The GSM and the NWO, by H.M.

Editor’s Introductory Note:  At SurvivalBlog we do our best to present a variety of opinions. The following  article is highly opinionated. Some might say that it borders on a “rant.” If that bothers you, then simply skip reading it. Please keep your comments civil.

I have been a prepper for more than thirty years, without really knowing why. I knew that something was coming and have since then come to the realization that a group of very powerful people want to end life as we’ve known it and return the world to the feudal system of the Middle Ages. To do this, the world population must be reduced to a level that can be controlled. Don’t believe me? Look up the Georgia Guide Stones, where the first goal of the New World Order (NWO) is to reduce world population to 500 million people, a level they can more easily control. As many of you know, this is being undertaken with the help of Big Pharma, our conventional medical system, and the poisoning of our food, water, and the very air that we breath. They pushed the Global Warming scam as far as it could go. We did have a warming cycle but that ended in 2008, so the Climate Change narrative was invented.

I recently heard an interview of David DuByne, author of the book “The Coming Grand Solar Minimum”. He looked back at the weather over the past thousand years and applied the dates of solar activity to significant events in history. What he found was that many of the wars, famines, social upheaval, and revolutions corresponded exactly to periods of reduced solar activity, which is indicated by the occurrence of sunspots. He also determined that the most significant solar minimums occurred about every 400 years, with the last one taking place in the 1600s-1700s. There have been 27 Grand Solar Minimums (GSMs) in the past 11,000 years, with 407 years average time between each of them. The effects on crops, due to less intense solar rays, have caused famines bad enough to be a major factor in the French Revolution. The Year Without A Summer in 1816, was caused by volcanic dust from the Mount Tambora eruption in April 1815, blocking the already reduced sunlight reaching the earth.

As I’m writing this, more than 50,000 armed patriots peacefully are gathering in Richmond, Virginia to protest the efforts by the Virginia Governor and Legislature to subvert the 2nd Amendment. I believe that former President Barak Obama is calling the shots for this scam from his residence in Washington D.C. The NWO cannot take down America as planned if its citizens are able to resist. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, it was given to us by the Founding Fathers to be able to withstand the efforts of a tyrannical government, which history has shown will always turn on its people. During this same week, part of the NWO true agenda has been revealed by a Project Veritas video of a Bernie Sanders campaign manager who brags that they will incite violence this year in order to start a civil war and prevent President Trump’s reelection. He also said that if Sanders is elected President, patriots like us will be herded into “reeducation camps” to be brainwashed or killed, something Hillary Clinton called “fun camps” a few years ago.

After extensive research, I have come to the opinion that the New World Order has known about an imminent Grand Solar Minimum for decades, and have been making plans for their survival and control of the aftermath, while at the same time implementing policies and agendas that will ensure our demise. They have called their program Agenda 21 and have quietly imposed its draconian measures through the United Nations. The U.S. Federal Government has done so through its alphabet agencies, and through state and local governments. The Agenda 21 draft came out of the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “21” is supposed to refer to the 21st Century, and its goals were covered under the phrase “Sustainable Development”. The document was 350 pages, broken down into four sections, and 40 chapters, and was adopted by 178 government representatives at the conference.

At the Rio summit, America was represented by President George H.W. Bush, who signed us onto this scam. The document is a “non-binding statement of intent”, not a treaty. Congress has never held a formal debate on this document, and it has never been voted on. A year later, President Bush created the Presidential Council on Sustainable Development to oversee its gradual implementation in America. Townhall meetings were held all across America with the intent to convince the public that they would have some input into the implementation of Agenda 21, but in reality, the decisions had already been made. The meetings were “window dressing” to convince the public that they had a say in the scam.

The meetings consisted of a presentation where the general guidelines of Sustainable Development were presented, then the people in the audience were broken up into small groups to present their ideas. Each group had a couple of “ringers” who were secretly chosen to be the group leaders. The first order of business was to vote for a group leader who would control the discussions. One of the ringers would nominate the other one for group leader, that person would be voted on by the unsuspecting group members, and the elected leader would then guide the discussions to a predetermined outcome. This is called the Delphi Technique, where both ringers had been thoroughly trained in its application and control of the discussion, so the public would leave the meeting thinking they had been a viable part of the process.

You can see the progress that has been made in your city: all the bike lanes that have been painted along city streets, new additions to existing public transportation systems such as trolley cars and light rail systems, and new apartment units being built downtown which are multi-story with businesses on the ground floor and several levels of living units above. All of this is part of Agenda 21, called “stack and pack” housing where the public will slowly be forced into leaving the suburbs, due to travel restrictions and inflated vehicle operating cost. They want us living in these areas where it is easier to keep track of our movements and activities.

You can see the advanced stages of this in some of the world’s major cities, where vehicles are not allowed in the city center, or if they are allowed, then they must pay a daily access fee. It’s all designed to make our normal life and freedom of movement such a hassle that you will move downtown into a multi-level apartment, and then walk to work, ride on mass transit, or ride a bicycle. This is the plan folks, and the push for electric cars with their limited range and long recharge times are another part of it, which will eventually be the only vehicles allowed downtown. Vehicle insurance will be increased on fuel burning vehicles to the extent that many people will not be able to drive their own car.

The globalists have recently updated the goals of Agenda 21, calling it Agenda 2030. When you hear Al Gore, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Greta Thunberg preaching to us about the world ending in a decade, this ties into the Agenda 2030 timeline. Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Secretary General, has stated, “there is no Plan B, because there is no Planet B”; when the measure was voted on, it was approved by all U.N. member nations. I believe that Agenda 2030 was created after new data showed the impact of the Grand Solar Minimum would increase slowly, taking around a decade to reach a level that the Climate-Nazis are warning us about. The earth did experience a warming cycle, allowing the NWO to invent the Global Warming scam, but it essentially ended in 2008.

Then there is the fact that the true environmental impact will not be warming, with the polar icecaps and glaciers melting causing sea levels to rise and flood coastal cities. It will instead be another Little Ice Age (1350-1850). Agenda 2030 also corresponds to the projected timeline that David DuByne and other honest climate scientists have estimated that the results of the Grand Solar Minimum will impact the earth with full force. The crazy weather we are seeing in 2019 is just the opening stages of the GSM, as is the increased volcanic activity and hundreds of earthquakes around the Ring of Fire. When you look at it in relation to the Grand Solar Minimum, 2021 is about the time where we will begin seeing the initial effects on our climate and food production, with the major effects hitting around 2030. 2021 referred to a ballpark date when the New World Order thought that the SHTF would happen, and over the ensuing decades that Agenda 21 was implemented, it became apparent that 2021 was too early.

Our sun normally goes through cycles every 11 years, called Schwabe Cycles. Solar Cycle #24 will end in 2020. The most accurate climate predictor to date is Professor Valentina Zharkova, her climate models have been 93% correct, showing that Solar Cycle 24 would be weaker than Cycle 23, which almost everyone else predicted the opposite. Her presentation at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October 2018, shocked many recognized climate experts. She looked at the historic records of the sun’s magnetic fields and found that during the Little Ice Age (which had four GSM’s) only two of the four fields went out of phase. She has predicted that in the impending GSM there will be a Super GSM (SGSM), where all four fields will go out of phase, resulting in a significant reduction in earth’s protective magnetic field, and the sun’s rays being able to reach the earth’s surface.

We have been seeing the beginning stages of the SGSM with the gradual shifting of the magnetic poles. The movement of Magnetic North has been speeding up, and some airport runways in the U.S. have had their compass heading changed to reflect the pole shift. There are more earthquakes occurring around the world, also volcanic activity along the Ring of Fire. In mid-January 2020, a volcano threatened Manila, capital of the Philippines, with the government warning that mandatory evacuation may be required. The signs are there if you have the wisdom and courage to look. A major aspect of a SGSM will be a reduction in food production. As the weather goes crazy, crop yields will go down, and harvesting crops will be disrupted, as will spring planting. We have already seen this during the 2019 harvest/planting cycle.

Something that will tie into crop reductions will be increased cloud cover, which will block even more sunlight and result in shorter growing seasons. If that was not bad enough, Bill Gates has announced his Project SCoPEx, a plan created by Harvard scientists to have aluminum and other toxic substances sprayed from aircraft to reflect sunlight back into space. As if the SGSM will not be bad enough, Gates and the NWO want to make things worse. A tragedy that has concerned me since 2011, is the radiation from the destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear power plant which is literally killing the Pacific Ocean, a major source of food for the entire planet.

Hopefully, I have convinced you that we are approaching a Super Grand Solar Minimum, the New World Order and Main-Stream News are lying about it, and no government agency will be able to save us. Sometimes it’s what is Not being talked about, that you really need to worry about. So, what can we do to prepare for this history changing event? If you are like me, you have already been buying storable food, have a water source and a way to filter it, been taking steps to have a garden, have a place for you and your family to survive SHTF, and you have the weapons and ammunition needed to defend yourself. These are the basic steps that everyone should be taking right now. But to survive a SGSM these need to be modified, and other more extreme things must be seriously considered. First is location, it is predicted that anyone trying to live above the 35th parallel will have a very difficult time, this can be seen as a line running from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Memphis, Tennessee, to Charlotte, North Carolina. Anywhere above that line may be so cold that you will not be able to grow enough food to survive, and you will need an underground shelter, or at least reliable electric power (good luck with that).

I live in Oklahoma City, which is right on that northern boundary line, and it will be a lot harder to survive than someplace farther south. As for the availability of food, we cannot depend on the current food distribution system to grocery stores, which will break down in a matter of days. Long term storage food will work until it runs out, and growing food will not be as easy as in the past due to shorter growing seasons, more cloud cover, and the crazy weather patterns that we are already seeing. You should be building a greenhouse that can be heated by a wood stove, solar heating of water barrels when the sun is visible or heated by the earth in a partially below grade walipini. Any type of greenhouse must be protected from extremely large hail that will come with the crazy weather. During the Little Ice Age, hail stones weighing up to five pounds were  common in Europe. I bought steel racks at the local scrap yard to protect a greenhouse roof but still allow sunlight to penetrate.

Another growing option for smaller areas is a cold frame, which can easily be made of concrete blocks and a glass door or old windows. I have saved dozens of two-liter soda bottles which will be filled with antifreeze and water, painted black to absorb solar heat during the day and then keep the plants from freezing at night. Start plants from seeds early indoors, then replant them once the threat of frost has passed. You will need to be more selective of the plants you are going to grow, those with a 70-day maturity or plants that can be eaten early are what you will want, as are plants than will be canned.

American Indians grew squash, beans and corn together, called the “Three Sisters”, but I don’t believe there will be a variety of corn that could mature in such a short growing season. For the outdoor garden, a hoop house/tunnel set up will extend the growing season, just do not forget about the hail and have some replacement plastic covering material stored away. I am also planning to grow potatoes in old tires, adding another tire and more soil as the above ground plants grows. To harvest, you just remove a layer at a time and pull out the spuds in each layer, a lot easier than digging them from a garden bed and can be setup in limited space.

For fresh meat, I’m planning on hunting animals that live in the city, mainly small birds and squirrels which can be taken with a pellet rifle, and a goose on occasion that now live here year-round to be cooked over an open fire spit. Another source of fresh meat in the city will be dogs. Don’t get me wrong I love my dogs, but when hard times come, people will have enough problems feeding themselves much less a pet, so they will just turn the dogs out to run wild. Native Americans ate dog all the time, and some cultures consider it a delicacy to this day, eventually there will be packs of wild dogs roaming free and thinning them out will be good for everyone concerned.

As for water, we have an old well on the property that can have fresh water pulled up with a well bucket, a tubular device that will fit in the well casing and be lowered to the ground water in the well. After the tube is filled, pulling it up will seal the lower end allowing a few gallons of water at a time to be accessed and then be run through a Berkey gravity filter for drinking and cooking. Water for hygiene and the garden will be rainwater that has run off the metal roof of buildings on our property or melting snow during the winter months. It has been said that each person will need at least two gallons of clean water each day, so you need to plan ahead on how to obtain more than that for the garden and animals, any excess could even become an object for bartering.

It has been said that the main cause of death during SHTF will be disease, the best you can do to prevent contracting the common Third World diseases is good hygiene and sanitation of food and water. We also have a water distillation machine, or solar distiller, that will purify small amounts of water needed to make ionic silver. Silver has been used for thousands of years to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. Nothing will develop a resistance to silver like what has occurred with antibiotics.

Any major pandemics in the future will be an aerial virus that will infect the lungs. Using a nebulizer to vaporize silver solution, so it can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, will kill off any pathogens including Ebola, which has already been brought into the U.S. across our southern border by infected people from the Congo in Africa who are fleeing the Ebola outbreak there. If you do not believe me, the FDA recently approved an Ebola vaccine for the American public, but it’s a live virus vaccine which could be spread to others as vaccinated people shed the virus by exhalation. Don’t buy into the vaccine scam being pushed by the CDC, government agencies, and conventional medicine. It is part of the depopulation agenda of Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, and the NWO.

Besides food, water and shelter during a SGSM, just keeping warm will become a full-time job itself. We cannot depend on the current delivery of natural gas, propane, electricity or heating oil, so you had better have several methods of heating a living space. A quality wood stove lined with soapstone will be a life saver, and much of your efforts will be obtaining an adequate supply of firewood. Do not ignore the obvious sources of wood in the cities, as there will be lots of abandoned homes as the unprepared people die off. Wood fences, and even structural lumber, could be a backup supply to keep warm. A good chainsaw will cut firewood until it breaks down or you run out of fuel, so have some hand saws available with small files to keep the blades sharp. A quality axe can chop/split wood and can also be used as a formidable weapon in a pinch. Building a sawbuck and a chopping block will make cutting wood to stove lengths a whole lot easier, keeping the wood box full is a good chore for the kids.

The utilization of what sunlight will be available should also be considered. Plans for making solar window heaters are available on-line, print them off to hard copy now since the Internet may not be available. The authors of books on surviving the SGSM have all advocated living underground if possible, utilization of the earth’s natural warmth will reduce the amount of fuel needed to survive the anticipated sub-zero temperatures. You should be stocking up on cold weather clothing now, when you’re freezing your ass off, it will be too late, and don’t worry about making a fashion statement. A good source for these type clothes is thrift stores and military surplus.

I guess that covers most of the major concerns about the likelihood that a SGSM is coming, why we are being lied to about it, and what we can do to survive it. This is a long-term event, possibly lasting decades as it has in the past. The elites plan to ride it out in the luxury of their underground bunkers, and then emerge to enslave the people lucky enough to have survived on the surface. I am not overly worried about these people, all they know is lies, deceit and using other people to do their dirty work. When they are down there, it will only be a matter of time until they turn on each other, it is their nature to look down on anyone else as less than human so the odds are good that they will destroy themselves. I beg you, start prepping for this scenario now as part of your normal preps, since the survival of you and your family is at stake.


  1. I appreciate your article. I pray many will listen and prepare. I agree with much of what you shared, hence yesterday, I had another pair of -20 degree sleeping bags from Cabella’s and five more buckets of grains arrive on my doorstep. I am trying to prepare as God calls me. I have this feeling that what we stored ahead of time will be more important than what we will hypothetically be able to grow in the future. I, too, have heard Dr. Zharkova before. Dr. Valentina Zharkova is “a Professor in Mathematics at Northumbria University. She has a BSc/MSc in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy, a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, certificate in project management,” according to her bio at Northumbria University. I learned much from hearing her presentation online.

    I have a question for any engineer/architect readers: How does one build a home or barn roof to withstand five lb hailstones? Is it even possible? Is a Scandinavian earthen roof something to consider?

    1. Krissy, old retired engineer here. Re. your questions, you are thinking outside the box. Excellent. Roof strength is one way to address the problem. Deflection is another. The steepest roof proposed by conventional construction has a pitch of 12/12 or 12 inch rise for each 12 inch run or 45 degree angle. Snow load and live load (people moving on it for example) are two key factors. The flatter the roof the heavier the rafters required.

      I’m too old to waste time on calculations but…. I dare say that a simple single-wide mobile home built after 1994, having a metal roof with a pitch of 55 degrees or greater, and sufficient overhand to protect walls and windows would withstand 5 lb. hailstorms.

      Of course do not attempt this until approved by highly trained architects and engineers, stamped by appropriate lawyers, and constructed by qualified licensed contractors all of whom meet all applicable Federal, State, and County rules and regulations and local covenants.

      1. 5 pound hailstone? Maybe in the future climate.

        The largest recorded hailstone in the U.S. was nearly as big as a volleyball and fell on July 23, 2010, in Vivian, South Dakota. It was 8 inches in diameter and weighed almost 2 pounds.

        A 5 pounder would be what – a beach ball?

  2. You do know that January 2020 was the warmest on record since the late 1800’s and the ocean temps were the second warmest recorded right? While I agree that the weather has been pretty screwy and we are in a solar minimum, I’m not ready to ascribe what we’re seeing to a GSM at this point. Our weather is pretty screwed up but due to just what I’m not sure; maybe several things at once. And if in fact we are entering another GSM, global warming is just what we need so get those coal mines going again! 😉

    As for all the NWO stuff, I dunno. While I do think that there are many levels of shadow government and powerful people in many countries who are working the system for their own benefit, I don’t subscribe to the level of paranoia displayed by those who profess many of the beliefs that you present.

    As for people moving into urban areas, bike lanes, mass transit, closing off downtowns to vehicles, building with retail on the ground floor and apartments above(old style actually); many people, be they older boomers looking to downsize or millennials wish to live in an urban area where they can walk or bike to jobs, stores, entertainment etc. If I could stand living in a city I’d do just that. I don’t think this is part of some secret “plan” to herd people into cities. In fact many cities have become so popular with the very wealthy that they are unaffordable to those with moderate incomes(NYC, SF, Boston etc). Electric cars make sense for those who live in urban locales as they don’t need a huge range to get around and they do reduce air pollution in the city where they are operated.

    As for me, I’m living in the already frozen north. I figure that were a GSM to be a reality, there’s no way we could fit all of the US population into our most southern latitudes anyway so most of us are toast. Add to that the intense storms we are already seeing in the gulf and coast, Florida and Louisiana going underwater and that would eliminate even more real estate. So I’m planning on continuing to live in the snowy cold north. Should everyone head south I’ll have plenty of space for myself!

    1. “I don’t think this is part of some secret “plan” to herd people into cities.”

      Hi Ani,

      Most people don’t remember that during the 2000 elections, the criminal Al Gore was talking about just this. He proposed forcing people into the cities to free up “green belt” areas to be used as gigantic national parks, populated by the ruling class. These folks want us to live in soviet style apartment complexes. We should happily spend our lives quietly doing what we are told and never questioning authority. We are supposed to accept our enslavement at the hands of the ruling class. After all, who are we to question our betters. This isn’t conspiracy theory. Just because you have a theory about a conspiracy doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy. The author, H.M., has pointed to just a few of the notable conspirators, there are thousands more. These people are not our friends.

      I don’t want to live in the feudal society that the NWO types are promoting. Li’l, Mikey Bloomberg is the guy who wants to run the show. Just look at the things he is promoting.

      I’m don’t intend to be critical of you. If it seems that way I apologize. I’m critical of the very real conspiracy against us.

      1. Hi Charles K

        I don’t recall Al Gore talking about this but it sounds like something he’d say. I suspect he might have been referring to the proposed “Buffalo Commons” idea which would return the drier portions of 10 of the Great Plains states to native grassland and reintroduce the bison to the area. While I totally get it from an ecological standpoint and the idea has merits viewed that way I can also understand the acute distress experienced by those who live there! I suspect that both he and the Popper’s, who proposed this idea, don’t really understand why people would want to continue living in an area that to their mind is dying and desolate. But I also don’t think there was any nefarious intent to force people to move into soviet style apartment complexes in a city either. If I recall they did allow for payment to the land owners of the value of what they would have otherwise grown in exchange for planting native grasses plus allocated them a 40 acre homestead to continue living there.

        I think that often there are germs of truth in some of the issues that get batted about online but that they take on a life of their own when viewed through the perspective that they’re “out to get us”. Sometimes they are indeed but that’s not always the case. A lot of times the PTB are just clueless.

  3. You left out Bloomberg. Obama may be calling shots. It was Bloomberg that used his money to make it happen in Virginia. It was Bloomberg behind the district attorneys in IL.

  4. To me, this is a very thought-proving article showing a lot of research. My comment is based on my being a Christian, not a scientist. The scriptures warn us of these events, encompassing many terms such as whirlwinds, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fires, droughts, plagues, pestilence. The scriptures tell of a hail storm, which will destroy most crops of the earth and a great earthquake, the likes of which the peoples of the earth have never seen. These types of events are occurring around the world today. Science attempts to tell us how these events are caused and humans attempt to mediate these events or to make them worse.

    The author has put worth some ideas that may help some folks live through these tribulations. There are some which are new to me and I would like to try so I thank him/her for expressing those ideas.

  5. I agree with most of this article and found it helpful,some version of this is definetly going to happen plus the corona virus is going to have severe impart

  6. I am climate change “believer”. With that said I don’t believe climate change is human caused but that it is a naturally occurring process. I offer for evidence the fact that glaciers at some point in earth’s history came down to the Great Lakes (in fact created the Great Lakes), and then at some point those glaciers melted. All before the advent of the internal combustion engine. So what this tells us is that the earth can get really really cold and really really hot. Do humans add to the problem? I would say that in the big picture what we do is very insignificant. I remember when the Exxon Valdez ran aground and spill thousands of gallon of crude oil. The scientists at the time told us how it would take hundreds of years for the environment to return to normal. From what I understand that area has some of the best fishing around now. Point is our scientist can’t grasp the resiliency of the earth. One of the issue I see with climate change is the emphasis on “carbon credits”. Oh and of course the system to monitor and exchange those credits will be none other than Al Gore. But when you look in that actual data, and I highly suggest you do, the number one “green house gas” is . . . . Drum roll please . . . Water vapor!! Goggle it folks!! So what we are seeing is more rain. Currently the waters in ALL the Great Lakes are at historic highs (as long as records have been kept). I have heard that even the Finger Lakes in New York are over flowing. So is our climate changing sure, but it always has and always will.

    As far as sustainable and resiliency. I have been to several of these meetings in our own community. When I looked across the room I saw community leaders from a cross section. As for the Delphi method I did not witness anyone being asked to be a leader. When you get a bunch of type A personalities in a group asking who will be the leader would be a monumental task that would consume the time to work on the project.
    Did we discuss bike paths yes we did. Was it part of a grand NWO conspiracy? No, it is that we have people who bike for transportation and for health and recreation. Our community had numerous bicyclist killed including a renowned local heart surgeon. Bike paths are also a way to reduce traffic in our already busy streets. No one is forcing anyone to use them. It also came up that these bike paths can also help facilitate a bike out Walk out evacuation route of our down town area. The other issue that was discussion was urban gardens and urban farming. What a sinister plot to encourage people to grow their food!!! Perhaps the author of would rather we buy our food from large multi-national corporations that dare I say would be more like NWO types?? I would also like to know if the author went to any of those meetings his community had? Our community has implemented a number of things from our meetings and I would say that the vast majority are positive changes. I will somewhat agree with the author about trying to stop urban sprawl. As people move out of cities for the suburbs we loose farm land and Forrest that needed for production. As these spaces are built on they take space that once allowed rain water to be absorbed into the ground naturally, verses it becoming run off that causes flooding issues. Is there a conspiracy to “Make” people live in the city no but there are efforts to limit where new expansion takes place so that infrastructure like roads to carry the increased traffic and the storm water management system can handle the additional run off so it doesn’t flood. We have had several law suits in one community alone concerning new construction and flooding from storm water run off.

    I would like to remind everyone that we are still a nation OF The PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. I attend many public meetings looking for community input and “The People” don’t show up. Our system only works when WE actively participate. But I guess it is easier to think it is some grand conspiracy than to actually participate in our own community.

    1. @ 3AD Scout,

      “So what this tells us is that the earth can get really really cold and really really hot. Do humans add to the problem? I would say that in the big picture what we do is very insignificant.”

      You may be interested in looking further into the carbon cycle and energy budget. I suggest reading an atmospheric science text book, rather than op-ed’s masked as science.

      The context of the human contribution to climate change is more about the speed in which types of pollution are placed in the atmosphere. Not so much the amount.

      The geological record shows signs of carbon as high as 7 degrees Celsius, but over much longer periods of time. The human concern is the speed in which carbon is placed in the atmosphere. That rate is faster than any records within the geological time scale.

      The reason that I am bringing this up is because you have long gave me the impression that you’re knowledgeable and open to new data. Going down the climate road can lead a person to many different conclusions, but it takes a ton of reading, thinking, with a particular goal to not cherry pick what suits our view. It is not easy.

      And, its also not free. The majority of climate research is behind a paywall, so what the rest of us are left with are news reports or cherry picked data. Having peaked behind that paywall, I can tell you there is more than meets the eye, and no one really knows what climate change means. Humans are contributing to climate change, but to what extent, and how that impacts the future, no one knows.

      1. It is well know that the earth will naturally cycle between hot and cold.

        It is known that our fossil fuels came from one or two very specific times when the earth was in super green house mode (sorry it’s not dinosaurs we are burning it’s algae )

        It’s also know that carbon (the great and evil compound floating in the air) is a green house gas.

        It’s also understood and proven enough to reasonably be assumed that we are some where between peak oil passed and peak oil upcoming.

        What this means is that if we didn’t cause it we are certainly a major factor in it.

        It is also proven that live has been dramatically affected in its cycles.

        Birds are Infact migrating on a different schedule. Plants are in fact changing thier growth dormant flowering cycles.

        The current systems changes have been compared against all know variables that naturally cause these changes. And not enough of these changes either seperate or cumulative add up to enough data points to say this is a purely natural occurence.

        Which make more sense?

        That there is a combination of mini ice ages going on in cold areas while in hot areas there is perminant heatwaves and constant droughts in dry areas while there is constant flooding precipitation in wet areas. That the glaciers and ice caps just so happen to be disappearing because of like 7 non-man contributed causes?


        That we are releasing into the atmosphere the very chemicals that were produced and sequestered when the earth climate was in a similar state.?

        There is virtually no way we are gonna break the planet.

        The earth will continue on. It was here before us…. It will be here after.

        But it might not be suitable for use in the meantime.

        Just something to think about….

        Sometimes it don’t matter who is to blame you just gotta fix what you can and manage the rest.

      2. Muddy Kid,

        Thanks for the reply. So I have to throw this out there. IF climate change is such an immediate threat to the planet and the human race why keep the data and science to only those willing to pay? That doesn’t make any sense morally, scientifically, or even from a good business sense.

        Like I said I think the climate is changing but perhaps the cheer leaders have cried wolf too many time for any one to believe them. Now we have a mentally ill child being paraded around as the new poster child.

        So would anyone think it odd if someone had the vaccination for CoVin19 and didn’t share it with the world?? So if the data proves anything why keep it to a few??

        With all that yes I am open to data do you have any open source info on the carbon data or impacts you discussed?

        1. 3AD Scout,

          Great questions. Climate change was not always an immediate threat. The urgency part of it comes from the Cold War.

          Why keep the data for those who are willing to pay? Knowledge is power and research is a hyper-competitive field. Information has been a valuable commodity since the beginning of the printing press.

          To put this into perspective, there are roughly one million new scientific articles published annually. On average, each article is only read by 3 people. Scientists make their bread and butter by being published in top-rated journals, together with how often their work is cited. Science, I would argue, is more of a business in today’s world than the idea of enlightenment.

          I do not have any open source data off the top of my head. Try searching I do have some books I could recommend if you are interested. But, are you interested in climate science, or the projected impacts of climate change? The two are different.

    2. Scout, I suspect that meandering of the geographic North Pole and Continental Drift may be responsible for some of the climate change evidence that geologists find. Not saying that climate doesn’t change, but that there are additional variables.

    3. I have one humble opinion, as I enjoy reading all of yours.

      Our author states, “eventually there will be packs of wild dogs roaming free and thinning them out will be good for everyone concerned.” What I have learned about feral dogs is that they are cunning and deadly. Attempting to harvest them for food is more likely to end up in you being the meal.

      Carry on

  7. We all want and desire truth for sense of security. It is just truly hard to find absolute and may cause us to not really enjoy the now until we find a sense of inner peace.

    The basic idea I think we all seem to agree on is Perceived chaos Is very uncomfortable.

  8. Interesting. Not a lot I can disagree with here (except eating dogs). Much of this (GSM) has been spoken about in great detail at Suspicious Observers, in the movie “The Coming Collapse”, available to view on YouTube. An absolutely phenomenal resource for information regarding the plight of our world climate…

    The greatest threat to our sustained survival is very intelligent people with evil intent, who are followed unquestioningly by masses of significantly ignorant people who are easily manipulated, combined with people similar to us who know something is up, but are so self-blinded to the horror of this evil that we refuse to address or worse, even acknowledge it. Only a very few of us see it for what it is, and are attempting to plan accordingly.

    Like president Trump or hate him, he appears to be the biggest obstacle to their plans, whom include the entire cabal of globalists, so therefore he must be removed at any and all costs. What better way than to create an environment so toxic that former friends and acquaintances now despise each other, combined with releasing a man-made bioweapon in your own country (China) for plausible deniability as to the intent (“we would NEVER do this to our own people” although they have a history of doing this spanning centuries) which is to essentially shut down the world economy so that Trump cannot be re-elected (2008, anyone)? This gives the opportunity to usher in their Stalinist tyrant Bernie Sanders, who would be nothing more than a puppet for the coming NWO and continue their agenda.

    Combine this with the coming GSM, and you have the perfect storm (pun not intended) for them to bring the world, minus a significant portion of the population, under control. The greatest epic stories ever written all have a similar theme… good versus evil, freedom versus slavery. We are always only one generation away from total loss of freedom, which then must be won back at great expense. Interesting times ahead. Eyes open. No fear. Be safe everyone.

  9. I did want to comment on this article as I have seen some disturbing events over my years happening to America the same as this author writes. The Fabian Socialists have been busy “working to remake the world in their image” for many generations. I have noticed the UN receiving tax dollars from just about every city in America under the guise of ‘sustainable development’ know as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). I looked into this where I used to live and sure enough our city taxes were going to this organization that is an arm of the UN’s project 2030. Our city did not know the County was giving a percentage of tax dollars of every city to give to this organization, or they were complicit. There was a push in a few cities, who did win, to stop ICLEI from receiving their tax money. Unfortunately, my city was bought and sold by the UN when there was a push to ‘remake’ the city and it’s downtown area more ‘people friendly’. The NGO’s moved in when planning the new city by doing just what this author talked about during the meeting which citizens were encouraged to attend and have a say about. We were ‘Delphied’, the meeting was scripted, your comments were controlled. When I looked up the company that was going to take over all aspects of construction and development, I noticed they had ties to the UN. I sent notice to the city mayor warning him not to become connected, but alas it was too late or he was complicit. Our city did not have the extra money to be revamping itself, but soon big money was being spent! I have moved out of this state as I saw other issues I was unwilling to continue helping with my tax dollars to push ‘their’ agendas. Yes, the UN has moved in quietly to our country, hence the push for Trump to get America out of the UN and the UN out of America. The stack and pack is not a place people willingly move into, but if they present it in such a way that will be ‘beautiful with paved streets and sidewalks, restaurants, eating outside, cafes, kid friendly, convenient for all your daily living activities such as food, clothes, social, beauty, fitness, etc.’ people will agree to giving up their suburbs, their private ownership of land and home. I have moved to a state and city where most people understand freedom and also are wise to the bondages that come from socialism/Marxism. The wildlands project also is a part of the deception. Have you noticed philanthropists throwing their money at wild land creating conservatories where people can walk on nice pathways viewing plant life, learning centers to educate on the importance of ‘saving the plants, animals and insects’. These are creeping up all over and in supporting them are the people who sign up for memberships. These conservatories are nothing more than a nice way to move us out of the suburbs, off our private properties. What would stop these conservatories from shutting their doors permanently keeping people off the land? Anyone notice the other ‘arms’ of propaganda called GAIA worship, environmentalists, GMO seeds, etc. What is happening to America is much like a giant octopus that has many arms reaching out to entice us, but eventually strangle us. How does this happen in our towns? Little by little, the socialists have set up shop, disperse their minions to talk to other citizens convincing them of a different way to think, behave, worship and live. If one reads the Bible you can see this is coming to pass along with other signs of Jesus’ soon return. Signs he told us about where there will be false prophets and Christ’s, wars, rumors of wars, signs in the heavens, the moon and stars, pestilence, famine throughout the lands, great earthquakes and volcanoes in diverse places, floods, the earth will rock and reel like a drunken man, fire from heaven will come down upon the earth, men’s hearts will fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. God has no desire for us to live in bondage and anyone or government claiming they will provide all our needs is a people headed for bondage. Democratic socialists do not exists, it’s a ploy of words to make ‘bondage’ look democratic. It’s a lie being pushed. Another lie is Jesus was a socialist–hogwash! Socialism is a few at the top running the show telling you how you will be living and working–your freedom to choose how you will live and work will be taken away. God gives us choices to come to him or not, God’s will and pleasure is to give us the desires of our hearts and in bondage the desires of your heart will not be allowed because those at the top will be running the show. Yes, as the author says, “Prepare”, I couldn’t agree more, but I say also, open your Bible people, begin to read and believe every word you are reading for it is God’s truth. Do not interpret. Satan is looming larger than ever before capturing as many souls as he can turn away from our Father. Stay connected, stay vigilant, and for pete’s sake believe on every word of God. Do not despair, do not live in fear, for what is coming upon the earth, for God’s people will be protected from his wrath. Make sure you are one of his people. Give your life over to him. He will guide you as to what and how you should conduct your lives. Keep your eyes on the middle East, Jerusalem. Become a watchman on the wall.

    1. You make some very good points. I liked your analogy of the giant octopus with the NWO propaganda – if one tentacle doesn’t get you anther one will.

      I am familiar with the Delphi method, although this is the first time I’ve known its name. They follow a secret script that the public is not aware of and can lead the audience to the desired outcome that they have picked out beforehand. It’s all been cut and dried behind closed doors. Been there. Seen that.

      Your last point is the best one – to “Become a watchman on the wall.”

      1. I can remember a few ‘Delphi’ techniques used at city council meetings where people file in with boxes and boxes of ??? used to make you feel they have ‘files’ and ‘files’ of proof to shut you down. These people do not speak at the meeting and leave the diatribe to one person, who will take a good amount of time from the meeting. Good way to tire out the citizens! You don’t, as a citizen, get the same amount of time–usually 5-10 minutes a person! Also saw this with debates for people running for city council. The organization heading up these debates will only allow written questions on a card and these questions/cards are given to the ‘head honcho’ who then picks only the ‘soft ball’ questions. Again steering the people and those ‘they’ choose to be in office! Sure enough when we left, then suddenly came the big tax increase to pay for the ‘European-style’ downtown cafe’s outside eating, music, etc. Seriously, in this city, people had stopped eating out during the last administration due to losing $$’s in their 401K’s, because of this, restaurants were closing and moving on. But now the city council members who signed onto the UN company believe the EU-style streets and eateries will draw the population? What? This city was also well-known for housing some of the 9/11 terrorists and the recent, high school shooting, bringing about more control of it’s citizens. All of these ‘little’ moves were obvious to see and finally we put our foot down and quit paying into this nonsense.

  10. Interesting article.

    I always say I am a half conspiracy guy. I think people are conspiring all over all the time. My problem with many conspiracies is that they assume a sense of order that I do not believe people are capable of. I believe the shadow world exists but is just as chaotic as the visible world. I do not believe there is one monolithic plan. I believe there are multiple plans all competing. 2030 might be one but I bet there are more.

    As to agendas, I would say there is a desire to depopulate the earth among some. This has been long standing. Even Scrooge desired to reduce the excess population. Probably started during the Industrial Revolution when population soared and machines were seen to replace humans. Probably occurred about when slavery was abolished.

    Humans are tough to herd though. About like cats. The shadow world has in fighting just like the visible and each human is an independent and unpredictable actor.

    As to the climate, I think the GSM is possible but not as catastrophic as some advertise. We will adapt.

    Time will tell.

  11. “it is predicted that anyone trying to live above the 35th parallel will have a very difficult time”

    Predicted by who? With the changes to the jet streams and meridional flows- places like Arizona and New Mexico have seen record cold and snowfall lately, and Alaska has seen record warmth. Here in Ohio we’ve had one of mildest winters in my memory.

    “new apartment units being built downtown which are multi-story with businesses on the ground floor and several levels of living units above”

    This building method has been used in the US for 150 years. I don’t believe this part of a sinister plot, but has more to do with economic trends.

      1. The problem with moving to the country and building your home is that you need to afford it. But in time material and the ability to work through the system.

        This means using approved certified building techniques. It also means getting all permits taken care of.

        And after that you need to come up with a way to support that.

        It’s pretty much a large to massive undertaking.

        With that said this ole country boy is gonna do it am saving right now with silver and gold.

      2. Actually a friend of mine up the road did exactly that. I’m currently doing it to some extent- rehabbing and converting a distressed rural property into a viable homestead. There are opportunities for the willing and able. I think more people should start businesses.

      3. Montana Guy, The problem with building one’s own house as they wish is the system of hoops that must be jumped through.

        As j.m.z.b. stated: “This means using approved certified building techniques. It also means getting all permits taken care of.”

        More and more codes keep coming down the pike; The Federal govt says to the states, you must implement these codes or you won’t get money for your state. So the state says to the counties, you must implement these codes or you won’t get money for your county. And the county says to the townships, you must implement these codes or you won’t get money for your township. So even if the rural townships believe in freedom, they are tied to the money the county gives them, because they don’t get as much $$ from the residents as the populous areas do.

        Therefore, people cannot build what they wish, when they wish, and how they wish.

        1. Its not that hard to adhere to building codes. Does it make sense to hire a contractor that’s willing to not follow common building standards and practices? If you’re doing your own work- does it make sense to install substandard components in your own home? Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Some people can afford to do it twice, but cant afford to do it right. Building codes exist for a reason.
          My experience is that code enforcement is much stronger in densely populated areas. I once had a rural building official scold me for pulling a permit on a renovation at a youth camp facility because it created too much work for him. Conversely, big city building departments are a total nightmare to deal with and often have special requirements that only apply to their jurisdiction. Why? Population density, unions, heavy handed state/fed regs, corruption? All of the above probably.

          Zoning codes are a whole other thing- onerous in some places, nonexistent in others.

          1. Building codes protect everyone. It is a good example of what government should be doing. If your home is not built to code and thus catches fire our fire department will be required to put the fire out. If they are injured because you don’t build to code then you have intentionally put them at risk. If you sell your sub-code home to someone and they are injured by it you again are responsible. What building codes do is set a minimum and logical standard of safety. This is a good thing.

          2. HP,
            I see all the good in having a building code standard, and it makes total sense to build things correctly. It’s called personal responsibility. I agree with you; substandard work or materials is a waste of money and can seriously impact your health, safety, and even life!

            What I disagree with is the permitting, and the power (personal power) behind the permitting allowance; having someone else tell you what you can or cannot do, such as forcing you to turn the house or building a different direction than the plan you wish to implement, or not being allowed to build it in stages as you have the money to do so, vs. having it completely done and inspected in say, 6 months time to fit the construction loan or other permit requirement(s). Just like you mentioned, the rural building official didn’t like you adding to his time, because he was expecting you to do the job right and take personal responsibility. Incidentally, people just like you and me go and get a permit, because there is a force behind the government which pushes us to do the “right” thing, even though it really is infringing on our freedom.

            It really does come down to the money factor; believe me, we have dealt on a personal level with both rural township people who wish they could let you live your own lives (because they see you and I as common sense folk), and the rural township leaders who want to get that money and power that will give them the ability to make you do what gives them even more money, because they can see the $$$ coming next door to the suburbs. Once the power factor is realized, it takes a spiritually moral person to not to take advantage of grabbing that power and using it to their advantage.

            It’s a fine line, and that is why being involved in your local area is so important.

          3. Carol-
            I’ve never experienced a building official disallowing a proposed build/improvement for anything other than non-conformance to building/fire codes. I’ve never had a problem extending a permit past its expiration. Some of the things you mention fall under the purview of zoning boards and/or HOAs.

            That being said, power hungry individuals tend to gravitate towards positions in government. You see it everywhere- schools, police, local/state/fed government. Most are good, well-meaning people, but there are always bad apples. Its critical that good folks in gov take action to hold bad actors accountable. Our founders stressed that our form of representative government could only exist in a moral and virtuous society (which we no longer have). You are spot on in stressing involvement in community.

  12. Weather science is both complex and very simple, the result of lots of interacting forces. People don’t always know what to believe, and this is entirely understandable. It’s especially true when the forces at work can’t be seen despite their acceleration. It’s also true when events unfold in slow motion across history that is much longer than the earthly human life span (think “geologic time”).

    Based on a tremendous amount of reading and research across many sources, we do believe that the GSM is coming. For those new to this particular concern, we would recommend learning more about weather systems as these relate to solar cycles. It’s a good place to begin.

    Whether or not this will be triggered by an acute event, or be the consequence of a gradual slide, is a good question, and we may not know until we’re well into all of it. We do have significant concerns about geologic upheaval, and are thankful to be living in a relatively stable geologic zone. For anyone considering their location (and understanding that each of us may experience different callings), we suggest making this part of their search criteria.

    Our focus now is on all that we can do to prepare for surviving the coming cold (and we are building that into the context of everything we need to do related to the coming COVID-19 pandemic as well understanding that we face other, more immediate perils).

    In addition to the warmth needed, there are many other implications as well, and among these is the matter of food production. In ground (or partially in ground) greenhouses are certainly one option which we have pursued ourselves. We also encourage everyone to learn about plant science and to engage hands-on practical experience as part of the learning process. In conditions like those we would face in GSM, remember that we’re not talking about “hobby” levels of food production. We are talking about survival. Please get serious about this if you haven’t already. Preparation now will prevent panic later.

  13. I find most of these articles to be right on.People today don’t care a bit about their fellow man. They want to be PC about everything. In our town it is very rare to find many people in our city council meetings.They might miss a football game or other sports event. The Wife and kids may miss their soap opera. They can’t prep because they need a 60 inch TV, new car or truck some other thing to impress there friends . “Look at me.” Our city council can’t make a decision for 6 months or a year on some issues, because they need to study it. I was raised to make good decision’s or it could at times cost your life. We don’t have a “Draft” any more and the children grow up with no history about America. If it weren’t for all of us who went to war from WWII, Korea, and Nam and other conflicts where would they have been. If we had the attitude of the young people we would be speaking Japanese or German. God bless all the “Vets” who have given so much and received so little.
    As to climate change the earth has been warming since the “Ice Age”.
    God Bless you all.
    The Gman

    1. Gman, I appreciate your sacrifice and that of other veterans but there is no evidence that Americans would have lost any freedoms if they refused to fight these wars. U.S. Military fighting wars on foreign soil do NOTHING to protect freedom of Americans. Have you not read ‘War is a Racket’ by Smedley Butler, the highest ranking most decorated U.S. Marine in history?

      We have been drilled and indoctrinated since birth that, ‘We would be speaking German if we did not join in fighting World War II.’ That makes no sense. Heck, Hitler couldn’t cross the English Channel, no less 5,000 miles across the ocean. Can you present any evidence that Hitler even had plans to conquer America? And frankly, to believe Japan could have conquered America is silly.

      Again, I mean no disrespect. America needs military defense. But it should take a stand as General Butler argued and not as desired by those profiting from war.

      1. Well said, brother. As is the opposite has happened. Due to American intervention (imperialism) across the world, many people now speak English rather than the language of their birth. Americans so easily accept, without questioning, the dominant paradigm and repeat the same old unsupported statements.

        Carry on

        1. Once a Marine, I had a hunch you would be reading this. You tell it like it is so I REALLY hoped that you would not be offended. Thank you for letting me know.

  14. I was born and still live on the farm my grandfather bought a hundred years ago. I have witnessed in my life time (I am 67 ) my township transitioned from a dairy farm region into a bedroom community where most drive to work someplace else ( thanks to freeway expansion ). I have witnessed suburbanite buy wooded lots, split the acreage into the smallest lots allowed by code then, chop all the trees down and build a house live there 2 years then sell the place and move on, Most of these people I never met and never even knew their names. I am 45 minutes from the downtown of the 52nd largest city in the U.S.A. On my infrequent trips into the city I see crumbling infrastructure, pollution, and many idle people.
    I for one would welcome a rebuilding of the cities if they could solve all these problems and return my area to agriculture and the city to a thriving manufacturing center. On average many here probably grew up in suburbs and feel it to be normal, natural and worth expanding. I do not.

    1. Old 4-H kid, you have survived a lot of change including Jack-Booted Tax Thugs.

      I’m 10 years older, having grown up in a small New England fishing village. Our fishing boats disappeared just as your farms did. It is now an exclusive weekend playground for NYC elites.

      Thank God vast areas such as the American Redoubt still exist.

  15. What a great article. The last mini ice age was not that long ago. Climate makes history. Thomas Jefferson commented on the massive crop failures. There was a huge mass migration from the NE to the frontier Midwest to try to escape the rain, cold, crop losses and poor growing conditions. Europe too. People nearly went mad with the weeks of rain and lack of food. Massive starvation. Revolutions were spawned. It is best to keep reading, studying and praying for wisdom and an open mind. We are in the midst of the battle between good and evil.

  16. This is an excellent article by an author who has clearly done his due diligence. Much can be gleaned from it by folks who can think critically. And there’s the rub…

    I believe the greatest threat to humanity is our willful ignorance. It’s growth seems exponential since the 60s. That was this nation kicked God off public property and kicked Him out of our schools.

    Willful ignorance is a rebellion against God. 2 Peter 3:5

    1. From your post: “…the greatest threat to humanity is our willful ignorance.”

      You are so very right about this. This is familiar topic of conversation in our own home too.

  17. Heck, I live above the 49th parallel, quite a bit above. Guess us Canadians are pretty much done for. Don’t think of it as a mini ice age, think of it as skating rinks all over to play hockey on.

    All kidding aside; I don’t know that I agree with all of the authors conclusions, but I don’t disagree with them. The UN has in fact published it’s agendas for years. And if you look below the surface, most are pretty sinister. “Sustainable resource management” is just another way to say “We, the UN, need to control all resources.”

    I don’t know about bike lanes or apartment buildings, but I do know that the UN has proposed “centralized population centers” so that they can more easily manage resources. I don’t know that they are building apartments for that, because I don’t think they care that much about us “peons”

    Living in a rural setting has already become a lot more difficult. Farmers in Canada are in deep trouble. The unpredictable weather has not helped, but rising gas prices at the pump are what is really doing them in. And we have a Government that wants to add more “carbon tax” to our prices. Now if that ain’t a farce, I don’t know what is. Carbon Tax, Carbon Credits – what the heck are these? Paying the government another tax doesn’t reduce anything, except the money in your account. But, the UN demands a carbon tax, so we pay it. You want to make it impossible to live in the country – just make gas so expensive that you can’t afford to live their. But without the farmers, where do we get food. Have you noticed an increase in “corporate farms?”

    Reduced population: Yep. That’s always been the plan to a certain extent. I don’t know about 500 million, but I do recall reading an article some years back that said that our planet can comfortably support 3.5-4 billion. We are now at eight, and continuing to climb.

    Actually, I have had this discussion with a few people, and I’m sure that the “brain trust” at the UN is aware of it. You can solve almost all of our issues with one simple thing. CO2 emissions, GMO’s, Climate change, Pollution, Resource depletion, fresh water. You name it, it can pretty much be solved by reducing the population by about 50%, and maintaining it there. That is a VERY unpopular truth, but one that eventually we may all have to face.

    1. Does anyone remember “The Population Bomb” by Paul Erlich, 1971 or “The Fate of the Earth” by Jonathan Schell , 1982?…many others similar suggesting Zero Population Growth (ZPG) in order to balance the Earth’s ecosystem.

  18. For a staple grain corn, I would recommend Painted mountain flint corn (from a Mandan strain). It has a short growing season and grew quite well in last spring/summers cooler (“off”) season where I first found out about the solar minimum cycle. It grinds easily for flour or feed. I haven’t tried it boiled or roasted yet as last year was the first year I grew it as an experimental venture and for seed, I’ll plant that again this year.

  19. The conclusions are full of holes, though the author has clearly researched and thought about what is happening in the world. Most conspiracy theories don’t work with the facts, they are just explanations that fit what people want to believe, motivated reasoning. If you take the authors data and analyze it against the following premise it makes more sense. The world is run on profits, money and wealth generation, capitalism (remember why most of us go to work each day). Nobody is trying to kill off people because it would reduce profits (it would reduce product demand and the number of workers available to be serfs). Apartments and cities are built because they make profits. The land, water, and food supply are being poisoned by Corporations to increase profits (it can cost more at the company level to produce safe products while the costs and damage of dangerous products or production processes are paid by the general public, not the corporation). Medicines in the US are expensive because the rules of the economy allow Pharma companies to charge outrageous prices (profits go with them). The rich already control the people and the rules of the economy, so no need to herd them into cities, kill them off, or any of the other conspiracy theories about domination. Global warming is simple science, physics, heat transfer, thermodynamics. I’ve taken the courses and believe its happening based on the data. This doesn’t mean a GSM isn’t coming but if it does the effects are still governed by physics, thermodynamics,the other laws, the heat gain and loss of the planet, etc. It doesn’t matter what any of us believe, all those laws and equations still apply. Sustainable development acknowledges the fact that the earth is a closed system. There is a finite limited amount of resources to support God’s creation. Its a corollary of the Mark Twain’s quote “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. Some resource are renewable (energy from the sun, topsoil very slowly) others when we run out we run out. The current 7.5 billion people on the planet consume enough resources that some resources are being consumed faster than they can replenish. When some run out or become scarce prices will go up above what most can afford and people will die (this is already happening in some countries with food shortages.)

    1. Yep. Agreed. I think that many people are scared, feel disenfranchised, don’t feel that they are being told the truth by the PTB and thus view everything through a lens of paranoia. I recall someone I knew here in VT who got really riled up pre-Y2K and believed that “they” were going to be building concentration camps to herd all of us Vermonters into so they could repopulate the state with rich people after the “event”. She got really mad when neither her husband nor I would sign on to her viewpoint nor help her go door-to-door to “warn” people. So I suspect that when things get scary lots of people start looking for answers but sometimes what they find is pretty far out there.

  20. Maybe a bit off-topic, but think about this… Our “War on Terror” has cost us an estimated $7,000,000,000,000 since 9/11/2001. And yet, 80 percent of our antibiotics and prescription drugs now depend on trade with communist china.

    Americans are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  21. <<You can see the progress that has been made in your city: all the bike lanes that have been painted along city streets,<<
    The Problem with that is yet exactly?

    << and then walk to work, ride on mass transit, or ride a bicycle<<The Problem with that is yet exactly?

      1. and Trains and tubes, honestly i wouldn´t want to know how London or Delhi would be doing if everyone and his cat used cars instead of public Transport.
        Best advice would be Sleep in your cubicle

    1. Answer: Yes.

      Got the grandkids draggin the machinery outside now. It’s our deluxe model CowFart Machine. Guaranteed Global Warming. Seen it on the internet.

  22. No matter what you plan for Mr. Murphy is always creating SNAFU for your plans.
    It is always the black swan events that kill everyone including the elites.
    Biological weapon(s) have been released and it is going to kill billions in the next decade.
    One pissed off Chinese scientist in Wuhan has released the Black Swan Coronavirus pandemic weapon on to the Communist overlords before it was to be released on the world and they are losing the country now.
    This one act has also destroyed the West’s newest economic engine of our world.
    Do not believe me the lockdown is the eastern part of the country which holds about 650 million people.
    So China’s agricultural output is the largest in the world, only 12.6% of its total land area can be cultivated. China’s arable land, which represents 10% of the total arable land in the world, supports over 20% of the world’s population. Of this approximately 1.4 million square kilometers of arable land, only about 1.2% (116,580 square kilometers) permanently supports crops and 525,800 square kilometers are irrigated. The land is divided into approximately 200 million households, with an average land allocation of just 0.65 hectares (1.6 acres).
    China’s limited space for farming has been a problem throughout its history, leading to chronic food shortage and famine. While the production efficiency of farmland has grown over time, efforts to expand to the west and the north have met with limited success; as such land is generally colder drier than traditional farmlands to the east.
    Xi Jinping is in double-bind without agriculture workers along with transportation the civilians are going to starve along with the army.
    Or he can hoard the food that is available to feed his army and pick up the pieces after the die-off.
    My bet is on saving the army.
    In closing let me reiterate this one act has destroyed the West’s newest economic engine of our world.
    To get the point across No steel, aluminum, personal computers, drugs, plastic wrap you name the product it just went out the window.
    To add to the economic engine problem our planet is going thru a natural cycle. So planet-wide all food animals and food plants that we depend on are stressed due to diseases that are out of the actual bible. China just lost 50% of its pigs due to disease that is 100% fatal.
    Locusts are stripping all vegetation in the Middle East and Africa.
    The United States lost two seasons of unplanted grains such as wheat, corn, soybean, peanut due to unstable climate such as months of rain.
    Fish are disappearing around the planet’s oceans. Sea surface temperature increased during the 20th century and continues to rise. From 1901 through 2015, the temperature rose at an average rate of 0.13°F per decade.
    Reading this blog some have a clue some have lived thru the nightmare. This time it is going to be a worldwide nightmare.
    WAR means ‘We Are Ready’ … are you ready?

  23. The problem you have is with your statements. Your opinion could be correct but when you made the claims to support your opinion you were wrong and it makes a thinking person assume your opinion is wrong.

    For example: “the help of Big Pharma, our conventional medical system, and the poisoning of our food, water, and the very air that we breath.”

    Do you seriously think big pharma is intentionally poisoning us or that our food water and air is intentionally poisoning us??? This is a bizarre point of view and the fact that you don’t recognize it as bizarre taints everything else that you say.

      1. I do understand that, just as many think the earth is flat. But you cannot make a claim like this without proof and still expect anyone to respect your opinions. It is a bizarre claim to make. It is something you would expect from George Noory.

  24. The guy who has the most evidence worth looking at on this subject is Ben Davidson of “suspicious observers” … he has a channel on YouTube that really explains all this from a science point of view. This is something to be concerned about.

  25. I’ll chime in… LOL. I am aware of all the theories in the article. I have been of a “survivalist” mindset for about 20 years. One thing I have to guard against is living in fear, “apocalyptic” thinking. That is debilitating and counter productive. I reject, out of hand, anyone “playing God”, which means predicting the future and trying to manipulate outcomes. Yes, I believe we are entering a Grand Solar Minima, but we need to use that knowledge, not panic. I live at the 45th parallel and I watch the weather models and patterns in order to be aware and prepare. I’ve taken a common sense approach to preparedness, in keeping with JWR’s recommendations over the years. I live in the country, far away from a metro area, far away from criminal gangs, far away from hubs where things like the corona virus can flourish. I am stocked up.
    We are growing food in a greenhouse. We are prepared to keep warm. We are well armed, etc. I don’t personally hunt, but most folks in my community do. We all help one another. This used to be just common sense. All that to say, I think taking a common sense approach is important without allowing yourself to fall off a cliff emotionally or otherwise. This is where Faith comes in. I believe there is a God, who dearly loves us, and if we turn towards Him, talk to Him, walk with Him, He will direct our steps. I believe there is a great Evil One as well, and he wants us to panic, live in fear, freak out, and not see the beauty and peace that is around us in the Earth and its people. There’s a balance we need to maintain. I have lived through a lot of crap, pretty devastating events, and I, like many people, have a daily struggle with rejecting the negativity and focusing instead on the good. Choosing my mental status on a daily basis is probably my biggest challenge. It doesn’t mean I ignore the potential for calamity. It means that I do the best I can, then move on, and put my trust in the Lord. I hope, and wish, for everyone who comes to this Survival blog to learn about preparedness, will also embrace Faith in the Christ, and have hope for an everlasting life beyond this earth. It will one day fade away and we will have only our Souls. Once we get up to speed on all the theories, we need to say, “okay, what can I practically do to improve my situation?” Then, make a plan, and do it. Ask the Lord for clarity and help. When we ask, He answers. Please don’t think I’m being preachy. I’m humbly offering peace of mind in the midst of what seems like chaos. We can prepare and trust in the Lord at the same time. God is powerful enough, as the creator of the Universe, to intervene in any given situation. Without waxing poetic on the doctrine of free will, I just want to encourage y’all to lean into Jesus. My two cents for the day.
    Carry on.

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