Where Do We Go From Here?, by K.M.

“May you live in interesting times” is the often-quoted ancient Chinese curse.

We certainly are living in interesting times. As I’m writing this, we are nearing the Winter Solstice in 2019. I wish to share some thoughts on where we are, how we got here, and where we might be going. (So, maybe the long-form?) I’m not trying to incite anything other than critical thought, not suggesting answers, rather asking questions. Where are we? How did we get here? Where is this all heading?

Where Are We?

When I was a Lad we had the Doomsday clock… Product of the nuclear era, when the US and USSR were on the trigger of nuclear war (or a few minutes to, depending). Our last great war (Vietnam) was ending and the US wasn’t all powerful, least some rice pickers didn’t think so. Lately, it is rural peasants that laugh in the face of the once great Empire. Or so the Centurion’s tell you, from their time ‘over there’. Today ‘over there’ is no further than next-door, have you seen the news? Yeah, well, that’s another subject altogether.

We’re in a mess. Handbasket has been loaded, train already left the station in my opinion. Is it possible to prevent us getting to the destination? Guess that’s what all the boogaloo is about, no? We are in a world of multiple dimensions, or universes; one person’s reality versus another’s is what we’re taught we should tolerate. It’s that human trait that’s being exploited and subverted (towards an agenda those with tinfoil hats would argue). You see, a person’s perception of the world isn’t just colored by, nay it’s created by their life experiences. Genetics and ‘the village’ all play a role, they are all part of that individual’s accumulation of experiences. Psychology 101-level stuff here folks, if I just lost a bunch of you, no matter. Please follow along.

Back In The Real World

For all of my life, I lived in reality. Not just my reality, not my little version of The Matrix, but the real world, where my view of things bumped into everyone else’s. Newton says for every action, re-action. When my worldview bumped into another, sometimes there was friction and both were impacted. Intellectuals would have conversations about what a good thing it was. ‘Twas a glorious time to be alive…. As I ambled into adulthood, the intramural community sports leagues started with the participation trophies. It was almost universally decried, but ultimately allowed, tolerated, and I shall argue metastasized to it’s current form. Congratulations! We knew it wasn’t a good thing, but we let it happen anyway because fighting against the braying jackasses assuring us it just had to happen, was too much work. It is and was pushed (shoved down our throats….) by the very same people with the worldview at the root of the problems we face today – put simply, acceptance of reality. Not theirs vs. mine, left vs. right, or us vs. them, the real world. The “not The Matrix” World.

In the real world the team with the most points wins. The one that didn’t get the most points…. Doesn’t win? No, they Lose, and earn the title of The Loser. Their feelings do not trump the digits on the scoreboard at the end of the contest. The league selects the team with the most wins, and gives them a trophy, and they are called The Champion. Nobody else can be Champion, only one. If two teams have the same number of wins, they play each other until there is one winner. This is the real world, this is where Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Edison, all the big names, live. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Yep. Even the biggest, baddest rooster gets the most hens. That’s Reality. You don’t get a choice in accepting it or not. That is simply how Reality works. Sometimes people do bad things, nice people die, there is cold and hunger and all manner of other unpleasantries we attempt to hide our children from until they reach an acceptably mature age. Apparently that age has been moved to 127.

Today the Valedictorians of FUSA major city schools cannot perform basic math, one of Detroit’s best and brightest is failing remedial math at U of M (I’m not going to post the links for you, do your own homework before it goes down the memory hole, Winston.) How can you graduate, let alone be Valedictorian, without a firm understanding of Algebra and Calculus? Engineering firms celebrated for their Diversity (looks like they’re all Wymyn?) can’t build a foot-bridge capable of remaining intact. Myriad examples abound. They live in The Matrix, and their world view affected the worldview of six other people who died in that accident in Miami. Good thing the company hired to design it had a diverse workforce, whew! Avoidable? Well, we’d ALL have to agree to stop living in The Matrix for that to work. Guess ‘accident’ maybe isn’t the right word then?

So those of us in the real world who don’t realize yet what we’re doing to ourselves, we’ll tolerate it (being shoved down our throats), because, diversity…. Or something. Feelings are more important than Reality in The Matrix, Newton be damned! He was just a racist white guy anyways! What did he ever do for this world?! He didn’t build that?!

How Did We Get Here?

Major shifts in the world don’t happen overnight (well, they don’t go un-noticed if they do), but take anyone from before my time, and show them today’s time, and that gob-smacked look of utter incredulousness is not hard to figure out. We’re all creatures of the interwebs these days (or you wouldn’t be reading this), memes are such an amazingly great outlet for creativity, the juxtaposition of soy-boys and those that stormed the beaches of Normandy put it more succinctly than I ever could.

So, what happened? Arguments abound, do your own homework people… You already have your worldview about it and I’m not about to waste my time trying to beat you over the head with mine. It happened slowly, a little at a time, “A Thousand Cuts!” As the patient bled the cutting accelerated. No resistance to the cuts enticed the cancer grow, it fed on the lack of response, it moved into area’s of the host never imagined, and in classic fashion, as the host awakens to the true spread of the disease, it realizes it’s too late, the cancer is everywhere.

It’s in our institutions, our governments, local, state and federal, it’s in our schools, our media, our newspapers, everywhere. EVERYWHERE! The cancer may have started in the belly, but quickly spread to the spine, the brain, and touches every other organ of the host. That’s why you are seeing “The Matrix” in your world, feeling its friction, it has spread to everything, everywhere. You cannot insulate yourself from it any longer by distance, direction, or dictate. These people from The Matrix are everywhere.

I’ll share a story. You all know what I’m talking about, the ‘changes’ in our world today, they are myriad. This is what MAGA means – Not Right-Wing-Christian-White-Supremacists-who-want-to-subject-the-brown-people that the media tells you it means. Its people saying, I want the Red Pill, and to be taken out of The Matrix, they want to go live in The World Formerly Known as Reality (Newton, et al). This story is but one of millions of interactions between Reality and The Matrix that happen every day. These interactions generate friction, this friction generates heat, and it sure is heating up, isn’t it?  Here is what happened:

A good friend works as professional counselor to people in a major US city. A new client recently started who had suffered through atrocities in the Bosnian Civil War as a child in 1992-95, came to the US as a child refugee and has lived here since. This person is stuck firmly in Reality, and their own little Matrix is all glitchy and warped, because, well, it turns out having your family raped and murdered in front of you will do that to a person. So they seek my friend’s advice on how to cope from time to time, the friction from interactions with The Matrix accumulates in a person you see.

The People and Culture Department (HR to those of us outside The Matrix) at their employer initiated a non-verbal communication code recently. Downward pointing jazz-hands means you disagree and is called “Downsparkle”, upward pointing means agree = ”Upsparkle”. Hands must be wiggling.

Just to be clear, I did proof-read that repeatedly, there are no typos.

Highly trained computer engineers (making north of 6-figures…) sit around board rooms and meeting tables discussing matters of great importance and responding with up and down sparkle jazz-hands as needed.

This is what tolerance of participation trophies have wrought. It’s not that the trophy’s themselves are the problem, they’re merely tokens of the underlying psychology that feelings and intent are more important than Reality that is grounded in the laws of physics that Sir Isaac Newton so graciously described for us mortals. It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton illegally copied scores of highly classified e-mails because she didn’t have any ill intent when she did so! Feelings are more important than actions.

At the risk of appearing to have ‘a side’, might I suggest 9/11, Saddam’s WMD, Free Jon Corzine, 27 genders, Epstein-Didn’t-Kill-Himself, and this Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria need some critical consideration for inclusion in the list of reasons how we got here…. But they are just the symptoms of the problem. This list could truly be endless, but I suspect if you made it this far in my missive, you know what I’m talking about.

We are told (by people living in The Matrix) that we must tolerate other people’s world views in Reality. We must let The Matrix get outside of, The Matrix. I got news for you: The Genie already got out of the bottle, a thousand little cuts at a time. But make no mistake, it’s out, and not going back in (willingly).

Where Do We Go From Here?

I said initially that I offer no answers, rather seek to ask the questions. I’ve got my little Matrix, as do you. I do not seek to incite violence or harm to others, but I may ask if that’s a logical conclusion given the circumstances? Look at what’s happening in the world around you. Do you see peaceful protests supporting benevolent Government policies? Is there trust among Americans and the various institutions that ‘represent’ us? Are politicians considered elder statesmen doing a service to their country, or corrupt narcissists who would sell their own mother down the river to enrich themselves? I’m just asking the questions…

So where does this all lead? What does history say happened in the past? There are several competing and complimenting theories about cycle’s in history, we’ve all heard the “History never repeats but often rhymes” trope. The reason is us Humans, we’re the constant in the equation, and human nature has not changed much these last few thousand years, ergo it’s name…. Does one truly think it’s going to change now because there’s a new talking head doling out the bread and circuses? We are the same as we have always been, capable of all the horror and despicableness we have always been capable of.

Strauss and Howe penned an excellent treatise on the subject entitled “The Fourth Turning” about 30 years ago, I highly recommend reading it, and other such books, as they all come to the same conclusion: Cycles will continue to cycle. ‘Tis their nature. Which is ultimately the point I guess: the cycle. The pendulum will swing from one side to the other. It may hang over here or there far longer than one would imagine is possible, but Yin must always yield to Yang, so it goes with the ancient Chinese Proverbs….

We’re witnessing what the esteemed Strauss and Howe call the Fourth Turning. It’s the final cataclysmic moment of revolution within the grand (super-) cycle. Mind you, history takes many years to happen, the worm turns slowly, but turn it will. History tells us that times like these are part of Reality – there will be a Victor and a Loser, not a Victor and a non-victor. That makes sense when you think about it a little bit. The laws of physics dictate that bombs will explode in Reality. Soldiers rape and pillage in Reality. Bridges collapse if not properly engineered in Reality. Reality is always there. It’s always been there (thank you Sir Isaac!) The Matrix is the new kid on the block, that’s our fault. The boys that went for a swim at Omaha Beach would be so ashamed of us. Just look at what we’ve allowed to happen to the world we inherited?

So where does this lead us, where does this go? Once again the Teacher tells us: not good things. Shape and form may change, but in the past this has always led to war. Always. Cold, hot, kinetic, virtual, so many variables… though not an answer, I feel safe suggesting there will be troubled times ahead. How you participate, or are affected, depends. On what? Depends on you.

Voting With My Feet

I recently relocated 800 miles. Family and all. Mass migration of people is a symptom in history lessons donchaknow? I didn’t care for all the friction I was encountering as my Matrix interacted with those in the community around me. I can’t change their Matrix, it’s part of their life’s conditioning! I can rub mine up against theirs and generate all kinds of friction? To what end? Or I can move somewhere that my Matrix works with everyone else’s that surrounds me. Funny that some old white dudes figured that out 243 years ago. I guess that means “Federal Over-reach of States Rights” can be added to that list in the section above, too?

Talk is rampant all around about another civil war (dictionary definition of oxymoron). Many argue it’s already started. Things certainly are shaping up to tipping points of conflict, aren’t they? Anyone think the New Yorker’s that passed the 9-month abortion bill are going to start an intellectual dialog with Alabama’s Right-to-Life crowd about revisiting the Roe v. Wade decision? Guns are another hugely hot-button topic today. Keep your eyes on Virginia, folks. We’re told hindsight is always 20/20, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a blurry picture of what’s in front of you. You have to use your own mind, God’s greatest gift (if you’re of that inclination!) Do you think the folks that live in the Appalachian cattle farming communities are going to hand in their AR pattern rifles because some House-Frau in Alexandria believes that “Assault Rifles = Bad” in her Matrix? Pay attention folks, this stuff will be on the final exam!

So I suggest, class is over. It’s time to cram for the final. It’s coming fast. I don’t know the day, I don’t know the time, I don’t know if its going to be multiple choice, essay, or live examination. The balloons are being filled, if you prefer that analogy. Perhaps there are one or two taking flight right now, I can’t say for certain, vision is blurry through the lens of my Matrix. What do you see? Ask yourself that. Maybe not now, you’re busy, I get it. When you have a moment to collect your thoughts on the train, highway, car, shower, toilet… What do you think is coming? Tomorrow? Next year? Next November…? Where are we headed? What are you doing about it?

Post Script

Aye, there’s the rub. What are you doing about it… You got me. I’m Armchair Quarterbacking it from behind the keyboard like every other Troll.

No Sir, though I understand your comment. I took my Matrix to where it doesn’t generate friction. I stood up at the Parent conference my school administrators had where they told me my town was ‘too white’. (Because diversity has proven to be a strength exactly when in the past?) They are some of the reasons for the move, it is an example of what I am doing about it, vote with your feet! I don’t say that to brag, I don’t know you… It’s just what I’m doing about it. When AntiFa comes to my town…. Ahh-hahaha, who am I kidding, they won’t come here.

When they come to your town and block your commute, are you going to sit in your car and let them make you late for your job, that pays their government enforced social services benefits? Or will you get out of your safe space and confront them? With words or violence (go easy, odds are you’re picking up the tab at the hospital anyways)? Will you stand up to the Soccer Mom who insists on participation trophies — so that their non-binary cis-gendered snowflake doesn’t get offended? Will you stand up and speak your thoughts at the school board meeting when they have the co-ed bathroom debate, or sit back and ‘tolerate’ it (while they shove it all down your throat)? Will you argue that free college is not a human right? Are you going to be silent when some person suggests there are more than just X and Y Chromosomes? Will you engage in intelligent rhetoric and discourse when they shout you down as intolerant (dictionary definition of oxymoron #2). What do you do now when you experience friction from The Matrix? What will you do the next time you experience that friction? Will you do anything? Do you complain to your shrink about it? Engage in dialog with your friends and neighbors? What are you going to do? The final exam is coming, the teacher is handing out the exam package. I hope you got your pen and no. 2 pencils ready.

I wouldn’t blame you for not engaging someone who chooses to live in The Matrix and ignore Reality. (A very wise man once told me ‘stay away from crowds’). That really illustrates the crux: anything less than, is simply incompatible with Reality. It’s like Matter and Anti-Matter, the two cannot co-exist. That’s what is happening in our world – A giant ball of matter is hurtling towards a giant ball of anti-matter, there will be an annihilation event, and one will emerge on the other side, probably not resembling anything of its former self.

We most certainly are living in interesting times.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to generate some critical thoughts. I don’t wish to sway anyone from their viewpoint of the world, it’s there for reasons, and has served them to this point in their life. It’s not my place to change that. I merely ask that you take the time to ask yourself the hard questions about what is coming down the pike towards you. You don’t have to have the answers to them. I don’t know the answers to all the hard questions in my world. But I’m not afraid to ask them to myself. Sometimes the answers I come up with scare me, but I don’t think that’s unhealthy. Reality can be scary. It’s how we react to situations that matters.


  1. Where do I go from here? Well for one I’m going to go back and reread that article..IT’S GREAT!

    KUDOS to M.K. I didn’t need that pep talk but i know a lot of folks who do and i am going to point them to your article.

  2. Wally, the USA isn’t a loser. The people just continue to make bad choices. All things, all things have a life. Beginning, middle & end. You, me and the other red & blue pill partakers. Governments, countries and civilizations too – rise and fall. KM is merely saying we, America is not in our infancy ~ rather America has become delusional, senile and physically in need of life support. If you’re happy where you are… stay there. Everything is fine.

  3. Excellent article. Thank you K.M.

    I want liberty. Period. I may be older than dirt but my memory still works. I remember liberty. It was awesome. One of my most liberating experiences was realizing that the country I grew up in simply no longer exists. Its fall is so far along that I don’t even recognize it. The state of morality is testimony to a fallen people. I stopped thinking in terms of existing borders. And can you cite one example where voting made you free? Trying to save an evil system intent on destroying us is insane. Like K.M. stated you have to accept reality. I moved on. Thank you God for the clarity.

    Fear not. Something will arise from the ashes of the U.S. The survivors will have an opportunity to mold it. Liberty requires self-reliance. Build it. Homeschool by all means! Chaos is baked in the cake. Where will you be? Who will you be with? Think of your family as your country. You will need a tribe you can depend on. Your choices NOW will make all the difference.

    1. My wife and I homeschooled our children and I was so happy when my son a d daughter-in-law decided to homeschool theirs. They originally were going to use public school and that was a big worry for me. They started dealing with our local school system and quickly changed their mind.

      1. JBH, that’s awesome; two generations… Homeschooling is not easy and takes sacrifices but the rewards are priceless.

        The two greatest gifts parents can give to their children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home.

        Stay the course.

  4. Should have waited until I cleared the sleep from my eyes and the caffeine kicked in before reading this.

    As for winning and loosing- I agree 100% but I think we don’t see the value in losing. In high school our football team was 0-10. Were we losers? We lost games but not one team member quit. The life long lessons from having an 0-10 season still serve me well. Winning is easy, but when you lose the pressure is on. Joining the military I saw a number of soldiers who tried to quit during long runs or Road Marches with full combat loads. Lesson one when you quit you are a looser. When you lose you tend to look at things critically and see what needs to be changed, thus developing critical thinking skills. When you win you keep doing what your doing. When you lose 10 games you wonder why you are even subjecting yourself to the situation which means you are developing tenacity and grit. Now that I’m older and life, or the matrix , throws something at me I have the skills and humility to deal with it. A few years ago I developed a life altering medical condition, but with my skills of perseverance won from being a looser on that football field my ailment hasn’t won, I adapt and overcome.

    I watch my son in how he handles himself when he wins and occasionally when he loses. When he loses he gets a subtle lecture about why and more importantly how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    As for where we are going, history is a good guide. “A house divided against itself, can not stand.”

    1. 3AD Scout, your first sentence made me laugh. Good one. And what followed was interesting. Losses may shape us more than our sucesses.

      Perhaps relating to what you said was a quote from Southern historian and author Shelby Foote,

      “People want to know why the South is so interested in the Civil War. I had maybe, it’s a rough guess, about fifty fistfights in my life. Out of those fifty fistfights, the ones that I had the most vivid memory of were the ones I lost. I think that’s one reason why the South remembers the war more than the North does.”

      1. It wasn’t just the devastating war(entire areas were depopulated,wide swaths were devastated,most lost a lot or all) but the follow on;forced loyalty pledges,loss of rights,theft of property,no representation(local,state,federal) and the “Reconstruction Acts” that ground on all like a boot heel.

  5. I recently moved my family just over 1K miles, across the Mississippi and into the Mid-West. I am still in a bigger city, but very close to where I want to go, several maps routed, and in a far better situation.

  6. Our republican system of democracy is eroding right under our noses. Illegal aliens diluting the citizen’s vote making that option of diminishing effect; A hyper-partisan congress taking the place of a forum for the voice of statesmen; elected officials who act exclusively in their personal self-interest exclusive of any genuine concern for the long-term ramifications; utter disregard for our constitutions (Virginia), both federal and state and an economy that reveals a congress willing to let Rome burn having assured themselves of an ample supply of asbestos under ware.
    For the first time in my life I fear that the republic is experiencing her final death rattle. The regional redoubts are what is left to us. Prepare, this is our last shot at freedom. Our defacto masters will not release their share croppers willingly or easily. This is what “Reality” looks like to many of us who have awaken from the matrix. I hear it on the job, at the local diner and the grocery store check-out line. It is not, “Tinfoil hat” stuff anymore. It is becoming main street in many parts of America.

    This is one mans opinion

  7. I think “The Fourth Turning” is quite an interesting book. Written in 1997, if I recall correctly, it predicted a Crisis period starting somewhere between 2000 and 2005 and lasting about 20 years. Crisis is capitalized purposely because crisis happens continuously but our responses to crisis determine whether we are in a Crisis period.

    I think you could mark the crisis as starting with 9/11 or the dot.com bust or the 2008 financial crisis or all three. The concept is not that this phenomenon operates like an atomic clock that works…well like clockwork but more like a season where the weather patterns can be quite a mix but hold to a general trend.

    By any measure, if the theory is true, we are somewhere like 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through. Maybe a little more. Again no exact mesures. But per their theory, there should be a climax and a clear winner within perhaps 10 years? With Iran, Russia, China and other world situations, the ongoing Impeachment that actually started prior to the election, the national debt and other things there are certainly plenty of things to bring this to climax. And the personalities of leadership right now certainly lend themselves to the “Winner Take All” end of a Fourth Turning period. And I am not talking just about Trump but all his opponents and supporters as well.

    The theory also predicts an end of the Fourth Turning and a new reversion to a new norm in a First Turning. With a normal life span, I should live for a portion of that. That is actually what I think about. What will that look like especially after watching what has been going on for much of my adult life? That is a phase that my generation (called Nomads by Strauss and Howe) does not see until old age according to the Theory. Those periods can be quite peaceful and prosperous after the chaos of the Crisis. Or not.

    I wonder what the resolution will be? I don’t predict. I just try to prep. But I do wonder?

    1. JBH, Strauss and Howe also mention that Fourth Turnings often have a major world war component and that world wars happen about once in a human lifetime. Personally, I think the 2008 meltdown was the beginning of the Fourth Turning but with QE not letting nature run its proper course, I’ve wondered how that has affected the normal Fourth Turning schedule?

      I’ve re-read this book every few years since about 2005 and it gets more interesting every time, especially to see how many of their predictions have already come to pass. In both the preface and the last chapter, these guys sound more and more like preppers. P. 371 “The prospect that, as a nation, we might not prepare makes it all the more important for individuals to prepare on their own.” P. 321 “If you apply these lessons, you would be risking little. If you haven’t prepared, you will have put much at risk.”

      If anyone hasn’t read this book, it’s a good read. The middle chapters bog down some so don’t feel bad if you skip over those to get to the more interesting later chapters, then go back and read them later.

  8. An excellent article! We hope it produces a whole lot of quality, constructive conversation within the community of readers, and among family members and friends. A return to dialogue among people of different views is a lovely thought as well, although the current environment doesn’t make much room for this.

    Take hope in the knowing that while the country is facing great trials, America is an idea and an ideal, and has not been lost. God willing, the miracle of America will be rediscovered, and our great nation will rise again. Pray that He works deeply and gently within each of us, and all of us.

    1. Telesilla of Argos, I hear you. We may have irreconcilable differences but history has shone that nations can be partitioned with relatively little loss of life. I pray for that.

      Only fools see Civil War as our only option. The loss of life in the American Civil War was whopping 2-1/2% of the population. Compare that to 1/4 of 1% in the partition of India. Surely the Hindus and Muslims in India were no less incompatible that our Left and Right. The loss of life in the dissolution of the USSR was virtually zero.

      I visualize new republics with new borders. This time around we have some great documents to glean such as the DOI, Articles of Confederation, Jefferson’s thoughts, Washington’s Farewell Address etc. And we have the 19th century essays on individual liberty such as those from Frederic Bastiat and Lysander Spooner. They are priceless.

      1. Montana Guy… Agreed. If the country cannot recover in total and as a whole, may it be partitioned peacefully. We join you in this prayer. Unfortunately, and given the nature of the radical left, an amicable separation seems unlikely should this be the course we’re on.

        We also very much appreciated your thoughts about liberty. My husband and I nodded our heads in vigorous agreement with you as we read your post. There is simply no exchange for liberty, and true freedom does require personal investment (also often referred to as sacrifice). In this regard, one of the best investments we made as parents was the homeschooling of our children. Our only regret was that we didn’t begin this sooner in their lives. If we could wind back the clock, we would have gone the homeschooling route from the very beginning.

        Thank you also for the sharing of references to historic documents including those of the Founders. We share your appreciation for the insight imparted by philosophers, critical thinkers, and those whose wisdom was earned in the course of great trials. You said it so well: “They are priceless.”

        1. Telesilla of Argos, thank you for your kind words. We would all do things differently if life offered mulligans. We do the best we can.

          Montana Liberty Pastor Chuck Baldwin often reminds us of Jesus’ last words before going into what we call Passion Week. He said, ‘Occupy till I come’ (Greek translation: take care of business). This is our job until He returns. His parable, take 1 pound of silver and turn it into 10 pounds. His analogy was to spread the message of the cross. I believe spreading ‘truth’ is a key part of His expectations.

      2. I am in strong agreement with you regarding partition. It may or may not happen and if it happens it may or may not be bloody. And if we do have a Civil War, God help us.

        I give equal odds to all options. I tend to think we will see some outcome within perhaps 20 years? Perhaps less. Time will tell.

        1. JBH, yes perhaps sooner. 2030 is a key date for globalists. They have publicly stated goals for depopulation of rural areas and establishment of a global government by 2030. A civil war would play into their evil plans.

      3. Montana Guy- “Only fools see Civil War as our only option.” This is true. The left will not stop pushing. If we keep backing up, our liberty will be gone. What does this actually mean ? There are several possibilities that I can see happening. 1) They give up and decide to let us alone to live in peace. How likely is that ? NOT BLOODY LIKELY ! 2) We all surrender to their demands, give up our guns AND our freedom, and live our lives as good little slaves (those of us who they deem to spare from de-population, that is). 3) Civil war. Or whatever you call it when the majority of society, the silent majority, has had it once and for all and decides to rid themselves of the problem as the allies did when they realized that the Nazis would soon have the whole world in their grips. If we do nothing, the left (democrat-socialists, democrats, socialists marxists, the greens, communists, radicals, social justice wannabees, deep state moles, and on and on and on) will have control of everything as they now control 80% of our federal government, including the national secret police “FBI”, the “Justice” department, and as Senator Joe McCarthy rightly claimed, the State department, despite the results of the last presidential election in 2016. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE to a free people. Note to Claire Wolfe- it is ALMOST time.

        1. P.S.- Everyone who is concerned about their rights should take the time to read this very educational story, Unintended Consequences.
          Notes- it is a very long read, 749 pages- though very hard to put down, figuratively, and contains some bad language and sexual situations. But once you read it, you will never be the same ignorantly blissful bystander that you were before.

          1. Nathan Hail, don’t get me wrong. I love your passion. Liberty needs that. I want to be surrounded with folks with your passion. Jefferson would appreciate your list of hostile factions and grievances. He would agree with you 100% that those you listed have brought us a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evincing a design to reduce us under absolute Despotism.

            The America of my youth believed in the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12. Today’s Americans have been conditioned by 50 years of wars of aggression. BOTH sides are now consumed by anger and hate.

            I would ask that you consider a 4th option, one based on the principle of non-aggression. Take 1947 India. It was occupied territory by the British Crown much like red states are occupied by the central government. And India was comprised of two groups of people (Muslims and Hindus) no less incompatible than today’s Left and Right. Both problems were resolved with ¼ of 1% loss of life. Yes some Indians found themselves minorities in a new nation and moved. Moving worked for Moses. Moving worked for Hindus and Muslims. It could work for Americans.

            In our hearts Americans still know what Christ would ask of us. Why not try it?

    2. Telesilla, what a lyrical statement of hope for renewal. Our nation will thrive only as we work together, knowing teamwork and trust lead to success.

      Carry on

  9. I fear that the word peaceful will not describe a split. I have to ask the questions, what are the populated left cities going to eat and drink? What are they going to heat or cool their homes with? How are they going to move about without fuel? They produce literally nothing. A second question is exactly what do they have to barter for food, Technology you may say but I believe the rural part of the county will be just fine without a butt load of Job sucking robots displacing their work force. The reality of the situation is that Banking, Silicon Valley, and the Service Industries cannot function without customers and food. The big cities are for all purposes just welfare centers and have absolutely no means of self preservation without taxing and exploiting the rest of the country. We do not have to invade them, we do not have to buy their stuff, we only have to contain them until their populations are reduced by mother nature and their inability to feed themselves. How long will their liberal government power base last when faced with the hungry masses, disease, etc? Let us hope it never comes to this but being prepared to wait them out and defend you and yours is your God given right, take it seriously.

    1. > The big cities are for all purposes just welfare centers

      The big cities represent most of the wealth in this country. Los Angeles County alone has the same GDP as Saudi Arabia. Rural America produces commodities, which are important, but they’re a tough business. Just ask a farmer.

  10. “And God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign.
    No more water, it’s Fire next time.”

    Look to Revelations, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    There be our future !

  11. You said something about the education of our young people now-a-days, I’ve experienced the out come twice now . once 30 yrs ago and again just recently. the first time my son had gotten a loan from the local credit union awhile he was stationed in Germany ( no loans are or were to be given to people located outside the U.S. because of loan default ), after about 3 months, a young woman called to verify information on the loan, after asking her questions she then ask ” where in the U.S. is Germany located ?”When I told her where Germany was located, her answer was ” OH S–T “. She lost her job at that credit union because of that. The second time was just last friday, while being prepped for a medical operation, the young nurse ask me what my wife had passed of, and I answered that she died of the same thing that John McCain and Ted Kennedy had died from or of. Her reply was ( and I kid you not ), who was John McCain and Ted Kennedy . ( she was an R.N. )

  12. Was there actually supposed to be a point to this article?

    How about something real to worry about, like the effects of Climate Change, overpopulation or resource depletion?

    1. Global warming, anyone ? And just HOW is ‘overpopulation’ affecting your life ? And please expound on so-called ‘resource depletion’. We could all use some of your enlightenment… “Nobody”.

      1. The whole USA could go 0 carbon for 4 years, and one big volcanic eruption would wipe out the best efforts except for bankrupting the nation. Climate change has been going on since the creation of the earth, and will continue as long as the earth last. Explain if you can, how the warmest time on earth was before any record of man, or any carbon “footprint” that changed the climate. The liberal ideal is for the developed nations to stop all production while the nations that can’t feed them selves are allowed free rein to pollute all they want. That should produce a famine world wide that would cure the over population crisis. Remember Pelosi’s famous quote, “You don”t need God anymore, you have us democrats”. I hope I have a seat where I can see her face when she is judged on that one.

      2. I take climate change seriously. I can’t believe the prepper community worries about stuff like EMP, but scoffs at climate change. Climate related disasters are happening right now.

        1. Yeah, isn’t it ironic? The people who understand science know what we should prep for (but aren’t prepped), and the hardcore Survivalist community wants to prep for catastrophic EMP, “The Rapture,” etc,

      3. Yeah, it’s this thing called “science.” You might want to check it out. Particularly the 1972 Limits to Growth study. Their data is stlll tracking (per capita global food production since 1972 has turned-out to be even worse).

        Global economic growth hits the wall BTW, starting about… now.

  13. Something to think about but the plan of Elizabeth Warren(should she prevail) and others of her ilk is to do away with the Electoral College. As a pair of fervent Warren fans recently explained to me, they don’t think that those who are citizens of sparsely populated states should have the say that they currently do in terms of Presidential elections nor have the number of senators and representatives that they currently have. They believe that the heavily populated coastal states and the few others with large populations should prevail in elections. Thus they will be able to dominate the US politically by further minimizing any impact of those in “red states”.

    So should this become reality, even living in the “redoubt” won’t protect you. If we’re going to have another Civil War in this country, it may well be over this.

  14. We still have the Doomsday Clock, it currently sits at 2 minutes to midnight! This is the closest it has ever been since it’s inception.

    When one of my daughters was in high school she was in a UIL play, and their school won district. One of the kids won an individual award for best actress and received a trophy. I had one of the moms call me and ask for a donation so a group of them could have trophies made for all of the kids. I told her no and she could not believe I would not participate. I tried to explain to her that kids need to learn to win and lose on their own and that this is very important for their individual growth and learning. Needless to say some of these moms never spoke to me again, no loss. This was about 16 years ago and this type of “everybody gets something just for showing up” has gotten so much worse. My kids totally understood this better than those parents. My daughter declined her trophy.

  15. This essay has stated the obvious to like minded Preppers/survivalists and anyone with a modicum of common sense and Judeo/Christian values. Realizing a problem is the first step to an action plan to resolve it. Unfortunately this particular problem, the moral decline of America, is a bit thorny to resolve, in fact at this late date it is near impossible. On a collective national level the decline is far to advanced. But there is hope ( well ultimately there is everlasting hope thru Christ ) for us as individuals and this forum, and others like it, give advice and practicality to surviving and hopefully thriving when the SHTF. And that is what comforts me, and faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  16. I have much more respect for the VC (Viet Cong), for those of you too young to remember the acronym, tying to kill us, than politicians on either side of the equation. WARRIORS don’t loose wars, POLITICIANS do! We lost the Viet Nam war because the communist did a better job at PHYOPS than we did…..and they, or the ‘power lite’, still are.

  17. There are a couple of Churchill quotes that seem quite fitting for the current conversation…

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”


    “The Americans will always do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.”

  18. Alfie… We were so sorry to read about the loss of your wife, and understand the devastating nature of Glioblastoma Multiforme. This disease claimed the life of one of my husband’s closest buddies.

  19. I was taught right from wrong at an early age, and my text book was the Bible and my school was the Christian based church. This instilled in me a spine that did not bend with the winds of so called human social mores. Either the act or answer is right or wrong, and I have found as I grow older the more inflexible my spine becomes. My time on this earth is about over, but I do worry about my grandchildren and great grandchildren’s futures. Hopefully I have instilled in them the values and the spine to withstand the changes that are coming. I do no fear the conflict or death, for I have a promise of victory from my living God that my side, His side will prevail. Then I will no longer have to suffer fools that are protected by foolish people, who lie to become elected to offices they are not fit to hold, and then force their twisted ideas on the very people they lied to.

  20. K.M., I find a lot to agree with in your article. That being said, let’s address this statement, (Because diversity has proven to be a strength exactly when in the past?) for a moment.

    Criticizing diversity is sometimes quite a sport. I am not always sure what those criticizing are pointing to. You could ask any of the B-17 crews who returned to base in one piece in 1945 after being so ably protected by the Tuskegee Airmen in their raids over Germany. I’ll leave it there rather than belabor the point.

    I bet our fellow readers could produce an example or two.

    Carry on

  21. You said upfront that you would not offer any answers. Fair enough although God alone knows how much we need some! What you seem to have missed is that our way of life is under attack by some unnamed well funded multinational shadow group that controls us through politics, banking, education and the media. Not that I’m paranoid or any thing. What scares the hell out of me is that being paranoid is not going to stop it from being true! If You think this is all a load just look at Epstein, Hillery, The impeachment fiasco and how Obama care got passed just to name a few things of the top of my head.

  22. Alexander Tytler: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

    Unfortunately, we have reached this point.

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