The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“A Federal Reserve created digital coin could be one of the most dangerous steps ever taken by a government agency. It would put in the hands of the government the potential to create a digital currency with the ability to track all transactions in an economy—and prohibit transactions for any reason. In terms of future individual freedom, this would be a nightmare.” – Robert Wenzel, editor and publisher of the Economic Policy Journal

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  1. I think that quote is based on partial facts (aka ‘intentional misstatements’):
    As I understand them, Federal Reserve Bankers are not government agents.
    Federal Reserve Bankers are a private company, the same as Montgomery Wards and Studebaker are private companies.
    Federal Reserve Bankers manipulate government agents.
    In America, they manipulate government agents through the carrot/stick promise of government pensions.
    In a variety of ways, Federal Reserve Bankers ‘own’ government agents.

    Federal Reserve Bankers use artificial lines drawn on maps to manipulate fiat currencies, withholding liquidity from rebellious government agents while rewarding submissive government agents.

    How many ‘economists’ were schooled in Chicago?
    For a picture going back to the 1880s, read SUPERMOB by Russo.
    Hint — they aren’t ‘the usual suspects’ portrayed in TheMainStreamMedia as the Chicago ‘mob’… another nice collection of ‘intentional misstatements’.

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