Preparedness Notes for Saturday — February 13, 2021

Today is the birthday of the late General Chuck Yeager (born, 1923), the first man to break the sound barrier. He passed away on December 7, 2020, at age 97.

February 13th is also the birthday of Robert Charles R.C. Sproul (born 1939, died December 14, 2017), a well-respected American Calvinist theologian.

On the phone the other night I  had someone mention “…all those tragic deaths, from COVID.” That got me thinking: The real tragedy is the loss of personal liberty imposed by bureaucrats over a pandemic with a 99.6% survival rate.  Yes, we mourn for those who have died. But I mourn more for the loss of liberty, worldwide!

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  1. I guess the Bill of Rights has some asterisks and small print about “except in an emergency” that I’ve never seen? If this “emergency” has demonstrated anything, it is that our NEED for our civil liberties especially during an emergency!!! I am very glad I live in a state that has a very strong state constitution that protected us against our governor’s overreach- he tried but even the liberal leaning state Supreme Court said he couldn’t close gun shops.

  2. Chuck Yeager was one of the best and about as fearless as men get. He’s one of the very few celebrities I would have liked to have met. If the roads didn’t have 2″ of ice on them, I’d hitch up the ponies and head into town to get a pack of Beeman’s and eat the whole thing while watching The Right Stuff.

  3. My DW and I were talking with the hospice nurse about the covid death rate. The nurse said they have had several patients “die” of covid but in reality they would have passed within a month or so anyways. The point being how many people would have died for other reasons without covid.

    1. BWL,
      Please share with your DW, that a sister in the Lord, all the way on the West Coast, remembers her often in prayer. Once, you mentioned the love and joy you two share daily. I have never forgotten that. It is such a tear-jerking, wonderful testimony to your faith in the Lord and love for each other. Thank you.
      (We shall meet in heaven one day!)

      Praying for pain relief, peace and joy as you prepare for the Lord to carry you over the Jordan. In Him, Krissy

    2. That may be true but just as likely not true. Predicting someone’s death is not that easy and in fact is kind of rude for the nurse to do. It sounds a little like the defense that someone might use who kills seniors in extended care facilities. It puzzles me that it would even occur to someone to say this kind of thing so carelessly. My aunt died when I was quite young. She died from alcoholism, but she was a diabetic and grossly overweight. What possible purpose then would be served by downplaying the effect alcohol had in her death? What possible purpose does it serve to downplay the effect that covid had in those deaths?

      1. Hospice is an end of life care service providing comfort care to patients diagnosed as terminally ill by their doctor, usually because of cancer. The nurse isn’t predicting anything, this is a medical diagnosis from a doctor and a nurse with 20 plus years of experience providing end of life care. I’m sorry for your aunt, but you are comparing apples to oranges. All of your aunts ailments that you mentioned were treatable. Hospice patients no longer have viable treatment options and are being given care to keep them comfortable. As for senior citizens in extended care facilities, they are there not because they are terminally I’ll, but because they can care for themselves at home or it would be dangerous for them to be home. Extended care residents get excellent care in many cases so that they can continue their life as healthy as possible and typically live for years. I’m not trying to be argumentative, just trying to explain that this nurse knows what she is talking about.

        1. I think you missed the point. Let’s say that it is true that the people in question were months away from dying from something but caught covid and died months early. So the premise of what you are saying is true. What then is the value, morally or scientifically in saying something so uncaring as “they were going to die anyway”? It’s the kind of thing you just don’t say out loud. To make it worse, you said it to denigrate the seriousness of covid. In other words your were rude and uncaring to the surviving family members of people who die of covid because you have a political ax to grind. Surely there is some other way to express that view. I don’t happen to agree with the view that covid is just a bad cold and what the heck we are all going to die anyway. But you have every right to hold that view until covid hits close to home and you begin to see the light. But until then try not to be so submissive of these deaths they are real people with family members trying to cope with it.

          IMHO I think that covid and it’s mutations will now be with us forever and will take a yearly toll of lives probably exceeding a couple hundred thousand in the U.S. alone every year from now on. I hope not but my guess is China was developing biological warfare weapons and it got away from them. Maybe intentionally, maybe not.

  4. RE: Chuck Yeager – I worked with his oldest son, the one who left home in his teens because he didn’t like the way his father treated the kids and especially his wife. The son looked exactly like Yeager and was a wonderful NCO. I met Yeager, prior to meeting his son, at Edwards AFB. He might have been a superb pilot, but his ego wouldn’t fit into a large aircraft hangar.

  5. Slow-motion evaluation of CrisisActors in Speaker Building, January 6th, 2021:
    Title — “Everything Wrong With The Capitol Shooting”

    * should I see bloody matter on the wall behind CrisisActor ‘ashli babbitt’?
    * does a neck shot from six feet away retain stability?
    * as-designed, aggressive males beat in the plastic windows but cannot break through… then the window in front of CrisisActor ‘ashli babbitt’ automatically falls away? While she looks around for her cue(s)?

    What if everything I know is nincompoopery?

  6. Do not “mourn all these kungflu deaths”… as statistics will show, the death rate for kungflu ONLY is abysmally low. Over 90% of the people recorded as Kungflu deaths actually died of something else, but tested positive (false positives abound remember). As BWL states from her hospice contact. Curious how many seasonal flu deaths were recorded in 2020, and how that compares to previous years.

  7. I wonder if that same person thinks about “all those tragic deaths from (fill in the blank)” So much death from other things, but the focus is on COVID. So sad.

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