Preparedness Notes for Monday — October 19, 2020

We’re counting down the hours!  Book Bomb Day for my latest book (The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide) will be tomorrow Tuesday: October 20, 2020. Please wait to place your order until after midnight tonight, eastern time, to maximize the rankings on, and on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Thanks!

October 19th is the birthday of some notables. First is the late Alexander Zeisal “Zus” Bielski –he and part of his partisan band are pictured.  Other birthdays today: investor Jim Rogers (born 1942), and James Howard Kunstler (born 1948). Kunstler is well known to SurvivalBlog readers as the author of the novel World Made by Hand and the nonfiction book The Long Emergency.

A fictionalized portrayal of Zus Bielski is seen in the movie Defiance. This movie was loosely based on the excellent book Defiance: The Bielski Partisans by Nechama Tec.

The Pre-Election Sale on Antique Pre-1899 Cartridge guns is continuing at Elk Creek Company. At last count, our inventory was down to just 50 guns. We won’t have many left by election day, so order soon!

Here is a new listing that I spotted at Remote Log Cabin in the Tall Timber South of Dixie, Idaho.

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