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Precious Metals:

I’m pleased to report that Steve Cochran has resumed writing a monthly column for SurvivalBlog. Be sure to check it out.

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Jim Wyckoff: Why gold, silver prices seeing pressure amid global equities meltdown

Economy & Finance:

Will tourism die?  Virus spreads to over 60 countries; France closes the Louvre

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At Zero Hedge: At Stores Across The Country, The Panic Coronavirus Hoarding Begins. Pat Cascio e-mailed with this corroborating evidence:

I heard from my buddy Kevin Swanson, who runs US Tactical Supply in Northern Idaho. He said he talked to one of his MRE suppliers a day or two ago, said they sold 10,000 cases of MREs in one day….panic buying.

My oldest daughter, who is the security/assistant store manager at a local Wal-Mart, said she had to do a walk around the store yesterday to see how much product was down. She said that all the hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and supplies – all gone – none to be had. Meanwhile the water filters and freeze-dried foods were completely sold out. She has worked for Wal-Mart for about 10-years, said she has never seen it this bad – even during panic buying on Christmas Eve. And my wife was at the credit union this past Friday…took her over half an hour to get in and out…people lined up in the drive-through, and people lined-up inside…tellers had to keep going into the vault to get more cash for customers who wanted cash.”

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The Real Reason for the Shocking New Developments in the War on Cash

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At Wolf Street: Hong Kong’s Real Estate – Housing, Office & Retail Properties – Face “Tsunami-Like Shocks”


The stock market erased $6 trillion in wealth last week over coronavirus fears – but 3 charts show why it won’t immediately impact most Americans.

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Wall Street is wondering if the Fed can heal a coronavirus-stricken stock market that just saw $4.3 trillion in value vanish over the past 7 sessions


I see that corn futures are up.  Can that be attributed to weather, or consumer demand?

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OilPrice News reports: China’s Oil Demand Could Rebound Sooner Than Expected

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Oil prices could remain weak in March and April, even if OPEC cuts production: S&P Global Platts

Forex & Cryptos:

US Dollar Outlook Bullish as COVID-19 Spurs Haven Demand

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Australian Dollar Eyes RBA and GDP But Coronavirus to Dominate

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The BCH Question: How to Recover After $30M Hack and Mining Tax Row?

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Bitcoin Losing This Key Level Could Spark a Massive Panic-Induced Selloff

Tangibles Investing:

US Surgeon General begs people to ‘STOP BUYING MASKS!’ amid coronavirus panic. JWR’s Comment: Congrats to the many SurvivalBlog readers who stocked up–months or even years early.  The formerly $1 to $2 N95 and P95 masks are now selling for $15+ EACH on eBay. ($150 for a box of 10.)

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Hawaii: Stores try to re-stock items as ‘panic buying’ continues


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    1. TR,
      Yes, they are but a few. I see that everyone’s favorite Canadian atheist YouTuber is also furiously pumping out videos to increase the click count during this latest crisis.

      Although it may be an unpopular opinion, I believe that as experienced preppers, we must remember our duty to not only be issuers of dire warnings but also be voices of reason. I am sure that you have experienced as many if not more, of these roller coaster rides of uncertainty as I have. We owe it to the young and inexperienced in our midst to present balanced approaches. The last thing we want is our protégés to wake up six months from now with 1,000 N95 masks when they should have invested a small portion of that in more conventional stores of prosperity and well-being.
      Bear in mind, we have no idea how this will play out in warmer weather. The recent hotspots in Iran, China, South Korea, and Europe are all in temperatures ranging from the 30s to mid-50s F. We shall see.

      We must pray and be prepared, but let us hold ourselves to a higher standard than the usual purveyors of doom.

      1. D.D., great reply.

        A defining factor of uncertainty is speculation, but the level of alarm within that speculation has a lot to do with how aware people are to the patterns of uncertainty.

        Your comment here demonstrates experience that many would benefit from, and I fully agree with your thoughts here.

        1. D.D. And Muddykid,

          I completely agree! Enough of Mike Adams and Alex Jones!! I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut over these two, but frankly, if either of them told me it was raining outside I would have to go look for myself!
          Seriously folks there is not ANY accredited virologist or scientist who would give Mike Adams 5 minutes of their time. He has made a fortune selling his products. Do your own research on him. They will both take a tiny piece of truth and turn it into a million conspiracies. This site does a much better job, sift through things you read here, do your own research and make your own independent conclusions. Real science is out there…..JMO.

          1. Hi TXnurse. Agree completely with you on AJ. If anyone has ever seen the movie Contagion, remember the guy that was promoting forsythia (sp?). He so reminds me of AJ!

      2. D.D. is correct. I think a lot of the Media is hyping this crisis – Bad News Sells. As Winston Churchill once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

          1. Gray Man,

            I do believe you are correct. When doing a Startpage search I find it both ways but thinking back to when I was reading about Pearl Harbor it was FDR. Thanks for the catch.

      3. It is personal preferences, or proclivities we must guard against? The best answer to the problem is a well balance diet of perspectives. A good investigator should be intellectually flexible, and able to consider many points of view without emotional involvement. The audience is comprised of adults. Some are more capable than others as their experience allows. However, to purposely omit information is lying by omission. Pursuant to a well balanced big picture view and examination, we should seek ways to offset the lies of politicians, and the mainstream media. We should strive to have an open minded conversation. Those who become consumed by fear should seek the Lord for guidance and comfort. Fear is Satan’s tool. Those fiery darts from hell can be quenched with prayer, if one is right with God.

        DD said:

        “Bear in mind, we have no idea how this will play out in warmer weather. The recent hotspots in Iran, China, South Korea, and Europe are all in temperatures ranging from the 30s to mid-50s F. We shall see.”

        Temperatures in the 40’s might be ideal for the virus. We actually do not know, yet we should operate from the best educated guesses, and incomplete science. As postulated previously, as the warmer weather exceeds 86F, the R-naught (rate of spread, or degree of contagiousness) can be significantly retarded, yet if the summer is cool in the northern climates, it can persist longer into the summer. Last year, we had a late, and 20% cooler summer here in Montana. The virus could follow the cooler seasonal temperatures, and emerge in the Southern Hemisphere, and given time to mutate, return in a second wave as a more virulent strain, as did the Spanish Flu of 1918. Because we cannot absolutely know, it is always wise to plan for the worst, and pray for the best.

        This is not, in in my humble opinion, and an ordinary flu bug. Even a low hypothetical CFR (case fatality rate) of only 1% can be compounded by the very high R-naught, and overwhelm hospitals, and disrupt our economy. This can quickly happen, and then the CRF can quadruple, or worst in short order. Regardless, the economic impact and other knock on effects, is potentially such to be devastating to our now fragile society. No doubt that this virus can destabilize the geo-politic. And no matter the objection, or how it is sliced and diced in analysis, those who took action early and beat the rush, are better off as a result.

        And we may agree that a financial collapse is pending as there is no way to wipe away the massive global debt. Even if the virus never became endemic here, the economic ramifications of a supply disruption can cause a self perpetuating and cascading series of defaults from top to bottom. Eventually big banks, ala’ Deutche Bank, unable to service massive it’s derivatives debt, become apart of the process, and suddenly our financial system based upon credit and debt, ceases to function, and food deliveries are immediately halted. It is possible the long fuse of what JWR years ago defined in his article, The Derivatives Time Bomb, is lit. The FED is simply unable to provide liquidity to small or large business, and the banks, or force sick, or frightened workers, back to work. Even tyrannical China is have serious problems restarting it’s factories as workers are so fearful, and will occasionally just drop dead. As worker do return, the R-naught also also increases.

        Disruption of supply lines caused by a sudden stoppage of output from China will be soon apparent. And subsequently, other Asian counties that collectively represent 52% of global economic activity, may given enough time, cause a severe global depression and geo-political upheaval, and eventually utter financial collapse, including the usual wars, famine, pestilence. These next few weeks before the full on effective of immediate shortages caused by China’s sudden stoppage of 90% of their industrial output, that will not quickly resume to adequately fill the gap in the next quarter or two, if ever, is the open window to get it done. It might be the last chance for those on limited budgets to get what they need to survive long and short term. And should they, over wrought with fear, purchase more masks than they can personally consume, there will likely be another wave, and they may profit by reselling their excess masks for a hefty percentage gain, thereby resupplying hospitals, or others who would not take responsibility for themselves when times were good.

        I apologize, although in complete, the is this best recap of the situation I have time for. At some point it is simply not possible to convey a precise account, but we can accurately characterize, and offer guidance. Those who have become recently aware are behind the 8 ball, yet it, if all they can do is increase the size of their pantry before the week is out, they can eat that food assurance latter, and partially avoid the 10% food price inflation, that has been a constant in recent years. It is far better and safer investment that any other opportunities, and there is no capital gains to pay. And scarcity will increase the prices of food, rapidly should this thing escalate. Farms in China will not produce as much this summer as farms are also disrupted, and there is was already scarcity developing in China before Covd-19 hit them hard, and the virus is now well into surrounding countries. Personally I’d ditch other investments in decline, and hop on the next elevator up. Hedge in part with food that will be golden in time. Today was a good today to do that.

        1. “I apologize, although in complete, the is this best recap of the situation I have time for.”

          Lord have mercy TR! At almost 1,000 words, I imagine that’s so.

          God Bless You Brother.

          1. Wow. Had no idea, I just let it flow. Should I squeeze in another 500 words and submit it for grins?

            Gotta go help a neighbor order seeds….the delivery lines are gonna get slow soon as well.

  1. Ready Made Resources, Mountain House, and are sold out as far as food goes!

    Worst time for this to hit as I needed to buy for an Alaskan trip this summer!

    The BePrepared freeze dried meatballs are awesome in the Mountain House spaghetti and meat sauce. Same for adding the sausage crumbles into the biscuits and gravy for more meat.

      1. While I note the debate, I am grateful that we on this site have the freedom to have it. Disagreement is a healthy sign.

        Re: the sold out food preps. Look for them, real cheap, on Craig’s list after the storm passes. Perhaps a few folks will wake up…

        Carry on

    1. As I agree with your opinions regarding doom and gloom, I salute our hosts for allowing such robust debate.

      Re: the prep foods being sold out today, look for bargains on these after the storm passes. I reckon they will be selling for pennies on the dollar. Or, perhaps some of the present buyers will wake up and smell the coffee–freeze dried, of course.

      Carry on

    2. I sold Ready Reserve and PermaPak long term storage food before Y2K, and there were times in 1998 when it was back ordered for three to six months. There is only so much capacity out there. #10 canners run only so fast. Extra food, cans and lids don’t get delivered overnight. Adding a second or third shift is not easy because you have to hire and train people, and then when the emergency is over, you have to let them go, so many companies don’t do it.

      After Hurricane Katrina, we sold every MRE we had in the first 24 hours. I called my supplier to get more and they said, “Sorry! The government has purchased all we can make in the next 90 days.” If the Coronavirus lasts, I bet that’s going to be the case with N95 masks and many other high-demand products.

      In other words, I would take those Amazon estimated delivery dates with a pound of salt.

  2. This panic shopping won’t stop any time soon. Time to rotate your larder folks.
    This will be a good test of your overall stocks, take notes of your needs as you use things. Stay out of the crouds.

    1. Agreed. Things will escalate now in the US. Watch for a 90 day shakeup and shakeout period.

      I say we’ll see hysteria responses until at least mid May. I don’t like it or want it, but I expect it. And am prepared for it.

  3. We were told for years now, that = “Globalism is good.” + “Life would be better, when the manufacturing jobs relocated to China.” + “Americans should train for “Service” Jobs” [As in Servitude Jobs for the Wealthy Elites!]
    ………. We also were told that, “Fossil Fuel production in the USA is bad.” + “We Need to Buy Oil from Other Countries.” + “We need to expend American Lives defending the oil production, for the dictators in other countries.” = “Because Americans insist on Driving Big Cars, and will NOT NOT NOT ride Bicycles instead of driving cars!”

    Now days, the ‘Elites’ with Fake News’ are telling America, that the Orange Man is bad, for wanting to bring the good jobs back to the USA. The Orange Man is bad for wanting to extract Oil from the ground in the USA; instead of fighting the endless/useless wars overseas.
    The Wuhan Flu~CoronaVirus outbreak has demonstrated how dangerous it is for the USA to become so dependent on anther country. Even many pharmaceuticals and medical items are now made in China too.
    ………… But still, the Fake News and the other countries are blaming Orange Man for the Wuhan Flu~CoronaVirus. [If it wasn’t absolutely >tragic, it’d be a hoot!]


    The Stock Market is down because so many Big Wall Street Companies are dependent on the ~slave labor in China. The small companies are dependent on the products from China, because of the decisions by the Big Wall Street Companies.

    From the news:
    “Apple, Facebook, and Google stocks are falling after surge in coronavirus cases
    The world’s biggest tech companies are coming to terms with how their businesses are being impacted by the global outbreak.”

    “China — which is the second-largest economy in the world — has all but halted its production of consumer goods such as phones, clothing, and automobiles for the past several weeks. The country has taken on unprecedented “wartime” measures to control the virus’s spread, such as placing severe restrictions on some 780 million people and instituting mass quarantines in major cities.”

    “The Wall Street Journal reports that the lockdown on Chinese manufacturing has caused global markets to “shudder” and is casting an “ever-widening shadow” on the economy at large.”
    [From Vox 2-26-2020]

    From me, GGHD: Communist China is a police state; the news from China is more restricted than the news provided by the Fake News companies, controlled by our ‘Elites’ here in the USA.

    Supposedly, parts of China are completely quarintined; while in other places, ~workers are being forced to show up for work.

    Whatever the story from Communist China is true, be sure to have the needed prep supplies available. Check out the advertisers at Survivalblog. +Stay with Survivalblog for the latest trustworthy news.
    The Wuhan Flu~CoronaVirus might NOT be as dangerous as portrayed. There’s information that, the Wuhan Flu is being hyped to blame the Orange Man.
    But, still ~ANY illness is bad, if you or a family member becomes sick and dies.
    Stay Safe.

    1. One of the reasons I read this site, every day, is the intelligence and clear thinking of the folks who are here and commenting.

      Orange Man Bad? No Orange Man RIGHT on most issues, such as:

      We need to bring our manufacturing home. We certainly need to be manufacturing our drugs and supplements HERE, and definitely not in China, or anywhere else in Asia for that matter.

      We need to control immigration and literally close the borders, not only the Southern border, but the Northern border as well. Fortress America, you betcha. We are the one country on earth that could successfully isolate and still thrive.

      We desperately need to end America’s forever wars, if for no other reason than that they are unconstitutional. Show me in our constitution where the States granted the authority to the general (i.e. federal) government to spend the blood of our citizens, and the treasure of our citizens to defend any state that is not one of THESE united States. While we are at it; show me anywhere in our constitution where the States granted the authority to the general government to take (steal) the wealth of the American people and launder it through the bureaucracy, then give it to the government of any state that is not one of THESE united States. Our entire foreign policy is unconstitutional!

      I love my country, but I literally hate my government. I literally hate both political parties. These are not loyal Americans, they are traitors to their country. They take bribes in the form of campaign contributions, especially from organizations such as AIPAC, which should be listed as a representative of a foreign government, yet they get a pass. I don’t have any animosity to the citizens of Israel, but I’m not a fan of their government or the organizations that promote their government. They take bribes from Big Pharma. They take bribes from Big Agra and Big Chemical and now Big Tech. Bribery is still a crime, except for politicians and judges.

      Sorry for ranting again. I could go on and on about what is wrong with this government. My government is not my country, there is a difference.

      1. Didn´t the constitution give the authority for foreign police and war to the Federal Government and parliament voted into Office by American citizens?

        1. Only within the confines, the limits, of the constitution as written. So yes foreign policy is within the purview of the president’s authority as long as his actions do not exceed the specific written authority granted by the States.

          Our treaty making power belongs to the president. However, the president and the state department can’t put something in a treaty that violates or changes any part of the constitution as written and understood in 1787. It can’t be used to violate or change any part of the Bill of Rights as written and understood in 1789. The treaty making power can’t be used to violate or change any other amendment to the constitution as each was written and understood when they were individually ratified.

          Further, I don’t believe the words “foreign policy” are anywhere mentioned in our constitution. Foreign policy is the treaty making power, and that belongs to the president and his state department. So the treaty making power can’t be used to violate or change any part of our constitution.

          An example would be the UN Small Arms Treaty. Any president who actually signed on to that treaty would have committed an act of treason. It would be a crime, punishable by death. Such a treaty can never be ratified by the Senate. If it were, those Senators who voted to ratify would have committed an act of treason, a crime punishable by death.

          So, yes the president has control of foreign policy, but only within the confines of our constitution as written..

          1. Which part of the constitution forbids the President and parliament to do that and then btw explain me why George Washington and the founding fathers were not executed for their alliance with the French and Spanish Monarchies?

        2. “Which part of the constitution forbids the President and parliament to do that and then btw explain me why George Washington and the founding fathers were not executed for their alliance with the French and Spanish Monarchies?”

          Our constitution is based on specific grants of authority. It’s not about where the US government is for forbidden, it’s about where it is granted. If you look at our 10th amendment, that is where it is forbidden.

          “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          What this says is: If we the States don’t give SPECIFIC written permission to the general government to do or act on anything, that authority is reserved to the States and to the people. If we don’t tell you, you can, you can’t.

          Washington and the other founders of this country sought the help of France. But we made no binding treaty to provide our troupes or our money to be used in an alliance with France to support the French in their aggressive war making on any other country.

          Had we lost the Revolutionary War, a war of secession from Mother England, the whole group of founders would have been killed by Mother England. To emphasize what they knew they were risking, read our Declaration of Independence. Specifically the last paragraph:

          “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

          They risked their lives, many lost their fortunes, they kept their sacred Honor. This, so we didn’t have to put up with the tyranny from an overbearing government thousands of miles away. The States of the united States need to revitalize the Declaration of Independence and apply it to the government in Washington, a government, for most of us, hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

          1. With other words, sorry but the constitution gives the power of war and foreign politics to the federal goverment and parliament.
            But i don´t like it.

            BTW The French Minister IIRC said, he has never seen someone abandon it´s allies as fast as the US did.

    2. GGHK

      My wife is Chinese. The Chinese understand their government lies to them and work around that false narrative.

      The fake media in this country- better known as Democrat television- tell lies continually but the public school students and university students believe it hook line and sinker.

      Big big difference.

      @charles K.
      that was the problem offer WWI. Isolationism. The US pulled out of the war to end all wars and WWII was just around the corner. It’s a trade off. Do we pull out of Germany and South Korea and Japan and Africa and Middle East and Afghanistan and …

      If we do the world would literally go to Hell in a hand basket. Remember one thing… the US and the western countries fight wars upholding Judea Christian principles. The Muslims fight for Islam principles. The barbaric UN death keepers fight for anti-Christ principles. Communist fight for world domination and conquest. Women’s rights fights for genocide of the unborn for the lie of equality.

      Sorry I disagree about pulling out of the world as the policman as the US constitution is based on Judea Christian principles. Our wars establish Gods rule of law and our country is the closest military that does that.

      1. From Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1801, from his first inaugural address.

        “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations;…

        I don’t know about you, but I find nothing isolationist about that statement.

        The rest of the quote: “…entangling alliances with none.”

        There is nothing isolationist about that part of the quote either. All it says is we want trade and honest friendship, but we won’t fight your wars for you. This is the understood foreign policy of the United States, the constitutional foreign policy of the United States, prior to our intervention in WW1. Arguably it goes back to the Spanish-American War, but we won’t go there for now.

        It was our intervention in WW1 that lead directly to the rise of Adolph Hitler. The war had come to a stalemate. No country could claim victory, not England, not France, not Belgium, and certainly not Germany. By the time of our intervention Russia was already out due to the Bolsheviks and their uprising and deposition of the Czar. Had we not intervened, there would have been a treaty that ended the war, without draconian reparations being required of Germany. It was the imposition of those reparations that lead directly to the rise of Hitler. There were NO good guys running the various governments of Europe in 1918. There were NO good guys running the United States in 1918. World War 1 was not a just war for the United States. We were never attacked and there was no chance of our being attacked, before or during WW1.

        America should be fighting wars for no other country. America should enter into NO entangling alliances, with any country. And for those of you who think we should be defending the government of Israel, you’re wrong. Maybe if we weren’t playing body guard to the government of Israel, the government of Israel might just learn to play nice with their neighbors. The government of Israel rarely fights just wars. Mossad has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

        Always remember, and never forget, Just War Theory is also a Judaeo-Christian principle. If the wars your country fights are not Just Wars, your country is on the wrong side of the Lord.

    3. From GGHD: I received an email from a reader of Survivalblog, for a comment NOT NOT NOT here at the moment. The email spoke about the USA engaging in a ‘policeman’ activity for the World. … [At least, as I understood the email.] The comment email, spoke in support for more American Military involvement around the world. (Other things were also mentioned)

      For understanding about ‘a JUST WAR, and a nation’s honorable decision to go to War’ = There is a ~Just War Theory~ article on Wikipedia. … To the emailer, I recommend reading the entire article.

      Sometimes political leaders make a decision for their own benefit, and NOT for the benefit people of a nation. I believe Trump is acting for the benefit of America and the American People.

      The idea of a “Just War” goes back into ancient history, and is part of many different cultures around the World.

      Here’s just part of the long article. I chose to quote the Doctrine of the Catholic Church as set out by Wikipedia. =
      The “four strict conditions for “legitimate defense by military force”

      1. the damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave, and certain;
      2. all other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective;
      3. there must be serious prospects of success;
      4. the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated (the power of modern means of destruction weighs very heavily in evaluating this condition).
      [From Wikipedia. A long article; inclusive other cultures throughout the world, and back into history.
      GGHD again:

      The USA has been fighting for 19 years in Afghanistan. President Trump said this, “Trump Says He Could Destroy Afghanistan. … have had the country “wiped off the face of the earth” but did not “want to kill 10 million people.”. [From the Internet]

      President Trump understands the Concept of a Just War. … God places into our conscience the idea of Right and Wrong. Voters still have a say in the USA about endless Wars.
      The US Military is a ‘people’s’ Army; in that, the Military comes out of the people in the USA. = They are NOT NOT NOT mercenaries, as the honorable voters still have a say. [Trump listens to the good people of America]

      God Bless Donald Trump. In 2020 vote Trump for President.

      1. GGHD

        We learned our lesson after WWI. America must be involved in the world affairs as we have the strongest backing of Judea Christian principles … the strongest prepencity for peace on Earth. I steer clear of the Democratic Party online encyclopedia Wicked-pedia.

        Let’s pull all of our troops home as you say. Let’s see what happens in the next ten years. Americans “the people’s army” as you state having no occupation would cause more stresses on American citizens when world affairs are overrun by antichrist principled regimes.

        It would not be a pretty sight.

        1. X. Liberal.
          I commented with a religious message about the characteristics of a “Just War” and religion. FYI: I attend a Christian Church, where about a 1,000 years ago, the man in charge started wearing that big hat style around.

          The basic idea behind a Just War is to do More Good than Harm.
          As Trump said, “He Could Destroy Afghanistan. … have had the country “wiped off the face of the earth” but did not “want to kill 10 million people.”

          The United Nations and Treaty Organizations such as NATO were formed to be a ‘Policing Force in the World.’ … Sometimes these organizations are very corrupt; more so than even Chicago USA >politicians.
          But, at least there is some type agreement in the world, as to the actions undertaken.

          A go it alone effort by the USA rarely ends well for the USA, and the ~families of our Military people. … The USA is still a democracy. A campaign for National Office can occur, with the idea that the USA should be the policeman of the world. It should be put to a vote.
          I still support a strong military. Plus, the use of our military to protect and advance the interest of the USA as a nation. I also support the protection of allies around the world; especially >Israel.
          The USA has honorably and repeatedly used its Military resources for delivering Humanitarian Aid around the World. [There’s merit gained in Heaven for all approving Americans.]

          In the last Election: Trump was elected on America First, and the judicious use of American Military Might. Trump is still willing to confront the Dictators with the message, “My ~button is bigger than yours!”

  4. Interesting video on Youtube entitled, Coronavirus discussion with Dr.Campbell and Dr Pedesen by Dr. Paul Cottrell. Would be interested in hearing Tunnel Rabbits take on Dr. Pedesen’s silver gel and solutions.

    Bad news this morning regarding nursing home in Washington State. Also, the front line workers testing positive in California appears that we are starting to explode with this.

      1. In addition to questions about whether the virus is multi-phasic, or whether there is a failure of immunologic response to infection, I wonder if this virus might not “hide out” in the body. This occurs with Ebola (which can secret itself away in the fluids of the eye, for example). I wonder if this could also occur in nCov-2019. An interesting question… Quite disturbing really.

        1. Lisa,

          I’ve been busy this morning, called the gov., Lt. gov, and mayor of Austin leaving my opinion on canceling SXSW,I think that is very important this year. Bringing 170,000 people from all around the world right now to Central Texas is just about the worst idea I can think of, we need more time to prepare here. I also called Tx dept of health and was unable to speak to anyone. There also is an online petition people can sign if you are interested, please pass this info on to other friends of yours here if you are inclined.

          1. Txnurse,

            Thank you for the information. Will also be doing the same however, with the amount of money coming in from SXSW, I doubt it will make a difference. Although I did see one of the key speaker for Twitter (I think, don’t do social media so get them all confused) has cancelled coming to SXSW due to virus.

            Went to see a specialist in Austin this morning. He’s not concerned at all. Thinks its “a hoax or like the flu at worst”. He’s actually flying his family to a major tourist spot in Mexico for Spring Break!

            We can’t totally go into isolation because of mail, deliveries, doctors appts, etc. but we must be vigilent and watch our surroundings. No crowds.

            And yes, we are definitely in the same neck of the woods. I’m about 75 miles out of Austin.

    1. Hi sewNurse,

      Can’t really have an opinion on that product as I haven’t tried it. but of course we can speculate, or better yet, use reason. Silver particles are usually small enough to kill bacteria that attack the gums. If there is enough silver in the tooth paste, the user will experience a noticeable difference. It might be as good, or better than swishing with diluted hydrogen peroxide every few days, or only when gums begin to bleed. Hydrogen Peroxide should not be used on a regular basis, as it can kill the beneficial bacteria that also guard against thrush, and aid and begin the process of digestion by seeding masticated food as it goes down the hatch.
      Regular use of colloidal silver in the mouth, as any anti bacterial agent, may have unknown effects in mouth long term with daily use, but would likely to be good for at least occasional use, and prevent or resolve a bout of gingivitis and reduce the formation of plaque if used regularly.
      We can only learn about this by trail and error, however, copious and judicious of use common sense should also be applied. Apologize if I’m a bit verbose.

      Gotta go purchase fresh seed for next year before UPS, or the USPS is overwhelmed with panic buying that probably will continue until supply is exhausted. It is not just that supply is thin, but delivery lines as well….

    2. Just found this: Wuhan was the first city to go 100% 5G. But I’m sure it is a coincidence.

      Fact or fiction? Is there danger in using 5G?

      Carry on

      1. Some think the 5G microwaves fry the persons innards.
        Ya dont just walk around then “drop dead” from a virus…system would weaken first,then fail.
        But if innards are fried…look out Colonel Sanders.
        Is this a huge psy-op??

  5. @ resource shortages,

    Has anyone seen the news reports about the surgeon general urging people to “stop buying masks!”…?

    Then, with reading this mornings news, much of which is about Condvid-19, in several of the pictures that media organizations use in those articles, most are wearing masks.

    For me, this seems to translate in to….”Dont buy masks…..yet, everyone who is responding or impacted are wearing masks. Dont think, just follow.”

    Those silly birds. Happy Monday, everyone.

  6. Here you go…

    From the ZH article linked below: “What are the odds that a SARS-like coronavirus with overlapping genetics from HIV mutated and crossed over into humans, next door to a laboratory which had been enhancing coronavirus with HIV for over a decade? And conversely, what are the odds it leaked out of the laboratory? ”

    Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  7. Even though we’re in a smaller community, we’re starting to see some disruption in supplies. Luckily, we’ve been slowly adding to our supplies for a while now, so we’re now just filling some of the smaller gaps. We’re very thankful that we have what we have, it’s hard to imagine the anxiety of someone who is just now starting to prepare.

    Most of our family and friends think this is still nothing, but we’re just moving forward, because if it’s not a virus, it’ll be something else down the road.

  8. BinWY, they’ll continue to lie and call us conspiracy theorists up and until it doesn’t matter any more who is right or wrong. At that point who will care.

  9. N-95 masks bought 2 yrs a go- $12 for 50….larder is 100% and rotated. Just because someone calls me paranoid doesn’t mean that somethings not out to get us. Ever vigilant

    1. Don’t have time to read it, but do respect the author. We are also familiar with that line of thinking, and there is probably some merit to it. If I were the Satan, the leader of the evil rulers of the world, I too would not let a good crisis go to waste. And there are few better scenarios for consolidating power. If Clausewitz thought that “politics is war by other means”, by extension, decapitating the rising tide of nationalism globally by getting rid of Trump, and effecting a long shopping list of other necessary goals rampant chaos and mayhem, this is a grand opportunity that cannot be ignored, but to be fervently acted upon, and assisted with all haste.

      We are indeed at war in at least 4 dimensions. There are endless combinations of the usual techniques, and it begins with deception.

  10. It is a good feeling to know you have a deep larder and are stocked up, but I fear for my family members in affected areas. Although, I advised them to ignore the fear mongering, but advised them over a month ago, to just pick up the gloves, masks, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. while you can still get them. I don’t know if anyone did so. I found a youtube video or two that explains how to make hand sanitizer using rubbing alcohol (or vodka), and aloe vera gel (50/50 mix undiluted). I ordered 50 little 2 oz re-usable squeeze bottles to make up hand sanitizers so I can ship them, along with basic supplies, to my extended families should they wake up and find their shelves empty. Hand sanitizing is probably the most effective measure for prevention. One youtuber made it very simple, he suggested just adding some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to whatever you have on hand: lotion, sunblock, coconut oil. The oils act as a spreading agent, a protective skin barrier, as well as moisturizes the skin to protect it from the drying alcohol. I decided to add the addition of Tea Tree Oil – a few drops into the mix. Nothing scientific here. But, it did cause me to get creative. I read that people touch their noses, mouths, faces, with their hands almost a hundred times a day, so that constant hand disinfectant should go a long way. The youtuber even suggested one could add a couple of drops of bleach into water to be used as a spray. For those of us who stock up on basics like bleach, white vinegar, oils, it’s easy to get creative. Those who depend upon the local grocery chain, they can think in terms of other not-so-popular products: if you can’t find rubbing alcohol, look at hydrogen peroxide; if you can’t find either, look for white vinegar, if not, look at bleach, even look at making a solution of salt and baking soda mixed in water. You can put a bar of soap into a pot of boiling water to dissolve it down into a liquid and use that as a hand sanitizer. Just trying to get people to think outside the box and add a few cents to the conversation.

  11. Lisa in Texas

    If enough people protest the SXSW event it could be canceled, also the Dept of Health inTexas I believe has the final say. The Gov also has some input, just last week he held a conference saying they would be doing all they could to protect the people of Texas, well this would be an excellent step. Many foreign countries are making these hard decisions already and canceling events, I would not be at all surprised if even the 2020Tokyo olympics are cancelled within a month. We seem to be way behind in our efforts at containment than many other countries. We need to start thinking with our heads and hearts, not our economic interests.

    I’m about 50 miles out of Austin.

    1. I agree TXnurse. My husband brought up a thought I hadn’t even considered regarding SXSW. We had already decided to stay “very close to home” as our little hamlet has a small population but then I was telling him about your comments on SXSW. He said “Oh, what you really have to worry about it the tourist!” I was like “yeah that’s the whole point. (to myself “DUH!). Then he continued what about the “little restaurant that is only open 1 day a week, has tourist from all over the globe because of the reviews/tv shows/news reports”. The light bulb literally came on for me! With SXSW, the influx of tourist to our little hamlet will be on overload. 🙁

      I really wouldn’t be so worried about this except for my husband who has several underlying health issues, not to mention a major health scare early February. After which, within 2 days of coming home from the hospital both of us came down with a horrible stomach bug! I pray that folks are right about this being just “major hype/politics”. I just have a healthy abundance of high level caution right now.

        1. Yes, I will do just that today. Thanks for posting this good idea. Hopefully, it will help. SXSW would be a Petri dish for any type of contagion brought to that area.

  12. From your post: “…I fear for my family members in affected areas.”

    We really get this. The deaths in Washington state are very, very, very close to members of our family. What you’re doing to try to help others is thoughtful and kind and compassionate. The idea of mixing rubbing alcohol with aloe vera gel is a great one!

  13. The proposed bill in Australia imposing a $25,000 fine for cash transactions over $10,000 should serve as a warning to those who are subject to potential confiscation of their firearms. The tyrants who want to impose this on the Australian people will stop at nothing to gain total control over everyone. If the Aussies hadn’t given up their guns they probably wouldn’t be facing the loss of so much of their freedom. Reminds me of why we must keep our guns.

  14. Yesterday I had the enjoyment of watching a 30s something young man trying to stuff 3 bales of toilet paper in a BMW sports car . They eventually all fit after much pushing and shoving . It was a convertible and I imagine it was embarrassment that prevented him from simply putting the top down.

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