A Clash of Cultures, by B.H.

I have been following SurvivalBlog for several years now after reading the first book in the Patriots novel series. From those books, other post apocalyptic novels, and this blog we have generally followed the advice and warnings. The situations causing huge retrogrades in our society have been put into several categories:

  • EMP. This is generally referenced as a weaponized attack using a detonation of a nuclear device to electronically fry just about all our systems of communication, Internet, banking, defense, power grids and anything electronic to include anything with computers or microprocessors. Most refer to this event as a return to early 18th century technology.
  • Solar flare eruptions. These have effects similar to an EMP but also could cause massive changes to our climate such a massive typhoons, tidal surges, etc.
  • Nuclear war/Dirty bombs. Always a possibility since the invention of nuclear weapons. The expectations that a group could essentially commit to using such devices for the destruction of their enemies.
  • Economic Destruction. The crashing of world economies resulting in either deflation of mass inflation, huge layoffs and hence no monthly checks, no withdrawals from banks, a return to a barter system for survival.

Of all the apocalyptic novels, most involve EMP, economic crash, solar eruptions, etc. Some or all of those things may occur during the rest of my lifetime. But I am increasing concerned that regardless of where you are in the United States, the clash of cultures will be the starting point of no return. I fear the next few years will be breaking point of our Union.

I pondered how radically different we have become to try and understand how living in the greatest nation has now reached a point of no return. The American people have not known the direct impact of war on this soil for too long. The tragedy of war had not touched our land for generations. Our people have not experienced bombed-out cities, where finding a field of rotten potatoes would be considered a gold mine for survival. This I learned from a German woman who was a child during WWII. The scavenging for food was the first and only thing people did to survive.

The decades have past and those that actually saw the destruction and suffering have passed as well. My father who served WWII, rarely spoke of what he witnessed. When the men came home from war, they were told not to share those nightmares with their families. They were told not to divulge the horror to their wives and families as they would never understand or comprehend what they had witnessed. I don’t know if that was wise or not. Every day all over the rest of the world, there are bombings, slaughter of innocents, and displaced millions. But with the Internet and television, those things no longer seem to register with us. We have become ignorant of the dangers of clashes between religions, rich and poor, oligarchs, repression of freedoms and so much more.

We’re Now Two Nations

It seems we have diverged into two entirely different nations. It also seems that we are reaching a breaking point. Now there is open discussion of when exactly the tipping point will be. Make no doubt about it, the rural areas are arming themselves for the battle. Talk of the Golden Hordes is now openly discussed. Rural areas are trying to return to self sufficiency, by raising livestock, gardening, planting fruit trees, and berry bushes.   They are trying to learn those skills before it is too late. I witnessed many families this year trying to till their soil and start their first gardens.

So what exactly are the two cultures that are competing for our destruction? Some say it is the Republicans versus the Democrats. I disagree. There are good examples on both sides of the political spectrum. I believe one side is the culture of self sufficiency, low government interference, morals, values, charity, the belief in a higher power and true freedom.  I believe the other culture has been blinded by selfishness, lack of knowledge, and lack of experiencing the evils of war and true poverty on this nation’s soil.

When Did This Start?

When did this nation start down the slippery slope?  Some say the 1960s when the idea of free love started. When it was more important for one’s sexual gratification than to follow the teaching of the Bible. However, the 60s also gave us the benefit of the acceptance of the color of everyone. It became the era of throwing away norms.

But when did the sharp decline begin, where values, morals, respect and individual responsibility were discarded. The removal of prayer and civics from the classroom. How did we allow this to progress? Many factors contributed. As a society that progressed in outstanding inventions, it also led to the destruction of the family. No longer were we connected with family members spread across the nation. No longer did we have the family dinnertime interactions. This is because both parents had to have jobs in order to maintain the semblance of a normal life.

In the 1970s, we saw the closing of mental health facilities. I recall witnessing the waves of those disturbed people starting to roam the streets. Watching those that could not adequately take charge of their lives resort to living out of shopping carts as they walked and talked to their demons. This problem has come back ten fold on our society. The abandoned mostly filling jails and the flung back to the streets. The beginning of separation in the nation from all Americans to categories of Americans. Black, Hispanic, Asian caused the division to increase. The beginning of welfare, which has locked generation after generation in the belief that their poverty was created by others and it was the responsibility of others to provide. Riots between different races were experienced.

The 1980s saw class warfare begin. When you were defined by color. Entitlement became the buzz word and you were to be blamed for the deeds of ancestors long dead and gone. The days of friendly greetings were disdained. More abandoned values and teachings. The killing of innocent babies was seen as a good thing. The Lord was watching. Let us not forget, the elimination of the draft in peacetime and in war resulted in the lack of commitment to this land, flag, and nation.

The 1990s until today focused on the individual. No understanding of unity for the community and common good. A million non-profit organizations, some good…some just a ruse. I question why our large churches that pat themselves on the back for going to Africa or Central and South America when our own nation is full of needy here. When did we forget the poor in Appalachia or on the Indian reservations? When did they look away from the immediate needs in their own communities? Granted, I see many small churches returning to help with food, and sustenance.

The New Decade

In 2021 a new decade will begin, but I fear the soul of the nation is already lost. I too am trying to prepare for what I consider the shattering of our union. A nation so divided it can be mapped out for all to see. The millions that live in major urban areas versus the rural population. This was clearly shown by the voting in the last election.

The culture clash is between those that want our nation to return to God and country and those that seek to destroy it through mandates and socialism. Do not forget the other nations that are sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting. Do not forget the dictates of Islam to rid the world of infidels. Like other nations, this religion believes in slowly infiltrating and winning, over many decades. Many Nordic countries are now divided into zones where non-believers are not allowed. Many countries now admit they waited too long to see the end of their nation.

As we approach the 2020 elections, the differences have been further highlighted and many are predicting mass riots if President Trump is re-elected. Are we prepared? Will it lead to massive destruction and will it be the final straw? Who knows. Will the issue of the 2nd Amendment become the final divide?

I do not know when or what will set off the final demise of our nation.

As you can tell by the tone and details that I’ve related in this article, I have been around on this earth for a while. I must say that reading Patriots led to a massive change to my retirement plans. I no longer desire to travel, take cruises, attend concerts etc.

So what do I recommend immediately?

Get Out of Dodge

First…Get out of the cities! I felt led to a rural community with about 20 acres and full time running creek.   Although not in the American Redoubt, it is approximately 100 miles from any major cities. We purchased the land, built a 40×40 barn with an apartment in anticipation of my retirement. Upon retirement, we began building our home. This allowed one person to live on site during construction while the other remained in the city until the house was complete.

Second. Use the “Two is one” philosophy. Water sources are a full time well for the house and barn. A second well for irrigation of crops as well as the full time creek and a small pond we had dug for livestock. We stocked up deep on beans, bullets and Band-aids. We still have lists of lists to complete in many areas but now since we are retired, we have to prioritize.

Will we survive the divide? Hard to say as time and age has taken its toll on us. Now, I fear that the turning away from God has doomed our nation. So I encourage everyone to pray for the Union and the return in fervent devotion. Continue to live by the Ten Commandments and hope it will guide others to do the same.


  1. In light of what is occurring in Virginia, and many states with the majority of their rural counties declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries, and the full court press paid for Bloomberg to install Red Flag laws in as many states as possible as fast as possible, the article is timely. It is looking grim indeed, as many chat board participants are calling for all to bring their rifles. There is method in their madness, their intent is to turn over the table. I could say a lot more on this, but it is late. On Jan 20, there will be over a hundred buses, car pools, an untold number who will arrive in Richmond to protest. And there will be Police snipers on roof tops. This is looking to be a very serious situation.

    1. I initially saw a groundswell of support for the Richmond protest. This was going to be the big test in the effort to protect gun rights and to force the Libs to back off a clear, unconstitutional assault on the 2nd Amendment.

      Now, I am sensing a reversal of course by the more clear-thinking individuals who are posting articles on the internet. They look at this march as being a perfect gift to the Libs. It could turn out to be “Charlottesville Unite the Right II.” That rally included people who were simply hoping to preserve Confederate memorials (and, yes, the South had the absolute right to secede, and, yes, slavery was a vile institution, but the issue is much more complicated than that). The press, however, focused on the right wing white supremacists and Nazis involved on the pro-march side. Check out the Wikipedia article. In the only photo of the march shown, there is a prominent Nazi flag among the Confederate flags.

      Among the overwhelming majority of good, decent people who will appear at this rally, plenty of nutjobs are going to be drawn to this rally from all over the country. I fully expect that some of these people are “itching” for the opportunity to initiate Civil War II. Call them “agent provocateurs.” As with Charlottesville, it will only take one pro-gun nutjob to turn this effort into a PR disaster for 2nd Amendment supporters.

      Many commentators are saying that the better course is to let the Dems pass their laws and then file a lawsuit immediately. Given the clear violation of the 2nd Amendment, an injunction against its enforcement will quickly follow. As the lawsuit makes its way through the courts, the Dems voting for the laws will likely be out of office before any final decision is rendered.

      The groundswell of resistance in the gun sanctuary counties that we have seen so far is likely to be manifested with a much heavier turnout in the next election by those voters who are galvanized now, but who weren’t bothered enough to get to the polls in the last election.

  2. <<The scavenging for food was the first and only thing people did to survive.<<

    No, it was especially for refugees i think important, but work, gardening and agriculture had their share, you could Maybe consider harvesting the Food for my grandma´s sheep scavenging hut i think it was more a Benefit of her work for farmers.

    <<Rural areas are trying to return to self sufficiency, by raising livestock, gardening, planting fruit trees, and berry bushes<<

    Doomed to fail, without Cloth, metal products/Tools and other products – you could raise the animals to plow your field, but without a plow or only a wooden plow(you can build one?) ….
    Trade was an integral part of Society since at least the neolithic age

    <<than to follow the teaching of the Bible. However, the 60s also gave us the benefit of the acceptance of the color of everyone.<<
    If they didn´t accept People of color as equal, they didn´t follow the teaching of the bible
    There exists no scientific proof that Christian are behaving more ethically than others.

    1. Dan:
      I beg to differ. Charity–particularly among conservative Christians–is much higher than with non-Christian secular citizens. That alone is proof of behaving more ethically. And have you ever seen statistics on the crime rates for those who attend church regularly, versus the general population? Those are never trumpeted by the liberal mass media.

      1. My source is the Decanate* of the german armed forces, before that i believed also differently,

        the Office of the Bishops for the Christian Priests for the Bundeswehr.

  3. After these grammatical errors and incoherencies, all credibility was lost. “ But I am increasing concerned that regardless of where you are in the United States, the clash of cultures will be the starting point of no return. I fear the next few years will be breaking point of our Union.”

    1. It started a little after the end of the American Revolution itself. I used to wonder if the Illuminati were just pulp fiction. Until I read the letter from George Washington to the young Reverend George Washington Snyder (obviously a namesake). He wrote that while he appreciated Snyder’s having sent him a book on the infiltration of the Freemasons in the United States by the Illuminati, he was not concerned because he believed they were not making any progress here. !!!

      Washington’s letter would have been more encouraging, if in another letter, he had not said that he had been too busy to attend Freemason meetings for about twenty years. So he really had no idea of what was going on, other than what he was told.

      I also read Thomas Jefferson’s letter, enthusiastically praising the Illuminati.

      All these letters can be found on the internet.

      The Illuminati did take over the relatively innocent Freemasons in America. Look up the Anti-Freemason Party that emerged a few decades later, after murder was covered up and went unpunished in New York State, by Freemasons there. Ninety five percent of the Freemasons in America fled the cult, telling of entrapment, blackmail, and fear that had kept them in. The Party was mainly led by Christian clergy.

      This was obviously not the Freemasonry of the Founding Fathers. It was a criminal organization dedicated to the overthrow of all traces of Christianity, just as the Freemasons of Europe were.

      The lower levels are mostly a social club. After they recovered from the Anti-Masonic Party, the Freemasons sold themselves as a charity and social welfare organization. At the 33rd level, members are finally told what the Light that they worship is. Lucifer means light.

      Look up the Freemasonic vows, and it will become transparently obvious where the current split in our country came from.

  4. There are mindless parrots that echo what the media feeds them. I see them, in my community in the south, quieting down as Trump delivers results that contradict what the media predicts and feeds. Before, they brow beat you if you admitted you voted for the man.

    Vigilance is absolutely necessary but the Antifa crowd is not nearly as numerous as we are led to believe. The media and the NY advertising firms paint a picture that needs to be rejected.

    We must embrace and teach the essence of freedom as our schools are not doing the job. Mentor-ship offers the path out of this mess.

    Am I building the soil at my property? Oh yes. Storing seeds? Yep. Practice gardening on a small scale? Yes. Developing other skills? Another yes. Welding. Shooting. Carpentry. Radio. And teaching it all to my children and my scouts.

    Regarding scouts, the national organization appears lost at times. I, however, am not. For my part, I am IN as long as they do not change the oath and law.

    1. @ RV, your reply is interesting. When I read today’s article, the first thought that came to my mind is: How would the people who read Survivalblog define what the media is?

      Much of today’s article is based on media. But, what is the media?

  5. ThoDan – Plows, spades and shovels are primitive tools and not difficult to make. And RD – it started in the garden when man (both of them) turned away from God their Creator. Which is our same lot today.
    The hope is also still there. The hope is in His plan and when it’s revealed there is always a remnant of believers that put their trust in Him. Man didn’t ever fix the problem they made in the Garden. God did, with calling them back to repentance, a sacrifice and the covering of their sin… period. Same goes today.

  6. When did it start?
    When the communists got into the schools, into the Government.
    When FDR started his Great Society

    Look up Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

  7. This old coot cares about Liberty. Period. The fundamental distinction between Americans since our founding has always been rural vs non-rural. Today our differences are irreconcilable. Those divorced know that serious differences don’t happen overnight.

    Bill Buppert knows Liberty. I recently asked him, ‘Are cities simply incompatible with Liberty (as Jefferson might argue)? ‘ I’ll try to fairly summarize his reply: “Urban areas are the orchid hothouse for all collectivist thought; the bigger the city the more communist the administrative orientation.”

    The republic is lost and not coming back. I accept that. But it is not the end of the world. We can move on or let it consume us. Sadly I see rural folks being consumed by it. They are of the mindset that it is an inevitable fight for ‘all or nothing’.

    Think ‘soil’. I will defend mine with my life. Why in the world would you fight for communist soil? What do they have that we need? Divorce them! If they pursue you then shoot them. They have no rights to your soil. Why do you think you have rights to their soil? History has shown that totally incompatible people can separate peacefully. Why would you not pursue this solution?

  8. It’s not down to just one issue. But the single biggest factor in the destruction of our way of life is feminism. You can run a country with slavery, war, civil war, no gold standard etc. (Although definitely sub ideal.) But your way of life dissolves without families. That is where we are. People arent getting married and if they do it is for a brief period of time before a strong empowered woman decides to leave, destroying the next generation. Just look at the British Royal Family. We would be better off with a lethal pandemic than feminism. At least the survivors of a pandemic will have a world worth living in.

  9. I too began over 15 years ago asking “How did we get here?” It begins with propaganda and our believing it. We should have been asking if we were being told a lie. They talk a good game about loving one another and slip in how God is love. Since you have loving feelings for another, regardless of sex, and God is love, then it’s okay to ‘love’ anyone you wish. People bought into the lies of the 60’s. No one opened their Bible to check to see if what they were following was right. No one went into prayer to check with God. The pulpit has been taken over as the media has been taken over and neither can speak without orders from those running these institutions. The education system has been taken over from K-college. All this started when man decided ‘he’ was the one steering the ship, not God. When did this happen?–as stated above, in the Garden of Eden. Satan is so cunning with words and knows the word of God, inside and out. He uses people to spread his lies, he uses events to his advantage to get as many followers as he can before his day of reckoning comes. Satan knows he’s going to lose, but man being ignorant of this, charges ahead looking away from God and towards what Satan has told him “It’s okay, your in charge, do what ‘feels’ good. God is not here to save you in your troubled times.” God is telling us he doesn’t care about who caused this, red, blue, democrat or republican. He’s telling us we should return home to his family, his instructions, his commandments, by keeping the Sabbath holy (the Sabbath is Saturday folks, not Sunday) another lie from the pulpit. Christmas is not a celebration God has told us is right. He was not born in December, he does not want us to celebrate his birth. God has his celebrations he has told us are his feasts. Another lie pushed from the pulpit telling us “Well it doesn’t really matter, it’s about the kids and giving gifts.” Easter! Same thing, not of God to celebrate with bunnies and eggs. God is and has been in charge. Bad things happen to us when we turn away from the father. He allows us our choices, but do we understand when we trip and fall that perhaps we should ‘regroup’ and return to his instructions? Nope, we charge ahead first to see if we can make whatever didn’t work will work because, darn it, we want it. We are our problem, the individual. Only the individual can solve their problems by first going to the father in honest repentance and prayer. By starting everyday knowing it’s not about you, so seek the father first. All will be well then in your lives and this world, in our country, when we get out of our way and walk with God. Prepare people because judgement is coming, it is predicted, it’s in the Old Testament spoken of by the prophets, it’s in the New Testament spoken of by the prophets. There will be wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places, men’s hearts will fail them for what is coming to the earth, fire, brimstone, waves roaring (high winds cause waves to roar), wormwood poisoning 1/3 of the rivers and waters of earth. Read Revelation over and over until you begin to understand what is being said, again ask God to reveal the mysteries to you. Again, prepare as best you can for what is coming for it’s already begun and we are in it. SHTF scenario is here. Stay connected to God, love your neighbor, keep your head down and forge ahead with God in spite of the naysayers. Do what is right finally, you do not need anyone’s permission but God’s. Stay connected.

    1. Jude 17-20 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
      Keep Yourselves in the Love of God

      17 But you, beloved, ought to remember the words that were spoken beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, 18 that they were saying to you, “In the last time there will be mockers, following after their own ungodly lusts.” 19 These are the ones who cause divisions, [a]worldly-minded, [b]devoid of the Spirit. 20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

    2. @Oma Agreed and thank you! I once believed the lie that He was born on December 25th. I never questioned it. I trusted all those people. No longer. Now I trust only in YHWH. Praise be to Him.

    3. Hi Oma,
      Well said and 100% correct! I am struggling to find likeminded folks to fellowship and worship with. Christmas, Easter, etc…are all a battle with family. We as a nation and as Christians are way off base.
      God Bless!

  10. The world, at this moment, is safer and more affordable for travel than in any time in history. I prepare for potential collapse while living life and experiencing the world while we still can. The God I believe in says, “Be not afraid!” early and often. The Lord, the giver of life, wants us to live it richly and abundantly.

    When you say, “I no longer desire to travel, take cruises, attend concerts etc.”. If nothing terrible happens in the next few years and you could have traveled and experienced the world, will you regret it?

    In September of 17 we went to Israel for eight days. Next week we go to Washington for the March for life. I would rather die living life than hide.

  11. 1913 was a very bad year for America. The Federal Reserve was created and we lost control of our currency. Senators were elected by the people and not the state legislators, weakening the concept of federalism. And the income tax was enacted – but only for the “rich”. Some say the federal government became muscular as a result of the Civil War. None of this would have surprised the founders of our country, our greatest generation. They knew the government would be used to aggregate power and they devised a form of government that could be used to combat that tendency. Our future is in our hands.

    1. Yes sir. Our future is, indeed, in our hands. Let us stick together.

      As Ben Franklin said, “Gentlemen, we must hang together or, rest assured, we will hang separately.”

      Carry on

  12. This video advocates the return of traditional European male rule in rural areas and the peaceful separation of cultures. It is not politically correct and will draw the ire of “woke” folks. Probably not doable, but it does present a possible future…

    How to CRUSH THE LEFT Once and For All
    (YouTube Video)
    Jan 11, 2020
    John Mark
    Duration – 1:15:28

    You might want to skip to the last portion,

    1. “John Mark” on youtube, from what I can tell, is either controlled opposition or the worst kind of patriot as he advocates many white supremacist type concepts. It’s not that he’s politically incorrect. He’s Biblically incorrect. I would advise caution listening to his videos. He seems to have garnered quite a following.
      My two cents.

  13. We find tremendous optimism in living the prepared life. We are more alive than ever before… It’s true that the more prepared we become the less we have traveled, but it’s equally true that we love our homestead. We wouldn’t trade it, and when we’re not here, we can’t wait to return. For those who do not understand, and have the notion that preppers exist in some kind of imaginary world (sure, some may…people are, afterall, people), ours is not some strange form of “fantasy retreat”. We live connected to the realities of the world in which we find ourselves, and we work hard every day. It’s a good, honest, and grounded life.

  14. The author is spot on in his observations. I would like to add that this is not a linear change but a cycle that has occurred throughout history. I am reading a very Interesting book “The Fourth Turning – An American Prophecy” by Willian Strauss and Neil Howe. They note that a major crisis occurs roughly every 80 – 110 years in line with 4 human generations. Past crises in America include the Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Depression / WWII. They document how society rises to meet the challenge with the heaviest burden falling on the generation coming of age (in their 20’s). Subsequent generations tend to be overindulged as children and we progressively forget the horrors of the last crisis – inevitably leading to us precipitating another one. While the book can be tedious in its detailed analysis of history – it is enlightening relative to pointing out the patterns.

  15. The answer can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. I prefer simple and date our decline to the 1960’s that is as far my experience serves me. I recently wrote about this in a blog post.

    Ya’ll my cowboy’s have always been heroes


  16. While traveling for business last week I had the opportunity to witness the spectacle of the Trump rally in (reliably blue) Toledo. Unfortunately for me and thousands of others, the arena was at capacity before we got in (most people have to work). Aside from a handful of protestors (agitators) spouting vile hatred, it was a big love fest. Wonderful people of all backgrounds coming together to support the President and the direction of our country. In stark contrast to “media” portrayal, there were no rabidly hateful bigots (besides the protestors). What I saw was a bunch normal hard working Americans come together for a common cause. It gave me hope that this could take place in a city that has been firmly under the boot of the DNC/union machine for generations. There seems to be a genuine awakening taking place amongst the average citizenry.

  17. Luke 12:53

    The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    Is this not happening now? I have seen this in my family and friends and neighbors families.

    Prayer must increase.

    1. Yes, I agree with you Rita, it’s happening now. My formerly intact and rather large extended family was always on the “same side”. Now, the family is fractured and I can’t see how the unity can be regained. And it’s kind of complicated in some respects. All are christians, but how they view the world is what is fractured. Politics used to be jovial competition and now we can’t even have a conversation. My family is at 5 generations right now and while I do see the very youngest among us being raised as Conservative Christians, the generation above that is very influenced by Socialism/Bernie. The next generation up seems to be clear eyed but on the fence between two worlds. My generation is split down the middle. Only my mother now survives in the oldest generation and she is generally a very conservative Christian. I can’t even talk to one of my sisters, while she attends church and considers herself a christian, her ideas are extremely liberal. My grandson thinks socialism is a good idea. I’m like “What is happening??!!” I agree and consider myself a Prayer Warrior and I try to resist buying into the division while still standing strong.

      1. Christian means not automatically conservative and non conservative isn´t the same as non Christian.

        Since the time of Christ himself, the church has a social mission

        1. I’ve heard that same complaint from a friend of mine. She doesn’t like the word “conservative” connected to “Christian”. I think I might understand where you are coming from. The term “liberal” has taken on quite a different meaning than in the past. The ideal of a Christian is to be a Christ follower, and as such, always on a “social mission” to help save the lost and bring them to Christ and salvation. So, I see your point. I do not want to get into a semantic argument around what “liberal” means versus what “conservative” means, because I accept that there are variations in those terms and they mean different things to different people. It depends upon if we are discussing “liberal” (the Left) or “conservative” (the Right) in the light of politics, or if we are discussing those terms in light of Biblical truth, or our own ideas around what they mean. Your point is taken.

  18. Most people believe our country is divided into two camps. I believe that there are three camps. The two camps you described and a very large camp of uninformed, uninterested and often non-voting people. They work, the have family, they watch TV, they drink and eat but they don’t know what is going on politically. It is difficult to impossible to predict events especially world changing events. You can probably predict a WW III or a U.S. civil war but to say it will happen in 2020 is a wild guess. What is likely is some random event or black swan event will occur and suddenly that very large camp of people who are clueless will be motivated. That trigger event could be something that would make them more patriotic and constitution supporting or it could be the exact opposite. It is also quite possible that such an earth shaking event does not happen and we continue our slide towards a more socialist and less constitutional republic country until we slowly become irrelevant or some more powerful country consumes us.

    Smart politicians or activists can engineer trigger events and arguably it has been done successfully in the past. You could, for example, allow a devastating attack on your navy to galvanize public opinion about going to war. Or you could create a huge bubble in housing that breaks just before the election to sow disfavor in the ruling party. The Democrats are right now attempting to do something to trigger voters to vote for their candidate in 2020. If gov Northam were to use law enforcement or the guard to put down the 2nd amendment rebellion he could create a “Kent State” like incident that would wake up the sleeping silent majority. If on the other hand he is more sly than he appears he could infiltrate the movement and force them to act in ways that puts them in a bad light and gain public support for his effort. After all that is what the mayor and chief of police did in Charlottesville with help from the media.

    I think that conservatives/patriots/pro-constitutionalists are at a disadvantage in this game. The left has more dark money, more foreign government interference and more ruthless activists on their side. Look how easily the Democrats shutdown and destroyed the Tea Party. The used the IRS and fake claims of racism and there was even infiltrators into their leadership. I would imagine that the effort to destroy the growing 2nd amendment supporters is already in progress. I suspect we will all get to watch “Tea Party 2.0” destruction.

    1. I agree with you. However, the one factor that has changed is there are more of us who are now “awake” to their schemes. That makes a big difference because we are more willing to be vocal now than in the past. We understand what is at stake and what our grandchildren will inherit if we don’t put a stop to it.

  19. This is about Christianity and government. I see everyone focusing on symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem.

    The founders of this nation had a comprehensive Christian faith. A faith based on the whole gospel and not just half of it like we have today. The whole gospel presents Jesus as our Savior AND Jesus who is the Christ; our Lord and King.

    Most Christians have good understanding of salvation while praying “Thy kingdom come….”but are quite ignorant of the “nuts and bolts” of the kingdom of Christ. We have been deceived into thinking God isn’t sovereign over His creation and that this world belongs to the devil, so therefore politics is of the world and not Christian or spiritual.

    The Reformation had a great influence in this nation’s founding and they believed there was a Dominion Mandate and the increase of Christ’s rule was to have no end. They believed that Christ rules from heaven through delegated authority given to men in the governments of the family, the church and the civil authority. They believe (as do I) that our Lord and King defines these spheres of government and limits their authority. “No King but Jesus” was the common cry during the struggle for independence from the English tyrant. They believed it was sinful usurpation and tyranny for any one of those spheres to seek dominion over the others. This created a very decentralized governmental system on earth that was only centralized in heaven. These governments (first being the individual submitting to Christ) the family, church and civil authorities knew their boundries and provided a check and balance system that God himself designed. But the Devil lied (doesn’t he always?) and taught a twisted theology and eschatology causing the people of God to forget the lessons of the scripture and reject God as their King and then desire to be governed “like the nations”. So now we have a highly centralized government of satanist tyrants who reject any authority over them. Satanists who openly promote sodomy, pedophilia and every other wickedness because the people would not have Christ rule over their governments.

    Many see it coming; we are ripe for judgment from the Almighty. Our only hope is a Christian revival that leads to repentance from our own sin and our compromising with those governed by Satan . Sorry, returning to the constitution or moving to be with like-minded people or someplace way out in the sticks won’t work.

    So I say “repent and return to Christ as your Savior and King then build distinctly Christian families, Churches and communities”. Jethro gave Moses good counsel to establish representatives of small groups of families such as make up your bible study group. Judges who mediated minor civil matters and represented them to the larger community. Judges who also taught and mustered the able bodied men in times of danger. Then elect the really gifted men who would have the same biblical qualifications as a church elder to represent several groups of families; 10s, 50s and 100s etc. This is called a civil covenant and I urge you to look into it. You will find that many things a lone family seeks to do in being prepared is built into a like-minded community. It is very difficult to be the butcher, baker and candlestick maker and live above a substance level. Through God’s wonderful providence these things are naturally built into community. God gave us civil community for our blessings, prosperity and defense.

    Encourage each other in the faith and trust in God for safety “is of the Lord”. But we must trust Him as our Savior and King first if he is going keep us. If we look to a worldly king to protect us we may find our Lord laughing at us. Psalm 2

    Consider the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. This decentralized system of civil government may come in handy. Consider the power the people have should a tyrant force a vaccination, attempt to take the children or disarm a family without due process. They must understand that if they come for one, they come for all. And how can you expect a just due process in a humanist and evil society that calls evil good and good evil. thinks there are 57 (and counting) genders?

    Lastly, there are other community benefits. Consider a medishare type of medical insurance, sharing of ideas like natural medicine, local commerce and food production where you can know your grower. You could establish a distinctly Christian K-12 school, better deals on legal representation etc and a larger pool of families you know where your children may find a spouse someday. Very important! I live in a secular town in Idaho that has a thriving and growing Christian community. They have great concern that we may someday “take over”. Our Christian community is based around worship and education. We have established a K-12 Christian school and a 4 year liberal arts college wherein one can learn a Christian world view and critical thinking skills. We have several bible study groups and the interest in a civil covenant is growing. Several families are starting businesses and our pastors preach the whole counsel of scripture from the pulpit which includes the Lordship of Christ.

    I’m optimistic for our future.

    1. I don’t know that threatening people to become more active Christians is going to work. To the extent that people make a free choice and leave the church is consistent with our freedoms. I choose not to watch NFL football because of their anti-American antics. It seems unlikely that Roger Goodell could force me back by threatening and demeaning me. If Churches want more people to attend then they must try to appeal to more people.

      1. If you have a nice garden plot, the tools, a good growing season and seeds, it isn’t a threat to tell someone that they will only have a harvest of weeds if they are not willing to work their garden. Culture is the same way in that if the Christians ignore it, it will default to wickedness and darkness. if we love God and are happy to be governed by the Lord Jesus Christ we will have the blessings he promised. If we rebel or do nothing (another form of rebellion) we will have to suffer under the tyranny of evil men. I would suggest reading the blessings and curses written in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. If you are a non-Christian and are outside of the covenant, I can see why Christians who believe in the whole counsel of scripture (2 Timothy 3:16) would be a threat to you. The sodomites, pedophiles and tyrants hate Jesus and His people because they know that true Christian culture would allow no place for their perverted behavior. It is a war after all. Christians fight this battle by preaching salvation in love to those who are in bondage to sin. A Christian culture would have a justice system that would (through due process) be a threat and a terror to those who practice evil. Most Christians are not “salt and light” because they have compromised with the satanists and are therefore out of the conflict. American culture is fast approaching that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Compromised Christians will soon be acutely aware that the cries by the left for ” tolerance and diversity” were only designed to destroy Christian family and culture. No quarter will be given to any true Christian in this brave new world. I’m only advocating that believers endeavor to build their own distinctly Christian culture wherever they find opportunity.

      2. Anon

        So I am a big Packer fan. I have yet to see an “ anti- American sentiment “ from that team or any of its associations. While I agree the NFL should have come out and ruled immediately on the kneelers during the National anthem the fact is people of all stripes and colors do have the right of protest in our political system. The founding fathers knew this and knew also that some of the protest would be distasteful and possibly repugnant. But that is what a free system produces.

        1. Glad to hear that. So what are you doing then to reverse that conviction of the man in Ames Iowa who was jailed for 16 years for burning a flag?

          Yes I am angry at anyone kneeling for the anthem. IMHO THAT should be a hate crime.

  20. The Fourth Turning, showing our inherent “cycles”, combined with a system of systemic corruption (FED and banking system post 1913) has created a “one-two” punch eliminating the middle class. 1971 ended the gold standard, and extreme US govt deficits began in 2008, as well as unlimited money creation.

    The US lost more middle class people (aggregate and percentage) from 2000-2020 than back in the 1930s.

    With wages stagnant, corporations moving manufacturing overseas, and real inflation of +5% per year, we are closer to being like Mexico than any other time. We are at least as corrupt. The moral decay is but a single symptom.

    While I hope for a peaceful divorce between camps, history shows it never happens. Power corrupts….

    So, the only option is to refuse to cooperate, and, prepare for asymmetric warfare like the French Resistance during WWII. All that is needed to prepare is to read what they saw, did, and fought for, and how they ultimately won. 5000 Free French partisans offset 1 million German soldiers in France, blowing up everything, using fully improvised means.

    It doesn’t take a lot. You cannot suppress an idea that has come of age.

    As an aside: I wonder why the Mormons allowed the NSA data center to be located in UT. Maybe they are not as cooperative as things seem? I doubt anyone will ever tell me.

  21. The decline was set in motion decades ago when we allowed the politicians to build a large administrative state that became irreplaceable election after election. Then we allowed them to build the Federal Reserve which eventually replaced money with currency. Finally we allowed them to institute the income tax which provided politicians with the ability to buy votes. With all this control and power they attempted to build heaven on earth and have failed miserably. But it is WE who allowed it to happen from generation to generation until we arrived at our current chaos.

    1. I agree with you, “prepare for asymmetric warfare” and noncooperation. Although, I’m not a military type and have no clue how this is going to pan out. But, I do agree on the preparedness aspect, be that “beans, bullets, bandaids” and training.

  22. What would happen in Virginia if those supporting the Second Amendment would follow the example of Ghandi and in the face of violence from the State, the “media”, Antifa, or other opposition, just smile and sit down – while keeping their guns pointed down and safety-ed of course? And make certain there are numerous cameras monitoring the action.

    Would I let Antifa thump on me to demonstrate they are the real threat? Yes to a point if it was being recorded.

    Like on the football field, it seems to be those that retaliate or react to violence directed at them that get punished.

    By the way, I am so relieved to see there are others who feel as I do.

    I think the divide is as simple as those who want to live their lives as they see fit, be independent, and be left alone versus those who are so insecure in what they believe and the way they live that they are compelled to insist everyone celebrate their choices. I am tired of my freedom and property being infringed upon “for my own good” as if I am ignorant because I don’t want to live as these elitists choose.

  23. Diversity + Proximity = War, sadly. Let’s hope that someone farsighted comes to power and adheres to the mantra that “fences make good neighbors” to prevent Yugoslavia 2.0 from happening here in the US.

  24. I’ll throw in my two cents: I think that much of this started in the 60’s. The “Hippie” movement didn’t die – it changed course. The “I didn’t ask to be born, so society owes me something,” crowd became the teachers and the professors at our schools and universities. They have continued to teach (indoctrinate) their brand of socialism for the last 40 years, until all our teachers and our media, and generally speaking most graduates of any higher institute of learning have fallen into lock-step with them. There are very few conservatives on most university campuses. If we look at most of what we consider left wing/liberal ideals, most trace their roots to the hippie movement of the 60’s

    On another topic – Virginia! Why do they continue to go after our guns? I think that all of this ties in together, with the rural/urban divide that keeps being talked about. The urbanization of both Canada and the U.S. has been going on for decades. Those of us in the rural areas are often regarded as “ignorant peons” by the intellectuals leading the liberal movement. (Or “undesirables” as Hillary would call us. The fly in the ointment is that the urbanites NEED us. We are the ones that grow the food, and drill for oil, and basically provide the raw materials that they need in the cities to survive. And lets not forget – pay the lions share of the taxes, which they need to fund their wonderful “everything for everybody” social programs. As long as we are armed and remain free, we have a certain amount of choice. The day they can dictate to us without fear – they will.

  25. I suspect Bloomberg is dangerous because he is a “Globalist”, he has Billions of dollars and would probably spend most of it to buy/blackmail/threat or coerce a sea change in the culture of America. Somebody please tell me why they hate us? I just want to live my life and be happy. I suspect he/they want control through having a string attached to everything (marionette) They cannot allow anyone, any organization or any group of people to think/act/operate without there ideals embraced. These folks aren’t happy unless they are in your bank accounts, your bedroom, your restroom, your Home larder your home armory, and sadly your House of worship. Loose your steel, loose all of your other rights!. Pretty simple plan way forward if in fact you are a Globalist. Want proof? I went to my local Walmart, located somewhere in Northern Nevada, a formerly 2A friendly state, NO handgun ammo, NO .223 or .556, No .308 or .300 BO. Hmmm Walmart is owned and run by Billionaires, Do you think maybe some Billionaires are afraid or at least controlled or coerced by other Billionaires? It could be so. Watch what is happening right there in your own areas, communities, regions. You need to stay vigilant. . .

  26. This conversation is happening all over the country and perhaps much further beyond our borders as well. Just last night our family sat and discussed this for several hours. We can debate the causes but if you are christian then certainly the roots began in the garden and have gotten worse over the ages. At the heart of it all is the family unit. Teaching our kids the importance of family and the obligation to the family is essential. All of these progressive movements work to dissolve families and family time. Once there is no family priority then what do our kids hold as important?

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Cal! Every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears shed by my husband and I was for our family. Every day my dear husband spent working in the heat or cold was to put a roof over our heads, food on our table, and clothes on our backs. My job helped with the niceties in life. Understand that I never had a career as being a wife and mother was my utmost concern and a job was more than enough. Now, our children are all adults; all caring, responsible, and self-supporting. All dedicated to supporting one another physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are a very strong family – basically, we are a CLAN!

      I see first-hand the deterioration of families in my community. I am a school secretary and every day I am saddened by what is happening around me. Every day I ask my co-worker, “What is this country going to be like in another 20 years?” One day I will give SB readers a glimpse of what is happening in our schools.

      1. Well said Wise Girl.
        I represent a large school district in a liberal area.. the stuff they are shoveling down the next generation’s throat is atrocious. If the average person knew… I have to believe parents would be outraged…
        Another 20 years… I’m betting everything that TEOTWAWKI will be less than 5 years.

  27. What happens if we the producers stop producing????? What if we leave no stone standing one one another ,? The 1000 acres of land I onced farmed has gone to weeds ,the combine was cut up for scrap ,my grain tanks are torn down ,i once fed out 3000 head of steers a year ,I have had a hand in taking thousands of acres out of production ,yes thousands,,the city/urbans leaches can eat weeds ,the useless moochers can eat each outher,,,,, Ragnar ,Hank ,Ken ,Ellis,and Francisco are alive and well ,would you know them If you met them ?,If you are afraid and don’t understand you should be. Ayn Rand spelled it out in ATLAS SHRUGGED,
    The other book tells , my people will I bless,,,,,,,, ,as for me and my house will do what is right ,,,
    What is the lesson in the question WHO IS JOHN GALT?
    And the valley is real if you know were to look ,,,,

    Time is short , ,,dont be like lots wife ,

    Tea and chocolate to some ,

  28. The Hunger Games being played out before our eyes…in motion and on course. The Cities and the Districts that support them. Believers in God and Country vs. believers in government and a corrupt society.

  29. The culmination of how we got to where we are was 1913. SK above has that part right. The Federal Reserve, the income tax, the 17th amendment and the diminishment of the States to super counties, and finally, the ascension of the globalist Woodrow Wilson to the presidency.

    However, it started with merchantilist dictator, Abraham Lincoln. Of course the states had the right to leave the union. Without such a right, there would have been no union in the first place. With Lincoln came the beginning of the final push to eliminate the American Indian, the railroads and the subsidies of millions of square miles of land to the railroad oligarchs, and eventually the subjugation of the American west and all who live there today.

    Then there is Teddy Roosevelt and the implementation of the national park system and the national monument system. Oh, and don’t forget the war on business. Supposedly a war on “the Trusts”. This became a war on competition to the Trusts.

    Woodrow Wilson, we have said enough except for his unconstitutional intervention in the European war of 1914 to 1918 that set up Europe for the rise of Adolph Hitler and the European war of 1939 to 1941. These didn’t become a world wars until we intervened. Oh, and don’t forget the end of the US silver dollar (accomplished in 1921).

    Herbert Hoover and the God awful way he, congress, and the federal reserve, handled the Great Depression. Had they paid any attention to the depression of 1920/21 and how it was handled, the Great Depression would have been just another bump in the road.

    This gave us the crown jewel of progressivism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave us his centralized planning of the entire economy and the meddling in every facet of American life, and the desperate need to intervene in the European war, that started in 1939, to take Americans minds of the travesty of the ongoing depression. That depression did not end until 1947, two years after WW2 ended. Oh, and don’t forget the confiscation of all gold coinage and the end of commerce done with gold.

    Truman and his war on global communism, gave us the Korean war. This is a war that has never ever ended, America’s second forever war. The first was actually WW2.

    Eisenhower gave us the Vietnam war and the military, industrial, congressional, complex that he warned us about. Oh, and don’t forget the coup d’etat in Iran in 1953 that set the current problems with Iran in motion in the first place, with our support of the brutal fascist dictator Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, that we installed after the coup. While we’re at it, let’s not forget the US support of the brutal fascist dictator, Fulgensio Batista, in Cuba that lead to the rise of Fidel Castro.

    Kennedy was assassinated because he tried to end our forever wars and was ready to pull out of Vietnam. The MICC just couldn’t have that. They needed their war profiteering.

    Johnson gave us the expanded Vietnam war, based on a lie, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Don’t forget the 50,000 plus dead Americans, the advent of Agent Orange, and don’t forget the end of American silver coinage.

    Nixon closed the gold window. This feat of magic is what finally made the US dollar a fiat currency.

    I could go on, I won’t.

    The history of the demise of the America we love didn’t happen over night. It didn’t happen with just one event or the ascension of one particular president or the dominance of just one political party, except maybe the Radical Republicans after the War of Northern Aggression. However, that event was the actual beginning of the fall of America.

  30. I remember vividly my mother saying “I just don’t think the world can get any worse. I hate it that you have to grow up in a world like this.” What was it that shocked her (and my Dad) to the core that they believed things had gotten as bad as they can get? It was when the Beatles came to America and my parents got a look at their hair. No kidding! It was beyond their belief that a man would wear his hair long “like a woman.” Boy would they both flip out if they could see how things are now.

      1. I had a boss years ago who had a thing about one of his employees with long hair. He disliked this guy a lot but tolerated him because he was a friend of his son’s.

        He would complain about the guy’s hair and generally grouse about him. Which was actually out of character for my boss because as a rule he was a happy go lucky kind of guy. I finally asked my boss what his problem was with this guy and he told me very sternly that guys like him would destroy this country. I said nothing but thought how can this guy’s hair destroy anything.

        Now years later, I understand that the hair in itself meant nothing. What the guy was trying to communicate with his hair meant everything. And I came to agree with my old boss.

        For the record, I could care less about hair. Actually kind of like crazy hair, whether it be purple or orange or shaved on one side. Man buns don’t even bother me. Wear it how you want and I make no judgements. Unless it becomes clear you are not trying to just have fun with your hair but are trying to make a statement. Then I will evaluate what you are trying to communicate and make my judgement based on that.

        1. Fair enough, i will reserve my judgement for how and why you Judge.
          Petite small mindedness gives nobody the Right to belittle other People for not conforming to their believes.

          Short hair was once the mark of an unfree man, Long hair the mark of a FREE man and my ancestors would´ve thrown any man in a Bog who wanted to force them cut their hair, if he was lucky without cutting him the bloodeagle first.

          There is a Story abot the royal merowingian hose of the frank, a grandmother was sent a Sword and a scissor for her grandchildren.
          Cut their hair or their life, she chosse the sword

  31. I live in the same country, but I interpret what I see differently. I don’t buy the two nations. If true it would mean one nation with 80% of the population (urban) and one nation of 20% of the population (rural). If you divided it into gun owners/non gun owners it would be roughly 33% with guns, 42% with gun in house, and 58% without guns. I also don’t buy the description of the two cultures, “self-sufficiency, low government interference, morals, values, charity, the belief in a higher power and true freedom”. I live in an urban area and just about everyone I know also fits most of this definition, they are good people. The people I know don’t want handouts, they want jobs that pay enough to take care of themselves and their family. They want their kids to find jobs, raise families and to be happy. They want affordable healthcare and education. They want to be safe of the streets. They want to eat and not be hungry. They want hope. They don’t want to be discriminated against, they don’t want poisons in their water, air and food, they want a fair playing field (not level, just fair). They know poverty as poverty is found in both rural and urban areas. They know the evils of war as 56% of the military is from urban areas. I live in one of those liberal states with gun control and I have the guns to protect my castle. Nobody has come to take my guns either. If you don’t know or believe all this you need to leave your echo chamber, quit listening to all the media who want you to be afraid, the media that fills your mind with hate and lies, the media that controls you for their political and profit purposes, leave your comfort zones, and go talk to people who have different political, religious, or cultural beliefs, actually talk with the “enemy”, listen to their trials and concerns, be open to their wisdom and understanding. You might find they aren’t that different than you.

    1. @ Greg, excellent reply. I really liked your talking point about the media, and I agree with most of what you have written. I do not know (or care) what state you’re from, but I would only disagree with what you have written about gun control.

      Otherwise, excellent reply with being aware how the media influences narratives in ways that really impact how people see and live in the world.

  32. Went to church today. I live in a theoretically unchurched region. My church runs three pretty full services. Full of Millennials who theoretically don’t go to church. Who are reproducing like rabbits. The young man in front of me, whom I know from work, was trying, with moderate success to control four wiggly children. When our service was done, a young family with three wiggly children replaced my friends family for the next service. They all hear the Gospel every Sunday.

    And it seems every third or fourth woman of child bearing age is pregnant. I could be exaggerating but I don’t know.

    To get to my church, I drove by several others with full parking lots. My son, his wife and four wiggly children attend one of them. My wife and I prefer our church but the Gospel is being preached at both.

    To our surprise when we discovered our church, not a few of the people running our church were taught by my wife and others in a home school Co-op years ago. When they were wiggly children.

    My son in law is Catholic, so I attend Mass with him on occasion. I do not take communion there because I am not Catholic. (Neither does my daughter but they work that out by alternating attendance between two churches so they both receive communion.) But the Catholic churches I attend are packed. Catholic homilies are not what I am accustomed to as a Protestant and I am not entirely in agreement with Transubstantiation. Actually I think communion is dead serious (clearly stated in the New Testament) but other than that I have no opinion on the arguments surrounding it (although I am well versed in them). But the Mass shouts the Gospel unapologetically and clearly. And there are millions of wiggly children witnessing it and then participating in it every Sunday. I love it.

    I fully recognize the dangers of our present world. I also read history and feel our times are not terribly unique. That is not entirely comforting because much (most?) of history is corrupt and brutal. But I believe, despite what the corrupt media would lead us to believe, that wiggly children taught the Gospel are more powerful than anything this evil world can throw at us.

    I do not believe this is an even remotely difficult Biblical argument to make. The Gospel is the most powerful thing in this world. It is not declared without result.

    I recommend reading what God said to Elijah when he was in despair at the end of his ministry. And also note that God had the next generation lined up to relieve Elijah when He took him home.

    That said, pray for peace and prepare for…whatever is to come good or bad.

    1. All those conservative families having lots of kids do add up. In fact geometrically, over generations. If the liberals have few kids (below the 2.3 replacement rate), and we have lots of kids (4+), them we win. Demographics are destiny.

      1. Please do not assume those in church share your conservative values. Our family departed PC USA after they decided to embrace the culture rather than hold the line according to scripture. PC USA voted in a series of proclamations which stood 180 degrees out of phase with what we stood for. They became anti-Israel, anti-2nd Amendment and pro LGBT. From out point of view, (Scripture) PC USA stood for popular culture. We voted with our feet and found a non-denominational Church that at least anchored itself to Scripture rather than society. Many Catholics will vote for a pro-abortion candidate in spite of the Church’s teaching against abortion. Not to single out the Catholic church, (I was raised Catholic…Nuns for teachers and all that goes along with it…) but the current Pope tends to promote a more liberal agenda.

        1. The strain between “main line” and “evangelical” churches, particularly independent churches is nothing new. Discussed all my life and well before. Even mentioned in a somewhat recent WWII movie “Fury” when the independent, evangelical, holy roller, veteran tanker mocks the young nominal, lukewarm Christian guy joining the tank crew calling him a “mainliner”. This caught my attention because I was raised to question the Christianity of “mainliners”.

          The liberal main line churches have also been losing attendance for all my life and continue to do so. Turns out not everyone in them is liberal.

          The Methodist are currently splitting. Surprisingly the main hierarchy recently rejected gay marriage and some other liberal tenets and are shifting back toward what I would term “orthodoxy”. My understanding is they are also financially assisting those splitting to get started…and more importantly, leave. I don’t think the liberals splitting off will last long. By long I mean more than a generation or two. Churches without the Gospel do not attract or keep people for long.

          I was raised in the finest tradition of questioning the very Christianity of Catholics. “Some Catholics MAY be Christians (probably not many) but Catholicism is heresy” is pretty much what I was taught. This teaching caused great harm in my family. I disagree with some Catholic theology but I also disagree with some Protestant theology at the margins in some denominations. Catholics however clearly proclaim the Gospel and the moral agenda that is associated with it just as most Protestant churches are. They do go soft on abortion these days (in their voting not doctrine) because they take a strong stand on public charity. I believe their stand is misguided however they still proclaim the Gospel. Loudly. I The Bible is clear that will bear fruit and the rest will be worked out.

          The Church is full of people and is therefore by definition full of sin. Pope and everybody else including me. The First Century Church was not pure or even close. But it was and we are the Bride of Christ and He will cleanse it. Us.

          Much of conservatism goes hand in hand with Christianity IMO but Christianity supersedes conservatism. Conservatism cannot save. Cannot save the individual or the nation. Only Christianity can do that.

          As a Christian conservative, I need to keep the order of that label correct. I say that to myself as much as anyone else.

          And despite the dark clouds around us, I see signs of potential Revival. Part of that comes from reading the thoughts of many on this site. Part of it comes from the transition of old friends I thought were pagans into seemingly Christian warriors. Part of it the Millennials I see who theoretically have no interest in God, seeking God. Many, many individuals I observe are not behaving like conservative media, liberal media or even some Christian media tell me they should behave. We will see if I am right or wrong.

          We should pray for Revival regardless. I can say that for a fact.

      2. Excellent point.

        And a corollary is that we have been encouraged to not have children for how long? Decades.

        I do not believe Christian couples should be brow beat into having children but we should surely celebrate children and encourage those who are capable of having many to have many. And give them the support they need to deal with the ensuing chaos. And not get bent out of shape by a little noise and maybe some crumbs in the pews.

        Life is messy and noisy. Death is quiet and eventually dry and sterile. (Not my idea. CS Lewis’ from his SCIFI trilogy.)

        That crying baby in a Christian family is a sound of victory.

  33. An excellent article. However, I disagree with you about the moment America began to fail. I believe we began our fall when our leaders became immoral, lying criminals and we found out about it. For instance, liberal historians have searched everywhere for something bad to blame on George Washington. Beyond owning slaves, they have found nothing. He was a morally straight man, perhaps the last we had. Our leaders during the 1900s were trash, from Roosevelt pretending to be physically well to Eisenhower pretending to care for American troops (he fired on the WWI vets who went to Washington asking during the Depression for the money they’d been promised) and apparently had an affair with a female in the military. JFK was often photographed with his family going to church, but considering his morals it’s obvious he didn’t learn much. He started a fitness drive in public schools; we had to run, jump, throw balls, and other useless stuff. When I found out his main exercise was horizontal, I wasn’t amused. LBJ was a liar, Nixon the greatest crook in history. The list goes on and on. If our leaders aren’t moral people, why should the rest of us be good? If we’re bad, we’re just following our “leaders”.

    1. I remember my Mother talking about how handsome Jack Kennedy was just prior to his election and even as a child I remember thinking; what has that got to do with anything? And now we have people who vote for a living. This is all about corrupt voters voting for corrupt candidates. I fear our choices are our fault…

    2. Autistic Prepper,

      I will disagree with you on one point. IMO Nixon was not the greatest crook in history. I think he was a bit of a crook, but I think he was a rank amateur compared to his opponents.

    3. Wasn´t owning slaves not enough, a man who fights for liberty against Taxation without reprentation but owns slaves himself.

      That is something i can´t ethically retrace

  34. Lots of great discussion following this post! Gosh… Where to begin? In our home, we take heart in all the hope and share a sincere interest in the conversation, while we also remain focused on the objective of preparedness. The questions about “why” and “how” make for interesting (and even potentially therapeutic) exchanges, and may even help those who are just now coming into an awareness of the risks that surround us. We are real believers — like many of you — in dialogue, and debate. Just be sure that your resources are focused primarily on pragmatic and practical objectives. There is work to be done!

  35. In the early 70’s public education became “political indoctrination camps”. The ability to consolidate and control people is self evident in education and in cities. I believe the coming clash will be primarily urban vs. rural due to the entirely different value systems (i.e. rural are self sufficient, and urban are dependent on others to either control or be controlled by).

  36. A comment about long ~head hair and a long ~beard on a man. … During a SHTF event, long hair becomes a ~handle on the head. … During a tussle, a villain can use the provided ~handle to his advantage.

    Just think about the disadvantages of long head hair and a long beard during a fight; especially during an unexpected attack.

    I could care less about the length of some guys hair.

    Short hair is sometimes called a cootie cut; adopted by militaries around the world. = Short hair also eliminates a ‘handle’ for the enemy to grab.
    America is becoming more chaotic; why give villains something to grab. Think about cutting hair and beards down to a length difficult to grab, during a SHTF event.

    Plus, wearing baggy pants without a belt is an absolute disadvantage in any scuffle. There are ~numerous videos on YouTube, with ~villains trying to run away from the cops while holding up their pants. The (the loose, baggy pants and No belt) villains usually are tripped up by their own pants, while running from the cops.

    Hopefully, there are NO villains here reading Survivalblog. … Just think about the disadvantages of fighting with one hand, while holding up your pants with the other hand.
    … … As a Note: ~If a US Marine is spotted fighting villains without his pants on, it’s because the Marine is using his belt to cushion his knuckles, and also using the buckle to crack a villain’s head. (A tradition going back to 1775)

    1. Beards and Long hair was at times very usual for soldiers(e.g. 30 Years War, Spartans), and Warriors(e.g. Celtic and Germanic Warriors) during the ages of melee Combat and veterans of the german Military advice for a loose Fitting Combat Dress for Freedom of movement.

      1. ThoDan, there’s an article in Military Medicine about: ~So You Think You’re Bulletproof: Development and Validation of the Invincibility Belief Index (IBI)~ It might be worth a quick read.

        The Military has expert knowledge about surviving combat. The ‘cootie cut’ isn’t just about cooties. Sad-Sack clothing and ‘head handles’ are two different things.

        ~~>A man should wear comfortable clothing.

        A man can’t walk around in his skivvies 24/7. [Unless he lives in infamous California, where wearing only skivvies or less 24/7 seems to be normal behavior, for a lot of people.]

        1. @GGHD

          This advice was IIRC from a Veteran or more who served in Afghanistan and personnally i would prefer being grappled on hair or beard during a surprise melee attack than a spear, axe, Sword or even a dagger through my vital organs

          1. ThoDan, you have wisely spoken for just about everybody. … Given the choice between a weapon thrust through vital organs, or a severe hair-tugging, most rational people would choose the hair-tugging.

  37. Such interesting discussions!! I love it. I will say this hopeful thing. One of my daughters has had 3 children in quick succession. Very grounded in the local church, all nondenominational and Biblically grounded. She said all the young moms have lots of kids and having more. This is GREAT NEWS! I think there’s a baby boom going on.

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