Preparedness Notes for Monday — August 24, 2020

My latest nonfiction book, titled: The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide should be available in Costco stores beginning on Wednesday, August 26th. That book will be exclusive to Costco club stores until October 20th, when the general release (worldwide, including all Internet vendors) will be made.

Note that the editions will vary slightly. They will all be 240 pages and hardcover, but for example, the U.S/Canada edition ($24.99) will measure 10-1/2″ x 11-1/4″, with an interior wire-o binding–so that the pages will lay flat. But £19.12) will measure 7-1/2″ x 9-5/8″ with a more traditional binding.

The second half of the book’s text is intended more for advanced preppers, rather than just newbies. I hope that you enjoy reading it.

A special note: If you plan to buy any extra copies for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, then please wait until October 20th to order, for the best price, online. By waiting until that “Book Bomb” day to order, then you can help drive book up the New York Times list, and to the top 10 of Amazon’s sales rankings. Thanks! – JWR

On August 24th, 410, Rome was overrun by the Visigoths in an event that symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This is a moment in history that we would do well to remember. An empire that ruled the known world was corrupted from the inside to the point that they could not defend themselves from a much weaker enemy. This is generally seen as the beginning of the Dark Ages.

My #1 Son (Jonathan Rawles) wrote to mention a couple of new off-grid listings, both in Vermont:

Off Grid Home / Family Compound/ Vacation Rental Property


Off Grid Homestead Property

Today, another review by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio


  1. RE; property listings in Vermont. It would be great if some conservative minded preppers did come here to buy them and live here full-time. So many of these places are being bought up now by wealthy people fleeing NY, NJ etc who plan on using them as a refuge/vacation home only. These are nice towns in really nice areas and good places to raise kids. The disadvantage of southern VT is that it’s closer to NY, MA etc but I live in northern VT and we have an inundation of these people here anyway so what’s the difference? My road looks like a parking lot at a NJ mall right now!

  2. That Romes enemy grew stronger, the germanic tribes grew into tribal conferderations the arrival of the huns which drove the federations to the west or at least more motivated when the sassanids replaced the parthians was as major a contribution as the deeply flawed roman empire itself.
    The authority of the empereors of the SPQR rested on the “pax romana”, the moment he couldn´t uphold it, he lost it to the next general.
    Corruption was part of the roman system at the best after they conquered or inherited provinces out of italy

  3. 7.62×39 is drying up and the price is climbing up. The best quality available for the price is now Golden Tiger FMJ at SGammo. This bullet is unfortunately not a soft point, but like Yugo M67, the bullet tumbles early. This is a big improvement over standard FMJ that tends make only a clean hole, or in other words, a small temporary and permanent wound cavity. It is also better for long term storage as it sealed at the primer and case mouth, and protected by a heavy lacquer coating. It also produces less muzzle flash, and is more accurate. I tightened the belt harder, and bought more. They say it takes 1000 repetitions before any motion becomes muscle memory. When ‘snap shooting’ in a fast-paced two-way shooting range, the eye has to acquire a target, and it must then tell the finger to operate. This process needs to become automatic.

    1. Gun And Ammo Sales Surge As America Transforms Into Violent Mess

      “Portland’s dress rehearsal for revolution now featuring a guillotine”
      [Antifa BLM commie scum are not joking. Buy Lots Of Ammo Today: you’ll need it.]


      Lee Smith Discusses “The Permanent Coup” Against President Trump…[Video]
      Posted on August 23, 2020 by sundance
      Lee Smith is one of the most decent and genuine people I have ever had the good pleasure to meet. In this interview Smith discusses his latest book “The Permanent Coup”.

      The Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment inquiry, the “weaponization of the coronavirus,” and now the riots raging in major U.S. cities are all intrinsically linked, says investigative journalist Lee Smith.


      Andy Ngo: [Video] Portland? Nope. Antifa black bloc militants attacked police and destroyed homes and businesses in a riot last night in Denver. Expect more of this as antifa around the country take lessons & inspiration from Portland.
      [It’s coming to your town next, folks.]


      Violence Erupts in Wisconsin After Shooting of Black Man, Cops Brutally Attacked, Incendiary Weapons Used
      August 24, 2020
      [In case you have not seen the shooting video, here it is.]


      Antifa And Black Lives Matter Intelligence Report
      [Skip this one if you really don’t give a damn about the unfolding of CW2.]

      1. I just got off a call with a person that lives in SoCal. The discussion was primarily about the Cops. Yes, he is a person of color. He didn’t say it, but it became evident he thinks most, if not all cops are bad, and I was justifying some of the shootings. His other viewpoints are that Antifa isn’t all that big or bad, and most of the problems come from the KKK, The Patriots, and other “racist groups.” Oh! Must not forget all the ammo is being bought by the rednecks and racists. Sigh……..I can’t reason with a person that refuses to acknowledge anything other than his/her own myopic view.

      2. If you watch the video of the shooting it isn’t hard to understand why the cop shot him. Not saying he should have shot him but considering how quickly it went down and the risk that the perp was going for a gun left the cop with two choices IMHO; shoot or run.
        This all happened because the perp choose to ignore the police and act out. This is the part I never understand. It isn’t as though we haven’t all seen the cop shows and when the perp acts out it never ends well. To those who are upset or angry over this particular act or other similar acts I simply ask what else could they have done if the perp is not only refusing to comply but actively acting in a way that indicates they intend to become combative?

  4. All good links in Tunnel Rabbit’s comment.

    The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil. ~ The Good Book.

    Please visit a former All American, Company like Walmart. … The store will be filled with products made in Communist China. … Look around for the products made in Russia. … Yet, the Fake News constantly blares ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ as the primary opponent of the USA.
    Wikipedia has an article about the 50 Cent Party. = A very large group of Internet Trolls controlled by Communist China.

    The business elites and their cronies decided to transfer out of the USA, ~TRILLIONS of Dollars. … The ‘economic slaves’ in China are making the Wall Street Billionaires wealthy. [Many Americans have ‘lost’ income in terms of real dollar value]
    Wall Street, Hollywood, University ‘big thinkers’ ~ NBA Athletes, and of course crooked politicians all cheer now days, ~for Communist China to become the new superpower in the world.

    1. We have an election in 2020; we have a chance to vote for bringing good jobs back to the USA, or ~continue to send Trillions of Dollars and American jobs over to China.

    2. In this election, we’ll also be voting on Gun Rights. Will we be owning firearms in the future, or will the Jackass group grab all our guns?

    3. Will the USA still be energy independent, or will the USA be dependent on Foreign Energy supplies (We would then be using OUR military, to protect foreign energy supplies. The main reason behind the ‘endless’ wars overseas).

    4. Will we have more good jobs or more ‘free stuff’ because NO ONE has to pay for anything. [What a hoot. Only Jackass voters can believe that idea.]

    ~China Joe has a record of duplicity towards American workers. China Joe has also gotten very wealthy selling out Americans, and favoring overseas business interests. [The Wall Street Elites appreciate China Joe, as they are all riding on the same gravy train. (Make China Great Again)]

    After the election, the ‘protesters’ with the Guillotine are NOT leaving. Unfortunately, many Wealthy Elites in America see ~death as the solution for securing political power.

    It’s time to have prepping supplies available. SurvivalBlog has good recommendations and advertisers. … The Book mentioned above will surely be a good resource. The book can be given or ~loaned out to other people.
    ……… Of course, SurvivalBlog management would rather ‘hear’ ~buy extra copies, and give them away to people in need of a survival education. … We all know ~UNAWARE relatives like Drinking Uncle-Harry and Aunt Gabby-Gertie will show up to live with prepper relatives. Make sure such relatives receive an educational book for Christmas.
    …….. [Uncle Harry doesn’t really need a bottle booze, and Aunt Gabby-Gertie doesn’t really need a subscription, for a guide to the Fake-Life television programs.]

  5. OUT FRONT: 7 Steps To A Maoist Insurgency – Tuesday 18 Aug 2020
    (YouTube Video, 31:32)
    Forward Observer
    Aug 18, 2020

    Red Guards = AntiFa = BLM = Occupy

    Red Guards at city, district, county levels [start small]

    Red Guards for defense

    Red Army for offense

    Why is the right wing not fighting AntiFa?

    Leftists control govt. in riot areas, would jail right wing, release left wing.

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