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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we look at Tiny House kits and pre-built Tiny Houses.

Lessons From The Battle of Marawi

Reader T.Z. recommended this article from an Australian author as an insight about what urban life might be like, post collapse: The Battle of Marawi: Small Team Lessons Learned For the Close Fight

Upcoming Tiny House Events

The Tiny House Talk web site has put together a links page with Upcoming Tiny House Workshops, Festivals, and Events.

You Can Now Buy Tiny Homes On Amazon

Several readers sent this: Attention Millennials: You Can Now Buy Tiny Homes On Amazon.  JWR’s Comment: If you really want one of these cabin kits (or any other big ticket item), or even a pre-built tiny house, then please use our Amazon link to start shopping, so that we can get our “tiny” commission. Thanks! 

Home Brew NVIS Antenna

An interesting new post at American Partisan: Home Brew – NVIS Antenna. This article present a step-by-step “how to” build.

“Carolina Diamond” for Firestarting

G.P.  wrote to recommend this brief piece at SurvivalTek: The “Carolina Diamond” Airway Blowing Method

How My Graduation Photo Changed My Life

In this video, the much-celebrated Kent State AR-10 gal speaks: How My Graduation Photo Changed My Life. Her description of her tour of Palmetto State Armory (PSA–one of our affiliate advertisers) was great!

Mini-HESCOs for Your Home?

Reader Bruce L. mentioned that Amazon is now selling Gabion Wall Panel kits. (Just add rocks.)  Not only will they stop small arms projectiles up to .50 BMG, but they will also deter the advance of just about any wheeled vehicle likely to be used by Team Bad Guy.

EU Pressures Switzerland into More Restrictive Gun Laws

At The Daily Mail: Anger in Switzerland as country votes to toughen gun laws following pressure from the EU – despite not being a member of the bloc. The key issue was fear that Switzerland woudl be excluded from Schengen Zone trade and travel. Here is a quote:

“Switzerland, unlike many other European nations, allows veterans of its obligatory military service for men to take home their service weapons after tours of duty.

The Swiss proposal, among other things, requires regular training on the use of firearms, special waivers to own some semi-automatic weapons and serial number tracking system for key parts of some guns.

Gun owners would have to register any weapons not already registered within three years, and keep a registry of their gun collections.

Supporters of the measure, who included the Swiss parliament and executive branch, said similar measures adopted by the EU after deadly extremist attacks are needed to ensure strong police cooperation and economic ties with Switzerland’s partners in Europe’s Schengen visa-free travel zone.

They insisted it will not block law-abiding citizens from obtaining legal guns, but would simply do more to track them.

Switzerland is not an EU member, but it is in the Schengen zone.

Opponents insisted the proposal would violate Switzerland’s constitution and do little to fight extremism or crime.

They said the weapons used in recent attacks in Europe weren’t obtained legally, and argued the proposal would crack down mainly on lawful gun owners in Switzerland.

They were also angry at politicians for ramming through what they see as the latest diktat from Brussels.”

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  1. Re: Graduation photo… We need a lot more like her in America (and other young pro-2A people like Colion Noir) than we do the snake-oil sales(wo)men like the 0casio-Cortez’s, the Talib’s and Palosi’s.

  2. Re. Tiny Houses
    Here is the story of our 1st Montana Winter in a 7′ x 9′ shelter. We survived. And yes, we are still married. And yes, we completed ‘Our Homestead’ 3 years later. Our ‘cabin’ is now a ‘guest cabin’ or ‘guest BOL’ (100 feet away). (Pictures)

    This is a viable option for folks who:
    1. Live far from where they would like to establish a bug-out, and
    2. Want to eventually move to their BOL and begin building their homestead.

  3. RE: Switzerland

    My eye was drawn to this line:

    “They insisted it will not block law-abiding citizens from obtaining legal guns, but would simply do more to track them.”

    Oh boy. I have a close relative who permanently moved from the U.S. to Europe a couple of decades ago, and it was astonishing to see his gradual transformation from a Southern Good-Ol-Boy gun owner to a ‘Europeanized’ person who got rid of all his firearms and now agrees with some aspects of gun control. It’s a really different environment over there.

    Good luck, Switzerland, if you cross the rubicon and willingly submit yourselves to registration. I mean, it’s not like world history has plenty of examples of abuse of this, right?

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