The Efficacy of Insurgency in Modern America – Part 3, by Just A Dad

(Continued from Part 2. This concludes the article.)

Military Training

Standard training for United States military troops is commonly called boot camp, basic training, or some variation of this. This training takes place at any one of several forts and bases around the United States. It lasts between 8 and 10 weeks depending on which service branch is entered. All members of all branches receive basic firearms training using standard-issue rifles/carbines. Any additional training occurs depending on your rating, duty assignment, and abilities.

Handgun training is relatively rare in the U.S. military except for some members of units with handguns in their Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&Es). Even those officers and NCOs issued handguns rarely get training equivalent to that of police departments in the United States. This is simply due to the roles required for each type of organization. In the military, handguns are considered backup weapons. But for police departments, they are primary weapons. Law Enforcement is not meant to be an assault force, while the military is. Handguns are defensive tools with limited range and stopping power while a rifle or carbine is far more suited to active combat situations.

Basic training in the military is a mixture of classroom learning, physical fitness, and a much smaller emphasis on firearms and tactics. Again, these are areas that are expanded based on duty assignment or individual abilities of the soldiers. More in-depth training in these areas tends to take place in additional qualification schools, over time. [JWR Adds:  Only a very small number of military service members ever receive sniper training.] More importantly, basic training and police academies are designed to institute in the soldiers and police officers obedience to their commanding officers, organizational rules, and the rule of law. Individual thought is not appreciated in the common soldier or police officer. Rather, that is allowed and sometimes promoted only when individuals gain in rank. This is a weakness and a strength for both military and Law Enforcement in the United States.

There are only a limited number of advanced-trained military and law enforcement in the United States. It is these units would be used to strike at known insurgent targets. To prevent being located and attacked, insurgents would need to restrict their radio communications and adopt a largely disconnected cellular organization. This could make it impossible to field larger units to combat.

For insurgents, striking at regular units would have only limited benefits. It would be better to instead strike at leaders — both elected and appointed. Several cells might briefly work together to strike at special counterinsurgency teams. This would mean a greater likelihood of taking casualties. However, it would also help lead to assistance from within by regular troops and law enforcement. It should be assumed that there is a percentage of military and law enforcement that would either refuse or even actively work with insurgents if they were ordered to pacify the United States as a whole. Disarming the citizenry is blatantly unconstitutional, so many in both the military and law enforcement would balk at it.

Civilian training in the United States is extremely uneven While there are hundreds of shooting schools teaching tens of thousands of people annually in the United States, the vast majority of gun owners have never taken a course of training. Some of them are former military and others are former law enforcement. Others compete in a variety of firearms-based competition. But even more of them engage in informal training that is equal to and even superior to that seen in all but the most advanced units of the military and law enforcement agencies. This author and other civilians have worked as civilian contractors training military and law enforcement in a variety of disciplines following the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. Prior to these attacks the military and law enforcement mandates were more structured and were not as interested in insurgency and counterinsurgency tactics.


American civilians tend to be extremely individualistic in their thoughts and action. This is both a strength and a weakness. Unlike many nations where citizens are expected to bow and scrape to authority, the United States holds a unique position. In a paper titled, Tooth to Tail Ratio, it was concluded that a force of 13.26 troops per one thousand of local population was the minimum size needed to counter any widespread insurgency.  This was based on historical precedent, with a minimum of 4.1 devoted to police duties and the rest of the force devoted to other tasks, as needed. (McGrath, 2007) In the United States we have 330,000,000+ citizens. Of these, roughly 40% of adult citizens own an estimated 395,000,000+ firearms.

To ensure compliance within the borders of the United States per current doctrine; 4,375,800 military and law enforcement would be needed. Of this number 1,353,000 would be necessary as active police. This is a similar number to what currently exists in the United States today with regards to active duty law enforcement. There would be a need for greater recruiting to meet the needs of a mission to disarm the population of the United States. Of course, this would mean that what currently keeps soldiers fighting and law enforcement operating would need to change as well. After all, this is the United States, by definition a far more difficult target for pacification than any other nation on the planet, except perhaps China, India, or Russia.

Armed, But Showing Restraint

Where civilians in the United States would hold the greatest advantage would be in terms of propaganda. For instance, recent events in Virgina have shown that far more individuals are committed to personal freedom than had been previously thought. The experiment run by the current governor and elected officials has shown that heavy-handed approaches are not acceptable to Americans. Several thousand protesters — many of them carrying firearms –attended a mass rally and there was no violence. These were untrained, and unorganized individuals that were all able to resist the urge to create havoc at a time and location that they could have in fact caused significant damage. This was essentially Leaderless Resistance in action, with individuals remarkably showing great restraint.

Where civilians fall off is in terms of funding, surveillance, and reach. Certainly, as has been seen around the globe historically and in modern times, analog approaches to surveillance and communications work surprisingly well for insurgents and rebels. That said, the United States military and law enforcement community command thousands of drones that can be flown semi-autonomously or remotely-controlled. In many cases, these military UAVs can mount munitions such as Hellfire missiles that are designed to reduce collateral damage while inflicting maximum damage on targets. In addition, the United States has the largest air force and navy in the world. None of these are things that civilians have access to in the United States.

Where civilians shine is access to transportation, communication, local support, construction, and more. In fact, without civilian infrastructure the military would collapse under its own weight. A large number of those individuals designing, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining these systems are also gun-owning, rights-supporting Americans. So this would make it difficult to ensure uninterrupted services for the rest of the population. Currently in the United States, much of the population that is not included in the legal firearms owning community relies on the services provided by the law-abiding firearms owning community. If these services were interrupted by the government, it could turn public perception and sympathy against the government itself. If the insurgents used this and launched a campaign of propaganda as well as stored these services for the population, it would go a long way towards toppling the government.

Quickly Replaceable Leadership

Leadership is another area of importance. All armies require leaders. Remove these and the armies become ineffective. This is a historical reality. Insurgencies do not require academy-educated leaders.  While leaders exist within all movements, insurgencies rarely have assigned and irreplaceable leaders. The best insurgencies will often resemble a Medusa. Cut off the head of one leader and 3 or 4 more will quickly replace him. This is something that modern military and law enforcement are constantly worried about. The results of this can be seen in Mexico today with the large number of small drug cartels having grown up filling the spots vacated by somewhat larger and more centrally-governed organizations in the 1990s.

Gang task forces constantly battle this problem, as does the military with the resurgence of various factions of terrorist organizations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria to name just a few places. There is the added problem of creating folk heroes and martyrs. While some may cry for dead soldiers and police officers, they are often seen by a majority of the public as individuals who simply die doing their jobs. But civilians killed and accused of domestic terrorism almost always garner popular support after death that sometimes is larger than what the individuals enjoyed before.

So it is my belief that insurgency can be effective in the United States. Certainly, there would be a plethora of things that would need to occur to make this successful. However, at this time and for the near future insurgency could be very effective — regardless of the abilities of the military and law enforcement.


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  1. Only one problem for any type of pushback on all that is happening. As long as the sheep keep making money in the stock market there will be no pushback. The only way a blow up occurs is if the economy crashes. My brother is a prime example of this. He talks a bit on it but no action. Why are none of the stock traded companies closed? As long as people with 401k Stocks etc etc are making money they dont care. Sad how many people are putting up with this as long as their portfolios dont lose money. Stay safe , Locked and Loaded, Peace, Merry Christmas.

  2. “[nuclear war plan] SIOP-62 represented a technical triumph in the history of war planning. In less than fifteen years the United States had mastered a variety of complex technologies and acquired the ability to destroy most of an enemy’s military capability and much of the human habitation of a continent in a single day”
    — Air Force Chief of Staff Thomas D White

  3. On Nuclear War:

    “Restraint? Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards. At the end of the war if there are two Americans and one Russian left alive, we win![5]”
    —– Air Force General and SAC Commander in Chief Thomas S Power

    “Well, you’d better make sure that they’re [two surviving Americans] a man and a woman.”
    —- Reply from RAND planner William Kaufmann

    NOTE: RAND was not proposing that Soviet cities not be attacked — it was proposing that Soviet military targets be attacked FIRST with the cities –i.e, urban populations — left as hostages to deter Soviet responses.

  4. “Fred Kaplan’s account of the Pentagon’s initial review of the SIOP [Nuclear War Plan] includes an especially memorable episode.

    During the briefings, Marine Corps commandant David Shoup (the service with the most marginal nuclear responsibilities) saw a chart that showed that the initial attack would kill tens of millions of Chinese.

    At the closing meeting, General Shoup asked General Power what would happen if Beijing was not fighting; was there an option to leave Chinese targets out of the attack plan? Power was reported to have said that he hoped no one would think of that “because it would really screw up the plan”–that is, the plan was supposed to be executed as a whole.

    Apparently Shoup then observed that “any plan that kills millions of Chinese when it isn’t even their war is not a good plan. This is not the American way.” (Note 26)”

    Ref (Document 25)

    NOTE also the US Army’s irritation at the Air Force’s cavalier attitude toward the massive clouds of lethal radioactive fallout its strikes would send toward deployed Army forces in Europe.

    1. I suspect that any significant nuclear war will eventually include every continent except Antarctica. Why? Because the aftermath of a Russia-United States only nuclear war will include invasion of Europe and North America by the Chinese and several South American nations.

      The Chinese in this scenario will be relatively unaffected by the nuclear exchange between the Russians and the United States. So they will have available military forces to invade Russia. And may have the ability to seize US assets in Hawaii. And Australia.

      On the American mainland, I anticipate that several South American countries will organize and occupy a helpless US to prevent other nations from doing so.

      So a second and third level analysis of a Russia US nuclear war would likely include HEMP or direct attacks against non-US and non-Russian targets to prevent post exchange invasions.

  5. I enjoyed reading this article and all the comments. The nice thing about Survival Blog readers is the majority are level headed and willing to entertain another person’s opinion, while politely discussing an alternative view. It makes for a interesting discussion.

      1. I like your attitude, Dad.

        I would, however add to this list: After all, this is the United States, by definition a far more difficult target for pacification than any other nation on the planet, except perhaps China, India, or Russia.

        Two countries, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

        Carry on

  6. insurgency won’t happen. People still have it too good to upset their little corner of the apple cart. You wouldn’t find a single truck driver willing to lay his CDL on the line to haul something Illegal, Just as you wouldnt find a single Plant worker assembling drones or hellfire missiles willing to lay their job on the line for sabotage.

    You won’t find anyone who is part of a productive member of society working in a critical field willing to throw their life and livelihood away for the greater cause, however there are a few oddballs that do it for personal private gain, thus exposing the American individualism part.

    1. Options and approaches. Sometimes all it takes is understanding the power one holds as a simple assembly line tech or more complex yet still undervalued truck driver-

      Overall, yes, you may be right.

    2. I would respectfully disagree, I think the numbers would be small, but I believe that there are some of those folks out there. I also think that there are probably much larger numbers of people who would awaken and become part of that group if they see things start heating up.

    3. Respectfully disagree Larry. I know several truckers who would haul supplies for resistance patriots. I know county sheriffs who would be apart of resistance movement. While not every patriot can do battlefield fighting, there’s a lot more to resistance tactics that can be done by little old ladies and other “invisibles”. While the 100% of the population won’t resist, enough determined patriots will not only resist but fight a good fight. Take a look at JWR’s linked article (2018) which lays out numbers and resistance possibilities.

          1. Sierra Skier, have you trained extensively with others who you trust with your “six”. Does your training include both attack and defense? Have you trained after 48 hours, no sleep and little food?

            No criticism here. SImply reality.

            Carry on

    4. Hi Larry, if I can just add one word, I can agree 100% with your entire comment.

      “insurgency won’t happen.”

      “Insurgency won’t happen today.”

      As I’ve mentioned, and many others as well, as long as people are getting a paycheck from Uncle Sam, or from a company who gets their money from Uncle Sam, no insurrections is likely to happen. But at some point, things will get economically bad enough for Americans that we’ll reach the tipping point where insurrection will become much more of a possibility.

      At that point, plenty of truckers will be willing to haul illegal supplies and arms. If Uncle Sam kills anyone in my family, I’m more that willing to sabotage the missile plant I work at. If I don’t work at that factory, I’m more than willing to help take out the grid in their area. We’re stuck in normalcy bias judging what we’d do in the future based on what we’d do this week. Our view of “normal” will continue to be radically changing in the near future, just like we’ve seen happen to an astounding degree just in the past 10 months. Who’d have guessed last Christmas that this year we’d be living in such a completely different country? And what are things going to look like next year? In 2025? The day SS checks get cut back to 75%?

  7. This ís the single finest example of doing for others what needs to be done. Dad has taught us exactly what we will need to know to do, and what not to do, at exactly the right time. His information is offered in a secure environment
    that can be easily utilized by the many different circumstances we are facing in our many locations and difficulties. He has reinforced my personal commitment to be a source of positive influence in our community and given me a strong tool to better enable our family members, who currently live in seven states, to better prepare for the expected financial collapse and the then resultant infrastructure failures.

    I am surprised that he did not mention the very real necessity to carefully make the “KILL DECISION” well in advance, with full reliance on “INFORMED PRUDENT CAUTION”, when determining the circumstances that will fully justify that necessary automatic response action.

    I will send the links to our adult children and grandsons immediately. we all owe Dad our thanks for his fabulous contribution to our post event safety and success.

    1. Bobbert, when writing this I realized that some aspects had to be toned back. One of those was direct use of and or direct attack wording. This was done as a guard to myself and my family. To be fair, your understanding of these needed aspects, mean that we are indeed on the same wavelength as some say.

      Be safe. And God bless in this strange new world we live in today.

      Lastly. I love this country, I am an American and proud of this.

      1. “I realized that some aspects had to be toned back. One of those was direct use of and or direct attack wording. This was done as a guard to myself and my family.”

        That’s one of the saddest comments about what has happened to this country. Made sadder by the fact that it’s true. While mailing a package recently the postmaster asked, “Are there any explosives inside the package, bombs…etc.” I said, “No, I’ll be mailing those next week.” He told me it was against the law to make jokes about explosives and the USPS. It took everything I had to keep my trap shut and get the heck out of there. It’s unbelievable the most basic freedoms we’ve lost. The number of commenters on this article over the past three days who have felt the need to not express their full opinion says volumes. I hope I live long enough to see We the People force a change in the free-speech department among many others.

  8. I enjoyed these articles because it provided for interesting discussions and comments.

    Having said that, why did you, and anyone else who commented in line with the use of force, why does everyone focus on small arms and the potential use of violence?

    Why not, as an example, focus on a tax revolt? I mean, our taxes are what funds all of this. So, why not just stop funding it? Why are people compelled to these larger ideas of violence?

    1. I believe that the idea of a tax revolt is sound, it would however, require more than half the tax payers signing on and doing this for an interminable length of time to have any real affect. The alternative only requires 3-15% of the population to agree and work together doing.

      1. I am going to hold back my comments for now, but it would be interesting to learn if you (or anyone) go back over your sources, and in each particular case, look at how taxes were paid, or if they were paid, in relation to an insurgency.

    2. First, our taxes aren’t really funding the government. The government is printing money in the trillions. It’s all smoke and mirrors, in my opinion.

      My opinion on tax revolt: At the moment the taxing authorities have too much power and everyone knows it. The IRS can reach into your bank account; they can garnish your wages; they can put a lien on your property or send armed agents to oust you from your property; they can stop any government related payments and hold up your refunds. In my mind, a tax revolt in the pure sense is not something I would do. I would, however, reduce my taxable income so that I’m not contributing but the minimum to the Federal government.

      My opinion on the idea of violence: Our government is violent in its initiatives. Funding the dismemberment of unborn children is one example. Funding violent insurgencies around the world is another. Funding the chemical castration of children. Funding violent criminals with housing and income comes to mind (via Welfare and Sanctuary Cities). Then there’s the Marxist indoctrination that has occurred and been funded by the government, and which has spawned violent movements that we’ve seen in Antifa and BLM. Our government, especially in the past 4 years, has prosecuted innocent people, jailed them, put them in solitary confinement, for process crimes because they hate Trump. In my opinion, our government is far more violent than the general populace.

      There’s an idea that one should meet force with an equal or greater amount of force. If we are to fight back or throw off our corrupt and violent government, we should do so with equal or greater force. As a Christian, I see no moral dilemma. In fact, the Bible has many examples where God directs His people to do violence. Hard fact to understand. I’ve struggled with it my entire life since I am a peace loving and sympathetic person who hopes to never have to kill another human being.

      1. I like your comments SaraSue and wholeheartedly agree. One thing that I’ve noted recently is that God commanded His people to all partake in the punishment of a criminal. They all had to throw a stone, all partaking in the capital punishment of an offender. I believe this greatly contributed to the entire society’s comprehension of the severity of both the offense and the remedy of the offense, thus providing a great deterrent from evil. Lots and lots of explicit acts of violence committed by men and women of God. In fact, many times, if a person did NOT commit an act of violence to slay a criminal, they were judged as evil and faithless. I think our contemporary Christian aversion to violence is more about our spiritual weakness and yielding to our flesh and the easy way than it is about being peaceful and loving. May God grant us the grace to do the hard things the Spirit requires of His children.

    3. I believe that a tax revolt would do nothing on a federal level. It is already proven that the Federal Government no longer needs revenue from it’s subjects. Proof of this is the 23 trillion national debt created by money with a few key strokes. I wish I could run my life by fabricating money from thin air. The only reason there has not been a collapse of our financial system is that the bankers fear for their lives. If it happens they are the ones that created this problem through their greed and they know that retribution will be swift and meaningful. They are only playing a delaying game. But as most of us know it is only a mater of time until one of the jugglers balls drops and the entire house of cards collapses.
      On the state and local level this is a bigger issue, but I suspect the Federal Government will step in and fund them in a major way, they are already doing this with welfare programs and various other means, Can you say ‘student loans’; it will get worse. This is also a good indicator of an eminent collapse, as demonstrated by the Dems insisting on government bail outs for badly run cities; more fabrication of imaginary money just to keep their ball afloat.
      This of course leaves us as they might say in say Zimbabwe, No, I will keep my bag of flour, it’s not for sale no mater how much funny money you offer. With this said I keep stockpiling necessities of life, and I do not mean a new I phone or new vehicle. The cost of one nice dinner at a restaurant will feed you for a couple of weeks. It is time to weigh cost verses benefits wisely. Stay safe folks and have a good holiday.

      1. In which that debt and continued printing is all under the context that we, and future generations pay taxes. The economy is now about securing streams of revenue, not paying off the debt.

        Would those who would be willing to participate in an insurgency, would they continue to fund (pay taxes) the fight against their cause? This entire discourse jumps too quickly to the idea that small arms is the key.

        In all of the scenarios discussed through the comments and article, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc…, what is not discussed is that none of those examples, or their infrastructure was under the amount of control as the current level of American surveillance. Near complete and total surveillance.

  9. This article is a nice condensation of a big topic. Insurgencies around the world have often been successful against governments and foreign armies. There is not a more creative citizenry in the world than in America, and would be a formidable foe if aroused. Low tech communications have frustrated armies for generations as well as small unit actions. In WWII, dissident factory workers put ground glass in Panzer [tank] bearings to cause failures without revealing their identity. How difficult would it be to compromise a military that is logistically dependent on its citizens? Look no further than our nations beginnings of resolute citizens taking on the worlds greatest military and winning by developing tactics that won the day. Let’s pray there is never an armed insurgency needed in our country, but be people of fortitude if the conditions demand it.

    1. I agree with you. The one thing the Globalists don’t get is the American Spirit. The Marxists have tried to label “independent thinking” and “self-sufficiency” as crimes against the collective. LOL! This is what makes us different and what people around the world admire. We have a million ways to sabotage their efforts against us. All it takes is for us to put on our creative thinking caps for a few minutes.

  10. In the event of a large revolution, it can be easily put down. The President can interrupt our cell phone calls in a national emergency, so he calls us all for hours and days.

    Our food supply can easily be interdicted and cut off, the majority of grocery stores have 3 days supply, the trucks delivering our food can easily be stopped, ditto for medical treatment. Smart meters can in some cases shut off our electric and natural gas.

    We are not Vikings……….willing to die and leave our children and grandchildren to the mercies of the government.

    The only hole in the globalists plan is we have plenty of ammunition and firearms, our military and police forces are relatively small compared to the total population and there’s a decent chance some military and security forces will not follow orders.

    We as a family are urbanites and suburbanites, can’t change that given our finances but we are now preparing to abandon our homes if necessary and are in the process of purchasing rural hinterland and have plans to set it up.

    I miss America, great article, God Bless you all!

  11. History says it’s not only possible but probable. If you don’t think individuals and groups are not readying for a clash… please explain the fact of all the shortages in weapons and ammo by many who have never owned a weapon. People are waking up to the fact that no one is protecting us but us.

  12. Law enforcement will ‘balk’ at disarming civilians? Like in New Orleans after Katrina?
    Societal inertia and normalcy bias will dissuade most of the population from doing more than complain. We are not the people we were 250 years ago: the sofa is so much more comfortable than Valley Forge. Even then, it was a minority who stood against tyranny. Perhaps a quarter of the people were Patriots. About the same number were Royalists. The rest just wanted to be left alone.
    Most Americans will sit and watch as the Constitution is torn to pieces. John Adams said: “A settled plan to deprive the people of all the benefits, blessings, and ends of the contract, to subvert the fundamentals of the constitution, to deprive them of all share in making and executing laws, will justify a revolution.”
    Washington told his troops that “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore to resolve to conquer or die.”
    Where is that strength of character to be found today? We are more likely to echo the prisoners in Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag: “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    1. Hey Randy, thanks for your comments. That Solzhenitsyn quote always chokes me up. There are few tortures worse than the one in our own minds thinking about “..woulda, coulda, shoulda..”

      “Where is that strength of character to be found today? We are more likely to echo the prisoners in Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag: “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?”

      When you read JWR’s comments in the 2018 article he linked to yesterday showing the math behind what it would take for the government to overcome a determined populace, the Solzhenitsyn quote becomes even more painful. One of the important things we all need to do not only in our preps, but in self-defense situations, and in any type of insurrection, is to think about our actions way ahead of time so when the moment comes, we’re not standing there surprised, trying to figure out what to do. We have to make those decisions today, not when the devil is at our doorsteps. We can’t be prepared otherwise.

      I have a copy of a payroll record of one of my ancestors who froze his butt off during that terrible winter at Valley Forge. He spent the rest of his life saying, “Man, that was a major bun freezer!” and hopefully bragging and laughing about it. He never suffered the hell of “… woulda, coulda, shoulda…” as he saw America blossom into what it became, and watched his children and grandchildren grow up in a better country than he grew up in. I get all blubbery just thinking about what he did for me and for all of us. For me it’s a no-brainer what I’ll do for all my grandchildren when my turn comes to step up to the plate. I’ve already made the decision and a worn-out old geriatric like me should gladly give it his all and put his life on the line to make sure they grow up in something better than what our “leaders” are pointing us towards. And if I can take with me some of those “bastards” General Patton talked about dying for their cause, I’ll die with a big smile on my face.

      1. Solzhenitsyn. What he went through even trying to publish the Gulag Archipelago! I bought all three volumes and have only managed to get halfway through Volume I. Should be mandatory reading for all high school students, but alas the Marxists are re-writing history, so I give these books to my grandsons! (the girls aren’t old enough). If you just read the first few chapters even, the reality sets in of what the populace went through. These things REALLY HAPPENED to real people who were beaten, raped, tortured by other real people. Stalin, after Lenin died, was responsible for more deaths, I think, than any other tyrant. In my mind, that’s all it takes for people to wake up and arm themselves. I find it weak, that people will thrill themselves with scary Halloween movies, but won’t read real history.

        Agree: “a worn-out old geriatric like me” will take as many as I can out with me. And I’m not just sayin’ that. I often think about what my part in the coming unpleasantness will be. And I hope my grandchildren will tell their grandchildren “Gramma fought in the revolution. She killed 6 communists trying to protect our future.” #BeLikeGramma

        1. And six generations from now your 4th great grandchildren will be getting all blubbery when they find some old computer records…”LOOK! Here’s Gramma SaraSue’s VISA receipts for bandages, freeze dried stroganoff, a ghillie suit, 2,000 lbs of wheat, .30-06 rounds for her sniper rifle, and a book by some dude named Sun Tzu!” Those stories about Gramma were all true! 🙂

        2. ” I find it weak, that people will thrill themselves with scary Halloween movies, but won’t read real history.

          Agree: “a worn-out old geriatric like me” will take as many as I can out with me. And I’m not just sayin’ that. I often think about what my part in the coming unpleasantness will be. And I hope my grandchildren will tell their grandchildren “Gramma fought in the revolution. She killed 6 communists trying to protect our future.” #BeLikeGramma”

          Absolutely! You go, Gramma!

          We have a young friend (who is a horror movie fan) and we are doing our best to red-pill her. My husband loaned her a nonfiction volume about the horrors of Andersonville. She is smart and open-minded and hard-working, and has started listening to more conservative voices. It was actually her I was chatting with, don’t remember how it came up, and I was wisecracking about my great-grandchildren asking me about my scars… “Well children, it was the plague years, the insurrection years….” And them all chiming in with questions about whether the stories of smuggling food, medicines, guns, etc. were true. You can say a lot of stuff if people think you are joking…..but it plants a seed.

          But seriously, I’m trying to figure out my role too. Of course we need people to fight for the country, and also people to preserve the future generations. My children couldn’t yet feed themselves properly for even a day from the fully stocked pantry. 50% of them don’t even toilet independently yet. We hope to adopt more, especially special needs ones, and I have no idea how that will all fit in to the plan. I’m just a suburban (for now) housewife on the lower end of middle age, with TONS less training than my husband has. I am thinking that my role may lean more toward support infrastructure–producing food, education, caring for littles, and the like. I just need to keep praying and follow where the Spirit leads!

          1. You go girl! You sound like one of my daughters. She has littles at home and has a heart for fostering and adopting. This past year she had 3 more to foster in addition to her own. Lord bless her! It was really rough on her physically and emotionally. I have the names of those children taped to my refrigerator to pray for them since they were put back with their birth mother. Sigh.

            Remember, when it gets really hard, YOUR JOB is the most important job on the planet – bringing up the next generation. For us “women folk”, keeping the home fires burning, feeding people, cleaning, planning, organizing, communicating, etc., are all extremely important. God bless Bear.

          2. Bear, your quiet wisdom speaks volumes. Although the books and movies tell the stories of those who carries the rifles, they would not have lasted a week unless they had many, I say MANY people like you providing food, refuge, communication, and wound attention.

            I may have missed mention of this in Dad’s article. There will be relatively few facing death and many providing backup. Indeed, some of those quiet ones may be digging tigertraps like in Vietnam or helping build IEDs like in Iraq.

            Carry on

        3. SaraSue and all SB community… may I strongly suggest/ encourage reading ‘Live Not By Lies : A Manual for Christian Dissidents’ by Rod Dreher…the title was taken from an essay written by Solzhenitsyn…interviews with survivors of prison s and gulags during Communist oppression… lessons we will need to hear at this time….

  13. RE a Tax Revolt,

    the Richest 1% directly own 31% of the national wealth and CONTROL the value of the rest. The bottom 50% only own 2%.

    The US Congress and Supreme Court are merely low paid employees of the Rich. Same is true of the generals and admirals. Same for US Presidents with the partial exception of Trump.

    The Bill of Rights merely constrains the government and even that is a bit of a myth. Annoy the wrong people and you will discover you have no rights. You can be fired from your job at any time, blacklisted from further employment, and bankrupted by baseless lawsuits or beaten by anonymous thugs. Your property or business can be destroyed by hostile regulation or fines. Needless to say, your families are hostages.

    Leaderless resistance merely means that instead of hanging together you will hang separately.

  14. PS The Rich own the News Media as well.

    Which is why your new President could serve as a Senator and Vice President for 47 YEARS and yet his record –his actions over that time — NEVER came up for discussion at all. Whereas is a sparrow fell out of a tree in the Midwest, the News Media went on a day long rant of how it was all Trump’s fault.

    In the course of 45 years of fighting a Cold War against the Soviet Union we became the Soviet Union. Our News Media today makes the old Soviet Pravda look like a crusade for truth.

    Welcome to the Gulag. The prominent feature of which is that most inmates don’t even recognize that it is a Gulag.

      1. 1) I am not qualified to comment but will do so nevertheless. Let me explain:

        a) I consider failing to tell the Whole Truth– or at least sincerely attempting to tell the WHole Truth — to be a form of lying.

        b) Anyone who has worked under an intel cover knows how hard , difficult and time-consuming it is to maintain a false story. Inconsistencies, pressure of time,etc create anomalies apparent to anyone paying attention. The toothpaste can’t be put back in the tube.

        c) It is somewhat easy to spot anomalies in a news story that indicate a coverup, misleading story etc. It can be very hard to determine the Whole Truth.

        2) In the case of Nisour Square the 4 Blackwater security operatives claimed they were fired upon.

        a) The situation appears to have been chaotic — what does seem apparent is that the situation was kicked off by a car bomb being exploded at another location that threatened US officials, Blackwater was charged with clearing an evacuation route through an urban area with a lot of Iraqi civilians and 14 innocent civilians were killed and 20 wounded.

        3) I need to step back and explain my perspective on this:

        a) I don’t believe in the phrases “international law”, “war criminal” etc. The only law we have is national law. In war, any national leaders will discard moral principles if they increase casualties – we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki and napalmed 49 Japanese cities into ashes – probably with hundreds of thousands of children being burned alive. And before you mention Pearl Harbor, note that Franklin Roosevelt was sending bombers and napalm to the Phillipines for a preemptive strike of his own — and that the Japanese were happy to live without western tech and in isolation until US Admiral Matthew Peary kicked their doors in with gunships.

        b) I don’t think civilians like myself sitting safely at home in the USA are entitled to judge soldiers and Marines risking their lives on remote battlefields. Military personnel should be judged by fellow military personnel – that is why we have military tribunals.

        c) For good reasons, the military does have “rules of war”. It opposes torture because it doesn’t want its own POWS tortured. It opposes killing of civilians because that encourages enemy recruitment and strengthens enemy insurgencies/ morale/ thirst for revenge. Probably over 100 US soldiers or Marines died as a result of the Nisour Square massacre.

        d) In my opinion, it is the civilian leadership we should hold responsible for the actions of military personnel who are under their command and who are subject to strict military discipline. If I was going to define a “war criminal” it is a leader who provokes an unnecessary war for no good reason and damages the USA in the process.

        4) Leave aside the nonexistent Iraq nukes for a moment. Note that George W Bush sent Blackwater CIVILIANS outside the military chain of command and discipline to Iraq , gave them heavy machine guns, and told them to execute complex protective operations in the midst of an urban population whose language Blackwater didn’t understand and whose history and culture was a black box. What did people think was going to happen?

        5) What was worse, George W didn’t use CIA foreign mercenaries – that could be left to Iraqi justice and disavowed. He used public AMERICAN mercenaries – which we had to protect from Iraqi justice and put on trial ourselves. In US civilian courts and juries totally ignorant of military operations, military rules and of Iraq itself.

        6) I don’t know if the 4 Blackwater operatives were guilty or not — I would have to read thousands of pages of investigative reports, trial testimony and probably classified intel reports to even begin to get my arms around this clusterfu$*k. As the Wiki link I give above notes, federal judges twice dismissed attempts by the Obama Administration to try the Blackwater operatives.

        7) But what I find interesting is that the Bush Faction of the Republican Party is so eager to join Democrats in attacking Trump while supporting one of the most disastrous administrations of the past 100 years. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden sold the lives of 4500 US military personnel to Israeli billionaire Haim Saban for $14 million in campaign donations. George W Bush sold the lives of those military personnel — and crippled thousands more for life – for Dick Cheney’s Big Oil buddies.

        Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians died in an unnecessary war to seize non-existent nukes – and yet the civilians who caused that disaster suffered no punishment at all. Indeed, many were rewarded by their wealthy patrons.

        8)So the guilt or innocence of 4 Blackwater nobodies shoved into the heavy traffic – albeit for hefty paychecks – does not rank high on my list of concerns.

      1. HA! Call it what you want, it’s a debt owed, and we can talk about the particulars of 1913 act all we want, it does not change the fact that we pay income tax at the federal level that funds all the things. I also like how to skipped over my question.

      2. You are missing the point. A citizen pays taxes in exchange for government services. A slave pays tribute.

        The federal debt is $27 Trillion — roughly equal to 14 years of income tax payments. That is also YOUR SHARE of the debt. What did you get in exchange for that?

        You have a right to assemble. But if you assemble in Berkeley, a pack of thugs can attack you and beat you up while the local police watch and do nothing. Because they are under no obligation to protect you. But if you walk through a wealthy neighborhood across the bay, they will be on you like a pack of Dobermans,

        Our nation’s First Black President (TM) spent a $Trillion per YEAR on defense. Yet did nothing to defend black Americans living in neighborhoods with some of the highest murder rates on the planet. And the New Media media concealed that under a fake campaign hilariously called Black Lives Matter.

        Our Members of Congress certainly know who can write checks for $500,000 “speaking fees” — and who can’t. Our generals and admirals know who can offer post-retirement highly paid executive positions — and who can’t.

  15. JGinTX, I agree with you that insurgencies ‘may’ be successful against governments or foreign armies but that has never been the ‘true’ enemy. The true enemy is a Spiritual/Physical duality.
    There has always been a Spiritual war going on and, on this physical plane, governments are used as the buffer to keep us from getting to the true ‘physical’ enemies in this battle, the International Elite or whatever moniker we wish to hang on them. This physical dimension of the battle is a very large ‘onion’ with many layers of deception.

    Governments are here to control population bases. The IEs care not which government controls their given masses just as long as the comply with dictates from the top. There are only two forms of government that the IEs will not tolerate, a strong dictator or a Constitutional Republic because they can not be controlled from the top.

    We are deceived! We are controlled by the IEs because we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. That is not to say we could not return to the Republic but as it stands we are NOT ‘The United States for America’ we are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a corporation formed by the Act of 1871. We are living under a ‘dual’ government. The organic Constitutional Republic of the founding fathers and the Corporate State formed by the Act of 1871. I will defend to the death the Organic Constitutional Republic and fight to the death against the Corporate State.

    There lies in our dilemma … how can we fight that which we do not understand? Are we fighting for the Constitutional Republic or supporting the Corporate State? Do most patriots even know the difference? Comments are greatly appreciated.

      1. “…governments are used as the buffer to keep us from getting to the true ‘physical’ enemies in this battle, the International Elite or whatever moniker we wish to hang on them”

        Rather than “International Elite”, I prefer the term “global financial elite”. And they know how to control “the masses”. The GFE own all the mainstream media companies. The MSM know how to keep “the masses” both entertained and distracted. The MSM are “masters of distraction”. They distract us with an often trumped-up battle between the so-called “left” and the so-called “right”. Truth is (in my view) something that I heard Jim Hightower say many years ago… “it’s not the left versus the right – it’s the top versus the bottom”.

  16. Hey Just a Dad, the highest compliment I can think of for this article is that it’s the most Facebook-unworthy article I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations! Facebook accounts are probably being shut down at this moment for people merely linking to it. If you can do it without dislocating your shoulder, please give yourself a big pat on the back. 🙂

    You’ve offered me a wisp of hope for what I’ve thought was a totally hopeless situation for many years now. IMO it’s all dependent on an economic collapse, or something that huge, before people finally wake up enough and have so little left to lose that they’ll finally get mad enough to do something. I’m hopeful that will occur before 2030 (the math seems to be indicating it will) and I’m already on the record for saying the probabilities for a 2032 election as the US is now constituted are slim. At any rate, once we reach that point, the things you’ve pointed out seem very workable.

    Thank you especially for having the testicular fortitude to say, “For insurgents, striking at regular units would have only limited benefits. It would be better to instead strike at leaders — both elected and appointed.” I won’t put into print all my thoughts on that topic but it’s wonderful to finally hear someone pointing out the most common-sense approach, IMO, to the problem at hand. I marvel that it’s not happening already and I’m reminded of the meme I saw awhile back showing a 97 year old WW II vet holding his M1 with the caption reading, “At my age, life imprisonment isn’t much of a deterrent anymore!”

    On a single sheet of paper you could make a list of the “leaders” and bazillionaires causing 95% of the problems in the world today and working the hardest to strip us of our remaining freedoms. I wish I could write fiction and dialogue because I’d love to write, or see someone write, a novel about a team of 50 civilian/former military Navy Seal/Special Forces kinds of guys working their way down that list. As new slime balls replace the eliminated ones on the list, our heroes would continue their work and more teams would arise to join the battle. The grand finale would be at the Bilderberg conference with a modern-technology equivalent of the final scene of Inglorious Basterds. Once Americans get to the point of no longer being so fat and happy, as I would expect later in this decade, such a novel could be a modern-day “Common Sense” pamphlet.

    We’re all allowed our personal fantasies, this is mine. 🙂

    Thanks again for such a wonderful, thought-provoking article. Opinions are varying wildly in the comments section, but I think time will prove you’ve got it right. If not, only an EMP/Carrington event can save us from the total tyranny and slavery that awaits.

          1. Yes! That was a good one and you beat me to the punch of suggesting it.

            One of my favorite scenes was where he walked alone in the funeral procession (and of course his gf later flipped out)…..

    1. St. Funogas and that Solzhenitsyn quote have said all I might say. A good article.

      Remember everything you say (post on internet) can and will be used against you in the Socialist Kangaroo Court. Grey Man and OPSEC are more than buzz words.

      Ecclesiastes 4: 11Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; but how can one keep warm alone? 12And though one may be overpowered, two can resist. Moreover, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

      In selecting trusted friends to be your cords remember

      Proverbs 22:24Do not make friends with an angry man, and do not associate with a hot-tempered man,25or you may learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.…

      Hot tempered or worse alcoholic-drug dependent people are NOT your trusted friends.

      Feds often have timetables to get “Action” and thus are eager to “Start Something” avoid folks eager to “Start Something”. Nobody in the Group needs to know everything. Folks wanting to know everything are likely Feds.

      God First, Family Second, everything else falls into place.

      It’s Beans FIRST, then Bullets no food no resistance. Protect your family base.

      Expect betrayal if you accept folks you really don’t know under stress. That sadly includes family seeking Food? Reward? Drugs-Alcohol and such.

      And finally remember Spiritual Preps are First. You and I WILL Die, Have a working relationship with your Creator because soon enough you will see Him.

      I will close with:

      Luke 2: The Shepherds and the Angels
      …10But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid! For behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people: 11 Today in the city of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord! 12And this will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.”…

  17. Thank Justadad for tackling such a wide ranging article . I have the misfortune to live in a very conservative area between Seattle and Portland and I have worked around the Far Left for decades . Please don’t under estimate their astounding and now open hatred for all things Conservative .

  18. The majority of the police and especially the military will “follow orders” and start knocking on doors. Some will balk, but that is fewer than most think. Granted, it is different in some areas of the Country, but not many overall. I have spent most of my life around both of these areas.

    As for “rugged individualism” being a handicap? I agree. My perfect example is my new Church has more than a couple of folks with Military, Federal, State, and Local training. The County offers Active Shooter training, but the appointed leaders won’t call. They know how many people we have. Sad, but the perfect example.

  19. Just A Dad,

    Thanks for the well put together article. As a youngster my parents bought me the Time-life Vietnam Experience series of books. Those books along with the various Guerrilla wars in Central America at the time really peaked my interest unconventional warfare. I would highly suggest anyone interest in learning “Guerrilla” tactics read Che Guevara diary and his book “Guerrilla Warfare” reading these books (especially his diary) is learning from the modern day father of Guerrilla warfare and learning about how the fighters on the left “tick”. (Know thy enemy).

    With all that said, any insurgency can not be successful if it tries to fight a traditional military head on. Thinking back to the Lexington Green when the local militia assemble on the green in rank and file lines to block the advance of the British regulars and the firing started the militia didn’t fair well at all. We they hid behind walls and in the tree lines (such barbarism as gentlemen didn’t fight like that) the Brits suffered bad. Hit an run tactics have proven themselves in history.

    The other issue, which has been slightly touched on in the comments, is the technological advantage of government armies. Sun Tzu would say we need to make the enemy’s advantage a disadvantage.

    Something else to consider is how each side will infiltrate the other. That is why decentralized cells are needed with no connection from one to the other. If one cell is captured they can’t lead the opposing forces to other cells. If you are in a “Militia” you have informants in your midst. It is best to organize among “known” individuals and even then there are risks.

    An insurgency like any other war/battle will come down to logistics. He who masters the logistical realm wins 9 out 10 times. There can be a billion weapons in the civilian population but if there is only a half a box of ammo for each firearm that doesn’t bode well for an insurgency. The current ammo situation, in my opinion, is a great situation in that people are stocking up.

    But you can’t eat lead- food has always been a weapon – so much so that in Red Dawn (#1), there are several scenes regarding food- at the beginning at the store where they are getting guns, sleeping bags etc., hunting, and around the camp fire stating that “that was the last of the beans”. Food is a powerful weapon because it is both physiological and psychological. Remember the one kid suggest “turning themselves in” after the last can of beans is gone.

    Going back to Vietnam, think about how the VC demanded food from villages. Do you really think for a minute most of those villages gave a crap about the war? All they were trying to do is survive and somebody was “stealing” their food that they worked hard for. So if you can’t buy ammo right now, buy food, it might be a better weapon. Think about our food production/distribution system- if things go south most people (especially urban and suburban) will not have adequate food. Do you want to be on the “side” that takes food from them or gives them food?

    We can talk guns ammo and tactics all day but the reality is who will win their “hearts and minds”? Think it doesn’t matter just think about the current $600 verses $2000 payments under Covid relief. Hearts and minds folks, hearts and minds.

    1. Thanks! This was the comment I was hoping to see, and it was said better than I could.

      And why are we not supporting Trump as he has decided to fight? We should also fight the battles at hand, as well as plan for the future. If we are not willing to fight the bloodless battles now, are we really up to fighting in any way latter when death or other inconvenience could result? I doubt it.

      If we could only support the idea of Trump invoking the Insurrection Act, or whatever action, or hill, he decides to stand on, and potentially die on, then we can claim to have an ounce of courage to resist latter. Even if only as ‘key board warriors’, that we as mature Americans are best suit to, and can be decidedly effective, then we should commence with winning the hearts and minds, and call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act. Then will we have a chance to bring these demons to justice, and ensure that we ourselves have the mindset to endure the trouble times ahead. If we do not engage now and possibly win, then I doubt the resolve of most Americans.

      I posted links to this excellent article on Gab. I spend much of my time all over the internet writing short articles, making comments, and posting links. I’ve been active for over a decade, and know from this experience that this kind of effort does make a difference. I do this not for fame or profit, but to prepare others, and myself for the long fight and struggle ahead. If we are simply complaining about the problem, then we are apart of the problem.

      The Efficacy of Insurgency in Modern America

      (Excellent read that condenses the topic well. Thought provoking comments are numerous.)

      Part 1 of 3

      Part 2 of 3

      Part 3 of 3

    2. 3ADscout,

      Agreed with regards to food, the ability to raise, forage and or store is and will be essential. I am certain you understand that in every single communist/socialist take over food has been the one constant.

      They will come after food honestly, before spare bits of ammo and guns. Because, food is control.

      Thanks for the comment.

      An aside, for our family we have more than 2 weeks less than 100 years and the ability to make quite a bit. Add in my insistence on the kids and wife learning to forage, hunt etc., I would never be so stupid as to say we have no worries, however, within our direct ability to prepare, and within our monetary ability we are prepared.

      I can only hope there are hundreds like me within a 50 mile radius, certainly I have a core group, but we will need more.

  20. Pax Americana is in decline, it is in the age of decadence, the last stage.

    Empires can be like wounded predators, they can do a lot of damage [Democide] to good folks before they are gone.

    The empire needs to divest itself of foreign lands, like Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Alaska [think Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, & the Philippines].

    1st and 2nd tier decentralization would occur with the loss of function of 51 capital cities.

    Half of America lives in 120 counties.

    Most empires have their peoples segregate after the decline.

    We need to be thinking smaller geography, be thinking about your new smaller country…

    Get out of areas controlled by the peoples with different values, to where there are like peoples.

    (Sorry, but this Summer really damaged my calm, both from other peoples, and some of my own.)

    If you are of military age, you need to get into shape, build skills and kit.

    If not, you need to think about your support role: training, manufacturing, supply, comms, quartermaster, transport, intelligence, medical care, etc…

    Think about setting up a training camp, for team, squad, platoon, and company size groups, one skill, one to three weeks.

    They will need water, food, shelter, safe/secure training areas/class rooms, sanitation, etc…

    There is too much fantasy and frivolity in the world today, folks will need a dose of reality…

    Military Discipline will need to be instilled, it is what wins conflicts…

    If you are waiting on John Connor to tell you what to do, it is going to be a long wait…

    Lots of work to be done in 2021…

  21. Great article and comments to consider. I agree with the sentiment that a significant insurgency or rebellion is highly unlikely to take place until some event or decision by government causes a tectonic shift in either individual rights (e.g. confiscation of firearms) or general welfare of people (e.g. hyperinflation, economic collapse, war). When people get directly affected by forces outside of their control, they will be disturbed enough to both consider and take actions necessary to defend themselves and their loved ones.

    God help us if and when those days come upon us. For the most part, we in the United States have been spared much of the instability problems that afflict a good portion of the world.

    1. We are boiled frogs, and now we are under a soft form of Martial law via Covid.
      This incremental and multi-pronged approach has proven to be effective, and therefore it will be continued to be employed, and only be ratchet up at an increasingly faster pace, if we threaten to resist in a significant way. And that is exactly what they have done. And once they get rid of Trump, they will continue to boil the frog. Resistance would be weak and futile as a result.

      As there will never be a free and fair election in the future under their dictatorship, we should descend on Washington prior to January 6 and demand that Trump invoke the Insurrection Act. It is the last chance to preserve the Republic, even if only to prosecute a few demons while Trump is still alive. After Trump, the boiling will continue.

      1. Good points Tunnel Rabbit. Covid certainly has been leveraged to gain control over the masses in the name of safety and public welfare. The Left has readily acknowledged for some time that incremental change is the way to go, so the slow boil technique is how they work. Throw Technocracy in the mix and you have a recipe for Totalitarian control in the near future. I am not sure what the immediate answers are, but standing up and taking actions, including civil disobedience, should start forming shape in the minds of truly freedom-loving Americans.

  22. Michael, Your comment on OPSEC and grey man have merit. I have been a grey man my whole life but I can no longer take that stance. If we fail and I am convicted of being a Patriot then I would be proud to hang on the same tree as Nathan Hale!

  23. So many issues, so few solutions. Yet- if that measly 3% of the populous (approx 10,000,000 people) were sufficiently motivated-change could occur. It takes a leader – still no one capable has stepped up.

    What might become the catalyst? Watch the food and money – little else is a true common denominator.

  24. Re: government gun confiscation:
    This is not going to play out like most people believe. Rather than something that resembles a scene out of “Red Dawn” with small groups of patriots running around and sabotaging and shooting at occupying troops, they are going to get you through the mundane legal system. Think Randy Weaver/Ruby Ridge.

    The process is likely to be slow and incremental. Let’s say, President Kamala tells the ATF to redefine all those “weapons of war” (I.e. AR’s, Ak’s ) similar to class III devices, requiring a $200 transfer tax, finger printing, background checks. They’re also going to be “reasonable” by “grandfathering” your weapons… which actually means that you won’t be allowed to pass them on your children.

    You say, “Well, I’m just not going to comply… I’m gonna hide my guns “
    Expect a letter from your state DOJ that says, “we have reviewed your records and our research of your credit card accounts, bank records, Manufacturer’s sales, Amazon purchase history and state background checks Indicates you own 3 prohibited weapons as defined by the people’s gun safety act of 2028. You are required to turn in such weapons to your local law enforcement office within 30 days. Our records also indicate you have purchased 24 magazines that exceed the 10 round limit and 4000 rounds of “assault rifle” ammunition and 2 unlicensed lower receivers. You are also required to turn in these items or face prosecution. “

    You still say, screw them, you just aren’t going to comply. The next notice requires you to appear before a judge. If you go, they throw you in jail until you change your mind. If you don’t appear they come to get you. Maybe you risk having your wife and kids shot. If you hide or go on the run, they freeze your assets. You obviously can’t work. Who cares if your wife and kids starve, that’s part of the plan to pressure you into compliance. You can’t pay your mortgage or rent so your wife and kids have to move in with her mother. You can’t carry a cell phone because they can track you anywhere. If they find you WITH a gun, you are a terrorist. The news media will praise the ATF agents for tracking down and killing another “anti-government, white supremacist, gun nut”
    My point is, the Deep State has you by the balls. They have more information on you than the KGB ever dreamed of. They don’t need to send Swat teams to break down your door. They can break your life and your family far more easily with “legal” action that takes your money and your stuff and turns you into a felon or a fugitive. And they can do this one person at a time. Constitutional protections? What’s that? The Judge, the Lawyers, the Police get to go home and eat dinner with their family in a nice warm house. You get to sit in a jail cell or live in a tent down by the river. Now, there might be some young unmarried guys out there that say “bring it on.” The majority are not going to have their lives ruined and make their families miserable especially after a few people in the local community are made examples of.

    Is it hopeless? No. Take a lesson from history. During WW2 after losing a tremendous amount of materiel at Dunkirk, the British were forced to build up their weaponry as quickly and cheaply as possible. One of those new weapons were Stens. A 9mm sub-machine gun that that was mass produced by the millions. The design was very simple and the cost was about $10 per gun. They employed many small businesses, shops, garages, etc. to produce the parts.
    Stens were also dropped behind lines to resistance groups. One danish group copied the design, modified it slightly and started to manufacture their own in secret. (BTW, the Nazis decreed death for anyone caught with one.)
    But where there’s a will there’s a way. Think “off grid.”

    Some will say, 80% AR lowers and parts kits are the answer. Just be aware that unless you paid for these in cash at a gun show, or gun shop electronic records exist for these purchases also. Kamala and her minions hold a special hatred in their hearts for “ghost guns” (no serial numbers, no background checks.) Expect the Media to label anyone caught with one a mass murdering terrorist.

  25. It took me a while to get back to read these articles and comments.
    Thanks for the link to Unintended Consequences. I read it a few years ago. I need to send the link to a few people who would appreciate it.
    Some of the plot involving individuals taking matters into their own hands and not involving anyone else shows what can be accomplished in a bad situation. If you recall the “Beltway Snipers” in the Washigton D.C. area several years back, just imagine what individuals could accomplish with a list, unlike the random targets those two picked out. Someone mentioned well trained small units doing this in a previous comment.
    Does anyone follow Mike Adams at naturalnews dot com? He’s been writing daily recently. Not exactly a low-key guy, but interesting.
    Greg Hunter at usawatchdog dot com had Alex Newman on the other day. Another interesting site.
    I do want the president to fight this fraud. His winning might be the last chance this republic has to survive.
    I do think that much of our future depends on whether or not the president ends the fraud and remains president.

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