Leadership: Who Will Really Fight?, by J.D.

As of late I have been pondering who amongst us –meaning Americans– will really be willing to pick up their rifles or pistols and defend their neighborhoods, homes, and families when it’s apparent that help, i.e. 911 is not going to be an option. I was recently at a large Christian campout that had a shooting range with a long table and roof. There was a large amount of brass on the ground and we were all having a good time sending lead downrange. Although I was encouraged to see the number of people that were exercising their second amendment rights, I was a bit dismayed at the lack of marksmanship. I brought a pair of “spinners” which are pistol targets that spin as they are hit. Although I do not consider myself an expert marksman, there was only one other person there that could hit the targets with their pistols with any real consistency. As it turns out the other guy was active-duty military who was on leave, I suppose that figures and I am glad to see that the Army is still teaching their soldiers how to shoot. I enjoyed the time, but as I walked off it got me to thinking about how many people in our nation will really be able to, or are truly willing to fight if that is what it comes to, which is looking more and more likely.

In my younger years, I studied martial arts for about five years. I started out in Tae-Kwon-Do, which though useful was more geared toward sport or tournament Karate. I finally landed in Kung-Fu which was mostly geared toward street fighting and I believe far more effective in self-defense. What I learned in Kung-Fu along with the fighting skills was a mental mindset that is every bit as valuable as being able to neutralize an attacker.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about: During WW2 there was not a Marine in his right mind who did not respect the fighting ability of a Japanese soldier; they were probably the fiercest opponents in uniform at the time. Compare this to what happened to the French when the Germans invaded in 1940. Simply not enough fighting spirit or willingness to defend the homeland.

I have heard a number of my fellow believers in Jesus that own firearms say things like, “there is no sense in having more than 300 or 400 rounds on hand, since I won’t last that long anyway”. Does this sound like the fighting spirit of the Japanese or the defeatism of the French? I’m very glad our fellow American Marines, “among whom my late uncle Ken was one,” did not have that attitude.

Do some reading on the battle of Guadalcanal. Those men had their backs to the wall but did not surrender, they were outnumbered, outgunned and at a serious disadvantage but they kept fighting because they had good men in leadership and also had the fighting spirit and with God’s help eventually won the battle.

Another example would be the Jews that fought the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. I strongly recommend that you watch the movie “Uprising”, released in 2001. They had no real chance to defeat the Waffen SS unit that was coming against them, but they held off the German military for longer than it took them to conquer the entire nation of Poland! As a bonus, a number of them survived to fight another day. To quote a commonly used phrase, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

I see a lot of my fellow Americans in fear and giving in to a mindset that is not going to help us much in the coming conflict. If I could drive one point home it would be this, “what the hell does it matter what the odds are?” We are dealing with a communist insurgency that will settle for nothing less than our deaths or to lock us all up in FEMA camps where they will do to us as they please. I don’t think the Jews in Warsaw, Poland during the Nazi holocaust of WW2 thought too much about the odds, and why? Because the odds were irrelevant.

I live with my wife in a farmhouse in rural America, if four or five armed men kick in the door in the middle of the night then I would say the odds are against me, this does not matter. Let’s see who has more resolve, a group of thugs who want to simply take what I have or a man who has already made up his mind and will give his life to defend the wife who has stuck by his side through thick and thin for 37 years. That’s what we all need to resolve! Resolve to decide that we are not going to give in to a group of lawless thugs who will replace our constitutional Republic with despotic bloody lawlessness.

My late Uncle Don was also a career military man and as a Chaplain he retired from the U.S. Army as a Lt. Colonel. He did two tours in Vietnam and he was the only Chaplain in his regiment who would “fly outside the wire” as they would say. This means he flew on choppers out to remote company-sized bases that would get hit on a regular basis to minister to the men in those bases. On more than one occasion the base was being overrun and he would have to pick up a weapon and help defend the men in that base even though he was considered a non-combatant. Now that’s a Pastor I would listen too! Who do you think the men had more respect for, him or the Chaplains that would not fly out into harm’s way?

I am reminded of some of the civil war Generals who would ride out on their horses in front of the troops to rally them when things looked dark. Imagine riding out in front of the front lines while the enemy is shooting at you. Perhaps this explains in part some the bravery of the men in those units. This is what we are going to need in the coming conflict, men of resolve, men of determination, men of courage. Men who will inspire these qualities in others as I have no doubt that the odds will be against us, they already are. If you need more examples, look no further than the war of independence or as some might call the revolutionary war. I think any reasonable person would say that the odds were most certainly against the men and leaders who fought against King George’s tyranny. Consider also that many of the founders lost all of their wealth, had their houses burned down, and suffered incredibly for the cause of freedom. Again these were men who would not be deterred from the task that was at hand and were just the kind of leadership that was needed then and now.

I have heard many prophetic voices over the years telling us to get ready for a major conflict of epic proportions. Although I have listened to and done my best to heed their warnings I feel like at the stage we are at it doesn’t take much to see that all it is going to take is a match to set the gasoline on fire at this point. I believe that 20 or 30 years ago it would have been possible to have turned this around through the ballot box and enough Godly people saying enough is enough, I include myself in the failure to do this. I believe that we are at the point now where if we want our republic back then we as a nation are going to have to fight for it. It has come to that! I would encourage people to read George Washington’s vision of the three conflicts that he was shown. The last one is what I can only describe as WW3 and an invasion of our great Republic. Even though at one point it looked dark, the defenders were eventually victorious. I think that this is something to be encouraged about.

Although I cannot speak for others, I would like to see my children and grandchild have something to inherit when my work on this earth is done. I would like to be remembered as someone who did everything I could to preserve liberty and freedom when conflict broke out and evil people tried to rob us all of our God-given liberties and heritage. I will endeavor to inspire others to rise to the challenge that our courageous Forefathers undertook and to not shirk my responsibilities as I once did in my youth. All men make mistakes but a wise man learns from them and then moves on doing his best to not repeat those mistakes. Finally, I would encourage everyone to acquire as much in the physical preparation realm as possible. For those who may think that they have too much ammo, save it for those who don’t.

Above all let us not forget the Godly heritage left to us by our benevolent creator and seek to preserve it for our posterity.


  1. That fighting spirit is what we need to instill in our children. Sadly it seems mostly lost in this country. When I do see it, it gives me hope. When I was a kid my two favorite books were Guadalcanal Diary and 100 True Stories of WWII. As a young kid I saved a scrapbook of Vietnam engagements back in the early 1970’s. Those guys were my heroes. Later on I joined the Marine Corps and was honored to become a Marine. Today at 55 I am a Christian man who still tries to hold onto the physical standard of that time and retain my Marksmanship skills with rifle and pistol. Why, I guess because you just never know when you’ll need to defend yourself or your family from the evil so prevalent in this world. God help us, but we must be prepared to help ourselves first.

    1. Arise Patriots. Have Courage. Fight for Freedom. Walk the path that tens of thousands of others have before you. We are forever in their debt, it is an honor to take our place on the battlefield so that we may count ourselves among those who have come before us, those whose sacrifice guaranteed our Freedom.

      Arise Patriots. Be Brave. The time has come. Thy will be done. We shall sacrifice ourselves so that others may live Free. Let us be the first to lead the charge. To stand out front. To carry the colors of our flag resolutely towards the oncoming storm.

      Arise Patriots. Have Fortitude. We shall die on the battlefield together, brother and sister, defending Freedom. But our deaths will not be the end.

      Forever shall we live in the hearts and minds of the Free Peoples of The United States of America. We shall be remembered by future generations whose freedom we saved from the eternal darkness of tyranny. We, having paid the ultimate price with our lives, like so many others have done, so that others may Live in Freedom.

      We shall never run.
      We shall never hide.
      We shall welcome hardship, pain, and suffering.
      We shall continue the fight, even if all is lost.
      We shall never surrender.

      We shall Stand and Fight this evil to our very last breath.

      Defending Freedom.

      To save the lives of millions who would be enslaved or murdered by Tyrants. This we know is true.

      We shall fight and die, so that others may live in Freedom.

      And God shall be our judge and witness.

      1. Stand Tall have you ever read the history of the American Revolution? It TOOK 8 Long Years. We lied a lot as even George Washington (A trained British Officer) had to be a “Good British Citizen” eating formal dinners with the British Governors and such while writing letters of correspondence with other founding fathers discussing how to throw the British Yoke off their necks. Some of our Lawyer trained Founding fathers had to DEFEND British Troops from charges of murder and massacre’s and such.

        Can you live a lie as to strike a stronger blow against the enemy? They did. That’s partly why the British went out of their way to burn the farms and houses of General George Washington and other founding fathers.

        Until it was time to be in open rebellion, then we hid a lot, we fought dishonorable battles using “Indian Tactics”, like ambushes and fleeing, sniper attacks, attacking supply wagons and tarring and feathering (OR Worse) anybody that tried to be a British Tax Collector or Sherriff. Until MUCH Later when the French War Support and General Lafayette came over to train us better most every time we went toe to toe with British Regulars we were stomped into the ground.

        The famous “Shot heard around the world” was when our spies learned that the British learned of our main gunpowder magazines and were going to disarm the Rebels. That force that blocked them as others worked HARD to grab as much of the war supplies and flee was an act of heroic desperation. We were lucky the British under estimated the resistance and sent an totally inadequate force to do the deed.

        BTW we did lose that Magazine later that week with much badly needed war material lost to the Rebellion. A harsh setback, we lost our artillery ability’s for quite some time until the French Navy delivered us more gunpowder. Ever heard of Dupont? A French noble family that came to America to help us create our own gunpowder. Thus Dupont Powders even now?

        Look to the Viet Cong that handed the mighty US Military a second place award in the SE Asia Wargames. Again when they went toe to toe THEY got stomped, only in the sneaky combat and forcing the US overreactions like My Ly massacre did they control the countryside and eventually destroyed the South Vietnam Governments support with the people. Loyalists to the South Vietnam Government or US supporters were discredited as thieves of the peoples wealth and made examples of by the VC. The VC were looked upon as the defenders of the common people and thus our combat intelligence about them was very poor.

        In Afghanistan (the Grave yard of empires according to Kipling) goat herders drove out the Soviets and soon enough the mighty US Military using hit and run and killing off US supporters in the Afghani Government and Legal System. Same song as in Vietnam.

        Do you see a Pattern of how to succeed against governmental forces?

        Or are you going to fight like the Red Coats and form up a Million Man “Armed and Peaceful” March to walk into the Dragons Lair for a firepower demonstration of Drones and Gunships? The Media will run it on prime time TV with a few minutes delay for proper propaganda story telling about Armed Rayccesst White Militiamen threatening women and children or such.

        If you think the U S Military-Police Forces will not fire on Patriot’s you missed the History Lesson of then Col Mc Arthur’s shooting up the WW1 veterans Bonus Army who were peacefully assembling for the promised bonuses from Congress. Or maybe you missed the Branch Davidians or…. There will always be government shooters that will obey orders.

        Until the Media and the Socialist-Democrats are shown to be the Intolerant Masters they really are to Joe 6 pack and the Rebel-Patriots the defenders of the people we will not have the tact and active support of the 80% of Americans that simply want to be left alone with their beer and pizza.

        Communists gladly use “Good Citizen” awards of money or more food or shopping privileges’ in the Leadership stores (yep really happened) to get folks to betray troublemakers. EXPECT Betrayal. Plan around it.

        The American Revolution took 8 LONG years of suffering. Only because the British ignored the newspapers of the day as they saw it a purely military matter that the British were disliked and eventually hated by the Joe 6 packs who would NOT Betray the Rebels to British troops.

        Today the Antifa-BLM and others have the control and support of the Media and leftist Socialist-Democrats politicians-police. Today all Trumps efforts are described as attacks on “Mothers” and Stormtroopers by Pelosi and company.

        Prepare for a lot of suffering and death. Bullets go both ways and families will be destroyed by political divisions as well as violence, starvation and diseases as our modern systems are destroyed to 3rd world cesspools. In Bosnia rape camps were used as pleasure rewards for their soldiers as the other side wasn’t thought of as humans. Civilians will suffer the most as groups of armed men of both sides rob and harm folks.

        Once the smoke and screams clear away after years of troubles, I hope we still have copies of the Constitution-bill of rights and the Bible to reestablish the Republic.

        1. Michael… “ that shot heard round the world “ took place at Lexington Green under the leadership of Pastor Jonas Clark…the men were congregants from his church where the powder was being stored as well as secluding John Hancock and Samuel Adams…the men and women in Colonial days were taught and prepared by clergy that came to be known as the Black Robe Regiment…where is today’s Black Robe Regiment ??? … are today’s pastors and congregants / Christians ready to take a stand ??? …this is truly a spiritual war taking place in America…it is imperative we make spiritual and physical preparations and follow the guidance of The Lord of Hosts… May He bless the SB community

          1. RCB5472TN, thank you for your comment, that describes the importance >religion has in America, and in the US Military. …. The people in the US Military with acts of Valor demonstrate the words of God. =

            “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” [Jesus Christ in the Bible]

            +As a separate comment to set the record straight about the Bonus March, long ago in Washington DC. = The US Army did NOT ‘shoot up’ the people in the Bonus March. … >Liberal Wikipedia has an article about the ‘Bonus March.’

            [As an opinion shared by many other people around the world, ‘leftwingers’ need a bugaboo to demonize to help rally the left. … … General Douglas MacArthur became the target of the left in the USA]
            The transforming power of religion can be seen in this statement by our President, which reflects the moral compass of religious Americans. =

            “If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just don’t want to kill 10 million people. Does that make sense to you? I don’t want to kill 10 million people.”

            “I have plans on Afghanistan that, if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone. It would be over in — literally, in 10 days. And I don’t want to do — I don’t want to go that route.”

            [Whitehose(dot)gov July 22, 2019.]

            The mass murderers like Mao, Stalin and Hitler are atheists. … At the moment, many American people are religious. [Some of us even attend Church] … God Bless America, and thank you to everyone in the US Military, and all the Veterans too.

        2. re:
          ‘Bonus Army’ campers of 1932

          As I understand history, honorably discharged veterans of The Empire’s 1914-17 wars received a certificate listing the entitlements they were eligible to claim in 1946.

          Unfortunately for the veterans, TheGreatDepression was started in 1929.
          By 1932, cities throughout The Empire were devastated by lack of employment from the closing of factories and other businesses.
          In a misguided belief they were dealing with honorable bureaucrats, some veterans decided to petition The Empire for an early payout… a decade and a half before the entitlements were due.
          They traveled to Washington District Of Columbia, and camped while petitioning The Empire for early payment of their entitlements.

          Subsequent events were predictable.

          The Empire president Hoover issued an edict declaring the petitioners were ‘unlawful’.
          Hoover issued an edict ordering Attorney General Mitchell to order MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower to evict the veterans — and their wives and children — from Washington District Of Columbia “…by any and all means necessary…”.

          Accordingly, MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower ordered their soldiers to machine-gun the campers.
          Unfortunately, the only accounts of injuries and deaths come from records written under edicts of The Empire spokes-models Hoover and Mitchell.

          Imagine a time of millions of people out of work.
          Imagine battle-hardened warriors taking the only employment available — soldiers for The Empire.
          Imagine these soldiers surrounding a camp of approximately 34,000 disarmed veterans… and their wives and children.
          Imagine the government troops opening fire, sweeping machine-gun bullets by the tens of thousands into tents and shacks.
          And according to official records from The Empire, only two campers were killed.


    2. I have been told numerous times as a Canadian , we are Not the same as my American brothers and sisters, this could not be farther from the truth .

      We are joined at the hip, what hurts you hurts me , what threatens you threatens me , what you as Christians stand for , I and many others stand for as well .

      Whether it was Omaha Juno beach Korea ,Afghanistan it does not matter the fight was righteous, what those men gave up can never be replaced , and we owe it to every single person who served to do the right thing to protect ….what they protected , Our God given rights and our countries foreign or domestic.

      So the next time someone says to me that America is different than Canada ?? nope not only are we the same , we have each others backs and always will .. because North America will live on , we will end this Communist/ Islamic /Fascist uprising in our countries …. and as a wise person once said ..I WILL SEE YOUR JIHAD AND RAISE YOU ONE CRUSADE ….. the line in the sand has been drawn

  2. I am a woman, and I will fight to defend my family, and the founding principles of this country. What I call “The Reckoning” is coming to us, what matters isn’t so much whether we personally survive (though I intend to do my best) but whether we can secure a future worth living in for free men and women.

    1. Same here, Z. I don’t currently carry on my person, as I am constantly being climbed on by small humans and I’ve done the risk-benefit calculations of that here at home in our corner of suburbia (everyone says “wow I didn’t even know this street was back here!”), but I believe it’s a mindset. I’m always between my children and the door of whereever we go, I choose the aisle seat on planes, etc. Ain’t nothing scarier than a mama bear (or papa bear) with cubs to protect, and as I’ve been taught, the real weapon is a functioning brain driving a functioning body. All the other things are Snap-On tools.
      And they are learning the Constitution, and American history. From me, not public schools.

  3. The french during the fall of france fought with the usual french gallantry, the gallantry that´d brought honor, glory and the respect of friend and foe rightly to their name and colours.

    The gallantry that forced the King of Prussia, a war experienced officer, to give high praise if not the highest to them during the battle of Sedan and remember then the German forces outnumber the french heavily and were led by Helmuth von Moltke.

    1. 1) My impression is that France was deeply divided among 5 major political factions at the onset of WWII — and that had resulted in her lack of preparedness and unity.
      (A lesson for the USA today)

      The right wing groups of Vichy tended to see the Nazis as allies against French Communists and the Communists’ Russian allies.

      2) Being outflanked in your own country is not gallantry — it is incompetence.

      3) Even though De Gaulle survived only by being hosted in London, his British hosts gritted their teeth on more than one occasion at his lack of cooperation. Washington despised De Gaulle and ended up supporting him only after his rival Admiral Darlan was mysteriously assassinated in North Africa.

      4) The French Resistance was largely a joke, even with massive British and American support.

      1. 2 The french ´d subpar military doctrine and reinforced as promised the low countries, for political reasons they must wait and they weren´t outflanked, the armoured divisions smashed through allied lines, the airforce controlled the skys.
        But without the gallant fighting of the french and belgian soldiers, who fough tooth and Nail the miracle of Dünkirchen would never been possible.

        After that came the Weygand Line, gallantly as you can ask but they´dn´t enough man anymore, no airforce and no real hope

        To be honest the US would´ve been at this time easier to conquer

    2. Yes, I am sure the article would have been news to the numerous French soldiers that were still fighting until the surrender was broadcast.

      The BBC Battlefield series did an excellent job exploring some of the less well known areas of the war, from the battle to protect shipping lanes in the Atlantic to the Soviet liberation of Manchuria, and yes, the battle for France up up to Dunkirk. While not exactly legal, one can find the series on YouTube.

  4. Matt I understand what you are saying. But! When in battle, especially one like any war for independence, it often remains murky who is for the established rule and who desires freedom. There are always less in uniform than in civilian garb. Many are willing to forfeit freedom for life and willingly do the bidding of our enemy.
    Seeing clearly in such times is a more a matter of our relationship with God, Spiritual awareness and aligning ourselves with Him. This does not give us the right to be lazy, out of shape, head-in-a-hole lemmings. We who subscribe to this place called Survival Blog all know evil is going to rear it’s ugly head. And when it does ~ pray we are wearing the armour of God.

    Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Ephesians 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (KJV)

    There is more to life here on His Foot stool than meets the eye. And our willingness to serve our Creator is to stand against evil.

    1. Bhahaha I get a reply but my post gets deleted. That’s pretty slick. Better than a politician not answering a question with a 5 minute answer. Also I didn’t get the answer to the simple question of who are you fighting?

  5. J.d. your comments mirror mine, we should resolve ourselves that guns and ammunition are barter items and/or the patriots supply house, meaning we may be able to arm others who have not armed themselves. We will be the new 3% and I pray strong enough to to overcome the evils that we will face. May we all stand tall and make those who preceded us and gave there all to build and protect our nation.

  6. So Wojo when are you going to lead from the front? Seems you have the enemy id’s figured out. Truth is you know it’s currently a BAD IDea eh?

    Matt is speaking the truth, the enemy is ill defined camouflaged among our neighbors, friends and families with this getting hotter civil war.

    Currently mostly a war of words, ideas and terrorism lite to guarantee that the Socialist-Democrats will take all three branches of our Republics government.

    Sadly given the willingness of the Democrats to damage our country in their pursuit of POWER I fully expect a massive stock market crash just before Nov 3rd as the sitting President always takes the LOSS for that.

    I’ve said it before it’s a “Make it STOP” campaign where Joe 6 pack and his family will vote for ANYBODY that promises to “Make it STOP”. Then Venezuela 2.0 American Surveillance State Edition will occur.

    A combat SITREP:

    Lets see Antifa combatants ID easily due to uniforms:

    In Jail beyond a quick catch and release ZERO

    In Prison for may felony crimes over that past year plus ZERO

    Real Casualties from acting as the Socialist-Democrats street army ZERO

    There is a good reason for these sad statistics!

    So far Antifa chooses to fight when ordered to and paid to in areas that are deemed SAFE for their actions. I.E. Where the DA’s and Police will protect them from hazards.

    If you attack the protected street commandos the Police will use ALL available force to stop you and publicly jail-bankrupt you in court as to teach others a lesson. Not a popular thought but true.

    Never fight from your porch except in self defense as it makes the DA’s job so easy just ask that St Louis Couple who were put on mass media to SPREAD that message to others that might stand up to the Antifa mobsters.

    Never stand in front of the Elephant as a Mob acts out where it’s safe for THEM to operate. What did Ole Remus say “Avoid Crowds”?

    The British lost the American Revolution by thinking it was a military matter easily resolved with a whiff of grapeshot. They IGNORED the Media and thus the Revolutionaries used the Media to inflame Joe Leave me alone 6 Pack into if not fighting the British NOT to support the British and thus the colonies became America.

    STOP thinking like the British. Understand that right now the Media has the high ground and any actions that are “Counter-Revolutionary” (like the St Louis Couple) will be squashed publicly so Joe 6 Pack will if not support Antifa-BLM etc. will at least NOT support the Patriots.

    Our Republic is in trouble, a house divided cannot stand and two plus factions of the US Government are fighting each other using street tactics.

    The real battles are going to be hidden inside the halls of government if and when traitors are brought to justice or…..

    You and I are trying not to become roadkill as the Elephants fight it out.

    Mike and the Mechanics “Silent Running” has a lot of good thoughts about living in a world turned upside down.

    1. Doordenker- Big thumbs up!

      If you want to look into a really interesting episode of history the ladies of the Mexican Revolution did some truly incredible fighting and support. Solderias and a sort of camp keeper women that treated the wounded and handled the domestic situation included Anthony Quinn’s mother in Pancho Villa’s army.. So AQ was there in Villa’s actual army… long before the Zapata Film with Brando.

      The music is incredible too… try these
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7BiwjMzRk different versions of La Adelita

      Las soldaderas – Revolución Mexicana
      Identifying the lady at 4:54 has become bit of an obsession. I have three copies of the rppc that image is from. And EVERYTHING you can find about her being the baker from El Paso is wrong. If you like a good mystery I will offer a story you (yes you the interested reader) should spend a moment and search…. She may be the lady in Villa’s army that thought up the exploding train trick. I promise it is well worth looking into…

      Sorry to ramble but to bring this back to the OP- who will fight… so many will not that you will want to be sick. But those that will fight will surprise you even more. There is nothing more dangerous than those who have nothing to lose. We are not there yet. The only certainty in This World….

      Eventually, something is going to eat you!

  7. The author has a very valid point . I see on the media very angry mobs tearing down cities throughout this country . I see monuments being destroyed . I see headstones in cemeteries in graveyards being desecrated . I see local leaders acting as czars in the covid crisis . So where is this heading ?
    I also see 200 million firearms purchased in the last 12 years . The people instinctively know exactly where this is heading and they are waiting for the Fort Sumpter moment.

  8. I teach at a well known shooting school in the Midwest. It was 8 or 9 years ago that I had the honor of meeting and helping to teach a former Force Recon Marine who did two Vietnam tours. At the time he was 67, i in my mid 50’s. We became friends in that short three days. He was from outside of Chicago. He was not that good with a pistol. He even said so, but was determined to get proficient. This is what he told me.
    He said I did those two tours fighting communists and now I’m afraid what I fought there I’m now going to have to fight at home. I never thought this would happen but I’ve got to be prepared. This tugged at my heart in the worst way. If he’s still alive I’m sure he’s still training. I hope he is.

  9. This is so true. It comes down to more than just the willingness and ability to use a gun for defense though I think. It has to do with overall attitude and a toughness of spirit that isn’t fixated on being a victim. I see way too many people all into victimhood these days, the snowflakes that college age kids and many millennials have become, the fixation on having been born “the wrong sex” etc. Add to this the unwillingness to do what is necessary to deal with the “oh so cute” furry predators that invade gardens, the lack of knowledge of how to not attract bears that is becoming a major issue in my state at least, and the unwillingness to realistically assess the dangers confronting us as they’re just “too upsetting”(trigger warning needed!). I’m confronted by all of this on a regular basis in my state and I don’t think it’s unique. So yes, we have become a nation of pansies.

  10. Don’t discount the women. In my area there are many women with this attitude. Including me. We will fight for our independence, our rights, our freedom, and our families.

    1. Agree.
      Men and women will have to step up and fight back against the socialist, marxists mobs trying to fundamentally change America.
      Notice the multiple Antifa rioters/looters (male and female) created by the liberal, progressive education system to hate America being employed in cities.

  11. I have been thinking about this very subject for quite some time. I think it really came to the forefront when the insults from the Obamas and Clintons about despicables in fly over country clinging to their guns and Bibles. That’s a paraphrase , but states their attitude perfectly. We are considered to be nothing and only the subject of derision. When the 2016 election came about I have read that millions of evangelical Christians didn’t bother to vote, because they condemned Trump as non-Christian..Thankfully the liberal juggarnaught was barely pushed off another 4 years. But what about this November? It doesn’t look good. Christians and other patriots and constitutionalists need to get up out of their barca-loungers and get as active as Antifa and the Anarchists are in the major cities…What we are clinging to besides our guns and Bibles is our beloved comfort and normalcy bias. Do you think that God has his hand of protection upon the USA? Maybe the USA is the new Babylon and God will allow it’s destruction? There is plenty of evidence that this is so…850,000 abortions in 2018 in the USA alone. There is the picture of true racism and black genocide, and funded by mega donors and even the US Congress. I don’t know why i let myself be led into these topics, there is so much to say, but it’s the doing , not the saying, that will make a difference in our future..

    1. So true… Christian Believers, 2A supporters, and Trump voters were exactly that — targets of derision — not only from leftists at large, but even by leftists within family units. The stories of family conflict that arose in the course of the 2016 campaign and beyond President Trump’s election were very sad and very real.

      No matter the heart ache of it all… We must remain resolved and standing strong, and we must emerge at the polls in support of our President in even greater numbers. The risks of the alternative are just far too great.

      From your post: “What we are clinging to besides our guns and Bibles is our beloved comfort and normalcy bias.”

      This was very well said. We should not cling to our comfort and our normalcy bias.

      I would add I remember from the sermon of an especially gifted pastor — that we should not cling to our sin. This is something all Believers should consider closely in the coming election. Stand up, America. God has sent us a cage-fighter in the form of our current President. He is an imperfect man, but who among of us is not so? Every one of us is fallen and we have been forgiven. We have the opportunity to stand behind a man who is fighting on behalf of all of us against great odds and despite daily beatings in a variety of forms. He does so against powerful bullies from within and without. We should stand with him as God stands with each and every one of us. I will do exactly that for my country, for my President, and for God Almighty.

  12. Great article on the mindset we need. My three boys, now young men, are a mixed lot. One would go to 4GW, one would go with the flow, and the other is still undecided, but I think he would fight at some point. You instill the best of what you can, give them God’s Word, and pray for the best. As for the amount of ammunition needed. If you have to keep reloading due to not enough magazines then you have an issue. If you are not at your final location, don’t keep everything where you can’t move it in an emergency. If you are at your final location, you never have enough.

  13. Well said! Yes, there are many of us, and enough to win, especially when you count the General, Who can win by Himself! 🙂
    We all die someday. This life is short. Live it to the fullest and give your children somebody to be proud of.

  14. Firearms are a minor element in war.

    The massive failure of survivalists in the past 4 years to confront the political warfare and deceitful psyops waged against America by billionaire Democrats and their lying News Media speaks for itself.

    No army has ever won by having its soldiers run from the battlefield and scatter as individuals to isolated foxholes in unimportant terrain while surrendering the cities to the enemy.

    You will lose your guns. In part because your esteemed NRA leadership was engaged in a power struggle –arguing over whether to buy Wayne LaPierre a $7 million mansion in Dalllas — and failed totally to respond when your enemies took enormous advantage of a few shootings by some nuts.

    WHY did the NRA leadership –with its massive resources — FAIL to note that these shootings are occurring only because Democrat leaders and Judges have sabotaged quick , fair trials and the death penalty. The NRA leadership allowed your enemies to hang responsibility for those deaths around YOUR necks — instead of holding the real guilty parties to account.

    Of course, the NRA leadership in Washington will profit from its incompetence and laziness. Because whenever Democrats successfully pass more gun control measures, tons of money flow into NRA coffers from scared gun owners. From slaves.

    1. I agree with you Don. I see the soon to be bankrupt NRA as nothing more than a pawn using the minions to fund a few already millionaires. When they fired Oliver North i quit them. North is a courageous veteran that stood up to LaPierre and was fired because he called him out on the outrageous spending taking place. Members money was/is being wasted and abused.
      there may be a few gun battles fought in the near future and everyone needs to prepare for it. But you are correct that if the cities fall we will all eventually fall. We must have leadership to organize the citizens and give them direction. Anyone that thinks the current situation does not have organized leadership working in the shadows for these movements are mistaken. they have this planned out for now and November. My concern is that China will see us as weak and vulnerable and make a military move this fall. They also have a plan.

  15. Hi J.D., very heart-stirring article.

    With all due respect and in all seriousness, who exactly will we be fighting? If a large group like Antifa or Burn Loot and Murder were to come to my county and start getting violent, we’d definitely have a large turnout to teach them not to mess with country bumpkins. And we wouldn’t be shooting over their heads. But in all your examples, you talked about obvious enemies like foreign soldiers invading an area. Even in the Civil War, the two sides were very clearly demarcated and there was very little question that Blue was shooting at Gray and vice versa. So who are you picturing we’ll be aiming our weapons at during the WW III you mention? Having in my ancestry at least 12 soldiers in the Revolution, two of which spent the winter at Valley Forge (and I have their pay receipts), one of which was a colonel and had a fort named after him, one of which was on the 7th ship to Jamestown long before the Mayflower set sail, and one who Signed the Declaration of Independence, I’d love to blow away some of the b*st*rds who have ruined what was once a fairly great country and some of the brain-dead liberal youth who are ignorantly striving for their Marxist paradise. For the sake of my grandchildren, I hope I get the chance. But please, anyone, tell me who we will be shooting at? How exactly are you picturing this going down? Thanks for the replies.

    1. I, like you, have been trying to “get things done” every single day. I planted a patch of pumpkin and squash seeds this morning, fiddled with my sewing machine that wasn’t behaving, ordered some hardware to further secure my exterior doors, made a mental note to load my spare mags while contemplating the topic that is on all our minds.

      But, to your question, “who are we shooting at?” when the time comes. A little story: apparently a bus load of Antifa types showed up in the tourist town not far from me. They were met by locals, told not to get off the bus and to leave immediately. I don’t know if the Sheriff was involved. I know people in my little town are mostly all carrying and are watchful. In Boise (southern part of Idaho) and in Coeur d’ Alene (northern part of Idaho), Antifa types were met by armed patriots. No shooting, just a show of force (200 or so in Boise). The difference here is that our Sheriffs back us up and it’s generally known that we have the right to protect ourselves individually and corporately. Not true in many states, which is why I advocate strongly for moving to a safer location or organizing a group/militia.

      I personally consider *anyone* who threatens my security and safety to be the enemy. I visualize where I live in concentric circles: neighboring states, my state, county, town, my property, my home. I am confident that my like-minded neighbors will be intolerant of anyone disturbing the peace. I could call anyone to help if needed. I’ve thought through what happens if someone breeches the exterior of my home during the night, and have prepared for that.

      Now, when I think about whole states going to war against whole other states??? That’s where I get lost. But, I can imagine that like minded states (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon, maybe even northern Nevada, etc… if I’m thinking regionally) could band together rather quickly to fight using militias, veterans, like minded Sheriffs/LEOs. But, that is so far out of my area of comprehension, I don’t know how it would work. When I look at a map of the United States, I know for a fact that most of the land mass in this country is filled with armed patriots – it’s just a few large cities in each state that is full of the Sh*tDisturbers.

      But, again, who is the enemy? Any person who tries to take away our Constitutional rights, who threatens our way of life, who seeks to do us harm, who tries to confiscate our arms, who tries to force us to do things against our will… which makes it a very long list. I know this post is too long (sorry!). While I prep, I’m making mental note of the Liberals in my government who are seeking to turn this country into a “democratic socialist” country. They are specifically the enemy in my book. I don’t know about anyone else, but my mind has already been identifying “the enemy”.

      1. Sara Sue

        Excellent response, that’s how I look at also. Most of my neighbors out here are very like minded and self sufficient and we will help each other out. I’m also confused how there would actually be a WWW. 3 here in the US, but who knows, no one ever seems to pay attention to history and we keep repeating it!

    2. Like St Funogas, I also have Revolutionary Soldiers in my family and my paternal progenitor came here in 1648 as an indentured servant. Every generation in my family has served and fought in every major conflict and war, up until Afghanistan/Iraq.

      Any group of people ranting and shouting and shooting at private homes/families is the enemy. I may not last as long as some of these young bucks, but the point is, if attacked, this old lady will go down shooting.

      1. I will kneel only before my Lord and Savior! Not to any man! I may not last long but at least I will go to my home knowing I took a stand for my family, my home, my country and above all, The Lord who gave us the freedoms which are given to all but outlined in our Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.

        I pray it never comes down to this. It is my worst nightmare! But I will not go quietly into the night if I am pushed to defend my family.

          1. I’m Texas woman #4 – where the Panhandle meets the Rolling Plains …. and I’ll bring my DH along – He’s an even better shot than I am. BTW, we happen to know that our county Sheriff stands with us, too.

    3. You ask an excellent question, St. Funogas… The picture of conflict may be much less well defined than the picture people have within their imaginations. My husband is the descendant of high profile fighters and commanders who fought in the American Revolutionary War, and warriors from his family line and mine have fought in every war since.

  16. JD, you have eyes that see and ears that hear. We’re long past the point where you know your neighbor voted for the other side but you still play golf together. The revolution is here. It’s in its infancy, but here nonetheless. Prepare with urgency. There may not be much time left.

    1. I noticed a stark difference between Mr. Glover’s introductory video for American Contingency and his follow up a week later.

      Build a network of skilled patriots who will be a shield, vs. a group of scared people.
      I won’t ask you for money vs. We’re going to have a buy in to fund my idea.
      I’m building my own system vs. We’re using Locals.com

      Suddenly, American Contingency is now going to teach people who are at skill level zero which end of a pistol to hold onto? Fine, and more power to him for doing it, but that’s not exactly the same a networking already skilled individuals together, is it?

      By his own reckoning, time is short (100 days), but something happened to his vision in the last week that radically changed this project. We know he has contacts in both Military and Intelligence, so what did they say to him about it? It would be hopelessly naive to believe he didn’t receive a call for someone, right?

      He claims there were 30,000 people who signed up at his website the 1st day. That’s an impressive response to an inspiring initial video. How many of those are now reconsidering based on his course correction?

      I wish Mr. Glover the best in whatever he decides to do, I have nothing but respect for the guy and his service to this country.

  17. I did 15 months mentoring Iraqi cops and I think that gives me some insights into the coming troubles. Loud people who take a hard stand (on either side) will be targeted early. More will be circumspect, hedge their bets, and live to fight another day. Most just want to be left alone. Many will secretly aid a side but publicly go with the flow. What you see now in the demonstrations are those who are looking for a thrill or who need to virtue signal. Public preening at a time of low risk. They are loud but not hard. When it gets serious the cold, the hard, the calculating will drive the fight. Small numbers of zealots on each side will drive most of what comes. Prepare now & pick your targets carefully. Understand that the media is a weapon and journalists must pick a side. Understand families will be targets; there will be no rules or quarter. Intel & preparation is crucial as is thinking 3 moves ahead. People are hoping this blows over but will pick a side when forced.

  18. I have to point out that when you are under the gun in suburbia and our version of the Red Guards (BLM) is trying to run you over while TPTB ignore it and you, do you have the will to pull the trigger…because at that instant, everything will change. Maybe for better, maybe for worse. 3 pounds can change your life.

  19. As i look around my area i see about a 50 50 split. 50% will fight 50% will beg and plead. This includes christians. Rathar then praise God and pass the ammunition they will just stand there and beg. Im a 71 yr old veteran and a 59 yr. Christian ive had this talk with my family and with God and we all agree to fight the hoard and keep Jesus as our commanding general.

  20. It is a sad resolve that mankind must war against itself. Such is our nature, that we would deprive one another of that which is most valuable for things mundane, even for nothing more than pleasure at the experience.

    I will fight, and kill, and die if need be. Having been in the the crucible, I know what I am capable of. It is my duty as a citizen and member of the human race to do so when necessary. This is why I arm myself and maintain proficiency. But resorting to violence to resolve a conflict will always be done with some regret. I imagine Jesus bearing witness to my deeds and my heart, and that knocks what would be a lot of the enthusiasm out of my drive. I remain determined to do what I have to, but knowing I will eventually have to stand before the Man and face His knowing what I’ve done and how I felt about it.

  21. Where I live in Tucson most all of the gun owners are patriotic but with no organization. I live a few blocks from a great gun shop which also has an indoor shooting range. Our mayor flew a BLM banner from our city hall building. Having a gun is better than not having one but if one can not find the ammunition for it to shoot it and become proficient with using the gun then that could be a problem. Tucson’s tourist season is dead going forward this year as almost all the tourist related businesses have closed for good. The local and state tax revenues are drastically lower and will stay that way for a long time. The school system is dead on its feet which means that the kids will get a much less of a quality of education goin forward. If one needs a good house gun buy a 20 gauge or a 12 gauge shotgun. The churches in Tucson are not opening and regardless of COVID19 they need to have in person services now. Services by computer do not substitute for in person fellowship. The evil people are making themselves known now but with all the lockdowns it is hard to organize any resistance. There are patriots down here on the border though.

    1. Thank you, Kelley! and all the other patriots in southern AZ! I’m in Phoenix and agree with your assessment of ‘no organization’. In my view, getting connected with like-minded LEO’s would be good. I regularly write to / support the Pinal Co Sheriff, as he’s one of the ‘good guys’. These men (Cochise Co. Sheriff another good one) may have some ideas.

  22. One of the best articles I have ever read here. I have pondered these same issues. Talk is cheap. There is an inevitable fight coming. Common sense will tell you that. Saving this Republic will come at great cost. Gird yourself up! Fight to win. A great example, watch the movie, “For Greater Glory”. Viva Cristo Rey!

  23. As a Christian mother it has been my honor to raise my sons into “fighting” men who can shoot well, waiting and watching. At 19 & 22 they know exactly what to do when the time comes and will fight for freedom with my excellent shot husband and I. To the enemy’s surprise though, it’s momma whose a crack shot that can move across terrain shooting a semi automatic rifle like a pro to protect her family & this beloved nation…

  24. God has granted our nation much. Like ancient Israel then Judah, we have failed to instill an appreciation for his benevolence in our children. The consequence is a day of reckoning. We can’t kill 60,000,000 innocent children and expect God to ignore that. God denied Israel competent leadership for their self absorbed rebellion heaping to themselves those who preached peace and safety when the enemy was at the gates. Well, the enemy is at our gates now and normalcy bias threatens to paralyze an adequate response. We are rapidly approaching a time when the effective response will not be a court room, but rather, the patriot soldier.
    Those who control our House of Representatives, the mayors of Seattle, Portland, Chicago and other Demoncrat strongholds mirror the incompetence of all but 2 of the southern kingdom of Judah. we saw what happened to those people for identically the same abuses’ of God’s mercy and leading.

    Count me in.

    1. Wow, I’m so encouraged at the comments of my brothers/sisters here!
      SVM, you are spot on! Very well said; concise and accurate! May God have mercy on us and grant us humility and courage.
      Armed, stocked, trained, prayed up, committed, and living for Him!

  25. Fear not the hearts and minds of your fellow man. (And women ) There are legions of honorable military retirees between the ages of 25 and 60. They are armed to the teeth and willing to defend this great land at all costs. Assuredly, I am one of them.

    1. There are some of us even a bit older with actual experience at kinetic action. When TSHF it will be up to veterans to start the ball rolling and even if we’re too old to run around, we can still teach the young. I fear they will have to learn hard lessons in a hurry.

    2. Big John, Participants in the Southeast Asian Wargames are a bit past the 60 year mark. The training was instilled and the love for this nation has never left, just a comment.

  26. The leader of our community defense is a female fire ball. She is a good organizer and is able to delegate to appropriate folks who are experts in their fields to round out our training in all areas. We realize what is coming but so many people have their heads stuck in the sand or are just waiting to die.

    “A man (or woman) dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right; a man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice; a man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.”
    —- Martin Luther King: Selma, Alabama, March 8, 1965—-

  27. When they started giving every kid on the team the same trophy, leadership, determination, etc. has mostly evaporated. You will only get true leadership from those who came before that era.

  28. Well said JD. And many others are right in that the “Fighting Spirit” needs be taught to our children. This is NEVER going to happen in our indoctrinated school system and many homes where even parents are indoctrinated by gov that it is “for their safety” they allow gov to provide for their well being. And they have swallowed this hook – line – & sinker.
    Bottom line – War is NOT a game, as many of the younger generation seems to think. It is Real, It is Final. The ONLY object and outcome of any battle is to Win. In order to win it is imperative you fight as though your life depends on it. IT DOES! You must fight as though you are already dead. There is no second place.
    We who prefer to be left alone must understand that we are presently in a war of sorts. We need to wake upon and start treating it that way…….. Play by their chosen rules – But ALWAYS take the moral high ground….

    1. “…a young girl…”?

      She is old enough to marry.
      By Western Standards, by definition, she is a woman.
      In that context, the ‘girl’ is insulting to everything this woman accomplished.

      In the follow-up article, she admits one of the ‘attackers’ she murdered was her lawfully-wedded husband.

  29. Bidens potential gun czar beto o rourke: “Hell yes were coming for your AR15’s and your AK47’s.” Biden says: ” I’m a hunter you only need a double barrel shotgun to hunt with, you don’t need an AR15 to hunt with come on man.”
    “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the state.”- Heinrich Himmler-
    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.” -Adolf Hitler-
    “The communist party must command all guns, that way no guns can ever be used to command the party.” -Mao Tse Tung-
    “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” -Joseph Stalin-
    “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up everyone of them, ‘Mr and Mrs America, turn them all in’, I would have done that.” -US Senator Dianne Feinstein-
    “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.” -Janet Reno- US Attorney General under President Bill Clinton.
    “The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements. … On the morrow of each conflict, I give the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind.” -Benito Mussolini- I’m reminded of Mr and Mrs McCloskey in St Louis MO a few days ago by the St louis democrat George Soros backed prosecuter by first confiscating their legal firearms and then filing felony charges against them for defending their castle and lives.

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. … Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but down right force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.” -Patrick Henry-

    “All power in the USSR belongs to the people.” -Constitution of the USSR-
    “All power in the Peoples Republic of China belongs to the People.” -Constitution of the Peoples Republic of China.” –

    “The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can on any pretense, raised in the United States.”
    -Noah Webster-
    I would add if those armed Americans stand together against the tyranny of the state.
    During the founding of America, Federalists and Anti-Federalists both openly expressed that the people should remain armed, not merely to defend against common thieves, murderers, and foreign armies, but retain the ability to resist their own government should they erode personal liberties. I believe that we have approached the erosion.

  30. About the French, French soldiers in World War II have been unfairly accused of cowardice. It turns out that French soldiers do very well as long as they have a Corsican to lead them.

    French soldiers performed well in WWI. Just look at the casualty figures at Verdun. The soldiers took orders and, unfortunately, went to their slaughter. It was the French leadership that came up short.

    In World War II, again, French leadership failed. The movie “Dunkirk” did not do the French soldiers justice. It was Frenchmen who were left to fight the Germans–in some cases in hand-to-hand fighting–as the Brits evacuated. As someone said on a blog a few years ago, if the US had bordered Germany, the US, with its pitifully small army, it would have shared a fate similar to France’s.

    Examples like the Warsaw Ghetto, or the Battle of Rorke’s Drift (the movie, “Zulu”) show us what men who are facing certain death will do. It was either Field Marshal Wolseley or Field Marshal Kitchener who commented on the great number of Victoria Crosses awarded to the men who fought the latter battle by saying words to the effect, “Well, of course, they fought well. They were trapped like rats.”

    I have a somewhat dim view of the average American’s willingness to fight. In a war between “the forces of darkness and the forces of light,” two-thirds of “The Greatest Generation” who served in the conflict had to be drafted, and many who actually volunteered flocked to the Army Air Corps and Navy in order to escape the rigors, dangers, and inconveniences of ground combat. And, of course, a great many desperately sought jobs that were deemed “critical civilian work” so as to avoid military service–and to get much better pay.

    After 9/11, a huge majority of American 20-somethings avoided recruitment offices as if they were leprosariums, and they stayed home guzzling beer and wolfing down pizza.

    From the beginning of this country, Americans have, in large part, avoided military service. The conventional wisdom is that only 3% of colonial males actively served in the patriots’ cause in the Revolutionary War. It was impossible for Roosevelt to get the country into the fight against Germany until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Hitler committed a major blunder by declaring war on the US a few days later. (JFK, for example, was an isolationist.)

    Imagine what would have happened if Germany had only a couple of extra years to build the A-bomb, and if the US, still at peace, had not expended the massive amount of money to build its own A-bomb. “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

    Everyone who even remotely thinks that they might ever have to take up arms to defend their community in a “Civil War II” needs to read Lt. Col. David Grossman’s “Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs.” https://www.theexpositor.tv/blog/sheep-wolves-and-sheepdogs-lt-col-dave-grossman/#:~:text=The%20sheep%20generally%20do%20not%20like%20the%20sheepdog.,lowliest%20little%20lamb%20will%20be%20punished%20and%20removed.

    I think that there are a great many who expect to stand like Leonidas and the 300 Spartans-hopefully with a better outcome. Men (and women) who think that they can simply join a group of strangers and nobly stand against Marxist barbarians and the denizens of the inner cities fail to understand the importance of cohesiveness and training in military units. This short clip says it all: https://youtu.be/gI6sARmxEuc

    And then, men don’t fight and die for their country, at least not directly. They fight and die for their buddies next to them. If that person next to them is someone they met two days ago, and if their commanders are strangers who got their positions for reasons unknown, it is unlikely that these men will fight to the death when the chips are down. (“I gotta do what’s best for muh fam’ly.”)

    Someone with greater knowledge of the Revolutionary War than I told me just last week that the Colonial Militia, by itself, never won a stand-up battle in the open with the British. In the movie, “The Patriot,” Mel Gibson’s character, a combination of Francis Marion, “The Swamp Fox,” and Dan Morgan, goes around camp the night before battle and gets a commitment from the militia to fire two rounds before it turns and runs. This was exactly what Dan Morgan did at the Battle of Cowpens because he knew exactly how undependable the militia was and the British would assume that the militia was high tailing it again. Morgan used the militia’s propensity to his advantage by suckering the British into breaking ranks and pursuing the militia. Morgan then counterattacked with his regulars.

    If this country is thrust into massive chaos after Trump is re-elected, it is likely that, even if you are willing to join the fight against “the forces of darkness,” you will find few neighbors who will be willing to engage in active military operations, and few still who you can depend on with your life. In a manner reminiscent of the cowardly townspeople in “High Noon,” most people will simply draw their blinds and hope that the bad guys don’t notice them.

    1. They needed no corsican since the days of Charles and Charlemagne, the french´d many great leaders in peace and war
      Men like the Prince Conde, Xantrailles, du Guscelin and many more did win battles, Campaigns, wars…

      The men on the Liberty ships and on the Airplanes suffered higher losses than the ground combat forces in european -mediterrean theater and nonbody has ever accused the atlantic of lacking it´s own kind of inconveniences and dangers.

      Empire Sailors reenlisted after losing their ships to the wolfpacks repeatedly

  31. I Recently read an article by Col. (Ret.) John Mills. He is a national security professional. He is the former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and international affairs at the Department of Defense. He gives an 8 point plan against the present anarchy.
    ” 1 Get groups to turn on each other. There is much evidence that Antifa is in great friction with others- this is the ultimate counter-insurgency strategy. The stage is not big enough for the CCP, the globalists, and their brownshirts, Antifa- they will turn on each other.
    2 Focus on pushing the CCP out of the U.S., London, and Tokyo exchanges.
    3 Break up the power of social media. Turning Google and the others into baby Googles by application of antitrust and RICO statytes and remove Section 230 protection so they can be sued.
    4 Ensure the integrity of the US election process by removing those intent on fraud.
    5 Hold governors and mayors accountable for the rational and constitutional behavior of their areas. Make them own their chaos.
    6 Assert Federal intervention only when there is a compelling case for federal action and clear statute supporting the action.
    7 Deter the CCP from military adventurism such as on the border with India.
    8 Keep calm and carry on -stay focused on the real goal and outcome-imploding the CCP.
    Mills feels the CCP is the big money backer of the insurgency chaos in America.

  32. Regarding the point about missing an opportunity to take back our freedoms at the ballet box 20 years ago….I agree. I have made the commitment to be more involved at my Local (city, county) level and have started to do that. My voice can carry more weight and those in power are more accessible. By affecting things locally, it carries to the state and even national level at some point. Let’s have an impact where we can right now while preparing for the worst.

  33. I’m 71 years young; I am a committed man of Christ having decided that the only why to be truly committed in anything is first to be committed to Christ.
    I enlisted in October of 1967, while in Special Forces I gave my life to Christ at a chapel in Ft. Bragg … and never looked back. I served in active duty Army, Reserves, National Guard and went from enlisted to Warrant (CWO-2) to Commissioned (O-1) and took off my uniform in February of 2018. Since then I have daily prayed to God for HIS knowledge, wisdom, understanding and give myself every morning to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    As for would I take up arms and fight for my Republic; with out a doubt yes. I may be old, but I’m not dead and my oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign AND domestic is for life. To that end I have devoted the last 50 years to studying the Constitution for the united States of America, and my Bible.

    The problem with today’s Christians is that like most Americans, they are ignorant of the founding documents of this Republic, and as God said “My people perish for lack of knowledge” … ignorance is something that can be overcome; but you can’t fix stupid and if you think that being a Christian, and hoping to be raptured out, or just lazy enough not to spend as much time in the founding documents as we do in the Bible is stupid. I don’t mean to offend anyone but if you don’t see the beauty of how Christ is all over written into our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the letters of our founders then you will not comprehend it when you read James Madison’s notes and how he stated “Our Constitution was written for a Christian people and it will not work for any other …” one must first be totally with out any hesitation or reservations be committed fully and daily to Christ. Then you must undertake a diligent and comprehensive study of the Constitution and our founding documents … form there you will gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Then you will be walking in Christ as an American, and you’ll know what to do.

    Just one old soldiers thoughts … America bless God; and keep your weapons ready. It’s a coming folks, and we need to be ready.

  34. Don’t be an “ARMCHAIR PATRIOT”! Read 1776 and know what it means to be an AMERICAN=https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/1776_david-mccullough/249471/item/627686/?mkwid=%7cdc&pcrid=448915190769&pkw=&pmt=&slid=&plc=&pgrid=104754618896&ptaid=pla-926048762119&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItr6qh4Xk6gIV-SCtBh2GyA05EAQYASABEgLyzPD_BwE#isbn=0743226720&idiq=627686

  35. 1) You are wrong about the influence of the militia in winning the Revolutionary War. That is not just my opinion — it is the opinion of the US Army.

    2) The Army has a Center for Military History, which published the book “American Military History”.


    3) As the History notes, Washington had almost lost the war by the summer of 1780. America’s Rich were standing aloft — dodging military service and letting the men who did fight starve. The History tactfully notes that Washington had to put down a mutiny in the Continental Army with “measures of great severity”. Those measures consisted on turning his cannon on his own men, forcing the mutineers to surrender and the Roman measure of “decimation” –forcing the mutineers to execute their own leaders.
    The History notes that this was the nadir of the Patriot cause — with one of Washington’s best commanders, Benedict Arnold, turning traitor and trying to betray the West Point fortress to the British. If Arnold had been successful, the mighty Royal Navy would have been able to sail up the Hudson River from New York City, split New England off from the rest of the colonies and divide and conquer.

    The entire Southern branch of the Continental Army had been lost at Charleston SC when Washington’s subordinate commander stupidly tried to protect the warehouses of the Rich — on a pennisula — from the most powerful Navy on Earth at that time.

    4) The History notes:
    ” It was the frontier militia assembling “when they were about to be attacked in their own homes” who struck the blow that actually marked the turning point in the south.” It goes on to cite the Commander of British Forces in North America :

    ” Sir Henry Clinton remembered King’s Mountain as “the first … of a Chain of Evils that … at last ended in the total loss of America.”

    The History continues:
    ” On October 7, 1780, when only a few continentals and isolated guerrillas
    blocked the restoration of British rule in the south, 1,400 “over-mountain men” and militia surrounded and overran the wooded hilltop position of 1,100 Tories and killed their leader, Major Ferguson. The victory not only gave the patriots time to regroup for the campaign that eventually led to Yorktown but also proved a
    major patriot victory in the vicious struggle for political allegiances in the south.”

    See https://history.army.mil/books/AMH-V1/ch04.htm#f

    5) What really decided the issue in the South was terrorism — Patriots guerrillas let it be known that any Loyalist supporting British attempts to restore Commerce would be exterminated. No Commerce –No Profits. Whereupon the Dutch bankers giving King George III big loans cut off the money and the British had to sue for peace.

    1. Don,

      I suppose that you are directing your comments to me. I think that you misread my comments. What I said was “[T]he Colonial Militia, by itself, never won a stand-up battle in the open with the British.”

      The militia definitely made a valuable contribution to American success in the war. That is quite different than having the militia by itself fighting British regulars in a stand up fight, i.e., ranks and files of militia (only) facing British regulars in the open. Militia units could often do well when supported by regulars like the Maryland and Delaware regulars at Cowpens.

      The incidents you cite such as King’s Mountain and Southern terrorism were not stand-up battles in the open where militia went toe-to-toe with British regulars.

      1. @ Survivormann99

        Yes — I was responding to your post . Sorry — I thought I hit the reply button but must have screwed up.

        War is the elites’ pursuit of gold by other means. If you make it unprofitable they lose money in big fat gobs and become much weaker.

        Regular troops are hugely expensive — whereas the militia require much less funding and can even be self-sufficient for a while. Winning stand up battles is only one approach. The rifle was slow to reload compared to the musket but was a far better weapon for sniping from ambush.

        Plus you understate the importance of the militia rifles at Cowpens. The militia used the greater range of the rifle to shoot the British leaders on the approach, the small unit of Continental regulars held off the British charge while the militia went AROUND a small hill, reloaded and then attacked the British left flank by surprise after circling around the hill, That caused an elite Highlander unit to break and run for the first time in its units history. Plus a cavalry unit Morgan had hidden behind the hill hit the British right flank — the first time a double envelopment had been pulled off since Hannibal hit the Romans at Cannae.

        The problem the British faced is that they were bleeding money in huge amounts — to the detriment of far more important theaters elsewhere — and the militia had no center of gravity that regular forces could attack. Burning down a barn or mill is hardly a major strike. No Law and Order equals No Commerce which equals No Taxes. Ask George W Bush about Iraq.

        Only way a numerically inferior regular force can win is by massacring –or imprisoning — the entire population. Which is extremely unprofitable for an expeditionary force , as opposed to a Volkerwanderung moving in to take over a territory.

        Plus we Americans overstate the importance of our Revolution at the time. Britain and France/Spain were major superpowers engaged in a prolonged Cold War whereas the USA was the Afghanistan of its day. A vast primitive wilderness on the far side of the world from civilization with few things worth stealing.

        Cornwallis was trapped at Yorktown by the French Fleet because the Royal Navy under British Admiral Rodney was off looting the Caribbean island of St Eustatia.

        1. IIRC Washington himself stated that the militia were of limited use

          IIRC Narses did double envelop at Taginae and Volturnus in the gothic war as well as the mongols did

          De Grasse´d won the against the Royal Navy and btw the colonies in the Caribbean were much more profitable than the 13 colonies

          1. A classiclly-trained professional solder, George Washington excelled in throwing standing rows of cannon-fodder at the standing rows of other people’s cannon-fodder.

            And, as a really important ossifer, he got to wear really fancy hats.
            So he had that going for him.

            FOR HIS PURPOSES, the militias didn’t fit his narrow uses… hence, the militias “…were of limited use…” is merely part of the story.

            The militias excelled in two essential avenues:
            * a) shoot and scoot, and
            * b) not standing still in rows.

            George Washington was an anachronistic hustler.
            His war-making skills were incongruent with the shoot-n-scoot skirmishes across north America.
            I think using quotes from a scam artist tends to undermine your position.

          2. With other words, the militia were to be hunted or run down and then slaughtered by cavalry especially by light cavalry read hussars or hunted down by light infantry especially Jäger and then if necessary smashed by grenadier and line regulars maybe with artillery support.

            That Washington was classical trained yes, professional depends on the definition of professional soldier

            Shoot and scoot is a modern artillery technique to avoid counter battery fire not a tactic of light or irregular forces

          3. @ThoDan

            1)Claptrap. The USA pursued a Fabian strategy in the Revolution –i.e, to bleed the British dry while avoiding risky decisive battles. Especially in the South. The militia were vital to that strategy of partisan warfare given the lack of resources provided by Congress.

            2) British Commander Tarleton’s “cavalry” killed the militia at Eutaw Springs only because Tarleton offered false terms of surrender and then killed the Patriots after they laid down their arms. Which was one reason the militia exterminated Cornwallis’s left wing at Kings Mountain — which the US Army notes was the decisive turning point in the War. Tarleton’s command itself was shot out of the saddle by the militia at Cowpens a few weeks later and Tarleton had to run like rabbit.

            3) After the Revolution, Congress decided that the US military would be the militia , with the “Regular army” consisting of only a few troops guarding the armory at West Point.

            4) In the major battle of the War of 1812, thousands of British troops were gunned down by rotating ranks of militia riflemen at the Battle of New Orleans. With Andrew Jackson sending Lord Wellington’s son-in-law back to British pickled in a barrel of rum.

            5) George Washington was the necessary figurehead but the US Army’s history notes that in the major battles of the Revolution, Washington’s influence was “remote”. His myth was created after the War by the Rich aristocracy mounting a secret Counterrevolution to impose control over the common citizens by a king-like President.

            6) Professional military men today do NOT agree with your assessment of the militia. See the US Army’s “American Military History”:


            7)See also “Strategy in the American War of Independence” and search for “militia”


          4. 1 Fabian shadowed and bound Hannibal with his army, the colonies weren´t willing to provide sufficient resources in men and equipment (HRE Turkish wars)

            2 Was that the skirmish the revolutionaries tried to murder Tarleton under truce, king´s mountain was garrisoned by loyalist militia

            4 Major battle? New Orleans 1812, an engagement but not a battle
            wasn´t there the conquest of Washington

            5) Depending on the definition of professional? professional calling, professional standard or regular Job,

            Winning battles without winning the campaigns is meaningless

  36. Interesting article. I also spent a number of years in martial arts specializing in self defense. Your best defense is training your brain in situational awareness. One thing I see regarding people’s willingness to fight is their fear of getting hurt or killed. As a Christian, I don’t fear death- to live is Christ to die is gain. My dear is how I will die. I would rather due fighting courageously defending family/friends. Joshua 1:9 Have i not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

  37. I believe I could put together an article describing my semi-prepper upbringing that includes a lot of interesting elements that led me to my current character traits. Just to keep it short and sweet for today, though, I take my cues from Scripture. The Bible tells me that “if any does not provide for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” 1 Timothy5:8 KJV. I have learned from a very early age to take care of my family above all else, to protect and defend them. I have learned to not wait around for others to do that job for me. I have learned (when the situation warrants) to take matters into my own hands. When the time comes (as it appears to be quickly approaching), I will fight.

    The words of my favorite poem have been rattling around in my head a lot as of late. If anyone is interested, it is the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

  38. So many great comments here, I am still obsorbing them all. I wish everyone lived next to me… no kidding.

    The war when it comes will not be large armies or even states against states. It will be minor conflicts (in terms of numbers) here and there, but with serious results. It will be very hard to determine friend from foe.

    Regarding staying in shape that might be the biggest force multiplier out there in order to buy oneself some time. If one can run just one mile or even walk it at a quick pace your light years ahead of most. After the adrenaline wears off most young people as well as old are in poor shape.

    SEALs are instructed to get to the water of things go real bad and with good reason, just being comfortable in the water will separate yourself from 70-80% of people and give you a chance to fight another day. When I’m out anywhere I don’t know or believe to be sketchy I always like to know if there is a body of water around.

  39. The NRA during the time of Charlton Heston had a motto ” From my cold dead hands!”

    President Heston would intone that while holding a muzzle loading rifle up high.

    Who is going to have a gunfight with authorities sent to the house to confiscate all firearms?

    When the armed forces surrounding the house start taking fire from the house across the street, then the revolution will have begun.

    What will you do?

  40. As unpopular (supposedly) that it is today: patriotism and nationalism are ‘wanting’. Secular schools have driven those ideals out of the curriculum at all levels. Those of us who have retained those qualities and taught them to our children will have to fight those on the ‘inside’ and on the ‘outside’. Never impossible with an #awesome God.

  41. “When the armed forces surrounding the house start taking fire from the house across the street, then the revolution will have begun.”

    VERY well said, Wolf. (I might suggest, “the RESTORATION will have begun”).

    I’ve often thought of this myself. For those who are fortunate enough to meet with a “rainy day defense force” within their neighborhood, this topic should be discussed vigorously and often. Perhaps each meeting should end with a paraphrase, borrowed from a group of very brave, and very determined men: “…with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

    No less will succeed.

  42. What’s the old saying ? ” A cause doesn’t necessarily need a leader , but always needs an enemy ”

    So who exactly is the enemy ? Antifa ? College punks getting a cheap thrill burning and looting ? Their ranks will quickly disappear should the real shooting starts. It’s the people paying them and having the pallets of bricks delivered . That is the real enemy.

    Who will fight ? Hard to say. Certainly small , rural ,close-knit towns. Although invaders from California seem to be invading all parts East. Would be wise to be very leery of these new arrivals. They will surely be the eyes and ears of the elite.

    For unfortunates like myself stuck in the burbs our fate is pretty much sealed. There’s a BLM sign in almost every front yard along with the rainbow flag. These are sheep being led to the slaughter. Maybe a few cops or ex-military types might wage a small harassment campaign. It won’t last long. Being surrounded by cowards they’ll be turned in in short order.

    The view from my front porch is this. The people in my area will submit to any and all demands from the elites. Unless life becomes completely unbearable the chance of resistance is nil.

    Look at any TV sitcom from the 70s. They’ve been feeding us this propaganda for a very long time. Fat happy and stupid. My grandparents would never recognize this country.

  43. Everyone here is kidding themselves.

    Technology has changed the world. Whoever controls the big secret databases controls the outcome in a civil war. NSA in less than a few hours can pull up the contacts, travels, and emails and phone records of every single American and map it all for the previous five years. Everyone who just posted here – the NSA has your entire life mapped out. Right now. Ready to go. Only the rule of law (maybe ) prevents access for domestic blackmail and control.

    There are cameras on most large intersections, license plate readers on most police cars. All feeding into the NSA databases. Capture the data, capture everything you need to know about your opponents’ weapons purchases, family, medical records, you name it. A few disorganized folks with rifles in outlying areas would be no match. Better re-think.

    Read some Dean Koontz. It’s amazing how much he predicted in his books. Then read Dark Mirror by Barton Gellman , which describes the extent of the data gathering and pre-programming.

    What are people REALLY willing to do to win a civil war when the battle landscape is digital? Not advocating it, but the only path to victory against a Marxist stronghold might be an insurgency that cuts power and water to an entire city. Or five. Would that be a war crime? If it prevents [people like] Stalin winning?

    Better re-think. Think hard.

  44. All Christians should be doing to “prepare” is to be spreading the Gospel of Jesus and praying for the enemy to have a change of heart. Anything else is of the enemy and plays directly into their hands. Remember, vengeance is the Lord’s, not ours.

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