Preparedness Notes for Monday — December 30, 2019

December 30, 1865 was the birthday of Rudyard Kipling. His writings are now favorites among British, Australian, and American officers and NCOs deployed to Afghanistan.

Today we present another review by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio. But first, some breaking news (with commentary):

Armed church members shoot active shooter inside packed Texas church during a livestreamed communion.

JWR’s Comment:  Chalk up one for the Good Guys. Without their prompt response, this probably would have been another bloodbath.


  1. The March On Richmond, Jan 20, 2020

    There appears to be a race in many states to pass Red Flag type bills similar to Virginia’s, and bills that prevent Red Flag type bills. It looks like there is a political show down that is heating up, for and against Red Flag, and additional gun control bills. What happens in Richmond may cause panic buy of guns and ammunition and set the pace for price and availability for some time. Given my low budget, any increase in price would be significant, and these items might become ‘unobtainium’. Therefore I’m shopping now, and will be watching closely, and will buy afew critical items if there is any news of violence on Jan 20. I would not be surprised to see a false flag perpetrated. Violence at any level there would serve the globalist agenda.

    If violence sets off a series of low level conflicts, this would greatly help the radical leftist/commies, and globalist is several ways, and may cause markets to correct despite all the efforts to blow the bubbles within bubble even larger. The banking system is on thin ice, and Trump can do only so much to make it appear that everything is okay. Rising interest rates are not the only mechanism that can cause a crisis. If anything, they’ll kick rates even lower, and sooner to hold it together, if they can.

    1. That good guy made quite a shot. I probably couldn’t have done it with my normal church carry gun (a G43). I will be carrying a G19 always to church from now on.

      1. Live free or die, wasn’t that unbelievable! I couldn’t do it for several reasons. In those 5 seconds the good guy also made the decision to shoot. Heck I was challenged just trying to umpire my child’s softball games.

        That video is going to be very persuasive to organizations still on the fence about armed security.

      2. “The volunteer security member who fatally shot a gunman in a Texas church on Sunday was a former reserve deputy sheriff who is a firearms instructor, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday.

        The security member, identified as Jack Wilson, shot the gunman just seconds after the suspect killed two parishioners at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement on Sunday morning.

        “My understanding is, he was a reserve deputy and had significant training, had his own shooting range, had taught other people how to shoot, had taught many people in this church how to be prepared,” Paxton told reporters at a news conference. “He’s not just responsible for his actions, which ultimately saved the lives of maybe hundreds of people, but he’s also responsible for training hundreds in that church.”

        Officials had said on Sunday night that multiple members of the church security team responded to the gunman. However, Paxton said that Wilson was the only person who shot at the suspect, and he fired just once. The two victims killed by the gunman also were members of the church security team, Paxton said.”
        [From q13Fox(dot)com]

        There’s a lot of information about the need to practice~practice~practice shooting here on Survivalblog. Practice can improve skills. … Fortunately Jack Wilson also had the mental ability to actually pull the trigger too.

        Survivalblog has articles about conceal carry weapons, holsters and the needed clothing. … Plus, in Conservapedia about James Wesley Rawles, is one of JWR quotes:
        “Guns are like parachutes: if you don’t have one when you need it, then chances are that you won’t ever be in need of one again.”

    2. I was just listening to a report of the stabbings of a rabbi and other Jewish worshipers in Brooklyn.

      Be it known that whether I am armed or unarmed, if anyone comes into a place where I am with those I love, which is anyone I choose to be with, that assailant will leave in a body bag. I have been taught many ways to take a human being from life to death and would use whatever it takes to protect my brothers and sisters.

      Carry on

  2. I just read/listened to a story about UN Armored vehicles seen being trucked to/through Virginia? Conspiracy Theory or shades of your 1st book considering what’s happening in Virginia?
    Or is a Virginia armored manufacturer just shipping an order out of the country?

  3. I commend the man who put a stop to what could have been a massacre. However, from what I read, the perpetrator was clearly wearing a disguise which was noticed by several people before he started shooting. Wouldn’t that be considered a red flag? A stranger in a trench coat wearing a wig and fake beard walks into a crowded church and nobody confronts him!? I don’t get that, maybe I’m missing something. What happened to see something, say something? I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation, but if someone dressed like that walked into my church, they would be taken aside and interviewed. Just sayin’.

      1. Um, because they’re a stranger in a trench-coat wearing a wig and a fake beard. I’m not saying I’d take them down based on that, but a little meet and greet just to feel them out. I don’t think that’s out of line. These are dangerous times.

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