The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Even though I have a dozen or so stripped AR lowers sitting around, I still check pricing and availability. Gotta say…now is the second-worst time to be buying guns, first worst is gonna be November. Even if early-onset dementia victim Biden doesn’t get elected you can still expect gun prices and availability to be wildly unpredictable. What I can predict is that there will be no Trump Slump this time around. Even if Trump wins, the natives are still restless over COVID, race ‘discussions’, and other uncertainties. Now is not the time for complacency.” – Commander Zero, in his Notes From The Bunker blog.


  1. Yup, I sneaked in that last minute 6.5 Grendel build, couple months back, but lack the resources to keep it going too long in a fight, It’s mainly a hunter that has other capabilities. I did it because I’m still hopeful that after nov elections it will resume back to “normal?” or at least be able to keep shooting.
    Now is the time to sit on everything and wait.

  2. This comment is for the Editor of SurvivalBlog ‘about the Redoubt News’ section. … Next year at this time of the year, this sentence could be rewritten:
    “The current wildfires in California are so huge that they’ve generated a smoky haze that extended to Idaho, Montana, and even Wyoming. This televised map tells the story.”

    Next year say. =

    “The ~LUNATICS governing California have policies, that exacerbate ~ the current wildfires in California.”
    The smoke from the HUGE fires are traveling towards the East Coast, because of the prevailing wind direction ~due to the rotation of the Earth.” [See a Map of the Jet Stream]
    …….. For the general health of all Americans, the solution to the California problem is STOP the lunatics governing California or change the rotation of the Earth.
    Thousands of years with experiencing wildfires, the Big Thinkers have realized for the Safety of people, animals, structures, and the forest itself; there is a need for extensive firebreaks and roads within a forest. [Roads can be part of a firebreak, and give access to a forest fire.]

    Of course, the lunatics governing California ignore history and feasible solutions. … The California Lunatics would rather cause problems for the rest of America.

    [Famous Californians like, Crazy Nancy, Sneaky Diane, Phony Karmala and even Moonbeam Brown are proof that tainted drinking can turn people into lunatics. … … Is your tap water safe? (where you live) = Consider buying a drinking-water, filtration system from a SurvivalBlog advertiser.]

  3. Great quote, amen. I’m dealing with direct dimentia and Biden-eqsque style insanity from a deranged family member. 74 years old.

    True survival is all about…. when life gives you lemons = learn how to make lemonade.

  4. Assuming (there’s that word again) Trump wins, and things eventually calm down, there will hopefully be a number of panic buyers who want to unload the weapons they bought.
    Should bring prices down to a more reasonable level..
    I know. Wish in one hand and…………

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