The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“The Five Levels of Trust:
1. The government man says: Its raining outside. I can look out the window and verify. Trust level is good.
2. The government man says: its 35 degrees outside. I can use simple technology to verify, trust level is good.
3. The government man says: the temperature at 70,000 feet altitude is -42 degrees, I cannot verify without extremely expensive equipment, but others can, so I kind of trust this because someone else can verify it. Trust level is Okay, at this point it does not affect me.
4. The government man says the temperature at 70,000 feet is too high and we must do something about it. There is no way for anybody to verify this, because no one knows what that temperature is “supposed to be” and there is no historical record or research possible for it going back hundreds or thousands of years for a “control” or “normal” to be established. Trust [is] gone.
5. The government man says “I am taking some of your money, and restricting your activities to fix this problem in the upper atmosphere, and you are not allowed to question or dispute me.” Trust in your ammo box, [that] I trust it is full.” – SurvivalBlog Reader “Sam on the Left Coast”

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  1. I would add:

    The government man says: If you don’t like what we are doing to you, and try to resist, we will destroy your life, kill your family, and if you resist going to one of our gulags, we will simply kill you.

    How full is your willpower to use your firearms?

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