Intelligence Gathering at Protests, by J.D.

Over the last few weeks, as protests and riots have continued, I decided to stop blindly accepting the media’s reporting and to get out and see what was actually going on at the rampant protests.

Let me start by saying that I don’t advocate everyone doing this…I’m a trained professional with over 20 years of investigations experience. I do want to share the interesting findings and make a few recommendations to everyone, though.

The narrative being presented was that these protests were not centrally organized and that they were grass-roots protests just springing up in response to social issues. My time inside the protests verified that this just isn’t true; they are very organized and are being planned by someone.

I began by gathering a list of local protests and making a schedule, attending the ones closest to home, to assess my local level of risk, and then branching out to other areas, and eventually even attending a very large one in Lansing, at the state Capitol. According to the event organizers, these were all protests by different groups….that’s important, later. Sources for finding local protests include Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Remember though, as Sam Culper at Forward Observer teaches, we should always farm social media for data, and never plant any data. Guard your information online.

Antifa “Security”

The first one I attended was on the University of Michigan campus. The protest was rather large, about 1,500 people. What I found interesting was that the first speaker pointed out that “allies from RevCom/ANTIFA” were present, just to provide “logistical support” including medical and security teams. The local RevCom leader got up and explained how to find the medics (Large red or green crosses) and explained that security was “circulating among the crowd” for safety. That was an ominous statement, as I’ll point out later.

I began moving through the crowd and quickly spotted several security team members, obviously watching the crowd for anyone who wasn’t clapping or cheering along. It’s important to note that these protests require 100% ideological agreement or they will approach you and become confrontational, so I made sure I was chanting along. I noticed almost immediately that despite the man who said he was the RevCom leader, a young man named Ethan, that I would later have many interactions with, was actually in charge. He is a security team leader within the ANTIFA organization.

The biggest observation from the first protest was that despite the claims that they aren’t organized, they are highly organized by a central organization. Ethan and his security/medical team have been at every protest I’ve attended in Michigan, including one at the Capitol an hour away. They use the ubiquitous BaoFeng Handi-talkie radios to communicate.

Ethan himself most frequently wears Interceptor Body Armor and a Guy Fawkes mask, while dressing in black and red. When he is not personally actually leading the march, he wears the full face Guy Fawkes mask to try and prevent being identified.

Next, I attended a smaller protest that was scheduled in Canton Township, Michigan, a small Detroit suburb. I arrived an hour early, and lo & behold, Ethan and his crew were already in place. The protest met in a local grocery store lot and Ethan’s team was patrolling the lot, checking cars for people who appeared to be watching the protest.

Overt Counter-Surveillance

Counter-Surveillance is a huge piece of the ANTIFA/RevCom program. They recorded license plate numbers of vehicles they deemed “suspicious”. At one point, when Ethan saw a man (not me) outside the protest taking photos, he tried to get the police to make the man leave. Imagine, protesting against the police, yet asking them to help you. The police told Ethan that Ethan and his group had no legal standing to ask anyone to leave, since they didn’t own the parking lot and were technically trespassing.

A few days later, I was attending a BLM protest in downtown Detroit. This one was different. The organizers, while they accepted the RevCom/ANTIFA medical assistance, refused the offer to assist with security and had their own provided by the local Masons club. Ethan was not to be stumped…despite their claims to refuse outside assistance to prevent “agitators”, I quickly found Ethan and his entire security team hidden among the crowd, still using radios, and conducting serious counter-surveillance, including snapping a few photos of me. Now, what they got were photos of a man wearing a ball cap, sunglasses, a face mask pulled up under my sunglasses, and a hoodie. I’m sure they were thrilled when they reviewed the photos and noticed that my middle finger was discreetly displayed in every photo they took. I quickly went around a corner and applied gray man tactics, switching my hoodie, ball cap, and face mask, and taking off the sunglasses. I tested it and they appeared to have no clue that I was the same person.

At all of these protests, I conducted map tracking using my BattleBoard Scout, a great tool. It’s essentially a notebook that also has a clear window that you can write on using dry-erase or wet-erase markers. I prefer wet-erase, so that the tracking isn’t accidentally taken off. I use it to document where incidents occur and where protest activity took place in order to have a more solid picture of the situation on the ground.

The next few protests were more of the same, with Ethan and his team following and intimidating anyone who didn’t appear to belong. They followed people to their vehicles and recorded license plate numbers. It’s important to note that they were very obvious about recording the numbers, in an attempt to intimidate anyone who might oppose their viewpoint.

They’re Stepping Up to Intimidation

At the Capitol protest, the game changed significantly. Ethan and his team met up with other RevCom/ANTIFA and BLM security teams from around the state and all were openly carrying arms, including long guns. Many of the ANTIFA people who showed up all in black were wearing helmets and soft armor, so they were ready for violence. They actively harassed and intimidated anyone they deemed as “Militia”. My point in mentioning that is that if you show up to track one of these protests dressed in your “tacti-cool” gear, they’ll make you and drive you off long before you get there. Blend in, go gray.

Another point about social media is to never broadcast live from inside a protest. They have people monitoring. Video podcaster and commentator Steven Crowder sent a team into CHAZ or CHOP for a live stream and they were quickly chased out.

Intelligence gathering is best done in secret and should remain secret.

I was targeted

I fell victim to their counter-surveillance again because the Militia folks had heightened their awareness with several attempts to enter the Capitol grounds, and apparently one of them observed me take a photo. They immediately began following me, including off the Capitol grounds to try and get my license plate, maybe even confront me, but since I had done a thorough map study and recon (again using my trusty BattleBoard Scout as a guide), I was able to lead them on a longer chase than they wanted to go on and they gave up. I was able to successfully change profile and re-enter the crowd.

It’s important to note that they had no authority to drive people off the Capitol grounds, but the State Police allowed them too, and never intervened when the BLM/ANTIFA crowd forced someone out.

When returning to my vehicle after each of these protests, I was very careful to conduct a Surveillance Detection Route (or SDR). This outwardly looks like a random walking pattern, allowing you to check and make sure that you aren’t being followed and to effectively shake or identify any followers.

Some Lessons Learned

So what are the lessons for patriots?

  1. The protests are organized by a central organization.
  2. They have trained and professional security teams.
  3. They actively conduct counter-surveillance.
  4. Park sufficiently far enough distance away to discourage anyone following, and walk in.
  5. They are completely willing to use arms and force.
  6. The presence of body armor indicates a willingness to use violence.
  7. Blending in is far better than direct confrontation.
  8. Have a fully stocked and ready first aid kit, such as a BearFAK.

Do I believe there will be a time when confrontation is needed? Absolutely.

However, let’s be smart and gather intelligence slowly and carefully first.

Contrived Escalation

As a follow-up, after I observed one protest in Detroit, my friend Ethan came out of the shadows and made a Twitter post that the Detroit Police had tried to run him over, complete with video.   I was there. They surrounded the police cars and began beating on them, trying to force the police to use deadly force or hit them with the cars. The entire situation was a set-up designed to produce a new incident to create more tension and protests.

Be prepared for many more of these protests as the election nears.


    1. This is an observation from another country, article is great, but with putting it out here, who’s to say the scumbags are also reading your posts and start to look harder at what the gentleman is doing, and the adapt their ways according to what is written here.

      Keep up the great work and keep yourselves safe.

      Before you start throwing shade, think about it a bit longer.

      1. Old Grey,

        We want them to worry about who is in the crowd!! We want them paranoid and questioning their fellow Marxist’s loyalty!! The FBI and DHS are going to be coming down on Ethan and his crew in the near future. It’s going to get even more interesting after a Nov 3.

        1. Ethan may very well be FBI or DHS. There is a long history of the state using agent provocateurs to influence the opposition. During the ’60s many of those individuals advocating violent action in the student movement were FBI. Why? Violence, while it is appealing to some, has a negative effect on most. A way to discredit a cause in the minds of the majority is to make the cause seem synonymous with violence.

          The current troubles started with protests against police violence. Quickly these demonstrations turned violent. Now the police violence issue has been replaced with the majority of people looking TO the police for protection rather than looking AT the police critically.

          The greatest violence has occurred in Democrat run cities. Does this do the Democrats credit? No. What has been happening is the public view of these protests is turning increasingly negative, the Democrats are being tarred with this, and Trump is gaining in approval. So, cui bono? How many of these agents provocateurs are working for the Republicans?

          1. LOL. This is ridiculous. Democrat led cities cheered it on at first. As it grew out of control they aren’t happy now but still don’t do anything to stop it. They haven’t even tried.

          2. Begemot: You and I are probably poles apart on many issues.

            However, I may be one of the few who disagree with your position on social and racial issues who is in agreement with you about the possible FBI connection of Ethan.

            The FBI has a long and indisputably true history of violating the civil liberties of Americans.

            One of the SOPs of the FBI is ostentatious “surveillance” of people who start dealing with issues that matter to the Head Table.

            They first did this to me when I was 18 years old and in college. My name appeared in The NY Times as a student who supported the Whites in Rhodesia.

            Within a couple of weeks the FBI came to my campus and went around asking questions about me from my professors, the postman of the campus post office and so on.

            I was a naif. A clean cut All-American boy who didn’t do drugs, obeyed the law, tried to be charitable and courteous even to those who disagreed with me, etc.

            There was absolutely no justification in the FBI’s “investigation” of me except their desire to intimidate.

            This happens still. One sees frequently in the newspaper screaming headlines that say things like “White Racist Leaflets Distributed in Podunk.”

            Part of the template for such stories will be a statement from the FBI saying that they are on top of it and are “investigating.”

            Really? “Investigating?”

            What is there to investigate about American citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights to hand out pamphlets?

            You may know (or maybe not, you are probably young enough to be my grandson) about Viola Liuzzo, “the Michigan mother of five.”

            She was gunned down and killed in Alabama while marching with Black civil rights protestors. She was made into a national martyr. LBJ and his administration used her death to galvanize support for the Voting Rights Bill.

            She was “killed by the Klan.” Or so we were told.

            Years later the truth slipped out when the Socialist Workers Party (not my cup of tea but I used to read their “Militant” in order to get a different view) got hold of FBI documents.

            No. Viola Liuzzo was killed by an FBI PLANT.

            She was killed by the FBI.

            So, as ill-based as I and others like me may think your possible political ideas are, you are not wrong to suspect that Ethan very well could be working for the government. The government wants to keep control over all dissident groups. So the government would like not only to manufacture incidents, to perpetrate crimes that can be pinned on the government’s opponents but also to know who from the “right wing” comes by to do their own private “surveillance.”

            Pax tibi, Fidelista meus! (Peace to thee, my Fidalista!)

          3. Sam Dickson – Very interesting comment. Thank you.

            Just to let you know: I’m retired; I was a combat arms officer in the Army for a few years; I voted for Trump in 2016.

            Suspicion of government is both within the American patriotic tradition and the necessary conclusion any thinking person who pays attention to events should come to.

        2. I’m guessing by the time this article was published President Trump and his administration has probably discovered all the information, funding & coordinating behind these groups and have done their profiles so to eventually haul them in down the road….

      2. oh, we are watching and reading this stuff

        it’s funny watching the original poster getting all salty that the protesters are actually intelligent, thinking people using good tactics and opsec

        it’s almost like we’re not the easily-misled idiots that conservative propaganda tries to paint us as!

        1. Anarchists are the rank and file. The smart, professional, hard-core guys are the Leninists. They understand the importance of disciplined, hierarchical organization. They’re ‘professional revolutionaries’.

          When the Leninists achieve power, they then shoot the anarchists.

          Look here:
          Or read George Orwell’s HOMAGE TO CATALONIA.

          1. Antifa and BLM are merely the latest manifestations of collectivist activism. They go by many different names, but they all sprout from the same statist, collectivist root.

            Beware whenever you hear the word “activist.” Activist judges, activist clergymen, activist journalists, and activist politicians all share one thing in common: They have consciously decided to abandon the truth in favor of enforcing their political will and their particular agenda upon others. That self-centered conscious choice is the root of all of the world’s extreme “isms” and tyrannical regimes. It is antithetical to true justice, to human liberty, and to ground truth. Looking back on history, such activism has been the progenitor of all totalitarian governments and genocides. The urge toward collectivism is the ultimate willful disobedience to God’s Law. It is the abandonment of genuine altruism in favor of a feline fanaticism. I say feline, because in essence, it follows the same cruel urge as a cat that plays with a cornered mouse until it is dead. It is a sickness of the mind. “Social justice” is not true justice. It is activism that quests for power and control over others. Consequently, it requires disarming others. A collectivist activist with a police force under his command can be a truly fearsome dictator. The recognized right to keep and bear arms — in our nation enshrined in the Second Amendment — keeps the Activist from becoming the Tyrant.

      1. Excellent motto, ravenghost.

        I have a couple questions for J/D:

        You say, “The protests are organized by a central organization.” How do you know? I recognize your observation of Ethan and his team attending many events. How does that lead to your quoted above conclusion?

        For all we know Ethan and cohort could be FBI. Anybody can claim to be ANTIFA, I like more evidence than that.

        Their tactics have certainly been used by people who work for the government.

        Later you say, “They are completely willing to use arms and force.” Would you draw that conclusion, based on the armament that patriots carry to events? Did you actually see them use arms and force? There is a big leap from carrying to using a firearm. The bullying you describe can be done without a gun.

        BTW, the statement, “They are completely willing to use arms and force.” is often used by the left to characterize people like us, carrying a firearm, as thugs.

        I appreciate your skills and observations in the rest of the article.

        Carry on in grace

      2. Revenghost: I don’t see how to post a comment so I’m using you as a means to post the following!

        Like the author of this article I too decided to go to a BLM rally that took place only 1000 feet from my house.

        Also like him, I put on a mask, a baseball cap, etc. so I would not be recognized.

        The rally was one of SIX that had been scheduled for that day. The rallies were set about 1 hour apart in different areas of the city.

        The rally near my house was in the morning. There were about 150 people there (in a metropolitan area with some 2 million residents). About 60% were White. Most of them appeared to be high school age, probably organized by some teacher at their school.

        For about an hour the ralliers l istened to a couple of short speeches and chanted the usual slogans: “Black lives matter.” “No justice no peace.”

        This particular rally was as a matter of fact entirely peaceful.

        When it broke up many of the participants climbed as small groups into SUVs, vans and ordinary cases.

        They left the parking lot almost as a caravan.

        I got suspicious. So I went to the next scheduled rally. There were 20 or so people waiting there as the cars unloaded with the same people who had attended the 1st rally.

        That was enough. I went home to await the media’s report.

        As I suspected the presstitutes were all gaga over the “mass rallies all over the city” that had taken place that day.

        This stuff is not only staged to a significant degree but it’s real impact comes from the media cheerleaders.

    2. There are very few essays that I have read, over the last fifty years, that instantly changed my considered views on a subject. This is one of them.

      I have, along with many patriots, gleefully posted links to YouTube videos of AntiFa types setting themselves on fire, instead the buiding they wanted to burn down; of one of them hurling a brick into the head of another; of falling to roundhouse rights from someone on our side who knew a bit about fistfighting. Great fun.

      But — as we see in the light of this report (which has made me a subscriber) — we were wrong. We had better learn fast, and also learn how to be as professional as Ethan and his comrades are. (It’s not rocket science but it’s a long way from the posturing of camo-clad good ole boys with their AR15s.)

      I still don’t believe that AntiFa are controlled from the top, from a sinister Leftist HQ somewhere. But they’re much better — as fighters — than I thought they were. I had begun to get a glimpse of the idea that we were not just dealing with hysterical snowflakes when I checked out the Socialist Rifle Association and the Redneck Revolt group. Somebody there seems to know what they’re doing.

      Okay. We’ve got to organize ourselves into something equally good, and better. In particular, we need to form groups — or train already-formed groups — in the art of streetfighting without firearms. A look at the French trade unions’ ‘Services d’Ordre’ might be useful here.

      And in the meantime, some of us are organizing at — where I saw this link.

      We’re approaching Condition Red. Let’s go.

        1. I’m absolutely willing to believe it does, but you’re right: I don’t see it. I don’t see the evidence for it. If you have it, show it, unless it’s from sources that cannot be revealed. Now if our side were professionals, we would have had people inside — starting with the Black Bloc 20 years ago. I admit that I am ignorant of a lot that I ought to know about the Enemy. But I fear that I share that with everyone else.

          The thing is, AntiFa does not fit my model of a classical communist organization … their current tactics are not classical Leninism. There are a good half-dozen Leninist groups active in and around these ‘protests’, but they’re parasites on them, not the instigators and controllers. The main Trotskyist group in the US even denounces them.

          So … I don’t know. I would love to share information with people who are interested in this subject. It’s something I know something about, having spent 20 years on the Central Committee of a Leninist group, and having followed the far Left in the US from the outside for another 40 years.

  1. The time of quietly sitting on the sidelines is quickly coming to and end. If you are in the cities or urban areas it is time to make some hard decisions! This is pre-1936 Germany and we are the Jews!

    At that time similar situations and conversations were taking place. “It will be O.K., we are German citizens”. , ” I’m a decorated war hero of WW1″., “I can’t leave, my business is here!”.,”I’m starting University this year.”, “Our family have lived in this house for a hundred years, I’m not about to give it up!”

    With 20/20 hindsight what did all those arguments mean? NOTHING!!! The people making them were more than likely all dead or in the camps within the next four or five years!

    “Oh, this is not the same thing!” You are absolutely right, it is not the same thing but it is eerily similar. Evil is Evil! When it shows it’s ugly head all bets are off. Could what is happening in our cities, currently, have happened even five years ago? Well, that’s the same amount of time between 1936 and 1941 Germany!

    You had better stop making plans to “Get out of Dodge” and GET!!
    Yes, you may have months or YEARS left, but time will come when there is NO MORE TIME!

    Oh, may God have mercy!

    1. You may really want to start looking into what actually happened in the lead up to WWII, let alone the lead up to WWI, and who was behind it all. Here’s a few hints: they’ve long controlled finance, you Deliberately were never taught anything in any detail about the banking and finance machinations behind those events, you were likely never taught who was behind the coup attempt in the German revolution of 1919, and how that may have motivated the subsequent actions that were taken against the people that always like screaming out in pain as they strike you, aka lie, manipulate, abuse, and subvert from behind curtains and behind others they get to do the dirty work for them.

      1. Dan and SB community… 2 excellent reads… Wall Street and the Rise of Adolf Hitler by Anthony Sutton and The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. ….

        1. Yes, RCB. Look for the strings, friends. The puppet masters want us to watch the show and consider many of our potential allies to be enemies. Ask, who profits from war?

          Carry on in grace

      2. Funny you should mention Nazi Germany. I was at a friends house and he had the book “The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism” by Robert Brady dated 1937.

        The foreword by Harold J Laski had some remarkable insights:
        “What emerges from his study? Above all, I suggest, the conclusion that fascism is nothing but monopoly capitalism imposing its will on the masses whom it has deliberately transformed into slaves… Democracy sought to recognize the inherent worth of the individual citizen… Freedom meant a possible challenge to to the privileges which monopoly capitalism offered to the owners of the instruments of production. The suppression of freedom was therefore necessary lest, upon some future occasion the challenge prove successful.”

        And this was just the introduction to the book.

      1. At the risk of sounding sarcastic… where are you going to GOOD (get out of Dodge) to? Are you in a basement? There is no where left to go. There is a saying, “when you are thinking of burying your guns, it is in reality time to dig them up.”

        1. That quote was from Col.Jeff Cooper. Here’s another:

          “Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated, but one thing is sure – any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen.” Col. Jeff Cooper 1920-2006

      2. By definition, there’s no such thing as “monopoly capitalism.” To claim otherwise is a canard of the sort one should expect from the likes of the late British Communist, Harald Lasky. When one sees monopoly (as we see in spades the U.S, in healthcare, tech, and finance/banking to name key monopolies) that is the result of the state “partnering” with a few key industrial players who, in exchange for “working with the government” are permitted to wantonly profit at the expense of the governed.

        When one sees monopolies dominate this indicates that one has entered the realm of either right oriented or left oriented hyper-statism. The CCP, despite their antiquated self descriptor, is the foremost fascist operation in the world. Why Xi’s Han supremacists even have a clear racist modus operandi, quaintly echoing the Third Reich, as per, among other chilling examples, their Bergen Belsen like treatment of the Uighurs.

        As for the Antifa/BLMers, they are real enough, but they are puppets, being skillfully used by the right leaning fascists who people the Davos consortium which includes the likes of Malthusian vaxNchip zealot Bill Gates and George Soros, he of the “Open Society” travesty. Their aim is to end the U.S. once and for all as an integrated nation state. Why? Well, it stands in the way of their plans to create a global neo feudal slave farm. That’s why?

        China and Russia, are their next targets after the present takedown is completed probably by no later than the mid 2020s. It’s either going to be Davos or the Dragon Bear running the global sweatshop at some point. It goes with out saying that there is no one to root for in this battle of fiends. Those are the real deal enemies everyone else is either on their payroll or a useful (Cov)idiot.

    2. “This is pre-1936 Germany and we are the Jews!”

      LOL wow that is some major Finklethink right there, buddy. You clearly have NO understanding of history at all or wouldn’t have made such an ignorant statement. I bet you don’t even know that ANTIFA was actually a Judeo-Bolshevik movement in interwar Germany whose goal was to violently establish communist rule throughout Europe, and that the NSDAP (“Nazis”) were the native German working man’s response. You have history completely backwards. The Antifa today is much the same as the Antifa 80 years ago… virulently anti-white and spearheaded by ethnic Jews (see the leadership of BLM for proof).

      1. NSDAP was just as much part of the same thing and it was not established by any German workers. 50% of the vote was Red either Socialist or Communist. There was nothing “native” about “Nazis”, it relied entirely on international funds and support. It was allowed to take power with the help of the Communists and the first thing they did was make common cause with the Soviet Union.

      2. Hitler was a Red-Armband-Wearing Communist.

        Or, as Otto Strasser, an early member of the Nazi Party, who criticized Hitler for failing to join the armed forces of General von Epp to “fight the Bolsheviks in Bavaria”, asked: “Where was Hitler that day?”

        Hitler was a Communist sympathizer until it became too dangerous, and then decided to support what he later called “National Social Democracy,” a moderate form of Marxism.

        Or, in other words, Marxism done right.

        As all Marxist proclaim. And don’t think that Marxist over there, are the same as the Marxist over there. Marxists are not immune from hating each other. Hence Hitler versus Stalin.

        But, but, but… Der Adolf was a Nationalist! So are the Chinese.

  2. Excellent information!

    No doubt the FBI along AG Barr and Trump knows who really is behind these people just when will the massive crack down, arrests and prosecutions begin? Hopefully after Trump is re-elected (we must pray and hope) action will be taken and dismantle this mess.

    It’s best to avoid areas where these unpeacefully protests are and stay far away as possible. However, if you’re stuck or going to be stuck in an area while a protest or riot is active, have extra clothes with you and go gray man and escape asap.

    Excellent write up!!!

  3. I am quite sure that all bad guys are known and tracked at this point, via cell phones, cameras, etc. They will be picked up at an opportune time. see Brazil, the movie.

    1. They have very good training in regards to acquiring and using burner phones and secure comms. We can hope they’ve all been resolved to real people, but I have a feeling a lot will get away.

    2. Jonathan,

      There is actually a lot of truth in what you say! You only have to look at how quickly some of the most violent of the rioters have been arrest after the fact. Even with their attempts to cover up their identities, they are being located and arrested. Furthermore, the FBI and other LEAs are already running UCs and informants in these organizations you can be sure of that.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to prove what most of us already think. I do pray that there are a few DOJ/HSI/FBI intel teams out doing the same thing at all the flash point cities and that these socialist/communist/terrorists will face long jail time. However at this point, I have my doubts about any official organization doing anything to protect citizens.

  5. For those of you calling for or believing the administration or any powers that be ~ will come and take out the “bad” guy…. cautiously consider who will be the next group of useful idiots to be taken out.
    History is replete with dead people trusting the wrong person to do the right thing.

    1. I find it interesting, and very sad, that on a blog teaching preparedness and self-sufficiency and which has repeatedly for more than a decade warned us about who “the government” really is, that so many don’t notice the irony of saying “well, when Trump gets re-elected…” or “Barr will get them, soon, I’m sure…”

      Stay out of crowds. Two is one, one is none. Don’t go in public alone OR obvious.

    1. Point well made; the lack of careful, accurate battlefield information has defeated many an army. WE ARE AT WAR; these are trained military operatives (SF types) and dammed we’re just sitting around sucking on lolly-pops.

      General Patton said it best: “No poor dumb son of a bitch won a war by dying for his country; he won it by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for HIS country.”

      The lesson is don’t be a poor dumb son of a bitch. Know your true enemy, and kill that dumb son of a bitch so they can die for their masters. That is the true essence of war; if that doesn’t sit well with you then find out why and fix the problem. War isn’t chosen by sane rational people of good moral rectitude; its forced upon them and only when they are in to the breech do they respond accordingly. Find the puppet master moving the strings and kill that enemy; and the one who rises up to take his place.

          1. Yes, but who, what, and where is the snake? Who do we fight? What do we fight? Our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood.

            Eph 6:12
            For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  6. Please identify the Masonic lodge you identified as working security in Detroit. I am a Mason in La. and can assure you Masons do not participate in any event like this. I need to notify the Grand Lodge of Michigan if this is correct. Please let me know if you have any pictures and i will give you my email address.
    This may have been a clandestine lodge not associated with Masons. We are not for protesting or have any political agenda and this is absolutely forbidden activity. I dont believe what you saw was accurate. It may have been someone dressed in a Masonic shirt or jacket, etc.
    PLEASE verify this info.
    Thanks, Mike May

    1. I am too a Mason, you are absolutely correct, although there are a small number in our group who are left leaning, I doubt if any Masons were out protesting.

  7. Great article, the police in Kenosha have arrested 175 people of whom 102 are not from Kenosha.

    Stay away from protests, but be ready with a firearm at any time, who knows.

    Write/call your local, state and federal politicians trying to get them to commit to law and order.

    God bless and remember, we will all see Him someday.

  8. A good article, good advice. Anyone willing to infiltrate radical groups is a brave soul. I wonder how much government infiltration is there?

    Today’s Breitbart contains several good reads including the Bush “Never Trumpers” attempting to turn Florida blue. This should be a Republican Party death knell.

    There was also a link which might be an accurate representation of what the radicals are planning/thinking long term:

    Well, I understand, it is certainly tough living in a country where food is plentiful, recreation facilities are abundant and the right to travel is uncontained. Yes, tough, tough duty.

  9. Great article. Gave flesh to my suspicions. I have NO faith that TPTB will magically sweep in and squash this revolution. The politicians don’t care about how abused the citizens are as long as they get their power and money. Look at Seattle and Portland, the training grounds. The instigators are just waiting for several someones to start a gun fight; they don’t care who starts it, it will be everyone but them that gets hurt or dead. They will use it to good effect pointing out that “something needs to be done” and they have a solution. Maybe a ‘final’ solution. Just my take, I hope I’m a pessimist.

    1. “…That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,…”

      Americans still have a certain amount of faith in their government(s). A belief that at some point Government will step in and do their primary job, i.e. to maintain public order so that ordinary Americans can go about their lives unmolested by such as Antifa, BLM, and yes, Proud Bois, and Patriot Prayer.

      But at some point, America will become tired of waiting and resolve to do the job government is currently failing to do. The young man in Kenosha was only the beginning. The Left and the Press (but I repeat myself) go nuts at the first hint of people “taking the law into their own hands.” But the public needs to see that the law is in someone’s hands, or they will eventually step in and fill the void.

      I once read that vigilante justice is a lot like bad breath in that bad breath is certainly better than no breath at all. American will see justice done. They will wait for a bit for government to do the job.

      But they will not patiently wait for ever.

  10. Thanks for the great article, it will take people like you to override the media bias and fake news. You have confirmed my thoughts. Antifa people are moving from state to state and aiding and abetting the rioters. This puts them right within the Federal Government’s rights to arrest and prosecute them under federal statutes. We shall wait and see what they do. Timing may be before or after the elections if Trump wins but will certainly not occur if Bidden wins. I see Bidden as a Jimmy Carter but able to be bought by the highest bidder. At least Carter was ineffectual but an honest man.
    Note to parents that are supporting these impressionable youth. You might explain the facts of life to them about all the benefits they enjoy living under YOUR roof. These certainly can be withdrawn if their childish behavior continues. You might also explain the modern meaning of being a Tool. Tough love may be the only way you may be able to help them stay out of prison. I give you Patty Hearst as an example, all the money in the world and all the expensive lawyers could not stop her from being convicted and incarcerated for being an accessory. You do not want to find yourselves spending your assets on a futile attempt to keep them out of prison, suggest the best they will get is a public defender to represent them.
    I am not worried that these idiots will take over the country but with every pendulum swing there is always an opposite swing, it is there that we must guard our rights.
    Good luck to us all and remain vigilant.

    1. I formerly thought that Jimmy Carter was an honest man but information I read in Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics” has made me question that.

      According to Sowell, Carters farming business was bailed out by Middle Eastern bankers just prior to the 1976 election. The business was on a trajectory to go bankrupt just before the election and likely destroy his chance to be President. Sowell lays out a case that the energy crisis, oil embargo and subsequent drastic increases in energy prices were payback for this banking assistance and were all invented and then aided and abetted by Carter.

      I strongly recommend everyone read “Basic Economics”. It is likely to change your thoughts on many issues.

      1. JBH… I find Dr.Thomas Sowell to be a most trusted individual… he writes and speaks in such a way that I can understand… isn’t that what communication is to be ??? I referenced him often during my teaching career

      2. Remember back in 1977…78…….carter when he was in office appointed the biggest crook in Georgia to be the head of the comptroller of the currency his name was Burt lance who later had to resign For a list of charges,
        and I believe did time at club fed. The first but not the last…..good old boys club.

  11. Thanks so much for doing this and posting. I’ve followed Samuel Culper for a long time on Fb, will sign up for his courses as a result of your report here..

    I’d be very interested in the logistical support provided to these events, if you choose to go to more of them. Water, food, pallets of bricks, cement milkshakes, etc. We went to an event several years ago for Glenn Beck and the opposition brought in busloads of protesters, all wearing the same t-shirts, carrying the same signs. I was thinking about who organizes and pays??

  12. A neighbor I encourage thinks that our Sheriff here in Montana will keep these people out, and fails to prepare. The more people who know just how serious these guys are the better.

  13. Not sure if you are reading and responding to comments, J.D., but would be curious about your observations of the crowd itself. The mood? The educational level? Anger? Key phrases you may have picked up?

    The reason: the criminal records of the Kenosha attackers suggests Antifa and BLM are attracting street-level thugs, but Ethan and his cronies are not that sort of rabble. They are more disciplined and probably more lethal.

  14. Stay safe, JD… Even with your many years of experience, the risks of this kind of investigation are significant. The news headlines today further describe the increasing levels of danger at hand.

    From Breitbart re: Chicago…

    From ZeroHedge re: Portland…

    This list could go on and on. We are living in very, very dangerous times. The Radical Leftist Democrats, who unleashed this upon us all, claim to be concerned now that the polling data is moving against them. …but the truth is this: they unleashed forces they cannot control. These forces that will ultimately cannibalize their own. We can see the signs that this is already happening. If news reporting is truthful and to be believed, these thugs set fire in and/or around Mayor Wheeler’s condo in Portland. How he could not have seen this coming is hard to imagine. These radicals are nothing more than criminal thugs, and they should be dealt with by law enforcement accordingly.

  15. I have heard Ami Horowitz (documentary filmmaker) giving inside-the-riot reports on Sean Hannity’s radio show and telling how he was roughed up multiple times by violent protesters because he wasn’t ‘one of them’. Your article was greatly appreciated and we hope you will give us more info, both on the protests you attend and especially on information gleaned from the tactics of BLM/Antifa.

  16. Good work and article. Police Chiefs should be elected by the people instead of appointed by local politicians so they can deal with this invading army of criminals.

  17. Body armor, long guns, counter-surveillance…..suggest a certain level of training. This is not a threat we should take lightly. If the Schumer hits: “Hips and heads”, friends.

  18. I think it was Tunnel Rabbit who posted here the other day an analysis of the Kenosha riot and the author of that analysis mentioned a couple people who were operating in the crowd but not necessarily part of the crowd. It was also mentioned in the analysis that one of the aforementioned individuals is quite possibly the one who fired the first shot.

    1. There is a long article that discusses the Kenosha shootings. … The man and woman couple is identified as the possible early agitators, seemly encouraging harm to occur.

      See: AR15(dot)Com in the general discussion section: = ~The Kenosha Shootings / Kyle Rittenhouse: A Tactical and Legal Analysis: UPDATED: 1st Shooter ID’d? (Page 1 of 19)~
      Posted: 8/27/2020 1:09:03 PM EDT [with updates]

      Photographs in the article too.

  19. Recently read a piece by Trevor Loudon. He has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements for over 30 years. He is best known for his book “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and his documentary film “Enemies Within”.
    “He speaks of a June 18th interview on the podcast Green Flame with Jess Sundin. He also speaks of the Minneapolis riot that it wasn’t a peaceful protest “highjacked by extremists. “It was violent from day one. The Minneapolis-based, Chinese Communist Party-aligned Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) has actually claimed credit for “Sparking” the riots. The FRSO comrades specifically praised the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Lamar (TCC4J) for “Sparking the Uprising” in Minneapolis. The TCC4J is led by several FRSO comrades especially Loretta VanPelt and Jess Sundin.”
    Everyone should listen to the interview by Sundin on Green Flame to understand the mind of a hardened communist revolutionary.
    Everyone must understand that this a well organized well funded communist insurrection that is not going away. There are many communist subgroups joining forces in this insurrection these are long standing communist organizations dedicated to the overthrow of the US government.

    1. oly…. similar to late 60’s / early 70’s Weather Underground and Black Panthers… for those of us who grew up during that time we remember names of leaders that are still alive today … their ideology has NOT changed

    2. From your post: “Everyone must understand that this a well organized well funded communist insurrection that is not going away. There are many communist subgroups joining forces in this insurrection these are long standing communist organizations dedicated to the overthrow of the US government.”

      I also believe this is true. This evil creature is something like a Lernean Hydra of Greek mythology — a gigantic immortal water snake with 9 heads that dwelled in marshes near Argos.

      Under investigation now is a group flown in to DC — apparently from Portland — whose objective was to disrupt the Republican National Convention. My hope and prayer is that investigators will be able to identify the lead thugs and call them to account before the law.

      Of course this assumes that President Trump is reelected so that there is law!

  20. First and foremost the article does not address the underlining issue of these protests, a corrupt and racist police system. That said, protests and civil disobedience are absolutely valid, but the violence and burning down of neighborhoods is not the way to bring about change. Peaceful protests gets you the sympathy to change a system that needs to be changed.

    1. Usually I don’t respond to comments such as yours. But your statement, “First and foremost the article does not address the underlining issue of these protests, a corrupt and racist police system”, I find offensive. Please do your research before making such statements. Most police forces are entirely racially integrated, so that argument doesn’t hold water. Corruption, I will give you that one, as in any area or organization where human beings think they can run the show, there is corruption. Take a look at the United States Congress if you want to talk about corruption.

      Agree that protests and civil disobedience are our right. Agree that violence is not the right way unless it is in self-defense.

      My family has many in Law Enforcement and/or Military. They go out every day/night and put their lives on the line to rescue and defend the public from criminals. It’s a thankless job that requires total dedication. Their families don’t know if they will come home alive. There truly is a #thinblueline.

      That said, the underlying issue of the protests is NOT anything to do with “black lives” or “corruption” or “racism”. There may be a few people who want to “peacefully protest”, but the overwhelming number of “protestors” are a well-funded, well-organized, insurgency against America.

      My opinion only.

      1. Which is why I say the “community organizer” is behind it. He and the members of the WeatherUnderground. Funded by Soros and others.

        Obama said, back in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

        And here we are today

        1. Agree. The problem we find ourselves in is not just Obama/Soros. There is Communist China who has infiltrated the education system, government, etc. Although, the DOJ is going after them as fast as they can. There are the Soros type Globalists who hate the America First agenda too. Regular Americans have a host of enemies at the moment. My opinion.


        In the military, you fight, and may get wounded or killed in a declared war. But, at least lawful combatants have periods of rest and non-violence.

        Not so with LEO–police, Sheriff’s Deputies, and other LEO. They “do battle” daily in undeclared wars, be they domestic violence, insurrection, or plain-Jane crime.

        They are their families do not know if they are coming back alive at the end of each shift.

        Ponder that….

      3. Police work is not that dangerous. It’s not even in the top 10 of dangerous jobs. The most dangerous aspect of policing is driving around all day. Yes, some cops get killed, but people also fall down the steps at work or get a limb cut off or lift something and screw up their back.
        Policing is very good money. There is a waiting list of people trying to get the job and almost nobody quits.

        I completely and totally oppose BLM and the left in general. Police forces, especially those in the big cities are anything but wraysist! In fact, the racism in police departments is anti-white, not anti-black or mestizo.
        But policing has gone to hell in a handbasket. It’s loaded with people hired to fill gender and racial quotas. Even worse than their hiring standards are their promotion standards. Between disappearing standards bringing the incompetent and the attraction the profession has for bad people, the cops are absolutely out of control and are earning all of the hate. Check out Rick Gore’s “earning the hate” series on YouTube. 30 years policing and military experience.

  21. Begin rant
    From Lehman’s I ordered a Berkey water filter April 3, 2020 and they still haven’t shipped it SEPT1,202 That’s 151 days. But the worst is they stopped talking to me. They took the cash and ran! Is anyone else taking delivery of Berkey filters are are they just picking on me?
    end rant

    I wish I could go back in time and order from the preferred vendors listed in SB.

    1. Jeff, I agree with JWR. We bought a Royal Berkey years ago. I put it away in a closet until we had a water purity crisis a year or two ago. Out came the Berkey and we never looked back. I have purchased extra supplies for it. The water is the best I have ever had in my life. You won’t be sorry if you order from the Berkey people. We love ours!

  22. Your findings are consistent with my own. Unfortunately, I do not gray man so well, being 6’6″ and 275 lbs. I will add that the use of technology is increasing, to include now the use of thermal imaging, IR area saturation to spoil video recordings, and drones for extended surveillance of the crowd and especially those leaving and entering the action zone. All of these were experienced/observed in both Portland and Seattle theatres. Don’t be surprised if the next time you are made you are tracked by one of their drones out to wherever your departure waypoint is. Having been tracked by drones before at length, it is not so easy to hide from them when you are egressing from an area, especially at distance.

    1. Being married to an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) pilot/operator, I can assure you that simply throwing a handful of gravel into the blades of an average-size quadcopter will knock it right out of the sky — if it is close and you have good aim.
      Also, it is patently illegal for any operator to fly a “drone” over any person who is not participating directly in the flight, per the ever-increasing mandates of the FAA.
      Here is a January 2020 link with limited descriptions of each state’s laws concerning UAS/drones:

  23. Thank you for the time and effort in conducting this research and for sharing the information. As active LE in the same state, this could be helpful in the future –

  24. Craig Davis,
    This rioting has nothing to do with small case “black lives mattering”. This is communist insurrection plain and simple. These so-called protests are right out of the communist manifesto. The various communist organizations have hijacked a cause of some police officers using excessive force on some black individuals resisting arrest. There are more whites killed by police officers than blacks during police stops. That doesn’t make any of it ok. But a larger issue is black on black murder but why no so-called protests about that. All power grabs by Marxists, Leninists, Facists, Third Reich, etc. have used ethnicity as a flash point. This is admitted communists hijacking an issue and just look at the demands, defund law enforcement, no involvement of the federal agencies, pitting ethnic groups against each other, taking neighborhoods hostage, disrupting commerce and business, burning businesses, Stopping the free speech 1st amendment rights of dissenters by intimidation, using violence against dissenters, trying to burn down Federal buildings, removing statues of cultural importance. Haven’t we seen this before? Can you say Third Reich. All political power grabs start with these actions and fomenting anarchy against every vestige of the government and culture and history of a nation. 77% of Americans do not want the police defunded.

  25. A person has to have Fortitude to attend Left Wing Radical protest now days. The modern Left Wingers are lunatics.

    This is what a person may encounter [using a quote from another site, because of his skill in writing]. =

    ~~Portland Police, FBI and U.S. DOJ Refuse to Arrest Antifa Murder Suspect Michael Reinoehl Because He Supports Joe Biden and Black Lives Matter…~~

    “It’s time to be brutally honest and face the enemy as a united nation. Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson was murdered on the streets of Portland Oregon. Danielson’s murder was caught on camera, and everyone, including thousands of people who watch social media, know exactly who killed him, a man named Michael Reinoehl.”

    “However, despite everyone knowing exactly who carried out a politically motivated assassination, Reinoehl (pictured left in white T-shirt) has not been arrested.”

    “The Portland police, the FBI and the United States Department of Justice have not arrested him; and the only logical conclusion to be gained from that reluctance is that Antifa supporter Reinoehl is also a supporter of Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden. Therefore no-one does anything.”

    “When you accept this reality, it is only then that we can start to fathom just how seriously screwed up the U.S. system of justice has become.”

    “If you support Trump you are a disposable statistic; however, if you support the mob all efforts will be undertaken to protect you from the consequences of your own violent action.”

    “This is the absolute worst scenario for our nation…. death and murder are now defined by politics. However, this isn’t the first time this has happened, it is just the most transparently obvious; and a major escalation amid years of politically motivated violence.” …

    [More at TheConservativeTreehouse in the article Posted on August 31, 2020 by sundance]

  26. I, too am a Freemason of 28 years. I can almost guarantee that those working with Antifa were NOT Freemasons. My bet is just as the Illuminatti used Freemasonry as a cover for their dirty work, so are these punks. You can purchase any of the symbols in amy manor of media used in Freemasonry online by a plethora of vendors. A Cricut machine can pound out any sort if signage you want as well.

  27. Great information. I have to wonder, what do those clowns do with license plate info? Do they trace it to your home? Sounds like a way of targeting “enemies of the state”. Just curious.

  28. I have one question. They know who is financing these riots. Why is no one exposing this, other than it’s backed by the Democrat politicians. That’s so vague. Who is directly responsible for these violent groups.

    Thank you for the awesome article. I too went undercover and walked among the rioters. I agree with everything you published.

  29. The complacency of our now older generation with the current crop of cannon fodder has been the devils fields of Abundance and grief. We were given the Bible which detailed the end times, we have seen the different faiths pushing for a one world religion, we now understand the communist manifesto……..and world socialism which I call demon-crats it fits. We may have already run out of choices, or options….some recently have pointed out that their really is no redoubt area that will survive long. Myself I say there are three types of people the optimistic…..everything is great, the pessimist…….we are going to die, and in the middle are the realists…….pray to god and pass the ammo. SurvivalBlog has always been not tried….to be the wind cone of what’s was coming, for that James I for one thank you. My prayer is that we have an awakening to our savior Jesus Christ, That we give ourselves to him, may he watch over us as these times come, it’s not going away….it’s here.

  30. Oregon is the home base of Antifa since 2007. They have trained here both off and on the streets. Backed by the democrat party that has run Oregon for 30 years Antifa has firm footing in Portland. This isn’t some over night deal, they are trained by professionals and rumor has it a Vietnam style Tet Offensive is in the works. Or so I have read.

    1. James Farmer, I too, read about that Tet Offensive being planned and it is supposed to begin on September 17. Who knows if this is indeed good information. I did read on a few websites that the man who killed the Patriot Prayer fellow in Portland was a former Army soldier, who by the way, hated the Army the entire time he served. This entire killing operation went down in just 14 seconds. Some of these people were in the service and so have been trained very well.

      1. Tet was very successful in Vietnam, it turned the tide of the war as the media pounded us with how bad it was. A Tet here could be used by the media as a tool to further burn down the country and maybe even get a coup against Trump.

        If they had a power figure in the wings to take over then it’s possible to happen but I haven’t seen a person who could step in and rule.

  31. The question arises that if a man like you can do this and figure this much out, why can’t the Feds with all of their advanced technology and resources? Or maybe we would find out that the money trail leads to George Soros, and the Rothschild banking family. Anyone want to be that Trump wouldn’t prosecute them?

    1. Mike…..the govt, don’t know whose govt it is…..They have known about it for ever, the tip of the iceberg is the Clinton foundation, the leak three or four years ago about the Panamanian law firm that runs the foundation “off shore” so the clintons don’t have to disclose do do. There was the press release on fox, beck I believe also talked about this, someone at the law firm leaked thousands of papers of material from the foundation…….but the end result top officials here somehow put a blanket over it and nothing else has been forthcoming. All of the demon-cratic top contributors were funneling money way in excess of allowed amounts but supposedly because it’s outside the border of the U.S. we will never know how much was cycled. Such a treasonous septic tank of actors. Benedict Arnold was a saint compared to today’s radical left, and also the rhinos from the right.

  32. SJWs Are Psychopaths. Science Proves It. [Dark triad | Dark tetrad]
    (YouTube Video, 16:50)
    Daisy Cousens
    Aug 31, 2020

    A new study published by the American Psychological Association has found that frequently virtue signalling is a strong predictor for an individual who possesses the Dark Triad of personality traits. So why does the behavior the study describes sound so similar to SJWs?!
    1) Machiavellianism
    2) Narcissism
    3) Psychopathy
    1) Machiavellianism
    2) Narcissism
    3) Psychopathy
    4) Sadism

    She talks really fast…

  33. Interesting. Have not done any crowd infiltration. Just watched video clips on Fox News. That being said the antics of these crowds ( at least in my opinion ) seems amateurish.

    One interesting development with the Kyle Rittenhouse incident was the criminal background of his assailants. Whether this is by design or these riots just happen to attract grade-a scumbags would be interesting Intel.

    The general consensus these days is the riots are definitely funded and meant to try and make the president look bad. The democrats are complicit with this lawlessness so it shouldn’t be too hard to find where the funding is coming from.

    From the sound of your report there seems to be paid organizers trying to agitate the crowd hoping some of students or other assorted losers become cannon fodder thereby advancing their agenda. Whoever “they are”. That’s the million-dollar question.

    Thanks for doing the footwork .Be safe.

  34. Antifa uses insignia markings on their masks to ID position in the ranks. Where I’ve been, black paisley patterned bandanas are used by the “official” ones who come in. Motorcycle helmets with built in comms are starting to pop up. Without going into great detail, I e-bike in and out. I’d suggest different types of hats-ball cap to watch cap to black boonie, etc.

    and lastly… collection requires timely appropriate action

  35. Excellent journalism here!

    I want to know more about Ethan.
    I want to know if he takes cream in his coffee.

    If Ethan goes to Indo-China I want a gray man popping up in a bowl of rice.

    Two can play at this game!

  36. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI (members of both agencies that are not deep staters) need to be tracking these domestic terrorist and they need to follow the money. I believe that our previous president, the community organizer, is behind all of this. He said there needed to be a well trained, well equipped, well funded civilian militia.

    Tar and feather him, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Rice, Lerner, Waters, AOC, Omar, Thalib, Pressley, Strozk, Mueller, and a few more. Leave them standing in the gallows on the Washington Mall for two weeks, and I mean standing, until they can’t anymore.

  37. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally: Wikipedia

    1. skate board is a field expedient weapon some of them may not ride them or know how but its not an illegal weapon so to speak. once needed the wheels and cast metal trucks make a blunt force weapon.

  38. There seems to be some kind of an expectation of events for the long weekend,

    Leon County under curfew until Tuesday, Sept. 8
    Wednesday, September 2, 2020 – 12:47 PM
    Leon County has instituted a curfew effective from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. beginning Wednesday evening (Sept. 2) and continuing each day until Tuesday (Sept. 8) morning. The curfew includes the City of Tallahassee and the Florida State University campuses in Tallahassee.

    During the curfew, students, faculty, staff and visitors should remain in their place of residence; individuals may go to and from work, seek healthcare or emergency veterinary care, or walk a pet on their premises.

    Due in part to recent violence during protests and demonstrations in Leon County, and out of an abundance of caution, Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil requested the countywide curfew in an effort to prevent further violence and unrest. With the request of the curfew, Sheriff McNeil intends to maintain an individual’s rights to peaceful and lawful protest while ensuring the protection of everyone’s safety and help first responders maintain peace.

    A proclamation establishing the curfew is posted on the Leon County Emergency Information Portal (

  39. Cord7 is spot on… be very careful who you trust to take the ‘bad guys’ out. The term ‘bad guys’ has the flexibility to fit anyone or any group. Depends on who is taking the trash ‘out.’

    Even though I have little trust of anyone in government and for those of you who advocate ‘stay away from crowds,” remain the silent majority and get steam rollered… FLAT.

    Get you and your body involved…

  40. The runup to the Spanish Civil War (1933 to 1935) is more eerily similar to our predicament than the Nazi trajectory in Germany. Worth reading about. The Leftist actors then, and their tactics, look awfully familiar when compared with what Antifa and their friends in the Evil Party are doing. The Spanish election of January 1936 was the watershed. Let’s pray 2020 doesn’t follow that pattern. If it does, 2021 will be, ah, how you say, “interesting”.

  41. Lesson 9: the cops are NOT your friends. The Boys in Blue take their orders from the Chief of Police, who signs their paychecks. He takes his from the elected Mayor. Expect them to interfere with patriots and protect Communist terrorists and organizers.

  42. This was a spot on very informative article, I am a combat veteran of multiple tours in Iraq and Kosovo, mainly counter insurgency/Ambush operations snatch and grabs/recon, anyway after I sustained an injury I medically retired and returned home after a decade at war to a cultural and economic nightmare. I went rogue and embedded with an ANTIFA group, So I noticed you mentioned the Masons per security now in my knowledge I know of well to do Masons contributing financially backing these Antifa groups which was a complete surprise to me. Have you observed anything like this

  43. Yesterday, I received a small piece of intel yesterday regarding a BLM training or command base east of Idaho Falls, towards Ririe. They are being watched by local groups, but we are preparing for our police to stand down at the mayor’s direction (career-ender, if ever there was one). The redoubt is not a safe haven from this activity.

  44. BLM collects all this money and then they turn around and send checks for hundreds of dollars to individual protestors to keep protesting. I saw documents – pages after pages of payments to protestors. Anybody ever wonder why only 6% of what they collect goes to black communities? This is why! They strong-arm companies to financially support them, and then they use the money to pay their people to riot and destroy. It’s unbelievable that the 2% can have such an impact on the entire country.

  45. There is a political activist group called the Sunrise Movement that has been directly radicalizing these kids through video chat platforms like zoom. Alexandrea ocasio cortez is one of the people telling these kids how to create trigger events in their communities. They tell these kids to burn down the buildings, they set them up in groups according to which one’s are most willing to get arrested. This lady and her people did a 2 year inside investigation into their movement. Here’s the videos that came of recording their meetings. I promise you these videos will be more eye opening than you will ever experience otherwise.

    Part 1 of the video

    Part 2 of the video

    More on their same investigation

  46. I would like to have a chance to speak with this contributor if he is willing.
    We have Oath Keepers across the US providing gathered intel to the local and state authorities and have members on our National BOD that are working to establish a comprehensive training file to assist our state leaders.
    If the author would be interested in sharing their knowledge and working with our network , please have them send me an email !
    Thank You in advance
    Missouri OK , POC

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