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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at Antifa’s latest bullying.

A Homestead for Sale in Vermont

My #1 Son alerted me to this new listing over at his site: Homestead & 31+ Acres w/ House Off-Grid.

Terrorist Warned Off By Facebook

Mike Williamson (our Editor At Large), sent us this: Police Tracked a Terror Suspect — Until His Phone Went Dark After a Facebook Warning

Is Mikey Buying the Election?

Regular link contributor DSV sent this article that shows how Mike Bloomberg is trying to buy the presidency: National Poll: Michael Bloomberg Ties Elizabeth Warren for Third Place. And even more recently, this was reported: Bloomberg drops $10 million on campaign ad to air during Superbowl LIV

New Laws Now in Effect

More of the annual litany: New laws on guns, privacy, electric cars go into effect across US. Here is a snippet:

“In Colorado, a new ‘red flag law’ will allow family members and law enforcement to request guns be seized from people who are ultimately deemed to be a threat to themselves or to others. The seizure can last up to a year, and the burden of proof is on the gun owner to have it revoked.”

Rope Caused a Weeklong Water Crisis

Reader Sean B. suggested this article: Report: Rope caught in valve caused Poway’s weeklong water crisisSean’s mentioned these takeaways:

  1. It’s all a lot more fragile than it might seem.
  2. It’s often the little things that cause the big problems.
  3. With the proper preps, a big problem for others can be a relatively minor inconvenience for you and your loved ones.

Five Times More Murders with Knives Than with Rifles

Daniel sent us this: FBI stats show 5 times more murders by knives than rifles. JWR’s Comment: So why aren’t the radical leftists screaming “knife control!” Hmmmm?  Perhaps it is because it is battle rifles that that are used to fight guerilla wars, not knives.

Geospatial Imagery Analysis SW Now Export Controlled

G.P. sent us this: Software Specially Designed To Automate the Analysis of Geospatial Imagery to the Export Control.

Republican Governors Who Asked for Refugee Resettlement

Here Are the Republican Governors Who Betrayed Trump, and Their Constituents, by Asking for Refugee Resettlement in Their States. Here is the article’s lead paragraph:

“If you’re a resident of Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, or West Virginia who voted Republican in your state’s most recent gubernatorial race, did you also hope your vote would help facilitate the voluntary admission of more refugees from the third world? If not, too bad, because that’s exactly what it did, thanks to an astonishing level of guilt-induced moral preening from eighteen (and counting) RINO squishes all too happy to put foreigners over the citizens who elected them to office.”

AntiFa Lives Up to Their Reputation

Reader H.L. sent us this to file under Burning Irony: UBC cancels Andy Ngo talk on antifa violence due to violent threats from antifa. An excerpt:

“Headed into 2020, the University of British Columbia is still struggling to balance free speech with safety concerns posed by antifa-linked groups, who threaten violent protests against speakers they object to on ideological grounds.

The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo had his speaking event cancelled at UBC after safety concerns due to potential violent protests from antifa groups. Ngo’s scheduled presentation, ironically titled “Understanding Antifa Violence,” was scheduled to take place on January 29 at UBC’s Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.”

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  1. Yes indeed. Our RINO governor [in Vermont] has assured the lefties that rule our state that he will of course ask for more “refugees”. I suppose he figures this is one way to keep up the state’s population numbers; more die than are born here and many leave as they can’t afford homes or the taxes on the pitiful salaries they can earn here. And the leftists are intent on “diversity”. We now have “diversity positions” in schools and elsewhere to handle all of the issues that have arisen. He also signed a very restrictive gun law. And this is a RINO. A “Progressive’ is going to run against him for governor; can only imagine what happens then………

  2. Re refugees and immigration in Idaho and the decision to not only support it but request more…….I just sent Little an e mail to express my thoughts and feelings on his decidedly liberal decision. Unbelievable! I also told him I would be attending meetings in the CDA, Id area to make certain his constituents are aware of his actions! One thing that seems to book little little opposition in this area is the subject of illegal or forced immigration and refugees! I would urge other Idaho residents to contact their reps and voice their feelings and hopeful opposition to Littles actions! Idaho does not need to go the way of California, a state I fled some years ago after problems stemming directly and indirectly from immigration led to a slow, inititally, demise of the once golden state!

  3. Re. Republican Governors
    Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.

    1. When liberal Democrats disappoint us, it’s no surprise, and even expected. When Republicans do it, the disappointment is much deeper and more personal. My husband and I, and our close family members are mostly Libertarian-leaning Conservatives, and tend to be very cautious about our political “endorsements”. We have come to understand, and in some ways have learned the hard way, that an “R” behind the name doesn’t always mean on the “right” side of any political decision or of history. At the same time, we know that the “D” most assuredly stands for “dangerous”. Words like “delusional” also come to mine. Our nation is in great need of restoration of both truth and trust.

      1. Telesilla of Argos, we have two enemies. Which is more dangerous, the enemy we know or the enemy we sleep with?

        We keep voting. We think we are free. Can anyone cite one example where voting made us free? Mercy, Americans were infinitely freer under King George III than they are today.

        It won’t be long before no one is left who remembers what we have lost. Expectations just keep getting lower. Aspirations follow.

        1. Most assuredly, the enemy we’re not aware of is the one who can land the most devastating blow. I would also agree entirely that expectations are sinking fast, and that aspirations are destined to follow. We live in difficult and dangerous times even though the depth of our peril is lost on many. Simply stated… Lack of awareness about these conditions does not mean they do not exist. In the presence of all of this, I will continue to do all that I can toward recovery if that’s possible, and survival if it is not. Mine may only be one vote, but I will cast it with prayerful discernment every time.

        1. “There is only one political enterprise occupying our nations capitol. Many people call that enterprise “the UniParty”. Succinct in both description and accuracy, the UniParty members live very well within a fortified and defended castle we call DC.

          Within the UniParty there are factions, each with their own flag. One flag represented by a Donkey, the other represented by an elephant. Life inside the DC castle is very good, there are infinite indulgences – both factions enjoy it very much.

          There’s not much difference between the two factions when they are inside the castle, and any visitor will attest to an impossibility in determining who’s on whose side. However, when they travel outside the castle they must keep up appearances, and seem entirely divergent from each other.

          They wear different colors when outside the walls, to make sure there’s an entirely distinct optic presented for those who don’t live in the castle. It’s a rather unusual game to follow.”
          [Taken from the ConservativeTreehouse. ~The UniParty -vs- Candidate Donald Trump… 2/25/2016]

          President Donald Trump threatens politics as usual in Washington DC. He used his own money to enter politics and get elected President. … The special-interest money didn’t buy his ‘ticket’ to Washington DC.

          There’s a lot of people in the USA that do NOT want to Keep America Great. It’s always time to prep; especially now. Check out Survivalblog advertisers.

        2. Montana Guy, I’m NOT a follower of a set of Principles from Conservative Theorists.

          Donald Trump is Pro-Life; he’s appointing ‘presumably’ Pro-Life judges to the Federal Court system.
          [The people of the United States have been convinced by Fake News and Fake Education, that the Supreme Court has the Legal-Right to ‘make-up’ laws for our country.
          Trump is working within the accepted system to try and make changes, and stop the killing of babies.]

          The Declaration of Independence:
          “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are ~~~~>Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed …”

          It’s been noted by many others: Without life itself, all the other rights are unimportant. The dead only need a grave, and our prayers.
          Many people in the USA and around the world want >death for the unwanted and inconvenient.

          There are many other reasons to support Trump; from his border policies, trying to stop the endless wars, gun-rights and >>improving the care for Military Veterans. [Plus, many more.]

          I do NOT carry around a check list of ‘Fundamental Principles of Conservatism and then judge our politicians by the list. I vote ‘pro-life’ first and then look at the other issues. Plus, I do NOT expect politicians to walk on water.

          I want American politicians to look out >first for America and Americans. In all the politicians that can be elected and effective, = Trump so far is the politician looking out for the citizens of the United States. Trump 2020!

          The main rule in life should be: “Love God above all things, and Love your neighbor as yourself.”

          1. This is a comment about ‘values’ that is needed in this ‘conversation’ on Survivalblog.

            The vast majority of the people in the world acknowledge, ‘Values’ come from a god.

            The Founding Fathers of the USA agreed with, ~
            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are ~~~~>Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed …”

            These are American values, and the values come from a ‘Creator’ God in Heaven.

            Right or Wrong? is part of the ‘Natural Law’ placed into the hearts of all people. The ‘Natural Law’ comes from God.

            Matthew 22:36-40 (NIV)

            36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

            37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
            40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

            Values originate with God; >not with men. People should be guided by a well-formed conscience, and >not a list of precepts conceived by men.

  4. I live in Iowa near packing facilities and I have heard from many workers there about how horrible muslims are to work with, especially women workers who are told by the company to stop complaining or they will be fired. What a shame. Try calling Kim Reynold’s office to protest and you are met with politeness but that’s all. It’s too bad because she is a good governor except for that.

  5. Cries about African Christians on his website but then rejects them as refugees in his state.
    You might wanna research that on this Sunday.
    There’s a difference in real refugees and illegal aliens.
    We’ve always taken in small amounts of refugees in my state. Our Governor didn’t really change anything.
    I know the perception is we are all racist rednecks who ride horses and live in tepees and while it’s partly true, even of myself, I’ve personally accepted others from different places into my life that were beaten, abused, tortured etc for their beliefs, lowly status and religion. I’ve witnessed it while serving in the army and can’t say I liked it much. In fact it brought out a rage in me.
    I’d rather have a refugee willing to assimilate, do good and be a part of my community than a kalifornian in a uhaul determined to change everything in my life to their ways.

    1. Y’all act like this is new. In 82 I went to high school with Vietnamese refugees. In 83 I shot IPSC with a Cuban refugee who I learned a lot from about communism and the way things were in Cuba. His teaching and stories served me well in the army. Speaking of communism Nadia Comaneci has lived here many years.
      Yet with these things Oklahoma remains a good state to live in. Pro 2A, strong values, family oriented and not liberal.
      I think that title refugee has been warped and the amounts must remain at controlled levels.

      1. The refugee program is corrupt. Most aren’t refugees they are opportunists. The goal is to keep increasing refugees, legal and illegal immigration, H1b and other work programs for foriegners and of course chain migration. The intent is to dilute and replace you as voters so that the country can be controlled. They depend on your charitable beliefs and sympathy towards others and if you fail to genuflect they will pillory you with charges of racism or white supremacy. You/we are trapped, their plan is working. Once there are sufficient replacement voters they will then use socialist laws and taxes to take everything you own and earn. Think about this: In almost every large city ruled by Democrats they will literally walk over a homeless veteran to give free stuff to an illegal alien. Tomorrow they will walk over you to do that.

    2. Let us remember Jesus and his parents were refugees shortly after his birth. They were fleeing the soldiers of King Herod.

      I know some Syrian refugees who themselves are fleeing murder.

      There is a big difference between refugees and immigrants. Most refugees would much rather stay in their homes in their towns.

      They leave to survive.

      Carry on

        1. Montana Guy, are you saying the wars have hardened our hearts, the refugees have hardened our hearts, or the situation has done so?

          I hold the opinion that we choose to harden our hearts in response to a situation. We then have control over softening those hearts by choice, no matter what the external reality.

          I have read many tender-hearted statements by you and others on this blog. I often, reading the various posts, feel an enormous gratitude for JWR and all my fellow commenters.

          Carry on

          1. Once a Marine, the refugees have not hardened our hearts, perpetual wars have. Walk down any Main Street in America and ask anyone, ‘How’s the war going?’ You will be looking at deer in the headlights. What war?

            The site of the refugees forced to flee their homes does not harden my heart, it breaks my heart. I grew up in an America when U.S. military planes dropped food on desperate people. The pallets were marked, ‘From the people of America’. It won’t be long before no one is left who remembers what we have lost.

        2. “Wars of AGGRESSION” ??? You may disagree with our wars and like me, may disapprove of our policy of ‘perpetual’ warfare, but I dispute your contention that we are fighting “wars of aggression”. I hold the opinion that we should bring our troops home and let middle easterners blow each other up if they want, while continuing to give aid to our friends, but we have NOT been fighting wars of aggression. We have NOT been fighting to conquer new territory, or to subjugate any people. Granted, our goals have sometimes been murky, misguided, even stupid at times, such as ‘nation-building’, ‘spreading democracy’, teaching Afghans how to farm, etc., but you cannot say that we are there for any selfish reasons. Even if you say we are fighting out of revenge for 9/11, we are NOT fighting a war of aggression.

          1. Nathan Hail, on whose SOIL has the U.S. Military waged wars for 226 of the last 242 years? Iran has not invaded any country for over 250 years.

            Bush’s ‘Mother of all Battles’ took place 29 years ago. We have been waging war against Muslims on THEIR SOIL ever since. I challenge you to:

            Show me ONE DAMN picture of Muslim caskets being loaded on US SOIL!

            Show me ONE DAMN picture of the destruction of an American city!

            Please don’t insult this engineer’s intelligence with a picture of 9/11.

  6. Re: Bloomberg and his money…
    At the beginning of his presidential run, he stated he’d spend ‘up to’ $110mil on ads, etc. He’s already surpassed that as of this weekend, it was said that he has spent $200mil. He also stated just this wekend that he’d spend ‘up to’ $1Billion of his own money for himself or the dem nominee. (to include gun control, Big Gulp control, salt control and plastic straw control…)
    Just think what $1billion could do for a poor community or charity instead of some narcissist’s election

  7. Like many other states Colorado is deeply divided politically amongst urban and rural populations. The passing of the so-called “red flag” law was a red line that many Colorado sheriffs feel crosses the line into unconstitutionality. I feel somewhat of a temporary reprieve in that our sheriff (Weld County) has pledged to go to jail before allowing his deputies to enforce any red flag orders. I believe we are one of the first countries to become what is now known as a “second amendment sanctuary.”

    I believe Virginia will be the country’s first large-scale test of revolt against infringing gun laws and will no doubt serve as a lesson for both sides of the debate.

    Personally, I feel that most guns laws are patently unconstitutional. No other right was granted the level of protection by the Constitution as the non-infringable right to bear arms. But let’s tone down the rhetoric about knife violence. So far, the United States has not yet gone “full UK” on that issue.

    1. Hi AP,
      As a fellow Weld county resident, I am comforted by the support our sheriffs have shown for the second amendment. Unfortunately, our state is a microcosm for the problems a lot of the nation has. We are only a pinko progressive state due to the voting blocks of the big cities. I truly wish the state of Northern Colorado would have come into fruition.

      I am torn between trying to find a “redoubt” type locale in Colorado, and making the move to the American Redoubt in the Inland Northwest. I am not sure at what point to throw in the political towel here in Colorado.

      One recurring nightmare I have, is relocating to a place like Idaho and 10 years later finding it has become a purple or blue state.

      For now, keeping up the good fight here at home.

      1. Aikicolorado, we have folks living here now who were in similar situations. They got to know patriot families here and the area by watching our church services online and then making visits. Some bought land before they were able to move. A few got to know church families so well that they were assured that if the Schumer-HTF the families would help them get settled.

        Feel free to watch Liberty Pastor Chuck Baldwin and visit us any Sunday.

  8. Leon Trotsky, before his assassination in 1940, had figured out that there had to be 2 and only 2 main political parties. America, today has just 2 main political parties. Both parties are “progressive” parties. Just like in the Soviet Union, our parties are really just factions of the same party. I’ve heard it called the UniParty and the WarParty. Maybe we should call it the Warfare/welfare party, or the Government Party. Both American political parties are communist parties. One, the Dems, is a Stalinist party. The other, the Reps, is a Trotskyist party. They change their affiliations regularly, the Dems becoming Trotskyists, and the Reps, becoming Stalinists. Yet they are both communist parties. That is the one thing that does not change.

    The next two parties in line are the Greens and the Libertarians.

    The Green Party is also a communist/national socialist party. What they want is absolute control of the people and the means of production. Seig Heil!

    The Libertarian party, when it was founded around 1970, was a party based on individual liberty. Things have changed. Currently there is a neo-conservative/neo-liberal cabal that has taken over the Libertarian party. This party is no longer based on individual liberty. It too is a neo-conservative/neo-liberal party. In other words, the Libertarian party is also a communist/national socialist party.

    There is a group within the Libertarian party, call it the Mises group, that is trying to promote a change in the party to bring it back to the beacon of liberty it should be. I suspect they are going to fail. The current leader of the Libertarian party, Nicholas Sarwark, is a lawyer and an ex-CIA spook. Not a good guy, not a libertarian. He is part of the cabal that insists on nominating neo-conmen as the candidate for president. The last person who could truly articulate libertarian principles was Ron Paul, that was in 1988. Even Harry Browne (1996 and 2000) wasn’t capable of articulating libertarian principles on the campaign trail. Harry was not ready for prime time. Since then there has been a string of Republicans and other charlatans as the nominee. Wouldn’t it be a game changer if the Libertarian Party ran actual libertarians for political office? I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime. The Libertarian Party should change it’s name to the Libertine Party.

    What do we do? We vote for the most libertarian candidate running. In the 2016 election, that was Donald J. Trump. He’s no libertarian, but certainly better than the alternative. Hillary! God saved us from that harridan. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party nominee, demanded the neo-conservative Bill Weld as his running mate, enough said.

  9. For a primer on the upcoming festivities read James Howard Kunstler’s series “World Made By Hand”. Interesting scenarios throughout. The way things are looking up, 2020 may be the year and especially after the upcoming election, and will deteriorate until the 2024 election. Then all bets are off.
    From what I read about TPTB increasingly running roughshod over the populace as well as comments from the populace regarding the corners they are increasingly being forced into and their reactions, the tall tree short rope theory will be placed into service possibly sooner than later. Worldwide the fuse is getting very short. B Ready folks….

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