1. Commander Zero got it right. Business isn’t all that hard, but it’s not until people get involved. After all those are the ones that start the business, whatever it may be. The real issue that makes it complicated is when “gummint gets involved”…..
    That in itself complicates matter much more than they ever would have been if the business had been left alone. It will survive or fail dependent upon how well it’s managed and the principles upon which it is based. Where is it written that gummint has a “right” to share in the profits of your efforts? Other than in bogus laws! Taxes as they were intended were based on export end import materials & goods. And gummint survived on that, which kept it at its intended “small” scope & out of peoples lives.
    Fair taxation for all intents and purposes should be, and were intended to be, a consumer based tax. IE: you use any gummint service you pay for that which you use….
    Example: property taxes that go to support the school districts, all well and good for those who have kids. But for those who do not have kids, and have never had kids, it’s simply taxation without representation. Case in point, go to your local school district as a person without kids and see how much attention they pay to you…. Virtually ignored…. Yet you pay for their survival. It’s not your responsibility to pay for someone else’s kids education, which leads right back to business requiring an educated work force.

  2. I agree with what N S said, when my last child left the school system, education type mailing stopped dead. as a side note, where can i get the image that was used in the quote of the day, i have a weakness for post-apoc pictures and literature.

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