Relocation In Catastrophes – Part 1, by J. of T.

Editor’s Introductory Note:  The author has a Christian worldview, and many years of experience as a missionary. He applies these to his family preparedness. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will probably find this article useful.

Lot was Abraham’s brother. He is mentioned in Genesis 14-19. He also receives honorable mentions in the New Testament. The Holy Scriptures don’t even hide his failures or his sin. I love God’s Word because its is brutally honest. It’s like having a best friend tell you the good and the bad about our life.

Lot’s life is an example of how God can keep and save families bearing His name. Albeit, Lot’s strategic relocation is “cutting it close.” That’s an understatement. No one should ever put off or procrastinate critical decisions involving family security and safety.

Lot’s family was saved by God. Our Lord has mercy upon all who call out to Him. He is our solid rock. All other ground is sinking sand.


It’s important to note that cities like Ninevah, Sodom and Tyre had prosperity. They also had vice and moral extremes. To see an important Biblical insight on the city states of Sodom read Ezekiel 16:49 (posted below). The Biblical prophets deeply probed the roots of moral and spiritual decay. No other words are higher or trustworthy than Scriptures apostles and prophets. They have no equal. No one can overturn or outdo their true calling. Their words and their lives speak forever. (See Hebrews 11).

Lot knew the dangers of living in a populated area with moral extremes. The cities are like magnets that allure and attract. Youth and college kids love metropolitan areas. This presents a formidable challenge to us in modern times. The lessons from Genesis 19 display the unparalleled wisdom and God’s mercy. In the VERY same story! The New covenant also declares Lot’s history and sudden relocation.

Many people live like Lot, 2020. Lot knew the spiritual and physical dangers in the cities he frequented. He chose to ignore God’s prior warnings. Even though he knew the rampant lawlessness governing the regions. Lot’s family was suddenly extricated by angels. Truly, none of us want to experience such sudden loss or forced relocation!  (See Genesis 19:12 and 2 Peter 2:7)


We live in exciting times. More dramatic transformation has occurred in the last 10 years, than the previous 500 years. After two full decades in foreign missions (North America, Alaska, Canada, Africa and the Middle East), my attitude has changed. I’d also state that the point of foreign missions is to transform the missionaries, not just “save souls.”

I’d say that overseas missions work is similar to strategic relocation or homesteading. The only difference is how much you talk (or declare) the Gospel. Some people are not called to be talkers, but doers of God’s wisdom. These can be more persuasive than many pulpit ministers. We are all invited to live lifestyles that embrace God’s Word, in humility. God doesn’t coerce or enforce like Marxism and global collectivism. He invites, He woos and He gently forewarns. He guides and He protects. But when God’s gentle proddings are ignored, He later sends visible judgements or cataclysms. This was seen in Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19). Sometimes those judgements are overt, but other times its just “sowing what was reaped.” Indirect consequences of decades of disobedience, all reaped suddenly.


My son and I drove over 250 miles to our new mountainous retreat. It is beautiful! People were catching 10-20 pound fish! As we gently meandered through the cedar forest, we saw kids with a bountiful harvest. One boy had 3 fish, each over 2.5 feet long. He was carrying them on a stick.

We are having to “start our lives over” in a new region of America. There is a greater degree of neighborliness and honesty here. Guess what? People have emigrated from cities in the Blue States and sought refuge in the wilderness, mountainous regions of America. Inside are a vast wealth of fish, wildlife, and shelter. Here, wood can easily be gathered for heating.


Your attitude determines your altitude. Your embrace of the situation (often amidst difficulty), determines the goodness of the outcome. It determines the effectiveness of the solution or goal. Complaining, protesting and faultfinding merely wastes time. Have you ever spent time around these people? Ever been one? I have, too.

We need a new refrigerator, but it is time to change to one that is propane-fueled. Electricity may be downgraded to photovoltaic solar. We are in a time of rationing and entire businesses have closed in 2020 America. Is this only because of a virus? Or are the elites telling us “We are at war, get used to shortages, and lack of services.” I believe there’s a time coming when WalMart will have no food. Grocery stores will be empty. What you grow and harvest will be all that you can eat. What you can, smoke, or make into jerky will be your primary food source. Bartering and wise business will become commonplace. It’s only a matter of time. It’s not if, but when – in the near future.


Honestly, the Bible has cutting edge honesty. Not only do we get to see the miracles (like angels leading Lot out of Sodom), but it is brutally honest. We get to know Lot’s temptations, sins and struggles. Paul the Apostle said “All temptation is common to humanity.” (1 Cor 10:13) The Epistle of James echoes, “We all stumble in many ways.” (James 3:2) If you examine the biographies in the Bible, you will see striking honesty. Often, beyond the levels you experience in local churches in America. That should tell you a lot about America’s spiritual problems, which can’t be fixed with only political solutions. We need God to change our hearts, restore our love for Him, and for the fallen world. Political and legal solutions are only temporary “band-aids” that cover up spiritual issues. All of our social problems in the USA stem from spiritual ailments. Rejecting God’s word, His mercy and wisdom (Gospel) produces needless sufferings. People are sick and looking for healing in all the wrong places.


The wilderness regions of the West often have some strange characters. These remote areas attract the best and sometimes the worst of our society. You will meet polygamists, extremely legalistic sects of the back-to Hebrew roots movement, folks who claim to be descendants of Israel, extremely paranoid preppers, and much more.

My point here is that the Bible has enough “Good weird events” like Lot leaving Sodom – with the angels. That’s just flat strange and amazing. We don’t need to make the Holy Bible “more weirder” by being ultra emotional or by being nonsensical.

I’ve been around dear charismatics who don’t hype their faith.  I’ve also been around genuine cults, and they usually follow hype charismania, and go right off the deep end.  Usually it starts with a low view of Scripture, and a focus on that “leader’s gifting” or a similar narrow focus, such as pet doctrines. In my experience, many of the extreme cults around the Ozarks are like this.

We need the real thing in America. (And enough of the real thing exists!). This is the the only thing that is going to revive the USA and maybe bring true revival. Yes, I’ve learned real revival comes after a nation suffers a little.

You will also meet genuine Christians trying to live honorable and upstanding lives. Such families are a blessing to the regions you dwell in. This is God’s goal for our planet. That we would all live such honorable, transparent, and humble lives we affect our state and nation.

This is how the Moravian missionary movement changed America and (then, later) sent missionaries around the world.

But learn to recognize and stay away from fringe theologies and groups. There are numerous cults in America and the world. They always center around one “fringe theology” or leader. [JWR’s Adds: One common theme of nearly all cults is that they reject the divinity of Christ. They deny the fact that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone, and they further deny that Jesus was the Son of God and part of the Trinity. Watch out for that heresy!]  Often these heretical leaders are charismatic (not always), but they always practice coercion and control. They usually celebrate one or two “pet doctrines” while ignoring Jesus’ words in the Gospels.

You will find that all cults celebrate 1) a special leader that is unchallenged, viewed as infallible and 2) they take the word of God out of context. They browbeat and abuse with the Scriptures meant to give us life, hope and transformation. They violate basic hermeneutics like “interpreting Scripture in light of the rest of Scripture.” Cults violate many guidelines and norms, beginning at the hermeneutic (interpretation) level. It’s also because they have a low view of Scripture, and place their own emphasis on their own odd doctrines. I encourage my family to know the Bible, and evaluate all sermons in light of Scripture. Scripture interprets Scripture, even like the correlating I’ve done in this essay. I’ve linked key ideas from the Old Testament, that show up again in the New Testament. That’s the right way to interpret the Bible. Never go on a tangent, half-cocked on a singular verse. The cults and fringe groups are created by this error.


The only thing scarier than a cult is a government threatening to take away your rights or confiscate your family. There are governments in our world that confiscate personal property and send family members to re-education camps. In 2020! You can flee a cult or a nasty church group, but you can’t flee the sword of a corrupted government. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and the current North Korean dictator prove this. These same wicked governments target Christians for persecution. They terrorize those of us wanting to live lives pleasing to God. This is crossroad where we’ve arrived in the USA. Some in the government gleefully want our worship and churches shut down… permanently.


Lot was fleeing from the city life, where his family was comfortable and prosperous. Living in Sodom for years, his family had paid a high price spiritually and morally. Without the divine messengers in the form of angels, his family would have been destroyed. Do any of us really want God to send us an envoy who has to “forcefully evict us, just before the city is destroyed?” I think we all would answer “no.” We need to see the warning signs and prayerfully consider our family’s future security.

Sometimes our prosperity (in the cities) comes at a high social and moral cost. Our kids struggle with the values that they are bombarded with. All cities have a pulse of their own. Each are driven by incessant activity, advertising, and commerce.

Lot had to flee his city, where he had comfortably set up shop. Ezekiel the prophet makes
this observation:

Ezekiel 16:49-50
“Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy;
and they were haughty and committed abomination before Me. Therefore I took them away as I saw good.”

Yet, despite Lot’s personal problems and stubborness, he’s still mentioned in Peter’s epistle:

2 Peter 2:7-9
“And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: 8 (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;) 9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.”


God is amazing in the scope of His Word and empowering grace. That grace saves us and helps us to carry out His will in our society. Period.

All we need to do is to cooperate with His divine word. I’ve spent my life doing this, but must be honest. At times I’ve also resisted God’s word! Sometimes defiantly, in my own pride or self confidence. Insecurity, disobedience, and self-confidence are all forms of pride. The other side of faith is called “unbelief” which stems from fear and self-centeredness. We think we know better than God… how to do this thing down here! I’ve met a lot of people worldwide, and only a handful of humble servants of God.

God delivered Lot, despite all of Lot’s double-mindedness and poor family choices. Here we are again in Sodom, today. God can deliver and set you apart! God can guide you in a moment. We only need to be obedient and willing.

Are you living in the wrong town or city? God can get you outta there, lickety split. Are you prayerfully considering strategic relocation? God can open the right doors for you. Faith is the willingness to embrace the good, pleasing and acceptable will of Jesus Christ.

It involves rejecting the sinfulness, wrong options, and decadent cultural norms that Heaven abhors. Frankly, the cell phone/Internet culture has produced impatience, socialism, Marxism, and hate. That’s much of the roots of modern Marxism. It’s produced non-social, robotic type behaviors…. To the point that people are taking selfies before they fall to their death! People are not in touch with reality. They are flirting with dangerous fantasies. Thousands of people die each year while texting on Facebook whilst taking their hands off the steering wheels of their cars.

People sit with a cell phone in hand, disconnect from friends and family. Often in the same room! The proverbial frog has been boiled, and yet they aren’t aware.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)


  1. I like this article a lot! I was going to move this year but postponed it for a year due to a personal matter. Fortunately my part time job has me up early and home before the general population is up and moving. In the mean time I am practicing my gardening skills, accumulating supplies, and reading.

    I appreciate the scriptures about God delivering the Righteous. I pray all the time God will lead me to the place He wants me to live. I am looking forward to the next article.

  2. “Your attitude determines your altitude. Your embrace of the situation (often amidst difficulty), determines the goodness of the outcome. It determines the effectiveness of the solution or goal. Complaining, protesting and faultfinding merely wastes time.”
    Our Creator, GoD, put us each here to turn to Him (rely), glorify Him (worship) and testify (tell our story) of His great work in us though the Spirit.

    The Spirit filled are a mighty river. And like all water, the Spirit, drenches equally and permeates to the lowest, darkest most thirsty among us. No one deserves the water of eternal life offered to the women at the well. Yet any who ask – receive it and are filled, cleansed & made Holy – a Mighty River of light.

    We were also blessed by the testimony of your words “J”.

  3. As much as I want to scream at the top of my lungs to all of my extended family “GET OUT NOW!”, it will fall on deaf ears. So, instead, I’m in constant prayer, asking the Lord to LEAD THEM out. God is all powerful and He can do this. He can impress upon them the urgency and change their hearts and minds. Alternatively, He would know the level of urgency, something I can only guess at.

    I’ll never forget the story of Lot’s wife, and I heard it once explained that she looked back at the cities with fondness as they were fleeing. Maybe she was thinking, and I’ll repeat what I’ve heard some family members tell me about not wanting to leave where they are, “we have such great weather here”, “the diversity is so beautiful”, “we have so many choices here”, “there are lots of job opportunities here”, etc., without acknowledging the sickening level of immorality, crime, and depravity. They call that having a “positive attitude”.

    Many of us are expecting the government to step in and stop the riots and destruction. I feel that this few day “pause” by the insurrectionists is strategically planned in order to do more planning and gather resources. I feel that it will start up again and with more intensity. I see no earthly reason to continue living near a metro area. There is no amount of money that can save your life or that of your child.

    Where I live now, I can tell you there is a shortage of “workers”. It takes weeks to months to obtain services, such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, auto mechanic, landscaping, roofing, house cleaning, general handyman, general building, etc. It takes a long time to get a doctor appointment. There are very few eating establishments, no IT technical support, etc. These examples are just off the top of my head that I’ve experienced. The opportunity to build your own businesses here is amazing! My family here started a small produce business and the community welcomed us. We “made rent” in the first couple of weeks. I sew handmade items, and bake, and I made a few hundred dollars in a couple of weeks. Note: I don’t need the money and I only “work” a couple days per week. But imagine if someone wanted to open a bakery or a quilt shop or be a seamstress or … endless list of possibilities here. Even the “locals” complain that some people are lazy and don’t want to work because they get state subsidies. There’s no respect here for that.

      1. Sure. I call it nowheresville, Idaho because I’m nestled in the mountains, near a tiny town, far, far away from any metro area – I’d say, about a 2-3 day drive. Which doesn’t guarantee safety, but there won’t be any rioting anywhere near here. There are only 2 main roads in and out and they can be closed by felling a couple of large trees. Besides, its an open carry state, which makes a big difference. It’s considered “impolite” to even step on someone else’s property without an invitation. Are you considering relocating?

        1. I am considering relocating. And as much as I would love to move to the Redoubt area, I will almost certainly move to California’s farming heartland. At my age, mid60s, with health issues, I want to be close to family. I’ve also found a church home there in a rural Bible based church and already have a weekly Bible study I can attend. My prayer is to be in God’s will first and only – so as much as I think I’ll be moving to California, I’m open to His leading.

          1. Totally 100% understand. I also went over the 60’s hump recently, have serious health issues, and all my children and grandchildren are in California. I get it. I was in prayer for years over my situation. I have family here in Idaho, so I didn’t come to live far away with no family nearby. That’s a huge consideration. However, God opened doors for me that I thought were impossible. I think because He heard my prayers and knew my heart and He’s a good, good, father. Everyone’s situation is different. Of all my children, initially, only 1 was supportive of my move. The others were horrified; one couldn’t speak to me. Now, seeing how happy I am, they’ve all accepted it and are very supportive. It’s a very quick flight by air to see them all and I have done so. This year I will be blessed by visits from several of my children and many grandchildren. Now, they think mom/gramma is totally cool, and they brag about me. LOL.

            What you said is where I was/am at, that I want “to be in God’s will first and only…”, having made enough mistakes of my own for a lifetime. That is what I prayed and I was willing to completely give up on any/all desires of my own to make sure that I was in His will. But, I still asked Him for some things I had dreamed of my whole life, and then laid them down in front of Him, willing to accept His answers. So, I totally hear you. I’m so thankful God speaks to us personally, and leads each of us to where He wants us to be. May you hear His voice, wherever it takes you.

  4. All of Creation was made to serve Father and Son (Jesus)! We must serve willingly and without hesitation on a daily basis, which can be difficult at times as we war against the flesh. Whether we know it or not we are part of this great spiritual battle for our souls, so we must let the Holy Spirit guide us (our Helper).

  5. I am blessed to have a “humble servant of God” as a Pastor!
    Yer remarks strike home as I have just finished absorbing last Sunday’s teaching on Lot at my local church. This is no accident! I must glean Every Shred of Wisdom from this.
    WE serve a Great and Mighty GOD!

  6. I enjoyed this article a Lot (pun intended). Gives some good perspective and good for thought. Hey the children of Isreal wondered in the wilderness for 40 years and they did alright – except for all their complaining. They did prepare before they bugged out though, (Exodus 12:35). I thought of David in scripture, who spent a bit of time bugging out and relocating in his younger days. It reminds me of what he wrote: Psalm 37:25 I have been young and now I’m old; yet I have not the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. Very good article, look forward to part 2.

  7. Worse than Lot’s wife, who “looked back with fondness” on the corrupt, degenerate city she was leaving are the new arrivals to my A/O. The Normies, Sheeple, and clueless “Conservatives” have brought their big-city, Blue Hive bias to Northern Idaho. They are contaminating the body politic the school systems, and the local print media with their syphilitic thinking and politically correct, go-along, get-along mindset. This will not end well. I am hoping the tanking economy will stop their influx.

    1. Rev. 12:15, 16; 17:15; “the floods of ungodly men made me afraid” Ps. 22:5.
      2 Sam. 18:18 “and the wood devoured more people that day than the sword devoured.”

      The influx of city people into the wilderness is a dire threat to freedom. However, God has ways of dealing with it. Part of it is by way of cause-and-effect, as the riff-raff fall victim to their own stupidity. And part of it is by Divine decree.

      “And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.”

      Experienced farmers and woodsmen have an advantage over the city-slickers. But more important, “They have great odds against the astonished sons of violence That fight with awful justice on their side.”

      The best outcome, is for those who will come into line with the eternal principles of truth and freedom, in absolute surrender to the King of Heaven.

    2. Hello Dweezil, I appreciate your comments. Having looked at ID for relocation, I’d heard that about the northern part of the state, ie, CDL. I’m in a pretty big city, far south of Idaho, which I really like – for weather and convenience of shopping, etc. But believe relocating is in my future; just waiting on the Father for guidance. I want to go where He wants me! At the same time, in my thinking, I encounter this issue: I have no family, so being a solo female, a competent age 66, I often wonder where would be a solid community I could join, where I and them, would mutually benefit ….
      I don’t know anyone in the ReDoubt where I could go, without being a stranger. This is a conundrum only God can answer!

    3. You read my mind. I have seen and heard of many places where they were once staunch conservative communities are now infiltrated and controlled by leftist/socialist/communist transplants from blue states where they brought their politics /ideology with them when they relocated.
      Ohh, the go-along/get-along goes as long as they are in the minority. They want equal voice and everything else. But when they become the majority, there is no get-along. It’s our way too bad so sad. And if you don’t like our policies or rules, then you must be a white supremacist/homophobe/bigot/racist. And if you notice in the places that have become blue over time how religion has been made irrelevant and has virtually disappeared from those communities.

      So just because people are relocating to the Redoubt, doesn’t mean that many of them are not leaving their blue state/city politics and ideologies where they came from. It’s sad but unfortunately true.

  8. Very good article with some excellent insights. Regarding cults, I was part of one for a number of years. By God’s grace I was delivered. I’ll share a few observations I’ve had in retrospect.

    First, often the people in these groups are very nice and welcoming. This can be very attractive to those who feel all alone, or who are lonely and searching for belonging. In my experience, most of the people I was around were genuinely very nice, welcoming and really friendly people. I don’t think it was a put on and sadly they were more willing to fellowship over the Word of God (not rightly divided mind you) break bread and sing songs than most evangelical Christians I have known. This is tragic and a sad indicator of what Christianity has become with all its programs, professional clergy and making a system out of everything verses following the simple pattern in Acts.

    Second observation is that these groups always (or nearly so) present themselves as the sole possessors of truth and everyone else is wrong. They have all knowledge, they know what God wants you to believe, do and be. All other groups in their eyes are heretical with them alone being the only ones God is using today. Their motto being something like if you are with us, you are with God, if you are against us, you are against God. Anyone or any group that espouses this, run, don’t walk away from them!

    Thirdly, often they have a good bit of truth. The hook for me was how they showed me in the Scriptures that what I was taught as a Roman Catholic was not in the Bible. No rosary, praying to Mary, Pope or indulgences. All of this is true but then they used this to preach to me a Galatian “gospel” that was just in line with JWR’s observation as a focus on works (i.e. not believing salvation is by grace alone through Christ alone).

    Finally, and it ties in with works-based salvation, but inevitably to be right with God and to be saved, you will have many things to do. Whether it be how you dress, when you meet for church/fellowship, foods you eat/don’t eat, places you can/cannot go to, etc.; all of this will be part of the program. You probably won’t find this out at first though as often the leadership wants to catch the fish before they filet it. And you must submit to the leadership and not question them. Again, a major red flag that should send you running.

    Hope all stay well and safe and draw nigh to God through Christ in these perilous times we are living in.

    1. You just described a lot of radical Islam. In their case they take some words from the Koran and focus on that while completely discounting other parts. One example is to go to war (jihad) against the nonbelievers and kill them. What they don’t take into their beleifs is where it says that if the nonbelievers attack you, then you go to war against them. Or the part where it says that if the nonbelievers will not change their ways, do not go after them for Allah will judge them on the day of Judgement when Jesus returns. So essentially, if the nonbelievers leave you alone then you leave them alone and Allah will Judge those for their sins. But the radical nutjobs have twisted all that around and ‘interpreted’ in their own minds where the emphasis should be placed in what parts of the Koran as it was told to the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

  9. Les, I moved to the Southern part of the Northern part of Idaho and it is wonderful here. I too am single and moved from South Dakota. SD was getting more and more socialistic being butted up against Minnesota. Plus the cold there is unbearable for these 62 year old bones. People are friendly and conservative, everything I espouse. I am originally from Western Oregon and would not live there for a bet or a large winning lottery ticket. I found a very Bible oriented Baptist church and the Word is here.

  10. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their ~>Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– >>That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”<<
    [Declaration of Independence]
    The same document refer to "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God."

    The Founders of America believed in the Natural Law, and many Americans today still believe in the Natural Law. This is the moral compass placed in the human heart, to know the difference between Right and Wrong.

    Our Rights, Obligations, and moral Laws originate from a God in Heaven. Choose your neighbors wisely in regards to their beliefs. ~All people can be good, if they are willing to listen to their Conscience. … … The Judeo-Christian belief system has demonstrated the ability to create great places to live. [To live a peaceful life.]

    When people think laws come from men, and rights from a piece of paper (or parchment); such people will make potentially dangerous neighbors. … They might be law abiding citizens right now; but will they continue to hold fast to their beliefs, or will they march in lockstep with the leader of the mob.

    Many people will ignore their conscience, or even 'burn' it away. Such people run with the mob to bring havoc to a city.
    Christians talk about ~ how some people are 'searing their conscience' with their lives and beliefs. Much of the Natural Law has been removed from their hearts.
    People without much of a conscience are willing do their neighbors great harm, or else they become complicit or silent when harmful criminal activity occurs.

    Wherever a person chooses to live, the safety of yourself and your family depends upon distance from the potential rampaging mob. … People without much of a conscience will NOT let you live in peace.

  11. Jenningswest
    I see a great unity coalescing among Gods faithful and all bible believing and humble denominations Where the Holy Spirit is truly present. I believe happening today is the coming together of Gods faithful remnant. I would humbly submit Christians who are not operating in supernatural graces and action of the Holy Spirit are not using all their best ammunition to bring more souls to Christ in this quiet pause before the storm. We need ALL the graces being poured out from heaven to infill us with the spirit and double portion of all strength and Grace needed to mobilize the church and win this spiritual battle that is quickly morphing into the physical reality as we watchers get our marching order’s.
    Peace, Protection & Blessings to all and your needed miracles to fend off the attacks of the evil one.

    1. Jenningswest Amen! Well put. We need God’s empowering graces. Sometimes that comes in the form of people. Jesus is the door, metaphorically speaking. He describes Himself that way. Also, when we value people in the TRUE way…. vs making people objects to take/misuse. Like the fake church.

      I was honored to be in Ephesus, Efes Turkey. I found out that the saints in the remnant during persecution truly loved each other. Family is coming like never before- true love, true friendship and deep appreciation. Like, John the Beloved loved Mary who birthed the Son of God. We are going to get away from viewing people for “what they do or give us” and see people as precious. That was the message of the 1st century church. People are precious.

      Our drive thru culture has made us view people as inanimate objects. Its about to change!
      The 1st Christians deeply sacrificed for one another, and their losses and relationships were esteemed more than all else.

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