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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on a big dam controversy between Oregon’s leftist Governor and Washington’s Snake River dams.  (See the Eastern Washington  section.)


A Redoubt News video of state assembly debate: Idaho Rep. Mike Moyle Does Not Want a Grocery Tax Repeal

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From the liberal Inlander tabloid: As Kootenai County grows, can it preserve what makes it attractive in the first place? (A hat tip to Cathy N., for the link.)  Here is a snippet:

“Idaho is growing faster than any state in the nation, and Kootenai County is growing at an even higher rate than the state as a whole. The county added roughly 26,000 people from 2008 through 2018, according to the Idaho Department of Labor. That’s a 19.1 percent increase, more than double the national rate.”

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New booting bill passes the House

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WATCH: Kootenai County deputy helps with ‘car break-in’ marriage proposal


Year in Review: Chronic Wasting Disease: 2019 season in Montana

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Billings: Car full of teens on the run rams into a group of police officers, Montana cops say

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Behring Made Knives in Missoula, Montana makes some amazing hand-crafted knives. They take custom orders.

Eastern Oregon

Ontario, Oregon: Tiny homes move in: Officials tour temporary emergency pilot shelter

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Complaints Against Deschutes National Forest Wilderness Fees Force a Reduction

Eastern Washington

Buehler blasts Brown’s ‘radical’ call to breach four Snake River dams. The news piece begins:

“Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says she is in favor of removing four hydroelectric dams on the Snake River in Washington state, a position blasted as “radical” Saturday by former state representative and congressional candidate Knute Buehler of Bend.

Brown, a Democrat, sent a letter to Washington’s Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee this week, saying she believes it is the best way to increase endangered salmon runs.

The Tri-City Herald reported the letter outraged Washington state’s three Republican U.S. House members, who want to keep the dams.

The dams generate electricity, provide some irrigation and flood control and allow barges to operate all the way to Lewiston, Idaho. But they are also blamed for killing salmon and steelhead that are migrating to the ocean or back to their spawning grounds.

Knute Buehler, the Bend orthopedic surgeon and former state representative running for the 2nd Congressional District seat held by Rep. Greg Walden, issued a statement Saturday blasting Brown’s “radical” position on the dams’ removal…”

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Palouse Conservation District will host 3rd Annual Alternative Cropping Symposium

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Local businesses help family get back on the road after two flat tires


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Isolated Wyoming common loons continue to surprise researchers

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  1. Kate Brown is a Whacko, blow up the dams! Where are they going to get power from to replace the current production? I guess she has plans to put the fish on tread mills to generate power. Power demand is an ever increasing issue with expanding populations. Don’t tell me solar will replace clean hydropower, I lived in Oregon and the lights would be out almost all winter due to the rain and cloud cover. Is she willing to compensate anyone whose property is damaged due to lack of flood control? How will they maintain sufficient river flow during spawning season? She needs to go!

  2. School children at the Oregon state capital to lobby for the cap and trade tax. It occurred to me while watching that if they really want to cut carbon emissions they should lobby to end all school bussing. The state would save 100’s of millions and the children would get needed exercise. A win/win.

  3. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I always thought that somebody that wanted to blow up our hydro dams was a terrorist. Can we send some special forces in to grab this nut-case governor, put a bag over her head, and throw her in Gitmo??

  4. I believe WSU did a study in the 90s regarding the salmonid mortality rates among the Columbia and Snake River runs. The study concluded that all hydroelectric activity accounted for less than 5% of the mortality rate. The highest mortality rates were due to commercial offshore fishing, year round gill net fishing by tribes, predation by sea lions and terns at the mouth of the Columbia, and squawfish predation upstream. In early 2000s, the salmon runs hit record highs never before seen because the hatcheries were allowed to operate at full capacity. Consequently, the regulatory agencies cancelled subsequent hatchery operations at anything close to those levels, with the resulting drop off in salmon run populations.

  5. Has anyone heard the comments from the Montana State Representative about what should be done with Socialists? Apparently his idea is too unkind and uncivil for some folks.

    When asked to retract his statement by the Republican leadership he said he would only if
    God told him to.

    If I ever run across him I think I’ll buy him a beer.

  6. For Kate Brown who wants to save the salmon by blowing up dams and for all the liberals who want to save the fish by not using plastic straws, I have an idea for how they can actually save the fish. Here it is: Stop *Eating* The Fish.

    There. Fixed it. 🙂

    1. HAHAHA! I see what you did there Grits!

      Having met her on sadly too many occasions, due to my young family member who was forced to mingle in a quasi-government role, I can attest that she is just a slimy in person as y’all may imagine.

  7. My 2020 SB memory stick arrived today. Thank you Jim and Family for working so diligently to mail these out to your readers. I will dive in later and check out the digital goods, but first I wanted to comment on these memory sticks:
    HOLY COW! Talk about overbuilt and secure- just as advertised. A robust aluminum alloy body, with a tight fitting knurled threaded cap and an o-ring seal. I can only hope I protect my devices and power supplies sufficiently to extract the data if that time comes post-SHTF. I am quite impressed and very happy I finally made the purchase this year.

    If you have yet to buy one, jump now while there are a few left!

    Thanks Jim.

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