“Inclusive” Strategic Planning As Part Of Everyday Environment- Part 2, by Old Bobbert

We have defined “inclusiveness” and the application for it in our prepping communities and especially in an event (SHTF situation). Now, we’ve just begun to discuss the planning process. Let’s continue to dig further into this meat of the article.

Successful Strategic Planning

Above all else, a successful plan needs to be carefully written and will always require a knowledgeable and fully committed buy-in on the parts of every participant, both operators and support. Every operation participant needs a written and accurate plan contents page(s) concerning their individual specific participation. Additionally, every operation participant needs to be thoroughly familiar with the responsibilities of every team member.

This is a serious part of inclusiveness. Inclusiveness must be valued as a necessary item in every part of planning activities in both defense and offense operations. This applie to everyone, every time, everywhere, and for every activity.

Let’s run through the numbers and learn together.

1. Concerned With Knowledge and Current Information

Sound planning will be very concerned with task knowledge and current information as to communications, medical needs, command, and leadership. It will be very important to carefully select team members whose task ability is the best available be put in charge of his/her particular specialty. The task specialist should be in command of, and responsibility for, that specific task activity. This tasking leadership change has been proven in modern combat special operations in recent years and is known to be successful in many different areas and efforts. It works!

2. Zero Gender Bias

Do not allow gender bias to raise its ugly snout! It’s time to see and destroy an anticipated difficulty with gender bias. At age 78+ I have learned that the ladies have always been more capable than they ever wanted the menfolks to know. When the need for group leadership is the point of a group discussion, it can not be successful if there is a gender problem. When we eliminate a probable problem, rather than correct it later, everyone is a winner, every time and everywhere. Inclusiveness demands zero gender bias.

3. Trust of Leadership System

Every group will most likely want to consider a leadership system wherein there is a three person leaders group with one leader and two counselors, who will handle the daily administration needs, with additional specific sub-leaders in the areas of internal security, area security needs, communications, medical needs, food, water supplies, area maintenance, and especially “procurement specialist” (the scavenger).

Within each specialty staffing, there should be one specific “security oriented person” who is also a security team member. Again, this is a part of the concept of inclusiveness. Each activity group should have one member oriented to medical needs who is also a member of the medical team, so as to enable the flexibility built into inclusiveness can be most beneficial to the larger group.

It is important that the group members know and trust the management abilities. They should also trust the ethics of the leadership and of the members looking be named as leaders in advance. It will always be an error to select a leader based on ownership of location or lots of supplies or because of family connections. Do it right the first time. Poor leadership in your post-event situation can destroy a group.

4. Education and Training

Moving on to other inclusiveness topics, it is an important part of a post-event life for education to continue to your group members. The history of our once great nation is always important and will ever be free, wherein the original constitution is honored and followed in our daily lives. Education will need to include skill-set training and basics in many fields. While cross training can be difficult with limited assets and time, it is well worth your efforts to enable others to be successful in different fields of knowledge and skills. Failure to plan for the long term as well as the immediate needs is a sure route to disaster.


Much of what we will need in the fields of education, and in everyday domestic operations, can more easily utilized when we still have an operational computer system available after the event. It is important to remember that the single most likely natural disaster that could affect the entire nation is an EMP.

Spare Computer in EMP-Proof Container

Computers can be protected more easily when it is a daily practice to keep a high quality spare computer with a backup battery system in a fairly large EMP-proof container. Then, on a daily basis, a fully up-to-date full backup unit is removed from its parent system and placed in the EMP proof container with the PC. (If possible use a windows system, as it is the most common.)

Solar Charge System

So how will we be able to use a PC or a kindle book in a power down region? A very ***small solar system***amazon.com/Voltaic-Systems-Charger-Warranty-Including/dp/B002W9ICWA will supply power for any small computer, and there is a world of free “how to” information currently available on the Internet. Also, look into simple auto battery solar chargers that work through the auto cigarette lighters.

Check Amazon or Google shopping for inexpensive 12 to 120 volt inverters. There will be many 12-volt batteries available in area dead cars. Run the PC (my much loved Mac) in the day, and charge up the laptops that so many of us have later. This process is very simple; keep it that way. A solar plus charger plus a12v dc battery plus an inverter = 120v capacity to charge the equipment running on batteries.

Download Free Books and Home Schooling Materials Now

Start now to download free kindle books and home schooling materials. There will, in time, be a serious need for a librarian and teacher for every group.

A Google word search on “free kindle home school books” brought results– Homeschooler’s Guide to Free Kindle Books. While many Kindle freebies are available for only a short time, this guide features timeless classics that are always free for Kindle. It also listed about 45 more names of authors and series available for free.


Remember that 35% of the world’s population speaks Spanish as their mother language. Find someone able to teach other languages. Thirty percent of our current national population has at least one Spanish speaker in their homes. Nearly all of them speak English quite well. Speaking to someone in their mother tongue both promotes and enables cooperative spirits and supports multi-group inclusiveness, which is important.

5. Carefully Create Lists Considering Importance of Group Medical Needs

Do your list creations carefully, considering your group medical needs, which are a serious necessity at all times. Lets’ learn the value of inclusiveness in the contents of the group medical areas.

List Member Medical Supplies, Needs, and Experience

Make a list of each member’s current medical supplies/needs that they now have on-hand in their homes. Then, make a list of the possible medical experience your group members have, with a second page containing information concerning the medical data in the surrounding areas outside the area your group call home base. Know who has serious continuous medication needs and what can be substituted in a few cases. There may be an opportunity to carefully barter your medications currently being classed as being “excess to anticipated needs”.

Be careful about your inventory numbers and especially item names. Never broadcast what medications you actually have in your group. Trust the sellers, but count everything twice!

Medication Expiration Dating and Consumer Cost Overage

Okay, let’s talk about the current medication expiration dating process and deliberate consumer cost overage here. That’s a mouthful of bad taste, bad smell, bad news, and bad health content!

Let’s go back to Google once again, never forgetting the rumor that Google may well have its own left-stance agenda. Read the list of Google subtopics below, and remember that there are many more. How many? It’s only another 2,590,000. Note that I personally use my out-of-date meds very successfully.

Google Results On “Military Drug Expiration Study”

My Google search wordage used was “military drug expiration study”. I got about 2,590,000 results in 0.34 seconds. Below is some of what came up:

  • Dec 13, 2012 – Faced with huge expenses for restocking expiring pharmaceuticals, DoD came to the same conclusion in 1985. Through SLEP, the FDA has tested scores of drugs approaching their expiration dates. In the first batch of 56 items tested, 84% were given conservative extensions of as long as three years.
  • Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything? – Harvard Health Aug 13, 2018 -It’s true the effectiveness of a drug may decrease over time, but much of the original potency still remains even a decade after the expiration date. Excluding nitroglycerin, insulin, and liquid antibiotics, most medications are as long-lasting as the ones tested by the military.
  • Most Drugs Are Still Safe To Use Years After Their Expiration Date – NPR Jul 18, 2017Hospitals and pharmacies are required to toss expired drugs, no matter … they ” expire” — just that there’s no incentive for drugmakers to study whether …. The federal agencies that stockpile drugs — including the military, the …
  • FDA tests let military use expired drugs – Pharmaceutical industry news
  • FDA tests let military use expired drugs. The US Food and Drug Administration’s Shelf Life Extension Program means the US military can use medicines for years past their labeled expiry date. To save money on regularly replacing its drug stockpile, in 1985 the US Air Force asked the FDA to test some products.
  • Defense.gov News Article: Program Extends Drug Shelf-LifeThe drugs are mostly those that are militarily significant items, said Army Maj. … and Drug Administration and asked if the FDA could check the expiration date of  …
  • Federal Shelf Life Extension Program Fact Sheet | State Public HealthThe purpose of SLEP is to defer replacement costs of stockpiled drugs by … would not accept them for credit when the drugs expired.3 Since then, other federal … with the DoD to participate in SLEP, including other branches of the military, the …

Tomorrow, I will continue with more itemized “inclusive” strategic planning consideration for application in an event situation. We’ll begin with the importance of keeping a journal and holding Bible study classes.

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