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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on another backcountry bush plane flying video. (See the Idaho section.) Pictured is Trent Palmer’s plane, with oversize Tundra Tires.


Tim. J. wrote to recommend another great Jonas Marcinko bush flying video, in the Idaho backcountry: Don’t fly during wildfires… ( Part 3.)  His description:

“Trent Palmer, Ty Firkin, and myself. Flew into the Idaho backcountry during fire season and there was a lot of smoke. We camped near a forest fire a few miles from  Johnston Creek, Idaho. The smoke from Oregon and Wyoming, wildfire started drifting towards us, we decided to venture east to Stanley, Idaho, and Smiley creek, Where we flew into a secret hot spring.
I then flew home in the worst smoke that I had ever witnessed.”

And here is Trent’s video of the same expedition, in Trent’s distinctive style.  I loved the sequence where the owner of property of with agrass strip just “waved them in.”  How is that for Idaho hospitality to strangers!

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North Idaho TravelCast: Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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Wildfires in southern Idaho affect hunting opportunities


Congress passes bill honoring airmen killed in 1962 crash

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Firearm Purchase Delays in Montana & the Danger of Universal Background Checks. Here is a quote:

“The FBI runs the NICS “instant” check system. They have been slammed with workload and cannot keep up. They are running 30 days and longer on NICS checks.

The Second Amendment and its equivalent in the Montana Constitution, Article II, Section 12, are restrictions on government entities and government activities, but not on private parties. The Brady Law, the federal law that restricts sales of new firearms by federally licensed dealers (FFLs), says that if the FBI doesn’t issue a denial via the NICS of a purchase within three days, then the vendor MAY transfer a firearm to a purchaser.

However, neither the Second Amendment or the Brady Law prevent a vendor from being more restrictive, as Runnings and other corporate FFLs (such as Cabellas, Sportsmans Warehouse, etc.) have chosen to be. It’s like a private merchant’s prerogative to enforce “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

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Low-noise rumble strips gaining traction statewide after success in Gallatin County

Eastern Oregon

Chalk up another one for The Great Equalizer: DA: Fatal John Day shooting was in self-defense, initial investigation shows. A pericope:

“No arrests were made in a fatal shooting Tuesday evening in John Day after the initial investigation indicated the shooting was in self-defense.

According to a press release by Grant County District Attorney Jim Carpenter, the preliminary investigation indicates that Patrick L. Duignan, 34, was harassing Lloyd N. Leach, 86, while Leach was attempting to get from his vehicle to his apartment in the 100 block of Southwest First Avenue in John Day.

“Leach managed to get into his apartment, closing and locking the door,” Carpenter said in the release. “Thereafter, Duignan forced open the door to Leach’s apartment causing damage to the door and door jam. Duignan rushed down the hallway of the apartment and physically attacked Leach.”

Carpenter said, during the altercation, Leach fired two shots from a handgun into Duignan, who died on the scene.”

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Oregon health department grapples with how to confront COVID-19 threat from Idaho

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Grant County reports tenth COVID-19 case.

Eastern Washington

WND reports: State bars ranchers from ferrying customers

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Teen arrested for arson, attempted murder after early morning house fire in Spokane Valley

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Washington cyclists get “Idaho Stop”: New law allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs


Two Conflicts Between Wyoming Hunters and Bears Reported. A snippet:

“According to a Monday news release, the first incident happened on Thursday when a man hunting in the Thorofare was attacked and injured by a grizzly bear. He was airlifted to a local hospital, where he received treatment. The bear was killed in that incident.”

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Cheyenne Frontier Days, world’s largest outdoor rodeo, canceled for 1st time in over a century

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Report: Wyoming Lost 25,000 Jobs During Pandemic

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  1. Regarding the Idaho stop. Growing up in Michigan, I thought they were Michigan stops. Then I moved to New York and I learned they are New York stops and all those people in Michigan were just New York transplants.

  2. Here in Oregon I typically get my guns in less than 30-minutes; until I bought one in May which took eight days! Then I bought one in August which took eleven minutes, and one in September which took ten minutes- the que was over 8,000 at State Police FICS, but for some reason frequent flyers pass to the head of the line. Fortunately, I am not one in desperate need for my very first weapon to answer an emerging threat. I cannot believe how poorly the system operates.

    Interestingly, Oregon state law says this: “One of the following 3 determinations will be provided within 30 minutes or less to the transferor at the time the background check is requested, as required by Oregon law. [Approved. Denied. Pend/Delay]” But, this is Katie Brown’s feifdom and the law means nothing.

    Anyone who keeps track of the progressive long game will see what is happening: perhaps the gubbermint is getting folks accustomed to the long wait so they can “come to the rescue” with a mere 3-day waiting period? Our saviors! Why, any reasonable gun owner would get behind that if it sped things up! I know the NRA would back that in a heartbeat because they are on the wrong side of the 2A discussion.

    Always watch the other hand when the gubbermint is involved.

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