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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we focus on how Seattle’s slow slide continues. The featured photo is of vagrants in Paris, circa 1930. Some things don’t change.

Seattle’s Slow Slide Continues

Reader D.S. sent us this link: Seattle’s homeless, ‘prolific offenders’ responsible for thousands of criminal cases. Here is how the article starts off:

“A report commissioned by Seattle business leaders and written by a member of the previous Mayoral administration concludes that a small number of homeless repeat offenders are involved in thousands of criminal cases in the city. Titled “System Failure” the report looks at 100 offenders and finds they are involved in over 3,500 criminal cases. Most of those offenses involving stealing from area businesses to pay for drug habits. And because the homeless have learned to work the system, they often spend little or no time in jail, and never appear for court.”

Brexit Preppers Stockpiling Supplies

And from the other ABC: Brexit ‘preppers’ stockpiling supplies in case of a doomsday ‘no-deal’ JWR’s Comments:  I loved hearing that naive “…tins last forever” statement. The food stockpile that he showed is pitiful, but better than nothing.

Kalashnikov’s Exploding Drone

The Kalashnikov assault rifle changed the world. Now there’s a Kalashnikov drone.

More Gun Grabbing Planned in New Jersey

Gary in New Jersey sent us this: Governor Murphy Anti-Gun “Roundtable” Reveals More of Lesgislative Agenda Gary’s Comments:  “Things are getting Very bad here. Its becoming almost impossible to possess Firearms in this state, and the state has a history of abusing its gun owners. The courts will not hear cases or give relief from clearly unconstitutional laws.  Soon it will be at a point where just by living here you will be treated as a felon.  The urban areas control this state and keep the corrupt Democrats in power by people that vote for a living rather than working for a living. I can see this becoming a flash point if pushed toward complete confiscation ( ed flag laws being the wrong religion or political party will get you added scrutiny) . Northern counties are becoming primarily Middle Eastern. Some times I feel if I am living in one of your novels or in Matt Bracken’s novels. Pray for us.”

A Hunker in a Bunker Lifestyle?

I ran across this headline from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) this week: Doomsday preppers head underground as bunker economy enters mainstream society.

Voting With Their Feet

D.S. also suggested this: The Four States of the Apocalypse. A pericope from the article:

“As we predicted, the wealthy are fleeing these five states. The new United Van Lines data were just released that are a good proxy for where Americans are moving to and from. Guess what four states had the highest percentage of leavers in 2018: 1) New Jersey, 2) Illinois, 3) Connecticut and 4) New York. Even California again also had more Americans pack up and leave than enter.

Ironically, liberals like Mr. Cuomo who argued for years that businesses don’t make location decisions based on taxes in their states are now forced to admit that the cap on the state and local tax deduction (which primarily affects the richest 1 percent) is depleting their state coffers. The rich change their residence by moving for at least 183 days of the year to the likes of low taxers Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.”

Arizona Woman With Gun Holds Home Invader at Gunpoint

Woman With Gun Holds Home Invader at Gunpoint, Officers and K-9 Injured. (Our thanks to DSV for the link.)

Michael Snyder on China’s Social Credit System

Michael Snyder had this analysis at his The Economic Collapse Blog: Is China’s Social Credit System A Preview Of The Coming “Beast System”? Here is a key quote:

“Of course any Chinese citizen that dares to criticize the new system could suddenly lose their travel privileges (or worse), and so there is certainly a very strong incentive to say “the right thing” to western reporters.

As China’s system develops, it is inevitable that other nations will want to copy it. If you can get everyone in an entire country to fear that they are constantly being watched and that if they do “the wrong thing” they will be quickly punished, then you suddenly have a very powerful behavioral tool that can radically transform a society. It would basically be a dream come true for control freak politicians everywhere, and this kind of system would open the door for the worst kinds of tyranny.

Solar-Powered Dome on 35 Acres in Colorado

A new listing at A solar-powered geodesic dome home on 35 acres, in Colorado. It is priced to sell!

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  1. Seattle:

    Who cares. They voted for the liberals running the city. Let them live in it.

    The only issue I have with this, is that the same people that vote for these idiot liberals in their cities are now unhappy and are moving elsewhere. I live in Florida and we have many from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and California moving here. They are slowly changing the voting demographic with their stupidity.

    We don’t need them or want them here in Florida. Eventually with this influx, either we conservative Floridians will be forced to move, or there will have to be a civil war to keep our Florida free. There is already much talk here of the later.

  2. When people tell me they live in Seattle, New York, New Jersey or California or such I look them in the eye and tell them I’m sorry, they ask me why and I tell them you live in a toilet bowl. They think I’m crazy. But I know it’s true.

    1. I live in California. I had a Trump sign in my yard during the election, one I placed there in retaliation a few days after my next door neighbor put up a Hillary sign. A few months after the election, the neighbor across the street commented that I was surrounded by Hillary people. I replied, “Well, Ruth, it is California after all.”

      The Golden State is not golden anymore, except, mostly, for the Silicon Valley elite. The Left is happy to welcome impoverished Third World illegal and illegal immigrants because it needs to replace Democrats. With time, even the illegals will be able to vote. As a result, Californians now have the highest poverty rate in the union (I can hear sighs of relief from Mississippians), thanks to the nearly unbridled arrival of the uneducated, unskilled Mexican and Central American peasant class.

      But for immigration, California would be losing population and, as a result, Congressional seats. That is why state politicians are fighting the federal government in its plan to ask on the census form whether the respondent is a US citizen. Only citizens are counted when allocating congressional seats.

      There are only two reasons for me to stay here right now: family and the weather. If my kids move, I hope to be out of here on their heels. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take the weather with me. (We had a terrible February. It never hit 70 once. 🙂 )

      A friend moved to Prescott, AZ. He spoke about the locals’ resentment about the influx of liberal Californians. I told him that if I moved there, I would simply put a Trump bumper sticker on my pickup and everything would be fine.

      One thing about Californians moving into many areas is that I suspect that they are more conservative than people think, given that it is likely that conservatives are more likely to leave California. In Texas, one poll showed that Ted Cruz had more support in the last election from non-native Texans than from native Texans. Imagine that!

      1. Glad I left California (central coast) 4 years ago for Idaho. Most people think that all illegals work the fields in Ag and keep it going……not true. The first generation works the fields and the next works the system at a very high cost (i.e. gangs, free programs, free education, then policymaking government jobs where they become the majority). Many of my family members are Spanish and Portuguese and they don’t like it. CA used to be a great place to live until the late 80’s. Good luck!

        1. “Only citizens are counted when allocating congressional seats”
          Its mind blowing but that is incorrect! Total population counts for apportionment of congressional seats. That’s the way its written in the Constitution. Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3. Now do you see why California wants so many illegals?

          1. My bad. You are correct.

            The issue appears to be that California politicians, which is to say, Democrats, believe that if illegal aliens must answer whether they are citizens or not, they will not be inclined to complete the census form and they will be, therefore, undercounted. If significant undercounting occurs, then it follows that California Congressional representation will be reduced. It also follows that California will lose federal money for programs that are allocated with regard to population.

            While I agree that Democrats may have a point, asking about citizenship on the census form was routine before 1950. Democrats are probably fearful that if accurate numbers of illegals who are in the country are confirmed, there will be an even greater movement to control the border and close the pipeline of Democrats-in-the-making.

    1. “Democrats are probably fearful that if accurate numbers of illegals who are in the country are confirmed, there will be an even greater movement to control the border and close the pipeline of Democrats-in-the-making.”

      Think you hit the nail on the head there.

  3. In Fairness to him, i think it´s a figure of speech and many Britains ´ve lost their Jobs in the last time.

    Btw he is absolutly Right that Food wouldn´t be the Primary Problem, Medicine would be.
    The UK could waive the Import rules for Food but not for medicine

  4. I live in NC and liberals that move out and relocate here are turning this state blue. When they move here, they bring their liberal ideals with them and have started turning NC into the state they left from.

  5. Stock piling in Britain, the picture of the supplies looks like my weekly grocery cart for a week. I am buying for 2 people and less than 1/2 of which is consumed per week. I have been doing this for years. Canned goods are fine but certain stuff does not last for many years ie. tomato products. I just had to throw out a sealed no 10 can of Tomato powder that was less than 3 years old. If the top and bottom are swelled up out they go, trying to save a little money is not worth getting botulism over. Of course if you live at a high altitude this test may not be valid. I am always amazed when people think that a failed society will rebound in a mater of a few weeks. There are a few guide lines that may work for people. Add up all the money that you spend on your various insurances, you will be amazed. Then figure out what percentage you are willing to spend on self insuring your actual life. There are 2 types of normal life insurance whole life and term life, these are actually death insurance and do the insured absolutely no good. Term life insurance is cheaper but has no accumulating value. When using this guideline for food think rice and beans versus loves of bread. Although hot dogs and Twinkies will probably last a lifetime, it has been speculated that archaeologists of the far distant future will be baffled by hot dogs found in ancient land fills.
    This response is based on food storage. But the same principle can be used for all the other items we consider necessary for preparedness. To me it seems like a never ending battle, I no longer feel I have a certain area covered than something new has to be addressed. You have to start somewhere when prepping, JWR’s List of Lists is a great place to help one get organized and start prioritizing.

  6. Who cares? Everyone should care because this liberal/socialist/communist (take your pick) sickness is spreading all over the country. My formerly crime free town of Juneau, Alaska has the same problem.

    My son is a police officer in a southwestern city. Same thing there. He just arrested a male person and pulled his rap sheet …. 70 pages long …. 350 arrests. Out of jail the next day. Same with a recent attempted murder suspect. Out the NEXT day.

    This isn’t happening by accident is all I can say.

    1. Not likely, the Problem is twofolded.
      “Raw” material can´t be exported from Britain to make the Medicine Britain Needs.
      Afaik the US is for Medicine an Import market and how will Britain pay for it.
      Britain on it´s own can´t prove that their medical products are up to EU and US Standards and foreign companies are starting to leave

  7. “Claiming “our work is not done” and wearing a large red “F” pin on his lapel to commemorate the “F” grade he received from NRA, Governor Murphy declared as a goal for NJ to have the strongest “gun safety” laws in the U.S.”

    I’m sorry, Governor Murphy, but that “F” on your lapel isn’t the grade you received from the NRA.

  8. I loved hearing that naive “…tins last forever” statement.

    You’re correct,they don’t last forever. However…

    Once upon a time; many, many years ago (1971); in a land far, far away one of the guys said to me “Hey Doc, when were you born?” after I told him he said, “Your C’s are three years younger than you” . Yup manufacture date for them was 1954.

    Properly done “tins” can last a good while. Nutritional value and flavor will suffer with time.

  9. The news from New Jersey is just another state I will never visit. I refuse spending money in these Godless states.
    The number is growing too. New Jersey, California; Virginia, New York were they now allow to kill babies right after they are born.

    It is sad to see the death cult that is the left growing like a cancer.

  10. Re: the Brexit prepper- “And we are an island nation, we are completely reliant on food coming in.” Is the man serious or just daft? I wonder if he has ever had a garden? It’s not like you can’t grow food in pots on the patio…..I hope that they have zero pets, as I saw nothing set aside for a cat, dog, or goldfish. Has the man never fished? There’s an island pasttime. Costco exists all over the English isles. Talk about bulk purchasing…….Has he never read a cookbook? Where is the flour for bread and noodles and pie crusts? Got a freezer? 10,000 ways with hamburger or ground squirrel. Good grief, if he is the example, Great Britain is in a world of trouble!

  11. RE: the prepper

    i myself have been prepping for 20 years and have only gotten to the 6 month mark
    for supplies so i feel for him. hes probably on a limited income and space for what hes got. at least hes trying….

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