LA Police Gear: Clothing, by Pat Cascio

“Clothes make the man (or woman)” and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say that, or where it came from. However, I believe, they are talking about dressing-up, as in a suit coat and trousers, for a man; or in the case of a woman, perhaps a really nice-looking dress. The last time I had my suit on was when my oldest daughter graduated from college – about 18 years go – I doubt it still fits me, and I know that I don’t own a pair of dress shoes to go with it.

I’ve held two jobs in my life where I had to wear either a suit or sport jacket. One was when I worked in the advertising department of a large downtown department store – Marshall Field & Company. (Now part of Macy’s) And, in the other, I was the investigations manager of a detective agency, with offices all over the country. II was in-charge of all major investigations we had, as well as investigating charges brought against our uniformed guard division for using excessive force. If I never wore a suit, ever again it would be too soon. For me, the “uniform” of the day, is cargo pants, hiking shoes or boots, and a T-shirt, with a button down shirt over it in the summer months, to conceal my handgun. So, I’m not quite sure if “Clothes make the man…” applies to my usual clothing.

For many years, I wore a photographers vest to conceal my handgun on my hip, and then everyone started wearing these vests, to conceal their handguns on their hip – it was sort of a “badge” and whenever you saw someone wearing that vest, you could be sure they were carrying a concealed handgun on their hip, and then if you looked closely you could usually spot the gun or the outline of the gun. So I stopped wearing a vest. I went to wearing a sporty-type button down short sleeve shirt in the summer months. But it is never buttoned, so I can have fast access to my handgun on my right hip.

I wear cargo pants because they are comfortable, and give me more freedom in the overall fit of the pants, and it helps conceal a back-up handgun, on my ankle, too. These pants are some what baggy, and that helps conceal a gun in an ankle holster.

This brings us to some clothing, cargo/tactical pants and shirts, from LA Police Gear that I’ve been testing. For years, especially when I was a police officer, or doing private security, I purchased products from LA Police gear, because they have always had a huge assortment of just about everything and anything you could use in this line of work. Secondly, their prices are more than fair. I don’t know how they can sell so many products at the prices they sell them for. Some of their clothing is made in China, but there’s no way around this on a lot of things – most folks don’t realize that, about 95% of our footwear comes from China. Heaven help us, if we go to war with China. If we don’t win right away, we’ll be barefoot in short order. Products from LA Police gear are not made in a lao gai slave labor prison. No, they are made in reputable factories. If you buy clothing at Walmart, odds are that much of it is made in China.  [JWR Adds:  And Walmart sources from hundreds of Mainland China factories, so we have no certain guarantee that none of theirs is made with slave labor.]

One of the first items of clothing I tested from LA Police Gear is their Field Shirt 2.0. Many customers thought that this shirt was discontinued, but it wasn’t. It has been improved and it comes in new colors and they added two hidden document chest pockets. These shirts are light-weight – I like that – and made out of 55% cotton and 45% polyester ripstop material. One thing that is important, if you button your shirts closed is that the buttons are made out of tough melamine and that the two bottom buttons are break-aways. The back of the shirt is caped and tacked down the center, with a mesh lining inside. The shirt’s arm pits are gusseted for easy movement, too. The button down collar adds a little class to this shirt as well. And, best of all, this shirt is available in long sleeve as well as short sleeve. We are talking a shirt that is only $26.99 – about half of what you’d expect to pay.

Concealed Carry Shirts

LA Police Gear ClothesIf you wear a button down/up shirt, that is a solid color, it doesn’t hide the outline of your handgun on your hip, unless you go one size larger. Enter the Bombs Away shirt. Tne one that I tested has a pattern of the outline of an AR-15 all over it, so it breaks up the pattern of a concealed gun under it. We are talking a very lightweight shirt, that is 75% cotton and 25% polyester. There are double hidden chest pockets, and these shirts, on average only weigh about 4-ounces. Talk about lightweight and comfortable to summer wear – this is it. At only $24.99  it is a bargain! BTW, they also have one with bombs on it – like bombs being dropped from a plane. Thee is nothing PC about me at al, so I wear both of those shirts.

LA Police Gear ClothesThe type of cargo pants I’ve been wearing for at least 25 years of longer, were discontinued by the company I used to buy them from, when they were bought out. I wish I had known…I would have stocked-up on a lot of them. But now LA Police Gear offers their Elite Urban Ops Pant, and these are basically the same as their Urban Ops pants, but LAPG stepped up their game. These tactical pants are made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and on average the fabric only weighs in about about 7.5-ounces. There is a single front slip pocket, and elastic waist band. A locking YKK brass zipper – not plastic – keeps the fly closed. A gusseted crotch makes these pants extremely comfortable, too.

If you use knee pads when out shooting, there are pockets in the pants for pads, very nice touch. On the right leg, there is a knife pocket, for your folding knife as well. Of course, these wouldn’t be tactical pants without  cargo pockets, one on each leg. The back pockets are deep and are of the stitched slit type – no buttons or Velcro needed. With these, your wallet isn’t going to fall out. We also have two hidden rifle magazine pockets on the backside, and 5 large belt loops. Their best feature is that they are Teflon coated to protect them from stains. My oldest daughter liked them so much that they became her pants – after my wife did a little tailoring on them to make them fit the daughter. Here’s the kicker, these pants are only $29.99 – and that is one heck of a deal for these high quality pants.

Workout Pants

Next us is the Benchmark workout pants, and they are still “tactical” looking, but lighter in weight, but still tough. They are made out of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, with cargo pockets, knee pad pockets, elastic waistband and reinforced heel, so if they drag a little bit they won’t easily fall apart on you. These are only $24.99 – again a bargain.

LA Police Gear ClothesI’ve only touched on some of the military/law enforcement clothing that LA Police Gear has to offer, you can spend an entire day browsing their web site because they have so many different types of shirts and pants, and of course, plenty of uniform clothing as well. If you’re on a tight budget for your gear, it would be difficult to find a better place to shop for your military and law enforcement clothing and gear. I know when I was doing police work, I had to purchase my own uniforms and I was on a very tight budget, especially when I was the police chief in a very small rural town. They allowed me to work one day per week on the city garbage truck – I kid you not – to make a little extra income. Talk about tight budgets and even tighter pay – wow!

LA Police Gear ClothesIf you’re doing private security and you have to wear a uniform, and purchase it out of your own funds, I can’t think of a better place to shop than LA Police Gear. The money you’ll save will allow you to purchase more than one uniform for work. Or, if you’re like me, you just like wearing comfortable clothing, and you’re not into blue jeans as your daily wear. If you like cargo/tactical pants, because they are so comfortable, then this is the place you want to shop. Check out their web site. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the least, especially if you are looking to save a few bucks, but still get quality clothing for your daily needs. Yes, I did wear all of the described clothing, and more from LAPG, for testing for this article. So I can personally recommend the LA Police Gear tagged clothing.


  1. LA police gear has the worst customer service that I ever encounter, I bought a pair of cargo pants and they were mislabeled being huge. I called and was told that returns were not allowed. Never again I would patronize this business.

  2. LAPG’s Atlas tactical pants are the best I’ve found when it comes to price vs. value and they beat out pants I’ve spent twice as much on. They’re great three season pants. In winter I switch over to Duluth Firehose Cargos. Never had any problems with LAPG products but in the age of quick shipping I had to reset expectations on when I’d receive their products – it typically takes 3-5 business days to get a shipping confirmation and overall takes 7-10 days before you get the package (from order date) unless you choose some form of expedited shipping. I suspect they’ll find ways to do this faster. I usually wait for a free shipping promo, or at least 15% off. Otherwise I don’t buy.

  3. Poor customer service. Their customer service phone number is only available a few hours each day, and as mentioned by another reader, glacially slow shipping.

  4. i’ve had a few of their items, clothing wise…they seem to last well…some of their other lapg branded items are cr*p though…i would stay away from their flashlights and any other gear with electronics…cheap chinese stuff is all it is…I’ve found some really good deals on their site on name brand gear also…I’ve never had issues with their customer service either…

  5. It’s been a while since I bought from LAPG, so I can’t comment on their customer service, but the shirt I bought (the predecessor to the one reviewed) is a quality, sturdy shirt, with all the special features. It is however, the HOTTEST shirt in that style that I’ve ever worn. I can’t wear it in Houston if it’s at all warm out. I think the layers trap extra body heat.

    I have a range bag of theirs that is modeled on other company’s bags, that seems to be well made.

    I have several other things from them, with their private label, and they all seem to be of good quality, just somehow a little less than great quality.

    I do think they are good value for the money, but slightly less than top tier.


  6. A comment on “Clothes makes the man”. In our current time the phase has been credited to many, but, Mark Twain is the person sited most often. Translations from records as far back as the 1st Chinese dynasty, Greece and Babylon all have references to similar phrases.

    There have been archaelogical discoveries that suggest that Neanderthal man was the first to start wearing ‘clothing’ and that besides the practical aspect there are reasons to believe that clothing also carried with it potential social, magical and status symbology.

    It’s been over 40,000 years and we still haven’t matured past the need to bolster our self esteem at the expense of others. THINGS do make the man, CHARACTER does.

    1. The quote predates Twain. But as I recall, it was Twain who famously credited for writing: “Clothes makes the man. Naked people have have little or no influence in society.”

  7. I know this comment doesn’t have anything to do with the article, but I thought I would mention it. I was in a surplus store recently and they had three bright red caps on the shelf for sale, one was a ” MAGA cap “, the second one said “Trump supporter “, and the third red cap said ” relax, this just a red cap “. Hmm, I think that will be mine very soon. I got a chuckle out of it.

  8. I dress like a local and blend in. Fortunately camo of any kind, not necessarily military camo, is all the rage around here for the last few decades. I still have some nice stuff left, but it would make me a target. If I want to disguise myself, I’ll put on a suit and shave. However, good clothing is very important as it also part of your shelter. Wool, especially heavy wool socks, are your best friend if you can find it. It is worth going for a few expensive pairs of the best wood socks, hats and gloves, and two pairs of Woolrich wool trousers. I’ve been finding lots of this in the thrift store in good condition.

    Wool trousers are good to have with suspenders, the loggers of the past found these to be the best. Trench foot and frost bite were the most likely causes of injury in WW1 and WW2. In the Civil War it was dehydration caused by dysentery. if it is necessary to stay outside in the cold and wet for many long hours, wool is the best, and when working around a camp fire, unlike synthetics, it will not catch fire, but smolder instead. If synthetics are what you have, wear a thin layer of cotton clothing as an outer shell as protection from camp fire flames. Cotton can also be used to keep a wool inner layer clean and dry. When it comes to staying warm and functional, fashion goes out the window.

  9. Tunnel rabbit
    I was homeless for a while,living in my car.It happens.
    Made sure I had a solid button up shirt and sports jacket.
    Even wearing old jeans and tennis shoes with it,I never got a second glance.

  10. Have seen you talk about LAPG before and have browsed their website. I checked where their stores are. Low and behold the store at Ontario Mills was only a 40 minute drive. Great people and well organized. Got everything I wanted as well as a new coat my wife ‘forced’ me to buy. Even through your website and name out there when we were checking out. Good call.

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