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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the newly-minted U.S. Space Force.

US Space Force to Take Over Florida Bases

Linked over at the great news aggregation site: Patrick AFB, Canaveral fall under new US Space Force. Indeed, the Space Force is now officially the sixth military branch. JWR’s Comment:  This inevitably leads me to ask: What color or camouflage pattern will their uniforms be? Star Wars Black? My personal vote is for the Star Wars Endor camouflage pattern.  That would be stylin.  🙂

New Jersey Bill Would Allow Opt-Out for Smart Meters

Regular content contributor DSV mentioned this, over at WorldNetDaily: New program offers consumers opt-out for smart meters. An excerpt:

“According to Mike Maharrey at the Tenth Amendment Center, a bill has been proposed in the New Jersey Assembly to give utility customers in the state the ability to opt out.

‘Passage of this bill would enable New Jersey residents to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in effect,’ his report said.

Three members of the legislature have proposed Assembly Bill 5884.

‘Smart meters monitor home energy usage in minute detail in real-time. The devices transmit data to the utility company where it gets stored in databases. Anybody with access to the data can download it for analysts. Without specific criteria limiting access to the data, these devices create significant privacy issues. Smart meters can also be used to remotely limit power usage during peak hours,’ the report said.

‘A5884 would require utility companies to provide written notice to customers at least 90 days before installing a smart meter. Customers would have an option to decline the installation of a smart meter within 30 after receiving written notice with no fee or penalty. Customers declining installation after 30 days but not later than 90 days after the notice could be charged a fee of no more than $100…'”

The Texas Church Shooting: Stopped in Three Seconds

There has been a flurry of Internet chatter about the shooting affray at the church in White Settlement, Texas.  Several times, I’ve heard “…returned fire in five seconds…” mentioned. Well, by my count, it was only a little over three seconds from the first shot to the responding shot. The last shot was a head shot, fired by a man with some training. Of course Mikey Bloomberg says that he expects us to be unarmed, in “crowded places.” He’d prefer that we deplorable plebians simply phone 911 and wait for a response. When seconds count, the police are only nine minutes away. (On average.) In reality, the main role of the police is to show up post facto, to fill out the paperwork. And they don’t even bag and tag the bodies. The coroner does that.

I should also mention that I know of a small church in Idaho that lost some congregants two years ago, when an armed church security team was formed, and began a regular rotation. I wonder what those folks who walked out on that church are thinking now?

How to Make Your County a 2A Sanctuary

Video from Reid Henrichs: How to Get YOUR County 2A Sanctuary Movement Started and Passed

Cato Institute: You Can’t Copyright the Law

G.P. sent us this from Trevor Burrus and Sam Spiegelman at the Cato Institute: You Can’t Copyright the Law.  Here is how this article begins:

“Georgia gives the legal resource database Lexis an exclusive copyright to publish the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA), thus restricting its citizens’ ability to access and understand the laws that bind them. (PRO) is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the public’s access to government records and primary legal materials. PRO purchased all 186 printed volumes of the OCGA, scanned them, and uploaded them to their website to be freely accessed. The Georgia Code Revision Commission sent letters to PRO demanding that they take the OCGA down, but PRO refused, prompting a lawsuit.”

New York Court: No Amish Vaccine Exemption

H.L.. sent us this: NY Supreme Court rules Amish cannot exercise religious vaccine exemption to attend their own private Amish school JWR’s Comment: The most alarming thing about this decision is that it even applies to all-Amish private schools! This demarcates where liberty ends, and tyranny begins.

Canada: Doctors to Euthanize Without Consent?

New policy could allow doctors to euthanize Alzheimer’s patients without their active consent. JWR’s Comment: At this point, this is just a piece of legislation that is unlikely to be passed and enacted. But it is frightening to think that they’d even consider this. My thanks to reader DSV for sending the link.

Lyft to Offer Free Rides to Anti-Gun Rallies

Here is another company to add to your boycott list: Lyft to offer free rides to anti-gun rallies.

Two Amazing Stealth Camper Van Builds

Perhaps the nicest stealth Sprinter van build I’ve ever seen: Van Tour: Stealth Cabin on Wheels – Seems like this Van has it ALL. A close second would be this one: VanLife Tour: Serious STEALTH Luxury Van – Murphy Bed, 600 amp hours of Lithium!

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  1. Georgia is not the only state that has done this with Lexis-Nexis. Missouri is also on this list along with quite a few others. With the prices that Lexis-Nexis charges, only lawyers and the like can afford it.

  2. I have not figured out why we need to have a Space Force.Total political B.S. . I am disappointed in Trump and our politicians. Our country is broke, we need no more bureaucracy , we need less.

  3. Re timing on the Texas incident: It seems that the 5 seconds mentioned, is 5 seconds from when the perpetrator’s weapon was first exposed. It took him a couple seconds or so to fire the first shot. First shot to last shot is probably more like 3, as you say. Whatever the case, we are glad that justice was executed speedily.

  4. Amish Vaccine Exemption:

    Christian Scientists are in the same boat, along with any other religion that practices healing through faith. So much for “freedom of religion”.
    Chip… Chip… Chip…

      1. Good deal, how about Catholics, Lutherans and agnostics too? Why have any laws. Carry knives on planes, let you kids do dope, bring people here who have ebola. I like the way you think… Maybe our survivors then would have more common sense and pass laws to protect people who aren’t smart enough to protect themselves.

        1. I believe a day is coming when Liberty will rise again. Unfortunately, I think we’ll have to go through hell first to get there, then the spring of Liberty will burst free again. Government is not authorized to be a Nanny.

  5. These tall vans lean over precipitously WITHOUT all of that carpentry, electrical, plumbing, batteries installed. Hope these people bought the dual rear wheeled models!
    I once had a Ford E350, 15 passenger van. Stock suspension, stock 16 inch, 10 ply tires. I always wondered if it would stay upright during a broadside skid on dry pavement. One day, I got to find out! An emergency maneuver put me into a 90 degree broadside skid in dry asphalt at 60 mph. I succeeded in missing the other car, AND the van stayed on its feet. However, it was EMPTY and I ran 70 psi in the tires. Do something long enough, and you’ll have more experience than you want.
    I wager they went with lithium battery to save weight, but they are a fire waiting to happen. I’d go 6 volt gel cells, mounted as low in the vehicle as possible.
    I’d also swap out that RO water filter with a Water Pure Technologies under-sink gang filter. Three filter jars, 5 micron, 5 micron and carbon block, nano fiber final stage. 99.9999% virus and bacteria reduction and 10 GPM flow rate. 50,000 gallon cartridge life on city water, but could process ditch water if needed. I’d add UV stage for the ditch water, just to be sure.
    Cute set up.

    They seem happy with their set up.

  6. The following has nothing to do with the above save the category.
    I recently read in the newspaper that one of the articles of impeachment Pelosi wants to bring against Trump is that of obstruction of congress. I think Pelosi might need to review the checks and balances system on this one. Also, since turnabout is fair play, does this mean she could be impeached for obstruction of presidency?

    1. I must sincerely apologize on this one. The short article I read did not adequately explain the charge and it was only recently when I read another article that I realized that the charge is actually that of obstructing a congressional investigation into the President’s conduct. I’m not sure why the charge isn’t obstruction of justice but, regardless, I will try not to repeat this error.

  7. Wonder if NJ is allowing people to opt out of smart meters for FREE? That’s the important detail. A lot of these states are allowing people to opt out, but for a fee. A pretty hefty fee. That is wrong.

    1. Liber T.Y. she should not be impeached,she should be arrested,indicted,tried and jailed. Add a large helping of hipocracy and a real investigation of what the democrats have been up to for a couple decades. We need a real special prosecutor to go fast and hard at them(including bureaucrats).

    2. Do not allow these new meters on your home or property,they are fire hazards. I was not allowed to opt out and lost everything to a electrical fire caused by the “smart meter” that the electric utility knew was faulty(they were searching for the faulty device when it burned my home down). If you are forced to have one,store critical preps at a secondary location,fireproof segregate your meter box and panel and review and increase your insurance especially for fire and smoke damage.

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