We Have a Major Problem, by Castle Circle

We Have a major problem, and it isn’t going to just away.

As I write this, we have multiple people shot in Kenosha, 80+ days of rioting in Portland, and the large major cities are powderkegs waiting to blow. Lack of leadership from city and state leaders nationwide has exacerbated the problem greatly while blaming everyone but those responsible for those places and people. I look at this from the standpoint of an amateur historian, and I see this getting far worse before or if it gets better, with winter coming, riots, Covid and all its ramifications, things are going to get a lot worse, and not just for the short term. We have a major problem, and it isn’t going to just go away.

If all those issues went away today, the magic wand is waved, and we go back to “normal” then we still have a serious problem. That problem is a clear, vocal, and violent movement that has emerged from the shadows and its limited visibility (Portland) to this date to national prominence. I do not want to use their name specifically because these are a group of groups, but their overall movement and goal is what I will refer to.

I will refer to them as Revolutionaries or Revs.

These Revs who today burn businesses and homes, assault and murder people in the streets. are identical to those Revs from the 1960s and 1970s who prepared the ground for this when they left the streets protesting Vietnam and became the politicians and executives who created the welfare state, education system, political correctness society which is directly responsible for the situation as it stands today. Those revolutionaries are now the generation who themselves or their direct lineage tell police nationwide to stand down, prosecutors who release violent criminals onto the streets, and support the violent riots vailed by their allies in the media under the omnipresent narrative of “peaceful protesters”.

This raises a question, if the generation that created the environment and fostered it was bad, and was slowly eroding of liberty, then what will happen to that scrap of freedom we have left when this entitled, vocal, irrational, emotion-driven, and violent generation or revolutionaries grows to our next generation of teachers, politicians, and executives?

Sadly, I think that answer is obvious to any free-thinking liberty-minded person with just a passing knowledge of history: Totalitarianism.

In what form is hard to say, but totalitarianism is the clear direction, if not sooner it will be later. Pessimistic as it may sound, to ignore the likely nature of what is currently happening would be foolish and dangerous for you or your family. Yes, food is still getting to the grocery stores, although you need to wear a mask now and social distance, but food still shows up nonetheless. The water runs, the toilet still flushes, gas is available at the pump, and the lights are still on. Other than some spots here or their nationwide things are okay for the most part away from the hotspots. Most people hope the problem just goes away or stays over there if you will, but this problem is now truly here to stay and growing. Our comfortable life now likely has a shelf life, depending on where you reside.

Dangerous Days

The people taking these revolutionary steps aren’t new, just far more vocal and violent now because they feel emboldened by sympathetic politicians, media, professors, and other revs. These same groups have been active on University campuses nationwide for years, most reading this will be aware of this. These groups have no problem with just taking property, making you conform, flat out kneel, or sometimes at the cost of your life. When they get into power positions, they will use that power to force their beliefs and mandates as so many do, today with Molotov’s and clubs tomorrow they will use the force of arms and law. Like the generation of “Love” who began the erosion of our liberties once put in positions of power, this generation who already has a sense of entitlement will just take those liberties, minus the erosion or incrementalism of previous generations, this one will just take your liberties and is willing to kill to do it.

We are arguably living in the most dangerous time in American history, even in the civil war there was a sense of civility and commonality. Today that does not exist. The revs of today have no civility and commonality (commonality referring to common shared history and experience as with rural or some suburban people) and have no issue attacking anyone and anything they feel they want to in the pursuit of their goals, and again are willing to kill you and your family for it. The divide of urban (government/system dependent) and rural (independently-minded/self-sufficient) is growing ever wider with every passing day and looks as if it’s possibly irreconcilable.

We have a lost generation of Americans and now have dependent minded Americans who someday will be in positions of power able to enact their desires and frankly take your liberty and property.

What To Do?

So, what can we do as liberty-loving independent Americans?

Reevaluate your physical, financial, and spiritual position.

  • First: Get right with God, the easiest thing to do, he’s been waiting.
  • Moving away from the cities is the best way to avoid the current and coming tumult, move to a place in the country where you have a sense of security and can begin doing the things needed to survive and thrive
  • Get to know your neighbors, if not team up communicate, most people today hardly know their neighbors, it’s much easier to work together than against those who live closest to you and increase chances of success.
  • Work with your local law enforcement and community to ensure you are a known part of your community and that you and your property are “the Good Guys” and can be counted on as having their back.
  • Make sure your 3B’s are ready, any reader here knows what the 3B’s are and the importance of them. This is a great opportunity to double-check those and be sure you have what you feel you require for your needs. I recently found I was lacking in the medical field, specifically in the area of a long-term sickbed for prolonged illness or bedridden issues. Seeing riots in the largest city of my state, and around the nation, I realized that access to long term medical facilities could and would be threatened, upon evaluation found I was sorely lacking and immediately went and got the supplies I needed.
The Urban-Rural Rift

Long term liberty-minded people must consider all options looking at where we are today, what we face in the future, and the stability of your situation in those circumstances. Long term, the large cities will likely continue to devolve into violence and lawlessness. They are untenable without a great awakening that those in charge of those cities will never allow happening. The issue here is that the interests of those large cities due to population density will override the interests of those outside of the cities and will impose their will upon those people in their states. This will create the most fundamental issues/questions and your position in it:

  1. Will those who reside in the cities eventually win their totalitarian government and impose it on the 50 states?
  2. Will there be a great awakening and return to constitutional government?
  3. Will areas of the nation who can not allow the taking of their liberty rise against it, or will they separate/secede.?
  4. Will things go back to normal?

Looking at those questions, envisioning your current position in it, and looking forward to the likely outcome of this in a logical, stark, and realistic way without blinders or prejudice could be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your family.

A Return to Normality?

I believe that things will never go back to “normal”.

With the current state of education, government, media, and lack of spiritualism it is very unlikely there will be a great awakening and return to constitutional government, that leaves 2 options remaining from that list. Those likely to read this will find option 1 unacceptable under any circumstances as this writer does. That leaves rise, or separate. Obviously, violence is a last resort for self-defense, defense of family, and defense of property. But it is our God-given right to self-defense. That leaves separate, a nonviolent at first physical separation from those places is necessary, the consideration of political separation may become necessary. Of course, political separation is the last option but may become the only recourse to save our constitutional government.

The future is unclear, but the general direction is clear. Those in the streets will someday be in positions of power, and the places they attain that power will be totalitarian nightmares. Nationally they will be in positions to enact their agenda or will just take power as so many have throughout history.

A Safe Locale

Today is the day to consider your position in all aspects of your life, are you where you and your family have the best chance for safety, security, and prosperity.

You may not get a chance in the future to even consider these things ladies and gentlemen, I contend we have a major problem, and it isn’t going to just away.

I’m not a writer as seen from above, I’m just concerned about my son’s future, and I see the direction, it scares me. Thanks for reading.


  1. Interesting read, sounds like a news cast on the tee vee.
    Don’t see any of the things mentioned in the article here, unless you look at the tee vee.
    I agree with the premise, but think the author may be a bit close to the action. That stuff won’t fly here, the citizens won’t stand for it (“we don’t need no stinking badges!”).

    1. K,
      As a fellow Tennessean, I agree with you that the majority of us will never see an Antifa or BLM rioter in the flesh. However, as the author states in this article, the threats of crime and moral decline are not exclusive to urban areas in blue states.
      Near my very rural home in Eastern Tennessee, the counties of Rhea, Roane, McMinn, and Cumberland remain high in unemployment and opioid/meth addiction still runs rampant. Every week, the local paper has an arrested pedophile on the front page. Just the other day, my friend had $1,500 in tools stolen off his carport in broad daylight while his kids were home. The threats don’t always come dressed in black hoodies and holding signs.

      1. Unfortunately, we’ve started having BLM “protesters” here in East Tennessee. A friend was in downtown Johnson City, and protesters surrounded their vehicle as they were trying to leave a restaurant. His young daughters were scared and crying. He was in the process of telling his wife that he may need to hit the gas and possibly hit a protester when the protesters ran past his vehicle. Apparently, they were actually heading toward another vehicle behind him who had an American flag waving. There were no episodes of real rioting, but if we are already getting this kind of activity, then it’s obviously possible to get more and worse behavior of this type.

        As mentioned, the drug addiction is a big issue here, but it seems to be a big issue is most rural areas around the entire country.

        With that said, there are not many places I would rather be east of the Mississippi than East Tennessee.

    2. K in TN; TN is like UT, ID, IA and many other red states in that it has blue city mayors and city counsel members. Unless TN gets rid of Nashville’s and Johnson City’s majors, they will allow things to spread. Just because deranged youth are not destroying your town does not mean the cities in the state don’t suffer from these satan want-to-be’s. The closest small town to me has already organized to assist the local police, firemen and EMTs if needed. One phone call from our local police or other protection leaders, and about 500-600 folks will show up ready to confront those wanting to pillage and burn.

      1. Hey Animal House, that’s one of the very few pieces of encouraging news I’ve heard in a long time about the current situation. I wonder how many other places are organized to that degree? Do you know if your locals have something quick like a cell-phone call or text that goes out to everyone at once?

        The war is already completely lost but it’s good to know at least a few are going to go down fighting in the initial battles. The government has no interest in the Spirit of ’76 and can too easily crush any attempts at reviving it. They shut down the airways for weeks after 9/11 and can just as easily shut down all communications and the interstates and starve out the majority of resisters. The three B’s are more important than they have ever been in the history of the United States and I would think that even most preppers are so stuck in normalcy bias that they’ll be inadequately prepared for what’s inevitably coming. For the past few years I was thinking that life as we know it would be done by 2030 but now I think that in five years max it’ll be all over. We had a good run but we’re all to blame for what’s coming.

        1. St Funogas;; Our town defense organization, not a militia, has a phone tree system and a text alert system. The phone system is on Signal but I’m not sure what the text alert runs on. The organization not only supports the sheriff, but also teaches basic forms of preparedness, to those who want to learn. They are told it is available but they have to initiate contact to the leaders who put them in touch with a person to teach what they are interested in learning; e.g. canning, reloading, etc.. We don’t force ourselves on anyone.

          1. Hey Animal House, sounds like a great system. I wish someone would write an article on how to get something like that set up and people interested. I guess I should search the SB archives and see what I can find. I’d love to help others get some hands-on experience but not sure how to go about it. Other people want to get some experience but don’t know how to contact the right people to get some. In six years, I’ve only had three people stop to ask about my solar panels (I’m sure others are interested but afraid to ask) and I’ve been more than happy to show them my setup and run them through the basics, even offer to design their system at no cost. So how to get these two groups of people together?

        2. Martin Armstrong is saying similar things. He does not think that it is likely that there will be any free elections by 2024, and has repeatedly said that China will take the lead by 2032.

          He has also said that the major internet companies will not exist in 2032, and that we will be back to brick and mortar stores. The implications of that are not hard to figure out. No electric grid, no satellites, no internet.

          He has also said that the United States will break apart in civil war.

          If you know Armstrong, you know that he is rarely wrong, and his predictions are not his personal opinion. He predicted the election of a third party President in 2016 – back in the 1980’s. Trump is technically a Republican, but is really just Trump, and the Republican Party and Republican politicians hate him. He was only the Republican candidate by default.

          He has also been predicting civil unrest in the world (not just here) in 2020 for the past several years.

    3. @K in Tenn. Glad you are are in ‘good place.’ Many aren’t. May I suggest you could recognize the suffering of others outside of your good-place and take actions to help those, rather than berate them.

      1. Eye of Odin: And I’m wondering how one would go about that? It’s one thing to recognize “the suffering of others” in your own family, friends, church, neighborhood, or community…but beyond those practical limits, then it’s up to everyone else to help themselves OR for their “social sub-group” to do so. I could spend $20 a month each on 200 “non-profit” care organizations and “go-fund-me’s” trying to help others…then people that i directly care about and are responsible for would be the ones suffering. Get real!

  2. I have unfortunately seen things I never thought I would see in my area. Trying to get to an area where it’s somebody else’s news. Concerned for my kids and grandkids as well.

  3. In my opinion, you have absolutely nailed our current situation and our likely future situation. After watching a series on the Vietnam war on TV, I realized that all those protesters likely became the professors who are indoctrinating the students we are seeing today. Our whole education system has become an indoctrination system. They also infest our corporations etc. I also mourn for our country and am concerned for my children and grandchildren. Now for the bigger picture, evil is maturing just as the bible tells us…the only cure is Jesus’ return…….

    1. I am not sure how old you are but I lived through the Vietnam era and the protests of that time were not at all related to what is going on now. There is no way the Vietnam war can be justified, just Lyndon Baines Johnson and other liberals getting rich off the lives of my friends and family members. I thank God for Richard Nixon getting us out of that life-sucking hell hole. Alas, it seems that politicians either never learn or worse do not give a rats ass about the people they send to unwinnable conflicts. It takes a lot to get Americans riled up but once they get started these REVs will wish they had stayed in their parents’ basements while their leaders are strung up. It is a shame but I see a lot of blood in the streets in the near future.

    2. I agree, Texas Prepper. I didn’t think I would see a possible purple Texas this soon in history. If it weren’t for our rural areas, we would have already flipped to blue. I really am distressed over this, after living here most all of my life. My husband and I cannot move away from family. Our kids need to work and they must work near/in the big cities. We don’t live in the big city, but too close for comfort. We have only ever had the Lord to protect us. He is our refuge and our rock.

  4. I am an old man who has seen much change in my life in the USA. It dismays me to read, hear and see our people of this country tuck their tails and run from the problems where they live. Most people have a good reason for living where they are, family, a good job, favorable climate, good neighbors or some other good reason besides just being born there. It is past time to take back his country, your state, your county, your town, and your community. Get a set of balls and stand up to this filth and change it, don’t cower down to them, become an activist, vote them out, throw them out, kick them out, but do something, don’t run, stand up and fight, your children and grandchildren, will hold you and me accountable if we don’t.

    1. I agree with your post. I was born before WWII began. What I have witnessed is hard to fathom and the changes are not progress. As I survey the USA today I see evidence of Romans 1:20-32 everywhere.

    2. Mr Fudd, I whole heartedly agree with you! I`m also growing old and could never have imagined the changes I`ve seen. All for the worse.
      We are all letting this happen, especially if we hide from it and let them shove us around from place to place. Face it, you can only move so many times before you run out of places to run. And the more you run, the more bold the enemy gets.
      God gave us this great nation, let`s all show some respect and gratitude and fight for it.
      And yes, if you aren`t “right with God” I highly recommend you find Jesus and get right with Him. That`s THE place to start.

    3. I spent the 1st 35 years of my life living and breathing conservative political activism. It was to the point that every election year it was like having a 2nd job. Even my kids were involved in assembling press kits, doing door to door, and walking in parades. Got into GOP party leadership positions. Quickly discovered that unless you had oodles of money your opinions and input were considered 2nd class. Also discovered if you are a woman then probably 3rd class. (From what I have heard this is true in both parties.) And look at the results of all the hard work – RINOs! Principled candidates didn’t survive the primary because “they aren’t electable in the general [election]” we were told. I am not living where I want to live but somewhere I was forced to live because we felt responsible to assist in caring for in-laws while the rest of my husband’s siblings did not. I fought and made more sacrifices in terms of career and finances than anyone I know personally. I am G.O.O.D. not to run and turn tail but to fight the good fight where I can get a toehold to begin. I have lived in multiple communities in 3 different states moving a couple dozen times for improved job opportunities. Don’t really have a community that I call home since I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and didn’t go to town very often. So where should I make a stand? In some urban area for which I have no real connection and don’t stand a chance or again somewhere I can make a difference?

      1. Of you have no ties, then move to an area where you do or can make ties. I’m in the same boat caring for a sick family member. They will likely go home to be with the Lord in the next few months. Good Lord willing i will be moving to the Missouri Ozark region. If you plan to move look at jobs, housing, politics local and state, weather and a church. Research different communities until you find one that fits you. Most importantly, pray and seek God’s will.

  5. Its a national problem and if not a local problem for you, it will still effect you eventually.
    The big cities in your state probably provide most of the votes in elections.
    As they devolve into a sea of poop on the agenda will be increased socialism with gun control at the top of the list.

  6. Those Revs you mention actually were a Communist Revolution that bombed government buildings and held up an armoured truck killing two people. Those Revs intended to exterminate 25M US citizens and send millions more to reeducation camps. They failed because they had not yet prepared the country by dumbing the population into complete ignorance about the country, it’s history and the benefits of capitalism. They escaped punishment due to illegal activity by the FBI in the investigation. Those Revs as you noted when into education and politics and started forming the population into useful idiots. Two of the three top leaders of the Weathermen were Bill Ayers, his wife Bernadine Dorn, also known as BFF of the first Muslim and Marxist POTUS Obama. Everything on the left-wing side of American today is a well organized and coordinated communist insurrection. We can only pray that, as in the previous attempt, this revolution was started before the base to support it was fully developed.

    1. Bob, well stated and I totally agree. There is a solution.

      When I pull weeds from my garden I pull up the whole plant; roots, leaves an seed spreading top. And I don’t start weeding when the whole garden is overrun. I pull them up one at a time as I see them. I then keep an eye out and eliminate the new weeds before they set seed.

      We let our current garden to go to half weeds so pulling them will be a “all hands on deck” affair.

      1. Tom in Alaska, You are right. The weeds need pulling one at a time and quickly. Unfortunately, even us Christians did not pull the weeds when they first appeared. We let them sit for a while and then multiply. We told ourselves that they would die out when the winter came. They didn’t and became an infestation. Now it will take all the gardeners available to go into the field and do a massive weed pull. Are the gardeners willing to do such a job? Are the gardeners strong enough for the onslaught? Some of us are alert and strong; others wait for the weeds to pull themselves.

      2. I’ve had the same weed battle, but from a even worse perspective. I had a garden completely overran from 3 years of neglect. I had to start early and get the ground cleared, and border set, then build the raised beds, and then fill them by sifting out all the weed roots. It still did nothing about the root that got through or the seeds. That had to come by a couple of passes of weeding the beds. I’m still dealing with the thistle, lamb’s quarter, and morning glory that keeps popping up. However, things have improved, as the trouble makers roots are getting thinner, and nothing has been able to get to seed.

        The same would be true to deal with the human weeds. Disrupt and screen out their support, then deal with the leftover seeds. It will take awhile, but it can be done!

    2. Bob, you said illegal activity by the FBI;;; don’t forget the rest of the leadership in the DOJ, CIA, NSA, DIA and of course National Intel reps inside the White House. Our government is as corrupt as any 3rd world country; it has been well hidden up until recently.

  7. Your article confirms a lot of what I have been telling anyone who will listen, our country is messed up. Most people and many of our friends will continue to sit and watch as this great nation crumbles into anarchy and tyranny and do little to stop it. One point I disagree with you on is that these groups are not revolutionaries, they are terrorists plain and simple. They are the (bad ) fruit that has fallen from the bad trees of the sixties and seventies. Thinking that we can somehow escape to the country is a great idea, but will not work as you might think. As a nation we must be prepared to take a stand everywhere and it might as well include the cities. If we surrender the cities now, the country folk will be overrun in due time. The time to prepare for a long siege is now. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And definitely buy more ammo. Learn how to protest yourself, your family, your community and your freedom.

    1. Normal has been getting further away forever…

      It accelerated in the fifties with the advent of the “teenager” fad.

      It was present in the roaring 20’s and thier decadence.

      It was present in the 19 teens with the flexing of centralized banks.

      Where we are now is close to the end of a centuries worth of work and ambitions.

  8. Mr. Fudd, fighting against a tsunami is an epic dance. We nor this world in their physicality, have anything but a short time. The story that came to mind when reading your comment was the Angel’s removing Lot and his family from Sodom and Gomorrah. How much “city” can we live with to justify one’s lifestyle? Standing and defending myself and my loved ones (let alone providing them a place to flourish) is utterly impossible from a place of unjust law and over regulation.
    I will literally drive out of my way to keep from setting foot in my home state – Illinois. Why ~ because Chicago is the capitol not Springfield.
    Represent yourself, trust your God given laws – they far out weigh the millions man institutes to create slaves. The Bible is full of stories of God destroying cities and nations of oppression and leading His people out of them, even when most people lead out of bondage truly long to return to it.

  9. Correct information in the article by Castle Circle.
    … … +Many politicians are complicit in the ongoing attempt to destroy our Constitutional Rights, and Traditional America. … Correct information about the ‘never a return to normal’ in our lives.

    Plan accordingly, to the ‘~new normal’ in the USA. … SurvivalBlog has the needed information about planning for a tenuous future. At least buy a Water Filtration System [SurvivalBlog has advertisers with good prices]. It’s time to homeschool your kids if possible. … Plan to move to the safest place possible; within your state or to the Redoubt Region.

    Protect your sanity. Stop watching the Fake News, which is a propaganda outlet for people trying to destroy America. +Vote the November 3, 2020 to Save America.
    [+Any American thinking of voting to further the goals of Communist China, should see a psychiatrist.]

  10. You need to cut the head of the snake by declaring the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA as domestic terrorist groups.
    Under, US Title 18 U.S. Code § 2339A. “Providing material support to terrorists” would stop them in their tracks.
    That way you have the FULL resources of the federal, state, and local governments to go after the money people.
    It would be over in under a year with many going to jail for life since lives have been lost in the riots.
    I would also break the donating corporation thru the various terrorist laws by taking all assets in forfeiture.
    Personally, I would suggest the money ring leaders be hanged in public after [convicted at] trial to make the point it is not in your best interest to fund these groups.

  11. I hope that the Rev’s, as the author calls them, when they obtain their positions of totalitarian national power in the very near future; will ALLOW those of us that wish to secede in order to re-form areas of Constitutional government, alone to do so.

    Nothing that I have witnessed in the recent past (last 20 years), vis-a-vis the die hard leftists, such as George Soros, and his disciples; leaves me to believe that “THEY” will be willing to leave “US” be.

    As their power base has increased, year-by-year, the Rev’s hubris has increased exponentially. They are now riding what they feel is a NATIONAL MANDATE to right all of the social wrongs that have plagued mankind since time immemorial.

    I hear this constantly from people in their 80’s that have been Democrats since they could first vote. As long as they have their shelter, a means of heating & cooling their home, food, clothing, the few remaining newspapers, their televisions, their computers,their doctors, and their legal medications; all is well in their world.

    Erosion of liberty? BAH!!!!

    A small price to pay for righting of historical wrongs.

    Every single, well educated, arrogant, narcissistic leftist that I have encountered lately (last 4 years), mostly in Baltimore City, or Maryland State government positions; virtually all African-Americans, are so convinced that WASP, right-wing, Republicans are 99% responsible for all of America’s ills that you would think they had been rubber stamped out of identical human molds.

    At first I thought it was strange that these people that were supposed to be trying to help a homeless veteran overcome a particular bureaucratic problem; were introducing national politics into my conversations with them. I finally came to realize that their HATRED of Republicans in general, and Donald Trump in particular, was so overwhelming that they could not pass up ANY POSSIBILITY to prosyletize their views.

    ESPECIALLY, to anyone that they regarded as inferior to themselves in education, political savvy, etc. More especially, to a poor, white, down-on-his-luck veteran, such as myself. Because these folks despise the military, although they go to great lengths to try and hide their dislike. Any vet can tell when they are being scammed. Just look in the person’s eyes when they are thanking you for your service.

    Most of the time when these folks thanked me, it was a pro forma “Thank You”. No sign of friendship, or fellowship in their eyes. Occasionally, one would mean it, but not often.

    Baltimore City is FULL of these people. Ready, willing, and JUST WAITING for the chance to stick it to ANYBODY that crosses them. The worst by far are the women. Their language, and the SHEER UNABATED HATRED that pours forth when they think nobody important is looking would stagger SATAN himself. Filthy language, in combinations that I have never heard before, nor in my WORST days, ever had come out of my mouth. People educated in some of the finest (costliest) universities in the nation, whose hatred runs so deep there is no bottom in sight.

    I think we are kidding ourselves if we think these people are going to let us go quietly into the night, and slip away to form our own communities to worship, and govern ourselves the way our Founding Fathers set the Constitution up to do so.

    I fear for the future. I pray for the best outcome, but think it is too late.

    1. I repeat what I have noted before:
      1) The leaders of the protests — and the Democratic leaders — are mere prostitutes to Rich billionaires. Who are promoting social conflict with their News Media in order to “Divide and Conquer” — to divert our attention away from the massive theft of the US Treasury.

      2) I judge these “activists” to be paid prostitutes because of their obvious hypocrisy. Where were they when Obama , Joe Biden and Pelosi were chosing to dump 8 years of 15% unemployment onto the black community?

      Where were MeToo when Obama stole $60,000 out of the Social Security benefits of working women, dumped high unemployment onto them and then let the Fortune 500 steal hundreds of billions out of their pensions.

      3) Hillary and Joe Biden voted to send 4500 US soldiers to their deaths in an unnecessary war to seize non-existent nukes in Iraq. Why are none of these activist complaining about that?

      4) Chuck Schumer was one of the primary creators of the 2008 subprime Great Recession — by working relentlessly to destroy federal regulation of his Wall Street masters. Why are none of these activists asking why Chuckie is the Democratic leader of the Senate?

      5) It does NO good to complain to people who already agree with you. You need to contact your FELLOW AMERICANS in the cities who differ from you in race, sexm religion, political registration, etc and explain how they are the ones being stabbed in the back by this organized deceit. That they have a right to be angry — but their real enemies know that and have used a deceitful News Media to divert that anger away from its rightful target and onto innocent scapegoats.

      6) The Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer was fired for merely pointing out that BLM protesters who burn down businesses in black neighborhoods are harming the people in those neighborhoods. Not an opinion — a fact supported by the decades of poverty afflicting areas destroyed by the riots of the 1960s.

      If that liberal could sacrifice his job by standing up for the truth, then how could you do less?

      I find it unlikely that people who have passively accepted the past 4 years of relentless, vicious deceit waged by Democrat billionaires would ever actually use any firearms they possess. Or if they do, it will be too late.

      7) No army ever won a war by surrendering the cities to the enemy and scattering to remote wilderness refuges. If you look at third world insurrections like Cuba, the remote refuges were always temporary hideouts with retaking the cities the primary focus and goal.

      8) Democrat billionaires control the cities because the current political structure rewards corruption.

      Political campaigns require enormous sums of money to buy time from the News Media owned/controlled by the billionaires. No politician has a hope unless he sells out to those billionaires.

      9) That structure needs to be destroyed — not supported by Libertarians crying that “Money is Speech”. That past stupidity is why today the prostitutes of the Democrat Rich are the only ones who can speak and any spokesman for working people or conservatives or Christians is silenced.

      MSNBC puppets like Rachael Maddow are not important. The COMCAST billionaire who owns MSNBC and NBC is important. He is the real enemy and unless you destroy his power — and the power of others like him — you will end up being their slaves.

      10) To do that , you need the votes of all Americans. You can’t afford to cast anyone aside.

      1. “. . .even in the civil war there was a sense of civility and commonality.”

        The split among the people was as bad then as it is now.

        I suggest one find the 1950 film, “The Tall Target”, directed by Anthony Mann and starring Dick Powell as Detective John Kennedy. The film is based on the Baltimore Plot and the attempted assassination of President-elect Lincoln on his way to D.C. for his inaguration. The film creates the atmosphere of hate at that time perfectly.

        The IMDB storyline: “The historical fact of a possible assassination attempt on the President-Elect Abraham Lincoln makes the movie very interesting. The drama comes from a fictitious New York police sergeant discovering the plot and boarding the last train to Washington, DC, to protect the new president to be. Dick Powell does a very good job using deduction and logic to find who on the train could be conspirators. He is foiled at different times but manages to succeed even when the conspirators have caught him. The movie’s action takes place mostly on the train and the effects of travelling are well done. Historically, several states have already seceded from the union and that included Virginia. That’s why Lincoln had to travel to Washington, DC, through Maryland, also a slave state. When he was taking his own “Inaugural Train” the plan was to kill Lincoln in Baltimore during a long stop but Lincoln’s supporters did some slight of hand to sneak him on board the last train to the capital.”

  12. It is not “Lack of leadership”. It is intentional complicity by some elected and appointed leaders. There is dark money behind a lot of this; some from Soros and some from communist countries and groups. This is an intentional attack on America. Vote like your life depended on it because it does.

    1. Communist countries don’t own NBC or MSNBC — Comcast billionaire Brian L Roberts does. He recently bought Rupert Murdoch’s Sky.


      Last time I checked, Hedge Funder Tom Steyer wasn’t a commie. He may pretend to be socialist when it pays — or maybe he just has a warped sense of humor. But I don’t think he dumped $90 million into this election for the benefit of working people.


      Marksmanship counts in politics as well as in rifle shooting.

  13. Castle Circle: I read this article with a sense of deja vu. You have put into words many of the opinions that I have expounded for quite a while.

    In Canada we see this same scenario played out. The entitled left-wing liberals in the 100 mile circle around Vancouver/Victoria control the entire province of British Columbia. The same happens in the “Golden Crescent” around the great lakes in Ontario. The left-wing liberals tend to congregate in small, heavy concentrations which gives them the “power of the polls” over the more industrious, rural, conservative population.

    The other thing that caught me off guard was you mentioning secession. I continue to look at the urban/rural divide. The liberal/conservative divide. The protests/riots that are taking place. And I just don’t see any way back to “normal”
    The idea of states splitting off, each truly representing the people that live there, is not a new one. In many ways JWR has floated this idea with The American Redoubt, and before him it was William W. Johnstone with Ben Raines and the TRi-States.

    The more I look at the present circumstances, the more that I think that this may be the only option. Having read all of the Ashes series books, I remember thinking the Tri-States idea was mildly amusing, but could never happen. Now I’m not so sure. The other thing that Bill pointed out in his books was that the Tri-States were in a continual state of warfare – standing up to a federal government that wanted to control them. I used to find that amusing as well – now I’m not so sure. We are definitely on the verge of a government that wants to control every aspect of our lives.

    *CONTENT WARNING* If you do read the Ashes series by William W. Johnstone be aware that there is a great deal of swearing and sexual content.

    God bless all. Keep your bible close, and your powder dry.

    1. Hi Lone C- Out of the Ashes was the read that made me start prepping in 1983. I think WWJ was almost prophetic in his vision of the future of the redoubt.
      Keep your powder dry

  14. A minor correction:

    The author indicates this phase of this collapse is national.
    I politely disagree.
    I traveled and worked all over this particular planet.
    Based on my experience, this phase of this collapse is global.
    This global collapse is the reason individuals flee [other] marxist totalitarian dumps to settle in nicer places such as European-operated countries.

    For decades, comfortable Americans told immigrants:
    * “Stay in your nation, fix your nation instead of fleeing your uncomfortable problems!”

    Today, the mantra in remote rural America is:
    * “Flee your uncomfortable problems in cities, settle in comfortable rural areas!”

    Based on my experience, the problem isn’t marxists and the comfortableness they illustrate.
    Those are symptoms of one facet of the sickness.
    The problem is comfortableness.


    Sunday, I was with a group of old folks touring rural Oregon.
    Among our stops was the quiet community of Corvallis Oregon.
    Downtown Corvallis has a volunteer-operated carousel inside a lovely building.
    A delightful plaything from 1920s America.
    I rate this as a National Treasure.
    It is truly that exquisite.

    As I watched the families quietly waiting their turn to ride the painted wooden animals and mythical beasts of the carousel, I felt a sense of continuity of my heritage.
    I felt connected to all those ancestors.

    The restoration of this magnificent treasure was accomplished by volunteers.
    The maintenance of the mechanical machinery is accomplished by volunteers.
    The doors and gift-shop are staffed, the ‘start’ button panel, the safety of visitors, all is smoothly handled by volunteers.
    Downstairs in the crafts department, nobody is paid for their lifetime of woodworking skills and painting experience.
    The craftspeople often patiently start a flag-draped pony or flaming dragon or a bear with a blue butterfly on its nose, knowing the work may take years… completed by somebody else long after they are gone.
    Their compensation is the sweet joy of knowing others they may never meet will thrill at the sight of all they hand down.

    Where else could such a treasure exist but a place built by European hands and hearts… and those embracing European beliefs?

    I wonder about those olden days, those times of innovation and awe in all our potential, each of my ancestors thinking:
    * “How much could we accomplish if we experiment with this, if we explore there?”

    Today in late-2020, I feel a sense of loss, a sense of stuckness.
    I feel uncomfortable in my comfort.

    Accordingly, I offer my gratitude to the marxists for showing me the depths of my comfort, for showing me a path from my comfort.

    During my ministerial studies, a slogan I read resonates in today’s uncomfortableness:
    * “My job as a minister is comforting the burdened and burdening the comfortable.”

    I sincerely wish no ill upon the marxists.
    The love of a parent often requires a ‘time-out’ for offspring choosing a path of comfort rather than looking to the longer view.
    This ‘learning moment’ can be uncomfortable for everybody involved, parent and child.
    Nobody wants to see a child in pain.
    And that may be the point.

    Who else but the marxists offer us all a path from today’s little comforts?

    I am reminded of the frequently-seen bumper-sticker on comfortable RecreationVehicles:
    * “We’re spending our children’s inheritance!”

    Where would the Corvallis carousel be with that attitude?
    How much more comfort can I tolerate?

  15. 1) You wonder why there are such large masses of angry, ignorant people led by psychopathic liars. The answer is that your passivity created them.

    2) You tolerate and fund a Teachers Union and K12 education system that demands a student work 13 years for a degree that is useless. A totalitarian systems that claims the right to judge kids –including ruining their lives — while giving them nothing back in return.

    60 years ago a high school degree was all a person needed to build a career that would support a family. WHY have you allowed the K12 curriculum to be changed into a system for creating ignorant slaves, not free people?

    3) Our taxes and laws support departments of humanities and social studies in the universities that are bloodsucking parasites and the enemy of the American People. Look at every disaster that has hit this country and it was caused by someone with an Ivy League liberal arts degree. University endowments are free of taxes and every time Congress votes to give more financial support to students, the universities jack up their tuition to seize it. YOU are on the hook for that $1.5 TRILLION in students loans that aren’t being repaid because the students can’t get jobs.

    4) Our students spend 17 years of their life and run up $100,000 in debt only to get a worthless degree that leaves them deeply ignorant and unable to produce a product or service worth buying. Which is an “education” of a sort — but I don’t see why you are puzzled that they are so angry. I myself am puzzled by why master con artist Bernie Madoff is in jail.

    You wonder why people on TV are such appalling liars — the answer is that they don’t have a choice. That’s the only way they have to earn a living. They live in fear that they might accidently let the Truth slip, anger some Rich master and lose their job. Like the newspaper editor in Philadelphia or the NY Times editor who made the mistake of letting a Republican Senator post a commentary.

  16. Timely article. Let me say up front that these people will not willingly let anyone escape their “faith”. They are certain that they are right and the rest of us will get in line or be “punished.” The next thing they will enforce is the ‘blue’ state control over the rest of the country. The electoral college will be cancelled, giving political and economic control to the mob. If food supplies run short, expect laws that force the fly over country to provide for those poor people in the cities. It will definitely be the tail wagging the dog. The way things are shaping up, expect whites to be the whipping boys of all that is wrong with the world, that is their current message. For a possible scenario of the future, read, if you can find it Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War II, the Breakup of America.”

  17. I am from South Africa. What you experience is classic communist attack, divide and conquer. It always ends in disaster with genocides and huge loss. Your lives and livelyhood is at risk. Your ideas and open societies makes it easier to attack you (cyber and geo-political), especially now that your security forces are hollowed out by populism. Social media should be banned. These people want what you have and no stone will be unturned. Communism is the means to get what they want, and that is basically everything you have. They will nationalize everything and suck it dry, sell it off to the nearest bidder which will also be a communist entity

    Look at South Africa, that is what is coming your way. Nothing on the main stream media about South Africa is true, not even Wikipedia. They will soon tell you you stole the land and raped the country and it’s inhabitants whoever was there first. They want restitution for every historical event in history. They will torture you like they do every day in South Africa. In the end there are only two classes in this regime and that is 99% poor and a rich elite. This regime is about power and money, the means is through polarization and hatred

    The removal of freèdom, gun ownership, attacks on your livelyhood . It will get worse. We are being attacked on our own properties, we are on course to be expropriated of everything we worked for. For us this reality came true. You will be charged with murder when defending yourself in your own home. You will be marginalized and laws will be instituted to disempower you.
    To protect yourself, succede and stop any welfare that is not focused on work, education, good governance and the protection of the elderly or incompetent. In 25 years, the population of South Africa doubled because people get a social security payment for every child they have. 70% of these young people do not have an idea of their paternaty. The trajectory in Zimbabwe is years ahead – unable to pay welfare. The only salaries guaranteed are government security police and army to suppress the hordes of hungry.
    You will have to help yourself, nobody else will. Speak out and stand your man, be honest and humble. There are enemies out there that is destroying your society from within without you knowing how exactly. That realization will come when it is too late. Stay strong

    1. 1) Rhodesia was once called “The Jewel Of Africa” for its prosperity. Look at it now:


      2) Some of the “black revolutionaries” who put dictator Mugabe in power for decades:


      ha ha ha

      3) The mindset of the BRITISH multimillionaire who helped Mugabe overthrow Ian Smith (number 3 on the above list):


      Follow the money.

      1. NOTE that if the Rhodesian government had gone after the Money — multi-millionaire Nicholas Hoogstraten — instead of chasing unimportant insurgents in the bush, then it might have survived better.

        That’s why what spies produce is called “Intelligence”.

  18. The frog is getting warmer as the water heats up in his bowl… will he jump out before he has been boiled alive?
    I believe we are all being slowly boiled. When we finally collectively “jump”, there will be hell to pay during the reset. Hopefully, the reset will take hold and last another 100 years before another reset is needed.

    1. We ‘patriots’ never jumped out of the pot when Obama signed the Republicans’ NDAA effectively destroying our Bill of Rights. Not a shot was fired. That was 9 years ago.

      The consequence is the tyrannical Police State/Surveillance State we live under today.

      Talk is cheap (me included). When It came down to ‘pledging our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor’ we stood down.

  19. “Jesus said I have not come to bring peace. I come with a sword.” He knew his message and battle with the devil would divide believers from non-believers, friends from friends and families. It is happening. Keep his commandments!!

  20. I believe that Joe Biden was correct when he said that the 2020 election was an election for the soul of America. Unfortunately, the left wants to steal the soul of America and defile all that is good and cancel everything and everyone that disagrees with the left’s ideology.
    There is a “conspiracy theory” that is getting very little press on conservative news or conservative websites. But a few correspondents and media folks are sounding the alarm of the “color revolution.” The former ambassador to Russia under the Obama Administration, Michael McFaul, came up with “7 Pillars of Color Revolution.” Glenn Beck is loudly sounding the alarm (see link below).


    1. Actually NewsMax has been covering this exact thing. I caught Glenn Beck on NewsMax just a couple of days ago. There are others also reporting on this American “Color Revolution” being staged against the Trump administration and the US elections. There are several links to similar articles, blogs, and news stories listed on LewRockwell.com, all with the same message. WW3 has already started and we are in the center of the battles being waged.

      But per the LMS (lying media scum) there is nothing to see here, this is just conspiracy theory, these are not the droids you are looking for. Move along, move along!

  21. Several years ago there was a popular book, “Unintended Consequences”, which was basically a story about the birth of gun culture in the US starting in the early 1900’s and moving forward quickly. A lot of historical events were mixed with the fictional parts of the book, especially near the end. One particular chapter stands out in my mind where fed up citizens took the battle to the entrenched bureaucrats and others literally with deadly force. They determined where the violent protesters lived and then confronted them and their families up close and personally. The tyrannical Fed govt enforcers of Homeland Security, FBI, EPA, and other alphabet agencies were forced to mend their ways quickly as the uprising of average men and women showing their anger at being forced by a totalitarian govt and unelected bureaucracy to submit to any whim a local official had such as weapons seizure, etc.

    I am not in any way advocating violence against anyone but one thing that is constantly on my mind is whether or when “the real shooting will start”. Will it roll thru the country like a tsunami? When will decent, peaceable people say “enough”? Govt over reach in all areas of life in the country is suffocating. Some time ago a study was done about those professions one could enter without a permit and make a decent living. In 1950 there were some 60+ but now there are only two, one is farmworker and I’ll let you guess what the second is.

    I lived and grew up in the 60’s so I agree with most of the posts on this article that our country is almost on the front porch of hell. Unless, as most of the posts talk about, we get right with God, get our churches active in our communities, and make our neighbors true friends instead of casual acquaintances in this battle we are doomed. I am 74 yrs old and have had a good long life and I am scared to death for my sons and their families. Pray often, pray hard, and work for the return of sanity.

    1. If Trump loses the election and the Democrats take the Senate, then Unintended Consequences may indeed be a good blueprint for what I would call “counter-revolutionaries,” but who is going to be our Henry? Who will take the risk in our surveilance society to make those targeted attacks? And what will intiaite that response? I think it will have to be when they come for our guns because I see no other single issue which will unite the counter-revs as much as gun confiscation.

  22. There is only one solution for lawlessness. Stop the lawbreakers from doing what they do. It is becoming obvious that the government is not willing or able to do this basic function of all governments. Too much of the government is actually involved in the lawlessness. Example- the Female Body Inspectors and the Department of Injustice. The Deep-staters. The day is coming when citizens will begin taking care of the problem. Call it vigilant-ism or whatever you want. It may lead to civil war. But we the people- the citizens- deserve a country without rampant anarchy, chaos, and lawbreaking. I imagine it will start with lone wolves sneaking out at night and offing drug dealers and known leaders of the “movement”, and spread from there to corrupt politicians and members of the ‘news’ media. . Either the government does it, or the citizens will do it. You heard it here first.

    1. 1) Democrat leaders want to take our guns but accept NO responsibility whatsoever to protect us. We saw that during the Obama-Joe Biden administration — where they spent $1 TRILLION per YEAR on “defense” — yet did nothing to protect black Americans living in places with some of the highest murder rates on the planet. Camden NJ. Chester PA. Baltimore, etc etc.

      2) The LAW that the police have no obligation to protect an individual is very convenient when Democrat mayors want their police to stand down while fascist thugs beat up any conservative that is invited to speak at local gatherings. Look at what happened in Berkeley:


      Evidently the right to assemble has been suspended for conservatives in California.

      1. Plain and simple, gun control/confiscation is a communist method of making sure a population cannot resist.

        Communist flunkies like Biden, Hillary, AOC, Pelosi, etc can frame the idea to sound good to the average moron. But patriots know the real end game.

  23. Every communist revolution included frustrated zealots who believed they were really part of a world-changing effort to get rid of the millionaire dictators but, in reality, they were hiding in the jungle with “comrades” who were dreaming of living in that dictator’s mansion one day. Only one of those two groups are terrorizing the streets. The other group is writing a left-wing blog and vowing to “burn it all down” on CNN.

    Also a question: anybody else get a knot in their stomach that the believers in the “long march” are convinced they are now closer than ever? Or is this just silly college sophomores who identify as pansexual dreaming of a revolution?

  24. The key to survival is Adaptation. This includes Rebuttal (when available/prudent).

    Western Societies’ move towards Totalitarianism has been long coming. This author recognizes it for what it is.

  25. I realize this sounds slightly off topic… it’s not really. Does anyone here know much about Montana/Idaho border area. I am looking to increase my acreage and just about everything in Idaho has been gobbled up by fleeing Californians (and Washingtonians and Oregonians) who are desperate to get out of their states before the election and potentially ensuing chaos. There’s close to zero inventory at the moment.
    Just askin.

    1. There are two stretches of Idaho/Montana border worth considering. One is on the Clark Fork River, on Highway 200 (from Heron Mt. to Paradise, Mt.). The other is on the Kootenai River, on Highway 2 (from Troy, Mt. to Libby, Mt.). Both of those have reasonably-priced real estate and are at low elevation, and thus a fairly mild climate. If you don’t mind more smow, then you might also consider the Yaak River Valley.

    2. I live in that area, you are correct, everything is getting gobbled up, but still stuff for sale, just have to jump on it and don’t expect to haggle much, I’m waiting till next year or so when it all gets unloaded (hopefully) for cheap, unless things get worse…..

  26. Hi Castle Circle, you make lots of good points. Thank you for calling them what they are, revolutionaries. Too many people are making the mistake of calling these guys terrorists, which they’re not by any acceptable definition. They’re revolutionaries.

    Terrorists are people who are trying to make a statement by causing terror, statements such as “Uncle Sam, get the %$¢#! out of our country and stop meddling in our affairs!” Hard to disagree with that kind of sentiment especially if you saw the recent meme that showed a map of the Middle East, with a flag for every base in the countries surrounding Iran, with a caption that read, “How dare they put their country in the middle of all our bases!” I side with Iran because I think critically, and their position makes sense. The U.S. position only supports a few corporate bazillionaires and makes no sense whatsoever for We the People. We had a major meltdown when the Soviets wanted to put a few missiles in Cuba but we lack the brain power to see what duress is causes Iran (a country with about a 400-year old record of peace) to be surrounded by dozens and dozens of U.S. bases because we can’t mind our own damn business.

    Revolutionaries are people from within who are trying to overthrow the government. These are not the 1960’s anti-Vietnam war protests. The sooner people can grasp what these revolutionaries are trying to do, the better. Not that it will help us as a whole but at least we’ll be more aware when everything we’ve loved and grown up with is overthrown.

    1. St. Funogas,

      It didn’t take me long to realize that the war in Afghanistan was not about Afghanistan. It didn’t take me long to realize the the Iraq war 2.0 was never about Iraq or Saddam Hussain or weapons of mass distruction. Both wars were all about Iran, and nothing but Iran.

      We intervened in their elections in 1953. We staged a coup d’etat against their duly elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. We didn’t like him, the Brits didn’t like him, so he had to go. We actually staged 2 coups against him, the CIA and MI6 couldn’t get it right the first time out. We installed the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. He, in turn, was a brutal fascist dictator. As and aside, why do both Republicans and Democrats seem to have a fetish for supporting brutal fascist dictators?

      After 26 years of this brutal dictatorship the Iranian people threw the SOB out. Our government has never forgiven the Iranian people for choosing their own path. We have been meddling in Iranian internal affairs ever since. No wonder they hate us as much as they do.

      Now we have the latest “color revolution”, only it’s being staged here, in the good old USA, against President Trump and all his supporters. The war is just beginning. It won’t be over until we are all either dead or locked up in concentration camps.

      If you thought the last few months were bad, just wait until election night. Even if the CommuNazi’s win they will not stop, they will be emboldened. The conflagration that follows will make the Stalinist pogroms look tame by comparison.

  27. Separation will not work. If the Revs gain control of any area, especially on the west coast, the Chicoms will move in. Our only hope is to defeat and expel the Revs from America by armed force. We can cut off the infected cities water, power, and food. The majority of people that live there are responsible for the situation so I have no sympathy for them. Ship the feral, welfare dependent “diversity” back to their homeland. No more free shit for those who are unproductive and useless by choice. No voting rights or unions for anyone taking a .gov paycheck. We have a long, hard road ahead if we truly want to restore the Republic. Harden your hearts and no mercy or quarter for domestic enemies of the Constitution.

  28. These supposed problems are easily cured. High speed pieces of metals, accelerated by the burning of certain types of powder will cure all these little commies issues. That’s why you won’t see these little infants come out to the real world in the sticks. Who cares what they do in the turd infested cities. It’s time for these roach infested turd holes like Portland, Chicago, New York City, and DC etc… to circle the drain. Who really cares! I sure don’t. Let um all rot. When they start coming out to the real Americans land……it will be over in short order.

  29. I just recently finished reading a book called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen, published in 1971. It is fascinating and (horrifyingly accurate) in it’s explanation of what was happening in 1971. Today, nearly 50 years later, we’re still continuing on the same path, and the same groups are behind what’s going on. They’ve been working on this, as someone else said, for about 100 years. Pray and Vote

  30. We would have already been there if enough had not recognized what was going and elected President Trump — the most hated individual in the USA right now…….It set their plan back and gave everyone a chance to recognize how bad it has become.

  31. I have to admit that I’m stunned at the radical changes that have occurred in the last few months. I’m also stunned at the sheeple mentality that is around me. Very few question the ever changing advice for the supposed pandemic ( not that Covid isn’t a real and dangerous virus). First masks aren’t really effective, then they’re essential, then in some places it’s ok to congregate and then others aren’t, with no logic at all. And the majority are being so easily controlled because of the fear that is being installed. They aren’t questioning anything it would seem. I really don’t understand it. But I do know that some of the younger generation are beginning resist. Where this is going to end I don’t know. I agree that we first need to have our relationship with God solid. Then be aware of our surroundings, and pray for wisdom and direction.

  32. The author of this piece has pointed out the obvious- the increasingly accelerated decline of the America envisioned by our forefathers. One thing I think needs to be pointed out to all those who defend the police and “ back the badge “ . Someday those very cops may be tasked with seizing law abiding citizens firearms or arresting those who may be accused of hate crimes ( ie; professing belief in the Bible, being a Christian, etc. ) lets hope that the majority of municipal and rural police would refuse to engage in these unconstitutional actions, but don’t count on it. Police have immense power, so that concerns me. I’m not a cop hater or anything like that but if things go very left, and that is the current course we seem to be set on, watch out and be ready.

  33. I’m not sure if this has been covered in the previous posts ( too many to read) .
    My wife and I are senior citizens and retired 9 years ago to a dirt road in the rural south.
    WHY? for security and peace of mind,
    The children and grand children all live in large cities and couldn’t grasp why we chose this lifestyle after decades of being “city dwellers”.
    Now that the climate has changed I think they understand and realize our main goal was/is to provide a safe haven for them

    Think about this when you make your plans for the future

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