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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today’s focus is on Kyle Bass and the Big Yuan Short. (See the Forex & Cryptos section.)

Precious Metals:

Niels Christensen: Gold Has Room To Move Higher But Don’t Expect A Breakout Rally – Analysts. Here is a quote:

“The rally in gold comes as the U.S. dollar remains resilient, trading at its highest level since mid-December. Looking ahead, many analysts have said that strength in the greenback is less of a headwind for gold because of global central bank action.

George Milling-Stanley, head of gold investments at State Street Global Advisors, said that there is a “race to the bottom” among central banks as they try to stimulate their respective economies. He added that the U.S. dollar is strong, not because of any significant resilience in the domestic economy, but that it the best option out there.
“I am looking past all this short-term volatility. I see a general atmosphere of higher uncertainty, more equity market volatility and a weaker U.S. dollar, which will all be good for gold,” Milling-Stanley said.”

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When “face value” is much different: Florida Man Redeems Rare Stolen Coins Worth $33,000 In Supermarket ‘Coin Star’ Machine

Economy & Finance:

Avi Gilburt: Bonds Setting Up To Skyrocket

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Why Americans are suddenly paying $550 per month for new cars. (Thanks to Josiah for the link.)

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Mercedes-Benz [Atlanta] Stadium going cashless, changing concession prices again. JWR’s Comments: I have no doubt that this stadium was taxpayer subsidized. To have them now refuse legal tender is an affront to taxpayers.  Beware, folks: This is a growing trend that is setting us up for a cashless society. And a cashless society will be one with no transaction privacy!



At Wolf Street: Fed’s QE Unwind Reaches $501 Billion, Balance Sheet Falls Below $4 Trillion. “Autopilot” Engaged

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Will Tesla Ever Post Another Profit?



Government Ordering Agriculture Be Removed From Commodity Indexes

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Rubio’s “Full Gangster” Comments Hinder U.S.-Saudi Relations



At Kiplinger: 33 States with No Estate Taxes or Inheritance Taxes

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Tax collectors chase rich New Yorkers moving to low-tax states. Auditors inspect cell records, even your dog’s vet bills


Tangibles Investing:

The latest sale at Palmetto State Armory caught my eye:  PSA AR15 Freedom Classic Lower with Olive Drab Green M4 furniture for just $129, with free shipping. Search on Palmetto’s part number: 7779347. This sale ends at 12 Noon on March 14, 2019.

Forex & Cryptos:

Why Kyle Bass Is Doubling Down On “Big Yuan Short”. JWR’s Comment:  Mainland China’s stupendous malinvestment bubble, private debt bubble, and public debt bubble have already reached their pinprick moments. I concur with Bass: The Yuan is going to suffer badly in the next few years. If there were a big short titled: “Short Everything China”, then I’d buy it right now.

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Another Bitcoin Indicator Signals Price Bottom May Be Forming. JWR’s Comment: Show me a USD price solidly above $4,000 for six successive months, and I might become a bull market believer. For now, however, I’m still glad that I spent my Bitcoins on guns and gun parts early last year, back when the price was around $8,000 USD.



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  1. Government Ordering Agriculture Be Removed From Commodity Indexes

    For a newspaper, his Research Needs to be better.
    The drought and it´s effect was all over the News in Germany.

    Did he know, that forestry is considered a part of agriculture for this in Germany?

  2. I’ve said this countless times to many people over the years who have touted the “inevitable death of cash” – including a bank manager – and they always re-think their opinions every time after hearing me on the matter. Cash will always be with us.

    I’ve been through numerous power outages (lasting more than 24 hours) over my lifetime for various reasons: earthquakes, equipment failures, lightning strikes, vehicular accidents resulting in power poles down, etc. Sometimes we didn’t even know the reason. But each time was the same…all the businesses shut down except those that chose to accept cash, and each time their lines were literally out the door with customers who were funneled to them by necessity.

    It doesn’t even have to be an outage. Not too long ago, I pulled into my usual gas station and noticed that a lot of cars were quickly driving away after stopping at the pumps. The station’s AT&T connection was down, meaning they couldn’t process any electronic payments and were temporarily accepting only cash for the day. I was one of the few that actually had cash on me, and I watched most everyone else huff off in an angry tizzy (amazing that they didn’t have even a $20 for emergencies).

    Cash is being shunned only by those who stand to profit from cashless transactions.

    1. If the Business isn´t capable of accepting cash or delivering the objects, cash is useless.

      I wouldn´t ´ve wasted my iron reserve of Money, if the possibility exist to pay wit a Card around the corner

      1. Not sure how this relates to my previous comment.

        My point was that if the power is out, then a credit/debit card is useless, and cash is always accepted in lieu. Those companies that were deprived of power, were in turn deprived of sales because they *chose* to close their doors until the power was restored. Those businesses that chose to keep their doors open in the interim for cash sales saw a huge increase in business because they were the only choice for customers.

        Power went out in the entire Monterey Bay area for 48 hours while I was vacationing there. All of Cannery Row was closed except the Ghiradelli Chocolate store, which had the door and windows open to let sunlight in, and took cash (while writing sales on a paper ledger with a pen, old school). Customer line was out the door.

        Same thing when the power went out in my local area a few years ago for two days due to a blown transformer. All shops closed down for blocks in every direction, except for a sandwich shop that accepted cash. Line was out the door and down the sidewalk, and they could barely keep up.

        1. My argument was, if the cash Register doesn´t work. because the Software malfunctions – the power is out etc, than you can´t buy with cash.

          Shoped once in a grocery store and this happened, cash or Card didn´t matter, you couldn´t pay and so you couldn´t buy.

          Cash couldn´t be accepted and in Europe cash is king


          If the pumps in the gas Station didn´t work, they couldn´t give you gas, so they hadn´t anything to sell – so cash wouldn´t help.

          Excuse my bad english

  3. I have never seen a situation in that having cash was a bad idea.
    It has worked 100% of the time and many times products and services are cheaper when one uses cash.

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