Recipe of the Week: Enola Gay’s Beef Cabbage Soup

This recipe first appeared in Enola Gay’s book: The Prepared Family Cookbook.

By the way, we highly recommend both Enola Gay’s Paratus Familia blog and all of her books.


1 Pound Ground Beef (or venison, rabbit, etc.)
1/2 Head of Cabbage, shredded
2 Ribs of Celery, sliced (or celerac)
1 Small Bell Pepper, cut into small pieces (or dried peppers)
1 Medium Diced Onion (or dried onions)
2 Cups Cooked Kidney Beans (or (1) 16oz. can)
2 Cups Diced Canned Tomatoes (or fresh)
4 Cups of Water
2 T Beef Bouillon (or pwd soup base)
1/4 tsp Garlic powder (or 3 cloves fresh garlic, pressed)
Salt and Pepper, to taste


Brown ground beef, and drain. Add remaining ingredients to the ground beef. Add more water to achieve desired consistency. Bring to a boil and then simmer for at least one hour, or until the veggies are tender.

Alternative Method

Left-over meat works well in this recipe. Often, I will use roast meat from a previous meal. Canned meat (either venison or beef) also works well.

For a quick meal, I can my beans in the pressure canner so they are ready to add to the soup without having to sit overnight. During the fall, I can tomatoes with onions and green peppers and add that to the soup rather than the individual ingredients. I make sure to add the liquid that the veggies have been canned in, to add extra flavor.

Notes and Serving Suggestions

This is our hands-down favorite winter soup. Cabbage keeps well in the cellar and is a staple of many winter-time recipes. This soup is flavorful and hearty – a real crowd pleaser when served with fresh, warm bread.

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