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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at contemporary western Oregon — now completely adrift from its conservative pioneer roots.

How Bad Are the Portland Riots? On-the-Ground Footage

Linked over at the news aggregation site: How Bad Are the Portland Riots? On-the-Ground Footage Provides an Insight. JWR’s Comments: There has been rioting almost every night for nearly two months in Portland, Oregon. These ongoing riots will surely accelerate two societal trends for the state: Outmigration from the cities, and calls for partition of the state.

RIP, Ol’ Remus

It is now official:  The surviving kin of Ol’ Remus, the Editor of Yer ‘Ol Woodpile Report have posted confirmation that he passed away. (Along with a quote of his wise admonition: “Stay Away From Crowds.”) They are keeping his identity secret. And they’ve said that they plan to post a full archive of his writings. We will greatly miss the man. Reading his posts every Tuesday was one of the highlights of my week.

Coronavirus Mutations Have Varying Severity

Scientists identify six different types of coronavirus with increasing severity levels. The Telegraph article begins:

“Six distinct types of coronavirus have been identified by scientists in a breakthrough that promises to save lives by flagging the highest-risk patients.

Analysis of thousands of cases by artificial intelligence software has revealed different “clusters” of symptoms and ranked them in order of severity.

Headache and loss of smell are common to all six groupings, but the range of symptoms varies widely after that.

Scientists at King’s College London (KCL) found that patients with the sixth type of Covid-19 are nearly 10 times more likely to end up needing breathing support than patients in the first group.

This is significant because often patients only deteriorate to a critical stage several days after showing symptoms. The new ranking system should flag up the highest-risk cases and give doctors the opportunity to intervene earlier.”

JWR’s Comment: With this many mutations–and surely more to come–there is probably no way to develop an effective vaccine.

Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action: No Cops and No Guns

SurvivalBlog reader D.S.V. sent us this report of absurd illogic, over at The Truth About Guns: Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action: No Cops and No Guns. Here is an excerpt on the group, which is led by Shannon Watts:

“Watts equates any criminal activity with all guns. Since cops carry guns, they must be bad, too. This exposes Watts, Moms Demand and her benefactor antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg for their removed-from-reality views they are forcing on the rest of America.

Watts knows the charade is over. More than 2.5 million Americans stopped listening to her and her gun control cronies and bought a gun between March and May. Firearm sales are through the roof.

The problem isn’t police. The problem isn’t law-abiding gun owners. The problem is crime. But Watts willingly plays along with mob demands to blame crime on the very people who protect us from crime.”

Armored Sheep: A Military Surplus Outfit

I recently heard about this Internet-based outfit operated by a Christian family that lives in Quartzsite, Arizona: Armored Sheep. They stock a variety of preparedness tools and supplies. These include colloidal silver generators, inverters. sleeping bags, bivvy bags, compasses, Genuine U.S.G.I. e-tools, backpacks, and more.

COVID-19 Not Transmitted by Mosquitoes

Reader C.B suggested this article: Study shows SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, not transmitted by mosquitoes

Fatal Motorcycle Crash Listed as COVID-19 Death

Reader H.L. spotted this: FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Questions raised after fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 death

Quarantines for Out-of-State Visitors Exceed Governors’ Authority

D.S.V. sent us this: Quarantines for out-of-state visitors exceeds governors’ emergency authority.

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  1. Re:Fatal Motorcycle Crash Listed as Covid-19 Death……My older brother passed away Memorial Day from colon cancer at his home. I heard from a very reliable source(s) from our (his) local hospital, that if he would have died at the hospital, he would be listed as a Covid-19 death. I’ve also heard this from the neighboring county hospital also…..go figure.

    1. Also sorry for your loss.

      These reports of suicides and accident victims counting as covid deaths are happening all over the country. The latest is notifying people they have tested positive for covid-19, even though they have never been tested. Worse, when they try to correct the false report, they are told they have to prove they don’t have the disease, or the diagnosis stands. So though you’ve never had the test, you must take the test to prove you are not positive. This is all being initiated through invasive contact tracing apps on smart phones. Glad I don’t have a smart phone.

  2. Governors want you to quarantine 14 days when you come to their state however Cuomo didn’t when he recently visited Kentucky then returned to NY. Just another of the Kings privilege. And y’all thought the feds were gonna be your problem lol.

      1. Yes but corona isn’t a problem for them? If such a problem he should be quarantined. His little brother Chris didn’t even stay quarantined when he was sick with it. They are hypocrites. It’s a shame. And in ny while all is not open, the gov says no more Phases left. I wonder what that means.

  3. Scientists identify six different types of coronavirus with increasing severity levels.

    “JWR’s Comment: With this many mutations–and surely more to come–there is probably no way to develop an effective vaccine.”

    I totally agree with JWR and have maintained this position since the very beginning. Before the Wuhan virus, there were 6 other coronaviruses which affect humans. They’ve never been able to come up with a vaccine for any of them. On SARS, they spent 10 years without success. One more huge reason IMO the whole American response to the virus has been way out of line. We should done exactly what we did in 1968/69 with the Hong Kong virus: nothing. Let it run its course and so be it. We’re all going to get it some day anyway. By the time the virus made the lead story on Fox News (February 24th) we already had enough information from the Chinese CDC to make better decisions than we did. Crashing the economy to save us old people over 60, half of which deaths have been in nursing homes, was a totally improper response, IMO. Closing down schools when those under 40 have almost zero chance of dying, makes no sense whatsoever, IMO. Let us old geezers self quarantine if we are afraid of the virus, but don’t shut down the rest of the population causing 50 million people to be unemployed. Shutting down the country for a virus which 40% of people don’t even show symptoms according to the CDC’s latest numbers, is totally ridiculous. Mark my words, even when we reach the magic number of 60% of the population having been infected (herd immunity), the Bravo Sierra will still be going on. Like Ayn Rand said, when things just don’t make sense, check your premises.

  4. Armored Sheep. What a perfect name for this sort of a business. 🙂

    Lots of good stuff for sale but the very last item in their store, “Your G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) CART”, is highly impractical. For anyone building one, you need the largest wheels possible. In The Road movie, the guy is using a shopping cart which would never work because the wheels are way too tiny. They’re made for smooth-paved parking lots only. Look at all the old-time handcarts which street vendors and others used, they have wheels almost the size of horse-drawn wagon wheels. They do make carts nowadays with bicycle wheels, those would make a great GOOD cart.

    This is what a good GOOD cart should resemble:

  5. Coronavirus Mutations: I have no doubt that an effective vaccine will be developed. There will be trial and error and it will take a good while but there is too much money to be made
    by whom ever comes up with a cure or vaccine.

    Man made this and man will beat it. Sadly the anti vaxers will beat their same old worn out drum.

    1. There are lots of strong views on vaccines within the community… At the same time, and even in the face of strong and sometimes opposing views, the conversation remains civil and constructive. It’s one of the most wonderful aspects of this group! As for me… I am not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. I do my level best to be discerning, and rely heavily on sourced science (direct evaluation of actual data and not summary opinions). I am also an unwavering follower of and believer in Jesus Christ. These beliefs are not mutually exclusive, but are instead inextricably linked.

      1. At the same time, and even in the face of strong and sometimes opposing views, the conversation remains civil and constructive.

        I so agree with you, T. One of the many things I love about this SB site.

        Carry on in grace

    2. Yes, I’m against unproven vaccines. If they worked, you wouldn’t need to get a flu vaccine every freaking year. It will be the same with any fake phony coronavirus vaccine. I’m against the injection of aluminum and mercury into my bloodstream. I’m against the autism and the Alzheimer’s disease caused by the accumulation on the brain of that same aluminum and mercury and other heavy metals that are the adjuvants that the vaccines don’t work without. I don’t take vaccines and, so far and God willing, I don’t get sick.

      1. Dont forget the human fetal tissue in the Shingles vaccine! Ask for and receive the small print warning material that comes with every vaccine dosage. Nasty, nasty stuff!

  6. Ol’ Remus will be missed. I seriously doubt anyone can replace him.

    We have several vaccines for influenza. How many die each year despite having received a flu shot? Some strains of influenza are more deadly than others.

    Everyone is going to catch this eventually. Vaccines are going to be about as effective as they are for the flu. Meanwhile life will go on. There are a lot more issues to worry about and deal with than another “flu” bug. If we don’t get our priorities in order soon, we will lose.

  7. From a retired medical technologist with some virology background. There is one mutation to COVID 19 and it is here in the US. The CDC thinks for every one positive test for the virus that there are 10 to 12 who are not tested and that is where the spread comes from. Multiply the state number of confirmed cases by 10 or 12 and you will see a more realistic number of the number of cases in your state. If you get to 60 % of your state being infected then you have what the CDC calls herd immunity. That will show up in a drastic decrease in positive cases. Look at Sweden and what has been goin on there as an example they left the schools open and their children have not experienced any major COVID 19 issues. To use an antibody test result to show exposure to COVID is not realistic. The cellular side of our immune system is very much involved in fighting this virus. There is no test available to measure how well the cellular side of the immune system will fight the virus. Researchers are finding that the cellular side of our immune system has a very long what we call a memory for recognizing and fighting this virus. It seems that just having a cold do to another corona virus may confer some level of immunity to COVID 19. There is a credible treatment called Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and Zithromax or one can use ivermectin and doxycycline. These have been sidelined and much criticized in the MSM. An epidemiologist said on Fox news that using hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives. We are being played by the MSM and the FDA and the CDC. Lives have been lost and countless jobs lost and lives greatly distressed by this so called pandemic. Start asking questions of your doctors and look on the web for information I have put in this post please.

    1. The hydroxyclorquine I’ve read releases the zinc (which isn’t mentioned most times) to destroy the RNA coronavirus. It’s cheap and while maybe some sideeffects not a black box warning (or there wasn’t one before all this). It’s seems so odd that doctors (including Dr Steven Smith from Barnabas healthcare in Livingson NJ) use this for their patients especially early on and it works! Why the drama on this. All medications have side effect and many much much worse! The Zpak does have a heart black box warning. No mention on this drug! Why not. The FDA put the addl warning on Zpack a few years ago! I’ve also heard quercetin helps release Zinc as well. Dr Smith is the Doctor that wrote to President Trump. WND had an article on the and how Barnabas Healthcare stopped the hydroxiquiquine right after the president mentioned he was taking it! Odd world we are in.

    2. In my preps, plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc. But, I’ve made it clear to my family, should I fall seriously ill from covid-19 due to my already compromised immune system, that I want hydroxyclorquine, and an antibiotic (allergic to penicillin) immediately. Why in the world people wouldn’t want an immediate and effective therapeutic approach just to spite someone is beyond me.

      1. One other thing I’ve heard of being used for lung involved cases and that’s dexamethasone. It is often administered along side cancer drugs, which is why I’m familiar with it. It’s a corticosteroid on steroids if you will. LOL. It seriously stimulates your immune system, but it will help you breathe by reducing inflammation. The side effects, in my experience, are shaking, sleeplessness, and generally feeling “wired”. Just mentioning this in case anyone doesn’t know about it.

        Also, I was treated with an anti-viral and antibiotic when I came down with a serious case of encephalitis and spinal meningitis due to West Nile virus. So, I kind of assume being treated with hydroxy*+antibiotics+zinc may make you feel really crappy for a couple days, but the result can be a life worth living. I remember vomiting for days afterwards, losing 25 lbs, very weak, and not particularly lucid, etc etc etc., but it saved my life. So, don’t be afraid of these types of treatments.

      2. Agreed, SaraSue. Why people would not pursue an immediate therapeutic intervention is beyond me as well. If you develop the illness, treat it as quickly as possible. I am aghast by the decisions of some authorities (including licensing boards with the power of disciplinary action) to try to prevent the use of medications like hydroxychloroquine. This is outrageous, and entirely political.

  8. Using the 2016 flu deaths I got from google and the estimated flu infection numbers for 2016 the death rate is about .015 for that year of the flu season. That is my calculation.

  9. Virus mutation makes for real challenges associated with naturally developed immunity as well as vaccine tech. JWR makes a very good point with regard to this, and encourages us to exercise soundly founded judgment in every decision we make. The good news is that not all mutations render a vaccine developed against one strain ineffective against another. One exciting and hopeful aspect of this science is that researchers are tackling the virus with varying strategies. I sincerely believe the work being done now will advance therapeutics and preventatives for COVID-19 — AND that this work will also advance medical treatments for other devastating diseases as well. Caution should remain at the forefront of our thinking, but we can remain cautious while also remaining hopeful! God can bring forth good from even the most difficult or dire situations and circumstances. He fills us with hope, and is our ultimate Hope.

    Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  10. Another great blog that you may enjoy is Eaton Rapids Joe. He is a master of fiction and posts ongoing stories during the week and episodes of his real life homesteading adventures and news/observations on weekends. I read it every day after reading Survivalblog.

  11. Thank the Lord that it cannot be spread by mosquitos!

    CDC numbers for flu deaths are very highly inflated to push vaccination. Most doctors have never seen an actual flu death. If the numbers the CDC put out were correct, doctors would see at least 2-3 cases a year.

    1. Capt Nemo

      Your statement is completely absurd. Most doctors see flu deaths every flu season. As a critical care nurse for 30 years, I have seen too many. In a normal flu season this usually Affects the very old or the very young. During 2009 with H1N1 circulating we saw many Young healthy people die from about age 14 up to 30’s and 40’s.

      1. TXnurse… You make an excellent point. You have seen the world from a position most people never know. I understand this as well although from a position different from your own — but relatively unique nevertheless. The unfortunate truth is that most people will not understand the potential severity of COVID-19 until they themselves are affected (or someone very close to them is affected). What people imagine about some of the horrors of life is not connected to the realities of some of the horrors of life. Tragically, some people will lose their lives as a consequence of this — and there will be collateral damage.

  12. I just find this “Moms Demand Action: No Cops and No Guns” the most insane position. Can you imagine how many children would be saved from pedophiles, sex traffickers, and criminals, if moms and dads had the right to shoot anyone who harmed their child? I can hear the liberals screaming in my face as I typed that. Can you imagine how many lives would be saved if the Castle Doctrine were in full force in every state? Can you imagine cities free of criminals if the cops were allowed to do their damn jobs without fear of reprisal or being sued?

    The world has truly gone mad. I guess these moms don’t give a damn about protecting their own children and aren’t afraid of being raped or brutalized. The criminals ALWAYS find a way to get weapons. The only answer is for the citizens to be well armed.

  13. It’s all about destroying our way of life. Just like the LA teachers are demanding to defund the police as well as Medicare for all to go back to teaching? What are they nuts! In a time when teaching in an actual may be going by the wayside. I feel many parents that never would have dreamed of home schooling are now. These crazy people better be careful what they wish for.

  14. RE: JWR’s comment on the difficulty of producing a vaccine for a rapidly mutating virus – Absolutely true! For the record, I am FAR from an “antivaxer” – as a health care professional for the past 40 years, I truly believe that appropriate vaccination is one of greatest medical breakthroughs in the last 300 years. BUT, notice that I wrote that I support “appropriate” vaccination. As with every decision in medicine, and in life, the risks and benefits must be carefully evaluated for each vaccine. Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) may proved to be more elusive than influenza as the target of a vaccine, in which case, risk may certainly outweigh benefit.

    Having said that, you can bet your bottom dollar that “the vaccine” will be rolled out with great fanfare, and foisted upon all who can’t refuse (my hospital admin has already hinted that we will be first in line…or else). When a pharmaceutical can demand an instant market of more than 300 million people, the money is just too good to resist – irrespective of the medical risks and benefits!

    1. @ SH in TX

      I’m with you on this. I too am a fan of “appropriate vaccines”, and am grateful for those such as the DPT, polio and measles vaccines which have prevented much serious illness and loss of life. That said, I think we’ve gone overboard with vaccines for some things. I do get flu shots now as I’ve had the flu twice in the past and was ever so sick; haven’t ever gotten the flu since I’ve gotten flu shots. I’m leery of how quickly they are working to develop a Covid vaccine and have doubts as to its efficacy and safety. We shall see.

  15. And the powers that be frighten all to comply or else. Just like masks. Masks work in clean and sterile conditions. It seems putting them on with hands that have already touched many items is not a clean envirnment. And just wearing a bandana does lower Oxygen levels and increase the heartrate just after a short time. I did a little experiment for one hr doing nothing just with a bandana and the Oxygen level decreased by 4 percent and heartrate up 10 beats. And that’s just 1 hr. I can’t imagine wearing one for hrs on end. As far as the vaccine I feel we are being conditioned to beg for it. No matter what. I fear a rushed totally new type of vaccine. Not a good idea

  16. My daily routine: 2000mg of vitamin C, 5000iu of vitamin D3, 56mg zinc gluconate (I’ve read that one shouldn’t go over 30mg, but I couldn’t find that dose last time at Vitamin Shoppe), Quercetin (I forget the dosage at the moment), various antioxidents, vitamin B1 (as benfothiamine), vitamin A (not beta carotine), 300mg of Magnesium (not magnesium oxide).

    There is more, but these are the ones that do the most to boost the immune system to defeat most of the evil little beasties that are trying to kill us all.

    1. Sam- And a little bonus- some of the weekly posts have little archives included on them too. At the top of the later posts there is a post number, such as “453”. In the same general area, there may be a group of numbers, such as 446 447 448 449 450 451 452. Click on these and you will find that some of these links to past weekly posts may still work. I did this and scored dozens of extra posts.

  17. If the police are first, defunded and then, done away with, there will be no Law Enforcement. If there is nobody to enforce the law, then the laws can/should be done away with. If the laws are rescinded, and due to the “Posse Comitatus Act,” the military cannot become the Law Enforcement … crime takes over until the ‘special people” (the Uber-rich, the politicians, the usual suspects) become victims at which point they will cry for the Federal government to “do something.” The only way for the Federal government to do anything will be by rescinding the “Posse Comitatus Act.” Once that happens, all bets are off because once the military becomes Law Enforcement, you have opened the door to tyranny. And THAT, is “fundamentally changing the country,” just as Obama promised/threatened.

    There might be dictatorships in the world that are not Communist, Marxist or Socialist but I can’t recall a single Communist, Marxist or Socialist country that has not become a dictatorship.

    Tim Kaine and Mark Warner have introduced a bill called the “Virginia Plan to Reduce Gun Violence Act of 2020.” This bill would federally enact so-called “gun violence prevention” measures similar to the recent changes in Virginia law that were signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam. One of their talking points, as usual, refers to the issue of suicide. What the gun control advocates never seem to understand is that suicide, in and of itself, is not an act of violence, it is an act of depression, desperation, hopelessness or shame…. except for “Suicide by Clinton.” THAT is usually an act of violence, even when it is made to look like am accident.

  18. Not going to happen. His family posted on the site that there will be no new posts. Existing content will be archived and available as archived material at a future date.

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