The Great Conservative Migration, by Brandon Smith

This article first appeared under the longer title: “The Great Conservative Migration And What It Means For The Future”, at Brandon Smith’s excellent Alt.Market web site. It is reposted with permission.

The signs really began to become visible at the end of January, 2020; there was an exodus of people brewing, and it was galvanizing fears on both sides of the political spectrum. The pandemic situation is cited by the mainstream media as the primary cause, but in reality the migration had started at least 3 years earlier. Americans were leaving certain states and cities behind by the tens of thousands, and these places were predominantly leftist in their policies and population. California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.; all of these progressive states were bleeding residents since 2017, the pandemic just accelerated the situation.

There are a number of reasons given for the dramatic shift in population, but two specific reasons stand above the rest: Economy and political ideals. The pandemic itself is only a minor motivator. Consider the fact that residents of California left the state in droves for Texas over the summer despite the problem of Covid infection spikes in major metropolitan areas of the Lone Star State. People didn’t care, they just wanted to get the hell out of California as quickly as possible.

Again, a main reason given by former Californians was politics. They are conservatives or moderates that felt isolated or trapped in a far-left cesspool and they realized their future life prospects depended on them transplanting to a more free and less bureaucratic place.

The fear among conservatives was that the pandemic would smoke leftists out of their hives and that they would spread to more conservative areas and “take over”. This does not seem to be the case. In fact, it appears that most leftists are stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that their states are dying and are actively defending state policies on the web. Check out the angry and delusional comments from California progressives on this opinion article in Arizona telling them to leave their failed policies behind if they move to the state.

These people are suffering from some serious saltiness, and the fact they are still trying to claim that states like California are economically stable shows how truly delusional they are. Conservative states have nothing to worry about – The lefties are too dumb to relocate. They’re going to sit within the rotting corpses of the states they killed and pretend it smells like roses. This is what they do; when they are wrong or when they have failed they double and triple down. It’s their defining characteristic.

In my state of Montana real estate purchases have surged over the past year. Recent data on school enrollment numbers are up 15% – 20% in cities like Missoula. This includes new students in public schools as well as those registered for homeschooling, and it’s a massive spike for the region. The majority of new students are recent transplants from other states. I have spoken with hundreds of these people personally and ALL of them said they were moving to Montana because they were conservative, many of them were preppers and many of them wanted to be around other conservatives in the event that the world continues on its current downward spiral.

They do sometimes mention the coronavirus situation, but they generally are not worried about the virus itself. Rather, they are concerned about the virus response. Meaning, they want to retain their freedoms, they do not like the draconian restrictions put in place in their former states and they are trying to escape the business lockdowns that are killing local economies.

Some states like California have responded as leftists typically do, by seeking to punish people for walking away from the collective. This includes a new Wealth Tax law in the works that would require people with high incomes such as business owners leaving California to continue to pay taxes to the state for 10 years, even though they no longer live there. In other words, successful business owners who leave California will have to pay taxes to two separate state governments at the same time.

California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, one of the people supporting the Wealth Tax proposal, asserts that the pandemic is the cause of California’s economic troubles including a huge surge in the homeless population. However, the spike in poverty and homelessness was escalating well before the coronavirus ever appeared. It was the hard-left policies of the state government that caused this mess; they can’t blame everything on Covid, though conmen like Bonta will certainly try.

The fact that leftist states are poised to institute punishments or disincentives for leaving (which is unconstitutional, by the way), shows just how bad the migration has become for them. Frankly, these state governments need to be taught a lesson, and one of the only lessons they understand is the loss of tax revenues.

It should not be surprising at all that conservatives are rushing for the exits, these places are on fire and progressive legislators are throwing Molotov cocktails for good measure. I’m only surprised by the speed and scale of the migration, the whole thing is happening so fast it makes your head spin.

My point is, the migration is very real. No one can deny anymore that it is happening. But what does it mean for the future of America?

As I have noted in previous articles, in my view the best case scenario we can possibly hope for as conservatives is a balkanization of the US-based on ideals and principles. According to the economic data and social upheaval I am seeing, I think there is little chance we can save the whole country in the short term. Instead, conservatives organizing together regionally is the best bet in stopping widespread unconstitutional changes to our laws and usurpation of our culture.

In rural areas in particular we enjoy far more freedom and the majority of people have no interest in abiding by lockdown restrictions. We ignore them. A friend of mine recently had family visit from California and they were astonished at how ‘normal’ daily life was in Montana. They said just being able to go to a restaurant and eat there, or walk into a store without being forced to wear a mask was a strange feeling, as if they were visiting a foreign nation.

This is saddening to me. The coronavirus is certainly not worth this loss of liberty.

I suspect that the conservative migration will lead to some interesting side-effects. First and foremost there will be continued attempts to stop it. Eventually, states like California will try to implement measures beyond tax punishment. They may even try to exploit the pandemic as a rationale for locking down state borders in the name of “protecting citizen health”. I would not be surprised if hard-left states actively try to physically stop residents from moving away.

As the economy continues to decline and stagflation strikes, likely very hard in 2021 regardless of who is in the White House (you can thank the Federal Reserve for that), price increases will eventually prevent Americans from being able to relocate anyway. But, for the next six months at least I think the migration will continue to grow.

The congregation of conservatives today is perhaps the first time in a long time that we have sought to build a unified front for preserving the American way of life, free from big government, free from bureaucracy and free from socialist subversion. Without the migration, we have zero chance of achieving this, but there are some who will argue against it.

I have noticed that certain conservatives and moderates are claiming that by leaving places like California or New York the movement is “abandoning the fight” and exposing those regions to complete takeover. News Flash for these folks: You already lost those states. You lost that fight. They have been taken over. And, if you understand strategy in the slightest, you will wrap your heads around the need for a strategic withdrawal so that you can live to fight more winnable battles another day.

This mentality reminds me of the people that were arguing that conservatives should not start their own social media platforms “because the real fight is on Twitter and Facebook”. This is naive thinking. Those platforms are owned by the extreme left, and there is no one on these websites that will be convinced by your arguments no matter how reasonable or factual. It’s time to build alternatives that are more free and stop wasting our energies on lemmings that cannot be saved.

What I find most fascinating about the current migration is that it’s bringing together conservatives and moderates or “classical liberals” that have been alienated by modern social justice movements. In my opinion most moderate liberals are actually conservatives or libertarians and they’re just not ready to admit it yet, but I’m glad to see these people working together.

The fight that is coming will require us to ally with people that do not necessarily share ALL our views, and that’s okay. The goal is to get to the truth, and to use what works best and to maintain a set of shared cultural principles that value freedom. Americans aren’t relocating anymore out of convenience or economic incentives – it’s actually rather inconvenient and expensive to relocate these days. They aren’t moving due to climate or job availability or wages. They are moving because they have a shared desire to be free. It’s really that simple.

And, the sooner free peoples band together, the safer we will be from the statists and tyrants of the world. If that means the US is broken apart for a time in the process, then so be it. It’s better than having the entire country fall because rational people were isolated from each other.


  1. Strongly agree with this excellent article.
    I would like to see signs on all highways entering redoubt states that say,
    “YOU ARE ENTERING THE REDOUBT. WE BELIEVE IN A GREATER POWER, FAMILY , AND THE CONSTITUTION. DO NOT bring your customs, values and traditions, we have our own, please learn and accept them. “

      1. Twenty years ago when I was working with some illegal Mexicans (good individuals IMO), they talked about “La Reconquista” the conquest to re-take California from the U.S. and return it to Mexico. They are just about there population wise, 39.4% according to the census bureau, likely to rise when they finish the 2020 census. All I want to know is, where can I donate to their cause to return California to Mexico! 🙂

  2. Yes, but. Those redoubt enclaves can be, as has occurred before, (colorado example) be turned purple then blue. Quantities of people, no matter whom they portend to be, can devolve into a steaming mass if not “managed”. (This before any external fifth columnist subversion measures are stealthily infiltrated into your structures) You can not have idyllic unicorn pastures of heaven with a laissez affairs attitude to civic structures. Without a top down social and civic structure of near theocracy adherence to your checklists of standards and expectations, expect those communitues and .gov machinery within your little redoubts to also devolve, it is the nature of humans. The airports, roadways, and information routes into your redoubts are wide open to such right now anyway, just as if you are lazily leaving the ranch gate swinging open in the wind. Stay frosty.

    1. Randy, you are so right!
      This fight must continue, after we get to areas where there are like-minded individuals. This means we > the good guys, conservative, America-loving people > must get involved in local politics: school boards, city council, run for mayor, support others who are getting in the game, if you cannot. 
There’s where, in my view, we haven’t succeeded. Enough of bus haven’t gotten involved. We like living our lives, and leaving others alone as we wish to be left alone! But, heck, when the ship is sinking, we’ve got to get in there, and bail!!!
      Appreciate your comment, Sir.

      1. @ Les

        I think that far too many conservatives sit back and don’t get involved, leaving the leftists to run things(which is what they like to do anyway). I’ve noticed that Dems(and Progressives) really like to be in control and tell people how to live,what to do and what to think. So when they move to new places, they immediately gravitate towards filling power positions which they use to promote their leftist agenda.

        1. Boise is a good example of leftist taking over politics. All would be fine if all the “migrators” would leave their failed political ideals beck in CA and NY….but they don’t. Look what they have done to Texas… now Texans are fleeing in droves to Idaho and Montana.

    2. Randy and Les,

      You both sound the clarion call. I heed. Even as I fall into habits of stubborn isolation.

      Little by little, I make progress toward involvement and connection with my neighbors and community.

      Carry on

  3. “Conservative states have nothing to worry about – The lefties are too dumb to relocate.”

    I wish this were true. The fact that Texas and Montana are turning purple would appear to negate this argument. There is also an enclave in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    The map below is very informative for studying the migration of leftists within the United States, and offers granular detail at the county level.

    1. I agree with Scott. Put up all the billboards you want, states will turn purple and then blue. In addition to Texas and Montana turning purple, add Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. They come from California with cash for a home, and bring all their California values with them. They come for economic reasons, cheaper homes, lower cost of living, not ideology. But liberal ideology comes along anyway. Anything short of closing the state borders will fail.

      1. I know many who left California for political/ideology reasons. Gun laws, business regulations, taxes, homeless problems, etc. You’re right that in the mix are plenty of the leftist fruitcakes unfortunately, but that isn’t all of them. One of the big reasons California went blue was conservatives left the state and it’s still happening. A friend of mine just moved to Wyoming, solid conservative who had enough. One of the first things he wants to do is buy a real rifle and handgun with full capacity magazines, no registration or waiting periods.

      2. Hello skeptic, A lot of good points in the comments today. We have been seeing the same problems with transplants trying to adjust part of our region. Just letting nature take its course has worked pretty well in our area. They come here with their big money, and preconceived notions, then country life seems to get a little to real for them. Their hairless cat, and or their shitzu dog disappears and all they can find are a few cat tracks. –BIG cat tracks. They zip around with their Prius, smart car, or electric with that pious look of superiority on their face, then winter hits and they start finding out what they don’t know about snow tires, ground clearance, plowing snow, or a batteries cranking amps. They start to find out that high priced, high fashion clothing is no replacement for the right clothes and a good coat.—-In our area you can go to town and have a great steak, and some hometown cooking, but they aren’t be able to find their favorite latte, NFL or NBA stadium. Just county fairs and rodeo’s. Now twenty minutes in any direction we have great hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cool rock formations, petroglyphs, ATV trails and some great outlaw history. But to really be able to discover and enjoy these hidden treasures, you have to have the ability to interact, and get along with the locals. That takes time and effort,—a lot of effort. In the meantime we watch their quirks habits and mannerism’s.–Its a form of country entertainment. Working construction as we did for many years, every so often, we would get stuck with some no-nothing, lazy, slow, or generally irritating hand to have to work with.–( previous statement not meant to be derogatory, just a genetic fact) And in recent years, politically correct laws and policies started creeping in. We soon learned that sometimes you can’t just fire them,,,,but you can sure make them want to quit. After a lot of years, there have been a couple of families in our area that not only changed their notions, but have been great additions to our town. And for that reason, we don’t write them all off. But the biggest majority in a year, or maybe two, find out this country life is a lot tuffer, and a lot more work than they like, and they go back to wherever they came from.–Here’s hoping you have the same luck!

  4. California has turned into a large Nut House. … The normal people are leaving, or least the other normal people realize, leaving California is the smartest thing a Californian can do. [Other States don’t want Kookburgers from California!]

    (See the link for ‘About Us’ in the heading of this SurvivalBlog page. Check the subheading: ‘Recommended Retreat Areas’ for good information.)

    In this good article, the author has a link for ‘Economy and political ideals.’ … The information is from ~another site and author. … There is a related the experience of a couple with an adult son with Cerebral Palsy [heart wrenching]. … California does have greater Welfare Benefits than most other states.
    However, California politicians are quite willing to provide government paid for abortions to the ~disabled babies. Also, California has a End of Life Option Act [physician-assisted suicide.]

    California is controlled by a political party that supports killing the ‘unwanted and inconvenient’ and forcing other people to pay for it. That political party should be known as the Diabolical Party.

    Another view is found in Indiana:
    “I would like to applaud Gov. Pence for signing HEA 1337 into law. This legislation is valuable, and it is fundamentally consistent with our American principles in that it protects the civil rights of all of our citizens by specifically outlawing discrimination based on race, gender, or disability.”

    “I am proud that Indiana will no longer allow a baby to be aborted because he is black. I am proud that Indiana will no longer allow a baby to be aborted because she is female. I am proud that Indiana will no longer allow a baby to be aborted because she is imperfect. While some may suggest that discrimination in the abortion industry does not exist, the evidence would suggest otherwise.”

    (Information about different rates of abortions to particular babies is given)

    + In the article: “This law is of particular importance to me as I am the father of a child with cerebral palsy. This is a condition where my son suffered a stroke in utero and now has a permanent neurologic impairment. In my extended family as well, there are relatives with autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. These loved ones and my patients with disabilities teach me more about being a good doctor than can be learned from any books or lectures.
    These individuals personify kindness and serve as an example to us all about what it means to be a human being. It is our duty as Americans and particularly my duty as a physician to protect these individuals who are the most vulnerable and cannot speak for themselves. The signing of this bill states unequivocally that Indiana is a place where discrimination is not acceptable for anyone – especially the most defenseless Hoosiers.”
    [HEA 1337 Is a Good Thing: A Physician’s Point of View. April 6, 2016 … credofamilymedicine(dot)com
    And yes, the law conflicted with the Judicial View, that our Judges are dictators controlling the government, and they are the real Executive, Legislator and Judicial branch of our various governments; all rolled into the person wearing a Judicial Robe. … Many people in the Judicial Robes want death for the unwanted and inconvenient.
    California has one-third of the Welfare Recipients in the USA. California is the ‘Golden State’ where it is possible to sleep on the beach, take addlepating drugs, never work at all, and receive a BIG Welfare Check along with good benefits.
    All the California Politicians ask in return is they mock the other political party, that believes all abled body people should work for a living.

  5. Although I would tend to agree with the writer about people leaving those states. I would disagree with the politics part. People for years have been moving to places like Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as Texas recently. Except they have NOT been leaving their political views in the state from which they came. The states that I have listed have been becoming darker and darker blue. Oregon and Washington, I believe are now lost causes, and Idaho is in a hurry to catch up. They move from California for the greener grass, but in doing so come to these other states and vote the same kind of politics that they say they are running from.

  6. A problem with conservative flight is that the land they left becomes even stronger with the Left. It takes a huge amount of ‘Reality’ to change that. If the American people who were attacked by radical Islam and then less than 20 years had a government which invited them to live among us isn’t a lesson, than nothing is. We fought them and them invited them here ? Really ? Europe and other foreign countries who allowed this are reaping the benefits.

  7. My own personal story…..moved from hellinois in the 60s could not stand the growing sense of socialist controls that were being pushed. After many years and living in 16 states, yes 16 I decided I was the proverbial rolling stone….lived in the eastern states down south and decided that the southwest was where I wanted to be. Lived several years in Colorado survived the liberal push to control Denver, moved to Texas, then out to Arizona and know for several years to northern Nevada. My travels were guided by the cost of living as those costs soared and they have I found living in Nevada was very reasonable as far as property taxes and costs of goods and services. Loved Living in Arizona and Texas but the property taxes are ten times what I now pay in Nevada. The kommifornia attitude has started to take hold here and we have a governor currently that is a socialist and brain dead besides he is trying to transform the state into a socialist haven pushing state income tax, gun controls, and even a mileage tax on vehicles … I may be moving northwards again. My checklist for home location, is housing costs, goods and services, Utility costs, transportation, and licensing. Weather is another item to factor The costs of. Number one on that list is still property taxes…..I now pick locations outside of towns and cities in order to keep the taxes as low I can. Texas as an example was reasonable on most items except property taxes, no state income tax yet but they kill you on property taxes. The main thing to remember is do your homework, make a chart list the costs by state that you are considering And break all those expenses down to a monthly total cost… will really put things in perspective. I would dearly like to move to Idaho but most areas there are way to expensive for my retirement monies to even consider………choosing wisely is now more then ever you first consideration and also current events should be turning on a need to do it now. Good luck and gods blessing to our country constitution and great president.

    1. John in Nevada, I appreciate your comments, and very much relate to them, both in practice and theory. I am in my wonderful adopted state of Arizona and have been considering, with a heavy heart, moving elsewhere. Just don’t think being in a big city (Phoenix) will be wise, in the possible future scenarios. But I looked at Texas and the prop taxes there are astronomical! Very sad. I look at Nevada too as there are +’s but the politics there with the leftist guv have me shaking my head. Idaho also worries me, as it seemingly is in a leftist slide.
      All that said, I think my choice will come down to: do I run for the hills, or do I stay and fight? Our founders gave everything for America, which as founded is the world’s greatest nation. But as one founder wisely stated, (paraphrasing) this government is for a moral and righteous people, not for any other.
      Without God in the forefront of a majority of the people’s minds, we face a grim reality.

  8. I live in NC and liberals are moving here from NY, NJ, FL in droves and bringing their liberal ideology with them and turning the state blue. One reason they are moving here is that they have ruined where they came from and now coming here because of lower taxes, but now they have infused themselves into local politics and taxes are going up, housing is going up. You get the idea. Look at what is happening in several cities in NC such as Charlotte, Greensboro, and where I live Asheville to see how the local liberal politicians are letting BLM and Antifa take over. We had a conservative news reporter attacked and almost killed by these terrorists and he is now suffering from some brain damage. And yet these same politicians do nothing to stop the mayhem because they do not want to upset their voter base and be voted out for some other liberal. I have seen first hand how liberals come in a ruin a place. This area used to be very conservative until the liberals “discovered” the area and started moving in and destroying the area like locusts.

    1. I’m in Central NC too, and I second everything you’re saying. NC has changed drastically and is still changing due to the influx of liberals. The voting power has been shifting steadily to the liberal strongholds in the state. Then we end up with people like Comrade Cooper in office.

    2. A note to Randy and everyone else in our predicament. The reason the conservative states are being turned purple and blue is because new liberal arrivals do not know how to do real work. They arrive and run for public office instead and then call their friends and relatives from “wherever” to join them. They’ll create jobs for them in government after applying for federal grant funds and raising taxes.

      Meanwhile, the locals cannot run for office because they have have to do a thing called WORK.

      The point of this is that it seems there is no escape. And I know I am singing to the choir.

      Thanks for letting me vent about something you already know about.

      1. Yes, yes, yes. What is the matter with folks, that they don’t leave behind the failures of their pasts? Are we not able to learn anymore? Leave behind the things that hurt us???

    3. My wife and I have been looking in western NC for some time. We have family there. We have been looking around the Asheville area, just not in Buncombe county. I found a property (3 bedroom 2 bath house on nearly 13 acres) that should have been reasonably priced. I checked it out, current owner purchased it in March 2020 for $52k. Listed it at $99k a week later, having spent ZERO dollars on needed repairs. Raised the price to $109k, two weeks later, still no money spent on repairs. Pulled it from the market in late August and relisted it last week at $129k, still ZERO dollars spent on those much needed repairs. So, after adding ZERO value to the property, and now letting it get overgrown, they raised the asking price 250% from their original purchase price. You would think someone in the loop, like the realtor, would figure out that raising the price does not add value to the property.

      I have run into this more times than I can count. Sellers and realtors in western NC live in a fantasy world, a perverse fantasy world, where they can destroy the value of a property by gutting a house (a different property) then doubling the price.

      Personally, I’d rather move to eastern Tennessee, still only 3 hours drive from either of my nephews, but my wife is insisting on North Carolina. Gotta keep mama happy. 🙂

      1. @ charles K

        Same thing here. Looked at a house that people had purchased in a private sale and put back on the market just 2 weeks after; raised the price 33%! No work done on it. Just basic house flipping! They tried to hide the original sale with the help of a sleazy RE agent and the purchase price as they listed it as being owned by the same elderly couple who had owned it for 60 years or so and of course it was too soon for Zillow to know about a private sale not listed on Zillow. I was disgusted when I found out though. Didn’t buy it!

    4. @ Randy

      Yes, I seriously considered relocating to western NC provided I could be far enough away from Asheville. But given the huge numbers relocating to NC from NY, FL etc I was realizing that I wasn’t going to escape the growing leftist influence by moving there. Add to that the increasingly crowded roads and the skyrocketing home prices. Only reason to really consider would be the weather as where I live(VT) it’s winter far too long!

      1. Ani,
        Look at East Tennessee around Unicoi County which is Johnson City, Erwin, etc. I had family that lived in the area and I know it has changed over the years, but it’s still fairly conservative. Also some parts of WNC are ok and conservative, but very slowly these places are being bought out by developers and housing is going up and liberals are moving in. Not enough to change the demographics yet, but ?????

        1. @ Randy

          Yep, had I not elected, at least for now, to remain in VT, I was going to add Eastern TN to my list. I was concentrating my efforts in W NC in the counties that liberals advised me to avoid! 😉 If I ever decide to abandon VT for good, I do wonder what will be left in that area; probably no different than here, just warmer!

  9. Ditto on the rolling stone scenario. Left Hellinois @ 17!
    Like to refer to those exodus-states Brandon mentions as – State of Denial – states.
    We as humankind have a deadly propensity toward sinking ground to cover our lies, when standing on the Truth is firmly the way to go!

    1. Left Hellinois @ 22, 41 yrs ago. Been in Western CO entire time since. CO changing to dark purple. Western CO slowly starting to turn light purple but still Red. I really fear for the future my kids and grand kids will have to endure in the former Great State of Colorado.

      And by the way, I hate the media for alot of things but mostly for the rebranding of conservatives and republicans to RED, the symbolic color of the Commies and Socialists.

  10. I’m from Texas. It’s getting bad here north of Austin. Multiple offers sight unseen on houses and land. Five years ago the acreage price where I am was 20-25K per acre. Now it is 35K per acre.

    I’d vote for someone if they said we are implementing a 1 in, 1 out rule. 1 family from California can move in, when 1 family moves out.

  11. There are only two real issues that I see with this: Okay maybe more, but I’ll mention two.
    1) As conservatives we wind up being able to experience/exercise our freedoms in smaller and smaller areas. They will continue to get smaller and smaller as the left expands it’s influence
    2)As a country you will see the conservative areas prosper, while the democratic/socialist areas will flounder. You can not have a nation with this disparity. It just won’t work. Sooner or later the “give me more, give me more” crowd and the “you owe me crowd” will demand more and more from the states that are prospering, and depending on who’s in the white house – they may get it. Of course they’ll never admit that their “pie in the sky” socialist utopia doesn’t work.

  12. “The fear among conservatives was that the pandemic would smoke leftists out of their hives…”

    I take offense at this statement. Change “hives” to “cisterns”. Bees make honey and pollinate the garden and orchards. Leftists on the other hand, only convert O₂ to CO₂.

    “If that means the US is broken apart for a time in the process, then so be it.”

    How about PERMANENTLY. I hear many SB commenters saying we need to “save the Republic.” Can someone give me one good reason why? A country of 330 million people is way to huge to govern as we can all plainly see. We are way too different geographically and IMO every single citizen would be much better off if we were broken up into much smaller countries. Lincoln was wrong then and he’d be wrong today. Wouldn’t the American Redoubt be better off as its own independent country? At least then you’d be able to bar migrants from California and elsewhere.

    Can anyone tell me why you are interested in saving the Republic?

    1. Boy, does that sound familiar. I keep asking the same thing about Canada. Although if we keep talking like this St. Funogas, one of us might have to change his name to Bill Johnstone.

    2. Because she is worth saving, sir. Too many of our ancestors have fought and died on her behalf for us to easily abandon her.

      What will certainly happen is balkanization to some degree. What *may* happen is a true civil war if/when several States (rumored at this time to be CA, OR, & WA) decide at the institutional level to secede from the Union.

      1. I had an ancestor on the 7th ship to to “America” and at least 12 who fought in the Revolution. But they weren’t fighting for anything close to what we have today. They didn’t want a big useless federal government, but a loose union of states much like the European Union today. They were fighting for the little yellow strip on the East Coast in this map, not the big overgrown behemoth we have today:

        All the liberal hell holes will never be fixed and we’d be much better of IMO to get them off our backs.

        Just my ¼¢

      2. Hey, I Haz A Question. What you posit has been written about, in 1975. A book called Ecotopia. The country that formed from those very western states was, indeed, attacked by the Feds. Civil war.

        A short bit of inspiration about the unlikely success of the book is below. The lesson being, keep pitching.

        Today, Ernest “Chick” Callenbach’s Ecotopia is an established part of publishing’s lore of rejected best-sellers. As the Washington Post’s wrote in its obituary for Callenbach who passed away earlier this month (from the LA Times):

        Mr. Callenbach was the first to admit that literary style was not the chief merit of the book, which he once described as “half-novel, half-tract.” The manuscript was rejected by 25 publishers, who, according to the author, believed that ecology was a passing fad.

        With money raised from friends, he formed Banyan Tree Books and sold out the first couple of printings. After Bantam picked up “Ecotopia” in 1977, Mr. Callenbach called his novel “the little book that could,” his wife said.

        The content of the book is instructive. You may resist some parts of the book and you may find other parts that you agree with.

        Same here, BTW. While I don’t agree with everything I read on SB, I find enough that I agree with to keep reading and contributing.

        Carry on

    3. Oh, St. Funogas, I HEAR you! I’ve been asking myself that, as I cry out in prayer: Father, are we WORTH saving?! its heartbreaking what’s happening to America, but the ‘worth saving’ part, in my view, can be broken down this way. The country is worth saving, in the form the Founders’ began it. Its the people who’ve gone astray.
      So, the question then becomes, how do we change people? We don’t, but God does.
      So, I think breaking up the country has merit. Done by thoughtful people – not leftists!

    4. The Republic was established before the world at large contracted the cancer of communism. Back then, it was believed that a shining city on the hill would inspire other peoples to clean up their own cities. But with the introduction of that cancer, which spreads most successfully by quietly overwhelming bureaucratic and educational infrastructures, the internal communications within the shining cities are subverted and the ecology is made toxic to knowledge. Ignorance begins to spread through those very structures, not laterally from person to person so much as vertically, from surrogate-parent to child –teachers to students– so that the newer members don’t know what previous generations took for granted. Finally, you get people who grew up in a subverted republic who don’t know what they had until it was gone, asking, “Why save it?”

      1. Which then begs the question, How could the Republic be saved? The answer lies within the description of the problem: education, and through it, knowledge. Stop fighting a holding action against socialism, the cancer’s front line. No city ever survived prolonged siege. Instead, Speak Out loudly, with a voice like a trumpet, and tell the people about what has been and could be. Invest your breath and your political messaging into sharing the message: Freedom fosters prosperity, prosperity facilitates choice, and choice is freedom in action. Remember to say also that the necessary foundation is mutual respect and the relentless quest for the mutually beneficial solution.

  13. I like St. Funogas see the demise of the country and see nothing that can be done about it. Our economy is ruined, our government is corrupted by it’s size, the population is apathetic, and me “I do not like anybody very much”. See Smothers
    Brothers circa 1960’s,(The whole World is Festering With Unhappy Souls). With all this joy surrounding us there is nothing that can be done other than get ready for some really bumpy roads. It will not happen immediately but like a snow ball rolling down hill the momentum will build until it burst against an insurmountable obstacle.
    Make sure you have a lot of good books on hand along with the 3 B’s. But alas; cheer up, things could be worse as my Dad used to say.

    1. Hey Joe, speaking of dads, mine use to say, “Pee in one hand and wish in the other and see which gets full first.”

      All the wishing in the world won’t fix this country and conservatives are way too docile, too much talk and too little action, and such a minority they are wishing their lives away that this country can possibly ever be well again. As smaller pieces, we’d have a much greater chance. How many hundreds/thousands of our freedoms have liberals taken away? How many dozen conservatives have gotten back for us? End of discussion IMO.

      With all due respect, all you who want to save the Republic, please share with us, what’s your realistic plan??

  14. Could folks moving from urban areas be replaced with foreign immigrants, and with the trend against single family dwellings, even more immigrants be packed into these areas?

    Is urban space being made for a massive immigration/colonization?

    An influx of domestic immigrants can turn a nice small town into Babylon/Sodom/Gomorrah in a decade or sooner.

    A California conservative is not the same as a Idaho conservative…

    Dmitry Orlov said in a podcast the other day that Americans should be focusing at the county level, as far as the decline of the empire and what you can do about it. He said that decentralization is coming…

    I think that part of that is limiting immigration to your local area.

    Land Developers / Realtors are powerful enemies/destroyers of local populations/cultures.

    With the Interstate Highway system, large populations can move hundreds of miles in a day…

    1. Anonymous, you say, “Dmitry Orlov said in a podcast the other day that Americans should be focusing at the county level, as far as the decline of the empire and what you can do about it. ”

      Wisdom there.

      The War for Independence started at the township and county level. The American Empire came much later.

      Go local. That is where we have leverage.

      Carry on

  15. St. Funogas, I agree 100%. I think we are long overdue for a divorce. Let’s re-draw the state lines & seriously consider putting up border fences and gates. I’m a 4th generation Floridian, I have watched the the ‘New Yorkification’ of this State for my whole life. I was 12 y/o when I found out that DamnYankee was actually 2 words! If things are so good “back there”, then go-the-hell BACK THERE. It seems like every northern invader brings $2, a crook, & more bad ideas with them. Welcome to Florida; now go home! Sorry for the rant, I’m just sick and tired of watching crappy progressive ideas creep into nice places like a malignant cancer. IMHO, conservatives just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace, the progressives I have known seem to be determined to make others agree with them. A national divorce seems to be a good way to live with our irreconcilable differences. Many of the same reasons still linger since the 1860’s (slavery NOT included!). Things like States rights v. Federalism, Urban v. Rural values, as well as newer issues: Free-market Capitalism v. Crony-capitalism, v. Socialism/Marxism. Etc… ENOUGH! As my kids would say: It’s time for “you do you, & I’ll do me.”

    1. DM,
      I also grew up in NW Florida in the 60’s -70’s, and “I was 12 years old until I found out damn and Yankee were two different words” was indeed a phrase often heard back then. The first time I heard it was in 5th grade history class. Our teacher, a very liberal young man from Illinois, was lecturing us on how evil our Southern culture was, when one of my fellow students loudly uttered that phrase. The entire class burst out laughing, causing him to turn red with embarrassment. He continued to push his propaganda, and we continued to “rebel”, causing him to resign his position before the school year ended. At least one carpet bagger we sent packing. (Forgot to add, this was at a Christian school.)

      1. I burst out laughing when I read your comment. Not laughing at you, but that you so precisely hit the nail on the head. I attended a Christian school as well. A one-room Christian school none the less. I’m probably dating myself by that statement, but that’s okay. Great comment!

    2. “I have watched the the ‘New Yorkification’ of this State for my whole life. I was 12 y/o when I found out that DamnYankee was actually 2 words! If things are so good “back there”, then go-the-hell BACK THERE. It seems like every northern invader brings $2, a crook, & more bad ideas with them. Welcome to Florida; now go home!”

      *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*

      Hear, HEAR.

  16. Unfortunatly breaking the US into smaller countries is not going to work. Cal, Oregon and Washington would crawl to their masters feet (China ) and beg them to move into the ports of the west coast, once there they will want the rest of the country. The liberal politicians know they have enough money ( stolen from the public coffers ), to be able to buy themselves into a good life under communism. As for the rest of the population, if they can’t be used for the good of the party, they will be exterminated (check your history books). Never forget China does NOT need our population, they need our land. As for a solution to the liberal brainwashed activists, perhaps containment in mental hospitals and education of real history might bring them back, I don’t know.

  17. Mr. Smith wrote: “The fight that is coming will require us to ally with people ….”

    What fight? When is it coming? Where will it be?

    There’s no time left for writing in generalities.

    What does Mr. Smith expect us to do?

    Who’s for a vigilante committee that will decide who can stay?

    I hope the fight will be in the fair exchange of ideas & conservatives will be able to persuade liberals that conservative ideals are better.

    Otherwise, is this discussion about a partition like India & Pakistan had? That was actually a war.

    We must try to avoid a CW2 fought by the same type of combatants with the same political views from the same areas as CW1. Only this time, the political parties would be flipped.

    1. “I hope the fight will be in the fair exchange of ideas & conservatives will be able to persuade liberals that conservative ideals are better.”

      We’ve tried this for decades. At least the last 5 or 6 decades. Liberal = closed mind. There was a time when this might have been possible, but I’m afraid that time has passed. Facts mean nothing to these people. The truth is what they say it is. They control the media, and alter the “truth” as they see fit. They work on emotions, and the way they want things to be, rather than reality. They have a “vision” of a socialist utopia, and they will make it happen if they have to kill every conservative dissenter there is – even though they don’t believe in violence.

  18. Unless we have an immigration moratorium nothing matters. There is nothing any conservative or even old school liberal claims to care about that will be helped by another 100 million immigrants who will be schooled in racial and ethnic grievances and made to vote for the globalist candidates willing to pander to them. Yeah, I know there are immigrants who are exceptions, but a 60/40 split still means in the long run you are erased and replaced. Until people stop worrying about the globalists calling you a racist because you want to stop immigration we have no hope of surviving. either we have a country or we do not. You can run but you can’t hide.

  19. What is entirely missed is public education is driving the direction of the country to the left. Things that would have got you tarred and feathered in my youth are accepted depravity today. That was all driven by leftists, not liberals, ideology. A quick check to differentiate a leftist from a liberal is to ask the question if hate speech should be outlawed. A liberal would be appalled by the question a leftist would agree that was proper. Until Constitutional conservatives make coordinated efforts to control all levels of public education in a state, the states will become Marxist blue. I would never let my sons attend a public school back in the 1970s. I believe leaving your child in the public indoctrination centers is child abuse.

  20. The biggest issue with internal migration is that people bring their cultural differences and ideals with them, polluting the area they move to that don’t necessarily want the new culture and ideals, thereby making the new area the same disaster that chose to leave, probably for a better life, more life choices, more freedom, etc., etc. Instead of moving to a new area and learning the new culture and mind set. Much like moving to a new country and expecting the new country to accept everyone speak English cause you’re to lazy to put out the effort of learning the new countries language, ideals, laws etc. Example: muslims moving to the USA and whining because they can’t live under sharia law anymore.
    I believe a lot of this is driven by human laziness which is driven by the crap we expose our kids to in the public indoctrination centers. It’s gone on for at least 2 generations and only gets worse with each generation. Bad ideas begat bad ideas, and moral depravity leads to more moral depravity.
    Bringing bad ideas with you wherever you go, instead of opening your mind to learning new ideas and possibilities is the key to maintaining a low IQ forever. Life is a learning experience, and the more you learn the easier it becomes to recognize bad ideas, which is about the only thing being taught in schools nowadays. As opposed to learning the lessons of history that remain as solid as a rock and applying them to progress through modern life.

  21. As a Canadian watching what is going on in the USA… it is heart-breaking! The USA was the last bastion of freedom in the world at least on a national level… sure there are pockets in other nations including here in Canada. Can’t help but think of the adage ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. The USA was united during WW1, WW2, 9/11, etc and quite divided at other times 1960s riots, Vietnam War, etc. This time around it seems the division within the nation is irreparable. It will be interesting to see the 2020 election results and how people voted in the states they migrated to.

  22. When I first started investing in land in Idaho I payed the outrageous price of 60dollars a acre , my trust now holds 11,000 acres of ranch land that I feel no need to sell ,,,,ever ,,,,last month we were approached 6 times to sell , or break up the place ,one proposed to turn it into a wilderness set aside ,one complaint that was common was the lack of grid and phone and web. ,,,funny thing I like it that way , my complaint is I was planing on buying the next door ranch and prices have shot up , but I have a price agreement from 5years ago ,to be fair do I boot the terms ?
    Use to be land value was tyed to the number of cattle you could run on it ,that all out the window now ,a concern I have is what will the land carry? the reason for the sparse settlement in the past is this western land will only support so many people with out out side input ,i see hard times coming from to many people here ,,,,,,,,,and yes I’m going to buy next door ,5,000 acers ,,,never know what kind of rif -raf might end up with other wise ,and hunting rights are spoken for,

      1. Jima,,trying to hang on to some of the old way ,being forced to do somethings different , we have opened the ranch to some like thinkers , not the big lonely like in the past , but still room to feel alive ,and breathe air that has not been breathe before, and see the hand of God around you

  23. We must accept the good with the bad, however, consider that this migration is occurring for a different reason than in the past. Many of these people do bring with them a perspective that is less conservative than myself, whom is a hard core libertarian, yet I’m happy to have them join us.

    The Commieforicators that slowly seeped into Montana in decades past and ruined it, came here for different reasons. Consider my example. I left for California, and then returned to Montana 30 years latter only to find it compromised. I found that my views were more ‘conservative’ (actually Libertarian) than the most of the conservative Montanans I’ve run into! I returned to Montana in a reaction to the disgusting levels of immorality and socialist attitudes of California. Of course these migrants will be a ‘mixed bag’, yet in this wave, the motivation is somewhat like my own. They are the smart crowd that are leaving for the right reasons. I believe that many of these Californians are actually more conservative than many the natives of Montana, and they have learned the hard way. They will enrich the Redoubt in a number of ways, and will help revitalize it as a result.

    Yes, I too believe that the best we can hope for is Balkanization. In order for this to be successful, the American Redoubt, and other enclaves, must be strong enough to withstand the transition. Because in the small towns and cities that are mostly dominated by liberals, and the country side are mostly populated by conservatives, and some Christian Americans, our enemy is already here. They are well organized within the local and state bureaucracies, and political machinery. Only 20% of those in my county voted for Ron Paul when he ran for President. This percentage that represents the people who adequately understand the ideas of freedom, or need for liberty, must to increase before I can be confident about the future. Guns are not enough. The people must know what they are fighting for.

    And most of all, we need a revival. We cannot prosper if there is sin in the camp. Sadly, there’s plenty of sinning of all kinds going on behind closed doors. If the movers and shakers are sinners and therefore, not lead by the The Spirit, expect the worst. We were once a Christian nation, yet are no longer. “There is no political solution to a spiritual problem” (Quaylism #101).

    1. I heartily agree with you Tunnel Rabbit. We are in the spiritual battle of our lives!

      Where I live in Idaho, outside a tiny town of 2 blocks long, a huge influx of Californians have arrived. They are so happy to be here, they literally shine. These are the Californians that finally got sick to death of the Socialist/Marxist, gun grabbing, high taxation, IMMORAL cess pool that California has become, and decided to make life changes because many had to leave their jobs – retired early in a sense. They got creative and figured it out. I am happy for them. They aren’t here to turn anything Blue. They just want freedom and peace. I asked a California neighbor, How are you doing today? And she literally beamed and threw her hands in the air, did a little spin, and exclaimed “I’m just so happy to be here!”

      On Balkanization… part of me is like NOOOOOOO, then China and Russia will attack and that will be much worse than what we have now. The other part of me is like, YES PLEASE!! You Marxist/Communist/Socialist scumbags who celebrate the death of babies and believe it’s perfectly fine to transgender a young boy with chemical castration need to stay the hell away from the rest of us. So… sigh… I’m very divided on the topic in general. I see no way to avoid another civil war, at the moment, but I’m willing to see how the next few years go as I prepare for the worst.

      I’d like to live in a place (and mostly I do right now), where the roads in and out can be closed to strangers, and the community decides together how they will survive. But that is pie in the sky. The next world war will be conducted from space, in which case being tucked up in the mountains probably won’t do us any good. I pray that never happens. But, in the meantime, being prepped and tucked away is a good thing.

      Feeling salty myself today!

  24. I believe the relocates are rooted more in economics then idealism. The left states have economies that are in ruin and as others have pointed out the costs of living are more favorable in right leaning states. It’s been a while since I’ve heard the term vote with your feet. However, I want to remind everyone that as these migrations happen it’s up to us to insure that representation in the House of Representatives is appropriately proportioned. That is to say minus one for Kalifornia, plus one for Montana or wherever the migration lands.

  25. It does not matter want anyone thinks. No effort will change the direction the US is going. We’ve let the schools turn our kids into Communists and Socialists.

    If you look at history ALL empires fail from within.

    Alas, we are nothing special, we just have corrupt leaders, so we pick the least corruptible who support some of our issues.

    The elder Bush, Clinton’s, the younger Bush, Obama and Trump were and are all severely lacking in integrity, honor and duty to country and family.

    Pray to the Lord and keep plenty of guns and ammo as Warren Zevron said in his song: send lawyers, guns and money.

    History is replete with failures of astoundingly great civilizations, we are not special.

    God Bless and keep Him in your heart.

    1. I think you are spot on……we now have two generations of socialist indoctrinated yuppies no history education, no manners, two sided understanding of issues……..instead a soros backed agenda to push the downfall of our country. As one history analyst stated “generations of educated barbaric socialist”……..I can’t get a pro socialist person to name one country where socialism has not failed…..easy because there is not one in history. I pity current generation of young individuals they will never know the freedoms we enjoyed the last 100 years………….reminds me That we seem to be at the same point of Rome in their last 150 years ……….which by the way is the longest empire in history that lasted a little over 1 thousand years. We have progressed pass the tipping point of saving this country as it has existed to today……we are entering a new era, which is going to be just what a author wrote in the 60s think it was Alvin toffler……book is future shock. That may leave us at civil war which was unthinkable a few years ago, but after demon-cratic agendas now it may be here.

    2. I must stick up for my President Donald J. Trump. He has shown spotless integrity while doing the toughest job imaginable under the most adverse of conditions. The people who have shown a lack of integrity are coup-plotters Obama, Clinton Brennan, Comey, the FBI, the GOP and other TRAITORS who broke the law and tried to sabotage the Trump administration even before he took office, and Schiff, Nadler and Nancy Pelosi who tried impeachment to kick him out of office with fabricated false charges. Donald J.Trump has more integrity in his little finger than everyone in the democrat and RINO parties combined.

      1. When I typed “GOP”, I meant DOJ. But for the first two years of his presidency, the GOP did NOTHING to help the President with the single exception of voting for his tax cut bill.

  26. I don’t know how many of you are veterans, and maybe you think it doesn’t make any difference if you are or not, or if you love our country or not. Millions of Veterans including me believe we served our beloved country proudly. And we still feel that pride every time we see Old Glory waving in the breeze. There are some pretty sorry comments here…most likely none of which were written by a Veteran or member of a Veteran’s family, especially If their family member was lost in combat. And maybe these comments weren’t meant to be abrasive.
    People fought for this great country, and OUR COUNTRY IS SPECIAL! Remember, that’s why everyone else wants to come here.
    “The Enemy Within,” read it.
    Are we going to sit and moan or do something. I’m active in garnering votes. How about you?
    Semper Fi

  27. Tons of ppl relocating to my area. I never saw out of state license plates for the 16 yrs we have lived here — now they are a common occurrence. Real Estate stays listed only a short time, and your new neighbors are from another locale. Newbies compliment me on my Trump banner on my truck and say they moved here to be with people that like him. Everyone planting a garden, getting back to the land and getting real. Many moving toward a more ag-based society. I think there could be a sea-change for the better. Red states should benefit, and blue states? Well….

    1. @PrepHOU

      Endless streams of cars with NY license plates on the roads here now. Some of it is for “leaf season” but many I fear will be staying. They come here as they perceive us as not just “safe” but also extremely leftist so they feel at home. And of course they will work to continue to restrict our guns so they will feel even “safer”.

  28. This is for John In Nevada. West Virginia as of 2 years ago is still a TOTALLY RED STATE. Thanks to Hillary Clinton and her comment 4 years ago “we are going to put a lot of coal miners our of work”, they voted big time for President Trump. WV still has the LOWEST COST OF HOUSING IN USA. Property taxes are very low, and they are still being ignored by most people who are moving around America. I lived there in the 1990’s, after leaving Connecticut. Found the people welcoming, BIG 2nd Amendment Rights believers, there is always a hunting season for something. The four season are moderate in the western part of the state, though in the Eastern Part where the hills are higher, there is a lot of snow and skiing. The VIOLENT crime rate if low, as most of the crime is property crime. Yes, there are drugs, but that is everywhere. The Sheriffs are ELECTED, and if they are not liked by their community, generally they do NOT last long! has a NEW feature that shows as a MAP on each property listing. Click on that and in the upper right hand corner you can click on FLOOD, CRIME, etc. Due to the fact that WV is hilly, and there are many streams and rivers, flooding IS a concern. However, tornadoes are rare, and when I lived there, only one EF0 came up our road. One can find a nice modest home, on an acre or so for $80,000+ with property taxes of about $10 to $30 a MONTH. I lived in Jackson County in the western part of the state. Charleston was 45 miles away, Parkersburg on the Ohio River 38 miles away. The state is one of two that has lost population, BUT I notice recently that some farms are being purchased and new, nice home being built. There ARE homes that have FREE GAS from the old low flow oil wells. You can use a search engine and ask “West Virginia properties for sale with Free Gas”. I think the difference in the property taxes for a cozy home, makes up for the fact they DO have a sales tax and personal income tax. COST OF ELECTRICITY IS ALSO QUITE REASONABLE. If you choose to heat with coal, they can certainly supply you with that. Nice thing about coal is it does NOT degrade as wood does. For safety if/when America melts down, suggest you do NOT live too near one of the two interstates. Most of WV roads are very windy and one lane each way. Most of the towns have fewer than 1000 people, and many fewer than 500. There are churches everywhere, and even most of the smaller towns have at least a Dollar General, and a gas station. Hope you find the place you want to spend the rest of your life. Sadly, circumstances brought me back to CT which is so BLUE, it is very upsetting. But, that is life!

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