Is Venezuela on the Verge of Becoming Another Syria?, by Brandon Smith

Establishment elites have always had a predilection for regime change. Obviously, this strategy helps weed out nation states that might be uncooperative with their future plans for a fully centralized global economic and political order. We have also seen regime change occur when former puppet leaders go rogue and refuse to follow the script they have been given. Most of these men have acted as dictators and are not very empathetic public figures, so we rarely care when they get overthrown or murdered. That said, there are always wider implications to such events.

I believe the reasons for regime change and the destabilization of particular countries have evolved in recent years. In the past it was about bringing each countries under the new world order umbrella. Today, the goal seems to be an attempt to create points of global contention. That is to say, the elites want to draw much of the world into various forms of conflict, and they are using special regions of the globe as nexus points for these conflicts.

Syria was and still is one of those nexus points. The transmutation of Syria began as an extension of the Arab Spring. Western funded and organized coups in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt inspired even more extremism as well as a vast flow of black market military grade armaments. The CIA under the Obama Administration in particular took advantage of this chaos to fill training camps in Jordan with “moderate rebels”, the same rebels that would go on to launch ISIS and start a civil war in Syria.

A Billion to Syrian Rebels

While the billion dollar program to arm and supply Syrian rebel groups, many of which were closely tied to ISIS, was finally “officially ended” under the Trump administration in 2017, more covert US support continued for these groups as well support for Israeli incursions into sovereign Syrian air space.

Syria has had the potential to draw multiple nations into close and hostile proximity with each other, including the US, Russia, Israel and Iran. This was not a mistake, it was entirely deliberate.

I warned of the potential exploitation of Syria as a global point of contention for years before the actual insurgency took place because of the unique military alliances in the region. The only reason Syria has not yet been exploited to its full potential is because of the effective exposure of the conspiracy by the alternative media. The establishment push to use American troops to help ISIS extremists overthrow Bashar al-Assad presidency was thwarted. The mainstream media originally portrayed ISIS groups as courageous clean cut rebels fighting for freedom. This ended after the alternative media flooded the web with evidence of rebel led genocide and atrocities.

The False East/West Paradigm

Had the American public and American troops been tricked into even deeper involvement in Syria as well as helping ISIS overthrow Assad, this could have potentially pushed us into direct confrontation with either Russia or Iran or both. We would be seen as the villains, supporting monsters as they commit war crimes in the name of an ideology many Americans despise.

Those unfamiliar with the concept of the False East/West Paradigm will probably be at a loss as to why the establishment would want to deliberately undermine America’s geopolitical or economic position. Once they understand that both China and Russia maintain close ties to the globalist framework, and that they represent false opposition to the “new world order”, the reality of the situation becomes more clear.

I recommend my article ‘In The New “Multipolar World” The Globalists Still Control All The Players’ for facts and evidence on this dynamic. The engineered destabilization of the US and parts of Europe and the rise of the East is intended to cause the removal of the current economic model of sovereign nations and currencies led by the US dollar as the world reserve. This would leave quite a void in the global economic structure, a void which the elites plan to fill with a new centralized one world currency system.

This system, to be managed by the IMF, has been openly supported by both the Chinese and Russian governments. The delusion that the East is somehow opposed to the NWO melts away when we examine their long time alliances to the banking cabal, as well as the IMF programs the East now champions. But how do the elites plan to get the masses to go along with such a historic and painful shift in global economic architecture?

World War Ahead

In my view, the confrontations in regions of confluence like Syria are intended to lead to World War; not in the form of a nuclear war, but in the form of a full spectrum economic war and smaller regional wars. There is another nation beyond Syria that I have also been warning about for many years as a potential nexus, or what the elites might call a “linchpin”. That region is Venezuela.

In my article ‘How A Collapse In Venezuela Could Trigger Martial Law In the US’, published in May of 2016, I outlined how the socialist structure of Venezuela in particular was so unstable that the slightest push could cause the entire country to topple. Venezuela did indeed crash economically to the point that martial law is the only mainstay holding the system together.

I have also warned that a collapse in Venezuela could spread into surrounding countries, already weakened by fiscal uncertainty and debt. Such a collapse in South America rather strangely matches the scenario described in Operation Garden Plot and Rex 84, a secret Pentagon plan exposed during the Iran/Contra affair which would use mass migrations from South or Central America as a rationale to enforce martial law measures within the United States.

In recent months, however, the Trump Administration has added a new dimension to the problem. Expanding sanctions against Venezuela are adding fire to the flames of economic collapse. With an even more aggressive stance against Nicolas Madruro including possible military action, the prospect of a direct US led coup is now on the table.

Venezuela Another Syria

One would think that if the US government wanted a breakdown in Venezuela, all they would have to do is sit back and wait as the socialist nation imploded under it’s own faulty economic policies. But apparently the country was not collapsing fast enough for the elites. My theory – the goal is to create another Syria, but this time much closer to US borders.

Venezuela has close ties to not only Russia, but also China. Venezuela’s military ties to Russia are well known. Their military is supplied to this day by Russia, and Russia has been very vocal in their opposition to any US military involvement in the region.

Both China and Russia continue to support Nicolas Madruro as the president of Venezuela in the face of opposition from assembly leader Juan Guaido. The US and a number of European nations support Guaido. The question is, how far will a confrontation in Venezuela go?

US involvement in South and Central America does not paint a pretty picture. Reagan era coups in countries like El Salvador in the name of stopping communism created not only civil war, but also the installation of more violent dictators and regimes (look up the White Hand death squads in El Salvador for the ugly details). Not coincidentally, we also saw the use of death squads and extremists in the destabilization of Syria.

I find it interesting that extreme leftists like Ilhan Omar are suddenly interested in exposing the underhanded nature of such tactics. They remain decidedly quiet on the same kind of subversion in Syria, and aggressively push for a continued American presence there. My suspicion is that this might be an establishment attempt to gain conservative support for a US led coup in Venezuela. Whatever their leftist puppets attack, we are supposed to defend, right?

But in this case, the Trump Administration is just as insidious as the leftists in its activities, and support for such a coup would be an affront to true conservative principles.

Syrian Aid Began Covertly

It should be noted that the arming and training of insurgents in Syria started out undercover. At the time it was labeled “humanitarian aid”. In Venezuela, the US is once again offering “aid” to the people of Venezuela and the opposition party, backed by a US military aircraft. The establishment is not generally very creative in their tactics; they simply use the same methods over and over again because historically they succeed more than they fail.

If this dynamic happens again in Venezuela, I predict immediate and aggressive economic response from Russia and China, including yet another excuse for China to dump its US Treasury Bond holdings and dollar reserves, effectively killing the dollar’s world reserve status. The US would be hit the hardest by this reset, and with the Trump Administration driven by globalist warmongers like John Bolton, there would be little sympathy from the rest of the world when the consequences land on our doorstep.

It should not be considered a coincidence that the situation with Venezuela is being accelerated at the same time as tensions between the US , China and Russia are hitting a crescendo. Add yet another regional conflict similar to Syria on top of the trade war, and the potential for a financial “World War III” is high. If allowed to play out uninterrupted, such an event provides even more cover for the “global reset” and the shift to a one world economic model.  Not only this, but a collapse epidemic in South America could lead to vast migrant caravans swarming to the southern US border far beyond what we have already seen.  As Operation Garden Plot outlines, this would inevitably be used as a rationale for martial law measures.

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  1. Imagine the good will America could have gained if it had dropped $95 Million in food for their starving men, women and children? That would be just 1/10 of 1% of the US military budget.

    Parents, have your children ever seen US planes dropping food for hungry children?
    Silly me, just an old man showing his age.

  2. Repenting and returning to a Christian world view is the only hope for this nation (or any other).

    In a Christian world view, the governments on earth (the individual, family, church and civil) are very decentralized, limited and defined by Christ. They are forbidden to “meddle” with other governments except in certain well defined situations.

    None of these modern wars or regime changes are biblical or constitutional. Our civil government has no constitutional or biblical authority to tax the spheres of the individual or family then redistribute those funds to others. This is socialism and statism where the state lords over the other spheres of government usurping the Lordship of Christ.

    Many conservatives are actually unwitting statists (sorry Montana Man) by thinking the FED GOV should be feeding people in other countries with tax dollars. Charity falls under the purview of the individual, family and church; not the civil.

    As a nation we have forgotten God, His moral law and His system of government. We have exchanged Jesus as Savior and Lord for the lessor satanic gods of men who are seeking to lord over all others via the power of the state.

    The curses of Deuteronomy 28 are now coming upon us; we need to repent from our idolatry as individuals and families.

    We should be careful to not make idols of our guns, gold and preparedness by thinking these things will save us when we are a rebellious people.

    My the Lord our Savior and King have mercy on His people.

  3. The sky is not falling. I’ve read the end of the Book. The King Of Glory knows the beginning from the end. He is not wringing His hands. Neither should we. Pray and prep on, brothers and sisters.

  4. Trump seems to an outsider to the Globalists and their New World Order ~>agenda.

    …Trump is pro-life, and is appointing pro-life people as judges. Trump does NOT consider abortions to be healthcare. [Trump is a Christian]
    …Trump is working to help develop practical energy-sources here in the USA; such as coal and oil. The USA is blessed with fossil fuels.
    …Trump is working to bring good jobs back into the USA. His policy of restrictions and tariffs, for oversea manufactured goods by the Globalists’ economic-slaves, helps Americans, and not the Globalists.
    …Trump’s policy of keeping ~out the criminal illegal aliens and the illegal drugs, will help mitigate the homeless problem, and also mitigate the situation with overcrowded jails. … Massive illegal immigration is a policy of the Globalists.
    …Trump wants to stop all the endless wars, that seem to mainly benefit the Globalists and other countries.

    Trump has used other policies and ideas to help the economy and Americans. Trump has often said, ‘I was elected President of the USA, and not of another country.’
    There is a very possible dire future for the USA. Trump is trying to reduce the severity of any future economic collapse. = Trump is helping to fortify the USA with ~good police departments, a ~good military, and good secure American energy sources.
    [Without fossil fuels, ~billions of people would starve to death.]

  5. Trump is an outsider to Globalist, we hope. However at some point actions matter not talk.
    … Trump is pro-life however planned parenthood funded
    … Trump is working on energy sources True
    …Trump working on jobs. True in certain industries coal, steel. Both needed to make war.
    Where are tariffs on China, Mexico. Example GM and Ford fire Americans hire Mexicans and then just ship autos back.
    … Keeping illegals out. Not true, more illegals come into America now than under obama. In Phoenix Az police just arrested illegal with carload of ied’s. Stopped at border illegal with rocket propelled Grenades. This is who is coming. Where are the troops. None on AZ border they are coming in by the 100’s per week.
    … Trump wants to stop endless wars. Why are we about to go to war in Venezuela? Why are we still in Syria? How about Afghanistan, any change?
    I hope Trump is who we think he is however it is now 21/2 years later where is the action? He talks a good game. Remember he is head of Executive Branch. People like the fbi, justice department work for him. He acts like they don’t.

    1. Abby, can you provide news links to the IEDs and RPGs you mentioned?

      I know US media has buried the news about the Iraqi in Phoenix Arizona who was responsible for the IEDs killing and maiming so many Americans over there, but do you have actual media citations for those two items, above?

    2. Abby, we still live in a Democracy of sorts; the people are still allowed to vote, and the votes are not completely diluted by illegal voters.
      Trump is working for a proAmerica agenda. … The majority of the national politicians seem to be working for the Globalists agenda.

      Trump can’t push a rope; he can’t create a secure border by himself. … A secure border with Mexico is needed. Our Congress (both Democrat and Republican) do NOT want a secure border. … They, along with the Globalists and their minions, want a transformation and ultimate destruction of the USA. [The yearly budget deficit is about equal to the yearly total for ~all the welfare benefits.]

      The USA still has a limited Free Enterprise system. Trump is limited in his ability to place economic controls on businesses. Trump is still trying to bring jobs back to the USA, with the regulations, he can enact.

      Planned Parenthood was part of the budget. … Trump is pro-life, and is working through his appointments to the judicial system, to ~try and change the Supreme Court’s usurpation of our democratic process.
      Politics sometimes is a cloudy, mulligan stew of sorts; rarely is politics a clear consommé soup.

      Venezuela will not be an endless war, ~>if it ever happens. … The people are unhappy with the oppressive dictatorship. [The USA should engage in a just war with this basic concept: ‘Love God above all things and Love your neighbor as yourself.]

      The wars with the Muslims are generally referred to as the ‘endless wars’ ~ as they have a religious underpinning. The ‘endless wars’ with the Muslims have been occurring since Islam first appeared. … The USA has been in various conflicts with Muslims since our beginnings too. The US Marines sing, ‘to the shores of Tripoli…’ The Religion of Peace hasn’t been too peaceful to nonMuslims.

      The American fossil fuels and our industries help American remain free and secure. Yes, industries can be used for war, but they also can keep America free and prosperous. … If the USA turned in a ‘service economy’ ‘with so-called green policies’ and a weak military, all the USA could feasibly do militarily, ~ would be wave the white flag.

      Trump is NOT perfect (He doesn’t walk on water). … But so far, he’s the best chance, the people of the USA have for Making America Great Again. … The Globalist have their politicians and political supporters. A large population in the USA seem to want a ‘free ride’ and ‘free stuff’ from a Globalists’ controlled government. [We know the free rides & free stuff would NOT last]

      There is good advice in SurvivalBlog. We all should prepare for the worst events possible, and still hope for the best results for the USA. … The future could be very grim worldwide; including here in America.

  6. Order out of chaos.

    This is the beginning of wisdom concerning the agenda and nature of the murderous tyrants ruling the world.

    They intentionally create the chaos so they can fashion the order that suits them.

    Same as it ever was.

    Act accordingly.

  7. Venezuela gave up their guns. They made they’re bed…. Middle East issues… Who here can honestly tell me the difference between Shia, Sunni Islam??? What about the Kurds and the Yazzidi’s or the Druze? The fact that you don’t understand what these people believe you have no idea how to deal with them…Marco Polo stated it very well the difference between a moderate Muslim and a zealot is the moderate holds your legs while the zealot slits your throat…..Beslan School massacre, Mumbai attacks….Who here thinks they won’t be here soon enough?

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