believe the economy must be made to serve humanity’s best interests, not the other way around. Big business deserves as much skepticism as big government.”

      Carry on

  7. Lazer is unclear in the definition of Communism.

    Is it the public scam– No private property and free goodies for all?

    Or is it the Real one — in which a small elite live in luxury while the masses live in bleak poverty?

    Because the Real one greatly resembles what the Democratic billionaires and their Dongressional prostitutes have been doing the past 4 years.

    From US Army Field Manual 30-31: Stability Operations – Intelligence (Appendix B), 1970

    “a. Lenin’s doctrine was that two elements working together were necessary to effect a subversive political revolution—a small elite group of professional revolutionists and large popular organizations. Neither group could be totally effective alone, Lenin maintained. The professional revolutionists would ‘be but an “isolated band of terrorists” without mass organizations. Mass organizations, on the other hand, would be incapable of maintaining the secrecy necessary for subversive activity. What was required, then, was to strike a balance in the working relationship between these two entities.

    b. Communists have never aimed at the conversion of great masses of people to Communist Party membership. Their whole concept is that of a small Party—compact, mobile, disciplined, dedicated, and consisting largely of an intellectual elite. It is the task of this small group to utilize scientifically the social forces that move and direct the masses so that the Communist Party may come to power over them and impose forcibly the Communist program. The Communist aim, then, is to recruit in the service of the Party great numbers of individuals, most of whom are unconscious that they are serving the Communist cause.

    c. Mass organizations serve the Party leadership in at least five distinct ways. First, they provide the Party with a seemingly legitimate front which by outward appearances represents the interests of the population. Second, they provide a cover which diverts attention away from the Party and its operations. Third, they provide a means of diverting the allegiance of the population away from the legal government and mobilizing its support in behalf of the insurgency movement. Fourth, they constitute a means of social control. Last, they provide the apparatus for establishing a “shadow” or actual government, competing with or replacing that of the legal government. “

    1. Don, in this statement, are you saying there are no Republican billionaire doing any of this?

      “Or is it the Real one — in which a small elite live in luxury while the masses live in bleak poverty?

      Because the Real one greatly resembles what the Democratic billionaires and their Dongressional prostitutes have been doing the past 4 years.”

      The elites use the party label simply as a convenience, without loyalty to anything but their bottom line, methinks. I reckon the bumper stickers on the steam roller that is crushing Joe Sixpack are balanced Biden/Trump.

      Carry on

      1. I see Republican prostitutes as the honest enemy who shoots you from the front — and does not try to hide what he is.

        What is infuriating about the Democrats is that they are just as corrupt as the worse Republican but they are far bigger liars.

        They pretend to be the working man’s friend just so they can stab him in the back in the midst of battle. Loudly proclaim their support for him –just so they can gain the power to subvert, undermine and sabotage any faction trying to actually improve his lot. Look at what they DO versus what they SAY.

        A 2008 article re the current Democrat Majority Leader in the US Senate:

  8. “As to my guns, I consider this to be a direct attack on the Constitution of the United States which I affirmed an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

    Hey Grey Mann, on SB none of the military folks or anyone else that took that oath has been able to answer my question. Please give me a reply and I don’t want to argue so I won’t answer back and I’ll say “Thanks” in advance.

    Since you took an oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies, and you’ve clearly stated that you consider gun laws current and pending to be a direct attack on the Constitution (so do I), what are you and your other oath takers doing about it? I don’t think I’ve seen in my lifetime any foreigners who we needed to defend the constitution against (not counting people whose affairs we’ve meddled in for no good reason), they’ve clearly all been domestic enemies, so why are you and rest of the oath takers not doing anything about all the domestic enemies of the Constitution which you swore and oath to do something about?

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. There are two Constitutions for the “United States”. One is for the District of Columbia, a corporation known as the United States. This is the one the ‘oath takers’ pledge to protect unknowingly. The other is the united states of America, the 50 states that “We the Sheeple” enjoy. The ‘oath’ is just a formality when it comes to defending individual liberties and is broken by all who take it.

      1. Hey Jima, I mentioned I wouldn’t argue back so I’ll stick to that. I haven’t sworn any oaths so from my viewpoint on the Group W bench I’m trying to figure out exactly what that oath means to those who have sworn it.

        Is there any way you or anyone else who has taken the oath can answer the question?

        1. St. Funogas has a very valid question. Why attack him, Just Answer the Question.

          I think this answers for most. After all HE Suffered directly from Communisms Gulags so I think he know of what he speaks eh?

          “Every man always has handy a dozen glib little reasons why he is right not to sacrifice himself.”
          ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

          “Oh, “what an intelligent, farsighted humane administration from top to bottom,” as Supreme Court Judge Leibowitz of New York State wrote in Life magazine, after having visited Gulag. “In serving out his term of punishment the prisoner retains a feeling of dignity.” That is what he comprehended and saw.

          Oh, fortunate New York State, to have such a perspicacious jackass for a judge!

          And oh, you well-fed, devil-may-care, nearsighted, irresponsible foreigners with your notebooks and your ball-point pens – beginning with those correspondents who back in Kem asked the zeks questions in the presence of the camp chiefs – how much you have harmed us in your vain passion to shine with understanding in areas where you did not grasp a lousy thing!”
          ― Alexander Solschenizyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

          There were Liberals making nice with the Gulag ideas for a long time.

          Thus they “Feel” it would be a wonderful thing, a Humane thing to Re-Educate you.

          “We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. It is not necessary during the interrogation to look for evidence proving that the accused opposed the Soviets by word or action. The first question which you should ask him is what class does he belong to, what is his origin, his education and his profession. These are the questions which will determine the fate of the accused. Such is the sense and the essence of red terror.”
          ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

          Cancel culture, labeling you as not a Human with a name but as a deplorable is first step towards extermination as a pest.

          Plenty more worth reading. History repeats because it’s human nature writ LARGE.

          Pray for wisdom He will give it.

          1. My family has had much experience with the Communists, Fascists ( German mother, Czech father ) most died under brutality, torture, beatings, why?, they spoke out, declared enemy of the State. I am now over 60, yet I see the West riddled with socialism now, sickens me, it’s in the schools, military, University, business, homes, everywhere, so few stand against this malignant evil. We thought we left these isms behind to be in the West, how wrong we were, there is nowhere to run to now, we have made our final choice.

    2. St. F, as a retired senior NCO, I do see domestic enemies. Over the years, they have slowly stolen our liberty. The problem is determining when the line is crossed from ballot box to cartridge box. So far, though standing at the line, we find ourselves not willing to take the first shot. Our enemies are pushing and probing. Someone will take that first shot. Until then, we train and prepare and observe. No need to rush into this. There will be more than enough suffering and blood to go around. Oh, we also pray…my advice to you as well. Pray.

      1. Well said, brother. It is a sad and difficult place where many of us find ourselves. For some time, I’ve understood how Bobby Lee must’ve felt around 1860.

        As to whether or not we are doing anything, I think it’s interesting that the US military has recently determined the 3%’ers are now considered “domestic extremists”. So apparently someone considers us a legitimate threat.

    3. I vote and promote candidates that profess to work for limited government…..some do and some disappoint me. If you are advocating revolution == the armed variety– that would be a last revolt when which the enemies of the Constitution must start and they have not yet — where do you stand by the way?

  9. The Army, however, notes in its counterinsurgency manual that insurgencies succeed when the existing government is corrupt and ruled by selfish elites that ignore the problems and misery of the population.

    Today, the richest 1 percent of the US population owns 40 percent of US wealth. Can anyone explain to me why the average citizen should fight and die on the battlefield to protect that wealth? Why register our sons for military service if a foreign dictator would not screw us as badly as our own elites are doing?

    Could it be that there is no real difference between our rulers and the rulers of the Soviet Union –other than who grabs the wealth?

    In the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary Larry Summers took control of our Russia policy and let a few oligarchs steal everything not nailed down while the Russian people suffered a huge collapse in living standards, nutrition and life span.

    In 2009, Barack Obama put Fat Larry in charge of the Big Bailout and Larry applied the Yeltsin Policy here– letting a lot of billionaires keep the loot while dumping 8 years of high unemployment onto the American people. 40,000 more Americans committed suicide during the Obama years than what would have been projected from the prior decade — and the two -faced prostitutes on Capitol Hill dare today to complain about “violence”?

    1. “Can anyone explain to me why the average citizen should fight and die on the battlefield to protect that wealth? Why register our sons for military service if a foreign dictator would not screw us as badly as our own elites are doing?”

      Hey Don, lots of good points. We’re not that far away from our daughters and granddaughters having to register for the draft. I’m curious how Americans and especially Conservatives will respond to that, especially when the time comes, and it will, that our daughters have to march off to war to make sure those Elites you’re referring to can have their wealth and war-supply contracts protected.

  10. AmeriKa has been living under soft communism since the 1930s. All Ten Planks of Marx’s plan have been implemented on the U.S. Sheeple without a bleat.

  11. Very important article Lazer. What is the old saying about forgetting history? These are the stated goals of the communist party as excerpted from Cleon Skousen’s 1958 book, “The Naked Communist.” A congresscritter at the time wanted it entered into the Congressional record so it would not be buried and forgotten. It would appear that Kruschev was right when he said the communists would takeover America without firing a shot…

  12. The truth is – people as a group can not govern themselves. Our flaw was to grant citizenship and the right to vote, to everyone without any requirement to earn what should be a privilege.

    This country (like every other republic or democracy) will fail due to human laziness and greed.

    If you what to know the truth, read the book and the writings of the framers of the constitution.

    There is a great lesson in the story of The Tower of Babel. Not one human melting pot has achieved equality and the test of time.

    The only possible result of our current actions is war and servitude to one of the isms.

  13. Snopes is frequently cited by liberals when checking on the truth of various political claims. A few days ago, Snopes addressed the claim:

    “In a video displayed during U.S. President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial on Feb. 9, 2021, House Democrats did not show footage of Trump telling supporters on Jan. 6 to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.””

    Snopes verdict: TRUE

    I noticed that the News Media seemed strangely disinclined to report the defense mounted by Trump’s lawyers, while covering the Democrat claims in great detail.

      1. 1) Von Mises says no one actually in the working class came up with the Marxist arguments. But he ignores the fact that (a) working people don’t have the time or energy to sit around writing up claptrap at the end of the day – they are too exhausted. (b) if they did, no one would know it because the Rich who own the newspapers wouldn’t publish it

        2) Von Mises also seems to think the bulk of humanity is torn by the need to decide what luxury goods to buy – whereas most people are haunted by fear of how they will pay the rent and buy food if one of their children is sick and needs a doctor. I cracked up laughing at his argument that wages can’t stagnate over time – look at the US real median income over the past 40 years.

        3) Von Mises ignores the fact that the Rich do not dump $Billions into every election so that they can work themselves into the ground providing the best product at the cheapest price to consumers – they buy political favors to ensure they can put their thumb on the scale and destroy competitors. He obviously has never worked in the business he extols. He is like a fish describing the joy of flying.

        4) Von Mises also fails to explain why the Rich do not depend upon the magical free market to create the trained Army and advanced weapons needed to defend their wealth. Oh – and why do we have to pays taxes for policemen? Why don’t the people who actually have wealth to protect hire private guards? Nor does he explain why the Congressional prostitutes of the Rich should have the right to draft our sons to die in some manure hole on the far side of the world. The whole idea of “social contract” and “Duty , Honor, Country” escapes him.

        5) I despise ideology of either the left or right? What are the facts? In the past 40 years, the Richest 1% have increased their share of the national wealth to 40%. They haven’t done that by arguing against monopoly. Why should the 99% let the Rich get the remaining 60%? Why do people think Marxism is winning?

    1. Covetousness is the root of crony capitalism as well. The federal government has run up $28 TRILLION in debt on our credit card.

      Each of us owes the equivalent of 14 YEARS of income tax on that debt. We are Debt Slaves to the Chuckie Schumer’s financial industry.

      And the money raised by that debt did NOT go to the Bolsheviks.

  14. I tend to think we will eventually default in some manner. My reading of history indicates all nations eventually do.

    I speculate (highly speculated) that one of the reasons the powers that he took out Trump was that the feared he might might move in that direction in a manner that would hurt the American people the least and hurt the powerful the most. That is pure speculation though.

  15. Great article. I believe envy should be placed right next to greed. Envy is what the elite use to stir up the masses. St. Funogas poses an interesting question regarding all of us that took the “oath”. Because we took the oath, quite a few of us have seen first hand what it looks like during and after the first shots are fired. If you take the worst thing you can imagine for your friends and family and multiply by 1000, you will be woefully short of how brutal a shooting war looks like. Those of us that took the oath will know when it’s time.

  16. Those that have, more will be given, and those that have not, they shall loose all that they have.

    These words of Christ truly have two meanings, but the result is the same! Both in the political and the spiritual.

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